Conservatives, Windmills, Transgender Children, and State of California

Most of us like a David versus Goliath story, but when does David morph into Don Quixote?

There is comedy in the story of David and Goliath, but David ends it in short order. I’m thinking of the part when King Saul loans David his armor.

38 And Saul armed David with his armour, and he put an helmet of brass upon his head; also he armed him with a coat of mail.

39 And David girded his sword upon his armour, and he assayed to go; for he had not proved it. And David said unto Saul, I cannot go with these; for I have not proved them. And David put them off him.

I Samuel 17: 38 – 39

Saul, the King, tells David to wear his armor. David obeys and puts it on. After doing so, it’s clear to David, Saul, and everyone else that it doesn’t fit correctly and will be a hindrance and not a help in his upcoming fight with Goliath. Saul’s royal armor looks ridiculous on David. Instead, David decides to use his shepherd outfit, his everyday clothing, to battle Goliath.

Also, please note that David is only reluctantly approved to fight Goliath after presenting his credentials as a warrior and nobody else in the regular army stepping forward.

32 And David said to Saul, Let no man’s heart fail because of him; thy servant will go and fight with this Philistine.

33 And Saul said to David, Thou art not able to go against this Philistine to fight with him: for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth.

34 And David said unto Saul, Thy servant kept his father’s sheep, and there came a lion, and a bear, and took a lamb out of the flock:

35 And I went out after him, and smote him, and delivered it out of his mouth: and when he arose against me, I caught him by his beard, and smote him, and slew him.

36 Thy servant slew both the lion and the bear: and this uncircumcised Philistine shall be as one of them, seeing he hath defied the armies of the living God.

37 David said moreover, The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee.

I Samuel 17: 32 – 37

Prior to battling Goliath, David had experience, a proven track record, and volunteered when nobody else was willing to fight. Also, he was defending God’s honor and was already anointed as the future King of Israel. Also, the fight with Goliath would be a fair one, at least until it was over. It would be a “Mano-a-Mano” fight.

Now suppose David’s only combat experience was playing Call of Duty in his mom’s basement for the last five years. David’s favorite style of play was a sniper and he had never fired a gun in his life. David talks a good game and claims he could take Goliath with a paintball gun while blindfolded. Do you really think the modern David would last more than one sword strike by Goliath?

Somewhere between the Biblical account and the modern one, we’ve moved from bravery to mockery. Don Quixote fought imaginary enemies not real ones that could kill him.

Lastly, is a more modern take of a Don Quixote-like tale, Field of Dreams. The premise is if you build a baseball field in the middle of nowhere, “they” will come. There is no rational explanation for this, just a blind leap of faith.

What is a political campaign with an idea, strong opposition, and zero funding? This campaign, like Field of Dreams, is to get “it” on the ballot and we will win because “they” will vote for it. Proponents believe in such a campaign even though it has never worked before, but they reason that our cause is so just, it simply must win.

Ok, now I will tell you that the campaign is in California and the topic of said ballot measure is overturning the State’s policy on transgender youth.

The windmill alarm is going off. I agree with the idea but if you think the rainbow mafia is going to roll over and let this happen then you are in windmill land. Oh, you are anyway because gay people in California get electrical power from windmills and drive Teslas.

Here’s the news story from the LA Times.

Supporters of a proposed November ballot initiative wanted the all-important title of their measure to reflect their beliefs, a name like “Protect Kids of California Act.” But Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta saw things differently when his office chose the name signature gatherers must use: “Restricts Rights of Transgender Youth.”

Among its provisions, the initiative in question — which has not yet qualified for the ballot — could require schools to notify parents if a child changed gender identification unofficially or in schools records, such as a roll sheet.

With a May 28 deadline to submit signatures — and 25% of the way to the goal —initiative backers must use the state’s description, which they say is hindering their effort. They have sued the state, claiming the initiative was “branded with a misleading, false, and prejudicial title” A hearing is set for April 19.

Transgender rights vs. parent rights. California goes to court to settle school divide

My first thought on seeing this headline is that Karen England or someone of her ilk is running another fundraising scam on the backs of parents that care about this issue. Like the seven or so recall efforts against Governor Gavin Newsom, this will end not only in failure but in encouraging the transgender agenda to go even further to the Left as no meaningful opposition exists in California.

Second, there is no meaningful amount of money behind this effort. Unless a few billionaire types willing to be cancelled on the same level as Donald Trump get involved, this measure will go nowhere. It used to cost about 3 million dollars to qualify a ballot initiative in California. In the last few years, Democrats have erected further barriers to getting something on the ballot and I suspect it costs even more now. An actual ballot measure campaign would cost north of 30 million to have any chance of getting this passed. Sorry, but in my mind, no amount of money could push this measure over the finish line.

Third, most churches will not involve themselves in this issue. They did nothing when these laws were being passed so why would they act now? I know the allegedly conservative church that I attended in California (which was the largest congregation in the nation in their particular denomination) never did anything on this issue, or abortion, or marriage (since Prop 8), or euthanasia. On paper they were prolife and in favor of traditional marriage, but nothing was ever said from the pulpit that would offend anyone’s sensibilities on these issues. They never once challenged the congregation to stand up for any moral issue in California. In fact, I know a family that had a kid in the congregation go trans and neither the kid nor his parents ever met with the pastor about it and the kid was never put up on charges. The pastor sat on the sidelines; apparently glad he didn’t have to get involved in that mess.

I wish that such a ballot measure would get passed in California but there’s not a snowball’s chance that it might happen. Oh, and even if it did pass, it would be invalidated by some Liberal hack judge before noon on the day after the election. Then the proponents would need another four or five million to litigate it. If the US Supreme Court upheld the law, then the Democrat legislature would have to enact legislation to put the ballot measure into legal force. This will never happen.

Such an effort is tilting at windmills. The hearts of the people in California are too hard and too evil for such an effort to succeed. Ditto for the Christians living there. The vast majority of churches in California won’t support any limitations to the transgender agenda. They believe our society is supposed to get worse. If it gets bad enough, then Jesus will Rapture them away. For them to oppose evil is to defer “the end times.” They will allow any evil to happen as long as they believe it will hasten “the end times.” The rest of the churches just pray in vain that they will be left alone. Such congregations just want to run out the clock as most of the gray-haired folks hope to go to their reward before such evil affects them personally.

The Pearl Parades Perverts

Over the next two months, I will be writing more on this issue. For now, consider this an introduction.


The Pearl Theater in Bonners Ferry is an old building. In fact, it’s an old church building complete with a steeple and a cross on top. Per some recent posts on Facebook, Christian worship ended there a few decades ago.

The Pearl Theater

It has been repurposed as a hub of “The Arts.” In reality, it’s the clubhouse for the homosexual community. The board of the Pearl includes a known satanist and the liberal purveyor of the website

(Note that 9B is the ninth county name starting with the letter “B” in Idaho. Unless you get a custom car licenses plate, the first two digits on the license plate are usually your county designation based on alphabetical order. Thus, 9B is Boundary County and neighboring Bonner County is 7B.)

A few days ago, the Pearl announced that they were going to hold a gay pride rally in mid-June.

Link to Pearl ad for event.

In the midst of this they claimed that the event was funded by grants from the State of Idaho and The Union Pacific Railroad. I can’t show you the original posters for the event because they have all been edited to remove the sponsors that were once listed on them.

This is because our local state senator immediately got involved and as a result, The Pearl printed a retraction of State sponsorship.

The Pearl Theater would like to apologize for mistakenly attributing sponsorship of the upcoming Pride event to several agencies that have generously provided grants to The Pearl Theater. It was an honest mistake and a result of misunderstanding the grant requirements regarding how to properly attribute the funding …

Facebook retraction

As soon as we became aware of the mistake, we quickly corrected it and confirmed with the grant agency that the funds could still be used for the projects as planned.

Yeah right. Senator Herndon set you straight and in short order.

Union Pacific’s name also dropped off the list, but I haven’t seen anyone saying why.

Relevant Recent History

North Idaho, as it’s called locally, is one of the fastest-growing regions of the country. It’s also one of the whitest and home to far-right political movements, some that encourage Christians to flee cities for rural areas like this that are pro-gun and libertarian on issues such as home schooling and vaccines.Demographers say the region is experiencing its third wave of mostly white, conservative transplants moving from California: a trend that particularly gained notoriety in the 1990s, when Southern California police officers retired there after the 1991 Rodney King scandal, when Los Angeles officers were videotaped beating a Black man. Today, it’s not uncommon to hear commercial radio stations running ads for abortion therapy groups. Trump 2020 flags flying in yards next to yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” banners are also a mainstay.

Are Paramilitary Extremists Being Normalized? Look To Idaho For Answers

The Rainbow Mafia has set its sights on the town where I live. Unlike the domain of King Newsom, the community is pushing back. Whatever the turnout for the event, the counter protest will be much bigger.

Just to explain how different things are here in Idaho, let’s go back a few years to BLM supporters protesting in Idaho.

When Black Lives Matter protests broke out across the country after the police killing of George Floyd this summer, Schroeder watched as small groups of high school and college-aged protesters in Coeur d’Alene were met with as many as 400 civilians, mostly white men, purporting to be their “protectors.”

Brandishing assault rifles, the men proclaimed they were there to safeguard local businesses and protesters from a rumored antifa incursion. While the mayor and City Council described their armed presence as potentially “reassuring,” some protesters said the true goal was intimidation.

‘No Body of Men:’ A militia movement, recast, takes to the streets of North Idaho

Yep, at BLM protests in Idaho, the guys that showed up to protect businesses far outnumbered the protesters. Oh, and open carrying of firearms is legal so all these guys were armed to the teeth. As a result, the BLM protests died out quickly and no businesses were harmed by otherwise undeterred criminals.

Here’s another story from 2020.

Monday was the first night that people carrying rifles and wearing tactical gear began appearing on the streets of Sherman Avenue, an apparent response to debunked rumors that out-of-town agitators were plotting property damage in the city by the lake. Instead, protests in Coeur d’Alene have remained largely peaceful, and those who have taken to the streets have expressed solidarity with those armed.

That’s not the case 50 miles to the north in Sandpoint, according to Mayor Shelby Rognstad.

“None of the young protesters I spoke with felt any safer in the presence of these armed vigilantes,” Rognstad wrote in a lengthy Facebook post Wednesday evening. “Rather, they felt scared, intimidated and in some cases harassed. None of the downtown business owners I have since spoken to felt any safer from the militant presence.”

Armed presence in North Idaho towns questioned by some politicians, business owners

Coincidentally, these protests and counter-protests happened at the time my wife and I were making our initial scouting trip of Idaho in June 2020 as part of our plan to leave California. Hearing that the number of people providing an armed response was greater than the BLM protesters is one reason that we chose to move to Idaho.

I fully expect a similar type of overwhelming pushback for the event at the Pearl. I know that plans are underway to execute a response and that these efforts will be replicated in various parts of the community.

Back to the Current Situation

Meanwhile, the Rainbow Mafia is running a campaign on Facebook to try and normalize homosexual behavior. As one would expect, this is thinly veiled attack on Christians and others that believe in God. After denouncing that God exists or the Bible is His Word, they then try to quote verses about loving your neighbor. They use these tactics to try to cow people into backing down. Sadly, this works on many people that think God is Love but don’t know what that means.

Eventually, it always comes down to man being the measure of all things, which logically denies that His revealed Word is the final authority. They want sin normalized or at least graded on the curve—as they define it—so they can measure up.

The syllogism would be something like this:

God is Love, Ellen loves Eve, therefore, Ellen’s love is what God commanded. Thus, Elen’s sin is virtuous.

To which I would add, if sin is virtuous, then why did Jesus have to die?

The error in the logic is great, but then this is an emotional argument intended to justify and rationalize, not one intended to bear-up under questioning. They deny God exists—although the Bible says they are liars because they know he does. They just use the mention of God as cover for the strawman they substitute for him in their major premise. They are self-deceived and dead in their trespasses and sin.

When I next write on the subject, I plan to look at some posts put up in support of the event and the lifestyle it embraces.

Megan Rapinoe is the worst kind of person

Megan Rapinoe; aka the purple haired girl formerly on the women’s (can I use that term Megan?) soccer team; aka the girl who in her last game tore her ACL and claimed there was no God, is shooting off her mouth again.  This time her vile stink was slung at a fellow women’s (again, is this offensive to you Megan?) national team player.  Check this out.

U.S. Women’s National Team midfielder Korbin Albert issued an apology on social media after she liked and shared posts mocking soccer star Megan Rapinoe and the LGBTQ+ community.

Fans on social media noticed Albert, 20, had liked and shared several videos on TikTok and Instagram that included anti-LGBTQ+ messaging, including one post making fun of Rapinoe’s injury in the final game of her career.

U.S. Soccer’s Korbin Albert Apologizes for Her ‘Disrespectful’ Posts Mocking Megan Rapinoe and LGBTQ+ Community

Albert, it should be noted, wears Megan’s former number 15.  Rapinoe skewered her and put her on blast….

“For people who want to hide behind ‘my beliefs’ I would just ask one question, are you making any type of space safer, more inclusive, more whole, any semblance of better, bringing the best out of anyone?” Rapinoe wrote in her Instagram story.

The message continued, “Because if you aren’t, all you believe in is hate. And kids are literally killing themselves because of this hate. Wake, TF up! Yours truly, #15.”

Rapinoe concluded her story by writing, “For all my trans homie enduring this horrific treatment day in and day out I see you and hear you and I am WITH YOU.”

Wow.  This is coming from the tolerant left?  No surprise.  Albert I will note attends Notre Dame University and was likely raised in a Roman Catholic (oh my, bad Megan…. hateful right-wing cult) family.  Megan, being the nasty vile person she is, has now sic’d her hateful followers on Albert.  Her followers have one goal, to seek and destroy anyone who dares speak out or have an opinion that isn’t Group Think.  I would love to see the DM’s (direct messages) Albert has received, I bet it’s full of hate. 

Congrats Megan.  You won.  You aren’t even Transgender, but you feel you must lead a small army of folks who have massive mental health issues like yours, to destroy any opposition or contrary opinions.  At my business, thanks to your soldiers, we no longer have a men’s and women’s bathrooms, they are “restrooms.”  The building is populated almost entirely females, as some offices have private bathrooms for their staff.  The female employees (oh wait…ummm persons with a vagina) have been complaining that the toilet seats have urine on them, or the floor has urine on it.  Congrats Megan… you won!  At my favorite Mexican Restaurant, we have a women’s restroom, and something called a family restroom.  I guess a family that pee’s together, stays together?  Which restroom does the biological male choose Megan?

As far as hate goes?  How about stop inflicting hate on groups you do not like?  It’s obvious you hate white men and women; however, allow me to point out, the only, and I mean only group who supports trans folks, are older white men and women.  Check the polling data out.  You want to know what groups hate you, Megan?  Black, Hispanic and Asians.  Big Time.  Again, check it out.  Want to know what other groups hate your LBGTQ lifestyle?  Middle Eastern folks.  Again, check it out, coming out and being discovered as a member of the alphabet soup can lead to death.  Yup.  Afghanistan?  They are going to bring back public stoning.  Oh, check out how their judicial system works.  They think you committed a crime… you are guilty, it’s a sham trial.  But hey, the USA is terrible right?

Hate religion? Ok, then religious holidays no longer apply to you!  No time and a half pay because you do not believe in a God.  You are required to report to work and work you will on that day.  It shouldn’t be a big deal working on Christmas, right?  BTW should we cancel Christmas altogether?  Last I checked it’s a Mr. and Mrs. Claus not trans/gay/lesbian couple.  So, let’s get rid of it right?

Megan…may I make a suggestion; you won’t listen but let me try.  It’s called “live and let live”.  You should understand some folks will not support your lifestyle (you are married to another woman, so I call it a lesbian “marriage”) however since it is the law of the land (at least for now), I am happy for you and your partner.  I attend church services once a week… how about we agree to a cease fire?  As far as trans folks go, if you are over 18 by all means you do you.  I just want folks to understand the consequences down the road, as I feel this isn’t discussed at all.  If a bakery won’t do a wedding cake etc. for LBGTQ folks, find another one?  Why try to destroy that business?  The logic is simple, an LBGTQ friendly store likely won’t make a GOP/Nazi/KKK etc. cake.  Just find a different store.  Some people believe in God, others don’t. The believers go to church or watch it… the non-believers do not attend.  Frankly it doesn’t bother me.  But why not live and let live?

Finally, I want to run a scenario by you Megan.  Say its 4 years ago, you are still playing professionally.  I join your team. I am a 27-year-old white male biologically, but since I started puberty blockers and doing estrogen injections, as far as your sport is concerned, I’m cleared to partake.  I make the team since I possess a body and skill set superior to your teammates.  Of course, I have your support and likely some of your teammates, right?  I’m trans so you better support me, right?  It doesn’t matter if I start, come off the bench, or seldom play because I made the team.  The game/practice ends, and we go back to the locker room.  It’s time to dress down, shower etc.  I have long hair, and have shaved everywhere else on my body, but I have all my male parts still.  You going to be completely naked around me?  You ok with me being naked around you?  Would your teammates care?  Carli Lloyd seemed fairly outspoken that she wouldn’t accept me.  What would your reaction be Megan?

Best part Megan is you don’t have to react.  You have retired.  Your safe space is the 5-million-dollar apartment you and your partner Sue Bird own.  It’s likely one of many properties you call your own.  The biggest decision you have to make is what Michelin Star restaurant to eat at.  You likely attend an exclusive gym for only the super wealthy.  You have zero interaction with the unwashed masses you claim to care about.  You are the worst kind of person. You’re just another limousine liberal trying to tell the rest of us how to live. Be better. Start a support group for trans people.  Share what trans people want/need to feel included.  Quit glorifying countries that hate folks like you.  Need I remind you Britney Griner was arrested, jailed, and convicted in Russia likely because she is a girl, black, and a lesbian.  Be an agent of change.  Stop your hate.

Jake the Snake

Editor’s Comment: I think Korbin Albert should have stuck to her original comments. Megan’s real problem is God not Albert. Megan doesn’t like being reminded that she is wrong. (See Romans 1:21-32) She resorts to blustering and bullying and tries to cancel those that disagree with her. Too bad. It’s curious that often the loudest voice is the one that’s in the wrong. They hope their volume will drown out the rest of us.

Nikki Haley is a Horrible Candidate

First, I will start by saying that I really wanted to like Nikki Haley but the more I learn about her, the more convinced I am that she is the type of Republican that is harmful for America; especially, in times like this.

I started writing a previous post on Republican candidates but before I finished, more concerning info came to light, and I scrapped it. However, here is the part about Haley.

Yep, there are folks running for President—not named Biden—that are unfit for the office because they support the mutilation of children in the name of transgenderism. Somehow, they view liberty as the right to forcibly remove someone else’s genitals. I guess once we decided that dismemberment of children was a rite that women could exercise to rid themselves of offspring that this type of mutilation would eventually logically follow but …

Anyway, here they are in their own words:

Chris Christie

“I don’t think that the government should ever be stepping into the place of the parents in helping to move their children through a process where those children are confused about their gender,” Mr Christie said.

The former governor has instead indicated that he would consider legislation that requires parents to be involved in a child’s decision to seek gender-affirming care.

“Folks who are under the age of 18 should have parental support and guidance and love as they make all of the key decisions in their life and this should not be one that’s excluded by the government in any way,” he said.

What the GOP candidates have said about transgender rights

“Republicans believe in less government, not more and less involvement with government, not more government involvement in people’s lives,” Christie replied. “I trust parents, and we’re out there saying that we should empower parents in education. We should empower parents to make more decisions about where their kids go to school. I agree. We should empower parents to be teaching the values that they believe in in their homes without the government telling them what those values should be. And yet we want to take other parental rights away.”

Republican debate: Fact-checking transgender comments that sparked GOP divide onstage

Please note that I had to lead with Governor Christie. As the rest of America knows; especially anyone knowledgeable about California, parents have zero say in the decision of children to “transition” unless they are the ones initiation the change. Like minors getting abortion, anyone with knowledge of a child doing that is legally forbidden to inform the parents. Please note that in the case of transgenderism, the parent’s insurance is obligated to pay but barred from informing the parents.

Christie’s appeal to the government to stay out of the way is a baldfaced lie. He either knows he is lying, which makes him unfit for office, or he thinks he is telling the truth which also makes him unfit for office.

The legal position of California and the Biden Administration is that transgenderism should be encouraged and kept from their parents. In many states, and in the view of the Biden Administration, those who disagree are unfit to be parents or adoptive parents. Some states say that disagreeing with transgenderism is grounds to remove children from their parents. Christie knows this and still has the gall to spew the trash about a decision between parents and their children, HA.

The proper role of government is to protect its citizens. The government is obligated to protect children from predators be they Jeffery Epstein, Planned Parenthood, or evil family members. Mutilation of children should never be permitted; especially, in the name of “choice”.

Having stated the above, let’s look at Nikki Haley.

Former South Carolina governor and current presidential candidate Nikki Haley, as it turns out, is of the same breed. In a recent interview with CBS, a host asked her: “What care should be on the table when a 12-year-old child in this country assigned female at birth says, ‘actually I feel more comfortable living as a boy’? What should the law allow the response to be?” Haley should have challenged the framing of the question – the ideological nonsense of “assigned female at birth” or referring to transgender quackery as “care.” Instead, Haley caved. 

“I think the law should stay out of it and I think parents should handle it. This is a job for the parents to handle,” Haley responded. “And then when a child becomes 18, they can do that. But I think up until then – we see with our teenage kids, they go through a lot in puberty. They go through a lot of confusion, they go through a lot of anxiety, they go through a lot of pressures. We should support them, the whole way through, but we don’t need to go in and force something in schools. We don’t need schools sitting there hiding from parents what gender pronouns their kids are using. We don’t need to have those conversations in schools. Those are conversations that should be had at home.”

At the December 6 Republican presidential primary debate, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis highlighted Haley’s prevarications. “I did a bill in Florida to stop the gender mutilation of minors. It’s child abuse, and it’s wrong,” DeSantis said. “She opposes that bill. She thinks it’s fine and the law shouldn’t get involved with it. If you’re not willing to stand up for the kids, if you’re not willing to stand up and say that it is wrong to mutilate these kids, then you’re not going to fight for the people back home. I will fight for you, and I will win for you.” This is precisely how conservatives should be talking about transgender surgeries – as usual, DeSantis speaks with moral clarity and gets the big issues right.

Haley responded by attempting to dodge the question; when pushed, she pretended she didn’t say what she said on CBS. “I never said that,” she claimed. “I said that if you have to be 18 to get a tattoo, you should have to be 18 to have anything done to check your gender.” She clearly recognized the attack could hurt her. “You said the law should stay out of it,” DeSantis reminded her.

Republicans like Nikki Haley aren’t conservative if they won’t protect kids from transgender insanity

Reporting on the same Presidential Debate, Breitbart noted:

While Haley and Christie claim that the government does not have a role in protecting children from pro-transgender sexual mutilation, Democrats across the country are actively working to disempower parents who oppose gender ideology…

Chris Christie Joins Nikki Haley: Feds Should Not Ban Child Sex Changes

Following this abysmal rebuke of American parents, Haley got a 70-million-dollar campaign boost from the Koch (pronounced “COKE”) brothers. Remember them? These guys really hate Donald Trump. They are the financial architects of the George W Bush campaign. Like Haley, they believe in perpetual wars all over the planet. Think NEOCONs.

Four weeks before the first-in-the-nation caucuses, former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in this state over Republican rivals Haley and Ron DeSantis.

So commanding, in fact, that the Haley campaign and Americans for Prosperity Action, the advocacy group founded by billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch, aren’t trying to win over Trump supporters. The Koch group reported in July it amassed more than $70 million — roughly the same amount President Joe Biden’s campaign raised last quarter.

That money will be spent to ensure Haley, the Koch network’s preferred candidate and a favorite of the Wall Street donor class, makes a strong showing on Jan. 15. She has said she’s aiming to finish second, ahead of DeSantis. Americans for Prosperity Action is also planning to boost candidates in other state and local races.

Nikki Haley Aims for Second Place With Koch Group’s $70 Million

Haley also unconditionally supports Israel.

“We have three priorities when we look at Israel: Support Israel with whatever they need whenever they need it,” Haley said. “Eliminate Hamas, not weaken them — eliminate Hamas. And do everything we can to bring our hostages home.”

Nikki Haley says she would support Israel, strengthen U.S. military as president

… when she talked to Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu on the recent conflict with Hamas, she had one thing to tell him: “Finish them.”

Nikki sounds like she wants genocide in Gaza.

Oh, here’s some statistics on the war. These are from October 7th forward.

    Here are the latest casualty figures as of January 9 at 4:00pm in Gaza (14:00 GMT):


    Killed: at least 23,210 people, including more than:

    9,600 children

    6,750 women

    Injured: more than 59,167, including at least:

    8,663 children

    6,327 women

    Missing: more than 8,000


    Killed: about 1,139 people

    Injured: at least 8,730

    Israel-Gaza war in maps and charts: Live tracker

    According to the latest data from the UN’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Palestinian government as of January 9, Israeli attacks have damaged:

    More than half of Gaza’s homes – 359,000 residential units have been destroyed or damaged

    370 educational facilities

    30 out of 35 hospitals not functioning

    121 ambulances

    221 places of worship

    Please note the following highlights from above:

    In Gaza, half of all houses have been destroyed and 85 percent of the population is displaced.

    Folks, given those numbers, it’s just a matter of time before the refugees start streaming to Western countries.

    Nikki is OK with all of this. There is no talk of peace from anyone in Israel or the United States. Nikki also is on record as saying if elected, the first thing she will do is give Israel whatever they need.

    So, if you like sending our youth to die overseas, the Koch Brothers say she is your only choice. Nikki is also your best bet to lose your children to the cult of transgenderism. So, if you want to be rid of children and any hope of grandchildren, Nikki Haley is your best bet.

    Nikki Haley, the Republican candidate best positioned to insure American has no tomorrow.

    Perverts Kill Miss Universe Contest

    Yep, a property that Donald Trump owned for many years has finally hit the dust bin, and deservedly so. Shortly after the Miss Universe contest announced that they would allow transvestite entries, they filed for bankruptcy. If this reminds you of my recent post on Victoria’s Secret, it should. Here are the details. Trump owned Miss Universe from 1996 to 2015.

    Trump owned the Miss Universe Organization between 1996 and 2015. After making comments about Mexican immigrants that prompted the termination of the pageant’s partnerships with NBC and Univision, he sold the organization to International Management Group

    A Trans Tycoon Just Bought Miss Universe — The Pageant Trump Owned for Years

    It looks like International Management Group owned the organization from 2015 to 2022.

    On Wednesday, it was announced that Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip — a Thai media tycoon who has been open about her experiences as a trans woman — purchased the pageant for $20 million, CNN reports. Jakrajutatip is also the CEO of JKN Global Group PCL, a Thailand-based media distribution company.

    One year later, JKN Global filed for bankruptcy.

    While the 2023 Miss Universe pageant, known for its inclusion transgender contestants, will still take place this Saturday, the JKN Global Group behind it filed for bankruptcy just days before the event.

    Thai business tycoon and transgender activist Anne Jakrajutatip of the JKN Global Group bought the organization for $20,000,000 in 2022. Jakrajutatip, who has international fame as a transgender celebrity, described the purchase at the time as “a strong, strategic addition to our portfolio.”

    Company behind Miss Universe files for bankruptcy after accepting transgender contestants

    Ok, one thought before I start slamming this situation. Is the chick with a dick that owns this contest leaving all the company liabilities in the existing corporation and exploiting a loophole to place assets into a new corporation, or is this disturbed person really broke? Either way, it’s yet another example of “Go Woke, Go Broke”.

    Now for some random thoughts. The Rolling Stone article quoted above also makes some accusations against Trump. These guys really hate conservatives and especially Trump, so this is no surprise. But let’s look at their dig.

    Throughout the time Trump owned the pageant, he made creepy comments about the women who competed on the show, while some former Miss USA contestants claimed he walked into teen dressing rooms while they were changing.

    “He just came strolling right in,”  former Miss Arizona Tasha Dixon told CBS LA. “There was no second to put a robe on or any sort of clothing or anything. Some girls were topless. Others girls were naked. Our first introduction to him was when we were at the dress rehearsal and half-naked changing into our bikinis.”

    A Trans Tycoon Just Bought Miss Universe — The Pageant Trump Owned for Years

    Let’s assume their complaint about Trump walking into the room where the models/contestants were changing is true. Rolling Stone has a problem with this. Sorry but I must dissent at least somewhat. Models always have people attending to them. These helpers are not only around them when dressing but these folks are touching, poking, and prodding them. It’s part of the make-up process to have people making changes to your appearance prior to going in front of the camera.

    Again, Rolling Stone has a problem with Trump allegedly doing that but a guy who walks in the changing room gets a pass from them because he’s wearing a dress instead of a suit. Sorry but that’s just weird. Under the hood, they both started out with the same factory plumbing.

    Just because the guy that owns the competition thinks he’s a girl, is not what sunk the enterprise. It was when he forced his values onto the audience by allowing transvestites/transsexuals into a women’s beauty contest that he went too far. Just like with Victoria’s Secret, folks expect to see hot women in beautiful clothing. Spectators don’t want to check all the babes for packages at events such as this. They want to see the best that God has created, not some fake crap thrust upon them as equivalent to the genuine article.

    Oh, wanna bet that Disney has rights to broadcast this competition in US markets?

    Nope, it was on Fox before Trump sold it but now, “Viewers in the US will be able to watch Miss Universe 2023 on The Roku Channel and Telemundo.”

    That the competition is on Roku and Telemundo says a lot for where it ranks in the pop culture hierarchy.

    Yet again Liberals have to control it or kill it.

    Chronicles of Narnia to Get Barbie Makeover

    Yes, dear readers. The C.S. Lewis classic children’s stories are getting a makeover by Barbie. Here’s the news stories:

    July 7, 2023

    Known for her highly anticipated movie BARBIE, sources confirmed Greta Gerwig is set to direct a new Netflix adaption of NARNIA. 

    The Hollywood Reporter stated, “There is no official announcement but the New York reported that Gerwig has a deal to direct two films in author C.S Lewis’ NARNIA franchise.”

    Additionally IDN reported, “According to a recent profile piece in The New Yorker, Gerwig will helm at least two Narnia movies for Netflix as part of the streamer’s long-gestating plans to bring the beloved Chronicles of Narnia series to life through multiple movies and TV shows.”

    Barbie move’s Ken with members of the Village People

    November 13, 2023

    Netflix film chief Scott Stuber recently revealed why he made a deal with Greta Gerwig to adapt C.S. Lewis’ “Chronicles of Narnia” books for the streaming service.

    Variety executive editor Brent Lang asked Stuber, “I want to ask you about some upcoming films. You have Greta Gerwig adapting C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. Why did you decide to make that deal? What about her as a filmmaker made you feel like that was a good fit with that material?”


    While production hasn’t started yet, Netflix is hoping to begin filming sometime next year.

    Stuber told Collider, “Well, I think people know that we’re aspirationally trying to get Greta Gerwig’s NARNIA together and get that movie, which will be next year.”

    Ok, color me skeptical. First her name is Greta. Sorry but every Greta that I know of is literally a flaming Liberal.

    Greta Thornburg–spoiled eco brat

    Second, she directed Barbie. Yes, I know the movie made lots of money but yuck. Aside from all the woke stuff in it, it looks like she gave the franchise the “Speed Racer” treatment. Live people with computer animated backgrounds.

    Speed Racer movie Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci

    Sorry folks but I see no way that the Narnia series survives this lady and her companions. And maybe that’s the point.

    The Walden Media movies lost much of the spirit of Narnia and got progressively worse as they went on. Walden lost much of the Christian message in the books simply because they didn’t stick with the story; instead opting to make Naria a Marvel lite action series. Wanna bet the Walt Disney Company forced many of these changes to the scripts because they had distribution rights to the movies? (If memory served me, Disney killed the distribution of future films, thus killing any further Narnia projects by Walden Media.)

    Sorry but Narnia is about characters making choices and then bearing the consequences of their actions. It is more cerebral than action oriented. The action has a purpose and is not just a series of scenes of gratuitous violence strung together for the purposes of entertainment.

    I really doubt that Netflix will allow the Narnia series to be made without making characters homosexual or trans just so they can check the politically correct boxes mandated by Hollywood. Then there’s the white witch. Do they keep her white, and make all the children members of various minority groups?

    Can an overtly Christian book series really translate once they get done with it? Color me super pessimistic. I think this is a backhanded way of destroying Narnia. They want it to fail and in such a way that the message is that Lewis books just aren’t marketable.

    Remember that Liberals kill what they can’t control.

    Megan Rapinoe A Wasted Life

    Yep, earlier this year Megan got the boot from Victoria’s Secret. Thanks to her efforts, their sales decreased 20 percent.

    The brand, known for hiring beautiful models, has tried to diversify its models over the past few years, including plus-size and transgender representatives. However, the rebrand attempt has not translated to increased sales , with the outlet’s projected revenue for this year at $6.2 billion, down by almost 20% compared to 2020’s $7.5 billion .

    Victoria’s Secret goes back to basics after DEI marketing tanks sales

    Part of the attempted rebrand included hiring Megan Rapinoe , an athlete and activist who has advocated transgender women competing in women’s sports …

    The sales haven’t backed up Victoria’s Secret’s new message, though. So now, they’re attempting to “bring sexy back.”

    Victoria’s Secret Makes Decision On Megan Rapinoe

    One news outlet put it this way:

    But it seems the brand [Victoria’s Secret] won’t be going forward with Rapinoe …

    It’s a good thing that Victoria’s Secret is going back to their roots; namely, beautiful women that can please their men.

    Megan is a fringe person living a fringe life.

    Having failed to define beauty for American pop culture—something us red-blooded American men knew about .03 seconds after seeing want Megan looks like—yesterday, Megan tried her hand at theology. It didn’t go well.

    It seems while the Pope was busy firing Bishops that were too Catholic for his tastes, Megan was playing soccer. It was the last game of her career; literally. Megan wanted to go out with a bang and ended up going out whimpering. Megan decided her failure was God’s fault.

    “I’m not a religious person or anything and if there was a god, like, this is proof that there isn’t,” Rapinoe said. “This is fucked up. It’s just fucked up. Six minutes in and I eat my Achilles.”

    Megan Rapinoe says championship injury ‘proof’ there isn’t a god

    Megan there is a God in Heaven, you are just in rebellion against Him. Just like the rest of us, you need to yield to Him or face the consequences. Since you haven’t yielded, you get to abide under His wrath until you repent or draw your last breath. Your choice.

    For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful: Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

    Romans 1: 26 – 32

    Megan, you are the poster child for Andrew Isker’s Trashworld and all that is wrong with our culture. You are a broken and pathetic individual. If you thought Saturday was a bummer, just wait. Apart from God you can never be happy or fulfilled. You can fill that hole in your heart with anything you want but it won’t work.

    God punishes the wicked. They may appear to get away with stuff in this life but none of us escape death or the judgement.

    Megan, what people see in you is something I can never understand. Perhaps you could get a gig on The View. They have a whole panel of women just as miserable and unhappy as you are.

    Book Review: The Boniface Option

    We don’t do many book reviews on the website but this one deserves some attention. This book is primarily written by a man for men, to help them be better men, fathers, and leaders of their families. The author pulls no punches, and everyone gets a poke in the nose at some point through this book. Frankly, I wish it had a few more footnotes in it because it assumes that you know it’s references to pop culture, history, theology, and other areas of life. While this can make a good book in this present moment, it will age terribly.

    Author Andew Isker

    I would also recommend “How the Irish Saved Civilization” as background to some comments made by the author. Ironically, I doubt he has ever read the book. St. Patrick often evangelized Ireland by going to a city and creating a Christian community on the outskirts of a city that showed the difference that being a Christian could make to the way we live our lives. It sounds like this idea was picked up a few years ago in a book the author does reference, The Benedict Option. The author of the Boniface Option rejects the idea of retreat into Christian Communities (ghettos in the eyes of some) and instead advocates that we actively fight against the Trashworld.

    The Boniface Option uses a few terms repeatedly, one being “Trashworld. From page xi:

    “The society we have is already an anti-human one. It is already one designed to remove from you all that made life meaningful and fulfilling. It has torn you from people and place. It is designed to make you isolated, lonely, and, above all else, totally docile.”

    “I use the term Trashworld to describe this dystopian society.”

    Another concept mentioned in various ways is references to homosexuality. The homosexual attitude is described on pages xii and xiii as living only for now, following the basest urges, and no thought for the future.

    “The gayness of “fake and gay” is not merely some schoolyard slur. There is deep meaning to this, too. The homosexual is not just a sexual deviant. His very nature and the very center of his identity is a man whose urges take precedence over all else.”

    “For the homosexual, insatiable desires must be pursued even knowing it will cost him his life. In economic terms, he is the ultimate high-time-preference man. He only lives in the present. There is no thought for the future.”

    “In short, the homosexual is both the apex consumer and the easiest personality to manipulate and lord over… the gayness of Trashworld is our rulers’ social engineering of the population to create the exact same ethos of the homosexual in everyone, regardless of their sexual tastes. They want you to be spiritually homosexual whether or not they can make you actually homosexual. They want everyone uprooted and alone.”

    The third term permeating this book is “bugman”. Bugman is described as one stripped away from family, people, and place and made “a willing vessel for the religion and culture of the globo-homo world order.”

    Once stripped of their identity, children then go to college and “… are presented with a Pleasure Island where hedonism and sexual exploration are the carrot to the stick of ideological cajoling by leftist, anti-Christian faculty.”

    After college, people are just bugs in the hive.

    The book is in two halves, first the idols of Trashworld and then transforming Trashworld.

    The author describes his realization of Trashworld on pages 30 and 31. Below are some parts of that story.

    I remember the day I realized I was living in Trashworld. I once took my wife on a date to a restaurant in a hip retail and entertainment development in an affluent suburb of a large American city. Full of trendy bars and restaurants and complete with tiny, absurdly overpriced studio apartments above them. The place was filled with twenty- and thirty-somethings … What I did remember about this place was that there was not a single child anywhere. Not only not at the particular restaurant, but anywhere in that entire development. The place was designed specifically for childless people… It was designed for a spiritually homosexual people, for whom life is a matter of consuming fleeting pleasures… I will never forget how overcome I was with melancholy upon the realization that this place, this lifestyle could only be achieved when built upon a mountain of tens of millions of dead babies… the murder of children, the abandonment of all sexual mores, and the destruction of the household is dedicated: so that you can live on Pleasure island without ever turning into a donkey.

    “… if Satan were to design a society where every lust and every sinful desire could be freely pursued, and men would then feel the maximum possible misery, how much different from our society would it look?” page 36.

    And yes, this book does take some serious swipes at conservatives. Here’s some excerpts from pages 67 and 68.

    “You will need the faint-hearted, conflict-averse conservatives who are ostensibly on your side …”

    “… much force is needed to get conservatives to see that the idols that they rightly detest are downstream from the idols they are comfortable with.”

    “Conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit.”

    “If you are not asking questions that will outrage conservatives from time to time, even if you think you are a radical, you are actually going the speed limit … and still going the wrong way.”

    Andrew Isker dismantles those who think the Second Amendment is their refuge with one question, if the SWAT teams comes knocking on your door, who in your friend’s list can you call that will show up to defend you?

    Again, this book is directed to men to start acting like men. Ladies, you are also welcome to read the book but just know that you will get your toes stepped on also. The topics are provocative and intended to be. I think part 2 of the book could be fleshed out more but it’s a great read at just over 160 pages.

    GOP Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is Trash

    Yup I said it.  Her behavior at the performance of Beetlejuice was white trash.

    First some background Lauren Boebert is a Republican Congress woman from Colorado.  She is very conservative, probably one of the most far right in Congress.  She is famous for being very attractive and she carries a gun.  She used to own a business where the wait staff openly carried as well, the business closed.  She is very outspoken about trans/LBGTQ and other issues.  The left views her as the anti-Christ.  She is a second term congress member, who barely won a second term in a very red district.  I predict she will be beaten in the primary or lose in the general this go round.

    Check out her behavior a week ago at said Beetlejuice performance.

    Michael Keaton–from the movie Beetlejuice

    Two sources also confirmed to 9News that Boebert was vaping, a prohibited action that ushers attempted to address with her several times.

    A pregnant woman reportedly confronted Boebert and asked the congresswoman to stop vaping, the New York Post reported. But Boebert refused.

    Lauren Boebert says she ‘fell short of values’ after Beetlejuice groping video

    I don’t give a crap about vaping, it’s not smart but if a pregnant women (or man, I’m based in CA so can’t assume gender) asks you to stop, stop.  But it gets far worse for Boebert.

    The CCTV video also shows Boebert’s guest fondling her breasts after they had taken their seats. Boebert is also seen petting her guest’s crotch in the venue.

    Wow.  I saw the video and it is that bad.  Looks like high school first gf/bf behavior.  He (her date, Boebert is freshly divorced) had his hand literally in a full cup over her breast.  If you didn’t see the video imagine her dates hand replacing her bra, it’s that bad, in public at a theatre no less.  As far as her grabbing his crotch, yep that looks bad too, almost appears she is trying to jerk him off.

    Boebert and her date were later removed by security in the second act of the musical as their disruptive behavior continued.

    The CCTV footage shows a blurred-out gesture that Boebert flashed at theater security as she was escorted out. Business Insider reported that the gesture appeared to be a middle finger.

    Wow, the middle finger to security ejecting you after your “behavior” yikes.  But it gets even better, trust me.

    According to a report of the confrontation from theater security, Boebert and her guest became argumentative with officials. “Do you know who I am?” the congresswoman allegedly asked, according to the theater security report.

    “Do you know who I am” is classic mean girl/boy behavior.  She is exactly what is wrong with our country.  The rules don’t apply to her.  She, like most, thinks she is way more important than she is.  She should be setting a good example, instead yikes.  So, I guess she thinks having lewd behavior in public and vaping is ok?  Wild move.

    Oh, it gets even better.

    She is one of the most far-right representatives in Congress, widely known for bigoted statements she has made against LGBTQ+ people, Muslims and other marginalized communities.

    A report from the Advocate, the LGBTQ+ news outlet, noted that the man who accompanied her to Beetlejuice was a Democrat named Quinn Gallagher who is the proprietor of a bar that has hosted LGBTQ+ events and drag performances, which have often been targets of the political right.

    Yup she was out on a date with an owner of a bar who espouses the things she claims to be against.  While I don’t hate her for that it’s a bad look, optics aren’t great. 

    Boebert apologized for her behavior in a Friday evening statement.

    “The past few days have been difficult and humbling, and I’m truly sorry for the unwanted attention my Sunday evening in Denver has brought to the community,” Boebert, as reported by the Colorado Sun.

    Boebert added that her “public and difficult divorce” has created a “challenging personal time for me and my entire family”.

    “I’ve tried to handle it with strength and grace as best I can, but I simply fell short of my values on Sunday,” Boebert said.

    In May, Boebert filed for divorce from her husband, Jayson, after a long marriage.

    Falling short on her values in the understatement of the century.  Her divorce got to her, but her true colors came out.  Boebert should know better she is essentially public enemy number 1 of the left and the media.  When you are wanted like her you have to stay out of the limelight.

    Parody site Babylon Bee hit her with: Lauren Boebert Attempts To Smooth Things Over With New Line Of Purity Rings

    Here is a little bit of life advice folks.  Fellas if your girlfriend/wife is playing with your crotch in a public setting, aka anywhere outside of your home/bedroom, she is no prize.  Ladies, if your husband/boyfriend puts his hand over your breasts in public he is no prize.  This is white trash behavior out of both of them.  No one wants to see this type of behavior in public.  Honestly if you and your date are this horned up, get a hotel or find a bedroom and do the dirty, its gross.

    I truly hope Boebert is able to get her life under control, the video and her actions that night make it appear she was under the influence of quite a bit of alcohol and/or drugs.  She blames her divorce, but folks a divorce does not give you the right to act the fool in public.  Frankly if I can be honest, the only thing missing from her escapades that night was her pulling her dates pants down and giving him a BJ right there in the theatre.

    In closing Boebert did say she “fell short of her values” that might be the understatement of the century.

    The Chief

    Trans Rights =/= Parental Rights

    Who wants to be a parent in California right now?  Anyone?  You in the back?  Oh, your hand wasn’t up.  Folks, the hardest job in the world right now in my humble opinion is to be a parent in California.

    Here is my reasoning.

    It used to be if you did anything out of line in school (I am talking daycare, elementary school, high school) your parents were notified.  Yup, you wet your pants, got bad grades, talked back etc. parents were notified, usually with a call from principal, or a note from teacher.  The results at home were never going to be good.  Usually, you prayed your parents would get you late, at least it would prolong the time prior to punishment. 

    Those days are long gone.

    California over the last decade has eroded parental notification in almost every sense of the word.  If you have a girl (biological female) she can have an abortion and you wouldn’t even be aware?  Oh, let’s go one step further, your child’s counselor can drive her to the abortion clinic and again, you would never even be told.  That’s not just the law, it’s in the state constitution.  If a teacher/admin notifies said parent, it’s termination.  You violated that minor person’s rights.  You get no due process.  Meanwhile you will never even know your girl had an abortion done.

    Gets worse though, believe it or not.  Now your child will get to learn about sex-ed on steroids.  Yep, just check out the new books entered into the curriculum these past few years.  Now full-on sex is essentially taught.  Also, gay/lesbian sex as well.  Want multiple partners?  Not a problem.  Oh, by the way you cannot opt your child out of this?  Sorry, even if it’s a religious based reason.  Your child will learn that gay/lesbian sex and relationships are just fine, and you’re beliefs as a parent are bigoted.  Cool.  Maybe this is why at one of my mother’s charter schools (elementary) one student was caught performing oral sex on the opposite gender in a bathroom.  Did either party get in trouble?  Nope, because one student claimed their “parents would kill them” the school brushed it under the rug.  No one found out.  Yep, your child could have been on the receiving/giving end of this and you would never even find out.  Yep.

    Could it get worse?  Yes, far worse.

    Trans activists have gone even further.  It’s scary.  Not only is there a trans heavy curriculum; acceptance, and learning all the genders and pronouns, your child can even play dress up at school!  Yep, if your child decides they don’t want to be David, they would rather be Dana, the school will take care of that.  See after you drop off your child (elementary included btw) and your child tells a teacher/admin they identify as the opposite gender; they are led to a gender-neutral changing room.  Complete with clothing the opposite gender wears.  (Talk about lost and found.) They are free to play dress up.  Even better, the children return to the office prior to you picking them up and change back into the clothing you dropped them off in.  You never even know.  Your child is cosplaying the opposite gender and you will have no clue. 

    Worse yet, did you know when your child is 18, they can/will go to Planned Parenthood and get a prescription for gender therapy drugs?  Yeah, and you again will not know.  They make the kid sign a CYA (cover your booty) disclosure document and poof; they get drugs to alter their sex/gender/look. Oh, under California law, all health insurers are required to pay for these gender bending children, but again it is illegal for you to be notified. After one year on the steroids, they can get their God-given organs cut off, again, thanks in part to mom and dad’s medical insurance. Aren’t you glad Obamacare allows them to be covered on your policy until age 26?

    This above all can and will happen if your child just says they want to be a _____

    My take on the issue is it is a sin and a crime to do this to a child, they are developing and have no idea about their identity yet.  Just because a child goes through mommy’s underwear drawer doesn’t mean they want to be a girl.  Heck even if child is in the men’s/women’s locker room/bathroom and sees a naked person of the same gender and doesn’t hate it doesn’t mean they are gay.  And to keep it from their parents?  WOW, just WOW. Then again, none of the above may apply, once a parent/teacher/authority figure manipulates a child to start down this road, it’s virtually illegal for them to turn back.

    Oh, by the way, two school districts in CA have gone against the state mandate of not notifying parents, and CA Atty General Rob Bonta is suing them both.  Yep, we have our priorities straight, don’t we?  Reading, writing arithmetic (that’s math if you’re from Rio Linda) don’t matter.  But if you want to play dress up… by all means we will provide.

    I blame Caitlyn (Bruce) Jenner for this.  In my opinion this freak show took it mainstream.  Target decided to make their bathroom policy use whichever one you want.  Schools added pronoun education to their curriculum, and laws were put in place to stop corporations from terminating folks who were trans, making them a protected class.  Bathrooms have been mandated to be gender neutral at some locations. 

    At my office our 2 gender specific bathrooms in the hallway were required to be changed.  By orders of the City, they even sent in a very large muscular man to make sure they knew they weren’t kidding.  If that wasn’t enough a $10,000 a day fine would be levied.  At the salsa bar they converted the men’s bathroom to a “family bathroom.”  By the way this likely runs completely contrary to the beliefs of the Hispanic family that owns/runs it.  But oh well.  Conform or be shut down.

    The question we should be asking is why?  Why are we normalizing this behavior?  Why are we going behind parent’s backs?  Check out the suicide rate for transgender folks… it’ll blow your mind.  Do we know what these folks are truly injecting into their bodies?  Do we?  I think there are a lot of older adults who think it’s cute that children are making themselves into a real-life Mr. Potato Head.  But they never thought of the consequences.  You are not just wearing the opposite genders clothes, you are chemically changing your body, blocking certain hormones and adding others.  Your biological body was not supposed to be exposed to this kind of punishment.  This is the part that should be infuriating to a parent, because by the time you likely get around to finding out about your child, it is far too late. Under California law, a parent can go to jail and/or lose custody of said child if they object.

    I want to ask you, if I am a biological boy and I choose after my 18th birthday that I want to be a girl, would you let me?  My answer would be ok, I guess, your body, your choice, and you are technically an adult.  I would be upset and hope my child would reconsider.  My point being, why is it ok for a pre-teen to wear girl’s panties, a skirt, and a short cut top and not let their parents know?  There is more to being a member of the opposite sex then wearing clothes, no matter if you tuck your package or put your fake tits on.

    Still want to have kids in California?  Think long and hard, as it appears some in our schools want to play with your children.

    Also, how in the world did we let a miniscule percentage, a fraction of 1% of the population become shot callers on this?  By God, we are screwed as a country.