Month: August 2016

SEIU Rattling Sabers

August 31, 2016

This week, the SEIU is again pushing for members to be prepared for battle. However, I have still heard nothing about asking members to vote to authorize a strike. Is this their “October Surprise” or do they want folks out of work in time for the holidays? If they do pull the trigger on a […]

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City Fathers Tell Us to Vote Early and Right

August 29, 2016

I get bombarded with a plethora of junk mail each week. The other day I spotted a slick, glossy publication from the City of Elk Grove in amongst my pile of mail. On the cover are two items that together make what can only be an underhanded “in kind contribution” to the YES on Measure […]

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State of the CRA

August 27, 2016

• Remember when the Park Brothers were expelled from CRA for life? • Remember the financial shenanigans they masterminded in both the Placer County Republican Assembly and at the CRA annual conventions? • Remember the Brothers Park posting people’s home addresses and bank account numbers online? • Remember when the new board of directors took […]

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Purple People Prepping

August 24, 2016

Just when you thought it was safe… Or in this case, too quiet; the SEIU has begun saber rattling again. My last post, pondering if SEIU was opting for a political settlement via the November elections prior to pursuing contract negotiations, seems to have been nullified by the weekly newsletter that they released this morning. […]

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SEIU and Crickets

August 22, 2016

Crickets… This sound is often associated with silence, white noise, or just meaningless background. In the movies as in real life, when the crickets are silent, something very wrong is being foreshadowed. In like manner, since the SEIU Board of Directors unanimously authorizing a strike vote, all that they have been saying publicly is nothing; […]

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Target Caves Badly on Transgender Bathrooms

August 21, 2016

Your humble blogger X has witnessed one of the biggest epic fails by a corporate CEO in recent memory. This guy put his fiduciary responsibilities aside in a desperate attempt to push his liberal values on the rest of the world.  I am highlighting the horrible decision making by Target Corporation CEO Brian Cornell.  Cornell—as […]

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Text: My Ballot Argument to Vote No on Measure B

August 15, 2016

The following was submitted to Sacramento County Elections as a ballot argument in opposition to the increase in local sales tax that will appear on the November ballot. This argument was not selected by the Registrar of Voters for Sacramento County. According to County Elections, several arguments were submitted. Such arguments can be submitted by […]

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Where are the Conservatives in Sacramento County?

August 12, 2016

As we rapidly approach the November elections, I wondered aloud about what would happen with Sacramento County ballot Measure B.  For you home gamers—that’s a sales tax increase of .5% on everything you buy.  The threshold for approval is 67% and “X” seems to think this will be achieved rather easily. Why you ask? All […]

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Jail House Vote

August 9, 2016

During the Clinton Administration, Democrats were desperate to stop Republicans and the quickest way to stack the voter rolls was to create more voters by giving felons the right to vote. The fight to stack to voter rolls with more Democrats resulted in Paul Shanklin recording a parody of Elvis Presley’s Jail House Rock in […]

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Taxes, Lies, and Silence

August 9, 2016

A few years ago (2010), the City of Elk Grove put forward a ballot measure that claimed to reduce the local utility tax by .25 percent. The ballot argument submitted by the city attorney put this forward as the chief reason to support the measure. Measure J: Shall an ordinance be adopted to reduce the […]

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