Release the Kraken! Oh, Never Mind

For those of us that believe there was widespread fraud in the last election, you might be surprised to know that all the promises of proof via the legal process have evaporated with the coronation of President Harris and her Crazy Uncle Joe.

Not surprisingly, the Republicans in Washington DC disavowed Donald Trump and his MAGA agenda before his jet even left Andrews Air Force Base. Close behind were his attorneys including Rudy Giuliani and Sydney Powell. Success has many fathers, but failure is an orphan.

Why is everybody dumping on Trump? To me the explanation is simple, Trump was supported by two groups of people in the political world. The political class will support you if you are winning or appear to have the support of the people and others in DC will support you if it has no personal cost to them. I guess a third reason people would support Trump is because they thought they could get something from him. Think “use him” or “leverage him” for some perceived advantage.

Mitt Romney and Mitch McConnell both wanted Trump’s support and endorsement when running for election but as soon as their victory was assured, they dumped all over Trump and kicked him to the curb. (Please lump any Senators from Maine or Alaska in this basket as well…something about the latitude I guess.)

Trump’s lawyers did it for different reasons, as did many others, they want to live to fight another day—or at least continue earning paychecks while in the Beltway. As you may recall, Democrats in many areas threatened Trump’s lawyers with disbarment and shame if they tried to prove election fraud in court. It wasn’t for lack of evidence that they dropped the cases but because once Sleepy Joe became President the cases became mute. Tilting at windmills might be in style in the CRA but serious people in politics know that they need to pick their battles and live to fight another day.

Finally, the political class is terrified of being called bad names by the mainstream media. The only thing worse for them was being called bad names by Trump and then having the media repeat them. Little Rubio and Lyin’ Ted are names that still echo fives years after the 2016 debates. Oh, Trump did prove he has larger hands …but I digress.

Folks, once Joe and crew anoint 23 million illegals as citizens—Oh, the 11 million number is nonsense and been static in political discourse since W was President, the real number is likely much higher—election fraud won’t be needed any more for Democrats to maintain power.

Again, I maintain that Donald J Trump was the last Republican that will ever be a US President. Welcome to a United States under one Party rule. Oh, and Yes Virginia, the last election was to remake America into a nation with San Francisco values instead of American ones. Funny how we’ve gone from Republicans hoping to “Release the Kraken!” to Democrats promising to “Unleash hell” in the space of a few weeks. Oh, and look for Democrats to keep their word.

The Fake Economy Continues

So, it is my fellow readers and followers of this blog.  All the pundits cheered today as Former Central Bank Chair Janet Yellen demanded Congress act quickly and pass a 1.9 trillion-dollar spending package.  Yep, act quickly, because god only knows what would happen if the media found out what was in it right?  Fat chance.  This package will extend a fake economy started under Obama/Biden, and mostly continued under Trump.

Joe Biden, America’s most popular President at a campaign stop on his way to victory.

Here are examples of how the economy has been fake and how it will continue to be fake under Biden.

0% interest rates continue, this was a fixture since almost W. Bush’s presidency. As a result, banks can borrow from the Fed Reserve for about 0% and lend to you for around 3% if you’re buying a house, or many multiples more if you are buying a car.  This does not stimulate an economy; it just let’s free money flow from one lender to the next.  This works only if the buyer is able to “perform” (make payments) on the loan.  Which leads to…..

0% interest also means banks will continue not paying you squat to have an account with them, in essence making your savings worthless.  When you add in inflation adjustments annually, if your savings/money doesn’t earn at least that much your buying power has been decreased.  Unless you are a business…..

0% Means corporations are able to borrow “cheap money” and buy out competitors.  See what AT&T has done over the past few years, first buying DirecTV and recently buying Time-Warner.  While consolidation is not always a bad thing, it stifles competition and leads to mass layoffs, again see DirecTV and Time-Warner among others.  In addition, most corporations have started venture capital arms, whose sole goal is to “invest in startups” with the hope of buying them later.  Kind of like that show Shark Tank on TV.  Again, this is all well and good until the interest rates or the debt load eventually eat away your income.  Many corporations will find the “next chapter” is Chapter 7 or 11, not to be confused with the iconic Slurpee chain.

$15 minimum wage, contrary to what economists on TV say, will create complete destruction among retail and food service work.  (Like after ten months of Covid-19 they need any more help.) Government mandating of wages is the worst possible thing to do.  Show me a worker who requires $15 an hour to work the grill, I will show you a robotic arm who can do the job far cheaper.  Automation will be the word of the next decade, eliminating good paying jobs to replace with robot. Its coming quick folks.  No minimum wage job was ever meant to be a career, for some (felons, rap sheets, drop-outs) it’s a hard way to earn a living, but didn’t their choices land them there?  How come we don’t talk-up trade schools?  More on that next….

We have ignored and made fun of the trade schools for far too long.  They carry a negative stigma. Why work in construction, work on cars, or be a plumber?  Especially when you can get a degree in arts or humanities.  As a result, some of these have transformed into dangerous for profit schools who now charge prohibitive sums of money, but it’s okay because……

Student loan relief is a part of this bill.  Biden has put off interest and payments until September of this year. Like savings, why be responsible? Don’t pay!  More disturbingly, he wants to do 10K student loan relief with the stroke of his pen.  AOC, Bernie, Schumer, and co aren’t happy and want 50k.  That’s an ungodly sum and should fly in the face of anyone who has paid their loans in full.  This also creates a dangerous precedent moving forward.  But…..

$1,400 payments to all folks making under a certain income threshold is part of this mana from heaven as well.  Who cares about erasing money or debt when we can just print more of it!  Fear not, the system we will use to verify who hits the government mandated lottery is last year’s (2019) tax returns.  Yep, even if Covid didn’t affect you at all you get a check!  Made more than that and lost your job?  Sorry Charlie, the Magic 8 Ball says, “No.”  You may ask why we have no system that keeps track of those who lost their jobs due to Covid?  Answer is we do, it’s at the state level and in CA we call it Employment Development Department (EDD).  Why don’t we use their system….well Google EDD scandal CA.  Never mind I’ll save you the time.  Our EDD sent roughly 2 billion in fraudulent checks to folks incarcerated, or to the dead, unborn or infirm.  Still don’t believe me?  Checks went to Scott Peterson (on death row) and Senator Diane Feinstein.  Yup go look it up.  Sorry, but the person who ran EDD has been promoted and is a part of Biden’s team, so look for more undeserving folks to land checks.  I’ll take Hunter Biden in the office pool.

Rest assured I doubt this will be the only check sent out. Sadly, my conservative friends see this as stimulus, not Universal Basic Income.  (Republicans think the rules are for checkers not chess.) Like usual, the Democrats lure the GOP in and while we think we’re doing the Lord’s work, they immediately run the end around, fooling us and taking all the credit.  Think Charlie Brown kicking the football. Try to stop these payments once they start.

Eviction and foreclosure moratoriums are currently through March.  This is just kicking the can slightly. We will end up kicking it further, I predict September.  Look for a utility payment moratorium as well.  These folks are all hopelessly behind, but Biden knows if he cranks up the eviction/foreclosure machine the economy wrecks big time, all on his watch.  Housing is in a major bubble and the only ones who can’t see it are the ones who benefit from it.  I look to scoop up a McMansion in future for about half of what folks are paying now.  In my hometown a McMansion about a decade ago was 500k, now modest homes are selling for around 700, with upward movement likely.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t all doom and gloom. The 90-Dday types will continue to talk about record high stock prices, and in some ways they are correct.  They pointed to job reports of “growing payrolls” however a cursory look around town shows me nothing but government and retail jobs.  The latter will be decimated by Covid, mark my words.  They will turn on a cable channel and be greeted with folks saying all-time highs, this is because as I mentioned earlier your savings account pays you nothing, so you must invest it.  The smart folks got in a long time ago and are more than happy to watch you scoop up more expensive shares.  They smile about stimulus knowing you won’t be paying debts, just buying more stuff you don’t need. Only China benefits but that’s ok because Democrats get a cut off all the 5G iPhones you’ll be buying. This economy is fake, you don’t have to believe me, but you cannot print money, send out free money, and have a prosperous society.  Someday the lender will want the money to be paid back, and there won’t be another check.

The Chief

Those who won’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

Crazy Posts from Stop the Steal FB Messenger Group

Despite claims by Facebook to purge all stuff about the election being stolen and Stop the Steal, many of these groups are still up and running. Some of the stuff in these threads is just information and other stuff is nonsense to gin-up the faithful.

Some of the stuff goes too far and is total BS. For example, one of the main contributors on the thread has been making claims that Trump will declare marshal law and block Biden’s inauguration. He claims Trump will invoke military powers to force a new election. This was predicted for January 6th and did not happen. Now another post on the thread is predicting that this will happen over the three-day weekend. I say no way.

On the Stop the Steal thread that I’m on, (please don’t ask why), one individual has posted not only the most stuff content wise but some of the most tinfoil hat material of the bunch. Here’s a post that seems to be from December 18, 2020. I say seems because much of his stuff has been flagged by Facebook and subsequently hidden or removed from view.

Anthony has lots of these on his Facebook feed and it appears he’s made a few trips to Facebook jail for timeouts.

Right now Trump is sitting on a stack of Trump cards or maybe Uno Wild Draw 4 (more years) that he just waiting to lay down like a royal flush.

He has court cases still pending that will go to the Supreme Court & thanks to TX case he now know how to file it under article 3 not 2 that will force them to hear it.
He has the imminent DNI report coming. Barr steps down on the 23rd (can now be a witness—he did his job).

Durham is a special counsel (can prosecute in any state). He’s letting civil, criminal, federal courts fail to handle the situation properly so he can use military tribunals.

He has the data (all of it) from NSA, the Kraken supercomputer, the Alice supercomputer, (probably a couple others we haven’t heard about yet, too).

He has the dueling electors from 7 states legislatures. He has VP Pence as final arbiter of which ballots to accept.

He has the insurrection act, the NDAA, the national emergency, the 14th amendment, the 2018 executive order, the 2017 very first EO, the Patriot Act, the FISA warrants, the Declassification of everything, people swear affidavits by the 1000, the QR code scan guy who just needs access to some real ballots & he can detect if they are fake by looking for creases & printing items using his scanner technology, he has all the statistical data being analyzed, the videos, emails, phone calls, bank transfer statements showing the coordination of the coup, he has RICO, he has the crimes against humanity videos, Wikileaks just dropped a ton & Assange will be pardoned so he can talk about Seth Rich.

Now that the governors and secretary of states certified & Biden accepted, they committed and knowingly agreed to treason. Solar Winds just raided & Dominion closing up shop. Same with politicians & media.

He has the C_A servers used to change dominion machines, he will soon have access to the machines too. He baited them to staying in DC so they can be inaugurated, oops arrested. Biden hasn’t accepted any transition money nor has Kamala given up her seat.

The military has infiltrated Antifa & BLM & he has the financials. He knows which politicians took Chinese & Soros money. He put in Miller & Watnick. He also just reduced dumb regulations. And wrote an EO in the military line of succession.

He is defunding the C_A. He just replaced Kissinger & Allbright on the National Security Advisory Board with his loyalists. The military has been flying more planes over America. The navy just parked huge fleets on both coasts. The 82nd is preparing for an operation (same group of Flynn & Donoghue).

Things are falling into place. He has it all. He is just laying out the case, building the narrative. He knows he won & they cheated. He gave them the chance to fix things. They chose not to. Now, pray they all go down.

Copy and Pasted.. feel free to share!!!

Would it surprise you to learn that Anthony, the author of much of the Stop the Steal material, such as the passage quoted above, does not live in the United States! Folks, that little nugget blew my socks off. This guy is claiming to have the inside track on “the real truth” of what is going on in and around our government and he lives about 5,000 miles from our country.

Instigator Anthony lives in Italy

I get mad enough when I read the crap on Facebook from my wife’s cousin in Germany that is always pontificating about what is happening here and the evils of Trump, and it turns out that we have another expat overseas that leans the other way being an armchair quarterback for our team. Sorry but neither can speak authoritatively on what is happening here. Anybody that believes Donald Trump is going to invoke the military in order to stay in office is a nut, be they on CCN or Fox.

Here’s a post from Anthony’s Facebook page. This is as close to violence as any post I’ve ever seen from a Trump person, but it only talks about people being angry at the election being stolen. It does not tell folks to storm the Bastille.

The following were posted on Sunday, January 10, 2021 by another group member.

Please note that the TeamTrumpNews post above is from a parody website if anybody bothered to check the source. In the interest of full disclosure, this clarification was added to the Stop the Steal thread later in the day. FYI: I have seen it or things similar claims elsewhere. The fact that folks believe it is telling.

Here is a purported news story from yesterday with even more details than above.

Link: Inauguration Cancelled, Trump Remains in Office, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN, MSNBC to Lose Licenses

Folks, this whole idea is nuts. Do you really believe the following?

Joe Biden’s Inauguration has been cancelled, President Trump would remain in office and the Chinese Communist Party propaganda media outlets of ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, CNN and MSNBC would soon be off the airwaves according to President Trump.

“I have invoked the Insurrection Act of 1807 (Section 10 U.S. Code 13 251-255) to address the treasonous rebellion conducted by Democrat and Republican lawmakers, CCP Agents (Chinese Communist Party), FBI, Department of Justice, CIA and others to dismantle the United States of America and it’s Constitution,” President Trump declared on Thursday 14 Jan. “These entities pose a direct threat to national security. I will remain President indefinitely until all domestic enemies are arrested.”

Babylon Bee headline

Here’s another conspiracy post that went up yesterday with the letter Q prominently mentioned. Please note that this is my first encounter with any alleged conservative invoking the dread letter that sends chills down the leg of the Chris Matthews crowd.

Folks this is reality not a two-hour movie where the good guys always win. Trump is not going to invoke any arcane law to bring the military to his aid, arrest all his political opponents and set up the Pax America.

However, Trump is the de facto head of the Republican Party for the next four years. Look for him to reshape the Party and clear out some swamp rats along the way. Also, don’t forget, CNN is for sale and with Trump out of office and CNN dropping their airport monopoly, their value will drop even more. Look for Trump to explore the possibility of using a shell corporation to buy CNN and create a real conservative network, not Paul Ryan’s watered-down version of the Fox News Channel two point oh. Trump also has opportunities to go big on investing in social media infrastructure to provide a home for conservative voices.

If you want to invoke a movie line for Trump, try Star Wars “Strike me down and I will become even more powerful than you can imagine.”

As for conspiracies—real or imagined—Psalm 2 makes it clear that God laughs at such things and ridicules them. His advice is “Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way…

Markie Ellett’s I Hate Trump Rant on Facebook

Folks, as I have previously stated, Facebook has become a hostile place for Conservatives; especially, of the Christian variety. One refuge from all the turmoil was a group that I belonged to on Facebook. It has tight membership rules and even a list of forbidden topics. The list was designed—in the eyes of the group admins—to foster unity by emphasizing what we agreed on and leave some of our differences at the door.

The general topic of the group is Christian music from the 1960’s and ‘70’s.

Here’s a few choice parts from their document “A MUST_READ For Members”:

02) No personal attacks against members or others will be allowed. Any accusatory or judgmental posturing toward others is forbidden.

09) Additional topics that are not allowed on this list are all subjects revolving around controversial issues which sometimes stir arguments. Experience has shown they can quickly spiral into conversations which are unproductive, judgmental, negative, or destructive. IF IN DOUBT, ERR ON THE SIDE OF MERCY AND REFER TO THE PRIMARY FOCUS OF THIS GROUP

Examples of such topics may include, but are not limited to the following:

a.) Marsha Stevens and her declaration of being Christian and her personal lifestyle

b.) Negativity about Amy Grant’s move to secular music and her divorce

c.) Any arguing over the band U2

d.) Inflammatory discussions on Larry Norman & his family regarding his son and/or film “Fallen Angel”  

e.) Anything that is attacking a political party or celebrity; no political posturing or endorsements allowed

f.) Inflammatory remarks concerning any allegations about Mike Warnke, Ray Boltz, and Jennifer Knapp

While some of the names referenced above may be viewed by our readers as “inside baseball” because you are not familiar with them point e) is rather plain, no politics—attacking or endorsing.

Ok, so who do I go to when the group admin is the one interjecting hate, politics, and quick judgement on members of their group. Please understand that nobody—as far as I can tell-ever violated these terms. As stated elsewhere in the document quoted above, if they did, the admins would delete the post and probably delete the offending member from the group.

Given the above, I was shocked, horrified, and disgusted to read the following from the group’s admin. I am quoting his post in full so I cannot be accused of taking anything out of context. My comments on the post will follow.


I am so saddened to have to say that it has reached a critical point within the group where it is felt that a clear commitment must be made, and publicly stated.

This group is now reviewing members’ profiles and culling from the group any members who support or endorse the hate, cruelty, and demonic injustice promoted by Trumpism.

Trump continues to fan the flames of an evil straight from the pits of Hell. He has easily proven that he desires to be a dictator.

This group has never required a member to profess to be Christian, a subscriber to any particular political ideology, etc… only that they be interested in the Jesus Movement, its history, Jesus Music and its artists from that era.

By welcoming readers of every faith (or no faith at all), it has always been a hope that songs, lyrics, and teachings from the JM era might somehow be used to impact readers and encourage them in a closer walk with Jesus.

Regrettably, experience has displayed to us that most Trump acolytes seem to prefer arguing why their manner of thinking is not evil or unkind at all, rather than earnest consideration of a fellow believer’s exhortations… or confessing to what they have mistakenly allowed themselves to become.

Succinctly… they are most often defiant, and averse to any change. They defend their self-righteousness.

It has been noted, for some time, that Trumpism (and its adherents) seeks to promote only a perversion of the examples and spiritual principles set by our kind, loving Savior Jesus, and His true, sincere disciples.

To be clear: this newly-announced devoir doesn’t apply to those who only may hold conservative views, nor any random degree of right-wing philosophy.

Trumpism is not traditional Republicanism (though, sadly, a substantial amount seem to promote that idea, and embrace it.) Most of us here have lived long enough to sufficiently recognize what the majority of tenets were for the GOP-of-old. To be sure, there was a transitory distinction between the most-popular political ideologies.

Trumpism is something entirely different, though its evil has most certainly taken some sort of root within conservative circles… and, horrifically, sometimes welcomed into certain allegedly “evangelical” realms… or into the arms of some who claim to be servants of Christ.

This cannot possibly be. Trumpism is the demonic antithesis of what Scripture outlines for servants to Jesus. We can only surmise that many of these advocates have sadly lost their way, becoming believers of propaganda designed to dilute clearly-illustrated precepts and doctrine.

We lift them up in fervent prayer. But we are unable to welcome the spread of this insidiousness into our group, even in the indirect way of their membership linking to a personal profile that promotes this evil.

The goal, and intent, of Trumpism is wicked, vile, heinous. It is profane in the eyes of God. It is an abomination… akin to the diabolical attitudes, aims, and actions of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Hugo Chavez, Putin, Bull Connor, Jim Jones, and David Koresh.

It is an affront to true justice. It is an attack on democracy and equality.

It is simply… evil.

There comes a time, in various moments in history, when one is forced to choose between good and evil. There is no place for convenient fence-sitting. There sometimes arrives at our doorsteps a proposal that we find we must not take in, but spew it out… far away from us.

It has arrived. That time, and place, is now.

To save time and energy, please voluntarily remove yourself from this group if you find you cannot stomach these parameters.

I have turned off commenting for this post. Contact me privately, if you wish, to pursue questions and/or concerns.

I wish for you the peace and love of Jesus.

That has always been a primary aim of this group.

Markie Ellett 01-07-2021 Admin for Facebook Group Jesus Music 1969-‘79

What I thought I was getting with this group was an embodiment of the apostle Paul’s words, “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.” I Cor 2: 2

Just for background, over the past 20 years, I have periodically been affiliated with the people that run this group and its former website,; although I doubt that they would remember me. Last time I checked, One-way was still live on the internet but it is not what it once was. At one time, One-Way kept up to date email and/or web locations of the various artists that it followed. It also used to allow downloads of various LP’s and maybe a few CD’s too—all were out of print. Their purpose was promotion of the music, not profit. (the downloads were free.) Anyway, I stumbled across their group on Facebook many years ago and they graciously agreed to let me join.

I know that politically, I would not agree with the views that some music artists believe which are the focus of this group. However, I thought that as long as we could agree on the core principles of the faith, that there was a basis for fellowship. I know that many people that that the group follows are liberal or lean that way but are none-the-less staunchly prolife (I’m thinking here of Phil Keaggy and Randy Stonehill). I like Barry McGuire—yep, the Eve of Destruction guy—but I’m sure we have differences on some secondary issues like politics. I’ve even seen Noel Paul Stookey—yep of Peter, Paul, and Mary fame—in concert before. I have never dissed any of these guys or cared too much about where or why I think they are wrong; I figure that’s God’s job not mine to play Holy Spirit.

But in the post above, I’m the villain because I support President Trump? Go figure. What happened to keeping politics out? What happened to prohibiting “Anything that is attacking a political party or celebrity; no political posturing or endorsements allowed”? What happened to “No personal attacks against members or others will be allowed. Any accusatory or judgmental posturing toward others is forbidden.

But oh, no. We are going to have a witch hunt—less a trial—and eliminate the corrupt infidels from our midst.

This group is now reviewing members’ profiles and culling from the group any members who support or endorse the hate, cruelty, and demonic injustice promoted by Trumpism.

Isn’t this the evil that Liberals always proclaim as McCarthy tactics—except there really were Communist infiltrators in the 1950’s.Now that the Communists are in office we just give them a pass. AOC was calling for something eerily similar to McCarthy hearings just today.

Trump is evil and demonic. OK, let’s look at this.

Trump promotes religious liberty, freedom, and life. Whereas the Obama/Biden crowd wants to kill the unborn thru all nine months of pregnancy, without parental involvement, or providing women with the information to make an informed decision. Oh, and they want to use the power of the sword to extract tax money from you and me to pay for it.

Trump believes in marriage—even if he has trouble staying married. He’s not using the sword of government to force a new definition of marriage onto people and threatening individuals, churches, and schools with punishment for daring to disagree because they believe the Bible—that marriage is between a man and a woman—and not the vain rants of raging humanists. Yep, Trump is really a spawn of hell for that.

Trump opposes the false religion of environmentalism and its globalist policies of expanded government and tyranny.

Trump continues to fan the flames of an evil straight from the pits of Hell.

OK, and all them other guys are saints? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

This next paragraph is a doozy.

Regrettably, experience has displayed to us that most Trump acolytes seem to prefer arguing why their manner of thinking is not evil or unkind at all, rather than earnest consideration of a fellow believer’s exhortations

Please note, Scripture is not the standard to measure men, it’s the author claiming the right to judge men by his judgement. He clearly is in the camp that want to argue feelings (isn’t there a verse about the heart being wicked and deceitful) and not facts.

Markie, what in God’s name are you talking about?

Trump never advocated violence and he is not a dictator. Dude you are watching too much MSNBC or similar crap. Lower your blood pressure, cut the cable.

Another criticism that I have of this screed is that it can be argued that the author is using a classic logical fallacy of the strawman argument. He has erected something, a construct of his own imagination, and then proceeds to dismantle it. Trumpism is a made-up, make believe word. Also, one that he never defines. Apparently like the classic line about pornography, the author feels that I’ll know it when I see it.

Trumpism is something entirely different, though its evil has most certainly taken some sort of root within conservative circles… and, horrifically, sometimes welcomed into certain allegedly “evangelical” realms… or into the arms of some who claim to be servants of Christ.

Folks, now the author claims to know who is saved and who is damned. Again, I thought that was God’s turf, but why leave it to him when you can play Holy Spirit. Oh, and if you disagree with him then poof, he just deletes you from his little group.

This cannot possibly be. Trumpism is the demonic antithesis of what Scripture outlines for servants to Jesus. We can only surmise that many of these advocates have sadly lost their way, becoming believers of propaganda designed to dilute clearly-illustrated precepts and doctrine.

To some degree, Trump supports Biblical values, Biden et al. categorically opposes them. Markie, think of the last election this way, it was a choice between American values (Trump) and San Francisco values (Biden). Trump is not my pastor nor my savior. I think he is best compared to Constantine—a friend of believers but maybe not one of us.

The goal, and intent, of Trumpism is wicked, vile, heinous. It is profane in the eyes of God. It is an abomination… akin to the diabolical attitudes, aims, and actions of Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Hugo Chavez, Putin, Bull Connor, Jim Jones, and David Koresh.

OK, Trump believes in liberty, protecting the unborn, and opposes socialism. But somehow Trump is lumped in with a bunch of socialists and heretics? Whiskey Tango?

Don’t believe me? The political leaders in your list, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Hugo Chavez, were all socialists. They just differed as to the means of production and whether they were international socialists or national socialists. Bull Connor was a Democrat. Per Wikipedia, Jim Jones “was a voracious reader who studied Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Mao Zedong, Mahatma Gandhi, and Adolf Hitler.” David Koresh (I’m giving Koresh the benefit of doubt) is just a heretic. Markie’s claims about Trump fall flat. The views and beliefs of these men are in opposition to what Trump stands for or believes. Yet another logical fallacy put forth by the author. Again, no truth in the comparison.

There are some liberal buzz words that jump out at me as I read this. See if you agree.

…the hate, cruelty, and demonic injustice

… affront to true justice. It is an attack on democracy and equality.

These words are defined one way in the dictionary—at least the print copy that I own—and yet they seem to be defined differently by the author. To me “the hate cruelty, and demonic injustice” is the way Donald Trump has been treated since he announced his candidacy. The attacks “on democracy and equality” are again the attacks from the media, Big Tech, and the Democrats. In their apparent context, these are all buzzword of the Left.

Donald Trump is not perfect and doesn’t always do what I want, but he stands head and shoulders above the rest of the swamp rats inside the Beltway. He has done more for Christianity, religious liberty, and the unborn than any other living President.

Frankly, both the Democrats and Republicans squandered opportunities to get many things accomplished which would have benefitted and unified the country. In the end, Washington proved that politicians would rather have the issue to fundraise and campaign on than actually fix anything. That is the real takeaway from the Trump Presidency. Mr. Smith goes to Washington has been proven to be a myth as has the old axiom that anybody can be President.

Meanwhile, with two weeks left in the Trump administration, Markie decides its time to come gunning after his fellow believers.

There comes a time, in various moments in history, when one is forced to choose between good and evil. There is no place for convenient fence-sitting. There sometimes arrives at our doorsteps a proposal that we find we must not take in, but spew it out… far away from us.

It has arrived. That time, and place, is now.

Seems to me the time to oppose evil was when Biden was a candidate not after he and his supporters stole the election. Markie, hell and judgement are not coming, they are here now, and the church is about to be battered on the rocks in ways we’ve never seen in this country before. If your church was willing to shut down for Covid, then what makes you think your congregation has the spine to withstand the persecution that is coming? The idea that you are wanting to take a stand now is ridiculous. That ship sailed long ago, and you apparently never noticed. Like him or not, Donald Trump was your last, best hope.

To save time and energy, please voluntarily remove yourself from this group if you find you cannot stomach these parameters.

OK so which is it? Are you really coming to cull me from your Facebook group, or should I just decide you’re an irredeemable idiot and leave on my own?

Oh, lastly, after violating your membership rules by interjecting politics, attacking members personal beliefs, and judgmental posturing you wish me the peace and love of Jesus? You mean like all the love you just displayed to me and the 75 million Americans that proudly voted for Donald J Trump?

You remind me of the line from the Keith Green song,

‘Cause He brings people to you door
And you turn them away
As you smile and say
“God bless you, be at peace”

You are turning your brothers and sisters away because you lack the ability to love them as Jesus does and then say its our fault. That’s really rich. Why? When I’m charitable with you, is that just expected, but you don’t have to reciprocate?

Given the Facebook hostility to my beliefs as a Conservative and a Christian, there was only two reasons for me to stay on Facebook, one was your group and the other is my Navy veterans group. Guess I’ll be cancelling that Facebook account soon.

Johnny Does Here is what Cable does to your Brain

The pandemic started 3/19 in my estimation, going by the original lockdown ordered by the governor.  I will be detailing the thoughts and “changing beliefs” of the 90-Day Guy of whom I work with.  This story is 100% real and will show how cable and too much TV can manipulate and poison your brain.  Take it all in, by the way, in no way am I saying cancel your cable, I’m just pointing out how some folks lose all ability by which to think for themselves. 

Here is the irrationality.

90-Day Guy after watching over nine months of wall-to-wall COVID-19 coverage
  • 3/19/20 I am staying at home, I am in a high risk category
  • 3/30/20 Our government has lied to us, many millions will die of this virus, it’s here and taking over.
  • 4/15/20 he made an appointment with his estate/trust lawyer to update his affairs because “he didn’t want to die in a long line waiting to get into an emergency room. (that’s a wild statement, at the time there were no lines or talk of any lines at any ER in California)
  • 5/01/20 90-Day Guy was contemplating flying to Texas, when asked if he felt safe on an airplane, he responded Covid can’t be spread on a plane, they have good ventilation. (The part about ventilation has been shared by no one ever.)
  • 5/20/20 The lockdowns are working but we must all do our share, again he refuses to come to an office due to concerns about Covid 19.
  • 5/31/20 He was called about a question regarding a client where he admitted he was at an Indian casino. Yup, do as I say, not as I do. By the way this was the first day the casinos were allowed to open.
  • June: CA was allowed to do a phased re-opening, where he railed against bars, restaurants and gyms being allowed to open, they are dirty, have dirty people and its Covid central. (Again, most of those statements are unfounded, the others are slightly true at best.)
  • July: Again, refusal to come into the office, yet he golfs on the regular and visits the casinos but has included the Tahoe and Reno areas. Keep in mind Nevada ordered no visitors from out of town. When questioned about his habits, his retort was “a Dr. on Hannity last night said you can’t get it at a golf course or an Indian Casino. (seriously a Dr. on a cable show? Dr. Oz wasn’t available?)
  • August: We have bent the curve, it’s time to re-open. He wasn’t going to come into the office, but it needed to happen. Keep in mind, this correlates to Trump falling behind in the polls to a worrisome point to Joe Biden.
  • September: The virus is a hoax, no one is dying, re-open. But not bars, or gyms. Again, Trump is very behind in polling.
  • October: This is very disturbing, not only is he refusing to come in, he changes the office voicemail to essentially a message saying “he doesn’t want to get Covid, and is working remote and he hopes this all passes soon.” What for? He still rarely came in. As an aside; he calls me one night asking questions about voter history of US citizens, as far as if someone can find out who he voted for. When I told him I had no idea, he said he was going to vote for Biden, so the BLM folks don’t burn his house down. He lives in rural Sacramento County, and he is worried about this? Flat out disturbing.
  • November: The trips to golf and casinos continue, all the while he is telling folks he is holding out for a vaccine, and we are so close to stopping this thing. He tells me he is clinically depressed due to Biden winning (look at support for Biden earlier) and the virus continuing to spread. When I got him calmed down on the phone, he continued to quote Dr. Fauci (the one man who has been constantly wrong) and spewing gibberish about he is concerned for his family’s safety. I tell him I would put the remote down and socially distance from the TV for a while, he says he doesn’t watch TV.
  • December: He comes in, grinning ear to ear saying the vaccine is so close and he wants to get it as fast as possible. Hannity had a couple doctors on his show and Tucker Carlson had a few one too, they all say it’s safe. When I asked if he read any peer reviewed research, he said he hadn’t. No real shock. When he was told by his two colleagues neither of us were getting the shot, he accused us of being stupid. (typical of the tolerant left mind you). When I told him several doctors in my family including my own personal doctor advised against the shot due to a variety of things, he shot back saying its safe. Saying a doctor on Tucker said it was.
  • December cont: suddenly a sea change. He said he never claimed he was going to get the shot, now claiming a doctor on Hannity said it is not safe, and he has many questions about it. He claims VP elect Kamal Harris refused to get the shot. (literally he said this a day after it was given to her.) Then he started rambling about how Biden won’t be that bad of a president and we will be able to overcome all this.
  • 1/04/21 I do not know if I want to take the vaccine, I have been seeing some bad things about it. Literally 2 minutes later he was caught in the break room on the phone with his medical provider trying to cut in line to get the shot himself. This was moments after I mentioned Dr. Fauci bringing up having a “vaccine passport” similar to Israel where if you haven’t been vaccinated you can’t go to entertainment, large gatherings etc. While my statement is slightly far-fetched, it shows how much he believes his own BS.
  • 1/11/21 I am going to stay at home for the next two weeks we must get ICU beds above the threshold, when asked what the threshold is he couldn’t answer saying only in LA they are rationing care. (the latter statement has yet to be proven true.)

Again, this is not to point out how Fox or any anchor or guest on Fox may have misspoke, it’s about watching a human mind be turned into mush.  Just look at how all over the place the guy has been.  I am no doctor but if this is normal he has some sort of derangement syndrome.  Go back and read this all again, it’s pathetic and sickening.  Watch how he sifts, resifts, and basically changes his opinion like most should change their drawers…daily.

Have fun watching cable and paying $175 a month to watch just 1 channel at a time.  He may not cop to watching Fox or any other channel, but man does he seem to parrot opinions like crazy.  Sadly, there is no hope for this man. Like many, this type of person spends their day watching copious amounts of TV, to be followed by searching all over the internet for an answer they like, about a problem they have.  As witnessed above, his views changed and shifted all over.  The part about anxiety attacks is disturbing, but to be expected, when you seek out a “trusted medium” this occurs when you don’t see what they tell you is happening.

In short, please reconsider how much TV you watch, it’s like poison or drugs.  The more you watch the more you are hooked.  Sit back from a far and check it out, it’s on a continuous loop, restarting every hour.  You will not get answers to your questions, just affirmation of your perceived answers.  Also dive into who the guests actually are, what is there past?  I can guarantee the guy coming up after the break is not a real practicing doctor, just a research doctor.  When you chain yourself to a chair or a couch for an extended period of time, the above will occur to you.  Just to give you an idea, the 90-Day Guy watches more TV in a day then I watch in a month.  This explains his constant changing of beliefs.  Look at just how petty he is, how he changes beliefs, jumps around, then in essence tailors his message to anyone in the room he is in.  It’s pathetic and lonely.  Lest you think I’m off kilter, re-read his points about elections and Biden.  Yikes.

Johnnie Does

You are now free to move about the COUNTY

Nope, Southwest Airlines isn’t flying a new daily non-stop between Sac International and Sac Executive airport.  Out of literally nowhere, our Dictator in Chief, Gavin Newsom, has decided Greater Sacramento can exit the stay-at-home order.  This means that as early as tomorrow evening outdoor and certain indoor activities can resume; likely with limited capacity.

First of all, call me skeptical.  A close friend of mine works for the Governor, as in, in his office, and he told me this was not even being discussed as of yesterday (1/11).  The latest update of available ICU beds (the new criteria, after general hospitalizations, death, sickness, and other scare tactics failed to work) was 6.9% as of Friday.  Now they are saying it’s over 19%??? What happened? A purge?  Someone let Dr. Kevorkian loose with his death machine?  Did physician assisted suicide come back to haunt us?  Did California’s dead voters get purged from the hospital rolls?

Per Dept of Health Services, as of Jan 11, the number of positive ICU patients was the highest on record.

You may not remember, but we were expected to come out of the lockdown many weeks if not months from now (its peak flu season) but miraculously the numbers went from 6.5% IUC beds to 19.4% in the space of about 36 hours. (This is supposed to be a rolling 4 week average.)

Per Dept of Health Services, as of Jan 11, Sacramento County ICU beds available thru Jan 11 was the same as Christmas day–83.

Does any of this make sense to anyone?  I guess it’s kind of like how many licks to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop, the world may never know.

Second; what about Sac County taking Covid patients from other neighboring counties?  False.  A few nurses I went to college with who work in the area told me that was a lie.  They never once took/saw a patient from San Joaquin, Yuba-Sutter or Solano.  False!  I was actually told that we always had room at the Inn, problem was, it didn’t fit the narrative.  We had to scare folks, and what better way than saying there are no beds left to scare the bejesus out of people.  Literally a week ago Adventist and Ryde Hospital in Yuba-Sutter was at max capacity and were going to be bussing patients to Sac County…never happened.

Per Dept of Health Services, as of Jan 11, number of Covid positive patients in Sacramento County is at an all time high.

Now the entire region can go back to purple tier restrictions; so, in essence outdoor: church, restaurants, bars, movies, wine tasting, gyms, cardrooms and indoor: haircuts, nail salons, and retail. 

So, what happened?  Well, a couple things, first off Trump is out of office, and who knows, by the publication of this blog post, he may be forcible removed.  Newsom is facing a recall that just broached the 1 million signature mark and counting.  In addition, a couple big donors just threw in some major financial support.  However, I feel the big game changer was tax revenue is way down.   Nothing else explains the madness behind this constant opening and closing.  The dirty little secret is most counties rely on sales tax to float their budgets and payrolls, the property tax is nice, but it only comes twice a year, and look for that to be way down as I fear many have stopped paying mortgages, and with tech companies moving out of state this could get ugly.

This is what happens when a cruel dictator takes over, state run media silences all dissent, the cable folks paint a grim picture, and the 90-day folks get scared.  In the meantime, wear your mask it protects me from you.  Enjoy this while you can, just wait for the next “criteria” to be developed.  I still predict Armageddon like you’ve never seen at some point soon.

The Chief

PS The “other” Cuomo (The NY Governor guv) also backtracked publicly on shutdowns today, adding further credence to our belief that this was all about booting the Orange Man from Office.  SAD!

BTW I know his name is Andrew Cuomo, but I get him and his meathead idiot brother on CNN mixed up all the time.  Two peas same pod, neither could find their way out of a paper bag if they were given directions anyway.

Editor’s Note: Another reason for Gavin’s sudden change of heart is to help Hidin’ Joe Biden start with better economic circumstances than Trump ended with. For your consideration let me remind you that the United States Department of Labor Statistics “reference period is the pay period that includes the 12th day of the monththus any payroll after today (Jan 12th) is owned by Joe Biden. Today is the last reporting day of the Trump Administration. “The employment and wage data provided on the Quarterly Contribution Report and Multiple Worksite Report impact directly or indirectly a large number of important economic statistics, including the Gross Domestic Product and other measures of the labor market and overall economy. The accuracy of these and other economic indicators relies on the accuracy of the pay figures reported by employers.

On Trump, Impeachment 2.0 and the Media

Folks, I keep hearing all these accusations that the President needs to be impeached again, even though he’s done in ten days. I saw that RINO squish, Pat Toomey, a Republican Senator, has piled-on to the idea—likely to get some favorable press from the media.

Anyway, the short version of the article is that we don’t know exactly what Trump did…until Nancy Pelosi and her comrades decide what to accuse him of (guess we have to pass the bill to know what’s really in it) but we are promised that its really bad, just wait and see.

Gee, what happened to the ideas that people are responsible for their own actions? Oh, wait, I found out in the article that such a concept as personal responsibility is a racist, white privilege idea. Don’t believe me, then how else would a so-called journalist come up with this one sentence paragraph?

A violent and largely white mob of Trump supporters overpowered police, broke through security lines and rampaged through the Capitol on Wednesday, forcing lawmakers to scatter as they were putting the final, formal touches on Biden’s victory over Trump in the Electoral College.

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey says President Trump committed ‘impeachable offenses’

Given the above paragraph what conclusion can a reasonable person—if any exist anymore—come to but this, Trump is guilty of everything because enough minorities didn’t storm the Capitol? Afterall, violent mobs of minorities burning business districts, shooting people, and dragging them out of their cars and beating the crap out of them, is not even newsworthy in Seattle, Milwaukee, and other Democrat run cities.

Secondly, Trump got more minority votes in this last election than any other Republican in the history of the country. In fact, that is why so many dead and nonexistent voters had to be manufactured by Democrats to steal the election.

Oh, the article also informs us that this urgent impeachment move can’t even go to the Senate until after Joe Biden is sworn into office.

If the House decided to impeach, the soonest the Senate could begin an impeachment trial under the current calendar would be Jan. 20, Inauguration Day.

Ok, so check out this timeline for January 20th, the Senate never does anything before about 10 AM and the Inauguration begins about noon so that leaves the Senate two hours to hear the charges against Trump, debate the matter, and hold a vote before heading over to be seen on TV while Joe takes the oath of office. Nothing happens that fast in Washington; however, you won’t see a single article on what a waste of time all this talk of impeachment is because its not the right narrative.

DC Resumes Steady-state Conditions

Yep, Washington DC is so done with Donald Trump. The swamp rats can’t wait to show him the exit. Many White House employees are bailing on Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck-you Schumer are debating between another impeachment attempt and exercising the 25th Amendment just to cripple Trump’s ego enough that he won’t run again in 2024.

Link: Pelosi calls for 25th Amendment, impeachment to remove Trump

Link: Facebook bans Trump indefinitely following US Capitol riots

Link: Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao becomes latest Trump administration official to resign

Meanwhile, the Capitol Police chief resigned today. Four kills used to be a job enhancement thing when you notched your revolver, but I guess any show of enforcing the law is taboo in a Democrat run city.

Link: Latest Updates: Capitol Police Chief Resigns Day After Pro-Trump Mob Breached Capitol

Oh, in the margins of the news today, you will find a black Democrat switched to being a Republican yesterday. He was just a state senator in Georgia but nothing to see here so move along.

Link: Georgia Democrat Announces He’s Switching to Republican Party That ‘Is in Desperate Need of Leaders’

The other marginal report is that 60,000 people have been found so far that were simultaneously registered to vote in Nevada and California during the Presidential election, but still big tech and the media claim there is zero evidence of fraud during the election.

“More than 60,000 people are currently registered to vote in both California and Nevada, according to Election Integrity Project California (EIPCa). Thousands were mailed ballots by both states for the November 2020 election and more than 3,500 appear to have voted unlawfully in that election.”

Over 60,000 registered to vote in both California and Nevada

Link: Text of above Lawsuit

Folks, this election pollution has been a long time coming.

I know The Chief recently quoted a song by Paul Shanklin but in this situation another of his parody songs comes to mind. Shanklin’s 2007 parody of Elvis Presley’s Jail House Rock finds Jesse Jackson singing about giving inmates to the right to vote “because its more criminal to be on the right”.

What we viewed as utterly ridiculous just over a decade ago has come to pass. Folks, California voters gave felons the right to vote on the same ballot that saw Hidin’ Joe Biden win with 2/3 of the vote. In this instance, California was trailing other states such as Virginia and Florida. Many states already found ways to restore the franchise to former inmates years ago. In each state where this has been done, several hundred thousand new Democrat voters have been created.

This all started with Bush v Gore in the 2000 presidential election. Ever since that stinging rebuke, Democrats have been working on gaming the table so no Republican will ever win a national election again. In 2016 that is why they were so cocksure that Hillary was winning. When Trump won, it became clear that the voters couldn’t be trusted “to do the right thing” so they decided to remove actual voters from the equation. 

I don’t think stealing the 2020 election was a grand conspiracy but a bunch of individuals and well-funded groups all working for the same goal. You see for Democrats, politics is their religion and power is their goal. The State is their god; from it comes all the blessings and curses. If this paradigm doesn’t make sense to you, read North’s book on Exodus where he contrasts Egypt and power religion versus God and his Covenant.

So, what happens now? Nothing short of total war on Christians, the unborn, and any institution that is associated with American greatness. If you’ve read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, think the last section of the story, The Scouring of the Shire, where the Shire is remade by “Sharkey.”

Somebody asked me last night what I thought was coming and my short answer was that “being a Christian would have a cost.” It may cost you your job, your family, or social standing.

Some folks think I’m overreacting, but am I? Did you ever read what life was like under the Soviet Union? Look at what is happening in New York, Colorado, Canada, and even here in Sacramento, its clear that the thinking of the Elites is modeled on the same ideas. Covid is a dry run for what they will do. Just think of a world where offering a bounty to turn in your neighbor to the government will be the norm. Fear of your neighbor turning you in to the government is greatly responsible for holding the tyranny of the Soviet Union together for 75 years. Of course, after someone “dropped a dime on you” you were visited in the dead of night by the secret police and risked never being seen again. Think the arrest of Trump advisor Roger Stone (2019) or Elian Gonzalez (2001) being the norm.

FBI SWAT Team arresting a five-year-old boy (2001)

Such a system of turning neighbor against neighbor almost became the law here in Sacramento County last month but was defeated—the post is in my stack of stuff to blog on, but it will have to wait a bit longer.

The short version is that we are far enough over the cliff that the effects of gravity are starting to kick in as we accelerate to the rocks below.

Americans are extremists, we won’t go for socialism just part way, we are all in or nothing. The pendulum is heading markedly to the Left…think stuck on stupid… probably for the rest of my life.

Where Have the Conservatives Gone?

By The Chief

No not like the Paul Shanklin parody played when John McCain was trying to say he was a Reagan conservative when running against Barack Obama in 2008.  I’m talking about 2021 in the People’s Republic of California

First some background. The state GOP loves to talk tough with rhetoric such as “the other side are a bunch of weenies”, “government shouldn’t pick winners and losers”, and “Obama Care is nothing but death panels”.  These phrases we all uttered during the Obama’s years in the White House.  Fast forward to 2020.  Governor Newsom orders massive shutdowns; included are churches, indoor dining, theatres, barber shops, and others.  Nary a word from the same folks who told me government shouldn’t pick winners and losers.  Rest assured Newsom kept the liquor stores, weed dispensaries, and big box stores open, under a weird guise of being essential. 

But wait there is more; now that we have a vaccine, a real-life death panel has been formed of current and former medial types (think Fauci, and his ilk) who are deciding who gets the shots and in what order.  A real-life death panel, I say again, and again nary a word from the same folks who screamed about Obama killing grandma.  Glad to see most all political types were given a shot prior to, I don’t know, the folks working in ICU/ER or old folks’ homes!  Teachers will be in the next rotation; however, they have mostly been distance learning.  Students will be following shortly afterward, again the distance learning thing.  No comment on when folks who are old/infirm or those who have COPD/Asthma or other pre-existing conditions that make them high risk will get the shot. 

Just to go a step further, in LA county, ambulances have been advised not to bring patients to the ER if they think they have zero chance at survival.  Again, nothing from the same so-called conservatives who warned about death panels and rationing of care.  I thought that was the major conservative talking point during the Obama years.

The reason for this short form rant is this: those folks never actually believed their own talking points. Remember “Repeal and Replace” and then finding out Republicans never had a plan to replace anything—it was just campaign talking points to stir-up voters. In truth Rahm Emanuel said it best, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  These same folks, when it was politically expedient, railed against it, now when they find themselves in a predicament, they are strangely silent.  The truth is most of those same folks are scared of this virus and work for government, are retired, or other essential jobs meaning they can live as usual.  However, they wish to see others suffer under the guise of a “deadly pandemic.”  See the 90-Day Guy, its ok to go to an Indian Casino, but the bars better remain closed or else.  Same applies to the vaccine distribution, make sure I am at the front of the line and I will keep quiet, who cares about other people, it’s all about me.

Sadly, the CA GOP wonders why it continues to drift into irrelevance.  The truth is, they lack any sort of leadership and would rather be a voice of loyal opposition.  Conservativism has been dead for a decade plus now, George W. Bush may have declared the era of big government to be over, but in reality, he helped hasten the move toward socialism.  Nice going so called conservatives, funny how when shutting down businesses to slow the spread and letting a death panel play God is only a bad thing when the outcome may not benefit you.



By frequent contributor The Chief

Well Congress went and acted, passed a large bill, without reading it, sending millions in aid to other countries, kept transit running, bailed out some businesses that don’t deserve to be bailed out, and sent you $600.  Yep, some scraps from the table courtesy of Congress.  You should see some of the aid money sent to other countries; countries in the Middle East are featured quite a bit, yep those same countries where we send our young people to die in pointless wars, then pay to “rebuild” and “remodel” their governments after ours….winning proposition huh?  Trivia question, name a country the US has left after a successful military operation there?  I’ll hold the line.

Yet almost every member of Congress–to a man–is nominating themselves for sainthood after approving a package to keep the government running and send out a cool $600 to certain people.  The criteria has yet to be fully released but I would think it’s the same lucky winners from the last go round, regardless or employment status, or if Covid has even had an effect on you.  This is because we have no reliable system, as witnessed by California’s EDD (unemployment benefit distributor) sending out fraudulent checks to inmates etc. and ignoring legitimate claims.  Trust me on this one, Sen Diane Feinstein, yeah the sitting Senator, “applied for and got a weekly check” yeah…… wild.  Not a soul at EDD could catch that one, or Scott Peterson (the one on death row) didn’t get caught either, but for those who actually are eligible, yup many are on their fifth month or more of waiting for the claim to be processed.  SAD!

Back to the $600. What makes me most upset is that’s a very small amount. For me, a single guy, that covers my utilities for about 2 months.  Think about folks 9 months behind on rent, utilities, mortgages, car payments, credit cards, student loans….so on so forth.  Doesn’t inspire much confidence does it?  In truth the $600 will please the 90 Day Guys, since the stocks hit a new record high as of this writing.  And for most, that buys Christmas gifts, especially when you add on the extra $600 per child.  However I see no one making an effort to pay off past due debt, because well, what’s the point?  The government has no answer, and we have always rewarded bad behavior.

In closing, look for the bleeding hearts to come out and demand larger checks, think $2-4,000.  (This has already started) Then look for cries that these checks should be monthly, until we hit a pre-Covid unemployment or economic growth numbers.  These numbers are not likely to be matched for years, so in essence we will have Universal Basic Income.  Ironically its Republicans such as Josh Hawley of Missouri pushing for this.  Stupidly the GOP will fall for this gamut, and we will be the co-authors of UBI.  Good luck taking these payments away once they start.  If you are on the receiving end of these checks….well it’s your money so do as you please, congrats.

BTW $600 when you have shut businesses down for 9 months and counting is pathetic, very Marie Antoinette-like I may add.

The Chief