They’re Coming for You

Not content to diminish my marriage and those who believe that marriage should be between one man and a woman (a belief that has served humanity just fine since The Garden); the crazy homosexuals are continuing their campaign against God and his ordained spheres of government. For those that needing a refresher, these are self-government, the family, church, and civil government. As you know, they are using a myriad of different ways to dismantle Western Culture.

Two news stories in the last week need to be brought to your attention. Each is amazing in its own way and should scare the hell out of you once you understand the implications. The tyranny of the State is being brought to bear on law abiding citizens to crush them and their values. The “bitter clingers” as President Obama once called us are being targeted for extermination.  California is rapidly descending into a dystopian society where evil is good and good is called criminal conduct.

Before I introduce the two news stories, it’s important that you understand the attitude of legislators in California. They are not bound by conscience or their sense of duty as legislators who swore an oath to follow the Constitution; like Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, they are bound “only by their imaginations” as to what they can do. Instead of doing what is right, their attitude is if you don’t like what we do, take it to court or the ballot initiative process and try to overturn it. Go ahead, we dare you!

Theirs is not the attitude of a public servant but the arrogance of an elite ruling class deciding what is best for the unwashed masses.

Rocklin Kindergarten
This article appeared in the Sacramento Bee several days ago.
It is all over the internet now.
A reprint of the Bee article from the Miami Herald can be found here.

Parental rights are under fire once again, this time at a Sacramento-area charter school. A kindergarten teacher at Rocklin Academy Gateway recently staged a “transition ceremony” for a gender-dysphoric student in her class, introducing him to other students as a boy before he changed into a dress and announced his new, female name.

Students were instructed to use that new name going forward. The teacher also gave a lesson about transgenderism to the entire class, using two books not included in the school’s curriculum — I Am Jazz and Red: A Crayon’s Story, both children’s books meant to affirm the idea that transgender identities should be accepted as reality.

National Review

On its face, its offensive to me as a human being, a Christian, and a parent but as usual, the most important aspect of the story is what was not mentioned in it.

Upset parents called the school and met with administrators. They protested at a June board meeting. Two families pulled their kids from school. The issue became so heated that the district hired a public relations firm to help with the fallout.

– Sac Bee

Folks the parents in this story offended by the teacher’s conduct have both my sympathy and support but the fact is that what the child and the teacher did is the law of the land in California and if you don’t like it, the Legislature says you’re a bigot and a homophobe. The law says that you must accept this transgender crap as a valid lifestyle. The government is forcing these perverted values upon us.

Parents can only opt their children out of sex education, which does not include discussion on gender, sexual orientation or family life, according to the California Education Code.

–Sac Bee

Such a law seers the conscience of young children and is irreversibly harmful to their development.

Remember when I talked in a previous blog about “the compassion of the wicked is cruelty ”?

This is all done in the name of compassion, diversity, and inclusion.

In a just world,  the child forced to wear a dress should have been removed from their parents on the grounds of child cruelty and the parents should be treated for mental illness but in a world where wrong is right, soon the reverse will be true. The Person with traditional values will soon have their children removed and be punished by the State.

Gender and Pronouns
This next is a California bill presumable concerned with the care of the elderly that happen to be transgender. If a caregiver uses the wrong pronoun to describe the person, the caregiver—typically paid at or near minimum wage—could be thrown into jail for offensive speech. If you think this is a simple situation think again. The Sith Lord says Canada recognizes 26 different genders in their laws. How would you like to keep track of that? Well you may soon have to.

Tucker Carlson debated a Democratic strategist who supports a California bill that would suggest jail time for elder care workers who “willfully” misuse pronouns when referring to transgender residents.

“It doesn’t sound very American,” Carlson said. “You go to jail if you say something someone doesn’t want you to say.”

Carlson said Biro was ignoring the principle of free speech for political reasons.

“You can be put in prison for saying what you think is true,” he said of the bill. “This bill criminalizes speech.”

“If you use the wrong pronoun, you can be put in jail. That’s grotesque.”

‘This Criminalizes Speech’: Tucker Battles Dem on Bill to Jail People Who Misuse Transgender Pronouns

Oh, this legislation passed the California Senate back in May and was passed by the Assembly Judiciary Committee. It will soon be up for a final vote in the Assembly. What will former Jesuit Seminary candidate Jerry Brown do when it lands on his desk?

Link: SB-219 Long-term care facilities

The moral of this story is that the new frontier for attacking culture will be speech. If you accidentally say something wrong you can go to jail but what if your minister says it in church on purpose? What if I call something like this law or the incident in Rocklin sinful? Clearly that is also about to get criminalized here in the once Golden State.

Say the “wrong thing” to your children (as defined by some government bureaucrat) and you could soon be found in violation of the law. Homeschool parents this means you too. In Canada, children are being taken from parents by the CPS types because parents aren’t teaching this crap to their children at home. Do you really think California is far behind? I say again, this is already the law in Canada.

I’m warning you that these black hearted and mentally perverted folks have zero tolerance for opposition. They will not rest until all opposition is crushed not just in California but throughout the nation. We are just a few years behind Canada and a few years ahead of the other 49 states.

Your only hope may rest in a guy with a bad hairdo and grumpy attitude on his Twitter account.

Quick Thoughts on Hurricane Harvey

As I head for higher ground out here in storm country, I had a few thoughts on Hurricane Harvey.  This storm—like anything else in America—brings out the good or the bad in most people; I’m going to provide commentary on those from both sides.

The Good
The federal government and FEMA response; right on point, showing up with buses, helicopters, rescue equipment, rations, you name it, they showed up prepared.

The State of Texas government; again well done great job mobilizing National Guard instantly and getting help to people that needed it most.  The governor looks great too, message on point and looking to help anyone trapped by the flooding.

President Donald J Trump, showed up 2 days after Harvey hit, ironically following the same timeline as one President Obama did.  He skipped the political rallying and electioneering we were used to under Obama and went right to work, saying the feds would be there every step of the way to coordinate and essentially handed Texas a blank check as far as rebuild goes.  He is starting to look more presidential day by day folks.

The hundreds or even—dare I say—thousands of volunteers doing the Lord’s work by carrying out search and rescue missions by boat or staffing the local food bank or clothing dispersal point!  My hat is off to all of you.

Houston PD, FD, and any other response group, impeccable job, the number of lives saved between your work and that of the volunteers listed above I’m sure numbers in the thousands.

Religious and charitable groups; opening your place of worship to those in need most, this includes merchants and other businesses such as that mattress store.  Even 6-12 mosques in the Houston area have opened their doors and provided care and hospitality, nice job all the way around here for the most part.

The Bad
The Mayor of Houston; seriously you never put out a call to evacuate?  Even after being told this storm could drop thirty inches of rain over a couple days?  Even when the storm was approaching and the Governor stated that people should leave the area?  Oh, that’s right; you were too busy trying to arrest local ministers whose sermons might dare to preach that homosexuality violates the Bible and historic church teachings.  Good job, now the entire United States is watching the aftermath in awe.  I never thought I’d live to see the day that another big city mayor could make New Orleans former mayor,  Ray Negan, look good. The number one complaint so far from your residents was that no one was ordered to leave the area and evacuate!  Grow a brain, or maybe even better develop some common sense.

Those who didn’t evacuate. There is no easy way to say this but I seriously question the intelligence of someone who sees a hurricane coming and decides to just hunker down and try to wait it out; especially if you lived in a one story house or a trailer park.  Additionally, you put a lot of volunteers and rescuers in danger trying to save you.

Those who decided to evacuate after the torrential rain has fallen for a while and evacuate by car.  Not much to say here but if you thought it was a good idea loading up the F-150 and making a break for it in water that was waist high, again I’m going to challenge your intelligence; sadly, so may your next of kin.  Remember in the Bible that Noah loaded up an ark when the great rains came, not an F-150.  Also on that point, I like my odds a lot better of being rescued on top of a 30 foot house than being in a 7 foot tall car that quickly becomes worthless when inundated with water, but that’s just me.  Once again, volunteers and first responders had to endanger their own lives to attempt to save your sorry hide.

Ted Cruz. This carnival barking buffoon went on MSNBC to speak about hurricane relief, only to be immediately shut down by the host, painfully reminding “Lyin’ Ted” that he opposed government funding for Superstorm Sandy back in the Obama Administration.  I’m not going to name the host, but I’m sure every CRA member took notice and said to themselves, “Wait ‘til we tar and feather ‘em at the next meetin’. How dare that there host attack a good ole boy like Uncle Ted! He’s one of us.”

However the last person on this list takes the cake by far!

The Ugly
Joel Osteen – multimillionaire televangelist, owner of Lakewood Church in Houston.  Osteen is a celebrity pastor who has never actually read a Bible or had any formal biblical schooling. On his show, he looks like a hackneyed used car salesman or a B actor from a straight to DVD movie flop.

Why am I attacking a minister you might say?  Because Osteen, he of the “Grow your relationship with God daily” type, decided he didn’t want to open his 16,000 seat megachurch in Houston to those affected by the hurricane.  However, Osteen, never one to let a good crisis go to waste, tweeted that “He and his wife (Victoria) were praying for all those affected by Harvey, and to click on an embedded link to donate to the disaster relief efforts.”  Problem, the link directed those interested in donating to Harvey relief to his Lakewood church donation site which made no mention of Harvey.

(Hey X, do you think he got this fundraising tip from Karen England? Just wondering—editor)

So Osteen is a crook as well as a hackneyed used car salesman.

But it gets even worse. Osteen closed his church Sunday as Harvey was hitting and was not intending to open it up for any disaster relief!  Osteen tweeted out saying the church was flooded and wanted to make sure everyone was safe.  Pretty rich coming from a man who owns not one but at least two multi-million dollar mansions in Houston area, a yacht, and other substantial wealth.  So Osteen kept the pearly gates of his church closed, and a few citizens near his church began tweeting photos of his church with at least 1 access point free of any flooding!  Osteen doubled down, saying the parking garage was full.

Mind you his “church” (and I call it that very loosely) is the former home of the NBA’s Houston Rockets, a 16,000 seat arena.  This arena was bought by the Osteen’s from the City of Houston for $7.5 million; literally a steal, compared to what an arena goes for these days!  (By comparison, the Sacramento Kings new arena cost north of $500 million.)

So let me get this straight; this Osteen guy refuses to open his megachurch because the parking garage may have water in it, so the men, women, and children who were pulled from the wreckage of Harvey with nothing but the clothing on their backs, aren’t allowed to enter his building due to a parking garage being full?  Joel, they don’t give a flying crap about where to park their car you idiot wannabe pastor!  They need shelter.

“Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”
Matthew 25: 40

Osteen once again trying to save face from not allowing the unwashed masses into his church said they would open the doors once all the other shelters filled up, way to be Johnny-on-the-spot Osteen!  By the way, the Mayor, FEMA Director, and emergency personnel were searching for additional places to house victims as the main convention center was 3,000 over capacity.  So finally on Tuesday, Osteen opened the gates to his church and allowed emergency personnel and victims in.

Osteen then had the gall to go on CNN and said his church was actually open from the beginning and wanted everyone to know they were actively seeking donations and his church was going to be a distribution center for those affected.  The nerve of this guy! Anyone want to take bets that he passes around the collection basket to the victims asking for donations for the food and shelter he provided?  Additionally when the disaster relief checks start rolling in, anyone want to bet that he submits a bill for his generosity and stewardship?  This guy is such a huckster it’s comical.

My favorite line of his came back in 2008, when Mitt Romney (remember him?) was running for President. After being asked if Mormons were Christians, Osteen said ‘yes’, then afterwards, he walked it back claiming that he never studied their religion.  Isn’t that just what you’d expect from a televangelist (or used car salesman)? He tells you what he thinks you want to hear then later when he’s cornered on his previous comment, walks it back claiming he never said it.

I hope everyone in his congregation (and I say that because only Osteen’s family are allowed to be members of his church and on the payroll too, I may add), figures this bozo out because he ain’t no preacher of God’s word.  As stated before, I wonder if he has ever read a Bible. Joel, if you start, might I suggest the verse about “itching ears”.

“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”
2 Timothy 4: 3 & 4

Maybe William and I should do an intervention and procure a Bible for free from that Moseley Collins guy on TV that says he will send anyone a free Bible?  Then again that would require Osteen to actually pick it up and read from it; maybe then he would discover there are 4 gospels, not just the gospel according to Joel Osteen!

I wonder how Joel would answer the question asked by the 1987 Ray Stevens song, “Would Jesus wear a Rolex on his television show?

Final thought, disasters like Hurricane Harvey are horrible events, but it does give us as citizens a chance to see people’s true identities, hope you learned from this one.


Elk Grove Councilman Steve Detrick Wades Halfcocked into Charlottesville

I have been trying to avoid commenting on the series of protests in Charlottesville, San Francisco, Berkeley and other places but after seeing the Facebook post (below) by Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick  I finally decided to jump into this issue. Why? Was I afraid to touch the third-rail of race in post Obama America? No.

In my view, the correct political view of this is that it is an internal struggle amongst Democrats.  White supremacy, the KKK, eugenics, and the Confederate statues are all classic institutions of the Democrat Party. These forefathers of the modern Democrat Party are the guys that laid the foundation that gave us “the New Deal” but they have fallen out of favor with the younger generation. Why? Because the youth of America think all these shameful sins of our nation were caused by Republicans. That’s not history, its history revisionism on display. Republicans freed the slaves and were instrumental in passing the 1964 voting rights act but Democrats took the credit. Oh, don’t forget Internment, we got that from Democrats too. I won’t say there weren’t some Republicans involved in these “national sins” but the core leaders were devout believers in the Democrat way. See Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America

Enter Steve Detrick. I know Steve was trying to say what he thinks people want to hear but frankly its nonsense. First here is the statement in its entirety.

Vice Mayor Steven M Detrick’s personal statement in the days since the ugly and tragic events in Charlottesville.

In the days since the ugly and tragic events in Charlottesville, leaders from around the country and across the political spectrum have come together in denouncing the hate and violence of the Nazi, KKK, Confederate and white supremacist movements. We must do more than just mourn the death of Heather Heyer. Here in Elk Grove, we make it clear that those that espouse violence and genocide against African Americans, Muslims, Sikhs, Latinos, Asians, the Jewish community, LGBTQ or any other community are not welcome in our city nor anywhere in our nation.

President Trump spoke about Charlottesville, saying that some of the bigoted marchers were ‘fine people’ along with other equivocal comments. His words have been used by racist terror groups to show that they have support across the country. I say without hesitation that President Trump was wrong in giving safe harbor to bigots. He should have said clearly that marching on the side of the Nazi, KKK, Confederates and white supremacists is a despicable act intended to terrorize communities. Never let it be said that the people of Elk Grove remained silent against hate.

Steven M. Detrick
Vice Mayor
City of Elk Grove, CA

First off, Detrick denounces only one side of this protest. Sorry, but this isn’t my first experience with protests and activism. I would be willing to bet him the standard Tom Sullivan wager—a meal at a local fast food drive-thru of his choice—that the white supremacist folks were outnumbered at least twenty to one. Their opposition included Black Lives Matter and other likeminded folks. These guys are every bit as racist and full of hate as the KKK and in my mind bigger hypocrites because they don’t have a problem with the genocide of black children perpetuated by Planned Parenthood and their fellow travelers in the modern eugenics movement. So really, only some black lives matter (theirs), not all lives.

This brings me to Detrick’s criticism of President Trump. “President Trump spoke about Charlottesville, saying that some of the bigoted marchers were ‘fine people’ along with other equivocal comments.”

Steve, there are racists in both groups of protesters. 

Also, in the mix, likely on the side of the BLM folks were regular people—probably from local colleges and the like that also were protesting against the KKK. These were Trump’s “fine people”. They were dupes or mislead as to the purpose of the rally. Rank-and–file Democrats—if you wish. Trump got plenty of Democrat votes and regardless of their registration, he views them as “fine people”.

On the right, the police’s “wait-and-see” approach was perceived as a conspiracy: Cops allowed violence to break out so they would have an excuse to shut down the rally. That claim was bolstered by Virginia’s ACLU chapter, which tweeted that the police stood “passively by, seemingly waiting for violence to take place, so that they’d have grounds to declare ‘unlawful assembly.’”

White supremacists are casting themselves as police victims in the wake of Charlottesville

The organizer of the so-called white supremacists was a democrat activist that up until the November election was an Obama supporter and advocate for nationalized healthcare.
Report: Charlottesville Racist Leader Was Former Occupy Activist, Obama Supporter

This whole thing was a setup and everyone did their part as scripted. Including some dumb hick being provoked into harming others.

This is the same playbook as Occupy Wall Street and every other protest. Quit following the narrative that the media focuses upon and follow the money. This is the Liberal Establishment’s campaign to cause disruption to sway public opinion against their enemies—which happen to include the President and the weak-kneed Republicans in Congress. Liberals have lost momentum and hope in moving their agenda legislatively so they are literally taking it to the streets. This is their temper tantrum for losing in November.  It’s the same rent-a-mob with new lipstick. This has been part of their stock playbook for decades.

Detrick has been fooled by the media narrative and is accepting it as true. Given that, he is lost.

He also states: “Here in Elk Grove, we make it clear that those that espouse violence and genocide against African Americans, Muslims, Sikhs, Latinos, Asians, the Jewish community, LGBTQ or any other community are not welcome in our city nor anywhere in our nation.”

Steve where are you when the US Government, the State of California, the Muslims, and LGBTQ folks are attacking me and my family? You’re pretty damn silent about that. I know in a state where Hillary won by a landslide that there’s no upside for you defending Trump but you once claimed to be a Republican. A stand on principle instead of pragmatism would make me happier that you are representing me.

Like most people, Detrick’s analysis of this issue is like explaining why he just lost playing Three Card Monte. He’s looking at the wrong thing and thinks he’s seeing the big picture. Thankfully, others see human behavior with more clarity. John MacArthur nails the real issue here. He simultaneously explains Gen X, Gen Y, and the Snowflake crowd. His explanation has the precision of a military sniper and the Truth of what he says is so devastating that nothing can stand up to it. Plus it applies the same standard to both sides, something sorely lacking in the current discussion.

This is spiritual problem not a political one.

That’s not what’s going on there in Charlottesville or any of these other demonstrations. This is the wretched fallen human heart feeling like it can rise to any level that is not completely controlled. And let me tell you what gets you there.

Number one, the human heart is evil, war is in the heart, men will kill—that’s how they function. But God has built three restraints into society. Restraint number one is in the individual and it’s the conscience. But the conscience reacts to moral law. So if you have a whole generation of young people that have been taught a twisted perverted inverted upside down and backwards moral law, then their conscience can’t function. The conscience is simply a recognition mechanism that says that’s wrong, that’s right—that excuses and accuses. But it can only function where there’s a sound moral law written in the heart. So you have a whole generation of these people, of this generation, who have had a totally perverted sense of what morality is. And the dominant part of this new morality is, “I’m the most important person in the world, it’s all about me.” It’s the selfie culture. So conscience is now crippled.

Secondly, God put fathers and mothers in a family to bring a rod to discipline people in order to subdue their evil. If the family is destroyed and the family breaks down then you have no control over those people.

So conscience can’t function because the moral law has been literally destroyed. Families don’t function, so there is no discipline learned, there’s no sense of what is right, what is acceptable behavior. And the only institution left that God ordained was the police. Police were given a sword to subdue those who do evil. When you assault the police long enough that you diminish their authority and the sense of fear and the sense of reverence that a society has to have for those who police them, then all hell will break loose.

Conscience isn’t functioning, family is not functioning, and the police have been stripped of their powers in the social consciousness. You literally have unleashed the human heart at its worst level.

This is not about race, and this is not about what happened in America in the past. No one can tolerate white supremacists; no one can tolerate the Ku Klux Klan. …That is just one manifestation of the evil of the human heart. And we have only begun to see it once it’s unleashed. And it’s going to start coming in all kinds of forms because of the breakdown of moral law, the breakdown of the conscience, the breakdown of the family, and because of the incessant assaults on governing authorities. So get ready. I don’t think it’s going away.

Facebook Video John MacArthur on Charlottesville, Racism, and God’s Word

Transcript typed by Really Right from captions provided by GTY.

Two related links for audio on this issue are available here:
Audio #1
Audio #2


Human Beer Keg Aaron Park Wrong Again

Everyone knows I can’t stand the CRA, the CAGOP, the Tea Party, and Aaron Park; but these past two weeks Park has outdone himself.  I have been watching from afar as the CAGOP has once again commenced the circular firing squad.  As you may know Chadwick Mayes (I know his name is Chad, but I call him Chadwick) stepped down as Assembly Minority Leader yesterday.

By the way is anyone offended by the word “minority”?  Because the way our country is going that word is going to get stripped from the job title soon.
Back on track now…

Ever since Chadwick and his six minions sold out on cap and trade, or crap and spade as I like to call it, some of the Assembly Caucus wanted to oust him as leader.  Being that I don’t live in the state anymore, I have taken to reading my daily emails from Jon “Squishy GOP’er” Fleishmann and reading Aaron Park’s right-on-occasion blogsite.  Fleishmann is funny because he talks all big and bold, but I’ll never forget his term as GOP chair, he was about as liberal as the Democrats under the dome in Sacramento.  Fleishmann is also a Nevertrumper, so I’m just going to ignore him on this post.

But, human beer keg Aaron Park, (I call him that because of his drinking past and the size of his stomach when I last saw him), couldn’t have been more wrong at every turn.

First Park declared Jay Obernolte would be our new leader. Park is friends with Obernolte, which is a good reason to be glad that he isn’t our next minority leader.  Actually as ironic as this sounds, Obernolte never even put his name into consideration; this after Park declared he was told his pal had the votes necessary to win it.

Then Park said there would be six people running for minority leader: Obernolte, Melendez, Fong, Mayes, Dahle, and Bigelow.  While this is somewhat true, Melendez, Obernolte, and Bigelow never put their names into consideration.  Fong never wanted the job (I know this from inside sources). He was being pushed by the anti-Munger crowd.  Chadwick Mayes didn’t run for leader again, he knew his time was up. Mayes was making calls on behalf of Dahle.  Dahle, pronounced Dolly, as in when the CRA loses elections they like to play with their dolly, is the new leader.  Dahle is from a town called Bieber. Yeah, I cannot take him seriously, he is about as big of a joke as the new CRA or a certain pop music icon.

Assembly Republicans replace Hanging Chad with the Dolly from Bieber and report deck chairs are now in order, sir.

So Park had it wrong on who was running to replace Mayes, but his erroneous prognostication didn’t end there. He was also very wrong on who was the real conservative in the race.  Park wrote up and down on his blog, calling Vince Fong a real conservative, when in fact Charles Munger poured hundreds of thousands into his election campaigns.  Munger is no friend of the conservative movement but he was on speaking terms with Park last time I checked.  In recent years Park has had little use for conservatives except to renounce them—at least until they write him a check. Park also claimed that Dahle was close to Mayes and would vote for his re-election as leader.  So by this logic, Dahle voted for Chadwick Mayes, and a majority of the Caucus voted for him?  Great logic there Aaron!  Interestingly enough a few days after calling Fong “the conservative”, someone influential must have passed Park a bag of cash or Doritos because suddenly Fong was the core of all evil and Dahle became the last man on earth to save conservatism.

Here is the problem, Dahle was in favor of the cap and trade bill, he voted for it.  He doesn’t sound like a conservative to me.  The more I read about this Dahle character, the more I don’t feel comfortable with him. He seems to have close associations to squishy members of the Assembly.  All of the cap and trade voters: Chad Mayes, Devin Mathis, Catherine Baker, Heath Flora, Jordan Cunningham, Rocky Chavez and Mark Steinnorth all voted for Dahle.  Kevin Kiley—who Aaron Park seems to be hot and cold toward—also voted for Dahle (Park was ready to early endorse him for re-election last month).  The conservatives: Obernolte, Melendez and a few others voted for Fong.  Dahle also has a very disturbing pattern; he seems to be from the John Kerry School of Political Reasoning, voting for something and then voting against it to try to prove his conservative credentials or be on the right side of any issue half the time.

Anyways, while I sit back and watch from afar, Republicans in California you have a new leader; Brian Dahle.  So now the CRA can go back to debating the good ole days of Ronald Reagan and figuring out how to make Ted Cruz president in 2020, (sadly they remained silent during this entire episode and couldn’t even find the time to issue a timely press release or resolution against the biggest Republican sell-out in California since Arnold signed the cap and trade bill.) Likewise, the Tea Partyif it even still exists—can revert to saying “NO” to everything again, and Aaron can go back to binge eating or drinking.  Seriously for someone who claims insider status and is often paid handsomely for his prose, he is really wrong much of the time.  Leading me to conclude Aaron Park knows a lot more about snacks then he does politics. But then again, ESPN Radio may have an opening soon for someone with his accuracy rating.


Hanging Chad Mayes

Six weeks after California Republican minority leader Chad Mayes and six other Republicans sold-out their principles and voted for an extension to Arnold Schwarzenegger ’s AB-32 Cap-and-Trade bill, Mayes is finally out as minority leader.

Six weeks after helping Democrats revamp California’s landmark climate change policy and facing a torrent of anger from conservative critics, the Republican leader of the state Assembly agreed Thursday to step down…

Rancor over Mayes’ leadership began last month, when the Yucca Valley assemblyman aligned with Democratic state lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown to extend the cap-and-trade program…

Mayes’ ouster was the first political consequence since the vote July 17 to extend the cap-and-trade program. Republicans are worried that others in their caucus who voted for the extension may face backlash at the polls in the next election.

Link: In first political consequence of cap-and-trade vote, C

Chad Mayes—another failed Republican Leader

had Mayes is replaced by Brian Dahle as Assembly Republican leader

Despite the objections of those in the State Party (CAGOP) loyal to Charles Munger Jr., the State Board voted to call for the ouster of Mayes last week-end.
Link: California Republicans tell Assembly GOP leader Chad Mayes to step down
The Sith Lord postulated that in addition to being stupid, Mayes vote in favor of AB-32 was hurting Republican fundraising efforts and that’s no surprise.

Mayes did survive an attempt to replace him as minority leader earlier this week and was able to defer the meeting until next week. At the time, it appeared that Mayes would likely survive the vote—especially since no clear leader was on deck to replace him; however, today he has stepped down to be replaced by Brian Dahle. Dahle reportedly called Mayes on Wednesday night and informed him that he had the thirteen votes necessary to win a vote to replace Mayes.

Meanwhile Mayes’ website still describes him as a “governing conservative”, “Republican leader”, and “…passionate about…reducing poverty through education, job creation, and economic expansion.”

Link: Assemblyman Chad Mayes

All the above claims are contradicted by his vote to extend this revenue scheme based on junk science. Taxing the poor to eliminate poverty is tyranny not compassion.

Chad Mayes is clearly cut from the same cloth as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. He may have had good intentions when he went to Sacramento but he was seduced by the Dark Side because he either lacked principle or never really believed what he said to get elected. Either way he is a fool and stooge.

Oh, lastly, why are the other six traitors getting a pass on their votes?

Retraction: ESPN Was Drunk Last Night!

Here at Really Right we strive to always be really right and that is why I am issuing a partial retraction from my commentary last night regarding Robert Lee and ESPN.  Our attempt at satire was met with something called truth; a member of ESPN actually was drunk last night, correction this morning at 3:30 AM.  That’s right folks, self-righteous and everyone’s favorite “bro” Ryen Rusillo was arrested this morning (Tuesday) at 3:30 AM in Teton County, Wyoming.  I would try to explain his criminal trespassing, but here let’s have the police report describe it, (police dept. dispatched to an intoxicated male trespasser)

Two people were asleep in the condo when they heard someone come in. They didn’t know the man and asked him to leave because he was drunk, according to reports. Police arrived a few minutes later.

“Occupants pointed the suspect out who was found in a bedroom,” Jackson Police Lt. Roger Schultz said.

Russillo, of West Hartford, Connecticut, reportedly had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

“He couldn’t coherently answer any questions,” Schultz said.

“Officers found the defendant, later identified as Ryen August Russillo, lying on the bed in the south bedroom naked except for his pants around his ankles,” the probable cause affidavit states.

For more on this story see:
ESPN host arrested for criminal entry

ESPN Radio Host Ryen Russillo Arrested In Wyoming For Misdemeanor Criminal Entry

John Dennis Says ESPN’s Ryen Russillo Is A “Stumbling Drunk Alcoholic”

Ryen “Pants on the ground” Rusillo

I know at first I thought Aaron Park was binge drinking again.

Ummm… I was very wild in my college, young adult and even later in life days, but never did I get so wasted I tried to sleep in a stranger’s condo’s extra bedroom.  Rusillo was lucky to survive the mass layoffs at ESPN earlier in the year; this makes the network look very bad, mostly because he has alcohol abuse in his past.  Full disclosure—he was on vacation, but for someone who comes off more righteous than anyone else on his radio show I have a feeling he may be terminated soon.  Rusillo is the second most liberal radio host on ESPN, and this could be an opening to show the network isn’t too liberal.  Yeah, much like the CRA won’t take Park to court; ESPN aint going to fire Russillo.  But I reserve the right to light into both.  As far as Mr. Rusillo goes, much like James Comey, everyone knows you are right all the time, a complete know-it-all, leader of the unwashed masses!

So let’s take a look at Mr. Russillo’s identification papers he had on him last night. Per the police report:
• Sex:  Not specified (but given his condition he wouldn’t remember anyway).
• Driver’s license class: Unclassified.
Apparently he doubles as James Bond or models his private life after Ted Kennedy.

Folks, Russillo lectures people daily on his radio show to pick a lane and stay in it, apparently he is unable to do that himself.

Hopefully Ryen gets some help, not just for his alcoholism but from his parents, who spells Ryan with an “e”?  Also from his employer, Ryen has a very big substance abuse program and he needs help.  The good news is, much like the CRA, ESPN supports the ACA remaining the law of the land, so Ryen should be able to find the help he needs.

ESPN, in a statement said “They are looking into this.”  Hopefully they don’t blow it, sorry bad pun!
ESPN, sleep with both eyes open because X is always coming for you!

PS, we are awaiting word on suspension due to our retraction, we will keep you posted.


Go Home ESPN You’re Drunk

So I was perusing the newsfeed on my iPhone and a story really piqued my interest, at first glance I swore it was fake news.  Then I checked which platform it came from; was it, Facebook? CRA?  CAGOP? CNN? MSNBC?  No it was from Yahoo News.  The headline “ESPN’s Robert Lee pulled to avoid offending anyone.”

Photo from World Net Daily

Ok, this has to be satire right?  I fell for it, I clicked on the link and the article populated in my browser.  It’s not fake news folks, ESPN is truly a swamp.  The article talks about an upcoming college football game featuring The University of Virginia, and the announcer named Robert Lee.  Now you know here at really right we have accused Disney of being very liberally biased, but this is unreal!  The full statement from Disney and I quote,

“We collectively made the decision with Robert to switch games as the tragic events in Charlottesville were unfolding, simply because of the coincidence of his name. In that moment it felt right to all parties. It’s a shame that this is even a topic of conversation and we regret that who calls play-by-play for a football game has become an issue.”

Link: ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general’s name

Seriously, someone said that, and they call young people the snowflake generation.  This is all due to the unrest and rioting that occurred at Charlottesville, VA over the last weekend.  Here is an extenuating factor regarding this Robert Lee, he is ASIAN!  Not white, he has zero connection to the Civil War general!  Seriously who makes these decisions, now we are punishing people because of their name being similar to a general?  Wake up America!

Cut the cord, be done with this network!

PS No liberal bias at ESPN, funny they sound just like the CRA and CAGOP!


Battlestar Galactica was Right

While I didn’t like many parts of the Battlestar Galactica remake that was on television a few years ago, the pilot for the program got one detail right; namely the computers. The premise of the show was that Galactica was “old school” and since its computer systems were not integrated but isolated from each other, it was not susceptible to the computer virus that disabled the rest of the fleet.

Now hacking is being proposed as an explanation for the rash of collisions of Navy vessels. Perhaps this is legit or just an excuse for another system problem.

…the Navy will conduct a wide investigation, including a review into the possibility of “cyber intrusion or sabotage.”

Link: Is someone hacking our 7th Fleet? Navy to investigate after USS John S McCain collision

When I was in the Navy in the 1980’s, Reagan was President and our engineering systems were purposely not using solid state electronics. No transistors were allowed to be used by the protective systems of the nuclear reactors; instead we used mag amps.

Mag amps are such obscure components that my friends that earned electrical engineering degrees never heard of them. Basically mag amps are transformers with additional windings that either aid or oppose current flow. They work but require weekly calibration. They are immune to electromagnetic pulses and thus an EMP attack would not disable ship propulsion.

Now ships have Internet, satellite television, phone capability and other systems that were not available in my day. Whether these systems are integrated into ship-wide systems or isolated is something that I have no firsthand experience with but the possibility exists. Also Aegis Combat Systems have been around for decades. They allow one ship to control the weapons systems of all ships in a fleet to allow coordinated attacks. A logical extension of Aegis is allowing the remote control of a vessel by another one to position the ship for optimum attack. It is logical that such capability exists today.

If you recall, the drones that we flew in Iraq and Afghanistan were controlled from an Air Force facility in Nevada. The control signals for these flying weapons platforms were unencrypted for almost the entirety of the Bush administration. They were hackable for anybody with the right radio setup. Not until it was suspected that somebody might be trying to take them over did the government act to encrypt the control signals.

Perhaps the Navy has a similar problem; the remote control ability of their ships is unencrypted or severely out of date—Windows XP anyone? Perhaps they need to go “old school” and separate their systems so they aren’t so integrated.

Lastly, in my day we had people called look-outs and watches that were supposed to be working with the radar guys to keep us out of trouble. (We had three different and independent radar systems on our ship.) Maybe the Navy needs to get “old school’ in this area also. People work better than automation in many circumstances. The idea that two ships in the Pacific collided with merchant ships and nobody reported their proximity to the bridge prior to the collision is most disturbing of all.

Sloppy Navy

In the last few months, two reports of US Navy vessels colliding with merchant ships have been reported. Both collisions have disabled the ships and resulted in loss of life.

USS John McCain August 21, 2017
Link: Search underway for 10 sailors after USS John S. McCain collision near Singapore; ship has significant damage

USS Fitzgerald June 17, 2017
Link: Search is on for 7 missing US sailors, cause of ship collision off Japan

I spent six years in the Navy and I’m positive that this is not a coincidence. I think that much of this can be laid at the feet of Barack Obama’s cuts to the military; no, not just cuts in the budget, but his promotion of people on the basis of things not related to qualifications such as diversity and social engineering. Obama ran a lot of good people out of military service and replaced them with less qualified ones. He purposely weakened the military in moral, training, and readiness.

Lest you think this is just a Navy problem, less than two weeks ago you may have seen that Marine Corps to ground all aircraft after recent deadly incidents.

My son is currently in the Air Force and stories of cannibalizing aircraft to keep others in the air are just a way of life for them. Every time an aircraft lands there is an expectation that it needs repair before flying again. That is just how things are for them. It’s really tragic.

Folks, our military is in shambles right now. Let’s hope that President Trump can get it back on track.

Solar Eclipse Panics State Government

For those of you expecting doom’s day during Monday’s eclipse, you have company. In anticipation of the eclipse, the State of California has issued a declaration of an energy emergency and possibility of an environmental crisis.

Talk about mixed messages try these:

As a result, solar energy production is expected to drop by 6,000 megawatts. Other power sources, like hydroelectric power plants, will be ready to step in, but for three hours on Monday morning California’s electricity grid will experience an unusually rapid decline in solar generation.

…take a pledge to Do Your Thing by reducing electricity usage from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. during The Great Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017. This will allow California to burn fewer fossil fuels and emit fewer greenhouse gas emissions when California’s solar energy production dips during the eclipse.

Scott Kernan, Secretary of Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

Accompanying Kernan’s memo is a press release from the California Public Utilities Commission. The PUC has even created a website just for the eclipse (CalEclipse.Org) where we can take the pledge to save the sun.
Isn’t that what old pagan cultures believed about an eclipse?
They required a sacrifice to placate the gods and bring back the sun?  
Anyway here are portions of their release.

“We have plenty of wind, geothermal, hydro, and natural gas to make sure the grid runs smoothly during the solar eclipse, but we also have a lot of Californians who want to do their California thing and step in to help replace the sun when it takes a break,” said CPUC President Michael Picker. “When we come together to do one small thing to reduce energy usage, we can have a major impact on our environment. When Californians take the pledge on, they are joining a movement of people, businesses, organizations and local governments that are taking action during the eclipse to give the sun a break by saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

The press release asked us to do the following:

…unplug the things that are “always on” but don’t need to be.

Before the eclipse, change at least half of your lightbulbs to LEDs:

and after the expense of buying your LED lights you are supposed to promptly turn them off.

And, of course, make sure all unnecessary lights are off during the eclipse!

Curiously missing is any mention of compact fluorescent bulbs. You know the ones that require full body hazmat containment protocol if you happen to shatter one because of all the junk inside them.

Lastly we are commanded to turn off our air conditioners even though temperatures in the affected areas will drop by as much as ten degrees.

Temperatures in those areas could tumble by as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit (5.6 Celsius), according to Paul Walker, a meteorologist with AccuWeather Inc.

Link: Eclipse Turning Day Into Night to Send Temperatures Tumbling

Talk about junk science. So will the power grid hold or should we head to the fallout shelter?

These dumb atheists can kiss my grits if they think I’m going to do these things on Monday.