Author: The Chief

Death by Clintonicide

August 17, 2019

By The Chief Unless you are related to Aaron Park, you may have heard that disgraced human piece of excrement Jeffrey Epstein died this past weekend. Without wanting to be a conspiracy theorist, I will examine this through an unbiased lens. Epstein “allegedly” committed some heinous crimes towards underage children, involving adults of age. Crimes […]

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The Inevitable Candidate

August 15, 2019

By Chief Joe Biden is going to be the nominee…everyone knows it…everyone says it. He thinks he is running against Trump now…and it very well may be…however here is a good contrarian look at how “inevitable” he is. In some cases these folks are correct. Biden is polling around 28% nationally and if that number […]

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The Recycling Myth Debunked

August 8, 2019

By: Chief This blog and commentary is the result of current events over the last year exposing CalRecycle as a farce and nothing more than a government mandated “feel good” program. This mostly came to a head with the shut down and bankruptcy of RePlanet, a large recycling conglomerate, on Tuesday of this week. Citing […]

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What the F**K PG&E?

August 3, 2019

By Chief As I made my way back to my dwelling after a day of work, I found a letter from Pacific Gas & Electric, which allegedly supplies gas to my house. I figured it was a bill and I could use some comic relief as my bill usually runs about $4.25 a month…and due […]

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The Reason Two Police Officers Died

June 26, 2019

By The Chief Natalie Corona and Tara O’Sullivan did not deserve to die, and while Adel Ramos was arrested for the murder of one of these officers, he isn’t solely responsible for their deaths. Sadly the accomplices will never be arrested. Those who aided and abetted Ramos are as follows: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Marcos […]

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Stop Enabling the Millennial’s BS

June 19, 2019

By “The Chief” Not a day goes by where I (a millennial mind you) hear older generations crapping all over mine. You know the criticisms, they are dumb, addicted to their phones, aren’t motivated, what do they do all day? etc. etc. etc. While in most cases these denunciations are correct, you were the enabler! […]

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Introducing CALSavers Your State Run Retirement Plan

June 12, 2019

The Chief explores another socialist step in the cradle-to-grave care provided by the almighty state of California. In case you missed it, a new retirement program goes live in California starting July 1st. This plan was put in place because the state wants businesses who don’t offer a retirement plan to be forced to offer […]

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Aaron Hernandez Disciple Arrested for Murder

June 10, 2019

Photo above Heyzel Obando with husband Tony Joiner Folks The Chief has no reservations about calling you out when you harm your squaw. Sadly today is such a day. Happy Sunday, I guess. I was greeted with a reader email saying the University of Florida was back in the news, as former Safety (didn’t keep […]

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San Francisco Explores Buying PG&E’s Assets

June 7, 2019

Did we do it again or did we do it again! We said in this very space on a couple occasions that San Francisco could be a buyer of Pacific Bankrupt Gas & Electric’s assets, well the city has hired a prominent investment banker from Jefferies LLC to assist in exploring buying the assets. When […]

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Under Armour Inc. Switches to Inflation Based Pricing

May 24, 2019

By “The Chief” William and I have been surprised lately by the statistics showing “jobs growth,” most of which coming from low skilled positions by the way, however an advertisement caught my eye in my inbox yesterday. I shop, like many other Americans online; usually getting free shipping and most of the time paying no […]

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