Detrick, Cooper and Davis Flail

Scott Adams, the creator of the comic Dilbert once wrote a whole book about the idea that there is a right way, a wrong way and the weasel way. Last night the weasel way was on full display at the Elk Grove City Council meeting. A special meeting was called by Gary Davis, Jim Cooper and Steve Detrick for 6 pm to strip Sophia Scherman of her role as Mayor of Elk Grove.

Scherman—not willing to “go quietly into that good night”—called as many of her supporters as she could and invited them to the meeting. As a result, not only was there standing room only in the back of the room and along both sides of the council chambers but both overflow areas were full also. Seeing the outpouring of support for her, Scherman’ accusers like the Pharisees and Sadducees of old, decided their best tactic was to move the special meeting from preceding the regular council meeting to the dead of night. As a result about 75 percent of the supporters had gone home by the time the four and a half hour delay was over.

Once the agenda was completed for the regular meeting, the three accusers were finally forced to do the deed they had threatened. When given the opportunity to explain their actions they bravely took a pass and choose to go straight to public comment. Many members of the public that endured the previous four plus hours then had the chance to state their support for Scherman and ask that these three councilmen reconsider their actions.

Cooper, Davis and Detrick all took turns verbally pummeling Scherman for calling a special meeting last week to talk about a group home for juvenile sex offenders in the city. Scherman was frequently accused of “strong mayor tactics” for calling the meeting and other un-named actions that she had taken as mayor. The only evidence presented was that Scherman followed Robert’s Rules of Order and the others didn’t like being bothered with the increased level of involvement that Scherman was asking them to display. Apparently their idea of limited government was being left alone so their involvement was limited.

Perhaps part of the friction was that Detrick, Davis and Cooper were upset with Sophia for acting more from her emotions. She looks at things as a mother and grandmother. Sophia responds to issues from her heart. If these married, middle-aged men haven’t figured-out that women see the world differently, I really pity their wives.

All three men are wannabes. Earlier this year, Davis wanted to be a congressman—until his party threw him under the bus. Cooper wants to be Sacramento County Sheriff but not bad enough to avoid stupid public displays like this and Detrick apparently wants to be mayor.

The three men reminded me of playground bullies taunting a small child and trying to cow her into submission by the force of their combine wills. In the end, none was willing to throw a punch. Knowing that the first man to drive the political knife into Sophia would be simultaneously ending his political future none had the guts to make the motion to remove her. Instead they kept punting to the next person like a slow motion version of the proverbial hot potato game. Trying to end this farce, Pat Hume motioned to end the meeting. The motion was defeated. All three wanted more. Like three alley cats toying with a wounded mouse they kept taking more verbal swipes at Scherman.

After all the boys had their turn to speak, Scherman read from a prepared statement. Then it really hit the fan.

After about 45 minutes of this, the city attorney even tried to suggest some language to make special meetings better fit the schedules of the three combatants but they wanted more. Steve Detrick especially wanted unconditional surrender from Scherman. He didn’t get it and Detrick kept doubling-down.

In the end, and yes there finally was an end, nobody motioned to remove Sophia Scherman as mayor. After an hour and a half, Hume finally got the others to agree, however reluctantly to end the meeting. The only clear winners were Pat Hume and Scott Jones—Cooper’s opponent in the sheriff race.

Davis, Detrick and Cooper took a crack in the community and turned it into a fissure. The unresolved episode of last night has the potential to color the political landscape in Elk Grove for many years. My wife, a fifth generation person from Elk Grove, said it had been many years since that number of old-time residents has assembled in one place. These three threw a grenade last night but others are likely to pull the pin and throw it back.

More as developments warrant.


Elk Grove Council Plans to Depose Mayor

The Elk Grove City Council plans to remove Sophia Scherman from the office of Mayor at their July 28th meeting. Word has it that three member plan to forcibly remove Sherman and replace her with one of their own; presumably Steve Detrick the current vice-mayor. The three members pledged to remove Scherman are Steve Detrick, Gray Davis and Jim Cooper.

It is interesting that sheriff candidate Jim Cooper would spend time in the middle of his campaign to “take-out” the only female on the council. Scherman is the one member that is most often seen at community events and she is the most accessible member on the council. Scherman had even endorsed Cooper in the Sheriff race. As a result of Cooper’s duplicity she has withdrawn the endorsement.

Cooper had better not be doing this on ethical grounds since he has fought tooth and nail to keep from releasing his personnel record at the sheriff department because it is known to contain evidence of his misconduct while a deputy of the department. Cooper has also taken members of the Council to the Sacramento Grand jury to intimidate them into giving him what he wants on the Council. Simply put, he is a thug with a badge that uses his position on the sheriff department and on the council for furthering his political and personal aims.

Gary Davis, the man who would be a Democrat congressional candidate had things gone his way is also involved in this affair. He is the only one of the three that could stand for election in November. I don’t know if he has filed for re-election although it is probable.

Steve Detrick is two years into his first term. Steve has had his ethical challenges on the Council. One of the more notable things is the new Catholic Church in Elk Grove. He has been firmly on both sides of the issue while it was before the council. It is reminiscent of the John Kerry quote I was for it before I was against it.

I will be at the meeting tomorrow and plan to speak on Sophia’s behalf. I hope this blows-up in Cooper’s face. Unfortunately, on boards such as this, the fix is often in before public comment is ever heard. The council just goes thru the dog and pony show to make the public feel better before doing what they damn well please.

You know the situation is bad when the words of the pop-culture icon Rodney King come into your head ringing loudly, “ Why can’t we all just get along?”


It sounds like something from a big budget Hollywood movie but its true. Some clever folks strung together a series of exploits in computer software and came up with the first computer virus targeting Siemens’ computer control software for manufacturing robots. The virus is designed to steal design information and upload it to a remote server. This is industrial espionage on steroids. Oh and it also infects control systems used on nuclear powered aircraft carriers.

It is passed from computer to computer via USB drives. It starts with .lnk shortcut files in Windows. Windows runs these files in the background and the malware installs a rootkit. The virus propagates to any other USB drive that subsequently attached to an infected computer. The Trojan is designed to infect WinCC software. Its sole purpose is to steal design information in control systems. It uses a hardcoded password in the Siemens software; for fans of the movie Wargames it is a backdoor password used by Siemens.

See the complete article in CNET News.

CDCR Year-end Firesale

California Department of Corrections just finished another two day firesale on travel claims. Only July 22 and 23, any travel reimbursement claim with a value of $500 or less was approved with no documentation (ie receipts). The money was yours for being in the work queue.

You may be asking why? So I will explain. You see, in this era of computers and automated processes; it’s just too difficult to figure-out how many claims in the system are being carried on the books from one fiscal year to the next. To keep it simple, management decided that anything under $500 had to go. This was their way of cleaning up the books. To ease the feeling of lack of GAAP, the mantra of “we will conduct a post-audit as receipts come in” was once again invoked. The dirty little secret is that there is no way to track claims for a post-audit. When this has been invoked in the past, it simply means ignore it and resume business as usual the next day.

Monday, July 26th is the actual date when the carry-over number will be calculated. However, there are no plans of allowing claims for the new fiscal year to be approved for payment until the budget is passed. So what the travel office plans to do for the next few months is sketchy at this point.

Oh, yes! Your State government is still hiring employees in the midst of the $19 billion deficit.

Mark Williams, Tea Party and NAACP

Mark Williams is in trouble for trying to write a parody of the NAACP after the group passed a resolution that claimed the Tea Party is racist. Anybody that has actually cared enough about our country to go to a Tea Party rally would know that is a crock. The Tea Party is concerned about limited government, lower taxes and the government obeying the Constitution. None of the Tea Party issues is about race.

Unfortunately, the NAACP is not really concerned about people of color. They quit that plank of their platform decades ago. No, the NAACP is concerned about using race to advance Liberal politics. What Mark was harkening back to is the Mason Weaver book, “It’s OK to Leave the Plantation.” Weaver—who is black—wrote the book in 1998. Here is Amazon link to the book Its-OK-Leave-Plantation
The Amazon Product Description is,

This book discusses the “plantation mentality” that is causing Americans to become co-dependent. It is historical however does look at the authors personal journey from a Berkeley militant to a conservative businessman.

The NAACP holds folks back. They always oppose the advancement of conservative blacks. If a black is not liberal then they are not defended by the NAACP. In fact, by attacking conservative blacks, the NAACP provides “cover-fire” for liberal white politicians to oppose blacks that achieve by individual effort. Recently, the NAACP has been strangely silent when Barack Obama has supported white politicians over black ones in many Democrat primaries.

The NAACP is about holding blacks back, allowing them only to achieve at the rate of the lowest common denominator. It is a top-down organization interested in control. Have you never wondered why blacks vote over 90 percent Democrat in every election when they owe their freedom and civil rights to the Republicans? In exchange for this, the Democrat Party allows them a place at the table. And when given a choice of supporting a qualified black or the choice of the party bosses in the Democrat Party, they will categorically support in Democrat.

William’s blog may have misfired but his instinct that the NAACP is a group of hypocrites still stands. Clearly, the racist ones in this discussion are the NAACP. Somehow the NAACP propagates the myth that only whites can be racist. In actuality, the NAACP is really trying to say that anybody that opposes Barack Obama is a racist. Their logic goes something like this: Obama is black; the Tea Party has many white people in it and they oppose what Obama does so therefore the Tea Party is racist. The NAACP will not concede that Obama might be wrong. Hey guys, I don’t care if Barry was green and looked like Shreck, it’s his policies to which I (and the Tea Party) object.

The NAACP is the ones keeping blacks down not Williams or the Tea Party. His attempt at parody may have made folks upset but is what Williams tried to say that much different than some statements of Bill Cosby a few years ago? Cosby got much the same treatment as Williams. It’s the NAACP that is keeping their members on the plantation. It’s those that find success outside the NAACP that can expect the wrath of this sorry excuse for a civil rights organization.

Runner Scores One for the Gipper

Thanks to George Runner, California wins one for the Gipper. SB944 is signed into law. This bill enacts the following:
February 6 of each year is designated and set apart as Ronald Reagan Day, a day having special significance. On Ronald Reagan Day, all public schools and educational institutions are encouraged to conduct exercises remembering the life of Ronald Reagan, recognizing his accomplishments, and familiarizing pupils with the contributions he made to this state.

The Governor shall annually proclaim February 6 as Ronald Reagan Day.

Obama Announces More Failed Spending Ideas

Obama commits billions to solar firms

Under pressure to spur job growth, president says two solar energy companies will get nearly $2 billion in U.S. loan guarantees to create as many as 5,000 green jobs.

Let’s do the math. 2 billion (if I get all the zeros right) is $2,000,000,000 divided by 5,000 is $400,000 per job.

How many of the 5,000 green jobs are paying the employees $12 per hour? That’s about $23K annually so where did the other $367,000 go?

At that rate of spending ($400,000 per job), how many hundreds of trillions will Obama need to spend to get the United States back to under 4 percent unemployment from the 18 ½ percent that we have now?