Election Harbinger

I can recall not too many years ago when every Toyota in California was adorned with either a rainbow Apple Computer logo or an Obama logo bumper sticker. Four years ago, a like number of vehicles had either I’m with Her or Hillary Clinton stickers.

However, in this Presidential cycle, I can’t recall if I’ve even seen a Joe Biden sticker. Frankly, I’d guess there’s way more Bernie or BLM stickers in circulation. Heck, there’s more Trump stickers in California than Biden ones.

President Trump can do a rally anywhere in the country and draw north of 20 thousand people but when Biden did a rally a few days ago in the swing state of Ohio, he drew a crowd of about 30 cars.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden delivered a speech in front of around 30 socially-distanced cars of supporters at a “drive-in rally” on Monday…

Biden speaks to 30 cars of supporters at Ohio ‘drive-in rally’

If you read the story, there were more Trump supporters at the event than Biden people.

Biden didn’t necessarily get a warm welcome, with Trump supporters lining a road to the union hall, waving “Trump 2020” flags and far outnumbering the Democratic nominee’s fans.

Oh, with a turnout like that, Biden thinks he’s within striking distance of beating Trump in Ohio!

In light of the above, why are many presidential pollsters claiming that Biden has even bigger numbers than Hillary? Frankly, this doesn’t make sense.

Folks, Trump has enthusiastic support all across the country and his base has not moved, in fact, Trump says, people are more enthused for him now than in 2016. In addition, Trump has made gains in demographic groups that the Democrats have long neglected and taken for granted.

The pollster’s assertions that Joe is walking away with this thing are not true. Look at where Joe is campaigning. Does Joe act like he’s ahead by ten or twelve points? Why does Kamala Harris now have to claim that she’s the Black Hillary to try to drum-up support? Why are New York, California, and other Democrat states still locked down if Joe is cleaning Trump’s political clock? Why is Joe gagged on his positions on packing the Supreme Court and such if he’s really got this in the bag? Why cancel a debate with Trump if he’s really beating him up?

Folks, “politics is perception” has been regarded as a truism of politics but the disconnect from what the Democrats and media want to be true and how they’re acting is a very wide chasm. My perception is that they’re in trouble but don’t want the rats jumping ship, at least until they’ve voted a few times between now and November 3rd. I think the Dems are bluffing to stay in the game and save the down ticket races.


If the Democrats happen to win this year, you will never see a Republican President again in your lifetime. In fact, Kamala will get her wish to turn the other 49 states into California and you will see one party rule until the financial wheels come off the economic wagon and then something worse will take its place.

Our country is facing a pivotal choice to either turn towards its roots or continue on a path of existential suicide. Folks, if the Democrats win, our future in not to become a European socialist democracy but a totalitarian socialist state ruled by a few elites. These guys have been praising the French Revolution as their model for many decades and now they may get a chance to try it here. Americans are extremists. We won’t become partially socialist. We will either reject it or fully embrace it. Is the Constitution a document that limits federal power or a suicide pact for our Republic? Your vote will decide this November. Oh, no pressure, but there’s no “do over” on this one.