Ukraine’s Leader is an Ungrateful Prick

Yes, I said it and stay tuned because I mean it.  Volodymyre Zelensky or however the heck you spell that Scrabble winning name has finally done it.  He touched a nerve that cannot be untouched.  Crossed the red line that cannot be crossed back.  He has become an ungrateful prick.

This guy is a former actor or comedian or something. Frankly I do not care. He is not a leader; he is the definition of a bottom feeder.

He won election in 2019, as such he should have been well aware of Russia illegally annexing Crimea, and parts of the Donbass Region (Donetsk and Luhansk) back in 2014.  This is when Russia rolled through and Ukraine more or less just let them take the area’s they wanted.  No defense was raised, and little was ever done except international condemnation.  I’m sure Putin is still shaking about other countries calling it “an illegal occupation.” 

Biden with Zelensky earlier this week

He knew full well Ukraine was not a member of NATO or the EU because Ukraine didn’t want to be.  They are and still remain one of the most corrupt nations in the world, just look it up for yourself.  If you think the; Biden’s, Clinton’s, or Trump’s are bad, get ready to be stunned, Ukraine is very corrupt.  Back to my point about NATO and EU, since they are not member nations, they are supposed to get no benefits.  Think of it like declining to buy healthcare insurance, then after finding out you have cancer, you think you can buy and get benefits.

Well for about a year Russia was stockpiling troops, vehicles, and tanks at the border with Ukraine.  For God only knows what reason, Ukraine didn’t seem to care or heed the warnings from the West about the build-up.  Then came Russia putting up makeshift hospitals and blood banks. Again, Ukraine didn’t react.  Finally in February of 2022, Russia attacked, and rolled through quite a bit of Ukrainian territory.

Once this occurred the supreme leader of Ukraine made daily demands of weapons and artillery from the West.  Bear in mind, Ukraine is not a member of NATO or the EU, and the alliance was not bound to help.  Keep in mind he ignored the Russian threats for about a year prior to the attack, it was all choreographed.  SAD!

“Please sir, can I have some more?”

Zelensky’s demands grew louder by the day, and as a result some NATO countries sent supplies.  Ukraine was fighting Russia with mostly the same military vehicles and the like.  The problem with NATO and EU supplying Ukraine with military might is the Ukrainians are not trained to use it, so the host country would need to send trainers (military advisors) as well.  As such, now NATO began to get involved in the war.

NATO countries Turkey, Britain, Germany, Canada, and the US all sent surplus weapons, drones, supplies etc.  Ukraine demanded more, and better ones to boot.  Turkey sent quite a few drones, and applicable bombs, the US sent Javelin anti-tank missiles, and NATO began to empty old stockpiles and it became a proxy war.  This still was not good enough as Ukraine continued to want more and more, also for free.  Now Ukraine has begun getting even more modern NATO weapons such as the US HIMARS (a very expensive mobile missile launcher.)  AKA a massive killing machine with very long range.  Poland sent the Krab, France has sent the Caesar, all of these are modern killing machines.  Oh, now that Ukraine has exhausted the ammo, they now are demanding more ammo.  Free gratis by the way.

Then came November 15th of last year, a missile hit NATO country Poland, killing at least one.  Poland summoned Russia to essentially ask what happened, Ukraine claimed it was all the fault of Russia and for NATO to enact title 5.  Title 5 is NATO’s way of saying an attack on 1 is an attack on all, and basically God have mercy on the attacker’s soul because NATO will not.  Turns out it was a Ukrainian missile, yup.

Ukraine has also been employing Taliban type tactics of housing military under hospitals, or air defense inside a school…. don’t believe me?  Check out the news.  Sure, Russia has blown up homes and schools, but they also blew up the air defense system located right on top of it.  Of course, that won’t be reported here by the mainstream media as it doesn’t fit the narrative.  Also, the news about the wayward missile that hit Poland?  Oh yeah it is no longer discussed.

Now there is talk of a major Russian attack coming. Our intelligence has told Ukraine this for a couple weeks now, again Ukraine did nothing, and now they are demanding fighter jets, more modern weapons including our signature tank.  Free again; well because we hate Putin too.

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of seeing this Zelenskyy guy all over the media/news all the time.  He never says thanks, demands all kinds of stuff.  Like the homeless guy you walk by each day, first you gave pocket change, now he wants dollar bills, then higher bills, now he wants lodging and food for free.  Where does it end?  How come they had no military?  Why did they never join the EU or NATO?  Nothing is good enough for this guy.  I feel bad for what is happening there but I’m sorry you aren’t in the alliance; we have no duty to help you.  Biden keeps sending more and more, and by the way did you see the report from the Pentagon that Ukraine cannot account for about a third of what we have sent them?  No breakdown of equipment or money, but they cannot account for it.  Corrupt nation anyone?

The disturbing thing about that last sentence is not the unaccounted for money, we have a bigger problem with that at home than abroad, it’s the equipment.  You see in NATO, countries share technology and in essence can buy weapons off one another.  All weaponry is equipped with a kill switch so if a plane, tank, or what not is taken down or disabled, the kill switch blows up the equipment.  Thus, you cannot copy the IP.  If Ukraine has lost NATO’s state of the art weapons who is to say China won’t copy the IP?

And we want to let Ukraine into NATO when this is over?

Think about it!

The Chief

Negotiations: Trump vs McCarthy

I know, I know I’m whacking poor Speaker Kevin again, but I want to illustrate a point I failed to make in yesterday’s blog.  One thing that irritated the establishment GOP and the Left is Trump’s negotiation skills.  While many likely went out and bought Art of the Deal, you could have saved your money and just watched. 

Trump is a master at negotiating because he knows exactly what he needs and has his finger on what the other side wants.  He knows he can give the other side some while getting all of what he wants.  A perfect example is the stimulus checks, he insisted they have his name and signature on them.  The Democrats got a check, the GOP was fine with it (the bloggers here were not) but Trump got what he wanted.  Also look at the judges Trump got onto the court, he tried to negotiate, knew it was pointless and told Mitch McConnell via the media to “go nuclear.”  Suddenly Mitch turned conservative on Trump’s judges.  Bottom line, Trump knew how to negotiate and when to let someone else (media) do it for him.  Case in point, Lindsey Graham.  Either his balls finally dropped, or he realized getting called out in the media was going to burn him badly, suddenly he became a fire breathing conservative.

Contrast that to Kevin McCarthy, our new Speaker.  McCarthy strikes me as the awkward kid no one liked growing up, then he realized if he gained power folks would like him, and if they didn’t, he could wield his power and change their mind.  His negotiating skills bear that out.  During his time in the Assembly in Sacramento, and in Congress he always seemed to negotiate from behind.  This is the opposite of Trump.  McCarthy would start at zero and try to get to 50/50.  He would call that a win, to be fair Ryan, and Boehner before him operated the same way.  Boehner was known for chain smoking and crying, Ryan was known for being a policy wonk and speaking in robotic terms about GOP talking points.  It is because of these 3 “conservatives” that people like those on this blog have given up on the party.

In fairness to the 3 aforementioned leaders of the party, I will say again, what does the GOP actually stand for?  I heard my entire adult life, get us elected and we will; cut taxes, reduce spending, yada, yada, yada.  It never happens like that.  I’ve watched for 20 years the GOP giving the other side at least half of every deal, likely more, even when we had sizable majorities in the House and Senate. 

Even the Trump tax cuts had to be bulldozed through by the Trumpster himself, and even then, they are temporary.

I will go back to my point on McCarthy and my perception of his upbringing again.  McCarthy and other folks who negotiate like him are always trying to “buy friends” or in their case “buy votes.”  They do not want to be the mean guy who upsets anyone, so as a result I’ll give you what your side wants if you don’t say mean things about me.  Remember the chief goal of a politician is not making good on campaign promises, slogans, or other sayings, it’s about getting re-elected.  In the case of McCarthy, it’s about keeping a majority as to guarantee him the speakership.

Congrats to the Democrats on getting at least half of what they want.

The Chief

Sean Hannity is Dooming the GOP

Happy New Year. To those of us in California, I hope you are weathering the storm.  It has been a crazy first couple of weeks for the national GOP.  Speaker McCarthy has already been a trash fire.  Here is my take on things.

First off, remember back to when Donald Trump was elected President.  First thing he said to Congress was “Let’s get a plan to repeal and replace the health law.”  Predictably they did nothing.  The law stands in place today.  I see this current Congress playing out the same way.

First, the Speaker vote was embarrassing on every level.  How does it take 15 votes to elevate the Minority Leader to Speaker when no one else even ran against him?  How can one be so tone deaf?  McCarthy had to have known the hard right, aka the real conservatives, were tired of the status quo. Why didn’t he reach out to this group and negotiate behind the scenes with them? He only had two months to work out a deal, but it seems he did nothing until after he started losing votes.

Did McCarthy think being a smug prick was wise toward this group?  They embarrassed him!  The items the Group of 20 or so asked for aren’t out of line at all.  A motion to dismiss the chair is never out of order, unless Madam Pelosi is Speaker, but McCarthy didn’t want to lose power.  The members of that Group of 20 who lost committee assignments wanting them back, this isn’t out of line either.  Term limits goes back to the old Contract with America circa 1994.  I’m not seeing much out of order here.  Put it up for a vote, when it goes nowhere…. say sorry, I tried but we must move on.

However somehow McCarthy was not the biggest clown in the circus these past couple weeks, that award goes to Sean Hannity of Fox News fame.  Full disclosure, I do not have cable. I watch bits and pieces while I work-out daily, about 20 minutes max then I turn something else on.  Hannity spent each night on his show trying to go to bat for McCarthy for reasons I do not understand. Hannity kept saying its “his turn.” 

(Editor’s Note: this is the same logic that gave us such great political luminaries as Bob Dole and John Kerry as frontrunners for President. It was their turn. Yuck. Also, this was actually McCarthy’s second turn to try for Speaker, but he dropped out last time after it went public that he was poking interns on the side. Somehow, I missed the apology tour where he got the wife to “stand by her man” as he faked contrition for getting caught.)

Hannity’s argument was that the Speaker’s job is reserved for only the powerful elite.  Hannity rolled out Newt Gingrich and a whole host of GOP establishment types to bully the Group of 20 to “just relent.”  He even went as far while interviewing Lauren Boebert, one of the Group of 20, to tell her “You and your colleagues should stop your circus.”  Little did Sean understand, no one else wanted the job of Speaker, they just wanted concessions on a couple of things.

Sean and Kevin got their way, but at a major price.  McCarthy is wounded. First why hold a vote when you will not win, then decide to hold a “vote-a-rama” whilst watching your vote totals keep dropping?  What is the definition of insanity? This shows an alarming lack of leadership. McCarty had to have known this would happen.  Then he, just like Hannity, chose to sit back and insult and make fun of that group.  This creates hurt that can backfire big time. Little does Hannity understand that Group of 20 is not a rubber stamp for McCarthy.  Worse yet, if they vote in blocks against it, his “agenda” goes nowhere.

Speaking of which, what is the GOP agenda?  I never heard a plan, let alone ideas.  Seems to me the plan is just block Biden and investigate Democrats. While that is admirable, fixing the issues plaguing this country would be a better start.  McCarthy and Hannity do not understand that voters want solutions not more inaction.  I am seeing nothing out of either.

In closing I will say this Hannity looks and comes off as a total clown.  I think he views himself as a kingmaker in the GOP, he is the opposite.  I actually used to like him. He held the Democrats to the fire and held the GOP accountable.  He does not hold the GOP accountable at all anymore.  His ardent support of McCarthy proves one of two things; either Fox executives are telling him what to say, or he just wants to remain relevant with the GOP leadership. 

It’s odd really. Hannity used to go on nightly monologues about lower spending, less regulations, lower taxes. Now he goes out of his way to elevate a CA moderate who at best likes to play nice with the other side. And folks wonder why no writer for this blog is registered as a Republican anymore?  Hannity blew all of his credibility; or maybe he was always this way? At his best, maybe he just mimicked Rush Limbaugh for his nightly talking points and now that Rush is gone he’s showing his true colors. Makes you wonder.

The Chief

PS Wanna bet Hannity called McCarthy a “good conservative” as the Speaker votes were being held?

What Do Donald Trump and Amy Grant Have in Common

They both got on my naughty list this month for the same thing, redefining marriage. Sorry culturally compromising people but marriage is between a man and woman. God didn’t make Adam and Steve, or Ellen and Eve as Ole Dave Waddell used to opine. When people in a homosexual relationship want to stay together it’s not a marriage. Anyone that calls it that demeans the institution and the Biblical view of God. There can be no such thing as marriage in a homosexual union; in fact, rightly viewed there is no such thing, its just a convenient fiction, an imitation, a demonic copy.

First Trump. And folks this is likely just a bridge too far for me to enthusiastically support the Orange Man in 2024.

Thursday’s “Spirit of Lincoln” gala was in honor of the “Log Cabin Republicans” a pro-homosexual activist group formed 45 years ago.  The party, held in the ballroom of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago beachfront country club and residence, was a joyous celebration of gay rights and —by coincidence— the historic “Respect for Marriage Act,” obliging the federal government to recognize same-sex marriage, signed into law by President Joe Biden just days earlier, after 12 GOP senators defected and voted with all the Democrat senators (at the urging of the Seventh-day Adventist Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department).

The long-planned event in honor of the Log Cabin Republicans’ 45th anniversary brought in Republican notables like former Ambassador Ric Grenell, Rep. Kat Cammack (R-Fla.), former State Department spokesperson Morgan Ortagus, who emceed the evening in a feathered turquoise gown, and former GOP gubernatorial candidate from Arizona Kari Lake, who was swarmed by guests eager to meet her and take a photo.

“We  are fighting for the gay community, and we are fighting and fighting  hard,”  Former President Trump said. “With the help of  many of the people here tonight in recent years, our movement has taken incredible strides, the strides you’ve made here is incredible.”

Throughout the evening, speakers praised Trump for his embrace of the gay  community. They credited him for his initiatives to combat the criminalization of homosexuality, his work pushing for public heath initiatives to combat the HIV epidemic, and for appointing the first openly homosexual Cabinet member, Ric Grenell, as DNI, Director of National Intelligence.

Trump hosts gay Republicans at Mar-a-Lago

In fairness, Trump didn’t mention Sleepy Joe’s law attempting to enshrine homosexual marriage into federal law, but it was enough of an issue that Politico called the party “a celebration of the same-sex marriage law”.

Next up is Amy Grant.

Seems Amy has thrown in the towel on the Bible being the highest authority in her life. Instead, she has thrown in with the rainbow people and made love—however pervertedly you wish to define it—as the highest value in life. Rev Franklin Graham has taken her to task over this, but shouldn’t her local pastor be leading the charge on the issue? Well local pastors did so well with Covid, by comparison this issue should be a sinch since its specifically condemned in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, but sadly let’s get back to reality. Here’s the meat of the story.

Upon learning that her niece declared her sexuality, Grant openly said her reaction was: “What a gift to our whole family to just widen the experience of our whole family.” “Honestly, from a faith perspective, I do always say, ‘Jesus, you just narrowed it down to two things: love God and love each other,'” Grant said. “I mean, hey — that’s pretty simple.”

In 2013, Grant did her first interview for, an LGBT news website, where she shared her views on faith and LGBT issues.

“I know that the religious community has not been very welcoming, but I just want to stress that the journey of faith brings us into community, but it’s really about one relationship. The journey of faith is just being willing and open to have a relationship with God. And everybody is welcome. Everybody,” Grant said.

The wife and Christian singer also told “Proud Radio” host Hunter Kelly last year about why it’s important for her to set a “welcome table.” Grant stated that she was invited to a “table where someone said, ‘Don’t be afraid, you’re loved.’ Gay. Straight. It does not matter.”

“[It] doesn’t matter how we behave. It doesn’t matter how we’re wired,” Grant said, according to Church Leaders. “We’re all our best selves when we believe to our core: ‘I’m loved.’ And then our creativity flourishes. We’re like, ‘I’m gonna arrange flowers on your table and my table.’ When we’re loved, we’re brave enough to say yes to every good impulse that comes to us.”

Franklin Graham responds to Amy Grant’s plan to host lesbian wedding: Don’t ‘compromise’ God’s authority

Boy, Amy sure seems to have lost her way. Sadly, she’s not the only one. Enabling people on the way to hell by cheering them on in their spiritual darkness is a much different proposition from warning them of their peril and telling them to turn from the wrath to come.

I have friends that know Amy personally but until I read about Graham taking her to task, I had no idea she was so immersed in heresy and compromise on this clearly stated Scriptural teaching.

Amy once did a song about “love will find a way” but if that Way is not to the Cross then its in vain.

California’s Employment Development Disaster Continues

I’ve worked at the agency that is the posterchild of government waste, fraud, and fiduciary abuse for almost two years now. This agency is not only irredeemably broken but it’s so far down the sewer (or rabbit hole) depending on which metaphor you wish to employ that it seems beyond reform.

Here is a partial list of systemic problems that no one seems interesting in fixing.

First and foremost, old claims never die, they simply loose their appeal. What I mean by this is that both the claimant—person that filed the claim—or any random staff person at EDD can revive a claim, no matter how old. Like your stereotypical B Movie, there is really no such thing as a dead claim. There is always room for a sequel. I have seen claims as old as ten years be brought back to life again either at the request of staff or the claimant. Claims that died due to lack of authentic documents or California wages years ago are routinely appealed and benefits rewarded. Often these claims were filed with forged documents and when denied, the fraudster simply submits more and different fraudulent documents to someone different and if persistent enough, they often are rewarded not for honesty but for perseverance.

The bureaucratic vehicle for successful fraud is often via the ALJ-Administrative Law Judge. If a claim is denied for whatever reason, it can be appealed to the Administrative Law Judge where a person can try again to become eligible for benefits. The ALJ will accept new documents not previously submitted to the agency. This in theory is OK because some folks need a second chance to get a claim properly submitted. Think of people in public school that can only eek-out a C minus if the class is graded on a curve. These folks can’t abide by the normal rules and need extra babying or babysitting to get to the correct result. This is likely why they are unemployed in the first place. Following certain societal rules is necessary for getting and maintaining a job and some folks just can’t cut it without extra help.

The problem with that ALJ system is that they never check any documents. They do not verify Social Security Numbers. They do not verify Drivers License Numbers. They do not verify U.S. Passports. They do not verify any documents submitted to them at all. Oh, and everything submitted to them is photocopies or scanned. Furthermore, they do not verify if applicant ever lived or worked in California.

Worse yet, if EDD staff flags something as fraudulent, the ALJ will often ignore their findings.

Doubly worse is that any documents submitted at an ALJ hearing are purposely kept from EDD staff in the Identity Unit. Thus, the people charged with verifying the authenticity of documents have zero input to evaluate the authenticity of new documents presented at an ALJ hearing.

In cases where the fraudulent claim uses the same documents found in the initial application process, ALJ judges have often excoriated EDD staff for not accepting the forged documents as part of their decision to approve claims for people that don’t deserve them. The ALJ judge is often busy grading the quality of art work done on Photoshop and not interested in looking too hard for the veracity of the documents.

The Identity Unit is not formally trained on what to look for when it come to fraud. There are no master or example documents that we know are correct to use to compare with stuff submitted by claimants. The only advice some are given is look up such and such a document on the Internet and compare that to what you were sent. FYI most of what you see on the Internet are forgeries, so this advice is worse that worthless.

For example, try looking up a U.S. Passport on the Internet under images. Most of what you see in this search are fakes, some better than others. If I want to evaluate a passport, I need to get mine out of my fireproof lockbox and compare it to the scanned copy that I’m looking at as part of someone’s application for benefits. Ditto for a California Driver License—except that there are multiple versions, some of which I’ve never seen before.

Different staff are given limited tools to verify certain documents, but these tools are not all equal. Counting me, there are three in my working group and each of us has a different software package for checking the same identity documents. Each software varies in the detail that can be researched.

This is the next issue with EDD and that is that a myriad of different software is used by the department. None of these programs can talk with each other and all serve different functions. As with all California’s government agencies, the backbone of the department’s automation is still the Unix systems that were brought online in the 1980’s. I would guess that about two dozen different programs are used daily by various parts of the agency.

California claims to be the technology capital of the world but has the worst and most archaic computers around.  There is talk of wanting to modernize, whatever that may be, but whatever they decide to do, you know it will be fraught with waste, fraud, abuse, and delays. Also, it will cost several times whatever the winning bid will be. Think, costs of hi speed rail over time.

So, if you’re handy with Photoshop, have lots of free time, and don’t mind shopping on the “dark web” for identity information, you too can join the California gold rush. California’s EDD, where you get money for nothin’ and your checks for free. Multiple entries do increase your chances of winning.

Folks, I’m glad I’m leaving there in seven weeks.

PS I think the ALJ (and the Department) are inclined to ignore identity documents in part because Newsom and the boys at the “bill mill” don’t want to be accused of excluding illegal immigrants from cashing in. Today’s recipients are tomorrow’s Democrat voters.

145k Votes to Count In Sac County

Yes, you read that correctly.  In the home county of the world headquarters of, we still have around 145,000 ballots to process and count.  You may be asking/wondering about the size of the county we live in, feel free to look it up.  According to Wikipedia, the population is around 1.6 million people.  Compare that to Los Angeles or San Diego that are far larger…. oh yeah, those counties are basically done counting!  Seriously look it up. Los Angeles has about 25k and San Diego around 11k.  Upon further review our home county has the most outstanding ballots by far!  Coming in a distant second is Placer County, with 82k.  Every other county has no more than 35k with many having only several thousand to count.

This guy has a reputation of counting

Y tho?

Well, it is hard to explain; actually, I really cannot.  Our home county, and I will defer to the Blog Father for additional commentary, is mostly 100% urban/big city.  Between Sac City, Elk Grove, Folsom, Rancho Cordova, Unincorporated Sac, Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, etc. there are very few residents living in rural areas.   Keep in mind that the cities I mentioned above basically all bleed into one another, in essence making it one giant metroplex.  The outlying areas of; Wilton, Galt, Herald, Rancho Murietta and Rio Linda make up a rounding error is terms of total population.  It makes no sense that counting would be taking this long, especially in the capital city of California. 

What can be done about it?

Well, nothing really. The CAGOP contributed to the problem by putting out their own unsanctioned vote drop boxes 1 cycle ago.  So good luck overturning all this mail in madness.  When the state decided to mail everyone a ballot years ago this will be the new normal, we will have “election month” rather than election day.  This is madness!  But apparently only those who don’t affiliate with the GOP out here anymore seem to care.  Sad!

A simple solution

We won’t be getting rid of the “top two” or “vote by mail” likely ever.  So here is a workable way to do this.  The ballots go out 1 month in advance but put a deadline on when it can be mailed in, I would advise 1 week prior to election day.  This gives the local elections office plenty of time to receive, verify, and count the incoming ballots.  Convert these “voting centers” into vote and transport ballot centers.  Make it so if I drop my ballot off at EG Library it is picked up, delivered to the election office and therefore processed and counted same day, the earlier the better.  This process should occur many times on election day.  The goal needs to be getting all ballots processed and counted asap.

While my solution may not be the easiest it’s the best moving forward in terms of election integrity.  I find it hard to believe here in Sac County we still have that many outstanding ballots when our election happened 3 weeks ago.  This is the reason most on the fringes of society claim voter fraud.  The longer this process drags out and the more and more ballots showing up in the mail after election ends gives these people more fuel for the fire.

Once more for the folks in the back

  1.  Ballots out 1 month early
  2. As they are returned the are immediately counted and verified
  3. Stop accepting mail ballots after about a week prior to election
  4. Continue to verify, and count
  5. On days after mail deadline, vote centers will collect and immediately transfer the ballots to election office
  6. Results will update in 30-minute intervals election night, and a count of all uncounted ballots will be provided.


The Chief

My Thoughts on Trump 2024

Folks now are accusing Trump of being an Army of One and he is and will continue to be, but let’s suppose that Donald Trump is elected in 2024. What does that Presidency look like?

To win in 2024, Trump will have to cripple or destroy the entire Republican “farm team”. In essence, Trump will destroy all Republican presidential contenders for the next 12 or 16 years to achieve his victory.

Supposing Trump can overcome challenges from his own Party and the Swamp—the Democrats and duplicitous Republicans in the House and Senate—and manages to get in the Oval Office, it’s likely all for naught because from day one he is a lame-duck President. Nobody will care what he wants to accomplish. Washington will be about posturing, backstabbing, and business as usual. Can you imagine Trump finding after clawing his way to the top that he is irrelevant! I think his head will explode.

Ironically, Trump’s biggest obstacle in victory is not Democrats or Republicans, it’s the Constitution.

The 22nd Amendment states: “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice …”

If Trump had busted his butt and got those House and Senate candidates elected that stuck their necks out and enthusiastically supported him, I might be singing a different tune but as others on the blog have pointed out, he sat on his thumbs and checkbook doing nothing. If you recall, Trump backed primary opponents of at least six House Republicans that voted to Impeach him. As far as I know, all six challengers won their primaries and zero of them got money or support from Trump in the general election and all lost, WTF Donald.

Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy both worked to undercut conservative MAGA candidates to insure they would lose, often just for voicing support for Trump. Oh, both Republican “leaders” were funded in part by FTX Crypto currency.

Sam Bankman-Fried FTX Crypto funded anti-MAGA Republicans

Donald Trump failed us that have stuck with him thru thick and thin because the rich guy that was President didn’t have a good business plan. Part of any good business venture is hiring and keeping good and talented people. Another aspect is succession. Trump failed in both these areas.

In too many instances, Trump hired weak people that he could bully. Those that he could bully, he did not respect and thus would not listen to them. Many others were opportunists that never believed in his vision of America. In many cases, the career politicians that took posts with Trump were bottom feeder, Mitt Romney types, that were there to thwart him.

Trump also never had a plan of building on MAGA – which by the way was a slogan stolen from Ronald Reagan.

Reagan 1980 election poster

Had he spent the last several years promoting likeminded candidates as I had hoped, the Republican Party would have been remade and would own all levers of power in the country. Now however, the Swamp Creatures in both Parties know that Trump is toast no matter what he does. They may not follow the Constitution with how they govern but both Democrats and Republicans know that the 22nd Amendment makes Trump irrelevant and for that they rejoice. They only differ on whether to “move on” or totally destroy him.

Trump should have followed Ronald Reagan and brought people into his administration that knew Madison Avenue and technology. Getting his Twitter account cancelled was a huge blow in his efforts to communicate. I will not debate mean Tweets too much except to say that Trump put all his communication eggs in that basket. To stick to the business analogy, he should have diversified in this area, so Twitter didn’t have him by the short hairs.

Trump also should have groomed a successor and promoted the hell out of them. If not Mike Pence, then someone else like maybe Kari Lake. Oh wait, he never wrote her a check, did he?

The Donald F***ed up this election cycle and will pay a steep price for his hubris; as will we all.

Oh, thanks to Trump’s failure, Democrats are going for the demographic kill shot on the Republican Party. Yep, Democrats don’t want any more squeaky elections so they are prepping for the nuclear option in the lame duck session of Congress in December. They want to baptize many or all the illegal aliens in the United States in hopes of inducting millions into the Democrat fold of government dependence. This will give them an insurmountable majority and make the United States a one-Party nation forever. Think turning the United States into California for the next 200 years.

Sadly, there are enough shortsighted Republicans in office that they may accomplish this in a few short weeks. I once stated on this blog that due to changing demographics there is a real chance that Donald Trump will be the last Republican President this country will ever have, and right on que this is about to happen right before your eyes.

Sometimes being Really Right is a huge burden.

Why I Can’t Support Donald Trump

President Trump had a good run, and in just four short years of his presidency he showed me how bad the GOP is corrupted by swamp creatures.  Similar to the CAGOP, the national party has the same types of folks; they talk a great game, then vote differently.  Case in point, healthcare. Trump upon being elected said “let’s get a plan ready and pass it once I am sworn in.”  That never happened.  The fire breathing conservatives never had a plan. In fact, I figure most of them likely voted for Hillary, figuring they could fundraise off her presidency and make millions.  In fact, I think most would agree Trump fought more with his own Party than the liberals. 

Everything was going well until the last 8 months of his presidency.  Then it all un-winded in spectacular fashion.  He “lost” the presidency. I use air quotes because I want to throw a bone to the mouth breathers who lurk on this site who keep talking about conspiracy theories.  Trump lost, I am sorry but folks it’s been 2 years now, get over it.  No one on this blog is happy he lost, mostly because of the way he lost, but most importantly what Trump did next was awful in my humble opinion. 

In the Georgia Senate runoff, he made bizarre statements and made that election all about him, as a result we lost 2 seats in the Senate we should still be in control of.  Rather than help the Party, Trump decided to make it all about him.  Again, we lost both seats, handing Chuck Schumer control.  Trump never let’s go of a grudge, and in this case, it decimated the Party. Look at what happened to the economy and the record spending on domestic and military programs by the Left.

His destructive persona continued with the January 6th shenanigans.  Frankly neither myself nor any other blogger on this site cares about January 6th, it happened, if you want to investigate the capital police etc. go for it.  It’s over.  Much like the Trump loss, get over it.  A group of whackos stormed the capital, see blogs about Jorge Riley for more details.

My biggest issue is how Trump acted this election cycle.  I will mention again that he raised 200 million this election cycle, with most donors likely thinking this would help his slate of candidates: Dr. Oz, Kari Lake, Herschel Walker, Blake Masters, Adam Laxalt, Don Bolduc, and JD Vance.  Of those candidates, none got any support from him, and only Vance won, underperforming big time, check out how the governor did in Ohio and compare.  Trump spent no money he raised to help his own slate of people! 

Worse yet he announced he had “an announcement to make 11/15 about his future plans” about 3 weeks prior to election.  This, in my opinion, wound up the liberal base all over the country.  We as conservatives must face it, Trump is to the liberals what the Clintons are to us, we will turn out in large numbers at the mere mention of the word “Clinton”.  The Democrats did the same.  They want no part of Trump, he is the anti-Christ to them.  He did more than the Dobbs decision ever could.  His announcement went off the same way we all figured it would, he is running.  We barely controlled the House and will at best be 50/50 in senate.  No red wave.

Trump made it all about himself, and the party was crushed.  He never went after lock-down governors like Whitmer, Evers, or Walz.  Didn’t go after any democrat senators either.  It was classic Trump., I’m sorry to say this, but he is a narcissist, and the party is now going to be held hostage by him.  Sadly, because Trump wanted to overthrow the election, among other odd beliefs, and our senate candidates were tied to him, they were torpedoed. Republican gubernatorial ones were able to slightly differentiate themselves and survive. 

In closing.

Trump is running, he has already started going after Ron DeSantis (Ron Desanctimonius) and Glenn Youngkin (saying it sounds like a Chinese person).  This will be found as funny to his devout supporters, but to me I’m turned off.  Petty name calling and personal attacks have place, it’s called family court.  DeSantis won big and is the frontrunner in my opinion, I will be supporting him or Glenn Youngkin (VA Governor) most likely.  DeSantis turned a purple state bright red, Youngkin a former businessman who turned a blue state red, we need folks like this.  Conservative governors are where the turn-around will start.  Both of those are great choices, I like Abbott from Texas as well.

Sorry Donald, but your erratic behavior has turned me off.  You could learn a lot about yourself by reading the room at your “announcement” where were the electeds?  Celebrity GOP types?  Even your allies from your presidency sat it out.  I saw the My Pillow Guy, and Roger Stone, this hardly moves the needle.  Now big money GOP donors are fleeing you and supporting anyone but you. You had six years to help elect Republicans that you could work with, but instead you sat on your thumbs doing nothing but self-promotion.

Mostly my disappointment is looking at what could have been.  The Senate could have been 52-48 leading up to this election.  Pick up AZ, NV, NH, which were all likely pickups by on election day by the way. In addition to holding the open seats, we could be looking at 55-45 right now.  The map looks bad for the Democrats in 2024, with seats in Montana, West Virginia, and Arizona up, all 3 of the current office holders are on the outs with the far left of the party, primary challengers perhaps?  Also seats in the upper Midwest are up, if things go right, we could be looking at 60 seats!  But no, we will be digging out of a hole due to Trump.

The Chief

Red Ripple Thoughts

Well that kinda sucked last night.  I was told by the media, even the left-wing ones, a red wave was coming. It was just a matter of how big.  The talking heads were saying GOP House with a 30 seat majority minimum, and a GOP Senate with a majority of 3-4.  Well, here we sit Wednesday at around noon, and we are at a House gain of 7, and a Senate loss of 1, and losses at the governor level of 2 so far.  This is the opposite of a wave; in fact it should be deflating.

Sadly, as a former card carrying CAGOP member, I am quite used to this feeling.  The wave never touches CA yet we were always told about the great hope that it would.  Our guys were going to do it, this was the year…etc.  So, the feeling, like I said, was nothing new.

So I will break down my commentary on winners and losers from last night.

WinnerRon DeSantisNo question he is the frontrunner to take on whomever the presidential nominee is from the Democrats.  A 20 point win in Florida is what he needed.  Keep in mind 4 years ago he won by about 1%.  He also became the first GOP governor to carry Miami-Dade County since Jeb Bush.  Miami-Dade is mostly Spanish speaking mind you.

Loser: Dr. Oz.  This guy lost to a clown who can barely speak after having a stroke and who spent most of the campaign in his basement.  Oz also has a very questionable background of supporting; gay rights, lbgtq, puberty blockers, and just flat out being a shill who lives in New Jersey. Oh, also isn’t he a citizen of a Muslim country (Turkey)? This was a loss we couldn’t have, and he lost it.

WinnerLockdown governors Whitmer, Evers, and Walz all from the Midwest, all won fairly convincingly.  I guess these folks like being in a nanny state?  Amazing to highlight the difference in DeSantis winning by 20% supporting freedom, and these folks winning while locking down.

Loser: Certain down ticket races.  More on this in a minute, but look at those Midwestern states mentioned above, add PA, GA, AZ, and a lot of House seats were left on the table.

WinnerPartisan politicsNo major wave in either direction, major politico types sent packing over Roe v Wade or other far out policies. This country is evenly divided, and it appears the Senate and House will reflect that as well.

LoserTrump.  I am actually starting to get off the Trump train.  Before you call me a bandwagon type or a fair-weather fan, I’m getting tired of his act.  He raised over 200 million and spent almost none of it.  This was a chance for him to get a coalition started for his next run.  He missed badly.  Even worse he endorsed and shepherded through some very average candidates.  Pure speculation on my part but I think any other candidate than Dr Oz, Herschel Walker, Blake Masters and Dan Bolduc (ME) would have done much better.  Even Trump supported folks who won badly underperformed.  Look at OH, the governor won by about 26%, Trump endorsed JD Vance won by 7.  In NC, Ted Budd won by about 5%.  In AZ Blake Masters is tracking about 10,000 votes less than the governor nominee is currently getting.  In PA his governor nominee flopped so badly it likely took Dr. Oz down in the undertow, at time of this writing the GOP governor nominee was at about 42% of the vote.  Oh BTW in Colorado Trump was so angry at nominee Kevin O’Dea in the weeks leading up to the race he said O’Dea shouldn’t win and called him a RINO.  O’Dea lost big, and Trump crowed on his Twitter clone, not a great look.

Winner: liberal policies.  Crime and law and order were on the ballot everywhere, and the Democrats won all the left leaning states.  So look for more homeless and more crime in these regions.  It is what it is I guess.

Loser: GOP messagingWhich was what exactly?  I’m being serious.  It sounded like the same old same old, no taxes, less spending, put us in charge and you will find out.  I heard no answers to the crime issue, none on the inflation issue, and I think the vote reflected that.  You wanted to have your own congressman/senator back and let them continue the fight.  If the GOP doesn’t figure it out on a national level and soon, they will be like the CAGOP, essentially a regional party who serves as “loyal opposition” as opposed to new ideas.


Editor’s note: Trump’s endorsement of DR. OZ was the stupidest endorsement that he ever made. He lost much credibility with me on that one. It even caused me not to contribute money to him anymore. Left that sink in just little. I’ve been supporting him since before he won the Presidential nomination, something few in California can truthfully say. I haven’t been a major donor, but I have given a few contributions since he became a candidate. Endorsing Oz really crossed a line for me.

 Kevin McCarthy is not, nor ever has been, a conservative. He has a multi-decades long track record of opposing us and our ideas. He is the RINO’s, RINO. He is on the wrong side of almost any social issue that I or fellow Christians believe or care about. He’ll change his spots to appear our ally but beware. Mitch McConnell seems the same type of political animal; just enough change of beliefs to stay in power. For men like them, its about gaining and expanding power not doing what’s best for the country.

There was no GOP coalition to oppose Biden. All we got was the same old crap (smoke and mirrors) as “repeal and replace” with a lot less believability and only after internal polling showed the insiders that there was no Red Wave. It was a psyop to keep the Fox News faithful on the reservation.

The best we can hope for is two years of gridlock.

Midterm Election Predictions

By Chief & Troll

Long standing traditions on this blog: Troll chasing any skirt that walks past him, Johnnie Does ripping small businesses, and Chief making predictions about elections.  So here we go!

Starting nationally

Blogger note:  Keep an eye on New York Governor race, if it’s very close, the GOP will way outperform my predictions. Also be aware of the “3 am ballot discovery” or “ballot counting will take months to complete” California has mastered the later, most swing states the former.  We saw the new Democrat playbook last election.

House elections:  The GOP will pick up 35-45 seats, it would be much higher if we had better folks running for governor in certain states.  In CA, we will pick up a couple seats…that’s my bold take.  A comfy GOP majority.

Senate:  Here is where my takes get even hotter, and predictions get bolder.  We will hold: PA, WI, OH, FL and NC.  These races won’t be close enough for the fraud to matter.  We pick up: AZ, NH, NV for sure, again these will likely be outside the amount of fraud that the Democrats will need.  Toss ups:  CO and WA, these will be tough, but if NY Governor race is close, dominoes will be a fallin’.  GA will go to a runoff and the GOP will win it next month.

The senate races remind me of a few years back, the Democrats put up average candidates, but they prevailed because the GOP brand was so bad, it’s going to be the reverse this time.  Let us not kid ourselves; Dr Oz, Herschel Walker, JD Vance, Blake Masters, Dan Bolduc, and Ted Budd are average candidates, but in a wave year they get pushed across the finish line.  I look for a 52-48 edge as a minimum advantage after Tuesday.

Governor: We will have a decent night, we hold GA, FL, TX, and VT.  The Democrats will pick up Maryland and Massachusetts, but who cares, those were on borrowed time.  The red team picks up: KS, WI, MI, NV, and I’m calling it, OR.  New Mexico will be close, and I think MN could be a barn burner.  Again watch New York, a little-known congressman from Long Island could keep it very close, Obama, Biden, and Harris have stumped for her recently.

Overall, a good night for the red team. On to CA

Not a lot of good to report here, I’ve heard rumblings Lanhee Chen will win Controller, no surprise, he is running as a Mitt Romney type.  Nathan Hochman could make it close for Atty General.  Look for Newsom’s results closely, if its close we could pick up about 4 seats in CA, a big blow out (68% plus) and I doubt it.

The statewide propositions will mostly all fail, the abortion one will pass big, I predict 68% in favor.  Blogger note:  This prop and Newsom should track fairly closely because the lack of any opposition from clergy, church or powers that be, make it a lost cause.  I’m disappointed the CAGOP didn’t endorse Prop 27, as I believe sports wagering should be allowed from your phone, but the CAGOP is owned by the Indian Casinos, so such is life.

Let’s turn it over to Troll shall we….

Well, well, well, here I go torching the Democrats……

Anyone seen that John Fetterman guy?  Running for senate in PA?  He looks like anyone at a CA state prison yard, just look at him.  Sweet holy moly is that the only outfit you own!

Oprah Winfrey supports Fetterman in PA…. well, if you want anyone to throw their weight behind you, Oprah isn’t a bad one to do so.

Speaking of weight, Stacy Abrams is running for GA governor again. Jesus, do her and Beto O’Rourke run for something new each cycle?  I do not know what Beto brings to the table, but I do know Abrams brings two things to the table, A KNIFE AND A FORK!

Speaking of ugly, has anyone seen Congress person Rosa DeLauro?

Hey Troll, is this genetically male or female? At least 3 bags either way

Wow hubba hubba baby baby, you must hate Alexander Graham Bell for inventing electricity.  Good god could you imagine if she married James Carville?  Oh god, my eyes, it’s like someone threw bleach in them.


Tulsi Gabbard leaves the Democrat Party….no shock; have you seen Democrat women lately?  No one on their side is winning a Miss America pageant, no wonder they hate Trump!

DeLauro, Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton squaring off against: Lauren Boebert, Sarah Palin, and Nikki Haley is the definition of no contest.


In closing Troll has a new GF, Olympic bobsled and hurdler Lolo Jones.  Check her out.