Haves vs Have Nots

By Chief

With the coronavirus lockdown continuing until at least May 31, as announced by the Bay Area Counties today, I wanted to examine a new kind of income inequality being created by the government’s ruling class. I was always told when I was younger there were two classes haves and have nots, and that it was capitalism’s fault. Most of my classmates believed it, and as I went through college (also known as finishing school in Europe) all my classmates believed capitalism was the cause of this inequality. Fast forward 10 years and we get government sponsored class warfare. Yes, indeed we do with the government declaring what is essential and non-essential. The economic winners picked by government can continue working while the rest, currently north of 26 million people, are kept in lockdown and essentially under house arrest. This arbitrary situation is furthering the divide not helped it.

Since we are now looking at a June 1st opening date at the very earliest, let’s examine what that means for non-essential workers.

  • They will now be missing at least 4 pay checks (2 in April, and May)
  • Be late/past due on potentially 2 months of rent/mortgage and car payments
  • Likely 60 days’ worth of credit card charges/money borrowed at a large interest clip
  • Student Loans might give you an extra 90 days and then what

In short, significant stress and anxiety about the future.

Even if we take the above at face value, and include a government stimulus of $1,200 plus, and maybe rent/mortgage forbearance, this is a recipe for chaos. Imagine having young children cooped up, yourself included, also a spouse. Nothing to do but look at four walls and a roof…. keep in mind the park may be open, but the jungle gym is closed. How do you keep the kids sane, and the marriage on an even footing? Just because it’s a special circumstance does not stop the past due notices from coming monthly since the mail still comes every day. If you own payments an asset that can be repossessed/foreclosed on, rest assured the lender will make all attempts to re-coup their investment.

Meanwhile, both groups are eligible for the stimulus check and the deal offered by the mortgage company for a year of no payments due to Covid-19.

Contrast that with an essential worker. That person may be required to work, likely under different circumstances, but they remain on the payroll. Essential workers get a pretty sweet deal if you ask me because they receive both the benefits of working and the benefits of the nonessential. Think about the extra money that can be banked while household payments are put off, maybe even interest free?

Which camp would you rather be in? Keep in mind if you were declared a non-essential business you must keep your doors locked. Your landlord may not be quite so forgiving, and one thing is certain, your auto finance lender may be processing re-po paperwork and having it ready.

In closing, this is not to say the haves will be wealthy, as that is not and will not be true. It is strictly to point out that the haves will be able to retain their current lifestyle while the have nots will not be so lucky. As things currently stand, short of an exceptionally large government stimulus on a monthly re-occurring basis, the have nots will not make it out of this is decent shape. Think of it like the banking/financial/credit crisis of 2006-10. Once again if you are not a chosen member of the government class or “essential” to the economy, remember too big to let fail, your life will be forever flipped upside down.

I say forever because many young folks may have placed a down payment on a house, ditto for a car, and now by the power of a few in our government, they are experiencing the loss of everything. Life is in transition as they go from a house in a decent part of town to a studio apartment in a not so nice part; from 2 nice cars, to 1 commuter class car. Their credit is shot, and they may soon be trying to retain a bankruptcy attorney to charge off credit card bills. Mind you the payments could all be made while working, but due to a government mandated shutdown, they were wiped out.

To add insult to injury, any government aid will likely continue to aid everyone, both essential and non-essential. Causing a greater void among those who have, and those who have not.

Keep in mind, the May 31st date to stay under lockdown is a sliding scale, as it has already been pushed back twice. (Editor’s Note: while editing this post, local station KOVR is saying that the stay at home order may not be lifted until October.) In addition, we’ve already witnessed firework shows on July 4th as well as the county and state fairs cancelled. The State Fair typically happens toward the end of July to beginning of August.

I spoke with a couple folks with connections to the Governor and they feel July will be a reasonable time to “open up the economy in tranches.” Oh, by the way; religious services/ball games/and restaurants are near the end of the line, so plan on being long-term out of work; all while folks who are essential continue to remain employed/thriving.


My Feeling about Church Closures

To the Clergy in Hiding,

We are writing to you to express our concerns about the church’s unwillingness to hold any kinds of services or gatherings because of fear.

Embedded in both the history of the Christian Church and our country is the need, dare we say imperative, to meet.

As believers, if there is a crisis in our society then the best place that God’s people can be is in the Church. I’ve never heard of shepherds scattering their sheep as a strategy to protect them from the devil, the flesh, or the world. If you truly believe that Covid-19 rises to the level of an existential threat to our society then we should be before the throne of God begging for mercy not hiding in our homes waiting for the end.

Our country is based on a Constitution that holds freedom of worship and assembly in very high regard. From both a biblical and Constitutional point of view, giving up this right at the request of a civil magistrate is a dubious proposition; one which may be beyond the authority of a civil magistrate to either legally request or enforce; unless you believe that the Church is established and recognized by the State and not by God.

While I do know that certain Reformers did allow in dire situations for churches to be closed or not to meet such as war and pestilence, this was regarded as an extreme measure that might be invoked occasionally in a handful of communities. The idea that such an action could disband all worship in a land of almost 40 million souls or a country of 330 million would be incomprehensible to them.

Several weeks ago, when predictions were most dire and fear was at a high mark, most Churches did decide to suspend all activities. Whether we agree with this or not, it was done.

Later word went out that some Church leaders was considering small group gatherings where worship and Communion would be offered. As the appointed time drew near, the pastoral staff cancelled the proposal. I’m bringing this up because recently I heard clergy say that cancelling any small gatherings was the right call. One minister commented I couldn’t live with myself if I knew that someone had gotten sick as a result of gathering to worship in my congregation.

We cringed when we heard that. First, one could never know if anybody got sick from them in the first place. Covid-19 is the flu not Ebola. It takes up to two weeks to get the illness after exposure. Second, most people never even know they have the illness. Third, where is God in this. Some clergy were considering offering His Sacrament to His people and planning to take extreme precautions to boot but most bailed on the idea altogether.

Dear pastors, the only place the Bible talks about people getting sick from partaking of Communion is when they do so unworthily. A medical doctor one told us that even with a common cup, the transmittal of disease was almost unheard of in medical literature, if the common cup was lined with silver. I would think individual disposable cups would be even more sterile.

Next is the issue of “essential” or “nonessential” work. I was taught long ago that all labor—sacred or secular—is God’s calling on our lives. How does it feel to know that the civil authorities that you are allowing to direct the closure of your church are also calling your ministry “nonessential” and instruct you to remain closed indefinitely but these same magistrates call killing babies at the local Planned Parenthood “essential” work.

Staying home for the sake of “flattening the curve” is not about saving lives or preventing people from being exposed to Covid-19. Flattening the curve is just prolonging the infectious period so the healthcare system doesn’t get overwhelmed. Something which has not happened. Furthermore, many people that work in the healthcare field have lost their jobs or been furloughed as a result of the panic about Covid-19.

If you listen closely to what the civil authorities in California are saying, you’d learn that the church will be shut down for most if not all of the summer. The idea that come May 15th, we all go back to the way it was is not going to happen. In southern California, they have already cancelled large gatherings, like church, for the rest of the year, regardless of whether this action is warranted or not.

If you want to obey the spirit of the closure and still get the church back up and running, then you need to get the entire staff tested for Covid-19 antibodies and then put people to work. Start opening the church and quit waiting for permission.

Depending on which studies you look at, and where they were done, many millions of people in the United States have already recovered from the Corona virus. Given the timeline that this illness has been active in California and your occupation, you likely had it several months ago anyway.

The point is that folks get it, they recover, and life goes on. Which circles back to the fear issue again. We’ve heard a lot from scared and fearful people in our congregations. Sadly, most pastors are right there with them. We, as Christians, are commanded not to fear but to hold fast to Christ. For God has not given us a spirit of fear…

Dear pastor, who lives and who dies is God’s decision and always has been. When your time is up, it won’t matter if you wear a face mask and gloves or nothing at all.

How is it that in ages past great men and women left the comfort of their homes and went to work with the sickly and diseased. We as Christians should not fear men or microbes but only almighty God. Whether David Livingston, Mother Teresa, Eric Liddell, or any of the rest, these folks trusted God for their safety and went about his work. I don’t understand why American pastors can’t do likewise.

Jesus said, “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

It just seems to us that we can stand for Christ, worship our God as he has commanded, and still show deference and respect to the elderly and at risk in our midst.

Imagine being this Naïve

By Johnnie Does

These are all conversations that occurred in real life over the past few days, keep in mind if your scoring at home, these folks all claim to be pro-Trump Republicans with the exception of one.

First up, is a friend of mine, and a close on at that.

Him: I cannot believe we haven’t come up with a vaccine yet!

Me: Well first of all, what exactly are we trying to vaccinate against, we have no idea? There are so many strains of this virus that who even knows what to vaccinate against.

Him: There will be no food shortage, you are reading too much into this thing.

Me: There was a run on toilet paper, which isn’t even an essential item. If all is well then why did the Tyson Foods CEO come out and say the supply chain is breaking? And why are farmers euthanizing chickens and hogs and farmers plowing their crops back into the soil?

Him: (after me telling him I may have had this back in January) Why did we still hang out? Why did you expose me potentially to this?

Me: Because in January no one was discussion this. Also, in that time frame, you guilt tripped me into using my vehicle to buy fencing material for your house. So who exposed whom? Also, most people are asymptotic.

Folks this virus is being made into something it isn’t. Most that have tested positive later never had any symptoms. As far as the food chain, no one knows, but if people start causing a run on meat products and stores run out….look out! As far as a vaccine goes, who really wants to be first in line for phase 1 of a clinical trial?

A business accountant down the hall from my office is up next.

He found out a dentist in the building is re-opening and has threatened to tattle tale to the State on him. Somewhere Governor Cuomo in New York is smiling. He also is demanding that one of the community bathrooms be labeled “out of order” so he and his colleagues may use a “clean” bathroom.

First, I’ll double check the latter part of his statement, but I believe you must maintain the bathrooms and cannot discriminate on who uses them during regular business hours. Also, news flash, it is a bathroom, which last I checked, are not really known for their being disease free. A far as tattle tailing goes, this dude needs to grow a pair. It should surprise no one that businesses will begin to open here soon without authorization. That is the job of the state/county/city enforcement to handle, not a vigilante wannabe who fancies himself important. But I guess he wants others to suffer and face unnecessary consequences due to a media driven pandemic. These types are the lowest of the low, but I guess so much for others, just look out for yourself.

90-Day Guy won’t be outdone:

Yeah, this guy should get a room with the accountant business owner from above. What an alarming lack of awareness of anything besides himself; but I guess he assumes society is doing just fine because he hasn’t been personally affected at all. Look at his point of view: He still gets paid, the cable news still works, and he can golf whenever he wants. What’s not to like?

Movie Theatre gal checks in:

She says she wants to come visit this area and thinks we could go for a long drive just because. When I resisted, she said everyone is doing it, and it’s fun just to burn a tank of gas.

Take out the part that nothing is open, and the part about just burning fuel to burn fuel. This is incredibly naïve. Literally we are not supposed to be doing any non-essential travel, and should be maintaining distancing. This flies in the face of both of those orders, and keep in mind they are trying to slow the spread of this virus. I am very against this lockdown, but the reasons for the lockdown continuing are because of people like this.

The naïve are all over the place, but it is very hard to top this Mötley Crüe.

Stay Safe,

Johnnie Does

Troll on the News April Edition

I am back…. I self-quarantined with photos of Hope Hicks and microwaveable frozen foods during these troubling times. Thankfully, I was able to avoid catching Covid-19 at my local place of worship. Oh, and by the way “Pope Francis” why were you so scared of this virus transmitting that you cancelled church? Did it occur to you during your ritual of Communion (I would call it a rite, but you took the rights of Catholics away to receive communion) you refer to the wine as “The blood of Christ” as in we drink his blood? Anyways here we go…….

Two inmates released early from jail re-arrested: Color me shocked! Shocked! You mean to say violent folks deemed a threat to society when released early may commit another crime? Maybe we need Harvard or Yale to commence a study on this. I am sure this is a setup, look at how nice these folks look!

Rocky Lee Music, 32, walked out of Santa Rita Jail in Dublin at around 8pm on Sunday. Before 9pm, he had allegedly carjacked a motorist and was hauled off back to jail.

Oh, and what exactly is a Rocky Lee Music, I find that hard to believe that was a given name.

Fake Meat now on the Menu at many Chinese Restaurants:

On Wednesday, Beyond Meat started selling its plant-based food in China through thousands of Starbucks cafes.

Fast-food chain KFC said it will also start trialing fake chicken nuggets from next week.

Well I know at one point they needed 5,000 urns in Wuhan Province alone for the dead, I guess the wet markets had left over “human byproducts to process.” This is the key to a good fake meat because honestly who knows what that stuff is supposed to taste like. We all know Soylent Green is people, but now we know from where.

Lysol Parent Company urges folks not to inject their products: As much as I want to say this was satire, it actually happened via a press release, but in a world where young people eat Tide Pods, and huff spray paint or glue, and aquarium chemicals, I guess you better get out in front of it. The release tries to blame Trump; however, I can’t see many of Trump’s supporters being so stupid, the Bernie folks however……

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer creates a COVID-19 Task Force: Its sole purpose is to look into why so many minorities are dying of Corona. Yeah, I’m just glad this reasonable person is worried about her constituent’s well-being. The most salient issue of this virus is why it kills black and brown people yet ignoring that those 2 demographics are people who tend to smoke/drink to excess. But I’m sure this mission critical committee will tie this to Trump. I can see the headline now “Trump diet of Filet O’Fish and Big Macs, caused him to fart out COVID-19, and it mutated to kill minorities since Trump hates them so much.

An Australian physician recently addressed the concern that farts could theoretically spread COVID-19 by propelling minute particles of coronavirus-infected feces ? like the way a cough can spread droplets containing the virus.

Dr. Norman Swan recommended during a podcast for the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that citizens shouldn’t fart “close to other people” or “with your bottom bare.”

Stephen Colbert Has A Gas With Doctor’s Warning On Farts Spreading Coronavirus

Heiress to “Hot Pockets” wants to serve jail sentence at home: She is supposed to serve 5 months in jail, likely to be let out in 3, apparently other folks in jail have tested positive and she, living a life of privilege, feels she doesn’t have to play by the rules. Sorry Toots, every time I bought “Hot Pockets” half off as a young lad, I always paid full price in the morning. As far as I am concerned, Corona is a fair punishment for the price your customers paid. Janav’s paid Rick Singer (college admissions scandal) a hefty fee to make her daughter seem like a beach volleyball recruit….so apparently her daughter’s resume was as fake as the meat in said Hot Pockets!!!!

AOC only Democrat to vote against COVID-19 relief package: How does that song go…”and the waitress is practicing politics, and the bartender slowly gets stoned???” I think either can describe AOC and sometimes she may even do both at the same time and hallucinate herself. That is one dumb broad.

Colin Kaepernick pledges 100,000 to aid Black and Brown Communities during Coronavirus: Maybe he would be a good fit on Governor Whitmer’s committee? Why do I have a feeling if a white person donated 100k to help the white community it wouldn’t go over as well?

Land O’Lakes removes Indian Girl from Packaging: Let me guess, the White people kept the land!!!!! This is unreal! An outrage! Fear not fellow readers I’ve spoken to “The Chief Blogger” and his people plan to build an Indian Casino on that land!

Since Lent is over, more Hope Hicks for you all to see!!!!!


Is Fox News lying?

The primary article that I will be quoting today is hidden behind a pay firewall at the financially troubled SacBee however I copied and pasted the title and found an archived copy on the Internet.

Activists sue Fox News for spreading coronavirus lies. Should Devin Nunes be worried?

I wish to look at a few parts of the clearly labeled opinion piece by Bee editor Gill Duran. I wish to look at it in terms of his accusations and what we know now as opposed to when he posted it a mere two weeks ago on April 10th.

Much of this is a hit piece on Congressman Devin Nunes. I guess nobody at the Bee’s Fresno outlet was equipped to take on the Congressman, Fox News, and the First Amendment so they had to import a heavy hitter from outside of the area.

The setup of the article basically this:

Yet the Republican congressman continues to downplay the coronavirus threat in his regular Fox News appearances. Now, an activist group is suing Fox for its campaign to mislead viewers about the virus.

Ok, so a Congressman (Devin Nunes) says something people in the other party don’t believe and therefore they must sue to silence him. Clearly no Constitutional issues with this logic.

Also, we learn that the Liberal group is suing Fox News “for its campaign to mislead viewers about the virus.” Please note that the word campaign implies that Fox News is purposely setting out to mislead their viewers about the severity of the Corona virus. (This also implies that the mainstream media are truth tellers and anyone espousing a different point of view is thus a liar.)

As proof for this thesis, the author invokes the Orange Man as his star witness.

A week ago, Nunes went on Fox News to blast Gov. Gavin Newsom’s efforts to slow the virus’ spread. Nunes labeled California’s dramatic measures as “overkill.” This happened on the same day that the Trump administration said COVID-19 could kill 240,000 Americans.

Even President Donald Trump is urging Americans to stay home, but Nunes appears to think the pandemic is a joke.

OK, so the model generated by Bill Gates and company—that has never been right throughout the epidemic—proves Fox is lying. Boy, at the time that assertion was thin, and now it is ridiculous.

Oh, the logic is something like this:
Orange Man quotes the current model (which Dr. Fauci approved of). Nunes challenges said model when he appeared on Fox (as have Hannity and others). By challenging the orthodoxy of the model which Trump also quotes as authoritative, Nunes and Fox are guilty of journalistic heresy. Implied is that Fox News viewers are ill informed and mind-numbed robots (since they are conservatives). If viewers believe what they see on Fox, they will surely die. Thus, Nunes and Fox have blood on their hands and need to be held accountable. Clearly Liberals must defend the masses from Fox and conservatives. That in a nutshell is the alleged basis of the lawsuit.

The lawsuit by the Washington League for Increased Transparency and Ethics says “defendants acted in bad faith to willfully and maliciously disseminate false information denying and minimizing the danger posed by the spread of the novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19, which is now recognized as an international pandemic.”

Folks, I just want to look at the last phrase of this paragraph because I keep hearing it over and over from those on the Left. “…COVID-19… is now recognized as an international pandemic.” Somehow the fact that Covid-19 is a pandemic is the trump card (no pun intended) of the Left. It seems that in the Liberal lexicon “pandemic” is a big word meaning “its gonna kill all ya’ll.”

Sorry guys. Nice try but no cigar. Pandemic means that this Corona virus is in a lot of places all at once. Declaring it a pandemic is not a commentary on whether said microbe is lethal to the existence of humanity.

But the author has more to say:

For months, Fox’s hosts have downplayed the coronavirus, denying that it poses a serious threat and casting the pandemic as a Democratic ploy to undermine Trump. Guests like Nunes have mocked public health orders to slow the virus’ spread.

Now, Fox may face consequences.

While two weeks ago, the author might have believed this (I’m being very charitable) does he believe it now? Clearly, the virus was much more widespread than initially reported—as skeptics at the time said it was—and therefore Covid-19 is much less lethal than initially reported. In the early days of the panic, there were reports that about 4 to 5 percent of those infected would die and in those over age 70, up to 18 percent would not recover. Remember, “Italy was only two weeks ahead of us…?”

Again equating “threat” and “pandemic” is not the same thing. Also, “flattening the curve” is a measure not to keep anyone from getting sick but designed to prevent overwhelming the healthcare system which again never happened. As my wife likes to point-out, it’s the same number of people under the curve.

Here are two more paragraphs to ponder:

Ecarma reports that Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman said on MSNBC that Fox insiders felt “real concern…that their early downplaying of the coronavirus actually exposes Fox News to potential legal action by viewers who maybe were misled and actually have died from this.

“The misinformation that reaches the Fox News audience is a danger to public health,” wrote a group of over 100 American journalism professors in an open letter to Murdoch and Fox. “Indeed, it is not an overstatement to say that your misreporting endangers your own viewers.”

Noticed the logic of the argument, Fox viewers didn’t panic as much as viewers of the Liberal media, therefore, Fox has killed people? How does any business other than Planned Parenthood thrive by killing their customers?

Towards the conclusion of this piece by a highly compensated editor of the McClatchy flagship newspaper, we read:

Can COVID-19 victims successfully sue Fox “News” for its consistent stream of misinformation about the coronavirus?

Again, I don’t subscribe to cable but I do read the Fox News website which features many points of view, something not usually found anywhere else in mass media, and I would not describe Fox’s Covid-19 coverage as a “campaign” or monolithic or predetermined. I think they generally do a better job of separating fact from emotion. On this topic, I think they are very inconsistent in their point of view. I find their radio news coverage to be different than their website or even their high dollar opinion/entertainment programs.

As Johnnie Does said here yesterday, affirmation or information?

Pandemic Panic

Folks, I’ve been having trouble for the last two months with the Liberal fixation on the idea of Corona being a pandemic. Clearly H1N1 was much worse than Corona and we didn’t shutdown anything. Is it the typical Liberal hypocrisy that Sean Hannity loves to rail about or the old saying, “ignorance is bliss?” Or something else?

I think the underlying issue is something more primal. I think the Liberal folks are panicking more because they fear death and the thought of dying, especially in a seemingly random and unknowable way. People are treating Corona as if it were a biblical plague.

Liberals think this life is all that there is. No Heaven or Hell, just this. I think Corona has hit a nerve in these folk’s souls. Think Pascal’s God shaped vacuum.

On the other hand, I’m not worried about it and neither is my wife. The wife asserts that she already had it in January or very early February and based on her occupation and symptoms, she probably did. Whether it’s been thru our family or not, I’m not worried. Folks, stuff like this is God’s department not mine. If I get it, I get it. If I don’t, then that’s life. I just need to trust in God and not be bothered about Corona. Jesus told us not to fear what kills the body but he who kills the body and casts your soul into hell. That’s the one you need to fear.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
2 Timothy 1:7

Yes, I am conscience to keep more space between me and elderly people, but I will shake hands with anybody that is willing. I don’t fear others or hoard food and supplies. When shopping, I take what I need, just like I always do. My staff here at the blog and I are in agreement that this whole thing is a function of people watching the 24/7 news cycle and our current situation is not based in reality. Most changes to my life, as a result of Covid-19, have been forced on me by others reacting out of their fears and are not by my own choosing.

Covid-19 is a tiny blip on the pandemic scale. Lots of people have had it and most of them never even missed a day’s work. OK, they didn’t miss work until their governor took their job away. Why this guy from the Bee thinks its Armageddon is a mystery.

Final Thoughts

Oh, per today’s news, 20 percent of New York City residents have had the Corona virus.

One of every five New York City residents tested positive for antibodies to the coronavirus, according to preliminary test results described by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday, suggesting the virus had spread far more widely than known.

The results also provided the tantalizing prospect that many New Yorkers who never knew they had been infected — possibly as many as 2.7 million, the governor said — had already encountered the virus and survived. Cuomo also suggested the death rate was far lower than believed.

1 in 5 New Yorkers may have had COVID-19, antibody tests described by Gov. Andrew Cuomo suggest

So, two weeks after the rant in the Bee, Fox News and Congressman Nunes have been vindicated in their skepticism for like the millionth time in the last week. Oh, and the vindication is also coming from CNN and California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Gov. Gavin Newsom during Wednesday’s daily news briefing said he has called upon coroners and medical examiners to “go back as far as December” and perform autopsies on others who may have died from COVID-19 complications before the spreading coronavirus was detected in the state, “to ultimately guide a deeper understanding of when this pandemic really started to impact California directly.”

Coronavirus killed in California earlier than known. Newsom wants to re-examine more deaths

California looking for Covid-19 deaths back to December, now that’s news, at least to liberals.

The facts are that statistically speaking, Covid-19 is very contagious but rarely fatal.

Why Do We Dislike Cable?

By Johnnie Does

I have had a few friends of mine, who read the blog, ask me why the editorial staff seems to have a strong dislike toward cable? The answer really comes down to affirmation or information. Let’s face it, most of us do not embrace debate; we live in our own echo chambers. We seek out folks on television who affirm our beliefs; as such if you lean right you pick Fox News, lean left you pick the rest of the alphabet: MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CNN, NPR, or some other network. In the end, you witness the same behavior of the host talking over, interrupting, or asking a question in such a way that the opposing view cannot answer it. As this behavior is played-out by the host of your choice, you nod your head up and down or worse yet you do not even vet that “so called Dr.” who was on during the last segment. As a result, you began mistaking “opinion or commentary” with hard news shows and because of that you summarily dismiss the other side.

Let’s tie this into the COVID-19 fiasco.

At first, the networks really did not pick up on the threat posed by this virus. Instead what they reported back in January was that President Trump was a racist because he wanted to stop international flights from certain countries and there were not enough minorities on his Covid-19 task force.

Moving forward slightly, Tucker Carlson spent an entire week saying our government was lying to us and this virus is far worse than thought. Meanwhile, MSNBC and CNN started reporting that the corona virus came from bat soup at a wet market in Wuhan, China. At first, they called it the “Wuhan virus” or “Wuhan flu” but somewhere along the way they decided that we could not refer to it by that name or say that it originated in China because that was racist.

Then the narrative turned into claims that this virus could kill you within a short period of time. In essence, if I contracted Corona on Friday, over the weekend William would be saying goodbye to me via Facetime or Zoom, and I would be dead come Monday. Like much reported about the virus, this was subsequently discredited.

Then came the lies and propaganda about healthcare rationing, and the bizarre theories that folks were dying waiting in line to be tested at the local clinic. Remember the claims that next week or the week after, we will be just like Italy with so many dead there will be no place to put the bodies. Oh, and hundreds of thousands will die because of an acute shortage of ventilators, thus the mantra to flatten the curve.

Next thing you know, we are shutting down entire states based on fear, not science or anything else supported by actual evidence. Suddenly Dr. Anthony Fauci is front, and center on our televisions and we are hanging on his every word as if he was Moses leading us thru the perils of the Covid wilderness.

Then came the models. These models promised that life as we knew it was over. The “experts” assured us that Covid-19 was the next Spanish Flu. This was the one the experts have been warning us about, well it’s here and we are woefully unprepared. The models were showing that over 2 million will die in the USA within a few weeks. From the New York Times March 20, 2020

Now we get to the other end of the range of possibilities. Dr. Neil M. Ferguson, a British epidemiologist who is regarded as one of the best disease modelers in the world, produced a sophisticated model with a worst case of 2.2 million deaths in the United States.

I asked Ferguson for his best case. “About 1.1 million deaths,” he said.

When that’s a best-case scenario, it’s difficult to feel optimistic.

The Best-Case Outcome for the Coronavirus, and the Worst

Once these predictions began to ring hollow, the threat was revised down to several hundred thousand dead. Again, the mysterious model was revised to show deaths now peaking at 250K souls. Another week or so passes and the faceless model is now projecting that around 60k will likely die.

The 60K number seems to be consistent over the last few weeks but let’s look at that number for a minute. 60K dying from flu is at the top of the normal range of flu deaths in an average year. What they aren’t telling you is that 60K people a year die in the US from each of the following: alcoholism, drug overdose, suicide, and car wrecks. Why is it that we are willing to live a “normal life” with these morbidity rates but one death from Covid-19 is reason enough to shutdown most economic activity in our country of 330 million? Dear readers, Planned Parenthood kills may times that amount every year using your tax dollars, but they are declared “essential” and can keep operating, more on this later.

What is even worse is how cable has been acting during the last ten days. Tucker, Hannity et. al. on Fox are crying to reopen the entire economy and are seemingly declaring the pandemic over, even going as far as suggesting folks protest the decision to keep the shelter in place going. On the other networks, they are making fun of said protestors and saying we must keep things on lockdown except for essential services for many months. Basically, this goes back to my main point again, if you like the current occupant of the White House, open things back up, if you don’t then keep things closed down.

Folks the truth is that no one knows what is going to happen down the road. Those of you thinking that you are going to find the answer on cable television are kidding yourselves. There is a very uncertain future ahead for our country. Many networks are advocating for a prolonged shutdown because the dread models show that this fall the virus will come back more potent than ever, just like the Spanish Flu. Truthfully, it’s just pure speculation.

The virus has the healthcare system completely baffled because the behavior is not what the “experts” expected. Think of it this way, you can tell when someone has the common cold, flu, etc. but with this virus most folks, as William has referenced in his blogs, never even have any symptoms! Sounds like this thing is a silent killer of only those who have compromised immune systems, are elderly or have breathing issues.

What I do think you will see over the next few months is states beginning to open back up. The ones who are likely to support Trump will be open sooner than others with Florida and Georgia starting to lead the way. The obvious blue states will delay as long as possible holding out for more stimulus or giveaways, and the toss up states somewhere in between, depending on their governor.

I do think you will see some folks open their stores regardless of being “essential” or not. People will begin thumbing their nose at the order and for good reason. Most “non-essential” jobs paid a small paycheck April 1, for wages in the latter part of March; however, they got no check in April. May 1, when rent is due, is fast approaching. Sorry but that $1,200 payment from your great grandkids did nothing to improve your situation. If you’ve had to write a check for Federal taxes during the last two years, or didn’t file at all, then your direct deposit info is not on file with the IRS and you’re still waiting for the promised bucks from Uncle Sam. The virus may come back, or it may not, but the bottom line is folks are starting to get desperate. Owing 1 month of rent is one thing, but how about 2? Or 3? When does it stop? We stretch ourselves to the max as is, rent/mortgage, student loans, vehicle loans, credit card debt, keeping people out of work much longer will create a hostile situation. As recently as January, most Americans couldn’t handle a $400 cash emergency let alone have a three to six-month reserve.

In closing, please understand, if you are “essential” or a government worker who still gets paid, many people are not as fortunate as you. The economic upheaval from this will be felt for years. Think about the small business owner, hotel franchisee, or food service worker who was laid off. Now they are making a fraction of their former paycheck, or in some cases, they are making more if they got the $600 a weekly kicker from Uncle Sam. As far as essential businesses, this is a complete abomination of our Constitution. How is Planned Parenthood operating as “essential” but primary care physicians are not? Believe it or not, many healthcare professionals have lost their jobs as a result of the singular concentration on Corona virus. Why is the florist closed, but you can buy flowers at the grocery store? Game Stop is open? Petco is open? I am not sure who determined the criteria here, but I think tax dollars are part of the criteria as are campaign donations.

As far as cancelling your cable provider goes, frankly neither William nor I care, just as long as you understand that you are living in an echo chamber of your own design and are looking at a warped and distorted presentation of reality. Those talking heads on cable news networks, they make 7-8 figures a year, and live a very different life than you do. They have 1 primary job, to get ratings, which means higher advertising rates, and they are experts at what they do. How else can you explain to me why shelter in place is a good idea when it allows me to be at a park with 50 people simultaneously walking through it, at Home Depot with 500 people at it, or a grocery store traversing the aisles, essentially shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers? Try to vet the network/hosts/guests and shows you watch, just think about this closing point for a minute.

Here’s one illustration for you to consider. A colleague of mine consumes more cable in a day than William and I in a month combined. Back during the Oroville Dam crisis, I gave him daily updates on the spillway. He dismissed them as “this is the first time I’ve heard this” or “where do you get your news from?” Long story short, when the cable news channel he watches put out an emergency alert then the issue finally had his attention. Panic set in and he thought the best thing to do was get into a car and try to drive off to higher ground; all the while telling me to stay in place because it isn’t that big of a deal. In more current news, I told him the shelter in placed order would easily last through May, and likely into June, and he claimed, “he hadn’t heard that yet” and “stop checking BuzzFeed.” Yet here we are, 4/22 at press deadline time, and he is convinced Governor Newsom is opening commerce May 1, all because he hasn’t heard anything to the contrary. Too bad he can’t bother to listen to Newsom’s daily news conference for himself instead of wait to be told someone else’s interpretation of the highlights or he might know better.

Anyone want to take a bet that my colleague has a year’s supply of toilet paper, cleaning wipes, bleach, and non-perishable goods stocked up? While he and others cower at home not leaving, they build up fear and anxiety, all from shows they watch all day…on a continuous loop mind you. Yes, he lives in an echo chamber not paying attention to anything unless it is on cable…. oh, well. If you’ll allow me to rework the old proverb, a fool and his money are quickly parted, I have my own spin on it, a sheep who watches cable is easily fleeced.

Johnnie Does

CNN is Right and other Covid-19 Mysteries

Note to readers: Nope, I haven’t been sneaking a sip of the wife’s Fireball whiskey stash in our freezer. No, it’s more like when the stopped clock is right twice a day. But, nevertheless, it happened and it’s a big deal.

Buckle-up cable news viewers because CNN has officially destroyed the CDC narrative of the Covid-19 timeline. Sorry 90-day guy but you lose again. Here’s the story.

New autopsy results show coronavirus killed two Californians in early and mid-February — up to three weeks before the previously known first US death from the virus.

These deaths now stand as the country’s first two attributed to the novel coronavirus, a development that may change the understanding of how early the virus was spreading in the country, health experts told CNN Wednesday.

Two deaths in Northern California’s Santa Clara County happened February 6 and February 17, the county said in a news release Tuesday.
The previously understood first coronavirus death happened in Kirkland, Washington, on February 29.

Two Californians Died Of Coronavirus Weeks Before Previously Known 1st US Death

Ok, let’s break this down for those of you that need this in small bites.

CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has maintained that the first Covid-19 death in the United States was on February 29. CNN’s report is that this is untrue.

Santa Clara County’s earliest death is now confirmed as February 6th. The person who died did not go to China or any other country; therefore, he was infected here in California. With an incubation rate of about two weeks, this person was exposed to Covid-19 in mid-January by someone else in California. If you trace back, then this unknown person must have been exposed to Covid-19 in early January or late December. Thus claims of cases in California during January and February—which are confirmed by antibody testing—are confirmed also by this person’s death.

It is safe to conclude that Covid-19 was spreading beyond China in December. This agrees with other media reports this week that Covid-19 began spreading in China during a timeframe between mid-September and late November.

Last thought is why check for Corona virus where it is presupposed not to exist? Stanford researchers must be making a difference in Santa Clara County. Thanks to whoever went above and beyond the conventional wisdom in search of the truth.

We are gratified that CNN has proven yet again that we are Really Right.

Covid-19 is a Classic Hydra

Oh, while we’re bragging, take a look at this story that confirms what I said yesterday that there will be no vaccine for this virus—or rather family of viruses.

A new study in China has found that the novel coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different variations.

The results showed that medical officials have vastly underestimated the overall ability of the virus to mutate, in findings that different strains have affected different parts of the world, leading to potential difficulties in finding an overall cure.

Coronavirus has mutated into at least 30 different strains new study finds

More than 30 different mutations were detected, of which 19 were previously undiscovered.

“Sars-CoV-2 has acquired mutations capable of substantially changing its pathogenicity,” Li wrote in the paper.

The team discovered that some of the mutations could lead to functional changes in the virus’ spike protein, the South China Morning Post reported. Spike protein is the protein that the coronavirus uses to attach itself to human cells.

Li ‘s team infected cells with COVID-19 strains carrying different mutations, of which the most aggressive strains were found to generate as much as 270 times as much viral load as the weakest strains. The aggressive strains also killed the human cells the fastest.

The results indicated “that the true diversity of the viral strains is still largely underappreciated,” Li wrote.

The study could have future implications on the treatment of coronavirus, as several different strains have been found throughout the world. The United States, which has the world’s worst death toll at 42,897, and 799,515 overall cases, has been struck by different mutations.

New York, which itself had the worst death rate in the US, and the eastern coast show a strain of coronavirus similar to that found in Europe, whereas the western US has shown similarities with strains found in China.

Coronavirus has so far been treated in hospitals worldwide as one disease and patients receive the same treatment regardless of the strain. It has been suggested by the team at Zhejiang University that defining mutations in different regions may change the way we approach combating the virus.

Note that Covid-19 in New York is a different strain than that found in California, bet you didn’t know that. Perhaps this is why you can have Coivid-19, be pronounced cured and then get it again? Or do antibodies stop all variations? Oh the depths that we could plumb on this topic…

CA to Test Asymptomatic People

Our last told ya, is this story about California planning to test people by risk of exposure and not symptoms.

California public health officials say local authorities should test people for the coronavirus in “high risk settings” even if they don’t have symptoms, a change aimed at health care workers, prisoners and the homeless.

State officials believe the new guidelines are the first in the country to prioritize testing for people who don’t have symptoms. Until Monday, California followed guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that only those with symptoms should be prioritized for testing.

California Recommends Coronavirus Virus Tests For Some With No Symptoms

Please note that California is breaking with CDC guidelines to test this group of people. The article is mute on whether testing asymptomatic people will be done via antibody testing but that will eventually follow.

Thoughts on Herd Immunity and Re-opening America

Folks more and more evidence is coming forth that the party line on Covid-19 is BS. Now that a flurry of antibody tests are hitting the market, the government is loosing control of the narrative. It used to be popular to say that facts are stubborn things…but only if you stop watching 24/7 news and pay attention to them.

Folks the trendline is unanimous and unmistakable, Covid-19 is just another flu. It has spread like crazy and not affected most people. I am aware that I’m not using “herd immunity” in the textbook definition of the word but I’m using the term to make the point that a huge number of people have “been there, done that” without any harm. Covid-19 has infected at least five percent of everyone in the country and in some populations, maybe as many as half.

Boston, MA

We in California have heard our Governor express concern for the homeless. Look at the statistics of homeless people in Boston.

A small cluster of coronavirus cases at a Boston homeless shelter prompted broadscale testing at the facility, and officials were shocked by the results.

Of nearly 400 people tested at the Pine Street Inn earlier this month, 146 people tested positive for the virus. None of those who tested positive showed symptoms, leading the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to begin “actively looking into” the results.

“It was like a double knockout punch. The number of positives was shocking, but the fact that 100% of the positives had no symptoms was equally shocking,” said Dr. Jim O’Connell, president of Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program.

Nearly 150 people without symptoms test positive for coronavirus at homeless shelter

Oh, 146 of 400 is 36.5 percent positive for Covid-19 with no symptoms.

Los Angeles

An estimated 320,000 adults in Los Angeles County may have been infected with coronavirus, according to preliminary results of a study that suggests the illness is far more widespread than current testing shows and the death rate is much lower.

The study conducted April 10-11 by the county and the University of Southern California estimated that approximately 4.1% of the county’s adult population of 8 million has antibodies to the virus. When adjusted for margin of error, the infection rate ranged from 2.8% to 5.6%, or about 220,000 to 440,000 adults.

Los Angeles study suggests virus much more widespread

The novel coronavirus has infected roughly 4.1 percent of the population in California’s Los Angeles County, suggesting the region’s outbreak is far more widespread than previously thought, between 28 and 55 times higher than the number of confirmed cases, new research shows, echoing the findings of a similar study elsewhere in the state.

However, the new data, if accurate, also indicates that the coronavirus death rate in L.A. County, the most populous in the country, is lower than initially predicted.

L.A. County Study: Coronavirus Outbreak Up to 55 Times More Widespread, Less Deadly than Predicted

As I’ve shown over the last few days, many places that have tested for Covid-19 antibodies show about 36 percent of the sampled population has been infected and recovered.

Thoughts on Vaccine

So, will the antibody tests help speed-up reopening businesses and getting back to our normal life? I’m currently skeptical on this. If you listen to Governor Newsom and other governors in his political party, they keep holding out the narrative that things won’t go back to normal until there is a vaccine for Covid-19. Such thinking is tilting at windmills. Here’s my proof.

Me: When was the last time that you got the cold vaccine?

You: Never!

Me: Really? Why not?

You: Because there isn’t such a thing.

Me: Exactly my point.

The governors are holding out for something that may never exist in the real world. A few questions need to be asked.

Is this virus really worth developing a vaccine?

If so, does everyone need it?

Will side effects be worse that the disease?

On this question, I am being serious. Back in our history, when some strain of swine flu was a thing, a new shiny vaccine came out that was fast-tracked and untested but given to the masses with an “everybody needs to have it urgency.” Well, my aunt was one of the first to get it. As a result of receiving the vaccine, she experienced paralysis and other side effects for about ten days. Knowing this, do you still want to be first for the Covid-19 vaccine?

Other note on side effects, the government will indemnify (grant immunity of product liability) to whoever gets the contract to manufacture and distribute said vaccine, if one is ever created. So, if the vaccine has side effects including death, you have no legal recourse. Do you still want to be the Guinea pig and get it first?

Re-Opening California

From the snippets of Governor Newsom’s press conferences that I’ve listen to lately, he plans to maintain status quote—hiding in place and business closures thru at least June. Can we really afford such a shutdown? Yes, he uses weasel words but a shutdown thru May is a certainty and June is looking like more of the same. Truly the cure is far worse than the disease.

With such timidity, this guy will squander any hopes of running for the White House and being a serious contender. Gavin needs to show leadership instead of hiding behind unelected public health officials. And please don’t fall for the line that “if it saves just one life…”all you need to blow-up that sentimental BS is remember that the churches are closed and Planned Parenthood is open for killing—even via mail order.

Oh, as of last week, the State of California is unwilling to recognize any antibody tests as valid for diagnostic or statistical purposes. In short, they want to ignore their existence or validity because it hurts their narrative. However, once they find a way to use such testing to political advantage look for this policy to flip on a dime. Given the magnitude of what’s happening, its bad when the FDA is out in front of the states claiming to be the leaders of the best academic and research schools in the nation.

As Newsom ponders what to do, here’s one for you to ponder. What if Apple or some other tech giant says, we’re moving to Austin to work until California decides to reopen then we’ll evaluate our options? Does a Hollywood studio dare to re-open in Vancouver because they can’t work in California? Do you see what a problem this is? Many jobs can be moved where they’re wanted. Being in California is nice but not a necessity for many.

If you live in California, New York, Massachusetts, or some other liberal state just remember that those deciding your fate now are in government because they couldn’t succeed in the private sector. Figuring how to un-ring the bell and get America working is a tough knot for those in a political party that thinks the government exists to create jobs.

Herd Immunity Example #3

Yep, here is third study in a third area of the country showing once again that a large portion of the population has had Covid-19 and most never knew it. This one from Chicago.

A phlebotomist working at Roseland Community Hospital said Thursday that 30% to 50% of patients tested for the coronavirus have antibodies while only around 10% to 20% of those tested have the active virus.

Sumaya Owaynat, a phlebotomy technician, said she tests between 400 and 600 patients on an average day in the parking lot at Roseland Community Hospital. Drive-thru testing is from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 to 4 p.m. each day. However, the hospital has a limited number of tests they can give per day.

Owaynat said the number of patients coming through the testing center who appear to have already had coronavirus and gotten over it is far greater than those who currently have the disease.

“A lot of people have high antibodies, which means they had the coronavirus but they don’t have it anymore and their bodies built the antibodies,” Owaynat told Chicago City Wire.

Antibodies in the bloodstream reveal that a person has already had the coronavirus and may be immune to contracting the virus again.

If accurate, this means the spread of the virus may have been underway in the Roseland community – and the state and country as a whole – prior to the issuance of stay at home orders and widespread business closures in mid-March which have crippled the national economy.

Roseland Hospital phlebotomist: 30% of those tested have coronavirus antibody

Also, in the article is this mention of a fourth study in Germany that agrees with the three in the US that I have cited over the last week.

A recent study of 1,000 people in the Heinsberg District of Bonn, Germany found that 15% of the population had contracted the virus, many unknowingly and without symptoms.

Of those, only 0.37% died from COVID-19, a figure much lower than those previously cited.

Folks, the stay at home order is a failure and this virus is way less dangerous than advertised by the experts—of course basing actual public policy on data from China has been one of the big failures of this whole exercise.

Let’s reopen America for business.

Democrats Not Letting a Crisis go to Waste

The Covid-19 crisis has been a game changer for the Left. Between the media, the cable watchers, and the Democrat elected we have a crisis that has given them a green light to push their agenda on us. Keep in mind, as of the press deadline for this submission, we have had 30,000 nationwide die of Covid-19. I suspect in some jurisdictions they are willy-nilly adding to the number with the lack of testing available. Keep in mind; suicide, the flu, alcoholism, and drug overdoses kill more than double that number in any given year. As a direct result we may be flattening the curve however we are flattening the economy as well.

William had a great line at the end of his last blog, take another look. “Folks, I hardly watch any television but seeing the behavior of those that do is always a treat. The insanity I witness (and overhear) at work and in the grocery store check-out line is breathtakingly uninformed.” I could not agree with this statement more. I will expand on this thought as well.

Keep this in mind, it wasn’t Trump, Senators, Governors, or House members who shut the individual states down. In the case of California, we had local (Sacramento) county director of Health Services Peter Beilenson order the shutdown of the county. Beilenson if you look at his record, is an unelected bureaucrat who is void of much actual medical work. Think doctor’s office, hospital, etc. Why was he allowed to shut a county down? And why at the same news conference was he asked zero questions by our elected DA, Sheriff or Board of Supervisors? It was a sight to behold. Hours later Governor Newsom after many other counties announced shutdowns decided to shut the state down. Believe it or not this actually made sense because it’s pointless to shut down one county, yet the neighboring ones remain open. I still didn’t agree with it from a constitutional viewpoint, but alas here we are today. New York and California led, and pretty much every additional state followed and fell in line. What happened next was draconian and far more damaging than this virus will ever be.

Peter Beilenson

When a governor orders a shutdown, as the chief law enforcement officer, he has unchecked authority. Gyms, schools, business, and anything else declared un-essential was shut instantly. Don’t believe me, go for a walk and look yourself, you cannot get your hair cut now. Worse yet, different groups and business were deemed essential and had to continue operations as usual, despite the affect this virus could have on your health. Full disclosure, my work is “essential” and I am being paid my regular salary and am working from the office. Restaurants are to go only and have laid off countless staff. Local Park districts have removed the basketball hoops at the local park, even though our property tax dollars are supposed to keep the park in ship shape. Many small businesses will never re-open, many laid off will never find full employment in their respective fields for a long time.

We had to pass funding assistance in the form of a stimulus, and we did so with so much haste it will prove ineffective. We didn’t help current out of work folks, we helped those based on last year’s tax returns, without regard to who is and isn’t still being paid to work or stay home. This however was just one step. In recent days Democrats have proposed a $2,000 per month payment to everyone in the US until the unemployment rate reaches pre-recession levels. The Democrat governors of Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and other states have extended shutdowns without regard to actual medical advice. The small business loan stimulus program is out of money, and in recent days banks have shut off the new mortgage/refinance spigots fearing a full-blown catastrophe is coming. Governor Newsom is now going to give illegal immigrant folks $500 a week, for I’m not sure how long, keep in mind that regular folks are not eligible for this program.

Let’s talk about individual governors and policy makers for a little bit. Governor Whitmer in Michigan has made headlines by thumbing her nose and angering her own citizens with shelter in place laws. Specifically picking which activities folks could and could not do, some examples include you could buy weed, lottery tickets, and booze but you cannot partake in buying lumber, fishing, or seeds. I would venture to say there is a direct correlation between being allowed to purchase the goods, and the amount of sales tax levied on said goods. A revolt ensued and all she could do was double down, acting like a tyrant, which is ironic as the left has been calling Trump a tyrant since day 1.

How about releasing “non-violent” criminals from our jails? I thought here in California we already had done this? Now I guess they have set bail at $0 for certain offenses because they don’t want folks who break the law to be exposed to Covid-19 in jail. A criminal in Stockton has already been re-arrested twice after being bonded out on $0 bail, and a criminal in Florida was released on zero bail and murdered someone. At Least this crisis has not gone to waste.

As far as policy makers go, noticeably absent during this pandemic are the so called “libertarian and conservative types” think Rand Paul, Matt Gaetz, and Ben Sasse. Why haven’t they been front and center asking why a governor or president thinks they have the authority to shut an entire state/country down? How come someone who claims to be a patriot, or a leader of common folks won’t take these leftists to court? Maybe someone on cable already addressed this, but I cannot understand why these folks are cowering in their basements doing interviews via skype while our rights are being trampled.

Bottom line is the Democrats are showing their hand early, making sure the world knows how they intend on governing if they win the White House and control Congress. Picking winners and losers and declaring full on lock downs will be the new normal. The condescending pressers, and remarks are the tip of the iceberg. Also notice how un-elected folks are now making major economic decisions? Why is it we elect folks to govern yet when they turn to a “specialist” we hang on there every word? Look at this Dr. Beilenson, Dr. Fauci, and others. Take a look at this “University Of Washington virus death model” notice how we went from 2 million deaths in the USA, to 500k, then 200k, now we don’t even hear the projections anymore as these modelers made the local weatherman look accurate.

In closing I will add this, harkening back to William’s earlier quote, take a step back and actively listen while you are in a grocery store or at a restaurant for takeout or market. Look at how some folks are spewing information that is absolutely off-base, yet it is taken as gospel since it was said on the news by someone with MD after their name or a salutation of DR before it. Be forewarned.