Month: September 2005

Bill Bennett & Abortion

September 30, 2005

There is currently a big flap about some comments by Bill Bennett that were lifted out of context. This is my initial reaction to this controversy. If you think Bill Bennett said any of the following would you be right or wrong? Called blacks “human weeds” Said blacks were “menace to civilization.” Believed that “social […]

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Google Calls President Bush Failure

September 25, 2005

George Fincke is a Bishop in the Reformed Episcopal Church. He sent me the following: My daughter called from CA, asking me to go online to Google. She asked me to type the word FAILURE. Then, hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button. What you get is the bio of George W. Bush. Added 11-10-05 […]

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Feinstein: Stuck on Stupid

September 21, 2005

Today, our wonderful, socialist, NIMBY, Liberal United States Senator was on the radio because she was grandstanding for the media by daring to lecture the petroleum industry about the price of gasoline. Thou hypocrite! It is the fault of Senator Feinstein and her ilk that we are not an energy independent county. If she would […]

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Thanks Eric

September 20, 2005

From the middle of my junior year of high school until the end of my second year in college I lived in the South, mostly in Mississippi. My first year there, they had over 144 inches (twelve feet) of rain! The lifestyle and climate in the part of the country is very different from ours […]

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Local Parish Wins More from Diocese of Los Angeles

September 19, 2005

This is follow-up story to a previous post that I made. Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles must pay legal fees to Newport’s St. James, judge says. By Lauren Vane Daily Pilot September 16, 2005 An Orange County Superior Court judge ruled Thursday that the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles must pay more than $81,000 in […]

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Nigerian Church Breaks with Canterbury

September 16, 2005

Update on Episcopal Church Split CHURCH OF NIGERIA REDEFINES ANGLICAN COMMUNION With a careful rewording of her constitution, the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) redefined her relationship with all other Anglican Churches. All former references to ‘communion with the see of Canterbury’ were deleted and replaced with another provision of communion with all Anglican Churches, […]

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Starbucks Spends More on Healthcare than Coffee

September 15, 2005

Today, I heard Rush Limbaugh make the claim that Starbucks spends more on healthcare than they do on coffee. I just had to see if its true. Guess what? It Is! Here’s the source; none other than Starbucks’ Chairman, Howard Schultz. Q: What’s the biggest challenge you face in terms of meeting your objectives for […]

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Anglican Church to Dump Queen & Archbishop of Canterbury

September 15, 2005

I was sent the following article today. It is worth reading. Africans set to found rival Anglican Church By TREVOR GRUNDY AFRICANS say they have had enough of the Church of England’s endless discussions over the ordination of gay vicars and same-sex blessings. With help from their colleagues in Latin America, African primates, bishops, priests […]

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Newdow is Back

September 14, 2005

Michael Newdow is back! After failing to get the Pledge of Allegiance banned from Elk Grove’s public schools last year because he lacked standing in the courts, he has brought a new suit on behalf of others. U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton ruled today that the Pledge is unconstitutional because it contains the phrased “one […]

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A Prayer in Time of Terrorism

September 11, 2005

I was sent this e-mail September 11, 2001 Grant, O God, that in this time of national testing, thy people may know thy presence and obey thy Will: that with integrity and courage we may accomplish all that which thou would have us to do, and to endure that which thou would ask us to […]

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