Rafael Cruz: Not a Christian Reconstructionist

More news stories are circulating today about Ted Cruz’s dad and his religious beliefs. All are raising the question of whether Ted agrees with his ole dad. This is not the same as Obama and Rev Wright because Ted is actively involving his dad in his campaign whereas Obama kept his distance from Wright—at least physically, ideologically might be a different story.

Here are the links on Drudge today.

The short version is Ted’s dad in a Pentecostal Reconstructionist. While both the Sith Lord and I find ourselves in agreement with Reconstructionism, what that looks like when blended with Pentecostal theology might be something altogether different.

Leaders of the Christian Reconstruction movement are post millennial and Calvinist. Pentecostal folks are pre-mil and dispensational so how that theological system looks to Rafael Cruz could be a different thing altogether. Some of the senior Cruz’s comments also imply an aspect of the prosperity gospel that is so popular in some dubious theological circles.

It is clear that neither Ted nor Rafael has read Gary North’s book on Exodus. Ted is drawing from Pharaoh’s toolbox and not from the faith of Moses. Ted can call himself whatever he wants but he is trying to run his campaign using the Power religion of the State and not biblical faith.

Christian Reconstructionism is a political theory that says what “ought to be” but does not map out how to get there. It does presuppose that it will not be imposed from the top down but from the bottom up. This I think is the Cruz dilemma. Cruz wants to force his idea of a Reconstructionist/Constitutional society from the top down.

I know of no leader of Christian Reconstruction that would agree with the tactics of Cruz. As I have mentioned elsewhere, North—during the height of the Reagan years—was saying that we are not ready. Our society has decayed significantly since that time. Only in the wake of a sustained national revival could Christian Reconstruction be implemented in our nation.

I’m not against standing up for what’s right and bringing reform to our society and government, but I fear that Ted Cruz would have us exchanging one form of tyranny for another.

Lastly, Ted maybe God told you to run for President but that is a far cry from promising you that you will win. Maybe he is refining you and thru this experience He will get the dross out of your heart so you will be a better candidate in the future. Next time do it His way and not yours.

Game, Set, and Match

New York Times says Trump no longer needs Indiana to win.

The main reason is Mr. Trump’s success on Tuesday among Pennsylvania’s 54 unpledged delegates. Even though none of them are officially bound to a candidate, 31 of the 54 spots went to delegates preferred by Mr. Trump. And before the election, others had said they would vote for the winner of their district (Mr. Trump won all of the state’s districts). My colleague Jeremy W. Peters reported that Mr. Trump “appeared to have won about 40 of Pennsylvania’s 54 unbound delegates.”

Trump Doesn’t Need Indiana

These delegates put Trump within spitting distance of 1,000

Also, why did Cruz give Carly half a million dollars? That’s strange.

Trump Victory Certain

Trump got 109 delegates out of a possible 118 yesterday. Pennsylvania is a little odd. Of their 71 delegates, 17 are based on the popular vote and Trump got all of those while 54 are based on that screwy ballot as shown in my previous blog yesterday. (Per RPC, these delegates are “At Large” and not pledged to any candidate.) That mess apparently has yet to be sorted out and isn’t included in the delegate totals shown on the Real Clear Politics website. Both RCP and Fox agree that Trump is now at 954 delegates.

There are 502 delegates remaining in the delegate hunt. Trump needs 283 to win outright.

Trump will clearly win in California and New Jersey. In California, Trump has increased his lead over Cruz by five points in the last week and Trump is just starting to campaign in the state. California and New Jersey are worth 223 delegates Thus Trump needs to pick up 60 delegates between 8 other states. He is leading in Indiana-another winner take all state—worth 57 delegates.

I’m still saying by this time next week, Cruz will be suspending his campaign.

The next question is who will Trump select as his V.P.?

Why Ted Cruz Deserves to Lose

Ted is campaigning as a Christian and a Constitutionalist. Unfortunately, he has failed miserably at both.

As a legislator, Ted has had many years to offer his ideas for solutions to what he sees as ailing this country. Has he done so? NO. Ted has held it back from his constituents and fellow legislators. None of the ideas he is putting forward as solutions now has he previously put forward as proposed legislation. There is no legislative package of bills that he can point to and say this is what I think should be done to make this country great again.

Ted has failed at the most basic of all government: Self-government. The gulf between his actions and words is a vast chasm. Ted claims to be a Christian. At the very least, a Christian should love his enemies and pray for them. He should strive to exhibit the love of Christ to those around him.

So does Ted Cruz love Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and the rest? NO. Ted acts like General Sherman marching on Atlanta. If he can’t have it, then he burns it to the ground. Does he respect the process and system that has allowed him to run for President? NO. He wants to win at all costs and if he can’t then he’s willing to tear down the whole Party just to advance himself. Strip away all his rhetoric and B.S. and you will find that it’s all about Ted.

Another thing a Christian should be is a man of his word. Again, Ted Cruz seems to operate according to “Rules for Radicals” or “The Prince”. Look at what happened this weekend in Maine.

The fiery and controversial governor claimed on Friday that the Trump and Cruz campaigns had previously reached a “unity deal” to elect delegates to the national convention in proportion to results of the state’s 5 March caucuses.

Such an allocation would deliver 12 Cruz delegates, nine for Trump and two for John Kasich, the Ohio governor.

However, LePage, a Trump supporter, said on the eve of Maine’s state convention that the Cruz campaign had reneged on the deal, believing they could fill all 20 elected delegate slots on the ballot. “I can’t stand by and watch as Cruz and the Republican establishment forcibly overrule the votes of Mainers who chose Trump and Kasich,” said LePage.
Maine Governor and Ted Cruz

This pattern of repeatedly stealing delegates that he did not earn is something that is harmful to the political process not just in this cycle but forevermore.

God created government and gave us this nation. Cruz has repeatedly proven that he has a contempt for the system that he says he wants to lead. This is troubling. Isn’t that our complaint against Barack Obama?

Ted Cruz is willing to ride roughshod over anyone to thwart Donald Trump from being President. The allies of Cruz are the Republican Establishment that will do the same thing to Cruz once his utility is no more. Cruz has turned this campaign into a suicide pact. He will win at any cost or burn the place down; at this point, maybe both simultaneously.

Cruz has also joined forces with John Kasich. On social issues these men are opposites but the enemy of my enemy…

Senator Ted Cruz and Gov. John R. Kasich of Ohio have agreed to coordinate in future primary contests in a last-ditch effort to deny Donald J. Trump the Republican presidential nomination, with each candidate standing aside in certain states amid growing concerns that Mr. Trump cannot otherwise be stopped.

In a statement late Sunday night, Mr. Cruz’s campaign manager, Jeff Roe, said that the campaign would “focus its time and resources in Indiana and in turn clear the path for Governor Kasich to compete in Oregon and New Mexico.”

Minutes after Mr. Roe’s statement, the Kasich campaign put out a similar message. The Ohio governor’s chief strategist, John Weaver, said that his campaign would shift its resources to states in the West and “give the Cruz campaign a clear path in Indiana.”
Cruz and Kasich Team Up

Ted has given up winning outright because he can’t and is now committed to trying for a contested convention. Ted, by your willingness to put your thumb on the scales, you have proven you are unfit to be President.

When words like: lie, steal, defraud; are the hallmarks of your campaign, I think it’s safe to say that you are not doing it for the love of God but for yourself.  Cruz is the worst type of hypocrite because his actions actually blaspheme the Lord he claims to serve.

Many of my peers at church disagree with me but I have seen this playbook up close and personal. Some of us are trying to learn from the past and it makes us angry when folks are hell-bent on repeating it again. I told Ted to beware the Ides of March, unfortunately for us, Ted is charging full speed down the way that ends in destruction. Will he finally see the light or feel the heat?

Prediction: Cruz Will Suspend Campaign in Two Weeks

Cruz is toast but most of his followers are slow to realize it.

Trump will win all five primaries next week and Cruz is currently running third in most of these states. The result is that Trump will approach 1,000 delegates. Once this number enters the public discussion, support for Cruz will further erode. Remember success has many fathers but failure is an orphan.

Reality is setting in with the politically astute. Last week, my friend—the Sith Lord—was ready to be a city coordinator for Cruz—this is a volunteer position. After New York, he has seen the writing on the wall.  Yesterday he accepted a paid position with the Trump campaign. Trump will get virtually all the delegates in California.

Donald Trump just began to roll-out a plan to campaign in California. Ted Cruz has had an organization here for the last year. So whatever Trump is polling at now is his floor. He can only go up from his current numbers. Statewide, he is leading Cruz in California
Trump 41 %
Cruz 23 %
Politico: Trump California Poll

Cruz hit the iceberg on Tuesday and many are heading for the lifeboats. Trump is the inevitable nominee and thankfully there will not be more than one ballot in Cleveland.

Presidential Update: April 20, 2016

Here is latest on the presidential race.

Bottom line is Trump needs 63 percent of the remaining delegates to win outright.

Both Cruz and Kasich are mathematically eliminated from winning under any scenario.

Trump will win most of remaining delegates in April. He is strong in the North East. This will put him to about 950 delegates.

May looks good for Trump also. He will likely win most delegates from these states. I think the 2/3 delegate goal is achievable for him. This would put him near 1,081.

If this scenario plays out then California might be in play for once. I’d be surprised by this if it really happens. Trump will win New Jersey, New Mexico, and California and thus the presidential race for the Republican nomination.

From this point on, Trump will be perceived as the nominee and momentum will begin swinging his way. Prior to the June 7th vote, I think Cruz will see the light and suspend his campaign.

Scott Jones and Abortion

I saw Sheriff Scott Jones speak on Monday. This is the first time I have heard him speak since announcing his run for Congress. Jones is a champion of Second Amendment issues and was comfortable talking about everything touching on this issue.

When he fielded questions on abortion and federal funding of Planned Parenthood he stumbled badly.

First Jones said he was pro-choice and later corrected himself—after some audience prompting—that he was pro-life.

When asked about Planned Parenthood funding he gave a really peculiar answer—one that frankly can’t withstand any scrutiny.

He said he would withhold funding if PP couldn’t differentiate between abortions and other services that they provide to women. If Congress could fund women’s services except abortion, he would be OK with federal funding of PP.

Jones is trying to sound reasonable to the pro-choice crowd but this answer is a steaming load of …. and he knows it.  In government, it’s not what you do but what you call it. Bureaucrats think in terms of funding and categories. If Jones voted to partially fund Planned Parenthood, all PP would have to do is a few simple budget gimmicks and they could be whole with no changes to their business model.

Let’s use a real world, non-abortion example.
Several years ago, California implemented a temporary sales tax (there’s an oxymoron for you) following a serious earthquake. Then when the tax was due to expire, the Dems said, let’s extend the tax and designate the revenue for law enforcement. This of course sounded good, so it passed. (Voters are so easy to fool.) But what really happened? If you said nothing, then you’re right.

The vast majority of counties in California—and there’s 58 of ‘em—had no funding increase in law enforcement. Surprise! They took the sales tax money and gave it to law enforcement as they were supposed to but then they took away other revenue and gave it to other departments in their counties. Other counties took the funds and spent them on road improvement and things like that. Their justification was that cops need roads to respond to emergency calls.

Bottom Line: No counties hired additional officers or did anything meaningful to improve public safety.

So if Jones agrees to only partially fund Planned Parenthood, how can I claim that they will be fully funded?
It’s simple. Planned Parenthood moves some budget numbers around and then increases the amount of money they need from the government. By boosting the amount requested for the other services, Planned Parenthood will be fully funded.

Remember that in Washington, budgeting doesn’t work like the real world. You ask for money and if you get less funding than you asked for then that is a budget cut—even when you get more than last year.

Suppose Homeland Security wants a seven percent increase for the next fiscal year. They end-up getting five percent from Congress. In Washington speak; Homeland Security suffered a two percent budget cut for next year—even though they got five percent more money.

In like manner, Planned Parenthood can play budget games and still be fully funded. As a bonus they get the public relations opportunity to claim that they suffered a huge budget cut at the hands of heartless Republicans while laughing all the way to the bank.

Jones knows that this is how the game is played which is why his answer is so weak. It’s disappointing, but I think he would be better than the current officeholder.

How a legislator should be judged

If a person is a member of the legislative branch of government and they aspire to higher office, then is it reasonable that they have demonstrated some leadership quality that makes then more worthy than their peers to run for higher office? I think this proposition is a reasonable one.

As a legislator, I would expect this person to:
• Sponsor legislation featuring innovative solutions
• Ideas that may not actually be law yet but would be in writing for all to see
• Respected by folks on both sides of the politic aisle
• Be an effective communicator of his ideas
• Have a reputation of virtue and charity
• Campaign ethically and treat opponents with respect
• Stand for what is right as opposed to politically expedient

When a legislator has no track record but his rhetoric, and little experience in his office then voters should be concerned about the qualifications of this candidate. In recent years this is especially true of junior United States Senators. Three names immediately come to mind.

Barack Obama-most known for voting “Present” in the Illinois Senate and one speech at the Democrat National Convention
Hillary Clinton-most known for sleeping with the President and killing people in Benghazi. The only Bill she ever sponsored was her husband.
Ted Cruz-a lawyer born in Texas who disrupted the U.S. Senate for a few hours many years ago and admits to going to a protestant church

All three people are trying to ride their thin legislative resumes to the White House. One did and look how that turned out. The old saying about “fool me once…” comes to mind.

I think eight years of junior Senators in the White House is enough.

So what do I expect?

I expect a series of legislative proposals (bills) that the candidate has introduced and defended in various committees. He is committed to his principles enough to put in writing what he hopes to accomplish to make his county/state/country better. His legislation and his rhetoric are in agreement and proven in the crucible of the legislative process. I’m not saying that his ideas are signed into law, but they are understood and clearly delineated.

His campaign for the Executive level is based upon two things, here are my legislative ideas and a track record of principle and perseverance working to make them a reality, and secondly, here are the legislators or candidates for legislative office that will help my ideas become law. When it comes to state or federal elections, the candidate will have a Contract with America type idea that unifies his campaign and should he prevail in the election, give a clear mandate for his ideas.

None of the three mentioned above (Obama, Clinton, or Cruz) has such a record. Neither does Rubio.

If you want an effective President, picking a junior Senator has proven to be a terrible option.