Aimee Sisson Proves us Really Right again

The haters continue to hate, Aaron Park continues to spew sewage from his mouth and keyboard on a daily basis, but man are we ever right over here! I warned about former Placer County Health Chief Aimee Sisson about a month ago after she left for “greener” pastures in Yolo County. Well she already proved me right.

“On Wednesday, Yolo County issued a health order placing a new restriction on social gatherings that is even more restrictive than the state’s guidance. The new COVID-19 order comes as the county is seeing a rise in cases.

According to the county, the three main causes for the recent rise in cases are “social gatherings, people returning to workplaces and the outbreak at Alderson Convalescent Hospital.” Credit KCRA 3

Folks take a look at that last sentence again, specifically the part about the convalescent hospital. How is this occurring? I thought only folks who were tested daily had access? I have heard the outbreak is about 80 people, yet, Sisson claims it’s from people returning to work and social gatherings? Yes, people returning to work….sigh. We tried to warn you, this “woman” is pure evil and being put in position to lock down that county again. I have heard rumblings they are trying to blame the outbreak on Students at UC Davis, I doubt this as well.

This Sisson is much like Dr. Anthony Fauci, neither have the slightest clue and are just making it up as they go. This is an infectious disease, that is transmitted via similar to the cold/flu, no one knows when/how they get it or how bad it will be. Some will never even show symptoms. I’d love to ask Fauci and Sisson, “Why do you think businesses are the enemy here?” “How much lost wages and tax revenue will come from this?” However, neither of them will care, as they and their cronies have “essential” jobs so they will see no reduction in lifestyle. Their respective employers have the ability to take on massive debt since they are a government authority with taxation powers. All while you or a loved one cannot go to work and have to deal with screaming children wanting to know why they cannot play on the playground or go to a friend’s house.

We tried to warn you, Sisson was in essence fired by Placer County since the Board of Supervisors no longer fell for her BS. As soon as she had her walking papers, she ran to a county who was more friendly to her point of view and willing to let this unelected bureaucrat wield power over people forced at the point of a government sword to obey her every whim. The economic damage this “woman” is capable of is yet to be seen. She literally went more restrictive than Comrade Newsom on Thanksgiving Covid regulations. I would say this “woman” has a screw or two loose, but I don’t think her name and the word screw or screwed belong in the same sentence (Hat Tip Troll for the joke).

The Chief