145k Votes to Count In Sac County

Yes, you read that correctly.  In the home county of the world headquarters of ReallyRight.com, we still have around 145,000 ballots to process and count.  You may be asking/wondering about the size of the county we live in, feel free to look it up.  According to Wikipedia, the population is around 1.6 million people.  Compare that to Los Angeles or San Diego that are far larger…. oh yeah, those counties are basically done counting!  Seriously look it up. Los Angeles has about 25k and San Diego around 11k.  Upon further review our home county has the most outstanding ballots by far!  Coming in a distant second is Placer County, with 82k.  Every other county has no more than 35k with many having only several thousand to count.

This guy has a reputation of counting

Y tho?

Well, it is hard to explain; actually, I really cannot.  Our home county, and I will defer to the Blog Father for additional commentary, is mostly 100% urban/big city.  Between Sac City, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Unincorporated Sac, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, etc. there are very few residents living in rural areas.   Keep in mind that the cities I mentioned above basically all bleed into one another, in essence making it one giant metroplex.  The outlying areas of; Wilton, Galt, Herald, Rancho Murietta and Rio Linda make up a rounding error is terms of total population.  It makes no sense that counting would be taking this long, especially in the capital city of California. 

What can be done about it?

Well, nothing really. The CAGOP contributed to the problem by putting out their own unsanctioned vote drop boxes 1 cycle ago.  So good luck overturning all this mail in madness.  When the state decided to mail everyone a ballot years ago this will be the new normal, we will have “election month” rather than election day.  This is madness!  But apparently only those who don’t affiliate with the GOP out here anymore seem to care.  Sad!

A simple solution

We won’t be getting rid of the “top two” or “vote by mail” likely ever.  So here is a workable way to do this.  The ballots go out 1 month in advance but put a deadline on when it can be mailed in, I would advise 1 week prior to election day.  This gives the local elections office plenty of time to receive, verify, and count the incoming ballots.  Convert these “voting centers” into vote and transport ballot centers.  Make it so if I drop my ballot off at EG Library it is picked up, delivered to the election office and therefore processed and counted same day, the earlier the better.  This process should occur many times on election day.  The goal needs to be getting all ballots processed and counted asap.

While my solution may not be the easiest it’s the best moving forward in terms of election integrity.  I find it hard to believe here in Sac County we still have that many outstanding ballots when our election happened 3 weeks ago.  This is the reason most on the fringes of society claim voter fraud.  The longer this process drags out and the more and more ballots showing up in the mail after election ends gives these people more fuel for the fire.

Once more for the folks in the back

  1.  Ballots out 1 month early
  2. As they are returned the are immediately counted and verified
  3. Stop accepting mail ballots after about a week prior to election
  4. Continue to verify, and count
  5. On days after mail deadline, vote centers will collect and immediately transfer the ballots to election office
  6. Results will update in 30-minute intervals election night, and a count of all uncounted ballots will be provided.


The Chief

My Thoughts on Trump 2024

Folks now are accusing Trump of being an Army of One and he is and will continue to be, but let’s suppose that Donald Trump is elected in 2024. What does that Presidency look like?

To win in 2024, Trump will have to cripple or destroy the entire Republican “farm team”. In essence, Trump will destroy all Republican presidential contenders for the next 12 or 16 years to achieve his victory.

Supposing Trump can overcome challenges from his own Party and the Swamp—the Democrats and duplicitous Republicans in the House and Senate—and manages to get in the Oval Office, it’s likely all for naught because from day one he is a lame-duck President. Nobody will care what he wants to accomplish. Washington will be about posturing, backstabbing, and business as usual. Can you imagine Trump finding after clawing his way to the top that he is irrelevant! I think his head will explode.

Ironically, Trump’s biggest obstacle in victory is not Democrats or Republicans, it’s the Constitution.

The 22nd Amendment states: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice …”

If Trump had busted his butt and got those House and Senate candidates elected that stuck their necks out and enthusiastically supported him, I might be singing a different tune but as others on the blog have pointed out, he sat on his thumbs and checkbook doing nothing. If you recall, Trump backed primary opponents of at least six House Republicans that voted to Impeach him. As far as I know, all six challengers won their primaries and zero of them got money or support from Trump in the general election and all lost, WTF Donald.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy both worked to undercut conservative MAGA candidates to insure they would lose, often just for voicing support for Trump. Oh, both Republican “leaders” were funded in part by FTX Crypto currency.

Sam Bankman-Fried FTX Crypto funded anti-MAGA Republicans

Donald Trump failed us that have stuck with him thru thick and thin because the rich guy that was President didn’t have a good business plan. Part of any good business venture is hiring and keeping good and talented people. Another aspect is succession. Trump failed in both these areas.

In too many instances, Trump hired weak people that he could bully. Those that he could bully, he did not respect and thus would not listen to them. Many others were opportunists that never believed in his vision of America. In many cases, the career politicians that took posts with Trump were bottom feeder, Mitt Romney types, that were there to thwart him.

Trump also never had a plan of building on MAGA – which by the way was a slogan stolen from Ronald Reagan.

Reagan 1980 election poster

Had he spent the last several years promoting likeminded candidates as I had hoped, the Republican Party would have been remade and would own all levers of power in the country. Now however, the Swamp Creatures in both Parties know that Trump is toast no matter what he does. They may not follow the Constitution with how they govern but both Democrats and Republicans know that the 22nd Amendment makes Trump irrelevant and for that they rejoice. They only differ on whether to “move on” or totally destroy him.

Trump should have followed Ronald Reagan and brought people into his administration that knew Madison Avenue and technology. Getting his Twitter account cancelled was a huge blow in his efforts to communicate. I will not debate mean Tweets too much except to say that Trump put all his communication eggs in that basket. To stick to the business analogy, he should have diversified in this area, so Twitter didn’t have him by the short hairs.

Trump also should have groomed a successor and promoted the hell out of them. If not Mike Pence, then someone else like maybe Kari Lake. Oh wait, he never wrote her a check, did he?

The Donald F***ed up this election cycle and will pay a steep price for his hubris; as will we all.

Oh, thanks to Trump’s failure, Democrats are going for the demographic kill shot on the Republican Party. Yep, Democrats don’t want any more squeaky elections so they are prepping for the nuclear option in the lame duck session of Congress in December. They want to baptize many or all the illegal aliens in the United States in hopes of inducting millions into the Democrat fold of government dependence. This will give them an insurmountable majority and make the United States a one-Party nation forever. Think turning the United States into California for the next 200 years.

Sadly, there are enough shortsighted Republicans in office that they may accomplish this in a few short weeks. I once stated on this blog that due to changing demographics there is a real chance that Donald Trump will be the last Republican President this country will ever have, and right on que this is about to happen right before your eyes.

Sometimes being Really Right is a huge burden.

Why I Can’t Support Donald Trump

President Trump had a good run, and in just four short years of his presidency he showed me how bad the GOP is corrupted by swamp creatures.  Similar to the CAGOP, the national party has the same types of folks; they talk a great game, then vote differently.  Case in point, healthcare. Trump upon being elected said “let’s get a plan ready and pass it once I am sworn in.”  That never happened.  The fire breathing conservatives never had a plan. In fact, I figure most of them likely voted for Hillary, figuring they could fundraise off her presidency and make millions.  In fact, I think most would agree Trump fought more with his own Party than the liberals. 

Everything was going well until the last 8 months of his presidency.  Then it all un-winded in spectacular fashion.  He “lost” the presidency. I use air quotes because I want to throw a bone to the mouth breathers who lurk on this site who keep talking about conspiracy theories.  Trump lost, I am sorry but folks it’s been 2 years now, get over it.  No one on this blog is happy he lost, mostly because of the way he lost, but most importantly what Trump did next was awful in my humble opinion. 

In the Georgia Senate runoff, he made bizarre statements and made that election all about him, as a result we lost 2 seats in the Senate we should still be in control of.  Rather than help the Party, Trump decided to make it all about him.  Again, we lost both seats, handing Chuck Schumer control.  Trump never let’s go of a grudge, and in this case, it decimated the Party. Look at what happened to the economy and the record spending on domestic and military programs by the Left.

His destructive persona continued with the January 6th shenanigans.  Frankly neither myself nor any other blogger on this site cares about January 6th, it happened, if you want to investigate the capital police etc. go for it.  It’s over.  Much like the Trump loss, get over it.  A group of whackos stormed the capital, see blogs about Jorge Riley for more details.

My biggest issue is how Trump acted this election cycle.  I will mention again that he raised 200 million this election cycle, with most donors likely thinking this would help his slate of candidates: Dr. Oz, Kari Lake, Herschel Walker, Blake Masters, Adam Laxalt, Don Bolduc, and JD Vance.  Of those candidates, none got any support from him, and only Vance won, underperforming big time, check out how the governor did in Ohio and compare.  Trump spent no money he raised to help his own slate of people! 

Worse yet he announced he had “an announcement to make 11/15 about his future plans” about 3 weeks prior to election.  This, in my opinion, wound up the liberal base all over the country.  We as conservatives must face it, Trump is to the liberals what the Clintons are to us, we will turn out in large numbers at the mere mention of the word “Clinton”.  The Democrats did the same.  They want no part of Trump, he is the anti-Christ to them.  He did more than the Dobbs decision ever could.  His announcement went off the same way we all figured it would, he is running.  We barely controlled the House and will at best be 50/50 in senate.  No red wave.

Trump made it all about himself, and the party was crushed.  He never went after lock-down governors like Whitmer, Evers, or Walz.  Didn’t go after any democrat senators either.  It was classic Trump., I’m sorry to say this, but he is a narcissist, and the party is now going to be held hostage by him.  Sadly, because Trump wanted to overthrow the election, among other odd beliefs, and our senate candidates were tied to him, they were torpedoed. Republican gubernatorial ones were able to slightly differentiate themselves and survive. 

In closing.

Trump is running, he has already started going after Ron DeSantis (Ron Desanctimonius) and Glenn Youngkin (saying it sounds like a Chinese person).  This will be found as funny to his devout supporters, but to me I’m turned off.  Petty name calling and personal attacks have place, it’s called family court.  DeSantis won big and is the frontrunner in my opinion, I will be supporting him or Glenn Youngkin (VA Governor) most likely.  DeSantis turned a purple state bright red, Youngkin a former businessman who turned a blue state red, we need folks like this.  Conservative governors are where the turn-around will start.  Both of those are great choices, I like Abbott from Texas as well.

Sorry Donald, but your erratic behavior has turned me off.  You could learn a lot about yourself by reading the room at your “announcement” where were the electeds?  Celebrity GOP types?  Even your allies from your presidency sat it out.  I saw the My Pillow Guy, and Roger Stone, this hardly moves the needle.  Now big money GOP donors are fleeing you and supporting anyone but you. You had six years to help elect Republicans that you could work with, but instead you sat on your thumbs doing nothing but self-promotion.

Mostly my disappointment is looking at what could have been.  The Senate could have been 52-48 leading up to this election.  Pick up AZ, NV, NH, which were all likely pickups by realclearpolitics.com on election day by the way. In addition to holding the open seats, we could be looking at 55-45 right now.  The map looks bad for the Democrats in 2024, with seats in Montana, West Virginia, and Arizona up, all 3 of the current office holders are on the outs with the far left of the party, primary challengers perhaps?  Also seats in the upper Midwest are up, if things go right, we could be looking at 60 seats!  But no, we will be digging out of a hole due to Trump.

The Chief

Red Ripple Thoughts

Well that kinda sucked last night.  I was told by the media, even the left-wing ones, a red wave was coming. It was just a matter of how big.  The talking heads were saying GOP House with a 30 seat majority minimum, and a GOP Senate with a majority of 3-4.  Well, here we sit Wednesday at around noon, and we are at a House gain of 7, and a Senate loss of 1, and losses at the governor level of 2 so far.  This is the opposite of a wave; in fact it should be deflating.

Sadly, as a former card carrying CAGOP member, I am quite used to this feeling.  The wave never touches CA yet we were always told about the great hope that it would.  Our guys were going to do it, this was the year…etc.  So, the feeling, like I said, was nothing new.

So I will break down my commentary on winners and losers from last night.

WinnerRon DeSantisNo question he is the frontrunner to take on whomever the presidential nominee is from the Democrats.  A 20 point win in Florida is what he needed.  Keep in mind 4 years ago he won by about 1%.  He also became the first GOP governor to carry Miami-Dade County since Jeb Bush.  Miami-Dade is mostly Spanish speaking mind you.

Loser: Dr. Oz.  This guy lost to a clown who can barely speak after having a stroke and who spent most of the campaign in his basement.  Oz also has a very questionable background of supporting; gay rights, lbgtq, puberty blockers, and just flat out being a shill who lives in New Jersey. Oh, also isn’t he a citizen of a Muslim country (Turkey)? This was a loss we couldn’t have, and he lost it.

WinnerLockdown governors Whitmer, Evers, and Walz all from the Midwest, all won fairly convincingly.  I guess these folks like being in a nanny state?  Amazing to highlight the difference in DeSantis winning by 20% supporting freedom, and these folks winning while locking down.

Loser: Certain down ticket races.  More on this in a minute, but look at those Midwestern states mentioned above, add PA, GA, AZ, and a lot of House seats were left on the table.

WinnerPartisan politicsNo major wave in either direction, major politico types sent packing over Roe v Wade or other far out policies. This country is evenly divided, and it appears the Senate and House will reflect that as well.

LoserTrump.  I am actually starting to get off the Trump train.  Before you call me a bandwagon type or a fair-weather fan, I’m getting tired of his act.  He raised over 200 million and spent almost none of it.  This was a chance for him to get a coalition started for his next run.  He missed badly.  Even worse he endorsed and shepherded through some very average candidates.  Pure speculation on my part but I think any other candidate than Dr Oz, Herschel Walker, Blake Masters and Dan Bolduc (ME) would have done much better.  Even Trump supported folks who won badly underperformed.  Look at OH, the governor won by about 26%, Trump endorsed JD Vance won by 7.  In NC, Ted Budd won by about 5%.  In AZ Blake Masters is tracking about 10,000 votes less than the governor nominee is currently getting.  In PA his governor nominee flopped so badly it likely took Dr. Oz down in the undertow, at time of this writing the GOP governor nominee was at about 42% of the vote.  Oh BTW in Colorado Trump was so angry at nominee Kevin O’Dea in the weeks leading up to the race he said O’Dea shouldn’t win and called him a RINO.  O’Dea lost big, and Trump crowed on his Twitter clone, not a great look.

Winner: liberal policies.  Crime and law and order were on the ballot everywhere, and the Democrats won all the left leaning states.  So look for more homeless and more crime in these regions.  It is what it is I guess.

Loser: GOP messagingWhich was what exactly?  I’m being serious.  It sounded like the same old same old, no taxes, less spending, put us in charge and you will find out.  I heard no answers to the crime issue, none on the inflation issue, and I think the vote reflected that.  You wanted to have your own congressman/senator back and let them continue the fight.  If the GOP doesn’t figure it out on a national level and soon, they will be like the CAGOP, essentially a regional party who serves as “loyal opposition” as opposed to new ideas.


Editor’s note: Trump’s endorsement of DR. OZ was the stupidest endorsement that he ever made. He lost much credibility with me on that one. It even caused me not to contribute money to him anymore. Left that sink in just little. I’ve been supporting him since before he won the Presidential nomination, something few in California can truthfully say. I haven’t been a major donor, but I have given a few contributions since he became a candidate. Endorsing Oz really crossed a line for me.

 Kevin McCarthy is not, nor ever has been, a conservative. He has a multi-decades long track record of opposing us and our ideas. He is the RINO’s, RINO. He is on the wrong side of almost any social issue that I or fellow Christians believe or care about. He’ll change his spots to appear our ally but beware. Mitch McConnell seems the same type of political animal; just enough change of beliefs to stay in power. For men like them, its about gaining and expanding power not doing what’s best for the country.

There was no GOP coalition to oppose Biden. All we got was the same old crap (smoke and mirrors) as “repeal and replace” with a lot less believability and only after internal polling showed the insiders that there was no Red Wave. It was a psyop to keep the Fox News faithful on the reservation.

The best we can hope for is two years of gridlock.

Midterm Election Predictions

By Chief & Troll

Long standing traditions on this blog: Troll chasing any skirt that walks past him, Johnnie Does ripping small businesses, and Chief making predictions about elections.  So here we go!

Starting nationally

Blogger note:  Keep an eye on New York Governor race, if it’s very close, the GOP will way outperform my predictions. Also be aware of the “3 am ballot discovery” or “ballot counting will take months to complete” California has mastered the later, most swing states the former.  We saw the new Democrat playbook last election.

House elections:  The GOP will pick up 35-45 seats, it would be much higher if we had better folks running for governor in certain states.  In CA, we will pick up a couple seats…that’s my bold take.  A comfy GOP majority.

Senate:  Here is where my takes get even hotter, and predictions get bolder.  We will hold: PA, WI, OH, FL and NC.  These races won’t be close enough for the fraud to matter.  We pick up: AZ, NH, NV for sure, again these will likely be outside the amount of fraud that the Democrats will need.  Toss ups:  CO and WA, these will be tough, but if NY Governor race is close, dominoes will be a fallin’.  GA will go to a runoff and the GOP will win it next month.

The senate races remind me of a few years back, the Democrats put up average candidates, but they prevailed because the GOP brand was so bad, it’s going to be the reverse this time.  Let us not kid ourselves; Dr Oz, Herschel Walker, JD Vance, Blake Masters, Dan Bolduc, and Ted Budd are average candidates, but in a wave year they get pushed across the finish line.  I look for a 52-48 edge as a minimum advantage after Tuesday.

Governor: We will have a decent night, we hold GA, FL, TX, and VT.  The Democrats will pick up Maryland and Massachusetts, but who cares, those were on borrowed time.  The red team picks up: KS, WI, MI, NV, and I’m calling it, OR.  New Mexico will be close, and I think MN could be a barn burner.  Again watch New York, a little-known congressman from Long Island could keep it very close, Obama, Biden, and Harris have stumped for her recently.

Overall, a good night for the red team. On to CA

Not a lot of good to report here, I’ve heard rumblings Lanhee Chen will win Controller, no surprise, he is running as a Mitt Romney type.  Nathan Hochman could make it close for Atty General.  Look for Newsom’s results closely, if its close we could pick up about 4 seats in CA, a big blow out (68% plus) and I doubt it.

The statewide propositions will mostly all fail, the abortion one will pass big, I predict 68% in favor.  Blogger note:  This prop and Newsom should track fairly closely because the lack of any opposition from clergy, church or powers that be, make it a lost cause.  I’m disappointed the CAGOP didn’t endorse Prop 27, as I believe sports wagering should be allowed from your phone, but the CAGOP is owned by the Indian Casinos, so such is life.

Let’s turn it over to Troll shall we….

Well, well, well, here I go torching the Democrats……

Anyone seen that John Fetterman guy?  Running for senate in PA?  He looks like anyone at a CA state prison yard, just look at him.  Sweet holy moly is that the only outfit you own!

Oprah Winfrey supports Fetterman in PA…. well, if you want anyone to throw their weight behind you, Oprah isn’t a bad one to do so.

Speaking of weight, Stacy Abrams is running for GA governor again. Jesus, do her and Beto O’Rourke run for something new each cycle?  I do not know what Beto brings to the table, but I do know Abrams brings two things to the table, A KNIFE AND A FORK!

Speaking of ugly, has anyone seen Congress person Rosa DeLauro?

Hey Troll, is this genetically male or female? At least 3 bags either way

Wow hubba hubba baby baby, you must hate Alexander Graham Bell for inventing electricity.  Good god could you imagine if she married James Carville?  Oh god, my eyes, it’s like someone threw bleach in them.


Tulsi Gabbard leaves the Democrat Party….no shock; have you seen Democrat women lately?  No one on their side is winning a Miss America pageant, no wonder they hate Trump!

DeLauro, Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton squaring off against: Lauren Boebert, Sarah Palin, and Nikki Haley is the definition of no contest.


In closing Troll has a new GF, Olympic bobsled and hurdler Lolo Jones.  Check her out.

Spin on Paul Pelosi Attack–Hit Job in a Box

Yep, before the wounds were cleaned from Paul Pelosi getting hammered, the Democrat spin machine was ramping up to frame Republicans.

Below is an early report from Associated Press and CBS News.

San Francisco – The suspect in the attack on Paul Pelosi, husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, appears to have been an active online participant in multiple conspiracy theories railing against perceived censorship and government control, and engaging in hate speech and antisemitism.

Pelosi attack suspect David DePape embraced hate speech, multiple conspiracy theories

DePape was known for embracing multiple conspiracy theories on subjects such as voter fraud, climate change, and the COVID pandemic on at least two different online forums. He also has posted antisemitic screeds and entries defending former President Donald Trump and Ye, the rapper formally known as Kayne West who recently made antisemitic comments.

In other posts, the writer said Jews helped finance Hitler’s political rise in Germany and suggested an antisemitic plot was involved in Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

In a Sept. 27 post, the writer said any journalists who denied Trump’s false claims of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election “should be dragged straight out into the street and shot.”

An Aug. 24 entry titled “Q,” displayed a scatological collection of memes that included photos of the deceased sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and made reference to QAnon, the baseless pro-Trump conspiracy theory that espouses the belief that the country is run by a deep-state cabal of child sex traffickers, satanic pedophiles and baby-eating cannibals.

“Big Brother has deemed doing your own research as a thought crime,” read a post that appeared to blend references to QAnon with George Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984.”

In an Aug. 25 entry titled “Gun Rights,” the poster wrote: “You no longer have rights. Your basic human rights hinder Big Brothers ability to enslave and control you in a complete and totalizing way.”

DePape’s posts frequently fixated on the subject of government or tech company “censorship.” One blog has subject tabs with such labels as “Pedophile normalization,” Creationism,” and “Facts are Racist.”

Another website has categories such as “Climate Hysteria,”  “Da Jewbs,” and “Groomer Schools.” The web hosting service WordPress removed one of the sites Friday afternoon for violating its terms of service.

DePape also posted memes and conspiracy theories on Facebook about COVID vaccines, the 2020 election and the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol. Two of DePape’s relatives told CNN that he was ‘out of touch with reality,” estranged from his family, and confirmed that the Facebook account – which was taken down by the social media company on Friday – belonged to him.

All weekend the media was regurgitating this story or ones in a similar vein.

Folks, as a Trump supporter, this article looks very embarrassing and maybe even damaging to the cause; however, virtually every assertion in the above quotations is a bald-faced lie. David DePage had no websites or Facebook pages. Yep. It was a psyop.

The mainstream media attributed two websites to the man arrested with Paul Pelosi on early Friday morning, David DePape. However, this all appears to be another far-left farce.

David DePape was found with Paul Pelosi early Friday morning in his underwear at the Pelosi home by police in San Francisco. The mainstream media immediately tried to cover for the Pelosi family. They then attempted to align the man in his underwear found with Paul Pelosi as a conservative. But it was all a lie.

EXCLUSIVE: Two Far-Right Websites Attributed to David DePape to Smear Conservatives Were Scraped Friday and Deleted Saturday

In addition, the media tried to frame DePape as a conservative based on websites that were reportedly his. DePape was homeless and a drug addict but the media insisted he was running a conservative website? Makes perfect sense.

Fox News reported:

Facebook disabled DePape’s profile early Friday and declined to answer questions. At least two online blogs under DePape’s name are stocked with posts from the years of 2007 and 2022 speaking of “censorship,” “Big Brother,” and pedophiles. One contained calls for violence and antisemitic content. It was not immediately clear that he was responsible for the posts, and San Francisco police did not immediately respond to questions about DePape’s online presence.

The L.A Times:

In the months before police accused him of attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband Friday morning, David DePape had been drifting further into the world of far-right conspiracies, antisemitism and hate, according to a Times review of his online accounts.

In a personal blog that DePape maintained, posts include such topics as “Manipulation of History,” “Holohoax” and “It’s OK to be white.” He mentioned 4chan, a favorite message board of the far right. He posted videos about conspiracies involving COVID-19 vaccines and the war in Ukraine being a ploy for Jewish people to buy land.

DePape’s screeds included posts about QAnon, an unfounded theory that former President Trump is at war with a cabal of Satan-worshipping elites who run a child sex ring and control the world. In an Aug. 23 entry titled “Q,” DePape wrote: “Either Q is Trump himself or Q is the deepstate moles within Trumps inner circle.”

The problem is the websites cited by the mainstream media that were supposedly aligned with DePape were created on Friday and they are no longer active today, Saturday.

The site Godisloving.wordpress.com was opened on Friday and shutdown on Saturday.

If you try to link to it now, you will find it has been shut down

The other site listed, www.frenlyfrens.com/blog is no longer active as well. It too was created on Friday and shut down on Saturday. The only activity on this site as well was in the last two days.

If you read the article quoted above, the author is correct in stating the sites were created Friday October 28 and taken down Saturday the 29th. I verified it. Since he wrote the article, archive.org has attempted further backups. Following the URL will take you to a jump page stating the site is down.

The moral of the story is that facts are irrelevant because Democrats just make-up their own. This is the intersection of “he who frames the issue, wins the debate” and “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

With just a week until election day, would you really expect anything else?

Is Nothing Private Any More

The good news is that we finally got insurance for our future retirement house. They offered us a discount to add our car on the policy, so we agreed.

That was last week. Today I was greeted with the following package in my mailbox.

In it was the “Drive Safe & Save” gizmo. It is a Bluetooth device that they want you to pair with your phone and keep in your vehicle. Yep, they want you to voluntarily let them track your every movement in exchange for an auto insurance discount.

Sorry fellas but I’m not playing. It’s bad enough that Big Tech is tracking me, and I didn’t volunteer or agree to that, but they make me do it to get a cell phone. Oh, as a bonus, China gets to track me too and gets copies of my text messages and address book on a regular basis, oh, notice that Tim Cook, et al., don’t block the Communists from having the same data on me that they have. Our government is next in line and getting us to agree to this Bluetooth device is just an incremental step in imposing a mileage tax on us because who wants their odometer read?

Oh, on the subject of privacy, why is it that it takes a daily newspaper in Texas to inform us that UC Davis is monitoring all their student’s social media activity?

DAVIS — An investigation by The Dallas Morning News revealed UC Davis is among several schools across the country using social media-monitoring software to keep track of students’ online posts.

UC Davis police using software to track students’ social media posts

The Dallas Morning News reports that “Detect” can also allow campus police to surveil student protests. The surveillance strikes a chord with UC Davis students as they remember the impact of an incident over a decade ago. In 2011, student protesters with the Occupy movement were pepper-sprayed by campus police.

The software can track student email, movement, friends and associates, posts, and more. The software vendor claims to have thousands of schools in 36 different states as customers.

The article appears in many places such as these:

Tracked: How colleges use AI to monitor student protests

Tracked: How Colleges Use AI To Monitor Student Protests

An older but similar story

Texas schools are surveilling students online, often without their knowledge or consent

I promise this information will be abused but anyone with a brain will not admit how they use it. Perhaps we are seeing a glimpse into what gets you into the college when they don’t use SAT or other academic criteria.

Oh, even without all the above, here’s what I call “an admission against interest” from a hiring manager that was reposted on GAB a few days ago.

Evil Hiring Manager

The Catholic Church and Abortion

Bloggers noteThe point of this blog isn’t to debate Prop 1 in CA (abortion) but to point out the shifting “stance” of the Catholic Church in regard to abortion that I have witnessed firsthand.

It should be a surprise to none of our readers, I am a Knight of Columbus (men’s group sanctioned by the Catholic Church) so I have a front row seat to the goings on and beliefs coming from leadership.  One thing that upset me was slightly after the confirmation of Amy Comey Barret to the Supreme Court, I witnessed a sea change in tone at my church and in the media.  Let me lay it out.

The media no longer made this a GOP vs Democrat issue, it became organized religion aka the Catholic Church vs everyone else.  I use the term “Catholic Church” because most view the Pope as the world’s strongest leader when it comes to organized religion. He is definitely the most recognizable.  Notice how the judges were being grouped by “Catholic vs the others”?  Barrett was criticized as being Catholic, and heavily religious.  This has begun a narrative that in my opinion led to the church changing its tone toward abortion. 

I was also in receipt of 2 emails from supreme one telling me as a leader to tell my fellow Knights how to vote.  Odd. If you are in a Catholic men’s group, you should know what you are joining, oh well.  Followed by a separate email in essence saying you are a Catholic gentleman, vote this way.  Yikes! Talk about bad messaging.

I am involved in a welcoming ceremony for the Knights here in California.  One of the lines I always listened for is “Regarding abortion, we do not recognize it, and cry out it is a mortal sin!”  “This goes for support of all politicians legalizing it as well.  Interestingly enough the ceremony was changed last year, and those lines are gone.  Furthermore, abortion is no longer even mentioned.  Gone.  When I asked, I was told this is how it is, and not following exactly means you are expelled from the order.  Pretty harsh!

In addition, it used to be if you were a Knight, you could not be a “Mason” as the Free Masons support abortion access, this was dropped as well.  Something, something, membership dropping, something, something.

Then I came church a week or so ago, and the following left me speechless.  During the homily or sermon depending on your viewpoint, our head priest wanted to address the congregation about Prop 1.  I figured he would address it, likely saying the Bishop says this… etc.  Nope he pawned it off to his deacon, a deacon in our church is not a priest but ordained kind of like minister in some ways.  Our deacon punted, he basically said the bishop’s remarks are in the bulletin (basically a program) and they moved on.  After Mass I looked in the vestibule (gathering area outside the main church) and the anti-abortion pamphlets were gone.  Just to re-cap Father passed the baton, deacon punted, and the congregation was likely confused. 

To make matters worse, I was told the Spanish Mass got a different variety of homily, there’s was more fire and brimstone about abortion being bad.  This leads to one obvious conclusion, it’s about butts in the seats and money on the collection plate (donation plate). 

Also leads to another question.

Is the Catholic Church picking and choosing who gets their message based on the crowd?  I say yes.  Why would you avoid the issue at the Masses with white/more affluent/progressive types, yet go all in at the Spanish Mass occupied by more traditional types?  I believe it’s just a matter of which audience they want to hear the message.  The earlier Masses are sparsely filled and tend to be far more democratic in their viewpoints, so tell them check out the program.  The more traditional crowd?  Hit them with the red meat and let them chew on it.

There has been a massive sea change in this country and make no mistake, its Catholics Vs Everyone on CA’s ballot in November.  I expect 70% to vote in favor of making abortion legal permanently.  I cannot hide my disappointment in the church or the Knights for turning their back on these issues.  Just like the GOP does out here, when they start winning on an issue they immediately run for cover, scared and afraid.

Oh, and like William’s church, my church plays the same music, “They will know we are Christians by our love” and we play “all are welcome in this place” I guess all are welcome.  Who cares about beliefs…like you know, the Bible says.  Ouch.


Editor’s Note: The first email never even said how to vote or came out against Prop 1, it had this milquetoast admonition. “As you may be aware, the California Bishops have made a recommendation on Proposition 1 …” Two days later, a more substantive  email was sent. The resources contained in it are actually very good. The Bible warns us “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” James 1:8 On this issue, the Church definitely falls under that condemnation.

Newsom:  Don’t Charge Your Electric Car…..Please!

If you live in California you are used to hearing stupid, moronic, dumb, depressing things.  It reached a new low this past week.  The same week Governor Newsom and his merry band of idiots announced new gas powered car sales will cease in a decade, he also reminded us due to a heat wave not to plug your current electric car in.  Yeah folks, we are banning new gas powered cars, in favor of more enviro-friendly electric ones, but please do not charge it while we grapple with an energy crisis. 

Newsom’s Utopian Future

It gets even better last evening around 6pm. I got an SOS text message from the State of California telling me to essentially cease and desist all electrical usage between 4-10pm due to the grid being overloaded.  So yeah, I come home to a hot house and cannot use appliances due to conservation.  It was 86 degrees in my house when I arrived home but that’s ok. I am sure the Hollywood types did their share to conserve as well.  NOT!

You see, here in the People’s Republic of California, we have gone so green even Cheech and Chong are starting to worry!  By conservative estimates, CA can only produce enough electricity to power about 2/3s of its needs, so we “buy” the excess power from Arizona or another neighboring utility.  Who cares how that utility procures its electricity, all that matters is we don’t pollute here in CA.

We have mandated the closure of Diablo Canyon Nuclear plant…..then we reversed it!  I guess Gavin must have farted himself awake and realized retiring more power plants isn’t smart when you cannot produce enough to keep up with demand.  We have a law that all new houses must have solar panels on them, yet every summer we have threats of rolling blackouts.  We have all kinds of solar farms and windmills, but we are reliant on our neighbors for electricity?

In CA we have a saying, at least those of us with an IQ slightly north of room temperature, it’s not how you think, it’s how you feel.  That phrase is an embodiment of what is left here in this place.  We have gone so damn insane on environmental issues that we have become our own worst enemy.  We are now quite literally telling people not to charge their car (aka what you use to get to your job in CA) in favor of sitting in a hot house, because global warming.  We have closed down nuclear plants, gas fired plants, in favor of far less reliable solar and wind farms.  Word to the wise, solar doesn’t do a whole lot of good once the sun goes down, also you need a very un-environmentally friendly battery, and solar components as well.  Don’t believe us?  Do a simple Google search for disposal of lithium-ion batteries and solar panels!

It’s pretty pathetic that in the technology capital of the world, we have to rely on Arizona for our electricity.  Even more sad is when Arizona doesn’t have any excess to sell us, they turn the lights off for us.

But this is all part of the plan here in California.  The goal is to remove all gas powered everything from here.  They are starting with gas generators and lawn equipment.  Don’t believe me?  The lawn equipment goes in 2024, the generators 2028.  Do not hold your breath that the CA GOP will do anything about it, they likely have no clue this is happening.  I haven’t looked into it much but how will the landscapers cut Elk Grove Park if they need to use electric mowers?  Me thinks there will be exceptions doled out for all cities/municipalities.  The point is a carbon free CA. The issue is that no one is using their brains to think about those who will be left out.  A Tesla is not cheap. A cursory search of tesla.com for used Tesla’s within 200 miles showed the cheapest 2019 Tesla at roughly 46k.  That is double what I paid for my 2019 4 door Tacoma by the way.  Some localities have started banning new gas station construction, in this blog’s town I have seen numerous gas stations either starting construction or pulling permits as if to “beat the clock” on a ban being forthcoming.  So they will make it even harder to find gas for your gas powered car.  The price doesn’t get cheaper when supply is harder to find folks.

Make no bones about it, they are discussing banning natural gas as well.  New home construction currently does not feature a fire place, not even wood burning ones.  Some cities like Berkeley have either already banned or are considering banning all natural gas inside your house/business.  Think no stove/oven/heater.  You would be using electricity, yeah as in that thing we cannot keep on right now.  Imagine going out to dinner in the wintertime, its colder than hell and your favorite steak house is using an electric cook top.  You get no sear, and the heater won’t be able to keep up because it’s electric and takes a while to get going, then it stays hot for a while to shut off.  My parent’s most recent house had an electric stove, they converted it to gas.  Now instead of being able to throttle up and down the natural gas burners in the kitchen, they must stay on all day regardless of foot traffic since it takes a while to heat up and cool down.  Even better, in the summer it may not work at all, we have these rolling blackouts we are famous for.

Can’t afford a Tesla?  You can take one of our natural gas burning busses, at least until they ban those as well, they cannot be far behind.  Try using mass transit in this town, actually don’t you’ll save the bruises on your brain.

All is well here in California, just remember since the 100-degree days last until Friday please do not plug in your electric car!  We need to conserve energy. I’m sure your manager at work will understand!

Johnnie Does

Saint Stephon Clark the Martyr gets his Settlement

Thursday night on KCRA News, the outfit that brought you innocent black child gets “Rodney King’d” by white cops, had this doozy of a report about the deceased Stephon Clark.  The City of Sacramento settled with Clark’s parents for the tidy sum of 1.7 million, this is in addition to the 2.4 million paid to his 2 children.  Being shot by the police while being under the influence of every drug known to man, plus alcohol, plus domestic violence, threatening texts, and robbery pays well in this area.  Trust me that 4.1 million is likely to be more than pretty much any middle-class family’s lifetime earnings.

Here are some highlights from the “report.”

On Friday evening, Clark’s brother ⁠— Stevante Clark ⁠— held a news conference to respond to the announcement of the settlement. Stevante Clark said that, despite the settlement, he will continue to call for the officers involved to be fired, charged and prosecuted.

Stevante is the piece of trash who during a city council meeting jumped on the dais and told the Mayor to “F*** Off” and other choice vocabulary.  He has about as much credibility as Geoffrey the Giraffe of Toys’ R Us fame.

“He was a loving, loving, loving father,” Stevante Clark said of his brother. “He was a proud father. He was love and light.”

Well in that case maybe the settlement was low, seemed like a great dad, coked out of his mind on drugs to the point his grandparents wouldn’t let him in the house.  Judging by the texts and his criminal rap sheet, Clark was the opposite.

Clark said he and others planned to protest Saturday afternoon at p.m. at Stockton and Fruitridge Roads to continue to call for the officers’ resignation. Stevante Clark also said, in honor of Stephon Clark’s birthday Wednesday, events would be held throughout the weekend in his memory.

“There’s no reason I should be out here talking about my brother’s legacy, defending my brother’s legacy, when the officers who murdered him should be proving their innocence in court,” Stevante Clark said during the news conference. “We always have to relive the death of Stephon.”

Ah, yes, a protest during these Covid times, monkey pox is prevalent, but its ok. Let us all gather to protest the death of a clown who got what he deserved.  Um…, your brother’s “legacy,” what exactly do you mean by that?  By the way, you are innocent until proven guilty you dumb hood rat.  You would know that if you took any history class or been called to jury duty, but that assumes you receive anything from the government other than a benefit card paid with this blog’s workers taxes!  As far as reliving the death of your brother…. take the 4.1 million, buy a place in Granite Bay.  You will never have to relive it again, and you can celebrate his legacy as he dun got you out da hood.  I mean your friends will call you an “Oreo” or say you’re “not really black” but live it up.

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office and the California Attorney General’s Office said in March 2019 that the officers would not face criminal charges.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city and the two police officers claims the officers racially profiled Clark and used excessive force when they shot and killed him in March 2018.

The city’s attorney Susana Alcala Wood said in a statement on Friday that the most recent settlement is “the best path forward for all involved parties including our community.”

The Clark family has agreed that the settlement brings an end to the legal action.

“Stephon Clark’s death was a tragedy that brought pain and sorrow to his family and to our entire city,” Mayor Darrell Steinberg said. “Everyone wishes this heartbreaking event had not occurred. A family lost a son, a grandson, a brother, and a father.”

The Sacramento DA was an Independent and the Attorney General was police hating Xavier Becerra.  They found no reason to charge the cops.  The police profiled Clark?  Really? It was several 911 calls, him evading arrest, and running through other folk’s yards, and trying to break into a neighbor’s house.  Yes, Sacramento’s mayor is correct the death of Clark brought pain to the families of 2 police officers.  They are basically persona non-grata in this area, I hope both were able to transfer and move on.  The city is going to feel pain too, this settlement will be paid for by increased tax money… but nothing another ½ cent sales tax can’t fix!

Blame the police, tax the people, remember Stephon Clark.

Saint Stephon Clark the Martyr……Pray for Us!

The Chief