Really Right Editor does the Drive-thru

Thanks to the Governor’s fear of the Covid, most of us covered by collective bargaining contracts and funded by the few essential taxpayers left in the state are being forced to hide at home for four days of every week; however, once per week we are compelled to trek to the office to work in our Dilbert cubicles. This is supposed to be the “new normal;” at least until the election next week is decided.

Anyway, yesterday was my usual day to show-up in person to the office. On the way, part of my routine is to hit the drive-thru at a local fast-food place that is open at 6 AM. Today I pulled up and was greeted by the usual employee on duty at that time of the morning. I like this employee. He knows exactly which condiments that I want without ever having to ask me. Since I only go there once a week, color me impressed.

Today, I really wish that I had filmed the activity that I observed. The employee was equipped with a face mask and plastic or latex gloves. Typical Covid gear these days.

Anyway, he takes my credit card so he can swipe it in their reader. Then he goes to the shelf with pre-measured bags of coffee. He puts a filter in the removable part of the coffee maker, tears open the coffee, pours it, and walks back to the coffee maker. On the way he drops the empty foil pouch that seconds ago had been full of ground coffee beans. With one hand, he picks up the foil wrapper off of the floor and with the other, he inserts the fully loaded coffee assembly into the maker and hits the switch. Several seconds later, he arrives with a bucket labeled ice only and starts to pour it into the ice freezer next to the drive thru window. In order to pour out the ice, he places the fingers of both hands inside of the ice bucket so he can get the right grip angle to pour the ice into the freezer. Next, he arrived at the bagging station with my order. He places my food in the appropriately sized bag, adds napkins and condiments and then walks to the drive thru window. He hands me my food and then returns my credit card with the register receipt.

I then drove away from the drive thru just marveling. It never occurred to this guy to wash his hands at any point in this process. Why should he? After all he’s wearing gloves. Trust me, the next customer will get the same treatment. Working the register and handling the cash and credit cards of a myriad of people, preparing drinks, bagging cooked food, touching the freight, the floor, and the food, no issues here. Oh, I should add that his duty on Friday mornings when not working the drive thru is unloading the supplies from the Sysco truck in the parking lot.

Remember a few months ago when people were worried that Covid could live on surfaces for weeks at a time? Clearly no application in this context.

Folks part of me would like to flame on the guy but his sanitation habits are just as ineffective as wearing a mask and how many idiots are wearing them just as worthlessly?

I have given up on counting the number of people wearing a mask when driving a car; especially, with no passengers. Ditto for people walking their dogs or bike riding by themselves. Heck, I even see people jogging with a mask on. What’s the point?

If the employee is “safe” and all the customers at risk, what sort of corporate policy is wearing a mask and gloves? Truthfully, washing with soap and water is superior to all this other unnecessary and useless stuff. Only people that believe in global warming or socialism would be stupid enough to think that a mask or other symbol of oppression helps anything. The only reason many places require a mask is not based on science but a fear of the tyranny of tort lawyers and activist judges.

I’ll probably go to this fast-food place again. I’m not that worried. I ask God to bless my food before I eat it and I think trusting in His protection and providence is much better than putting my faith in Gavin Newsom’s ego, his random color codes and all that follows from them.

Johnnie Does Sabor A Mexico

Sabor a Mexico is a family owned restaurant that changed ownership from one family to another a few years ago. They offer classic Mexican food such as tacos, burritos, salads, fajitas etc. It’s a small location in a not so easy to access shopping center, here is my review.

Ambiance: This place is not very big. It has a nice old school authentic almost hole in the wall feel. (Considering the original tenant was a New York themed specialty sandwich shop, the remodel to a Mexican themed place was pretty good–Editor) This business has adapted nicely to Covid by having ample outdoor seating which is pet friendly. There is nice artwork on the walls and windows to make you feel in an authentic Mexican food joint. Since reopening under Covid rules, the manger has furnished authentic music for outside diners. You get full service at your table, like a typical sit down place, in addition to a small bar area, and they have a brisk take out business. Small, comfortable, and homey. 4.3/5

Food: Again, typical Mexican fare on full display, tacos, burritos, salads, fajitas, etc. They had ample meat selection including ground beef, shredded beef, chicken, pork, etc. I went with a 2 item lunch special and ordered 2 shredded beef burritos which came with beans and rice on the side. $10. The food was great, not greasy at all, and I felt this was a great bang for the buck. Only gripe is the chips were over salted, but that’s ok, and the salsa was lacking in the heat department, but again that’s ok since I tend to prefer hotter things than most. 4.7/5

Overall: The food was great, the service even better. It is family owned and it appears family does it all at this place. It was refreshing to hear the words “my pleasure, or absolutely” after speaking to the wait staff. It felt like Chic-Fil-A in many ways, like we were welcomed not a bother. The owner was very engaging, and you could tell he is worried about the Covid lockdowns and the toll it will have in the future. Uncertainty is not your friend in the food business right now. 4.9/5 I definitely recommend this place.

Johnnie Does

Blogger note: The order included a $2 upcharge for the burritos I hadn’t encountered before, that being said $14.55 after tip didn’t seem like a bad price, certainly better than $18 plus for a salad and soda at a certain other place.

Harris-Biden Newsom Steinberg Economy on Full Display

Folks, during my lunch hour on Tuesday, I visited a part of Sacramento County that is basically claimed by no one as their own. I had a chicken bowl at Ariana’s upon the recommendation of fellow food blogger Johnnie Does and decided to eat it in the parking lot. Bloggers note: In CA the ‘rona can get you if you dine inside, but if you eat outside it skips over you. I erred on the side of caution, upon finishing my meal, I walked over to a movie theatre called United Artists.

United Artist Cinema

The parking lot was empty, upon closer inspection the place almost looked abandoned. The trash cans had been pulled out, and the box office looked bare. This place obviously had not seen a customer since I would say 3/19 AKA 1 ASD (After Shut Down). The employees are likely sitting at home making more now than they did while working. Worse yet, can anyone name a movie coming out any time soon? I am not even joking here. The photos I am attaching were taken at 1pm on a normal workday. For contrast, this lot would usually be fairly busy as this is one of 2 theatres in the south part of the county.

At my local gym, they have erected large outdoor tents covering almost the length of a half a football field, and in essence moved the gym entirely outside. Ditto for several local diners, additionally most have erected additional outdoor dining tents, equipped with side plastic barriers, and heat lamps. William and I are of the opinion that this is because indoor work outs and dining are subject to change at any moment. In fact, just this past Tuesday, Comrade Newsom made a remark that the Covid cases in our home county were experiencing an uptick. If you own a business, or one that can modify its business model, you must be vigilant, and innovative.

Lest you think I am joking, consider this, after working out Tuesday night, I swung by the Safeway on my way home. 3 employees who used to sell gym memberships or be personal trainers I recognized as now working there. Yes, Cal-Fit may not be a career, but the sales staff and personal trainers typically are there for quite a few years, so there is something. I stopped and chatted with all 3 and they said they were all laid off, memberships are all in cancellation as opposed to people buying, folks are buying home gym equipment such as a Peloton, and finally gym memberships are not a requirement during a pandemic. These 3 had worked at Cal-Fit a combined 12 years, now they are stacking shelves and working the till. No offense to those jobs, but all 3 seemed miserable.

Peloton–(swimsuit model accessory not included)

Fear not though, Harris-Biden will shut the economy and Newsom seems happy to order shutdowns, so your fears of getting Covid should be put at ease. In addition, the government seems eager to hire on more folks here in CA and if you act quickly you can get a job at EDD (unemployment office) here and be rewarded for your incompetence.

Be careful what you vote for,

The Chief

The Pope Wants Homosexuals in the Church

The editorial board was meeting at an undisclosed location when an urgent communication came across the live feed. The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church AKA the world’s richest man, aka social justice warrior, aka #notmypope decided same sex folks in a union (I guess we are still fighting the civil war) would be allowed in the church. Wait for it…. Wait for it……ok we wound him up, that’s Jake the Snake’s music …..time to turn him loose.

Pope Bergoglio

Seriously what Bible does this clown read from….I would say the Gospel of Marx AKA the heretic’s Bible! Literally, this social justice warrior wannabe feels the need to channel his inner Aaron Park spewing his stink all over everyone. Seriously I listened to this “pope” Francis AKA Bergoglio talk about needing to grow the church and that we are all God’s children……..ummm ok. I haven’t seen a constant flow of sewage like this since I drank the water in Mexico.

Maybe “Pope” Bergoglio should visit one of his churches, literally in the vestibule (for all you heathens, that’s the common area when you walk in the front door of the church) there are a couple brochures saying and I quote “Homosexuality is a mortal sin” which means you will not be granted eternal life in heaven. Yet this jackhole says all are welcome? HUH? It’s a mortal sin, but that’s ok?

Perhaps we should discuss the Pope’s handling of a local priest in this area, Fr Jeremy Leatherby. For many decades, the Leatherby family has donated both time and treasure to support the Catholic Church, as well as Prop 8, banning gay “marriage” in this state. Their “family business” something you will know nothing about running by the way, was vandalized in the midst of standing with the Church and its teaching, not a word from you or any of your ilk. Where were you when I heard several sermons about needing to vote for Prop 8 for the sanctity of marriage? And you pay back Fr Leatherby by having Bishop Jaime Soto defrock him? Well thank God we now know what it takes to get a member of clergy defrocked, have sex with a young child is ok, dare step out and not recognize the Pope’s authority for making socialist proclamations in the Name of Christ…..and he’s gone!

In closing, if you get a chance to get up close to this very reclusive Pope maybe ask him; why do you go against God’s teachings about homosexuality? Why do you discuss climate change when it is conveniently not found in any Bible I have read? Are you actually really Catholic? When did you become so out of touch with the Catholic Faith? Does your okaying of homosexuality release the priests who committed this alleged “moral sin” or is that why you have stopped the investigation child sexual abuse every step of the way? Sorry “Pope” but this won’t absolve the sins of those you have covered up for.

Pope Bergoglio you are a jerk! You tell us common folk to do your bidding, in regard to charity, giving, tithing and more, yet you won’t even police your own flock. You are the worst kind of person. Keep focusing on homosexuality you bozo, whilst ignoring the fastest growing segments of Catholicism are; Blacks, Hispanics, and Filipinos. And not to educate you, but those groups are among the most hostile to homosexual “marriage.” So, what is next, abortion is ok, only if you didn’t mean to get pregnant?

Pope Benedict

Maybe do us all a favor, speak to Pope Benedict and ask him, maybe if these are ok? Actually, never mind. Screw it, keep peddling your half truths about poverty, climate change, and homosexual marriage. Too bad you don’t have any time to proclaim the Gospel, I think the world needs that a lot more than another idiot with a collar extolling the virtues of Karl Marx. Even the Pope can’t sever two masters.

Jake the Snake

Editor’s Note: For those doubting Jake’s position on this topic, I wanted to bring up the following passage which states that some in Corinth were homosexual until they believed. Paul makes it clear that you can’t be a believer and an cling to your sin.

Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you,
1 Corinthians 6: 9-11a

Aimee Sisson Proves us Really Right again

The haters continue to hate, Aaron Park continues to spew sewage from his mouth and keyboard on a daily basis, but man are we ever right over here! I warned about former Placer County Health Chief Aimee Sisson about a month ago after she left for “greener” pastures in Yolo County. Well she already proved me right.

“On Wednesday, Yolo County issued a health order placing a new restriction on social gatherings that is even more restrictive than the state’s guidance. The new COVID-19 order comes as the county is seeing a rise in cases.

According to the county, the three main causes for the recent rise in cases are “social gatherings, people returning to workplaces and the outbreak at Alderson Convalescent Hospital.” Credit KCRA 3

Folks take a look at that last sentence again, specifically the part about the convalescent hospital. How is this occurring? I thought only folks who were tested daily had access? I have heard the outbreak is about 80 people, yet, Sisson claims it’s from people returning to work and social gatherings? Yes, people returning to work….sigh. We tried to warn you, this “woman” is pure evil and being put in position to lock down that county again. I have heard rumblings they are trying to blame the outbreak on Students at UC Davis, I doubt this as well.

This Sisson is much like Dr. Anthony Fauci, neither have the slightest clue and are just making it up as they go. This is an infectious disease, that is transmitted via similar to the cold/flu, no one knows when/how they get it or how bad it will be. Some will never even show symptoms. I’d love to ask Fauci and Sisson, “Why do you think businesses are the enemy here?” “How much lost wages and tax revenue will come from this?” However, neither of them will care, as they and their cronies have “essential” jobs so they will see no reduction in lifestyle. Their respective employers have the ability to take on massive debt since they are a government authority with taxation powers. All while you or a loved one cannot go to work and have to deal with screaming children wanting to know why they cannot play on the playground or go to a friend’s house.

We tried to warn you, Sisson was in essence fired by Placer County since the Board of Supervisors no longer fell for her BS. As soon as she had her walking papers, she ran to a county who was more friendly to her point of view and willing to let this unelected bureaucrat wield power over people forced at the point of a government sword to obey her every whim. The economic damage this “woman” is capable of is yet to be seen. She literally went more restrictive than Comrade Newsom on Thanksgiving Covid regulations. I would say this “woman” has a screw or two loose, but I don’t think her name and the word screw or screwed belong in the same sentence (Hat Tip Troll for the joke).

The Chief

Huntr Biden

You know, I almost feel sorry for this guy. His upbringing is not his fault. It’s hard knowing your whole life that your brother is the heir, and you are the spare. Yep, daddy Joe had a favorite and it wasn’t Huntr.

(Please note that I know I’m misspelling the name in hopes it gets past the big tech filters when discussing this topic.)

When Huntr’s brother died, I heard that dear old Joe said that the wrong Biden had died. I’m not sure if this is correct, but given what we know about Joe, this might have some basis in truth. His son that died, Beau, was moving upward in the political world and appeared to be following in dad’s footsteps-less any charges of plagiarizing speeches and appropriating biographical details pilfered from other politicians. The young man was seemingly a better version of his father, but we’ll never know because his life was cut short by cancer.

Beau Biden 1969 – 2015

Huntr went to all the right schools but never seemed to find his place in the world. Maybe the pressure of always being second or not good enough finally broke him. I know this can happen to some children very early in life. Maybe having the spotlight on him because of who his father was, or unreasonable expectations was just too much. Some people are so deeply flawed for whatever reason that they are just broken. Huntr seems to be a lost man. He seems to spend his free time with women of ill repute and utilizing recreational pharmaceuticals.

After his brother’s death, Huntr’s dad found a use for him. Huntr was a tool used by his dad to increase his personal wealth and power. It is reported that Joe got half of whatever money he could get funneled thru his son’s bank account. So, the money from other countries was thus divided by the “big guy,” half for Joe and half for blow.

This is how people go to Washington as paupers and leave as multimillionaires. This is a bipartisan earning program, but Democrats have elevated graft to a high art form. This has been going on for longer than I’ve been on the planet, and not just with the current crop of rats in the swamp. L.B.J. is a case study in using his office for self-enrichment. So was Harry Reid. Ditto for the Clintons. Bill went from nothing, doing a gig as Arkansas Governor for $35K a year, to being worth close to a billion dollars within a few years of leaving the White House. How does Maxine Waters represent one of the poorest congressional districts in the country and own a six-million-dollar home in southern California plus one in the D.C. area when she has never made north of about $125K a year?

When you work in the swamp, the best way to boost your earnings is get jobs for family members. Heck, one babe on the Broad Squad (Ilhan Omar) gave her husband over 2.7 million dollars during this election cycle (which is not over yet). Sorry, I’m not sure if this was the brother that she married to get into our country or her new husband. (Guess Allah is not too picky about incest and divorce and all that as long as you vote socialist.)

I guess you see what I mean. Joe Biden can get more money and power if he gets more family members on the take. Such behavior is usually legal when Democrats are dominant in D.C.—which is most of the time. As others have pointed-out, Joe got a round of applause from bragging about how he got the prosecutor investigating his son fired. The Council on Foreign Relations still had the raw video available on the internet for anyone to watch last time I checked.

Huntr seems to be troubled by being exploited by his father. I suspect Joe was too busy with his career to spend much time with his children when they were little.

Joe Biden—like Bill Clinton—has had an unusual number of people around him die. Look at his bio on Wikipedia if you don’t believe me. Being a “red shirt” in Star Trek, a business associate of Bill Clinton, and a Biden family member are all very hazardous occupations.

This brings us to Huntr’s laptop. Please note that I don’t know of anybody making five figures a month that would willingly abandon their personal computer to a repair shop and then never pick it up. This would be doubly true if I had home movies of me smoking crack and getting a Lewinski from some babe that worked by the hour.

Reading up on the laptop is an eye-opening exercise too. It is strongly implied that it was the pornography on the laptop that got the computer shop proprietor to take a further look at the contents of the computer. The emails and laptop contents were reported to the FBI and it appears that the FBI literally had the smoking gun evidence to clear Trump of the impeachment charges but embargoed the information. Some have also speculated that such information could be used to gain leverage on Joe Biden should he ever occupy the White House. Then there is the child pornography on the laptop. Was this discovery the reason why it was reported to the FBI and not the Biden emails? Probably. The computer guy at least had the good sense to make a backup of the computer’s hard drive or it probably would have disappeared in some government black site warehouse—kind of like the one shown at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark—or met a similar fate to Hillary’s private server.

The Ark entering its fictional resting place at the end of Indiana Jones

The other thing to come out of this Huntr laptop story is that finally the Republicans and Democrats are in agreement that the big tech companies like Twitter, Google, and Facebook will undergo examination and trust busting by the federal government. Frankly, I was surprised to hear that the House democrats had voted to break up some big tech companies just days before the laptop story broke. I’ve long suspected that Trump would be overseeing the breakup of the big tech companies when he was elected four years ago but as a lame duck President, he is in a better position to do this. (Yes, I believe Trump will win reelection.) The tech guys have earned whatever punishment is headed their way.

I think good has come from this episode. Maybe come the first weekend in November, Huntr and his dad can inaugurate his dad’s retirement from public life with some quality time together. In my opinion, Joe has a lot of lost ground to try and make up with his son.

Everybody is wrong about Troy Aikman and Jack Buck

Gee whiz, nobody on the right or left seems to understand a good sarcastic comment when they hear it.

Here’s a transcript of the event from the article by World Net Daily.

The remarks came Sunday during the broadcast of the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.

After several U.S. military aircraft flew over the stadium, Aikman, a former Dallas Cowboys quarterback, said: “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.”

Buck chimed in with, “That’s YOUR hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work.”

“That stuff ain’t happening with the Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you that right now, partner,” Aikman responded…

NFL legend and network broadcaster mock military flyover at football game

In the past 24 hours I’ve heard all sorts of people from Rush Limbaugh to sports talking heads try to chime in on this brief set of comments heard via a supposedly “open microphone.” Without exception, they all got it wrong. Limbaugh danced around the correct interpretation (almost deliberately so), but he missed it just as badly as Armstrong and Getty did this morning. The sports talk show I heard while at my doctor’s appointment today was off the mark also.

Folks, the understanding is really simple if you understand the context of the remarks.

First, these comments are made at an NFL game. You know, the place where players kneel for the national anthem—a huge sign of disdain and disrespect for our country. NFL games are often not even broadcasting the national anthem and/or players hide in the locker room until it is over before taking the field. The NFL has made it plain to all that it hates America and sports is now political because a vocal few in their midst hate President Trump.

Second, everyone keeps getting thrown off the trail by the money comment. They want to take it literally and when they do, they are off on a rabbit trail to nowhere. Folks the money comment is the context clue that this comment and what is about to transpire is sarcasm. Everybody seems to miss this point.

Aikman “That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover.”
Buck “That’s YOUR hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work.”
Aikman delivers the zinger… “That stuff ain’t happening with the Kamala-Biden ticket, I’ll tell you that right now, partner.”

Aikman’s punchline sadly fell on deaf ears.

The point of the exchange is that as much as the Democrats hate America, we won’t see such displays of patriotism under a Harris-Biden Administration. Oh, Harris before Biden is another context clue that this is sarcasm. It’s really a backhanded slam of the Democrats and the NFL because of their lack of patriotism.

Oh, and this wasn’t an open mike mistake, it was only regarded as that because neither guy was talking directly into the microphone.

I’m glad someone in the sports world is taking a shot at professional sports and the political party which has decided that repudiating America and what it stands for is a winning strategy.

Folks, once you realize the comment is sarcasm then you can enjoy it for the spontaneity and humor that it was intended to convey.

Obama v Trump

Nope. This is not what you think. I wish to compare life under both Presidents with a metric that few would consider; namely, holiday shopping. When Obama was President, virtually everybody (customers and employees) in the store at Christmastime would greet you with “Happy Holidays.” When Trump was elected, this changed. Did you notice that since he’s been President, you are more likely to hear “Merry Christmas” than “Happy Holidays”? This is true even in our crazy state of California.

Under Obama people were afraid, under Trump, people feel more free to say the word “Christmas”.

Yes, this is a silly metric but its true none the less. Trump offers freedom while the Dems want your beliefs out of the public square.

Look how they treat people of faith. They instinctively know that government is their “god” and power is the objective. They also know that belief in the living God is a hindrance to what they want. They hate God and his image bearers, thus their positions on abortion and euthanasia. They are openly hostile to what Obama called “bitter clingers” because our worldview and theirs are in opposition. While this is on display every time a Supreme Court Justice is nominated, please remember that this hostility extends to you too. When Christmas shopping begins in earnest, please remember this blog post. Depending on who wins on November third, you will notice a difference in how often people in the store wish you a “Merry Christmas”.

Election Harbinger

I can recall not too many years ago when every Toyota in California was adorned with either a rainbow Apple Computer logo or an Obama logo bumper sticker. Four years ago, a like number of vehicles had either I’m with Her or Hillary Clinton stickers.

However, in this Presidential cycle, I can’t recall if I’ve even seen a Joe Biden sticker. Frankly, I’d guess there’s way more Bernie or BLM stickers in circulation. Heck, there’s more Trump stickers in California than Biden ones.

President Trump can do a rally anywhere in the country and draw north of 20 thousand people but when Biden did a rally a few days ago in the swing state of Ohio, he drew a crowd of about 30 cars.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered a speech in front of around 30 socially-distanced cars of supporters at a “drive-in rally” on Monday…

Biden speaks to 30 cars of supporters at Ohio ‘drive-in rally’

If you read the story, there were more Trump supporters at the event than Biden people.

Biden didn’t necessarily get a warm welcome, with Trump supporters lining a road to the union hall, waving “Trump 2020” flags and far outnumbering the Democratic nominee’s fans.

Oh, with a turnout like that, Biden thinks he’s within striking distance of beating Trump in Ohio!

In light of the above, why are many presidential pollsters claiming that Biden has even bigger numbers than Hillary? Frankly, this doesn’t make sense.

Folks, Trump has enthusiastic support all across the country and his base has not moved, in fact, Trump says, people are more enthused for him now than in 2016. In addition, Trump has made gains in demographic groups that the Democrats have long neglected and taken for granted.

The pollster’s assertions that Joe is walking away with this thing are not true. Look at where Joe is campaigning. Does Joe act like he’s ahead by ten or twelve points? Why does Kamala Harris now have to claim that she’s the Black Hillary to try to drum-up support? Why are New York, California, and other Democrat states still locked down if Joe is cleaning Trump’s political clock? Why is Joe gagged on his positions on packing the Supreme Court and such if he’s really got this in the bag? Why cancel a debate with Trump if he’s really beating him up?

Folks, “politics is perception” has been regarded as a truism of politics but the disconnect from what the Democrats and media want to be true and how they’re acting is a very wide chasm. My perception is that they’re in trouble but don’t want the rats jumping ship, at least until they’ve voted a few times between now and November 3rd. I think the Dems are bluffing to stay in the game and save the down ticket races.


If the Democrats happen to win this year, you will never see a Republican President again in your lifetime. In fact, Kamala will get her wish to turn the other 49 states into California and you will see one party rule until the financial wheels come off the economic wagon and then something worse will take its place.

Our country is facing a pivotal choice to either turn towards its roots or continue on a path of existential suicide. Folks, if the Democrats win, our future in not to become a European socialist democracy but a totalitarian socialist state ruled by a few elites. These guys have been praising the French Revolution as their model for many decades and now they may get a chance to try it here. Americans are extremists. We won’t become partially socialist. We will either reject it or fully embrace it. Is the Constitution a document that limits federal power or a suicide pact for our Republic? Your vote will decide this November. Oh, no pressure, but there’s no “do over” on this one.

Thought on Trump Having Covid-19

Thursday night, I went to the local “speak easy” to meet with a few guys from the church. On the way, I saw the news alert that Hope Hicks was positive for Covid. My first reaction was to reach out to Troll and see if he was OK. As close as he feels to Hope, I thought maybe he should get checked too. Lest you forgot, his motto is “Keep Hope alive.” After being assured that Troll was in no immediate danger, he’s never been within six feet of Ms. Hicks but its on his bucket list of things to accomplish, I then began to wonder if this was an outlier.

When I got home and was getting ready for bed, the wife said, “Trump has Covid. Its all over Facebook.” Color me skeptical but I rarely find Facebook a place for reliable, breaking news. About five minutes later, Fox sent out a news alert that the Orange Man and his wife did indeed test positive.

So, at this point in the news cycle, we have a supermodel that works for Trump, Trump, and his wife testing positive for Covid. I reflected back on previous presidents and wondered if anything like this had happened before. I decided, no. In my lifetime, I can think of only two other Presidents that might find themselves in a news story about a disease that he shared with two women, one of whom was his wife. One was JFK and the other was Bill Clinton. If Bill Clinton and an intern were positive, would you really expect Hillary to have the same illness? I decided, nope. Not much chance of that happening.

As I further considered the news about President Trump, I went outside to verify that our cars were locked. Its just a habit I have to make sure my family is safe. After having your car broken into a few times, you take a few extra precautions. While outside, I looked up and saw a full and very orange moon in the sky as I headed to bed. In the morning the orange moon was still there, just in a different part of the sky. Later in the morning, a very orange sun tried to shine down on the world. I had a mental picture of the Orange Man looking down on the devastation wrought by Democrats on this once golden state. I pictured an orange Trump trying to shine down on the darkness that has engulfed the people of this state and offer them hope.

The next morning, I was hearing a variety of reactions from Democrats. They were saying everything from wishing that Trump would die quickly and burn in hell, to Trump is faking it for sympathy, to Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden saying they wished him the best and hoped Trump would recover.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered a message of unity after reports that President Trump would be taken to Walter Reed Medical Center following his Covid-19 diagnosis.

“This cannot be a partisan moment,” Biden wrote on Twitter Friday evening. “It must be an American moment. We have to come together as a nation.”

Earlier Friday, Biden tweeted that he and his wife Jill are sending their thoughts to Trump and first lady Melania Trump and wishing “for a swift recovery” after the Trumps announced they’d tested positive for COVID-19.

Biden weighs in after Trump heads to the hospital: ‘This cannot be a partisan moment’

Some of these well wishes seemed disingenuous to me but politics is sometimes a weird blood sport. It occurred to many that this is the closest Pelosi has ever been to sitting behind the desk in the Oval Office. At one point during the day, I pictured her sending a clandestine group to the White House claiming to be a decontamination a crew whose real purpose was to measure the curtains in the White House just in case she gets to redecorate it.

Last night was another very full and orange moon.

Today is even more strange. The orange sun is still blazing in the sky. News stories abound that Joe Biden is pulling campaign ads critical of the President.

Meanwhile, former Vice President Joe Biden, who tested negative to coronavirus after participating in the first presidential debate, has asked that his campaign pull their negative ads while the president is recovering from COVID-19.

Trump campaign keeping at ‘full speed’ with ‘Operation MAGA’ as Trump fights COVID-19

If you read further, Biden is hoping that Trump will do likewise. Guess Joe doesn’t know the Orange Man very well.

The Trump campaign, though, has not paused advertising.

Many Democrats are acting like they don’t want to kick Trump while he’s down. Are they treating Trump as a terminally ill President? Do they actually believe Covid is a death sentence? Also, a few Republican Senators have said they are positive for Covid too. Is this a “rope-a-dope” strategy to cancel not only the next debate but to stall the confirmation hearings to fill the Supreme Court vacancy? Are Democrats believing the polls showing Joe is ahead? Folks, some type of game is afoot as Sherlock Holmes used to say. Are they being magnanimous in victory or defeat? You don’t usually think of seduction as a tool in their arsenal but trust me, it’s a weapon they are very good at wielding. Buckle up, I have a feeling this year is about to get even stranger.