Solving the Age-Old Problem of Toilet Seat Up or Down

For the last month, our master bath and bedroom have been undergoing a remodel. The work is not yet concluded but being down to one bathroom has put the men in conflict with the women over the age-old question of should the lid to the toilet be left up or down?

Here’s the situation:

We had to move everything out of the master bedroom including emptying the closets. The bathroom was completely gutted. While I advocated for using the old toilet as a flower planter in the front yard, mama wouldn’t hear of it.

(Sorry mama but I was just trying to relate to the Democrats in the neighborhood by sending less to the landfill.)

Anyway, the remodel forced us to use the kid’s/guest bathroom as our own. We’ve been perfectly content to let our son do whatever he wanted in this bathroom for many years and now he is forced to share with mom and dad.

Point of Conflict:

Sadly, for us men, mama went in there one to many times at night and found the seat up. Granted mama could have turned on the light before trying to do her business but she chose not to. Mama’s seat was not finding the other seat where she expected it to be. This happened several times.

Mama’s wrath was terrible to behold. She got some tools and removed the toilet seat altogether. Yep, if she can’t have it then nobody can. She hid it from us. This went on for several days. I pulled junior aside and recommended that he apologize but it never happened.

Lucky for me, junior got an invite to flaunt the Governor’s tyrannical Covid orders and went on an overnight church outing with youth from other households. While he was gone, mama relented—hoping us men folk had “learned our lesson”—and re-installed the toilet seat. This, she thought, had surely taught the men what was expected of them.

Lesson Learned:

Within hours of being back, junior had left the seat up twice. I put it back in the position that mama demanded. I pulled him aside and reminded him that mama’s wrath was fierce. Furthermore, that I couldn’t always cover for him. He agreed with me to do better.

Junior’s Genius Solution:

A few hours late, as I was getting ready for bed, I went in the bathroom and was shocked to see his solution to always forgetting to put the seat down.

Yep, white duct tape was on both sides of the seat holding it down. No chance he will forget to do the right thing anymore. I thought it was genius and had mama come see the brilliance of our teenaged son.

“If the women don’t find you handsome, at least have them find you handy.”

Now mama is happy, I’m entertained, and junior has found a solution that doesn’t involve him actually having to remember to do anything.

Have a Happy New Year!

More Contrary Info on Covid-Did Fauci, et al. Lie Even More?

In a shocker, a new study says there is no such thing as asymptomatic spread of Covid; thus, the justification for locking us up for the last ten months has been a lie. Oh, the study was of ten million people not 12 volunteers at Stanford or Harvard.

A study of almost 10 million people in Wuhan, China, found that asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 did not occur at all, thus undermining the need for lockdowns, which are built on the premise of the virus being unwittingly spread by infectious, asymptomatic people.

Published in November in the scientific journal Nature Communications, the paper was compiled by 19 scientists, mainly from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, but also from scientific institutions across China as well as in the U.K. and Australia. It focused on the residents of Wuhan, ground zero for COVID-19, where 9,899,828 people took part in a screening program between May 14 and June 1, which provided clear results as to the possibility of any asymptomatic transmission of the virus.

Asymptomatic transmission has been the underlying justification of lockdowns enforced all across the world. The most recent guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) still states that the virus “can be spread by people who do not have symptoms.” In fact, the CDC claimed that asymptomatic people “are estimated to account for more than 50 percent of transmissions.” . . .

However, the new study in Nature Communications, titled “Post-lockdown SARS-CoV-2 nucleic acid screening in nearly 10 million residents of Wuhan, China,” debunked the concept of asymptomatic transmission.

Massive Study: Asymptomatic Transmission of COVID-19 Didn’t Occur at All

Lie, damn lies, and statistics… comes to mind. So I guess it really is just the flu.

Tyranny is what you get when you trust the “experts” inside the swamp instead of the people that make the country work. Oh, I bet the censors from “Big Tech” will call this fake news too since it doesn’t fit their worldview—whatever that might be today.


By frequent contributor The Chief

Well Congress went and acted, passed a large bill, without reading it, sending millions in aid to other countries, kept transit running, bailed out some businesses that don’t deserve to be bailed out, and sent you $600.  Yep, some scraps from the table courtesy of Congress.  You should see some of the aid money sent to other countries; countries in the Middle East are featured quite a bit, yep those same countries where we send our young people to die in pointless wars, then pay to “rebuild” and “remodel” their governments after ours….winning proposition huh?  Trivia question, name a country the US has left after a successful military operation there?  I’ll hold the line.

Yet almost every member of Congress–to a man–is nominating themselves for sainthood after approving a package to keep the government running and send out a cool $600 to certain people.  The criteria has yet to be fully released but I would think it’s the same lucky winners from the last go round, regardless or employment status, or if Covid has even had an effect on you.  This is because we have no reliable system, as witnessed by California’s EDD (unemployment benefit distributor) sending out fraudulent checks to inmates etc. and ignoring legitimate claims.  Trust me on this one, Sen Diane Feinstein, yeah the sitting Senator, “applied for and got a weekly check” yeah…… wild.  Not a soul at EDD could catch that one, or Scott Peterson (the one on death row) didn’t get caught either, but for those who actually are eligible, yup many are on their fifth month or more of waiting for the claim to be processed.  SAD!

Back to the $600. What makes me most upset is that’s a very small amount. For me, a single guy, that covers my utilities for about 2 months.  Think about folks 9 months behind on rent, utilities, mortgages, car payments, credit cards, student loans….so on so forth.  Doesn’t inspire much confidence does it?  In truth the $600 will please the 90 Day Guys, since the stocks hit a new record high as of this writing.  And for most, that buys Christmas gifts, especially when you add on the extra $600 per child.  However I see no one making an effort to pay off past due debt, because well, what’s the point?  The government has no answer, and we have always rewarded bad behavior.

In closing, look for the bleeding hearts to come out and demand larger checks, think $2-4,000.  (This has already started) Then look for cries that these checks should be monthly, until we hit a pre-Covid unemployment or economic growth numbers.  These numbers are not likely to be matched for years, so in essence we will have Universal Basic Income.  Ironically its Republicans such as Josh Hawley of Missouri pushing for this.  Stupidly the GOP will fall for this gamut, and we will be the co-authors of UBI.  Good luck taking these payments away once they start.  If you are on the receiving end of these checks….well it’s your money so do as you please, congrats.

BTW $600 when you have shut businesses down for 9 months and counting is pathetic, very Marie Antoinette-like I may add.

The Chief

What Happened with Herd Immunity?

Back when Covid was getting started—it was only mid-March of this year but seems longer ago—there was much talk about the fact that Covid-19 was not spreading as predicted and many were floating the idea of “herd Immunity” as a reason. Looking back, this has been one of the most troubling aspects of the whole Covid adventure, that it doesn’t behave as predicted. Often it seems that we can’t tell if we’re following the symptoms or the disease. Is the cause/effect relationship what we have been told or something else bordering on coincidence. Talk about the fog of war.

If you recall, early on it was said that many in the population had experienced Covid-19 but didn’t show symptoms and as a result, heard immunity was expected to slow the spread within a short time. It didn’t work like that; however, and that bothered me.

We were told herd immunity was when 40 to 60 percent of the population had either had the disease or developed immunity. Many posited that a percentage of people already had immunity due to other factors such as immunity to other types of Covid. Well, it appears that such thoughts were wishful thinking but given the information available at the time, had it been correct, maybe things would be different.

It came out within the last week that part of the reason that people got off on rabbit trails when trying to understand Covid—its spread and impact—is because the so-called experts purposely lied to us. Yep, and at the head of that line was the good doctor Fauci.

Below are portions of the interview with Fauci conducted by the Washington Times.

Herd immunity, or the percentage of a population that acquires resistance to the coronavirus through infection or vaccination, has been widely estimated at roughly 60 to 70 percent for the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic.

Fauci says he’s been intentionally moving goal posts on herd immunity estimates

(At the time, we cited some numbers that were even lower than those cited above by Fauci.)

Dr. Fauci told The Times in an interview published Thursday that he had slowly but deliberately been moving the goal posts, partly based on new science, and partly on his gut feeling that the American public was ready to receive the information…

Anybody besides me having flashbacks the Jack Nicholson’s great line in “A Few Good Men” that “You can’t handle the truth.

Fauci the continued:

He said he hesitated to state a number as high as 90% weeks ago because many Americans still seemed skeptical about vaccine.

“We really don’t know what the real number is. I think the real range is somewhere between 70 to 90 percent. But, I’m not going to say 90 percent.”

Dr. Fauci said he wouldn’t state that number because it would potentially discourage Americans from getting the vaccine, The Times reported.

So, Fauci said he’s still lying to the American public but not as much because we are being more conditioned to accept the truth—whatever that might be. Does anybody need any more evidence to see that this is about controlling us and not “following the science”?

Oh, the other little gem that came out recently is that Great Britain has a large outbreak of a new strain of Covid. (If you’re counting, this is the third widely distributed mutation acknowledged by our media.) We told you that there are many variations of Covid-19 in the wild but again the “experts” are very mum on the issue. So, will the existing inoculation for Covid work on the newest mutation? Or do we go back to square one—again? Or maybe we just cancel all the restrictions and get back to living our lives?

In the Spirit of Christmas Fox Goes After President Trump Again

Yep, in a story about Rush Limbaugh’s last broadcast of 2020, another Fox reporter inserted his editorial comment into the story to get a dig at the President.

Limbaugh also praised President Trump’s Tuesday night address in which he lambasted the coronavirus relief bill and continued to make baseless claims that he could remain in office beyond January.

Emotional Rush Limbaugh thanks listeners, supporters in final broadcast of 2020 | Fox News

Sorry folks but there is a plan in the works to use the Constitution to dispute the election when Congress meets January 6th to count the votes of the Electoral College. The goal is to let Congress decide. Thus, for the Fox reporter to say, “President Trump … continued to make baseless claims that he could remain in office beyond January” is incorrect and they know it.

Sorry but to call a Constitutional process “baseless” is not the Fox of old when they claimed, “We report, you decide.”

With Republicans like Mitt Romney as office holders, I’d characterize it as a longshot that Trump is victorious in Congress, but it is his right—with Congressional support—to appeal the election to this court of last appeal. Especially with the Supreme Court sitting it out. This move appears to be his only viable play.

Thoughts on Trump and Jumping the Shark

I firmly believe that thousands of fraudulent votes were cast in the Presidential election and wish that Trump could find justice in rectifying this wrong. However, those of us that believe this want someone or something to intervein and set things right. In my opinion, some in this camp have Jumped the Shark in pushing the narrative that there is a remedy that will happen at the last minute.

Below is an example of Jumping the Shark from a group called Stop the Steal. FYI: There was briefly a formal Facebook group by this name until it got too big and then FB killed it. It had over 350,000 members in less than 24 hours and Big Tech didn’t like it. FB claimed that Stop the Steal wouldn’t accept the results of the election and this opposition was inciting violence. In contrast, BLM is regarded by FB as a peace-loving group that never really burned all those businesses in Seattle and Portland—clearly a case of multiple cases of spontaneous combustion in high population areas due to global warming.

Why did President Trump tell his Twitter followers to watch @OANN (One America News Network)?

Because OANN broadcast an Electoral Map showing the real time election results from the seized CIA servers before the numbers were fixed for Biden:

Trump 410, Biden 128

Note: California, Minnesota, and Hawaii all went RED for Trump!


— Stop the Steal
Stop the Steal post via FB Messenger 12/14/2020

Folks, claiming that Trump really won California is so ridiculous that I cringed when I read it. Clearly the guy that wrote this post lives elsewhere or he’d know better. This conclusion is the end of an extensive post on how Dominion voting machines are part of a larger conspiracy of socialists and likeminded folks. If you’ve heard Sidney Powell talk about the subject, it reminded me of what she says when talking with Sean Hannity. Talk about discrediting the whole argument…wow!

What of President Trump?

Let me preface what I’m about to say with a reminder that I love Donald Trump and think he’s the best President that we’ve had since Ronald Reagan, but …

Dear Mr. Trump, unless Mike Pence is really going to reject some electors on January 6 and kick this election to Congress then it’s time to throw in the towel. Clearly the fix is in for you and really for many millions of us. If you expect the masses to rise up and support you, sorry it ain’t happening. I’d love to see it but “an army of one” is a campaign slogan for military recruitment not a formula for transforming a nation.

If you want proof that so-called conservatives don’t have your back, look at the “bitter clingers” that voted for you by the millions. I can just about name every minister in the country that didn’t close their churches when told to do so by the government. Such orders are illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional but almost to a man, everyone complied without resistance (and they still are). Now you expect these folks to fight for you when they won’t even fight for themselves!!

Sorry President Trump but are you still a leader when no one follows?

Kenny Rogers once sung the lyrics:

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away…”

Yeah, they dealt you a hand from under the table, but you appear to be holding a lot of nothing and you’re out of chips.

In the Far East, they have a thing about saving face and living to fight another day, perhaps you need to consider an exit strategy that allows you to do likewise. I would love for you to prevail, but your options are all but gone and it appears nobody has your back. Unless you’ve got an ace up your sleeve, then it’s time to walk away.

If so, see ya in four years.

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: $40 billion in uncollected Utility Bills

By frequent correspondent The Chief

While the theatres are still closed, there is a storm a brewing and it will likely premier around January of next year.  I came across an article on Seeking Alpha, (the hard news part not the commentary part) about $40 billion in uncollected utility payments so far during the pandemic.  If that doesn’t shock you, I do not know what will.

Link: Who will pay $40B in COVID-19 debt owed to utility companies?

I am not going to long form blog this like I usually do, but I just want to point out that is a debt that is not repayable.  During the beginning of this two week shutdown to flatten the curve back in March, most governors, if not all, declared utilities cannot disconnect. Thus, folks with past due accounts, because Covid, got free utilities.  Unlike the government, they cannot print money and will have to account for this loss some way or another.

What is the answer?  Sadly, I lost my crystal ball, but my thoughts are the following: the moratorium on this will continue as the optics of turning off heating in the winter for grandma doesn’t look great.  Ditto for low-income families, or renters.  I feel the answer will be blended; to those who faithfully paid their bills (most Republicans and responsible folks), will be told thanks and get nothing and like it.  For those who didn’t pay, it will depend on your local PUC (Public Utility Corp) to decide.  Maybe you make small “catchup” payments, or they wipe out your balance and you get to start over (just like PG&E).  I’m thinking its option 2.  I can see Biden bailing out the “green” utilities, or incentivizing those who phase out coal etc.  This will be the way of pushing the Green New Deal.  I also think the PUC will grant a “Covid recovery fee” to be added to all bills to make those folks current.  Once again, in this country, those who are responsible will get nothing and those who refused to pay (you must remember, the moratorium applied to anyone, not people Covid positive) get bailed out.  This will be the Biden/AOC way to force the Green New Deal on us.

Sadly, I see this same issue playing out in other sectors of the economy as well; how many folks haven’t paid rent due to this?  In addition, how about unpaid mortgages?  That number will dwarf the 80 billion easily.  Credit cards?  Ditto, especially after this year’s Christmas Season.  Buckle up, I do not see a very pretty 2021, you won’t be able to kick this can very far.

The Chief

Johnnie Does: Dine-in Illegally

Blogger Note: no business names will be used at all during this review as to keep Comrade Newsom, Fake Dr. Beilensen and their ilk guessing.

While we respect all laws here at, we love small local businesses!  We do.  Be it the salsa bar, or the new salsa bar.  All the places I review are local, some may be chains, but it’s a local flair.  We recently went under a lockdown where restaurants cannot do indoor or outdoor dining, only take out.  Even after fake, racist, alcoholic Dr. Beilensen admitted only 7% of folks were identified as catching the rona at a eating establishment.  Good luck staying in business doing take out only, unless you’re a Chinese restaurant. 

So anyway, Johnnie Does on a Friday mind you, went to a local shop to order take out.  This place has been around for a while, and it’s rare to see a place on this side of town (sparsely populated) in business hopefully they survive the rona.  The owner asked if I would prefer dine-in, and I said only if it’s ok.  He responded saying if Newsom can dine at The French Laundry you can dine in here, and I did.  I ordered my typical takeout meal here, but it seemed to taste better, maybe it was rona infected as here in CA the rona gets you between 10pm and 5am, also if you dine out or in, and seems to avoid you at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and the like.

I was not the only one dining in, the place was packed, roughly 50% capacity and all were vigilant.  There was joy and a lot of don’t give an f*** going on, I loved it, why should we become slaves to a group of folks (I include both R & D here btw) saying what we can and cannot do, based on wild science that makes no sense.

The food was great, I tipped well, and I will be back.  I may even bring the Chief, Troll, and William here too at some point. 

Sadly, what I wish to point out is this.  These places spent $$$ to buy plexi-glass partitions to go between booths, made staff wear masks, adapted to take out only, and then spent a ton of $$$ on outdoor heaters, custom over hangs, etc.  Now they must go to take-out only.  Money wasted or money well spent?  I say the former.  The rules change here in California literally every 10 minutes, and these folks have adapted, but now the push back is real.  Why are these folks being punished?  This will be the final nail in the coffin of most of these places, before you say; Chilis, Applebee’s, and Olive Garden are going to be ok, those are chains, the parent likely took PPP money, or gave the operators a break on fees.  The small business folks will perish, and it will not be pretty.  Retail will follow them down the drain, likely after the Christmas season.  For context, the end of year blog party was charged $1.50 for using more than 2 bowls of salsa, folks that means this is real!

It’s sad, and I have no way of putting this lightly, the Blog Father, his better half, child, and dog all know my beliefs on this, but it’s going to get very ugly.  Support your small business nearby, and tip for takeout, it may not be tradition, but these folks need it.  Sadly the 90-Day Guy and others think closing businesses and ending livelihoods is the best way to beat this infectious disease.  Think of someone else not yourself for a couple minutes.

RIP Local eateries.

Johnnie Does

BTW Gavin Newsom, 90-Day Guy and others, you’re jerks!  Closing stores and altering lives solely for your own gain?  Think of others, some of us don’t work in government.

Editor’s Note: Just to prove that Johnnie Does is right, California’s chief health official admits that closing restaurants is not related to science. Here’s the meat of the article.

… California’s health and human services secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, addressed the matter to the press. According to this expert, science has nothing to do with it.

“The decision to include, among other sectors, outdoor dining, and limiting that, turning to restaurants to deliver and provide takeout options instead, really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home, not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining.

“We advise against anything that you can do in another way, in a lower risk way, that avoids you leaving your home…”

So, there’s no science saying that outdoor dining is unsafe. It’s just unsafe for you to leave your house in the first place. According to experts. The same experts who told us fifteen days to flatten the curve. Nine months ago. The outdoor dining ban isn’t about science. This “expert” confirmed that. It’s all about control. California doesn’t want you to leave your house. So they’ll take away reasons to leave your house. You know, for your own good. But only some places.

California Health Secretary Admits Real Reason for Outdoor Dining Ban. HINT: It’s Not Science …

Fox Dumps on Trump Again

Folks, I will make this brief.

That there was wholesale election fraud is not really the question but what remedy, if any, can be had through the courts? To that end, the State of Texas has brought suit against other states alleging violation of the U.S. Constitution. I wish to comment on a related article posted by Fox News today.

The Texas case, which is unique in that it seeks to take advantage of the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction for disputes between states, has drawn widespread attention with a large number of parties asking to weigh in as “amici curiae,” Latin for “friends of the court.”

Most notably, 17 red states weighed in favor of Texas while over 20 states and territories backed Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia. And 106 Republican House members backed the Texas suit.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign, Missouri and five other states have gone as far as to the Supreme Court to let them join the Texas suit as litigants before the court, not just outside parties weighing in.

Texas files reply brief in election suit at SCOTUS, final step before justices issue order in blockbuster case

After the article provides 15 paragraphs of information on the legal filing, then it switches into 12 paragraphs on why trying for a legal remedy is a waste of the Supreme Court’s time. Only legal opinions from people that oppose the lawsuit by Texas are quoted by the authors. No lawyers on Fox’s payroll (Napolitano and Levin) are even mentioned in the article. No, instead they quote a guy that contributes “opinion pieces published in the Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Slate and Politico …” (Carl Tobias) and two Libertarian lawyers that work for a thinktank funded by the anti-Trump Koch Brothers, (Walter Olson and Ilya Shapiro). Oh, the other law guy they quote is not only a Harvard Professor but was a Democrat candidate for President in 2016 (Lawrence Lessig).

What’s conservative about this line-up? Guess “Fair and Balanced” left the building with Roger Ailes.

Then the article ends with this zinger:

Biden won the electoral college 306-232 over Trump.  

The Electoral College hasn’t voted yet, so this is a bald-faced lie. If they said something to the effect that without a legal remedy, it appears that Biden has enough votes to win the Electoral College, then I could accept that but that’s not Fox’s position. These guys are so, full-on Trump haters that I can hardly stand to read their website anymore.