Book Review: The Boniface Option

We don’t do many book reviews on the website but this one deserves some attention. This book is primarily written by a man for men, to help them be better men, fathers, and leaders of their families. The author pulls no punches, and everyone gets a poke in the nose at some point through this book. Frankly, I wish it had a few more footnotes in it because it assumes that you know it’s references to pop culture, history, theology, and other areas of life. While this can make a good book in this present moment, it will age terribly.

Author Andew Isker

I would also recommend “How the Irish Saved Civilization” as background to some comments made by the author. Ironically, I doubt he has ever read the book. St. Patrick often evangelized Ireland by going to a city and creating a Christian community on the outskirts of a city that showed the difference that being a Christian could make to the way we live our lives. It sounds like this idea was picked up a few years ago in a book the author does reference, The Benedict Option. The author of the Boniface Option rejects the idea of retreat into Christian Communities (ghettos in the eyes of some) and instead advocates that we actively fight against the Trashworld.

The Boniface Option uses a few terms repeatedly, one being “Trashworld. From page xi:

“The society we have is already an anti-human one. It is already one designed to remove from you all that made life meaningful and fulfilling. It has torn you from people and place. It is designed to make you isolated, lonely, and, above all else, totally docile.”

“I use the term Trashworld to describe this dystopian society.”

Another concept mentioned in various ways is references to homosexuality. The homosexual attitude is described on pages xii and xiii as living only for now, following the basest urges, and no thought for the future.

“The gayness of “fake and gay” is not merely some schoolyard slur. There is deep meaning to this, too. The homosexual is not just a sexual deviant. His very nature and the very center of his identity is a man whose urges take precedence over all else.”

“For the homosexual, insatiable desires must be pursued even knowing it will cost him his life. In economic terms, he is the ultimate high-time-preference man. He only lives in the present. There is no thought for the future.”

“In short, the homosexual is both the apex consumer and the easiest personality to manipulate and lord over… the gayness of Trashworld is our rulers’ social engineering of the population to create the exact same ethos of the homosexual in everyone, regardless of their sexual tastes. They want you to be spiritually homosexual whether or not they can make you actually homosexual. They want everyone uprooted and alone.”

The third term permeating this book is “bugman”. Bugman is described as one stripped away from family, people, and place and made “a willing vessel for the religion and culture of the globo-homo world order.”

Once stripped of their identity, children then go to college and “… are presented with a Pleasure Island where hedonism and sexual exploration are the carrot to the stick of ideological cajoling by leftist, anti-Christian faculty.”

After college, people are just bugs in the hive.

The book is in two halves, first the idols of Trashworld and then transforming Trashworld.

The author describes his realization of Trashworld on pages 30 and 31. Below are some parts of that story.

I remember the day I realized I was living in Trashworld. I once took my wife on a date to a restaurant in a hip retail and entertainment development in an affluent suburb of a large American city. Full of trendy bars and restaurants and complete with tiny, absurdly overpriced studio apartments above them. The place was filled with twenty- and thirty-somethings … What I did remember about this place was that there was not a single child anywhere. Not only not at the particular restaurant, but anywhere in that entire development. The place was designed specifically for childless people… It was designed for a spiritually homosexual people, for whom life is a matter of consuming fleeting pleasures… I will never forget how overcome I was with melancholy upon the realization that this place, this lifestyle could only be achieved when built upon a mountain of tens of millions of dead babies… the murder of children, the abandonment of all sexual mores, and the destruction of the household is dedicated: so that you can live on Pleasure island without ever turning into a donkey.

“… if Satan were to design a society where every lust and every sinful desire could be freely pursued, and men would then feel the maximum possible misery, how much different from our society would it look?” page 36.

And yes, this book does take some serious swipes at conservatives. Here’s some excerpts from pages 67 and 68.

“You will need the faint-hearted, conflict-averse conservatives who are ostensibly on your side …”

“… much force is needed to get conservatives to see that the idols that they rightly detest are downstream from the idols they are comfortable with.”

“Conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit.”

“If you are not asking questions that will outrage conservatives from time to time, even if you think you are a radical, you are actually going the speed limit … and still going the wrong way.”

Andrew Isker dismantles those who think the Second Amendment is their refuge with one question, if the SWAT teams comes knocking on your door, who in your friend’s list can you call that will show up to defend you?

Again, this book is directed to men to start acting like men. Ladies, you are also welcome to read the book but just know that you will get your toes stepped on also. The topics are provocative and intended to be. I think part 2 of the book could be fleshed out more but it’s a great read at just over 160 pages.

GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is Trash

Yup I said it.  Her behavior at the performance of Beetlejuice was white trash.

First some background Lauren Boebert is a Republican Congress woman from Colorado.  She is very conservative, probably one of the most far right in Congress.  She is famous for being very attractive and she carries a gun.  She used to own a business where the wait staff openly carried as well, the business closed.  She is very outspoken about trans/LBGTQ and other issues.  The left views her as the anti-Christ.  She is a second term congress member, who barely won a second term in a very red district.  I predict she will be beaten in the primary or lose in the general this go round.

Check out her behavior a week ago at said Beetlejuice performance.

Michael Keaton–from the movie Beetlejuice

Two sources also confirmed to 9News that Boebert was vaping, a prohibited action that ushers attempted to address with her several times.

A pregnant woman reportedly confronted Boebert and asked the congresswoman to stop vaping, the New York Post reported. But Boebert refused.

Lauren Boebert says she ‘fell short of values’ after Beetlejuice groping video

I don’t give a crap about vaping, it’s not smart but if a pregnant women (or man, I’m based in CA so can’t assume gender) asks you to stop, stop.  But it gets far worse for Boebert.

The CCTV video also shows Boebert’s guest fondling her breasts after they had taken their seats. Boebert is also seen petting her guest’s crotch in the venue.

Wow.  I saw the video and it is that bad.  Looks like high school first gf/bf behavior.  He (her date, Boebert is freshly divorced) had his hand literally in a full cup over her breast.  If you didn’t see the video imagine her dates hand replacing her bra, it’s that bad, in public at a theatre no less.  As far as her grabbing his crotch, yep that looks bad too, almost appears she is trying to jerk him off.

Boebert and her date were later removed by security in the second act of the musical as their disruptive behavior continued.

The CCTV footage shows a blurred-out gesture that Boebert flashed at theater security as she was escorted out. Business Insider reported that the gesture appeared to be a middle finger.

Wow, the middle finger to security ejecting you after your “behavior” yikes.  But it gets even better, trust me.

According to a report of the confrontation from theater security, Boebert and her guest became argumentative with officials. “Do you know who I am?” the congresswoman allegedly asked, according to the theater security report.

“Do you know who I am” is classic mean girl/boy behavior.  She is exactly what is wrong with our country.  The rules don’t apply to her.  She, like most, thinks she is way more important than she is.  She should be setting a good example, instead yikes.  So, I guess she thinks having lewd behavior in public and vaping is ok?  Wild move.

Oh, it gets even better.

She is one of the most far-right representatives in Congress, widely known for bigoted statements she has made against LGBTQ+ people, Muslims and other marginalized communities.

A report from the Advocate, the LGBTQ+ news outlet, noted that the man who accompanied her to Beetlejuice was a Democrat named Quinn Gallagher who is the proprietor of a bar that has hosted LGBTQ+ events and drag performances, which have often been targets of the political right.

Yup she was out on a date with an owner of a bar who espouses the things she claims to be against.  While I don’t hate her for that it’s a bad look, optics aren’t great. 

Boebert apologized for her behavior in a Friday evening statement.

“The past few days have been difficult and humbling, and I’m truly sorry for the unwanted attention my Sunday evening in Denver has brought to the community,” Boebert, as reported by the Colorado Sun.

Boebert added that her “public and difficult divorce” has created a “challenging personal time for me and my entire family”.

“I’ve tried to handle it with strength and grace as best I can, but I simply fell short of my values on Sunday,” Boebert said.

In May, Boebert filed for divorce from her husband, Jayson, after a long marriage.

Falling short on her values in the understatement of the century.  Her divorce got to her, but her true colors came out.  Boebert should know better she is essentially public enemy number 1 of the left and the media.  When you are wanted like her you have to stay out of the limelight.

Parody site Babylon Bee hit her with: Lauren Boebert Attempts To Smooth Things Over With New Line Of Purity Rings

Here is a little bit of life advice folks.  Fellas if your girlfriend/wife is playing with your crotch in a public setting, aka anywhere outside of your home/bedroom, she is no prize.  Ladies, if your husband/boyfriend puts his hand over your breasts in public he is no prize.  This is white trash behavior out of both of them.  No one wants to see this type of behavior in public.  Honestly if you and your date are this horned up, get a hotel or find a bedroom and do the dirty, its gross.

I truly hope Boebert is able to get her life under control, the video and her actions that night make it appear she was under the influence of quite a bit of alcohol and/or drugs.  She blames her divorce, but folks a divorce does not give you the right to act the fool in public.  Frankly if I can be honest, the only thing missing from her escapades that night was her pulling her dates pants down and giving him a BJ right there in the theatre.

In closing Boebert did say she “fell short of her values” that might be the understatement of the century.

The Chief

The Drunken Jedi Sentenced

Jorge Riley aka the “Drunken Jedi” was sentenced by Judge Amit Mehta to 18 months in prison for his role in the “Insurrection” on January 6th.  I use air quotes on insurrection because I do not think the Democrats, liberal Republicans or media types actually know the true definition of insurrection. 

As far as Riley’s sentence, color me shocked.  I was thinking 5-6 years in prison to be honest.  Mostly because Jorge filmed a lot of his antics, bragged about it online, and put things all over social media.  As far as I know, he is the only person arrested for his behavior on Jan 6th that claimed to be armed. Riley got one hell of a lifeline from this judge.  Judge Mehta is also hostile towards Donald Trump and his supporters, again I’m shocked Riley is getting only 18 months.

This may seem overtly mean and come off as sour grapes but sentences like this will never change a person.  I see a lot of my sister in Jorge.  They are one in the same; they never learn a lesson, so they don’t change their behavior.  Jorge quite literally had a backpack filled with vodka he sipped from a siphon at GOP meetings and conventions.  I cannot tell you how many times I was treated to the saying “Jesus loves you” at early morning hours at conventions with the stench of booze on his breath.  Many friends of mine who were officers at the functions allowed his behavior to continue.  He is paying for it now. 

The reality of the situation is Jorge never was a guy who made get out the vote calls, knocked on doors or did much to help the party at all.  I will never understand how he always got a pass from leadership.  Even more, they gave him a lifetime achievement award after he was released from jail.  The irony of that group.

Riley got a gift from the judge, compare the sentences of the leader of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.  They got decades in prison.  If I were Jorge, I would change my life.  I do not know how old Riley is but the book isn’t closed on his life, it’s just a series of bad chapters so far.  I know drugs/alcohol are prevalent in our prison system, I think it would be wise for Jorge to give up those vices.  I was always told he drank/drugged due to his PTSD from serving in the military, but during one of his hearings he admitted to having never left the USA.  So, what is causing this PTSD?  He obviously didn’t serve over seas.

In closing I will say this, I do not support the actions on January 6th, not one bit.  But it all could have been avoided.  Folks if you live in the Midwest or East Coast, you didn’t see what the blog staff here did.  In every single contested state, Biden would get out to a large lead, and eventually the result would be a Trump win by a couple.  Well around 11:00pm they announced that Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and other large cities would quit counting until morning.  Oh, the rural areas would keep counting, just not big cities.  When morning came suddenly Trump would be trailing by about 45,000 votes in each of those states, so basically the opposite effect happened.  Maybe Trump did lose fair and square, but let’s be honest; the optics don’t look great there.  It appears some sort of fraud likely occurred.  Again, if the counting continued, I would say he lost legitimately.

However, it does not excuse the behavior of January 6th.

The Chief

Trans Rights =/= Parental Rights

Who wants to be a parent in California right now?  Anyone?  You in the back?  Oh, your hand wasn’t up.  Folks, the hardest job in the world right now in my humble opinion is to be a parent in California.

Here is my reasoning.

It used to be if you did anything out of line in school (I am talking daycare, elementary school, high school) your parents were notified.  Yup, you wet your pants, got bad grades, talked back etc. parents were notified, usually with a call from principal, or a note from teacher.  The results at home were never going to be good.  Usually, you prayed your parents would get you late, at least it would prolong the time prior to punishment. 

Those days are long gone.

California over the last decade has eroded parental notification in almost every sense of the word.  If you have a girl (biological female) she can have an abortion and you wouldn’t even be aware?  Oh, let’s go one step further, your child’s counselor can drive her to the abortion clinic and again, you would never even be told.  That’s not just the law, it’s in the state constitution.  If a teacher/admin notifies said parent, it’s termination.  You violated that minor person’s rights.  You get no due process.  Meanwhile you will never even know your girl had an abortion done.

Gets worse though, believe it or not.  Now your child will get to learn about sex-ed on steroids.  Yep, just check out the new books entered into the curriculum these past few years.  Now full-on sex is essentially taught.  Also, gay/lesbian sex as well.  Want multiple partners?  Not a problem.  Oh, by the way you cannot opt your child out of this?  Sorry, even if it’s a religious based reason.  Your child will learn that gay/lesbian sex and relationships are just fine, and you’re beliefs as a parent are bigoted.  Cool.  Maybe this is why at one of my mother’s charter schools (elementary) one student was caught performing oral sex on the opposite gender in a bathroom.  Did either party get in trouble?  Nope, because one student claimed their “parents would kill them” the school brushed it under the rug.  No one found out.  Yep, your child could have been on the receiving/giving end of this and you would never even find out.  Yep.

Could it get worse?  Yes, far worse.

Trans activists have gone even further.  It’s scary.  Not only is there a trans heavy curriculum; acceptance, and learning all the genders and pronouns, your child can even play dress up at school!  Yep, if your child decides they don’t want to be David, they would rather be Dana, the school will take care of that.  See after you drop off your child (elementary included btw) and your child tells a teacher/admin they identify as the opposite gender; they are led to a gender-neutral changing room.  Complete with clothing the opposite gender wears.  (Talk about lost and found.) They are free to play dress up.  Even better, the children return to the office prior to you picking them up and change back into the clothing you dropped them off in.  You never even know.  Your child is cosplaying the opposite gender and you will have no clue. 

Worse yet, did you know when your child is 18, they can/will go to Planned Parenthood and get a prescription for gender therapy drugs?  Yeah, and you again will not know.  They make the kid sign a CYA (cover your booty) disclosure document and poof; they get drugs to alter their sex/gender/look. Oh, under California law, all health insurers are required to pay for these gender bending children, but again it is illegal for you to be notified. After one year on the steroids, they can get their God-given organs cut off, again, thanks in part to mom and dad’s medical insurance. Aren’t you glad Obamacare allows them to be covered on your policy until age 26?

This above all can and will happen if your child just says they want to be a _____

My take on the issue is it is a sin and a crime to do this to a child, they are developing and have no idea about their identity yet.  Just because a child goes through mommy’s underwear drawer doesn’t mean they want to be a girl.  Heck even if child is in the men’s/women’s locker room/bathroom and sees a naked person of the same gender and doesn’t hate it doesn’t mean they are gay.  And to keep it from their parents?  WOW, just WOW. Then again, none of the above may apply, once a parent/teacher/authority figure manipulates a child to start down this road, it’s virtually illegal for them to turn back.

Oh, by the way, two school districts in CA have gone against the state mandate of not notifying parents, and CA Atty General Rob Bonta is suing them both.  Yep, we have our priorities straight, don’t we?  Reading, writing arithmetic (that’s math if you’re from Rio Linda) don’t matter.  But if you want to play dress up… by all means we will provide.

I blame Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner for this.  In my opinion this freak show took it mainstream.  Target decided to make their bathroom policy use whichever one you want.  Schools added pronoun education to their curriculum, and laws were put in place to stop corporations from terminating folks who were trans, making them a protected class.  Bathrooms have been mandated to be gender neutral at some locations. 

At my office our 2 gender specific bathrooms in the hallway were required to be changed.  By orders of the City, they even sent in a very large muscular man to make sure they knew they weren’t kidding.  If that wasn’t enough a $10,000 a day fine would be levied.  At the salsa bar they converted the men’s bathroom to a “family bathroom.”  By the way this likely runs completely contrary to the beliefs of the Hispanic family that owns/runs it.  But oh well.  Conform or be shut down.

The question we should be asking is why?  Why are we normalizing this behavior?  Why are we going behind parent’s backs?  Check out the suicide rate for transgender folks… it’ll blow your mind.  Do we know what these folks are truly injecting into their bodies?  Do we?  I think there are a lot of older adults who think it’s cute that children are making themselves into a real-life Mr. Potato Head.  But they never thought of the consequences.  You are not just wearing the opposite genders clothes, you are chemically changing your body, blocking certain hormones and adding others.  Your biological body was not supposed to be exposed to this kind of punishment.  This is the part that should be infuriating to a parent, because by the time you likely get around to finding out about your child, it is far too late. Under California law, a parent can go to jail and/or lose custody of said child if they object.

I want to ask you, if I am a biological boy and I choose after my 18th birthday that I want to be a girl, would you let me?  My answer would be ok, I guess, your body, your choice, and you are technically an adult.  I would be upset and hope my child would reconsider.  My point being, why is it ok for a pre-teen to wear girl’s panties, a skirt, and a short cut top and not let their parents know?  There is more to being a member of the opposite sex then wearing clothes, no matter if you tuck your package or put your fake tits on.

Still want to have kids in California?  Think long and hard, as it appears some in our schools want to play with your children.

Also, how in the world did we let a miniscule percentage, a fraction of 1% of the population become shot callers on this?  By God, we are screwed as a country.

Fox News Finally Backs Our Prediction about Newsom for President 2024

Yep. After saying it for the better part of two years, Fox News is saying that Newsom is the likely Democrat to replace Biden. No kidding!

Biden already faces competition from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Marianne Williamson for that nomination, but polling shows that Democrat voters are not enthusiastic about them.

Instead, a well-known candidate with broad appeal to the Democrat base would need to step up.

The most likely candidate is California Gov. Gavin Newsom

Democrats have pathways to replace Biden in 2024, but they are narrowing

They’re Coming for You Barbara: Warning to Idaho Edition

Any societal decay or advancement by Liberals—which is the same thing—is always followed by something even more insidious. Not satisfied that Gavin Newsom has turned all of California into San Francisco, Democrats in the once “Golden State” are advancing a bill that will allow them to use taxpayer money to turn your state into California too.

California may soon lift a ban on state-funded travel to states with anti-LGBTQ+ laws and instead focus on an advertising campaign to bring anti-discrimination messages to red states.

California started banning official travel to states with laws it deemed discriminatory against LGBTQ+ people in 2017, starting with Kansas, Mississippi, North Carolina and Tennessee. Since then, the list has grown to include a total of 26 states, most of them Republican-led, following a surge of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation these past few years.

California lawmakers vote to end travel ban to states with anti-LGBTQ+ laws

Please note citizens of Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho, and other states covered by the current travel ban ( they are up to 26 states that Californians are prohibited from visiting) that instead the State of California will be spending money in your state to try to convince you and especially your children that being homosexual or transsexual is virtuous and something you should do. This is a direct attack on Christianity, families, and Western Values. Oh, this will also be accompanied by lots of political endorsements and campaign contributions to see that this happens. This is becoming a coordinated, Democrat counteroffensive to destroy strongholds of conservatism.

Just so you know, Michigan has also committed taxpayer money for similar reasons. Both states are also heavily promoting abortion thru all nine months of pregnancy as a social good and a women’s rite.

A benefit of California doing this is to help pave the way for Gavin Newsom to be the next President. After all, how can Gavin campaign in a state where travel has been banned by his own administration? Again, I say he will find his way onto the Presidential ballot in 2024.

Please don’t underestimate the amount of money that can be brought to bear on your state. For less than the cost of a contested California congressional race, they could saturate every media market and college in your small conservative state for months on end.

Bottom line: if you think you can just sit on your hands and do nothing because your region/city/county/state is conservative, you will lose what you think you have. Chances are it’s already being eroded and taken from you; you just haven’t seen it yet. Wake-up!

Minnesota Democrat Becomes a Fire Breathing Conservative

Blogger’s note:  Troll is the satirical blogger for the site, he like all on the editorial board wish this person (we do not assume gender in CA) a speedy recovery.

Now that that’s out of the way…. here’s the story.

A Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party official who once vowed to “dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department is now calling for tougher crime laws after she was beaten and bloodied in a carjacking outside her home this week.

Shivanthi Sathanandan, the second vice chairwoman for the DFL, shared news of her attack in a Wednesday Facebook post, where she fumed that the four young suspects need to be brought to justice.

“I have a broken leg, deep lacerations on my head, bruising, and cuts all over my body. And I have rage,” wrote Sathanandan, who said the beating occurred in front of her 4-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son around 7:45 p.m. Tuesday.

“These men knew what they were doing. I have NO DOUBT they have done this before. Yet they are still on OUR STREETS. Killing mothers. Giving babies psychological trauma that a lifetime of therapy cannot ease. With no hesitation and no remorse,” Sathanandan continued.

Anti-cop Minnesota Democratic Party official left bloodied in violent carjacking — now calls for tougher crime laws

Alright Troll…. atttttaaaaaccccckkkkk

First of all, WTF is a Shivanthi?  Sounds like something that used to add time to your sentence if you were an inmate in person.   Like an object used to attack someone with intent to kill.

I had to re-read this story. I was wondering where the white perpetrators yelled “this is MAGA country” like they did when Jessie Smollett got smoked.  Oh wait, neither happened.

So, you’ve got a broken leg, cuts, bruises, and have RAGE! Kinda like when George Floyd got killed and you demanded all the black folks get reparations and reduced sentences?

Karma also has a sense of humor it seems.  Sorry toots, you got what you deserved.

I really love the line about the young people needing to be brought to justice… take young people out of the sentence and replace it with cops or police and you get her statements from 2 years ago.  Chances are you and your stupid sheep likely reduced the sentencing guidelines and threshold for these offenses to the point where they are out on bail (if there’s even bail in the land of 10,000 mistakes).

As far as the perpetrators being repeat offenders who had likely done that before?  Yeah, I’d say you’re correct.  And since you were advocating letting them out early! They learned their lesson so well they did it again!  No hesitation or remorse?  How about you show a little of both toots?  Maybe a mea culpa (aka saying sorry) to the police.

Here is more from our flip-flopping democrat re-moron.

“I’m now part of the statistics. I wasn’t silent when I fought these men to save my life and my babies, and I won’t be silent now. We need to get illegal guns off of our streets, catch these young people who are running wild creating chaos across our city, and HOLD THEM IN CUSTODY AND PROSECUTE THEM,” she said.

“Look at my face. REMEMBER ME when you are thinking about supporting letting juveniles and young people out of custody to roam our streets instead of HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.”

Your target audience doesn’t know what statistics are since they were likely replaced in school by gender affirmation or African American studies curriculum.  Interesting you use the term fought; I think even the mention of that word gets you a minimum 10 years in California.

I still don’t know why this person didn’t say she was the victim of an insurrection.  Think about it. They would immediately have surveillance tape of the suspects, have them arrested, and they could have indicted Trump and charged him with another crime… just because.  The only difference is at this insurrection there actually was violence.

Ahh yes, we need to get illegal guns off the street and catch the people causing chaos… where were those words during the BLM rioting and looting?

Hold them accountable?  If I was a suspect and got caught, I would make certain I’m photo graphed in a BLM bandana, and a George Floyd shirt.

Here is a photo of Shivanthi.

Ahhh, I love my woke, social justice warrior, trans friendly, whackos battered not fried, how about you?

Here’s Shivanthi after the attack.

Sathanandan thanked the “incredible” Minneapolis PD for assisting in the terrifying experience — a far cry from her attitude toward law enforcement three years ago, when she posted online that she and other activists were “going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.”

Here she is before it….

“MPD has systematically failed the Black Community, they have failed ALL OF US. It’s time to build a new infrastructure that works for ALL communities. If you are still disagreeing with that BASIC FACT, I’m not sure what to say to you,” she said in the June 5, 2020, post — less than two weeks after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police.

So ummmm why didn’t you call a social worker to handle this issue?  Maybe they didn’t get enough participation trophies as a kid?

Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin told KSTP in a statement Thursday that he was “heartbroken at the news of Shivanthi’s attack.”  

“It is my sincere hope that the people who assaulted Shivanthi are quickly brought to justice and face punishment commensurate with the severity of their crimes,” Martin said. “My heart goes out to Shivanthi and her family and I hope their recovery from such a horrifying experience is as swift as possible.”

Yup, if I were on the police force, I wouldn’t work too hard to hunt them down.  If I were on a jury, I would vote not to convict.  Sorry, not sorry when you defund, demoralize, and cut police departments, don’t be surprised when crime takes off.  The only crime these kids are guilty of in my mind isn’t going further.  Again, sorry, not sorry.

I guess you can say a leftist is just a conservative that hasn’t had the crap beaten out of them yet?


Commentary from Chief:

Here is the lesson embedded in the story.  This lady wanted to be on the front lines during George Floyd and BLM.  She called for defunding and dismantling the police.  It was her turn to shine and try to cut an ad for when she inevitably runs for office.  All was well for her, let black and brown people out of jail, reduce thresholds for crime, and get rid of the “killers” with a badge.  Crime went up, but it didn’t bother her. She likely lives in a high end gated part of town, immune from these issues.  Her people and voters like it that way.  Then she got her ass beat.  Now it’s time to “re-fund” the police.  Now it’s time for justice.  Her hold them accountable and lock them up comments are rich… coming from someone who said the opposite earlier.  Good luck is what I will say to you.  You are nothing more than a classic tribalist, as long as it’s good for you, you are fine with it.  Too bad it took you getting your face kicked in to realize police are needed.  Sadly, I hope it happens to more of your brethren so they will come around as well.  This is why Johnnie Does carries a Glock. These perps get near him and realize they are on the business end of his gun, they get to steppin’ awfully quickly.  Anyone want to take bets this lady’s search is filled with “how do I buy a gun” “how do I legally carry a gun” etc. searches?  She just found out the hard way that these folks she calls oppressed and affected by racism are actually just bad people.  They have no respect or care for humanity, just like their Lord and Savior George Floyd.

Reap what you sew democrats.

PS Oh I heard CA is going to shut down more prisons and Donald Trump is being indicted for this as well.  Sadly, only one of those things is true… I’m not sure which one.

PPS  Here are some pics of hope Hicks, because…well she is hot and Troll has a thing for her.

CA Doesn’t Give a F*** about Crime Anymore

The title of this blog says it all. 

A family member of mine passed on a Fox News article saying CA is trying to change a law so if you are doing life without parole you can petition to be re-sentenced.  Yup. 

A bill that would allow killers serving a life sentence without parole to possibly be re-sentenced cleared a major hurdle Friday in California’s Democratic-led state Legislature

The state Assembly Appropriations Committee advanced Senate Bill 94, which now moves to the next phase of voting. The bill would allow California prison inmates serving a sentence of life without parole (LWOP) for certain crimes to petition for re-sentencing if the offense occurred before June 5, 1990, and the completion of at least 25 years of their sentence. 

Those convicted of first-degree murder of a police officer would be exempt. Those who are re-sentenced would have the opportunity to someday go in front of a parole board, which could deny them release. 

In a social media post, state Sen. Dave Cortese, a Democrat who introduced the bill, simply said he was “thrilled that these key bills of mine passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee.”

California Dem-led committee advances bill to let killers serving life without parole request re-sentencing

The State Senator is “thrilled” folks.

The CA GOP had a couple quotes in the article but let’s face it, they are complicit.  They care more about being re-elected than actually doing anything to stop these things.

If they cared, they would have pushed a referendum to repeal prop 47 aka the “shoplift all you want” law.  The prop passed with 59% of the vote, the dirty little secret is I’d bet quite a few Republicans and Independents voted in favor.  This is the America they want.  Crimes that used to be felonies became misdemeanors; misdemeanors became not chargeable. 

Look at the results.

The manager of the CVS near my house told me they get taken for about $2,500 each weekend.  Keep in mind I live in a rural part of town, so the store being hit for that much that often is telling about how much is happening in more populated areas.  The CVS north of me has the liquor locked up, along with other likely highly shoplifted items like razors, and Tide Pods.  The Home Depot near my house? Quite a few items are kept under bars and padlocks.  Yes, it’s like a third world country.  On KCRA 3 news app, there is a story almost weekly of a “flash mob” going to a store and looting it.  It’s not just bad parts of town, it’s happening all over.  Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Jackson, Roseville, and Monterey.  It’s all over.  No store is immune or exempt, Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods are just the 2 most recent to share that millions in inventory are walking out the front door unpaid for.

The dirty little secret?  Even if we started caring about crime and criminalizing it again, we can’t.  You may have missed it, but Gavin Newsom and Democrats in the legislature here have shut down Deuel Vocational institute in Tracy and CA Correction Center in Lassen County.  There is another prison in Riverside closing in 2025, and I believe we shut down a women’s prison, and are exiting the last privately run prison in 2024.  I believe we also have shut down all juvenile facilities and if you commit murder prior to the age of 18 you get out of prison at 25.  I believe there are plans to shut an additional 5 prisons at some point in the future as well.

You see folks during the “plandemic,” aka Covid, you were so scared of catching the flu that you sat by while CA went full libtard.  You allowed prisons and jails to release people “who were at risk of dying from Covid.”  Sentences were reduced, in some cases jail time didn’t even apply any longer.  In my home county of Sacramento, a DUI causing death offender was sentenced to probation, no jail time.  The Attorney General and local District Attorneys allowed rioting and looting during George Floyd protests to go unscathed.  Crimes are no longer prosecuted, worse yet stores are told not to try to stop shoplifters. 

The bottom line, if you don’t charge folks with a crime, and those who you do charge aren’t sentenced to jail time, or you release folks early, let’s face it, you do not need prisons.  The CA Democrats are doing exactly what they wanted.  They scared you into thinking Covid would kill everyone, and we had to be compassionate.  The only ones now not being shown compassion are the “January 6th rioters.”  They are getting/doing years of hard time; some just for using the restroom and then exiting the Capitol.

The Chief