Four Republican Clubs Denounce Barbara Ortega

The following was released by Chris Orrock—President of Elk Grove Republicans—in response to the verbal meltdown that Barbara Ortega had Monday night after their endorsing meeting. Reportedly she used language that would make most sailors blush as she went after her opponent Peter Tateishi—to his face—and every Party group she could name. The only other person on this year’s ballot to promote this level of unity in Rebublican ranks is Barack Obama.

Today, the Presidents of the Cosumnes Republican Assembly, Elk Grove Republican Club, Sacramento Conservative Republicans of California and the Sacramento Republican Assembly took the extraordinary step of reprimanding Assembly Candidate Barbara Ortega and called upon her to apologize for her false claims and accusations against the California Republican Party, Sacramento County Republican Party and all of the Republican Clubs in Sacramento County.
This measure comes after Ortega made accusations of collusion and unethical practices against the clubs, elected Republican Officeholders, and official parties in Sacramento as well as the California Republican Party.  Ortega stated at the Elk Grove Republican Club that the club and its membership had “rigged” the system against her to support the efforts of her opponent.  She accused club members and the elected members of the Central Committee of intentionally misleading her and denying her opportunities to participate in candidate forums and endorsement meetings.  She continued to berate the state party, local party and local clubs that had voted to endorse Peter Tateishi.
“Her behavior and tone at the meeting was unacceptable and should not be tolerated by any candidate” said Carl Brickey President of the Cosumnes Republican Assembly.  “To accuse our volunteers and elected central committee of collusion and of unethical practices is baseless and false.”
“We are saddened today to have to take this measure against one of our own candidates, but her statements cannot go unanswered” said Tim Snipes President of the Sacramento Republican Assembly.  “As a party, we do not attack our own, especially the grassroots volunteers who make our party great.”
“Sadly, Ortega has a history of making poor decisions and failing to act appropriately in public.  We had hoped she would have learned from her arrests years ago for driving under the influence, which she plead down to a wet and reckless, battery of an officer and resisting arrest” said Chris Orrock President of Elk Grove Republican Club. “It does not appear that she has taken the time to grow from these unfortunate experiences and continues to behave in a way that is not becoming of any candidate running for office.”
Ortega’s claims at the Elk Grove Republican Meeting can all be proven as not just untrue but completely false.