Moving from Windows Mobile 10 to Android 6

Recently my Microsoft Band 2 died; and for the last time since it was out of warranty. I really enjoyed the MS Band. It integrated with both my Lumia 640 and later 950 XL and had many features that other fitness bands and smartwatches still don’t offer. The warranty service from Microsoft was amazing but sadly too frequently. The flaw with the device was the Android operating system and battery. Once the battery was totally depleted, the watch would often fail to boot-up anymore.

I tried two other watches as replacements for the Band.

First was the Vector Smartwatch. When first released, this watch was praised for compatibility with the Window OS and recommended as a possible replacement for the MS Band. The company was recently purchased by Fitbit and was supposedly compatible with my Windows phone. The watch display was monochrome not full color like my Band. It would not connect to my phone under any circumstances. My phone could never see the device via the Bluetooth connection. I tried firmware updates and many other things to no avail. After several days, I finally returned it to Amazon for a refund.

Garmin also has a watch that did some things that my Band would do so I decided to try it. It too, was supposedly compatible with the Windows Phone OS with a caveat that it might loose Bluetooth connection occasionally. This too was a mixed bag of results. The watch itself was great but it would not maintain a connection with the phone. However, Garmin has a Windows program that runs on my PC and it works great. It is possible to use the watch without any smartphone connection. Lastly, the Garmin watch can go about five or six days on a single charge and is waterproof too!

After trying two watches that both were supposedly compatible with Windows Phone and the trickle of media reports that per their financials, Microsoft was terminating support for their Widows Phones at the end of June 2017, I came to the conclusion that the smartwatch phone applications were “abandonware”.

Sensing both my frustration at the lack of support for the Windows mobile platform and knowing that her Band would be failing soon, my wife prompted me to buy an Android phone. Like many folks, I took a look at Samsung but the prices of their Galaxy phones are crazy. I will not pay over eight hundred dollars for a phone. After looking around, I decided to try the ASUS “ZenFone 3 Zoom 5.5 ”.

This phone has a mid-range CPU and a better than average camera. The phone comes with USB cable, wall charger, headphones, and case. It also, comes with a promise to be upgradeable—at some point in the future—to Android 7.

While I have constantly heard that Microsoft’s ecosystem suffered from an “app gap”, two of my favorite apps are not available on the Android platform. The Milton Bradley game Battleship has no app in the Android store. (It was in the Windows Phone Store but was pulled a few years ago; probably when Electronic Arts acquired the company.) I played Battleship almost daily since I bought the game. Whatever Aaron Park might say not withstanding, it was my “go to” app when camping in the boy’s room. The other app that was a constant friend was Quake Watch. While there is an app by the same name in the Google Play store, it is not the same in terms of information or versatility.

In the next few paragraphs, I plan to compare my experiences with both Operating Systems.

Windows Phone a.k.a. Windows Mobile 10
Live Tiles
Live Tiles are the cornerstone of what makes the Microsoft mobile OS different from Android or IOS. Each icon can—if the developer allows it—scale to at least three different sizes on the phone screen. In addition, each tile can give you current information that is pushed to the phone. For example, the weather app can give you current temperature without opening the app. The money app can give you the Dow-Jones close for your favorite stock, and a news app can tell you the latest headlines without even opening the app. The newest iterations of the live tile could even take you directly to the story on the tile that you clicked on when you selected the app.

Glance Screen
Let you see time and selected alerts without logging into phone. This was a semi-sleep mode for the phone without going to log on screen. Screen was black with white text. The idea was provide the user information without using too much battery life.

Other features that I did not use were VPN and Continuum.

Live Tiles, Glance Screen, and other features cause battery life to be about 1 to 1 ½ days.

Apps were not continually updated. I have already mentioned Battleship. This was removed from the Store a few years ago but I could still download it because I had purchased it. MyFitnessPal was another app that was dropped from the store. I could continue using it but if I ever logged off of the app then I would not be allowed to get back in. Then there were the apps for the fitness bands/smartwatches that are no longer supported. They are virtually worthless but still listed in the Store.

Some phone features were deprecated or removed by Microsoft.
• For example, all phones have an FM radio built into them but Microsoft dropped support for the FM radio feature from their operating system leaving this functionality to be supported by third parties.
• For many years, Microsoft has built NFC into the phone but never developed the software to support the feature. Only about five banks in the United States supported the wireless payment feature.
• Also, Microsoft used to allow me to go onto a website using my PC, purchase apps for my phone and they would magically appear on my phone a short time later. Google still allows this but MS stopped this a few years ago.
• Lastly, my phone quit supporting visual voicemail and attachments to text messages. (This last could be a carrier issue and not a phone one but I didn’t ever get to the bottom of it.)

Android 6

As I get into this, I am fully aware that the newest version of Android is 7. My ASUS phone was at a reasonable price point for a cash purchase at $330. It also will be able to upgrade to Android 7 in the future. And yes, I know that might not be a certainty in the Android world but I would trust a promise from ASUS before I would a cell provider.

Battery life
Plays nice with Garmin Smartwatch

Missing and deprecated apps. Battleship, Groove, Quake Watch
No app notification integration.
No NFC radio—specific complaint to my phone
Desktop is cluttered and clunky.
SD Card—can’t move apps to this card.
Despite assurances on the Internet that Android 6 supports it, my device is not capable of 5 GHz Wi-Fi and the OS doesn’t offer the option.

Android apps do not natively integrate into the operating system the way that Microsoft’s OS does. When I load an email app on a Windows device, the app will notify me and any devices that I sync with—including my PC—that I have a text or email.  With a few clicks, I could fully integrate Google mail, calendar, and address book but the reverse is not the case. On Android, the app installs and that’s it. Even after enabling permissions the app does very little. You need to drill down into the app to allow notifications and any app that you want to provide a notification then must also be linked to the other app.

For example, I installed Outlook on my Android phone. I had to drill down into the app until I found the notification settings, then I had to enable the feature. This then allows the phone to be notified that I received an email. Once that was done, I had to go into the Garmin app and enable Outlook notifications as a third party app in order to get notifications to my smartwatch. The process is convoluted and poorly documented—if at all.

Microsoft Groove does not work on Android the way it does on a Windows phone. The app has no ability to find music stored on an SD card. It can do this on my old phone. I can stream music via Groove or Amazon but prefer to have it stored on the SD card so as not to waste my data. When streaming, most of my stuff is on Amazon not One Drive. The bottom line is that Groove is no longer on the Droid phone.

The SD card was not what I expected either. Even though it is physically located inside the phone, the Android OS will only treat it as a removable drive and not as internal storage. Thus no apps can be moved from the internal memory of the phone to the SD card. My old Android phone had this feature four years ago. My son has an Android phone that we bought new for $5 two years ago that can do this so why can’t my $300 phone? Stupid design!

Android seems to use fewer resources on the phone hardware and thus appears more nimble but many of the apps on the Windows phone could scale to both mobile and desktop environments. My opinion is that apps are more limited in their abilities and generally I will take a full-blown program over an app any day—be it on a phone or PC. Moving to Android is like going from Windows 10 to Windows 98. Windows 98 had better screensavers (After Dark, Johnny Castaway, etc.) but Windows 10 is more productive and secure.

Barbarism, Moloch, and Murder of Innocents

WARNING : Normal humans will find the following topic revolting and deeply disturbing. Once you read this you will have difficulty getting it out of your head, continue reading at your own risk.

Last week, I was reading my email as I usually do. One daily mailing list that I get is from Joe Miller.
Link: Joe Miller
Miller is a conservative guy from Alaska that has run for US Senate and may be eying a run at governor of Alaska in 2018. I like it because it has stuff that you may not see from Drudge and it is often openly Christian in its presentation of news.

One article that caught my attention was one about a couple in Australia that turned their children into jewelry. Yeah, that’s not a typo; they turned their unborn children into jewelry to wear around their necks.

Link: Turning Extra Embryos into Jewelry

Original story:
Link: Couples are turning extra IVF embryos into jewellery

We’re not talking about some tribe of cannibals on some remote Pacific island somewhere wearing the shrunken skulls of their enemies as trophies, or that guy from Apocalypse Now wearing the ears of his enemies around his neck, no, these folks are the proud parents of children that they deliberately killed and are parading around Australia with their tiny bodies dangling from their mom’s neck thinking this is an act of love.

My embryos were my babies – frozen in time.
When we completed our family, it wasn’t in my heart to destroy them.
Now they are forever with me in a beautiful keepsake.

My first thought was the Scripture, “the compassion of the wicked is cruelty.”

Their babies are dead at their hand, which part of destroy them do you not get? Can you say, “Cognitive disconnect?”

”…forever with you”? Yeah, like Norman Bates’ mother. Psycho is probably the right term.

Many years ago, Melody Green wrote a tract call “Children…things that we throw away” but now in the 21st Century, we can embed them in amber or plastic or something and make them into keepsakes. This is how we define compassion now?

Singing the praises of the business that embalms children as a fashion statement, the original article includes this gem

“I don’t believe there is any other business in the world that creates jewellery from human embryos, and I firmly believe that we are pioneering the way in this sacred art, and opening the possibilities to families around the world.”

Sacred art? Three thousand years after the abomination of the children of Israel offering their children to the god Moloch by burning them alive, have things changed that much?

Jesus’ words should be echoing in your head, “Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.” Matthew 25: 45 But don’t stop reading there because the next verse talks about these wicked folks a little more “And these shall go away into everlasting punishment

I used to think Angelina Jolie wearing a vial of blood from Billy Bob Thornton was twisted but these folks take jewelry to the next level of absurdity.

Wanna bet these parents can read Dr. Seuss to their other children and have no problem telling them “A person is a person no matter how small.”

The article that Miller links analyses the issue from a Roman Catholic point of view. Whatever the shortcomings of Roman, their position on bioethics is worthy of consideration since they are the leading voice in the Christian world on the life issue. They argue for limits (self-government) because just because we can do something doesn’t make it right.

Most people do not understand why the Catholic Church refuses to approve the practice of in-vitro fertilization, or any form of artificial insemination, or any method of conception at all apart from sexual intercourse. The Church teaches that all such means of conception are morally wrong. The reasons are profound, thoughtful and humble. If you’d like to hear it from the horse’s mouth, read this, especially CCC 2375 – 2378.

But allow me to say it succinctly this way: What you manufacture, you own. It belongs to you, and you call the shots with authority. What you manufacture, you can control.

THAT is precisely why it is morally wrong to manufacture children. Many people will object to the word “manufacture” here, but it’s the only accurate term. Babies are ordered up and created in a lab, purchased and paid for by adults who have commissioned their creation. That’s manufacturing.

Babies are not ours to control. Human life is not ours to manipulate in that way. We have no right to create life, keep it in some suspended animation, and then decide to destroy it whenever it suits us. We are not God.

We do not own our children. We have no claim on their lives. It is not for us to decide whether they live or die and when. The Lord God is the giver and creator of life. We can only receive our children as gifts. No one can demand a gift, or claim any right to receive a gift.

Lest you think this is an isolated occurrence of evil, try this article:
Nothing says ‘I love you, Mom!’ like abortion: Planned Parenthood leader touts killing of unborn on Mother’s Day

ESPN Lays off 100, did they choose the right personnel?

ESPN is in a downward spiral, losing over 12 million subscribers in the past few years.  As a result, layoffs were announced; these were in addition to the 300 laid off a year and a half ago.  With one caveat, in the past, it was always the extra help that was let go, people operating switchboards, cameras etc.  This time it was the talent that faced the camera.  Layoffs are not fun or something I ever advocate—even though we are talking about overpriced blowhards, blathering on about social and political issues that they have no reason by which to involve themselves—these are real people, they have families.

In some cases like that of now terminated Danny Kanell, he moved his family to Bristol, Connecticut (Home of ESPN) to go all in.  Regarding Kanell, anyone who desires to live or relocates to Bristol, Connecticut may need to be checked for having too many concussions.  Sarah Walsh, a sportscenter anchor, was laid off a day after returning from maternity leave.  Big names laid off include; Ed Werder, Jay Crawford, Trent Dilfer, and Jayson Stark among others, all in all hockey, basketball and baseball coverage got gutted.

There are a few reasons for this; namely people are beginning to cut the cord and stream only shows and channels they like watching.  Additionally when it comes to sports packages you (cable channels) have to bid for the rights over a period usually spanning a decade, ESPN bid very high and is paying the price now.  ESPN went all in after basketball (NBA) and baseball (MLB) as well as football (NFL).  Let’s break all these down:
National Football League: ESPN paid 15 billion to broadcast Monday Night Football, keep in mind that this is usually the worst game to broadcast due to late start on the east coast, dinner time on the west coast, in addition to being the one game that cannot be “flexed” for a better matchup late in the year.
Major League Baseball: 5.6 billion for MLB, and that usually includes a Wednesday or Tuesday night game as well as the Sunday night prime time game.  Baseball is also a dying sport since it takes at least three hours to watch and most of the time the matchup is meh at best, in addition to the season lasting six months.
National Basketball Association: The NBA deal is huge as well, ESPN bid almost double the next competitor, and those games and ratings are all time bad.

So what happens when the suits make bad deals in the C-suite?  Well the common worker must pay with their jobs.  Now I’m not going to cry a river for these guys,  as their contracts require them to still be paid until they expire or find new employment elsewhere, and most were making six figures, a few likely getting millions a year in compensation.  They focused on the big picture while ignoring a problem that will make cable TV look like the newspaper in a few years.

ESPN over the last 15 years has gone on an expansion boom, spawning; ESPN2, ESPNEWS, ESPN Classic, ESPNU, WATCH ESPN, ESPN3, in addition to regional channels such as PAC-12 Network, ACC Network, Longhorn Network and SEC Network.  With every channel meaning more rights fees for the parent company Disney.  Doing this caused dilution in the long term, the small regional college channels add nothing as when it’s not football or basketball they usually show reruns or gymnastics which no one watches.  ESPN classic and news offer zilch, and as a result people started cutting channels out of their cable lineup, and in some cases cutting out ESPN all together.  The online access point such as ESPN3 and Watch ESPN have some value to offer, but not being offered correctly.  As long as braying lowlifes George Bodenheimer and John Skipper are in charge there is no hope for ESPN, the layoffs will continue and subscriber losses will quicken its pace.

Here is some brilliance from Skipper regarding subscription loss a few years ago in an interview with Wall Street Journal.

People trading down to lighter cable packages, that impact hasn’t leaked into ad revenue, nor has it leaked into ratings. The people who’ve traded down have tended to not be sports fans, and have tended to be older and less affluent. We still see people coming into pay TV. It remains the widest spread household service in the country after heat and electricity.

Yeah…….NO, This is an out of touch suit, cable cutters like X and William are by no means less affluent, and not old, and are sports fans.  Maybe we don’t care for the complete garbage emulating from our television when we watch your channels.  Let’s dive into this a bit, X binge watched ESPN and its sister channels for a week here is my commentary.

My day started at 6 am, watching a four hour daily show called “First Take” not sure what this show was about as two men; Steven “Screaming A” Smith and a something called a Max Kellerman spent every segment screaming and shouting over each other.  Literally every single topic and segment, and they argued the dumbest stuff, how good was Tim Tebow, is Lebron James a choker, I mean seriously I want sports not mindless drivel masquerading as commentary.  I had an out of body experience thinking I was judge Chamberlain Haller from “My Cousin Vinny” and wanted to yell at the TV I don’t want to hear argument, commentary, or opinion!  The show was mercifully over at 10, thank god, apparently it was presented by Subway, I felt like I wanted to be run over by a Subway after watching that waste of time.

Immediately following was a 1 hour program called “Mike and Mike”, this was better featuring two hosts and a similar back and forth format, it seemed to regurgitate the same headlines from “First Take” but with better, more controlled chaos.  Still didn’t scream watchable, and definitely not something I would go out of my way to tune in to.
UPDATE: apparently this is a radio show for 3 hours with the “best of” shown on TV, and the show will be getting a makeover as one of the Mike’s will be getting a separate show in the immediate future.

Next up was a 1 hour program called “The Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz.”  Yeah maybe I should have started drinking because this show made literally zero sense, again it was a two person banter format with Lebatard’s dad sitting in between randomly spouting off random sentences and thoughts.  His name is “Papi”; most of his thoughts are either incoherent or Spanish.  Resident buffoon—aka Bomani Jones—usually answers each question with some strange race baiting twist.  This made for very odd TV.  (By the way who/what the heck is a “Stugotz?”)
UPDATE Bomani also has a radio show where he spews his race baiting B.S. for about 3 hours, every single day.  Literally he said on the radio “white people as a whole who threw the bag of peanuts at Orioles outfielder Adam Jones should be embarrassed.”  He added this gem as well “Blaine Gabbert has been signed, Mike Glennon got 14 million, but Colin Kaepernick hasn’t been signed….just sayin, those two are white and Colin aint.”

Ryen Russillo follows him, and his entire 3 hour radio program is a bunch of “bro talk” regarding how often he works out, and the different parties he attends.  Compelling stuff I cannot fathom why no one listens.  Back to the TV side now, as I couldn’t take the radio any longer, neither could my liver.

Next, 1.5 hours of my day was devoted to NFL Insiders, a half hour show featuring various out of work former NFL coaches and suits, nothing really discussed here.  The following one hour show was NFL Live, this time it was more of a commentary show, which was pointless, actually both shows were pointless, when talking NFL in the middle of the offseason.  This show ran every day for the same duration, not being re-run, the emperor really isn’t wearing clothes.

More to come; part II next time,


When You Get the Call That You Child is Injured

It’s been a week since I got that phone call that every parent fears they will get one day. You know which one I mean

“This is the …
Your child was hurt and …
Please come now …”

About 12:30 last Friday, that was the call that I received from my son’s school. It went something like this: “This is the school. Your child was hurt and broke his arm. Please come pick him up.

I asked what happened. The school was having a “jog-a-thon” that day. (When I was a kid, jog-a-thon meant that you get folks to pledge so much per mile and ran your little fanny off to raise money. Now a days, I guess they just want a check for a flat fee and forget the jogging part.) Anyway, he was in a “human hamster ball” and fell thru the opening when trying to exit. He said someone hit the ball from the other side and this effectively caused him to be ejected out of the ball and onto the ground. He tried to stop falling head first thru the opening and braced himself by using his arms to break the fall.

Human Hamster Ball—this is an example and not the actual ball

At the time, I had a coworker in the car that I had gone to lunch with. I hurried back to the office and then dropped off the coworker, told my boss I was out for the rest of the day, handed all my unfinished work to my boss for distribution, activated the out of office message, and made haste to pick up my son. I drove swiftly (up to 80 mph) to his school and met him in the office. After checking on his condition, I handed the keys to an adult at the school and told them to load my son in the car. I collected his school stuff—binder, backpack, and lunch box—and then we headed to the emergency room of the local hospital.

At his school office, he was given a small zip lock bag of ice and that was the only first aid that he received. As I drove to the hospital, every time we hit a bump, he would say “ouch”. I walked him in the front door of the hospital and checked him into emergency. I then parked the car and waited for his name to be called. Just after his mom walked into the hospital, his name was called. Our next challenge was to get him out of his sweatshirt so he could have his blood pressure taken. When his sweatshirt was finally removed, there was no doubt that the arm was broken. Up until that point, no adults, other than me, seemed to believe the word of a twelve year old—even when other children confirmed that they heard the bones crack when he fell.

Once my son’s blood pressure and temperature were taken, we were escorted to a treatment room. About two hours after the arm was broken, my son was finally given some pain killer to take the edge off of his discomfort. It was a low dose of morphine give thru an IV in the top of his hand. Getting the IV put in seemed to be more painful than breaking both bones in his forearm.

Broken Arm—Line shows where arm should be when resting.

After three sets of x-rays, setting both broken bones twice, and a temporary cast, we finally started heading to the exit after 7 pm. The first stop was the pharmacy for pain meds and then home for dinner.

The following Wednesday, the temporary cast was removed and a more permanent one was put on. This evolution was a primitive one and did not go as advertised. For some reason, the hospital did not have the equipment to hold my son’s arm stationary and made him use the fingers on his broken arm to grip a metal frame when the cast was assembled on his arm. Then when they got to the plaster part, the doctor squeezed his arm—right at the point of the fractures—for about two minutes so that the plaster could set. Then they took an x-ray (the fourth ones so far) and sent us on our way until next week’s visit.

As I watched this unfold over the last week, I was reminded of DeForest Kelly who played Doctor McCoy in the original Star Trek movies cursing the 20th Century doctors for being a bunch of barbarians for their primitive methods. So far the 21st Century docs aren’t much better.

Aaron Hernandez can Teach Millennial’s about the Real World & Baby Boomers about College Sports

John M Slamkowski—A Special Correspondent

First of all I would like to thank William for the opportunity to write in this space about a couple issues; entitlement, and the sissifying of America.  Aaron Hernandez—specifically his actions in college and in the pros leading to his arrest—will lay out my argument that our entire education and athletics system is broken and in bad need of repair.  We can all agree that in our current scholastic system, everyone gets a participation trophy, and there are no clear winners or losers.  This goes for everything; science fairs, baseball, soccer, etc.  This sets up our youth to fail badly as they approach, high school, college and then the real world.  Failing badly has to do with being unprepared but only to an extent, mostly it has to do with being coddled, and sheltered from any consequences.  Without further ado let’s look at the plight of one Aaron Hernandez as told by ESPN.

Aaron Hernandez lost his dad at age 16 from complications from hernia surgery.  So right here the liberal elite set the stage for a “rough upbringing.” I can say I have no idea what it is like to lose a father at a young age, but his father was most definitely not a thug.  The story goes on to say that Aaron began showing rebel behavior and ignoring authority.  I again find this hard to believe since he was offered a scholarship and signed with the University Florida Gators.  Let me be clear, signing a scholarship doesn’t imply an athlete is a saint, but the amount of due diligence done by the university and coaching staff tells me there could not be too much smoke with Mr. Hernandez.  Rebellious behavior?  I think that is a pre-requisite for all high school age students?  Am I wrong?  The real issues with Hernandez didn’t start until he entered college, then he was coddled and babied by world class football coach Urban Meyer.  This is where society really did in Hernandez; he always had an adult figure and a very powerful one at that, cover up drug tests and make excuses for young Aaron.

In 2007 as a 17 year old freshman, Hernandez after drinking two adult beverages, attempted to leave a bar without paying. When confronted by the bouncer, Hernandez punched him so hard it ruptured his eardrum.  Police recommended charging Hernandez, but Meyer convinced them to allow internal punishment to suffice.  Let’s take a look at something here, a 17 YEAR OLD, at a BAR, having DRANK 2 DRINKS, then committing battery, yet Urban Meyer thought nothing was wrong here?  Maybe because Tim Tebow was on the team all of this would go away, maybe reading the Bible daily as Urban Meyer claimed Hernandez did, would help him find guidance.  This cover-up was also aided when the local District Attorney decided not to press any charges opting instead for “deferred prosecution.”  Let me be clear, numerous people had an opportunity to nip this in the bud, however they all passed or enabled. Then almost 6 months later…..

September 2007, Aaron Hernandez was identified as the shooter in a shooting that injured 3 people.  Even with witnesses identifying him as the shooter, Hernandez walked free with no charges filed.  Notice a pattern here?  Each time the athlete gets into trouble someone—either a coach or law official—gets in the way to avoid negative consequences.  Nothing much was heard from Hernandez over the next two seasons, his draft stock rose and after his junior season, he declared for the NFL draft and was selected in round four, guaranteeing him around $700,000.  Strange, as a big fan of college sports, I had Hernandez pegged as a first round talent. He fell pretty drastically for a player as lauded as he was in college.  He won the award for best college tight-end, a very prestigious award given out once a year.  Then details about his college and personal life began to trickle out. He admitted to smoking copious amounts of weed.  Strangely enough, he never failed a drug test at Florida, or did he?  University of Florida hides behind HIPPA laws regarding drug tests but even Hernandez admits he failed at least one.  Hernandez was never punished for any of these crimes he committed, actually worse yet, authority figures hid him from reality.

Fast forward a couple years in the NFL. Hernandez—as one of the game’s best tight-ends—lands a five year, 40 million dollar extension!  Not only making him one of the highest paid at his position, but making him an extremely wealthy man. This was in 2012; remember that year.

In June of 2013 he was named a person of interest and later arrested in connection with the murder of his friend and the husband of his fiancés sister, Odin Lloyd.  Lloyd was a friend of Hernandez.  Hernandez would be convicted of murder in April of 2015, sentenced to life with no chance of parole.

Aaron Hernandez 11-06-1989 to 04-19-2017

Then came more allegations; suddenly he was being questioned about that double shooting at the University of Florida again.  Worse yet he was “arrested” on charges of double murder in Boston in July of 2012, after he signed the extension!  It was alleged he killed the two victims because one of them spilled a drink on him, and the other shot him a dirty look.  Don’t get me wrong he was acquitted by expert legal help, and prosecutorial missteps, in this case, but Hernandez was not innocent.  He was never tried in the shooting that occurred in Florida.  He was accused of shooting his friend Alexander Bradley while he was in the same car as Hernandez after a late night trip to a strip club, again, no charges filed.  Hernandez committed suicide in prison on April 19th 2017; he may or may not have had synthetic marijuana in his system, and apparently—according to TMZ and other sources—had a boyfriend in jail and didn’t want the word to get out.

The Patriots football team sued to recover all the bonus money paid to Hernandez and it appears his fiancé will get very little or none of that money.  Good, it doesn’t belong to her.  His lawyers are trying to get his conviction thrown out by some loophole in the Massachusetts legal system; America is great if you can afford great lawyers.

The point of my writing is this, Hernandez and other athletes are getting coddled and babied by our new politically correct, “my son would never do that” culture that has poisoned our education system.  Lost a parent early in life, congrats you had a rough upbringing, thereby justifying your actions.  Fail a drug test?  Well a little weed never hurt that much, we should legalize it anyways.  Underage drinking, everyone does that right?  Shoot someone?  May have been an accident and hey we’ve got a big game this weekend, I will take care of this I’m the coach after all.  The football game or basketball game on Friday night takes precedence over the classroom.  Discipline that could have been instilled never happened and as a result a high school in Connecticut, a University in Florida, and an NFL team aided and abetted a murderer.  Make no mistake about it, Hernandez is not a troubled youth or a product of a broken system, and definitely not a good kid.  He is a murderer, who ran around killing people with his Glock.  Three people were murdered and at least two others were shot by this thug, so enough with the politically correct BS.

Memo to the baby boomers and Gen X, the coddling and excuse making needs to stop, start holding people accountable.  No more safe places or spaces and let’s allow the police to do their job.