Month: May 2018

Review: Purchasing Galaxy S9+

May 31, 2018

Earlier this year, my Lumia 950 LX began having a series of unexplained issues related to phone calls and messages. I began having to reboot my phone not because of any obvious error but because I would become aware that I was not getting text messages from my family. Upon restarting, my phone would suddenly […]

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California’s Ideological Version of the Zombie Apocalypse

May 25, 2018

Given: The following logical propositions are true: • Actions have consequences. • Ideas have consequences. • Elections have consequences. Therefore, as we approach the anointing of Gavin Newsom as the next governor of California, I promise that you will see the attacks upon thought and personal beliefs accelerate in ways never seen before in the […]

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Future History Today

May 22, 2018

Two thousand years from now, some poor child in a history class is going to be presented the following three headlines from today and then asked to explain what caused to downfall of the United States of America. 1 NFL considers proposed 15-yard penalty for kneeling, report say 2 Parents can kick their 30-year-old son […]

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The State of Our “gig” Economy

May 18, 2018

Hi, how is the local economy doing near you?  I recently toured some areas in California with the Blog Father and was stunned at what I saw.  I saw shopping malls and strip malls opening all over the Sacramento area; however, these are all low paying, barely minimum wage jobs, few of which offer any […]

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Three Signs That Are Stranger Than Fiction

May 17, 2018

#1 First is what I call the whisper campaign against Sheriff Scott Jones. A series of red signs targeting the Sheriff have popped-up all over the county. Per the story linked below, 140 signs were purchased by the Latino Policy Coalition.   Posters targeting Sheriff Scott Jones inspired by ‘Three Billboards’ movie The poster asks, […]

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CRA Week at UC Berkeley and the #METOO Thing

May 16, 2018

Editor Note: This dispatch from X was sent yesterday but my family activities resulted in a delay. Greetings on a rare Tuesday blog from your humble correspondent! I just wanted to check-in with some thoughts regarding recent goings on in Soviet California.  First, I want to thank the CRA Board and current President Thomas Hudson […]

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Church Discipline: Good in Theory But…

May 7, 2018

Disclaimer #1 Generally speaking, this blog is about what I think and feel. It allows me to work out issues in my life and vent to the ether about things that I see going on around me. I do think that from time-to-time, other folks will agree with me. Disclaimer #2 The topic that I’m […]

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When Internet Ads Attack

May 5, 2018

Cookies are after you. They follow you everywhere. They try to entice you to buy or click on all sorts of things. Once you do a search for something they keep nagging you to buy it, at least until you do a search for something else that they can offer you. Sometimes the results are […]

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Judgement: Law v Spirit

May 4, 2018

Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment. —Jesus In our daily lives we use judgement all the time; in fact we couldn’t function at all without the ability. We would be immobile rocks without it. Sometimes we view it in terms of choices or preference or discrimination or options. Vanilla or chocolate, […]

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How Dare You Judge Me

May 3, 2018

In response to my recent post on youth fleeing the church Universal Trouble in American Churches I was contacted by someone that took offense at the examples that I used to illustrate youth not continuing with church attendance once they reach adulthood. Part of the response read, “How dare you sit on your high horse […]

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