Was There Any Doubt?

Was there any doubt the Republicans would unilaterally cave on the debt and budget? Then Speaker Boehner gets a standing ovation from his caucus??? The Speaker declares victory and everyone goes home!!!! WTF? No wonder the Democrats bumped-off my squishy Republican Congressman last election.

Victory gets turned into defeat again.

Some Republicans then ran to the media and said this really strengthens Boehner as Speaker. “I think his stock has risen tremendously. He has great security as our leader and our speaker.”
Last Cconference-Jonathan Strong

Scouting to Accept Atheists

A few months after stripping the concept of being “morally straight “ from their core beliefs, the Boy Scouts are now willing to remove God from their pledge. Granted, this action is “across the pond” but can it be far away from the United States? Scouts pledge welcomes non-believers In England—where church attendance is less than three percent and the top boy’s name is Mohammed—is it any wonder that The West is falling?