How to Make EGUSD Eat Their Words

In our last installment, we quoted the email from the Elk Grove Joint Unified School District which is presented again for your reference:

…I would expect that some students and staff members will elect to exercise their right to freedom of expression in a variety of manners. Such expressions could include sitting or kneeling during patriotic observances, including the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem. While these are two of the most common ways people express themselves, I always marvel at the creativity of our students and staff and would not be surprised if they came up with other methods to express themselves.

Please do not overact or take disciplinary actions in response to such expressions. Site leaders should confirm this with staff, including off campus coaches, to ensure all staff understand that no punitive actions are to be taken against students or staff participating in an act of expression that does not interfere with the safe and orderly running of our schools or school sponsored events.

OK, so we have established the following from the school district:
• The District expects students and staff to “exercise their right to freedom of expression”
• Kneeling is permissible before school events
• District employees are not to interfere
• District employees may also participate
• No punitive action shall be taken against staff or students as long as it “does not interfere with the safe and orderly running of our schools or school sponsored events.”
• Other as yet unanticipated methods may be used for people to express themselves

Ladies and gentlemen of the audience let’s put the district to the test, from now on both coaches and players have been given a blank check to pray on the field before any school sponsored event and furthermore, they have been promised that the district will take no retribution against them as long as it does not interfere with event safety.

NFL Hell

The cancer that began propagating in the NFL last year by currently unemployed San Francisco Forty-niner Colin Kaepernick has become a plague upon the nation because the National Football League failed to act in a proper manner. Sorry but when an employee is at work and wearing the uniform of his company, he is not free to say and do whatever he wants.  This myth of an unrestricted right to free speech is a bald-faced lie.


• Can a theater worker (we are limiting this discussion to speech by employees) shout “Fire” in the middle of the movie?
• Can you call the White House and say “I want to kill the President” and nothing will happen to you?
• Can you call your local school and threaten to shoot all the dumb (insert racial or ethnic group here) and not get paid a visit by the SWAT Team?
• Can your doctor tell you that you have six months to live and you aren’t really sick?
• While at work can I call a retired person and tell them to pay their bill or we will garnish their bank account and retirement because they owe us money? (FYI we can’t do either.)
• Can an NFL player celebrate in the end zone by mooning the crowd and not be fined?

Clearly, a right of speech is not unlimited. When you—as an employee or representative of a group—say or do something, it reflects not just upon your conduct but that of your employer.

Don’t believe me, try it. I doubt any of the above examples would be defended by an employer anywhere. However, even if the employee lost their job as a result, the employer would likely still be writing a check to someone once the lawyers got done with him.

So why is it OK to have a stupid protest during the National Anthem to defend the rights of people that say it’s ok to kill policemen because they are bad and only want to kill people?

Kaepernick started to protest the National Anthem for this very reason. He wants black people to have a special right to not have to obey policemen when police have drawn their weapons in the performance of their duties. Sorry, Kap but that’s what lawyers are for. If you won’t obey an order from a policeman, especially when their weapon is drawn, then you deserve to be shot like a mad dog.

This isn’t a racial issue, its common sense that law abiding people are expected to behave this way; period.

On Friday, President Trump said what most of us feel about this issue,
“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘get that son of a bitch off the field now. Out. Out. He’s fired!’”
Link: Trump SOB quote

My answer is “hell yes” that should have happened to Kaepernick a year and a half ago.

Because the NFL failed to act responsibly, this has been politicized by the Left as another front of their “Operation Chaos” to try to bring down Trump. Sorry dudes but Trump is right.

The movement is now spreading to other sports venues.

In the spirit of the times and not content to keep their mouths shut or do the right thing, the Elk Grove Join Unified School District has waded into the fray as well. This email was sent to employees of the District earlier today.

The purpose of this communication is twofold. First, thank you for all you do to support our students and your fellow colleagues. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated. Second, given recent events, I would expect that some students and staff members will elect to exercise their right to freedom of expression in a variety of manners. Such expressions could include sitting or kneeling during patriotic observances, including the Pledge of Allegiance or the National Anthem. While these are two of the most common ways people express themselves, I always marvel at the creativity of our students and staff and would not be surprised if they came up with other methods to express themselves.

Please do not overact or take disciplinary actions in response to such expressions. Site leaders should confirm this with staff, including off campus coaches, to ensure all staff understand that no punitive actions are to be taken against students or staff participating in an act of expression that does not interfere with the safe and orderly running of our schools or school sponsored events.

Related Press Release is Here

Please note what a crock of crap this is. What the District should have said was:

We respect our country and what it stands for. Our nation is not perfect but it’s the best country on the planet. When a student is representing our school at any activity, they shall not politicize the event by disrespecting our flag or anthem. Many millions have fought and died so that you could be here today. The things that united us are bigger that those issues that divide us. Lasting change is made by working thru the system not advocating its overthrow. We do not condone any course of action that advocates the murder of law enforcement in the performance of their duties. We have a zero tolerance for interjecting politics into patriotic expressions. School activities—including athletic events—are political free zones.

Please note that the District employs their own police force, I could argue that the District’s position endangers both staff and students in an effort to score cheap political points.  This is the second time in recent months that the District has waded into high profile political issues to score cheap points to prove they are politically correct enough for California.

Hey EGUSD, just so you know, I now have a reason not to give money to any of your schools for fundraisers—especially for the support of athletic teams.

Laura Ingraham wrote a book that fits this situation; “Shut up and sing”.

Or if you rather, Tim Hawkins did a version of Imagine:

Imagine all the actors
the musicians too
would stick to acting and singing
with no political views.

Bottom line is athletes should shut up and play ball. If America is so bad try moving to Iraq (or some other third world cesspool) and being on their soccer team. In the good ole days, their players were tortured when they lost.

Footballers who paid the penalty for failure: How Uday’s terror made the game a matter of life or death

Saddam’s son tortured defeated footballers

I’m sure North Korea is no different so I checked:
North Korea to Olympians: No Medals Means Labor Camp

Our guys get paid millions for playing a stupid game. The ungrateful snowflakes should respect the opportunity given to them just because they live in this country. If they want to do something meaningful how about cancelling a practice and going to Texas, Florida, or Puerto Rico and helping folks that appreciate it? Try uniting us and not dividing, you might be surprised how many folks will support you.

Flood Insurance=Government Insanity

For us in the real world, the pop culture definition of insanity comes to mind when we look at articles like on that recently appeared in the free side of the Wall Street Journal.

The headline says it all:

One House, 22 Floods: Repeated Claims Drain Federal Insurance Program

Brian Harmon had just finished spending over $300,000 to fix his home in Kingwood, Texas, when Hurricane Harvey sent floodwaters “completely over the roof.”

The six-bedroom house, which has an indoor swimming pool, sits along the San Jacinto River. It has flooded 22 times since 1979, making it one of the most flood damaged properties in the country.

Between 1979 and 2015, government records show the federal flood insurance program paid out more than $1.8 million to rebuild the house—a property that Mr. Harmon figured was worth $600,000 to $800,000 before Harvey hit late last month.

Homes and other properties with repetitive flood losses account for just 2% of the roughly 1.5 million properties that currently have flood insurance, according to government estimates. But such properties have accounted for about 30% of flood claims paid over the program’s history.

The article goes on to describe government’s unwillingness and inability to purchase such properties and prevent them from being rebuilt. It does mention that folks are reluctant to sell instead of rebuild. You may have a right to build on your own property but why do folks have an absolute right to be repeatedly bailed-out of subsequent problems by other taxpayers? What happened to fool me once…?

Oh, the government flood insurance program was 25 billion in the hole before the hurricanes this month. Yet another example of why big government doesn’t work.

Dear readers, please take these hurricanes and other such disasters very sober mindedly because when our turn comes in California, what you’ve seen elsewhere could be a picnic compared to what we will experience here. If you thought that no rebar in the Oroville dam spillway was the only shortcut government has allowed in California then you are a fool. I think our turn is coming soon.

Rocklin Parents Too Little, Too Late

The charter school in Rocklin held a board meeting last night about the so-call transgender five year old. I submit to you that a normal five year old doesn’t have a clue about sexuality other than children their age are either boys or girls. This is some perverted idea that the child’s parents are forcing on this poor kid because they are angry at God and want to punish someone made in His image. Of course they wrap their warped ideas into a claim of compassion. Remember that the Scripture says “the compassion of the wicked is cruelty”.

As you read the news story you get three messages:

First, what happened in this classroom is legal and has the backing of the State of California and the education establishment.

The book, according to the school, was not only age appropriate, but part of the California Department of Education’s recommended reading list and was given to the teacher by a transgender student in the process of transitioning.

Second, some parents don’t like it

“I want to be the one that teaches my kids about these controversial issues, not the school, I know my kids best,” said one parent speaking out during public comment.

“When we shun the rights of parents, we go from education to indoctrination,” said one father.

Many parents have wanted to not have their children be placed in the same classroom as transgender children and were asking the board for a chance to opt out. But the district says that’s against the law and is discrimination towards a protected class.

Three, the school is not sorry and will not change

Since the incident, the district has held a number of talks with parents, faith leaders, and other school districts, and administrators offered a series of recommendations that were being discussed. The main recommendations were to affirm the literature policy and to make a change in the parent handbook that would suggest that the school will “endeavor” to notify parents about controversial topics being discussed in class.

Since the incident, at least 14 families have pulled their children from the school. Superintendent Robin Stout says she’s expecting more people to withdraw. But also adds that there are more than 1,000 families on their academy waitlist.

Link: KOVR-TV News Story

If you recall, the school had hired a public relations firm after the incident back in June. The PR firm was to help the school manage the parents so they would accept that it was OK to expose their children to this perverse behavior.

I find it ironic that the other news story yesterday was concerning a 21 years old student that followed the teachings of the homosexual lobby that was shot by campus police. He was called mentally ill for claiming to be what California Senator Mark Leno wants the rest of us to accept as normal.

Scout Schultz, the now-deceased assailant, was a 21-year-old student who suffered from gender identity disorder (or, as it has now been relabeled, gender dysphoria). He was also the past president of the Georgia Tech Campus Pride Alliance.

Schultz’s biography on the Alliance website quoted Schultz as saying: “I’m bisexual, nonbinary, and intersex … when I’m not running Pride or doing classwork I mostly play D&D and try to be politically active.”

His preferred pronouns were “they” and “their” rather than “he” and “his.” His last words prior to his demise by police-assisted suicide were “Shoot me” as he advanced on retreating police while holding a knife.

Link: WND story

… Aren’t these the same values that the Rocklin charter school is forcing on parents as the new normal? So is transgenderism “normal” or mental illness?

ESPN’s Finest goes Postal on Trump

ESPN, and its group of wanna be hosts are at it again this time from the reliably wrong Jemele Hill.

Hill who has some serious issues with white people in this country went on a Twitter rant in regards to President Donald Trump the other day.  I am going to embed all the tweets for your viewing pleasure.














Sources (nobody published the whole thread, but the above is a composite in chronological order)
Yahoo: ESPN Scolds Jemele Hill for Calling Trump a ‘White Supremacist,’ But Stays Mum on Discipline
MSN: Jemele Hill Hears From ESPN After Calling Donald Trump A White Supremacist

Now let’s have a look at the response from ESPN:
I’m not going to address Jemele Hill and her worthless, useless political rant, frankly it doesn’t disturb me.  Hill isn’t smart enough to think for herself so she gets her news spoon fed to her by any outlet willing to do so.  Because truth has become negotiable in this country Hill is entitled to her opinion I guess.  What I am more bothered by is the response from her employer ESPN.

Notice it says nowhere about any discipline to be faced by Hill, it says they are handling it internally.  So a radio host (Rusillo) gets wasted and he is off the air for a week and a half, yet a politically fueled disaster of a Twitter rant gets…..well nothing apparently.  This is because Disney doesn’t like Trump either so as a result this will go unpunished.  Also no apology from Hill, which tells me Disney said nothing to her.  No real surprise here, political bias is only allowed if a Republican is in office.

Unsolicited advice to Hill, next time you get wasted or just feel like spewing random baseless hate maybe try to avoid Twitter.


PS I’m going hard after Equifax this week, be warned!

Trump Dumps Republicans

Only idiots like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell couldn’t see this coming. President Trump is now working with Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer to get parts of his severely gridlocked agenda back on track. Yes, the author of The Art of the Deal is beginning to school the political class on how to actually get stuff done in Washington. Specifically, Trump is making a deal with Democrats on the debt ceiling to get parts of what he wants thru the Legislative branch.

Having cut a deal with Democrats for help with the debt ceiling, will Trump seek a deal with Democrats on amnesty for the “Dreamers,” in return for funding for border security? Trump seemed to be signaling receptivity to the idea this week.

Will he give up on free-trade Republicans to work with Democrats to protect U.S. jobs and businesses from predator traders like China?

Will he cut a deal with Hill Democrats on which infrastructure projects should be funded first? Will he seek out compromise with Democrats on whose taxes should be cut and whose retained?

We could be looking at a seismic shift in national politics, with Trump looking to centrist and bipartisan coalitions to achieve as much of his agenda as he can. He could collaborate with Federalist Society Republicans on justices and with economic-nationalist Democrats on tariffs.

—Patrick J. Buchanan

Not since Ronald Reagan was President has anyone purposely had to make it a practice of reaching across the political aisle to get their agenda adopted on a large scale. Likewise, Reagan bypassed to media and went to the American people and Trump is following a similar model.  But Trump is even more brilliant than that because by openly working with the Democrat Leadership and actually getting substantive things accomplished he is making it virtually impossible for anyone to run against him next time. Why? Because if Democrats are working with him, how can they campaign against him as a bad guy? They are standing with him at all the photo ops at the White House.

Meanwhile, Congressional Republicans are baffled and extruding brilliance such as this:

“Nobody does policy better than Speaker Ryan, but we do have to transition to the place where it’s not just about vision-casting, but it’s about execution,” said Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., chairman of the conservative House Republican Study Committee. “I think with any coach, team, business or ministry, whatever it may be, I think the ones calling the shots have to bear some of the responsibility.”

Ryan’s already-shaky status with GOP colleagues takes another hit

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham puts it more bluntly.

Conservative radio host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham says Republicans “are finished” if they don’t get tax reform done quickly.

“He wants to be a popular president. He’s a conservative populist. That means at times, if Republicans don’t deliver legislation that he can sign on the critical matters that he campaigned on, he’s going to look to move the ball down the field with another set of players,” said Ingraham to host Sean Hannity.

“If they do not get tax reform done, they are done. They are finished.  Paul Ryan came out today and had an extra special spring in his step on tax reform. It’s funny what Trump working with the Democrats will do to the Republicans.”

Laura Ingraham: Republicans ‘are finished’ if they don’t get tax reform done

If Trump can get things done building coalitions then great, but I still say that he will be working to get new faces elected to Congress and incumbents will not be given a free pass to be sent back to Washington. Look for him to be reshaping the Republican Party and draining that swamp too. It will not get the media coverage that it deserves until it has happened but I’m confident that it’s in the works. Unlike Obama, Trump knows that in order to keep his accomplishments in tact long after he leaves office, he needs to get them thru the Congress not just issue Executive Orders that can be rescinded at a whim.

X and William Proven REALLY RIGHT again

Well that didn’t take long; that hackneyed used car salesman look alike, Joel Osteen, is at it again.  William and I predicted this useless piece of human matter would pass around a collection basket to get paid for his “service to the flood victims.” (I’m using services very loosely in this context.) Right on schedule, he did it.  He passed around a collection basket after acknowledging people affected by the hurricane were in attendance.  Literally, he said hundreds of those in the congregation taking in his service were affected by Harvey.

Link: Joel Osteen’s Megachurch Gives Collection Plates To Congregation Including Hurricane Victims

I haven’t seen self-serving this bad since I left the CRA!  Glad you got paid Joel, no one did more for the victims of Harvey then you and your church.  Joel, you are to Hurricane Harvey what John Kerry was to the Vietnam War.  Just as Kerry displayed his purple hearts you display your Bible, turns out you are both frauds.  Kerry met with the enemy, and you Joel, you just aren’t a real, true believer.  How dare you try to profit of the backs of those who need help the most!

William and X are both again really right, but this one hurts.


President Donald J. Trump Proclaims Sept 3, 2017 a National Day of Prayer

The CRA may not like this but…

President Donald J. Trump Proclaims September 3, 2017, as a National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and for our National Response and Recovery Efforts

NOW, THEREFORE, I, DONALD J. TRUMP, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 3, 2017, as a National Day of Prayer for the Victims of Hurricane Harvey and for our National Response and Recovery Efforts.  We give thanks for the generosity and goodness of all those who have responded to the needs of their fellow Americans.  I urge Americans of all faiths and religious traditions and backgrounds to offer prayers today for all those harmed by Hurricane Harvey, including people who have lost family members or been injured, those who have lost homes or other property, and our first responders, law enforcement officers, military personnel, and medical professionals leading the response and recovery efforts.  Each of us, in our own way, may call upon our God for strength and comfort during this difficult time.  I call on all Americans and houses of worship throughout the Nation to join in one voice of prayer, as we seek to uplift one another and assist those suffering from the consequences of this terrible storm.

White House Link: 09-03-2017 Declared National Day of Prayer