Ted Cruz is Really Right

Yeah, we just said that and here’s why…

Just as a stopped analog clock can be correct twice a day, we need to give credit where credit is due. Yes, we are hard on Ted’s supporters but we here at ReallyRight are man enough to praise him when he gets it right.

I saw this from Joe Miller today and wanted to let you know that I agree with Ted Cruz.

Trump Just Added the Worst Possible Name for Dems to SCOTUS List

. .It’s also Democrats’ worst nightmare. If you thought they were freaking out this week over Justice Anthony Kennedy‘s retirement announcement, imagine how they’d react to the Utah senator [Mike Lee] joining the High Court. . .
President Donald Trump has asked his advisers about nominating Lee to replace Kennedy, according to a Bloomberg News report Thursday that cited “three people familiar with the matter.”

Lee’s rock-solid voting record has earned him perfect 100 percent scores from Conservative Review and the Heritage Foundation. In addition, he has the highest lifetime score from the American Conservative Union at 99.43 percent.

The senator also has a strong background in the law. He has served as a federal court clerk, assistant U.S. attorney and general counsel for Utah’s governor, in addition to his private practice work specializing in appellate and Supreme Court litigation. . .

I think he would be extraordinary ,” [Ted] Cruz said of his friend. “If you look back at Republican nominations to the Court, Democrats have batted almost 1.000. Just about every nominee they’ve put up there has voted the way they wanted on just about every single issue. Republicans at best bat .500. About half of the nominees Republican presidents have put on the Court have turned into train wrecks — have turned into liberal activists.

Ted is right in saying that the Dems have a perfect track record with their appointments to the High Court and Republicans get skunked about half the time with theirs.

Folks, Trump will get to have four or five appointments to the Supreme Court during his presidency. Over the next six years; these will include replacing Ginsberg and Thomas. You may actually have the opportunity to see the Liberals loosing in the Court six-to-three or seven-to-two. The dream that began with Reagan may finally see the light of day, a bright future for the city on the hill. Please God, let it be so.


CRA Urgent Call to Action!

This communique just in…

28 JUN 2018

President Hudson wants everyone to know the Board of Directors put out an urgent call for help yesterday due to the dramatic event of a Supreme Court Justice retiring.  The retirement took everyone by surprise, however we must resist the notion Trump could appoint someone not named Ted Cruz!  So we need a swift call to action, every member of CRA, grab your twitter account, or even create a burner account if need be, and tweet relentlessly at the President @Potus & @RealDonaldTrump.  This seems to be the best way of reaching him, you could also call the White House directly.  Tell Donald Trump, no more squishy RINO Neil Gorsuch types, we want a red blooded American whose love for Country supersedes all….Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz—American needs you more than ever

Also call your Senators, Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris and make sure they know that you stand with them in regard to blocking any Trump nominee that isn’t Ted Cruz!  These are trying times for our country and we can leave little to chance.  Also let us all call Ted Cruz as well to make sure he is fully on board, block any nominee that isn’t himself!  Or as we no longer CRA members call it, just continue voting no on everything.

Again this is not a test, this is a stage 5 crisis!

The CRA Killed Itself

As has been chronicled on this blog many times, I left the CRA a while ago. I watched it single handedly devolve into something that I no longer recognized. Barbara Alby (rest in peace) and her minions have destroyed any chance this group has of ever being viable again.  I will lay all this out for you, but the CRA was at one time a growing organization that did have quite a bit of clout within the party and the endorsement was coveted, not an afterthought as it is now.

You see Alby and her minions introduced and elevated “scorched earth tactics.” If you’re not with us you’re against us.  Alby went one step beyond others and put the whole thing in terms of a spiritual battle between the light and darkness.
Think Frank E. Peretti’s This Present Darkness.

Spiritual warfare—CRA style

Alby got into power and then pushed out all of her opponents. This initial purge resulted in the formation of the California Congress of Republicans (CCR). Keep in mind that many of these people did not differ much on policy.  On the whole, it was purely due to the fact that they did not have allegiance to Alby and company.  Over the years, other leaders came and went. The group tried to regain its footing many times but continued to bleed members.

In 2011, you had the infamous Celeste Greig vs Karen England smackdown. Again, the losing side being wiped out of CRA entirely, many with lifetime bans.  During this struggle, the Park Brothers began to take over the group, coalescing power, and just like that, George Park Jr became the defacto leader. Think the Trojan Horse that appeared a gift but was really an unmitigated disaster.  I say Park was the leader because John Briscoe was just a useless puppet very similar to Bill Cardoza.  Once again it was jihad time against their own membership, people were again purged for the soul fact they were not ideologically pure enough.

Then a movement to oust the Parks happened and CRA once again cleansed itself of people who were not worthy. Well not really, the current President was best friends with said Park brothers.  Naturally he shielded them from any criticism. Meanwhile, the rank and file were told Craig Alexander was preparing a large lawsuit to recoup damages. The legal action never happened and Craig hasn’t been seen in years. The Placer County Mafia sticks together and protects their own.

As for as the characters running for next CRA president?  I have no real opinion, but if there was a “none of the above” I’d vote that way.  Also, they have thinned their ranks so badly that no one wants to join the group either. In less than three decades, CRA has lost 99 percent of their membership going from 80,000 to 800. Last I checked, entire counties do not have any active units! Sad!  However, that’s ok because the only members left all think the same on policy and ideologically.

I remember the good old days of having endorsement conventions and crossing swords with people only to go out for a bite to eat or a drink afterwards, but those days are long gone.  The battles now go bone-deep with some friends being lost forever; causalities of a war for purity that no one can win. Some of these battles we fight internally are the equivalent of Jihad. Barbara Alby taught us well in the ways of scorched earth and Jihad.

I remember when getting picked for the endorsement convention used to mean something. All it means now is a meaningless meeting on a Saturday which in most cases involves considering the merits of the only Republican in the race. The endorsement is so worthless that the candidate (whoever he/she may be) doesn’t even bother to show up.  Yet somehow the delegates in attendance turn the meeting into a 3 hour BS fest complete with people needing to get on their soap box; each in turn beating their chest and promising that the good old days of Ronald Reagan could be right around the corner.  This is why some units don’t send anyone at all, because no one wants to go, yet the CRA leadership doesn’t see it that way.  Now the group is filled with nothing but policy wonks and people that want to have fights about Roberts Rules or whether someone is really a Republican or if they are a plant.  No current member of the Board knows how to fix this mess.

Then witness the endorsing of Ted Cruz. I was there when a motion was made to consider Donald Trump.  You could hear the groans. Delegates were horrified that they should even be considering the one person who had a chance to be nominated by the Republican Party. Mind you that Trump had all but secured the nomination when CRA took this vote. CRA was ground zero of the NeverTrumpers.  CRA endorsed Ted on the first ballot with over 80 percent of the vote, which is about how big Trump’s victory was when California voters had their say.

This year, the CRA couldn’t endorse John Cox, they instead chose Travis Allen. Allen finished fourth. 90 percent of Republicans voted for another candidate. CRA endorsed candidates are getting destroyed at the ballet box year after year. This illustrates how out of touch this group is.  In many races, the Green Party guys get more votes than CRA’s candidate. This is why no one wants to join. You have kicked out every sensible, fair-minded person. Occasionally CRA will pick-up a single-issue voter that wants to kill Common Core, repeal the Federal Reserve, call a Constitutional Convention, or enact the State of Jefferson.

John Cox—not good enough for CRA

How would I fix CRA?  Close the door and shut off the lights.

In all seriousness, here are my suggestions but don’t expect them to be listened to or considered.
• I would rename the group and adopt a new logo; the current name and logo are very stale and could use a refresh.
• Stop kicking out members because you don’t believe identically on every issue. Purging 99 percent of the membership is proof you need work in this area.
• Stop having board meetings in seclusion and making people drive all over the State to attend. Conduct business over a conference call or Skype. Open them to the public and add some transparency.
• Keep the meetings, including the regular meetings short and to the point. No more two-hour, long-winded sessions.  You are running off members.  No one cares to hear about your car ride to the board meeting.  Tell us what happened in a short synopsis.
• Restructure the entire board and put the power down at the grassroots level. Allow new units without red tape.  Reward recruitment and grant breaks on dues owed the parent organization.
• Have a strategic plan and stick to it. Stop being wishy washy.
• Move your endorsement calendar up so as to avoid embarrassment.
• Remove rogue, alcoholic board members. This should go without saying, but actually do it.
• Don’t give us rhetoric but no action to match it.
• Do a deep dive on units who have had the same president for over a decade, there is something inherently wrong there.

Respectfully submitted in a spirit of charity,


Editor Note: Below is list of splinter groups formed as result of being purged from CRA.

California Congress of Republicans founded 1989

Conservative Republicans of California founded 2011

Impact Republicans founded 2015

Follow-up: CRA 2019 Convention

I was contacted by one of the potential candidates for the 2019 CRA President. He was not happy of my characterization of the CRA or the candidate field. At the end of his missive I was told that I am full of bitterness and resentment.

response to yesterday’s blog

Without naming this individual, I would like to respond to his message.

First, I still regard you as a friend whatever you may think. However, my friend, you have a problem. You are obsessed with the CRA. The CRA can’t fix itself let alone the problems facing California. The Republican brand is toxic in California not because they are outnumbered by Democrats but because they have no core values. CRA can’t fix this problem but they helped create it.

Republican leaders learned from the vulnerabilities exploited by Barbara Alby and company back in the late 80’s and early 90’s and have blocked access to the Party apparatus by rank-and-file Party members. Statewide you can thank Charles Munger and Jim Brulte. Locally you can thank Sue Blake, Terry Mast, Duane Dichiara, and the gang in the Sacramento County Central Committee.

If I would be described as bitter and resentful about anything it is this, I let Barbara Alby and her fellow travelers use me—and willingly so much of the time—as a pawn in her grand schemes to take over the California Republican Assembly and later the California Republican Party. The way that she and her posse treated Carl Burton, River City Republicans, and many others who were once involved in CRA is shameful. Doing it in the name of Jesus Christ even more so. Not until I personally experienced this treatment did I begin to question their methods.

Sadly, I’m a slow learner. A few years later, I came back to CRA. By then, the Alby crew had kicked CRA to the curb. In terms of membership, CRA was a shell of its former glory having gone from 80,000 members to about 15,000. I also spent much time in both Yolo and Sacramento County Central Committees. After getting involved in the Sacramento Central Committee, I participated in Support The Platform and was one of the few people to write them a check in their first outing. The next election cycle STP targeted me for removal from the group that I helped to create and fund in the previous cycle. It’s the kind of gratitude I’ve come to expect from the disciples of Alby.

The bottom line is that our people wanted to play power politics in the very same manner as everyone else. They claim that they acted in the name of Christ but the way they treated others proved that they were just being good Pharisees. So, yes, I regret that I was easily duped and treated others in a way that profaned Christ.

While I have come to this conclusion, many that were once in CRA still treat others just like they did back then. Sadly, for many, winning by any means is more important. For them, knowing just how much pressure to put on the scales to win is still very much part of their stock and trade.

As for today’s CRA, the best way I can describe the group is this:

If a person was within the blast radius of a nuclear weapon detonation, all they might see is a flash. They then might seek shelter and try to survive but it’s already too late. You see, the flash exposed them to a lethal dose of radiation. They are dead, it’s just that their body hasn’t caught up with reality and may not for a period of time.

A number of recent events could be pointed too as that lethal blast for CRA but whether that was Tom Hudson and Craig Alexander not pursuing the Park Brothers, CRA endorsing Ted Cruz on the first ballot, Celeste Greig saying if you don’t support Jim Brulte as the next CRP Chairman, “there’s the door”, or something else, the point is that CRA is over. It’s time to move on and spend your time doing something more productive.

Fonzie (Henry Winkler) jumps the shark

We’ve had a lot of good times together but with all due respect, you don’t have the financial security and fiscal independence to be CRA President; neither do you have the sales skills to build the group. You can filibuster as well as Tom Hudson but I don’t count that as a gift. Turning a twenty minute business meeting into a two hour marathon is not the way to boost membership. Your home CRA Unit is hovering below the threshold of a healthy unit and some you count as members haven’t written a check to CRA in a few years. Like the statewide group, your home chapter is on life-support. Sorry but why should this formula be replicated on a statewide basis? What you need is not a position in CRA but gainful employment. Take care of your family and then see what you can do to help in the community. Lead through what you do and then people will listen to what you have to say.

CRA talks a lot about “principles” and the old “conscience of the Republican Party” quotation but they are not now; (if they ever really were). If their support of Ted Cruz or Travis Allen is any indication, they are out of touch when it comes to where Republicans are in this state. Their endorsements have never come with any funds but an army of volunteers to get out votes. Dude, those days were gone a few decades ago. If CRA has 800 active members statewide I would be shocked. Your own unit is luck if they get five members to a meeting and you want to be President of the entire statewide organization? Hubris? In our own ways, we are both policy guys and not the ones qualified to lead.

Windmills in the past

It’s time for you to quit tiling a windmills and join the rest of us in the real world. CRA can’t save themselves, the CRP, or California. Do what is in the best interest of your family; find employment with benefits, save for retirement, and take the wife to a nice vacation in a tropical place. In my opinion she’s earned it.

CRA 2019 Convention Preview

Rumor has it that the current President of the California Republican Assembly is ready to step aside and let the group pick a successor. The group has reserved a birthday room at a Chuck E Cheese in Fresno for their 2019 spring gathering. Attendees are reminded to get a convention hat from their local Burger King before arriving. Also bring ten dollars for game tokens. The convention venue features entertainment for the whole family. Pepperoni pizza is included in the registration price but cheese or sausage will be extra.

Chuck E Cheese—where CRA happens next

The highlight of the gathering will be selecting a new President. Like any other presidential race, many folks are rumored to be throwing their hats into the ring. Since the candidates have not publically announced their intentions, we have randomly assigned code names to those known to be testing out the electorate via focus groups. Thus far, the top three are Wookie, Sith Lord, and a drunken Jedi.

The Wookie is a faithful follower and companion to the fearless leader—whoever that may be. He is a certified graduate of Sidekick Academy. Always the bride’s maid and ever attending the wishes of his leadership team, he is often seen but rarely heard at public gatherings. He votes right (i.e. with leadership) and is reliable. He seems bereft of any original ideas but parrots those he serves. This brings into question why after decades in the organization as a faithful sidekick does he now fancy himself the hero that can save CRA? You can’t help but wonder who will be telling him what to do? The John Birch Society members in the group or Tea Party or elected officials or … you get the point. His principles are like water and take the shape of whatever vessel that he invests himself into.

Wookie aspires to go from sidekick to hero

The Sith Lord is immersed in the minutia of policy and tactics, always looking for an advantage. He picks a candidate of principle in every Primary but enthusiastically will denounce them if a competitor makes him a more lucrative offer; especially going into the general election. He will declare his benefactor as more electable and throw his former choice under the bus without skipping a beat. He has a track record of convincing his apprentices to strap on bomb vests on his behalf and detonating in public while he sits back and performs bomb damage assessment on the fly. Using this updated information he is able to plot his next move while others are wondering why the apprentices acted as rashly as they did. Over the years, the pool of potential apprentices has grown shallower so he deploys them less frequently than in years past. The Sith Lord has taken a vow of poverty and has no employer to tie him down so he is able to respond with lightning speed to any situation worthy of his unique talents regardless of which part of California it may occur.

Sith Lord stepping from shadows to assert control

The drunken Jedi is a grizzled military veteran with the charm and charism to disarm the unwary that he meets on his way. He is capable of making a great first impression and has beguiled many of the CRA Board and perhaps a few of their daughters. Think of spiders entrapping the unwary in their webs. His past is shady and seems purposely obscured. His political tactics are awkward and poorly thought out. He often acts without reason and causes harm by the rash things that he says or does. He has defacto control of much of the information that once made George and Aaron Park the real powerbrokers of CRA.  Foolishly, the Board has repeated history by putting him in sole control of their Facebook page, website, and membership lists. As a result, the drunken Jedi is the most formidable opponent of the three in the sense that no one else can campaign aggressively against his weaknesses without risking that he burns the place to the ground on his way out. Were he sober and on an upward career path, he would be an asset to the group but in his present state, he seemingly has no reason to grow-up.

Drunken Jedi stumbling forward to lead rag-tag band

Truthfully, in the heyday of CRA, all three of these guys would have been red shirts of Star Trek fame, good for one episode and an honorable mention in the credits to mark their passing. However, these are the waning days of the organization and these guys are at least willing to step up and try to prolong the organization. Each man has some ability but I don’t have confidence that any has the skillset necessary to stop the decline of CRA.

Next year, if you happen to be in Fresno one Saturday in March, drop by the birthday room at Chuck E Cheese and you might get to see how this tale unfolds. Unless this convention turns into Second Amendment Saturday, I doubt the results will even be in your local paper.

Bath or Baptism?

As lamented in a previous blog, the daughter unit is persisting upon being re-baptized on Sunday. Frankly, I just don’t get it. To me it’s just more snowflake B.S. from a generation that is hell-bent on putting decorum, tradition, and once common sense in the rearview mirror.

The daughter was baptized in the Methodist Church, confirmed in an Anglican Church, and has regularly taken Communion in these and several other Presbyterian and/or Reformed Churches. She left a Presbyterian church last year with much fanfare and a send-off ceremony by the pastor and began attending a dispensational congregation. She has been regarded as a communicant member in good standing in every Church she has attended for the better part of 20 years.  A minimum prerequisite to receiving Communion in any Church is baptism—although they may require confirmation or other conditions.

The daughter decided to be re-baptized in the new congregation not due to any spiritual change in her life or theology but simply to be a part of the group. My wife is calling this farce of a ceremony an initiation.

Baptism: Covenant symbol of Church membership

Lest you need proof, just ask her, my wife did. The daughter was asked if she had remained at the Presbyterian Church where she was taking Communion weekly would she feel the necessity to be baptized and she replied, “No.”

Knowing that she was a communicant member in other churches, why is the pastor of this new church persisting in letting this go forward? It would be proper for them to accept a letter of transfer from the previous congregation and/or require the daughter to attend a new member class just so she learns the distinctives of their church but re-baptizing is unbiblical—not that they seem to care.

Baptism is a binary thing, either you have been baptized in the Trinitarian formula of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit or you have not.  As stated in my previous post on the subject, there is no such thing in the Bible as being re-baptized—the only exception being those in the New Testament that received John’s baptism and later that of the Apostles.

The chasm of logic required to justify re-baptism in this case cannot be bridged with any amount of verbal and semantic gymnastics. Nothing short of disdain and willful repudiation of the Holy Scriptures and Historic Church justifies this act.

Had someone left the faith in rebellion and subsequently repented and desired return to the Church, I would still think it wrong but at least understandable due to a change in heart. However, in this case no change of heart is alleged thus the act is one of initiation not into the Body of Christ but to be accepted into the Sunday clubhouse.

This act is one of excommunicating the vast majority of the Church on earth and the Church Militant. It also begs the question of what other theology is defective in this group which daughter thinks is so wonderful that she can chuck her birthright for a cup of water.

Oh, her pastor will tell you that baptism doesn’t save you; so again, what purpose does it serve in this case? Nobody can answer that question. What’s more disturbing is that no one thinks to even ask it.

Disturbing News out of Florida

Jahseh Onfroy was a rap singer that was gunned down in Florida on Monday. His stage name was XXXtentacion. From what is known of him, he can best be described as a horrible person who spent most of his juvenile years in and out of the Florida legal system for things ranging from false imprisonment all the way to beating the tar out of his pregnant girlfriend.

XXXTentacion, who sported dreadlocks and facial tattoos, was a rising star. He notched a No. 1 album in March with his sophomore effort “?”and had a top 10 hit with “Sad!”

But he also generated controversy. In 2016, he was arrested on charges including home invasion for a 2015 incident, and less than a month later was jailed on charges that he attacked his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time. Later, he faced more charges including witness tampering.

In a recent interview with the Miami New Times, XXXTentacion described his upbringing, which included seeing his mother infrequently and being raised by friends, family and baby-sitters. His mother bought him clothes, phones and other gifts. He said he used violence so she would engage with him.

Suspect In Murder Of Rap Artist XXXTentacion Appears Before Judge

Rapper Jahseh Onfroy AKA XXXtentacion

On Monday, June 18, the 20-year-old was shot and killed during an apparent robbery as he was leaving a motorcycle dealership in Deerfield Beach Florida, CNN reported. The controversial talent, whose real name was Jahseh Onfroy, was departing the shop before 4 p.m. when he was gunned down by two armed men who fled the scene in a dark-colored SUV.

Bystanders attempted to check his pulse, but X was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead just after 5:30 p.m. Monday.

On Thursday, June 21, Cleopatra Bernard, mother of the slain rapper, shared an image of an ultrasound to her Instagram account inscribing the sonogram with the note, “He left us a final gift.”

URL Murdered Rapper Expecting a Child

Broward county Sheriff’s officers arrested 22 year old Dedrick Williams and charged in connection with the shooting death of rapper Jahseh Onfroy AKA XXXtentacion.
Days after rapper’s Florida slaying, a suspect is arrested

Dedrick Williams was arrested for murder

First of all Mr. Williams is just 22 years old, which still makes him a baby or a child.  A baby who now faces the prospect of spending every last day of his life in jail due to 1 poor decision.  Also he is a man of the cross, witness, said cross tattooed just near his eye.  I think he was just doing the Lord’s work.  Please don’t point to Mr. Williams’s criminal history and the fact that he was still on probation for Grand Theft Auto four years ago, he was still a juvenile damn it!  His past should not matter because it is not relevant!

Court records show Williams has been charged previously with several felonies, including grand theft auto, domestic violence, cocaine possession and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

It does not appear, however, that he has ever done prison time for these charges and some of them were dropped. Williams does not appear in the Florida Department of Corrections offender database, but was on probation for the auto theft conviction.

Suspect In Murder Of Rap Artist XXXTentacion Appears Before Judge

This guy was on the straight and narrow and getting his life back together, this incident was just a mere slip-up in my eyes.  So now the State is going to take this kid’s freedom away on a permanent basis?  For this?  Look Black Lives Matter tells me police officers do this same thing daily and I don’t see any of them going to jail! Murdering someone I know isn’t really right, but there is a time and place to discuss Mr. Williams losing his freedom forever, but I don’t think it’s appropriate on the day of his arrest!  I find it extremely distasteful because this is not the time or place!

Williams was loved by all friends and family and deeply respected in the community. He had aspirations to get a degree in breaking and entering but I guess he moved on to murder.  His own mother was even quoted as saying “He a good boy!”  Word has it, William’s was owed money by Mr. XXXtentacion, that being the case he was jus gon collet his debts!  I mean he was just trying to provide for his family like any good man would!  Or maybe XXXtentacion had stolen his unlimited pass to the local Centerfolds?  Also do we even know if he committed this heinous crime?  I want to use the term “allegedly” for what he did, because I think he is a victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time!  I don’t even think there is reason to believe this crime even really happened to tell you the truth.  So now one alleged transgression is going to cut short the life of someone who had a very bright future in front of them!  I call this yet another example of a fine young man just being screwed over by our education system! Also please do not rush to judgment I’m not sure there is any direct correlation between felonies and facial tattoo’s.  Stay strong my brother!

A few more thoughts, I want to know why the police didn’t ask Williams if his actions were a coping mechanism as the direct result of President Trump’s constant racism!  Also in regard to the death of XXXtentacion, I hope grief counselors are available to all the young adults who feel they lost an artist who spoke directly to them, hopefully they can find a new role model.  Mostly I’m just in disbelief I was told there were no guns in Broward County, another reason this was likely a set up.  Where is David Hogg? By the way, just for the record, Planned Parenthood has killed more innocent blacks than this guy, why is he going away?  Does this guy have a family? I don’t know if I can stomach seeing another case of children being separated from their parents.

Just an additional note I doubt the Broward County Sheriff’s framed him, they are not known for approaching a hostile situation or shooting during times of crisis.

Note: The author of this article is attempting to illustrate the hypocrisy of the Black Lives Matter movement’s standards of “justice” by applying them to this situation. BLM is mute on the fact that Planned Parenthood kills more blacks in one year than have died in racial violence since the emancipation of slaves during the Civil War. Also the vast majority of black men murdered are killed by other black men but again BLM is silent. BLM is a political weapon to divide people on the basis of race not fix problems in the black community. The defense of Mr. Williams herein is intended as satire.

Painting Adventures with Zinsser Cover Stain

The house that I live in was constructed in1989. It was decorated by the builder’s wife. The predominant color of the interior is pink. Light pink walls and matching trim, pink tile, pink carpet, and pink is a dominant color on the wallpaper too. The house was originally purchased by my wife’s grandparents. My wife came into possession of the house and was living there when we were married. Since she had no intention of moving into my one bedroom apartment, we opted to live in her house; thus I didn’t have a choice in the color scheme.

Anyway, the wife decided that we needed to paint the hallway and living room. She requested that I take a week off in June to help her with the task. Folks, any opportunity to purge pinkness from our home is too good to pass-up. So I jumped at the chance.

My budget was $500 for paint and supplies. We knew that we needed a special primer because the trim work in the house was a glossy oil-based paint. We both spent much time searching on the Internet for just the right primer. Sadly, like any other buying decision, what we found was lots of opinions and anecdotal stories but very few facts. We decided to go with an oil-based primer that claimed it could go over any surface-latex or oil—without sanding. Once applied, the product also said we could cover it with either oil or latex paint.

Zinsser® Cover Stain® Oil-Based Primer is an all purpose oil-based primer designed for interior or exterior applications where an oil-base primer is desired. CoverStain provides excellent penetration and flexibility and has excellent adhesion and stain blocking properties. CoverStain has excellent adhesion to dense, glossy surfaces such as enamel paints and varnishes, paneling, laminates, and ceramic tile without the need for sanding or deglossing.

Cover-Stain is recommended for application on interior and exterior surfaces that have been damaged by fire, smoke or water.  Interior surfaces include new or previously painted drywall, cured plaster and cementbased coatings, wood (including pine fir, cedar, redwood, and plywood), metal (including aluminum, iron, steel, and cooper), vinyl, PVC, masonry (including stucco, concrete block, poured concrete, and brick).

Cover Stain Technical Data CVS-03

Based on the description above, we went with Cover Stain. However, being that we live in California finding this product was our next obstacle. Per internet information, we found two gallons in Ceres California. That was all that was available from the big box stores in the northern part of the state. It was cheaper and available in large quantities at all Reno Home Depot stores and at a lower price than anyone offered in California. My wife wasn’t keen on me driving to Reno and wanted me to wait. We found that Kelly-Moore Paints had some buried in the back of their store. Eventually we bought a five gallon bucket from them.

The Cover Stain that we got was more like syrup than paint. It also dried a light brownish green color not white as we were led to believe from their internet information. After applying, we had to use at least two coats of latex paint just to cover it and get a white color on our walls. We painted the wood trim after finishing the walls. Because we were painting our hallway, almost every door jamb in the house received paint as part of our project.

Once the hallway was done, we began putting hinges back on door jambs and removing the Frog Tape that we had used to control where paint was applied on door jambs. We weren’t painting both sides of the door jambs, just the part visible from the hall. The rooms connecting to the hall were being save for future projects or had been done previously.


Frog Tape recommended by Consumer Reports online reviews.

It was at this point that our best laid plans and internet research all confronted reality and the results were ugly.

Here are photos of the results.

Typical results of peeling paint following application of Cover Stain and two coats of latex paint.
More peeling
All ten door jambs peeled just like this one.

Remember all the claims of sticking to any glossy surface with no sanding, yeah right. Dream on baby. So guess what? We had to scrape and sand every door jamb; all ten of them. We took them all down to the wood, primed them, and then painted. This took two sanders because we killed the first one, lots of sweat equity, and five days of labor by two people. We spot checked some of the base trim and had to redo a few of them also.

We spent twice the amount of time on this project as we had estimated and three times the money. We ended up spending $500 with Kelly-Moore Paint, and split the paint supplies between Home Depot and Lowes. As the color went on the living room walls, mama began wanting to make other changes so we had to buy a new ceiling fan and lights. Since the walls were now white and not a dark pink color, we needed to change the plugs, switches, and cover plate colors from almond to white.

Finally the carpet installers arrived to replace our 29 year old floor coverings.

The finished product looks nice.

Room during carpeting process with pad installed
Finished room

Sadly, the front room and entry way don’t match the new paint job so guess what mama wants us to do in July. Now that we have more experience working with the pink paint from hell, I hope we knock this out quickly.

The CRA Decides to Leave CA

It was a rough week for the CRA. The Blogfather and myself have beaten them up so badly regarding their worthless endorsement process.  With Theodore Cruz announcing he won’t challenge Trump in the 2020 primary there is nothing left for this group to do.  As a sidebar tedcruz2020.com is now a worthless domain name that CRA bought.

That being said we have live footage of the CRA leaving the state…..

More horrific footage can be seen here

Disclaimer: any resemblance to Dr. Who’s Tardis and the vehicle shown in this video is coincidental. Author does not mean to imply that CRA can travel thru time and space. Rumors that Ted Cruz was the sole occupant and in the midst of changing into his super suit in an attempt to save CRA at the time said object entered orbit are unsubstantiated. No small animals were harmed in the filming of this incident.

As you can see the CRA left in 2 different but distinct ways.  First, they departed this state by spraying a fine mist of odious liquid on the common-sense folk.  The second attempt at leaving resulting in an outright dumping on the unsuspecting masses.

Please Ling Ling Chang run for governor in 4 years and put this group out of its misery.  This group has literally nothing to cling to anymore.

Til next time,


PS cranking out content on a Sunday!  Respect the hustle.  Take a report CRA

Let’s Check in on ESPN

It’s been a while since I lit up the “worldwide leader” so I figured I’ll update you all on the goings on.  First of all the President of the company, no CRA folks it’s not Donald Trump, but Johnny Skipper, abruptly resigned and admitted he had a cocaine addiction.  Actually he said he only bought drugs once, and his dealer apparently was trying to extort money from him.  Yes, that sounds really believable Mr. Skipper, I guess you just casually strolled down a street, found a nice looking guy and asked if you could try a little nasal dust.  Lucky for you, Obamacare (which your boss Bob Iger supports so much) forces your insurance company to pay for rehab, so now junkies like you get to eat, sleep and probably keep doing blow on the taxpayer’s dime!  Likely, ol’ Johnny was doing blow on the payers for a while!

Johnny “sniffer” Skipper

First of all, I kind of feel sorry for him. He’s not just ugly, he’s circus ugly, were talkin’ like James Carville level ugly.

James Carville, a face for radio

Actually a better comp would be Judge Doom from Who Framed Roger Rabbit ugly.

Judge Doom confronts the Rabbit

Seriously I hope he gets the help he needs and gets off the booger sugar. Worse yet, Skipper was the one who fired all of those poor employees at ESPN last year. Wanna take bets he was high out of his mind or on a bender?  Maybe that explains why that Howdy Doody looking bozo still works there?  Maybe he was Skipper’s coke dealer?

A few other quick notes; the two race baiting low life wanna be Al Sharpton’s; Michael Smith and Jemile Hill (I know its Jamele but Rev Al pronounces it that way and I don’t want to have to go on his show to apologize) were both demoted and no longer have a show.  Not like it’s a big loss. The ratings for that show were so low, old Billy Mays infomercials hocking Oxyclean had more viewers.  By the way, rest in peace Billy, you always were hocking a new item it seemed like every month.  They replaced Smith and Hill with Keith Olbermann, nothing says you don’t have a political agenda when you hire him.  Olbermann was such a success at MSNBC they didn’t renew his contract.  Olbermann’s career can best be described as “failing upwards.”

Keith Olbermann sports pundit political pundit sports pundit

Finally if you remember all of the layoffs ESPN has had over the past 2 years, (the number is over 500 by the way) they put that savings to work in the worst way possible, they created a new morning show.  The cost of just the three hosts of the show is 15 million per year, and none of them have any talent.  Mike Greenberg knows nothing about sports and is trying to make the show like Good Morning America.  I thought maybe working at a sports channel may require sports knowledge, but I guess it just gives Greenberg more chances to bash Trump.  Jalen Rose, a former NBA star is actually really good, too bad his talents are wasted next to Greenberg.  Speaking of wasted, that describes what Michelle Beadle is most known for in her career.  Beadle was made famous by shouting “I just want to get laid” after a long night of drinking and partying at an ESPN party after the ESPY Awards.  (No word on whether she got her wish.)

Michelle Beadle auditioning for a ride home
(note empty bottles of adult beverages in background)

These after parties are famous, and details have leaked out continuously that drugs and alcohol flow freely, so Skipper was most definitely there!  This morning show “Get UP” averages 300k viewers on a good day, which if you are wondering, those are really bad numbers.  But carry on ESPN, keep talking about why NFL players should kneel, Trump, etc.  Seems to be working out really well.

I admit this was a little harsh but we like dancing on peoples graves here!


Editor’s Note: While X seems to have it in for old white guys with no hair (at least in this post), he has assured me that this is just coincidence and he really does like bald guys like Patrick Stewart and Bruce Willis.