Month: September 2016

Movie Review: Targeted

September 30, 2016

My wife thought my previous version of this review was too harsh so I’ve rewritten this blog to reflect her critique. Last night there was a nationwide screening of the documentary Targeted: Exposing the Gun Control Agenda. Link: Targeted The Movie The film was made by Jesse Winton and his father Randy . This is […]

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HD Antenna

September 28, 2016

The HD antenna that I deployed when our family “cut the cord” was really marginal. The antenna was located in our attic but many local channels were downright unwatchable. All we were able to get on some stations was pixels that changed every four or five seconds and highly fragmented audio. To watch many shows, […]

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Trump v Clinton: Debate 1

September 27, 2016

At the insistence of my wife, I had to sit thru the presidential debate last night. My first impression was that Lester Holt is a dolt. He was so in the tank for Hillary—yes, unlike Democrats, I can spell her name correctly. Lester was not evenhanded in his treatment of the candidates and intervened whenever […]

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The Snake from Omaha Part II

September 23, 2016

As we begin part 2 of our series detailing the fraud known as “the greatest investor in the world,” we want to open with a developing story out of Omaha this week.  Warren Buffet was asked to comment about the Wells Fargo banking fraud scandal; remember the company he owns about 10% of? Well Ole […]

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It’s Official: Wells Fargo Customers to Get No Restitution

September 22, 2016

The headline says it all Wells Fargo Customers May Never See Their Day in Court, Experts Say Link: NBC Business The reason is simple; Wells Fargo employed the law firm of Dewey, Screwum, and Howe. These slick guys inserted a mandatory arbitration clause deep in the bowels of the bank’s fine print and weasel words […]

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SEIU Back to the Table

September 21, 2016

Veggie Tales has a movie called “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything” That is what I thought of when I read the latest message from the SEIU to it’s members: On Oct.10, our bargaining team will return to the table. Our members have demonstrated their support of the bargaining team each week by staying visible; […]

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Placer County Measure M

September 19, 2016

I received an email yesterday that concerns Measure M in Placer County. Coincidently, it is also a sales tax increase to fund transportation just like the one in Sacramento County.  The old saying about following the money appears validated again. I have analyzed the financial support for Measure M with Placer County so far and […]

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Wells Fargo Bankers Play Hanky Panky with Customers SPI

September 18, 2016

Loyal readers, as I am sure you have heard by now, the largest bank in the United States—by market value, Wells Fargo—just paid out a record $185 million dollars in both fines and penalties deriving from opening fraudulent accounts for their “customers.” A common misconception about the banking industry is that you go to a […]

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SEIU and Rights

September 16, 2016

This week’s message from the SEIU to state workers is stand strong. Throughout California, Local 1000 members are purpling up and standing shoulder-to-shoulder to show the state we’re committed to fight for a contract we can all be proud of. We’re telling the state their current contract offer does not value or respect the services […]

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Hill’s Health

September 14, 2016

Here is a syllogism that should be in play in public discourse now and the fact that it’s not should worry some folks. Given #1: Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) was the most transformative President of the 20th Century. He expanded government more than any President in history. He is the modern idol of Liberal Democrats […]

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