Month: May 2017

Moving from Windows Mobile 10 to Android 6

May 31, 2017

Recently my Microsoft Band 2 died; and for the last time since it was out of warranty. I really enjoyed the MS Band. It integrated with both my Lumia 640 and later 950 XL and had many features that other fitness bands and smartwatches still don’t offer. The warranty service from Microsoft was amazing but […]

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Barbarism, Moloch, and Murder of Innocents

May 16, 2017

WARNING : Normal humans will find the following topic revolting and deeply disturbing. Once you read this you will have difficulty getting it out of your head, continue reading at your own risk. Last week, I was reading my email as I usually do. One daily mailing list that I get is from Joe Miller. […]

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ESPN Lays off 100, did they choose the right personnel?

May 13, 2017

ESPN is in a downward spiral, losing over 12 million subscribers in the past few years.  As a result, layoffs were announced; these were in addition to the 300 laid off a year and a half ago.  With one caveat, in the past, it was always the extra help that was let go, people operating […]

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When You Get the Call That You Child is Injured

May 5, 2017

It’s been a week since I got that phone call that every parent fears they will get one day. You know which one I mean “This is the … Your child was hurt and … Please come now …” About 12:30 last Friday, that was the call that I received from my son’s school. It […]

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Aaron Hernandez can Teach Millennial’s about the Real World & Baby Boomers about College Sports

May 2, 2017

John M Slamkowski—A Special Correspondent First of all I would like to thank William for the opportunity to write in this space about a couple issues; entitlement, and the sissifying of America.  Aaron Hernandez—specifically his actions in college and in the pros leading to his arrest—will lay out my argument that our entire education and […]

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