Gavin Newsom Now Bribing Voters

What a time to be alive!  I fire up the KCRA 3 news app, and viola!  The CA state legislature has authorized 5.7 million folks to get stimulus payments.  If you are here illegally, as in you should not be here, then you get $600!  But…in the words of that guy who sells Ronco knives on TV infomercials….”but wait, there’s more!” 

If you make less than $75k after accounting for deductions, YOU TOO GET A CHECK!  Another $600, so if you’re illegal and make less then 75k (since when do people being paid in cash file taxes?) you get a cool $1,200, just for living here.  This is a modern-day bribe.

Don’t believe me, see for yourself.

About $2.3 billion of the money will go to people who claim and receive the California earned income tax credit. In general, that’s people who earn $30,000 a year or less.

Another $470 million will go to people who earn a maximum of $75,000 per year after deductions and use an individual taxpayer identification number to file their income taxes. These are mostly people who don’t have Social Security numbers, including immigrants.

Some people fit both of those categories. In those cases, they will get $1,200, not $600. The Democratic-controlled state Legislature did this because most people who file their taxes this way are immigrants who were not eligible for federal stimulus checks Congress approved last year.

About $993 million will go to people who get help from state programs targeting low-income families, the elderly, the blind and the disabled.

California OKs $600 stimulus payments to 5.7 million people

According to the article, you get your check 3-4 weeks from Franchise Tax Board after you file your taxes.  I would file ASAP, because this state already allowed convicts, felons, folks on death row, and “US Senators” to obtain fraudulent payments via our unemployment board (EDD).  There is no telling when the cash will run out so I would claim earlier as opposed to later.  BTW most folks making around 100k will end up under the 75k threshold after mortgage interest, federal tax, and charitable donations are deducted.  Oh well.

Just remember, the recall should be certified around early April.  The election must be held a couple months or so after that, about when your check will arrive.  No word if it will be stuffed inside your recall ballot.  But I digress.  Pretty sad for a guy to pay you to vote for him, but at least this will be construed as a legal exchange between consenting adults.

The Chief

Editor’s Note: Yesterday Gavin also gave slackers another gift from the Franchise Tax Board when FTB was instructed to halt debt collections from tax filers until July 31, 2021. Unless I missed something, tax filings are still due on April 15th; therefore, the State’s best chance to collect money from resident’s tax returns will be null and void for the second year in a row. This amounts to Newsom commanding that the debts that taxpayers owe to the State be written-off by various state agencies. Typically, state agencies will attempt collection for two years before writing-off the money as a bad debt. In a typical year, if the money is not collected by April 15th then it likely never will be.

Our Take on the Governor Recall

The editorial board met over chips and salsa at a possibly open indoor dining establishment in our hometown to discuss the recall.  This is actually the 6th recall Newsom has faced since being elected about 2 years ago.  Those recalls never got the steam or funding like this one has.  Here is what we feel will happen and our prediction.

First the recall will go to a vote, with 1.3 million signatures gathered, and a very high accuracy rate so far, only about 600k more signatures are needed.  This will not be a hard feat since around 6 million Golden State voters voted for Trump last election.  We firmly believe Gavin Newsom will be a former Governor by summer’s end.  Personally, we feel he will wind up working for his Aunt Nancy Pelosi

We feel this way due to a variety of reasons.  Namely his poor handling of the “pandemic” I use air quotes not because it’s a hoax but due to the ever-changing rules.  Lock down, open partially, lock down, outdoor only, barber and nail places ok, lock down again, ICU filling to quick, lockdown extended, lockdown ends, and his refusal to release the data he attributes the lockdown too.  Then he comes out and says we serfs wouldn’t understand.  However most painfully is the lack of communication with the county health directors with regard to his orders on reopening.  The Chief’s mother was on a Zoom call with Dr. Olivia Kasirye (the replacement for racist Dr. Beilensen) who was befuddled at the re-opening in Sac County effective the following day, having said she had spoken to Newsom an hour prior and this never came up.  Again, Newsom is toast.

However here is the main stumbling block; as of press-time, 3 major GOP candidates have thrown their names into the ring to replace Newsom.  You have “Sandy Eggo” former Mayor Kevin Falconour who has raised a little over a million and is in need of work; Doug Ose the former congressman from Sacramento, a similar moderate to Falconour but can self-fund; and John Cox, a businessman and former Republican gubernatorial nominee who can self-fund, he is the most conservative of the three but was blown out 2 short years ago. 

many will enter; 1 will win

Just like McDonald’s Monopoly contest that takes place every so often, many will enter; 1 will win.  I can see a field of about 15 or so easily, most of whom are GOP types, several fringe players will enter, I broke down the main three above.

How we see it playing out is as follows; about 62% vote to throw the useless pond scum out.  This will be viewed as a favor as he will be able to enjoy a meal at the French Laundry in Napa as often as he would like.  He can even say he is “one of us.”  I use 62% because all food service, bar, gym, retail, and other affected business workers will want him gone, and these are the groups democrats love to pander to the most.  Most of the affected also happen to be those of color, another group the democrats are used to pandering too. 

As for who replaces Gavin, get ready…it will be another Democrat.  The GOP will split the vote regionally; Falconer gets San Diego vote, Cox the LA area vote, and Ose gets the Sac, and parts of Bay Area vote.  In essence they will split the GOP voter block.  This will allow an LA democrat to take over.  This is the main difference between the GOP and democrats in this state, while our side doesn’t want a farm team, the democrats line up behind one nominee and let them win.  The democrat will focus on being anti- Gavin, but just as progressive.  Remember 2/3 of the voters in this state live south of the Bakersfield area. In addition, every voter gets a ballot (sometimes more) in this state so while the GOP will win the battle in our opinion, they will lose the war.  Get ready for a far left LA democrat moving into Sacramento to rape and pillage the state even more.

The Chief

Happy hunting!

The Fake Economy Continues

So, it is my fellow readers and followers of this blog.  All the pundits cheered today as Former Central Bank Chair Janet Yellen demanded Congress act quickly and pass a 1.9 trillion-dollar spending package.  Yep, act quickly, because god only knows what would happen if the media found out what was in it right?  Fat chance.  This package will extend a fake economy started under Obama/Biden, and mostly continued under Trump.

Joe Biden, America’s most popular President at a campaign stop on his way to victory.

Here are examples of how the economy has been fake and how it will continue to be fake under Biden.

0% interest rates continue, this was a fixture since almost W. Bush’s presidency. As a result, banks can borrow from the Fed Reserve for about 0% and lend to you for around 3% if you’re buying a house, or many multiples more if you are buying a car.  This does not stimulate an economy; it just let’s free money flow from one lender to the next.  This works only if the buyer is able to “perform” (make payments) on the loan.  Which leads to…..

0% interest also means banks will continue not paying you squat to have an account with them, in essence making your savings worthless.  When you add in inflation adjustments annually, if your savings/money doesn’t earn at least that much your buying power has been decreased.  Unless you are a business…..

0% Means corporations are able to borrow “cheap money” and buy out competitors.  See what AT&T has done over the past few years, first buying DirecTV and recently buying Time-Warner.  While consolidation is not always a bad thing, it stifles competition and leads to mass layoffs, again see DirecTV and Time-Warner among others.  In addition, most corporations have started venture capital arms, whose sole goal is to “invest in startups” with the hope of buying them later.  Kind of like that show Shark Tank on TV.  Again, this is all well and good until the interest rates or the debt load eventually eat away your income.  Many corporations will find the “next chapter” is Chapter 7 or 11, not to be confused with the iconic Slurpee chain.

$15 minimum wage, contrary to what economists on TV say, will create complete destruction among retail and food service work.  (Like after ten months of Covid-19 they need any more help.) Government mandating of wages is the worst possible thing to do.  Show me a worker who requires $15 an hour to work the grill, I will show you a robotic arm who can do the job far cheaper.  Automation will be the word of the next decade, eliminating good paying jobs to replace with robot. Its coming quick folks.  No minimum wage job was ever meant to be a career, for some (felons, rap sheets, drop-outs) it’s a hard way to earn a living, but didn’t their choices land them there?  How come we don’t talk-up trade schools?  More on that next….

We have ignored and made fun of the trade schools for far too long.  They carry a negative stigma. Why work in construction, work on cars, or be a plumber?  Especially when you can get a degree in arts or humanities.  As a result, some of these have transformed into dangerous for profit schools who now charge prohibitive sums of money, but it’s okay because……

Student loan relief is a part of this bill.  Biden has put off interest and payments until September of this year. Like savings, why be responsible? Don’t pay!  More disturbingly, he wants to do 10K student loan relief with the stroke of his pen.  AOC, Bernie, Schumer, and co aren’t happy and want 50k.  That’s an ungodly sum and should fly in the face of anyone who has paid their loans in full.  This also creates a dangerous precedent moving forward.  But…..

$1,400 payments to all folks making under a certain income threshold is part of this mana from heaven as well.  Who cares about erasing money or debt when we can just print more of it!  Fear not, the system we will use to verify who hits the government mandated lottery is last year’s (2019) tax returns.  Yep, even if Covid didn’t affect you at all you get a check!  Made more than that and lost your job?  Sorry Charlie, the Magic 8 Ball says, “No.”  You may ask why we have no system that keeps track of those who lost their jobs due to Covid?  Answer is we do, it’s at the state level and in CA we call it Employment Development Department (EDD).  Why don’t we use their system….well Google EDD scandal CA.  Never mind I’ll save you the time.  Our EDD sent roughly 2 billion in fraudulent checks to folks incarcerated, or to the dead, unborn or infirm.  Still don’t believe me?  Checks went to Scott Peterson (on death row) and Senator Diane Feinstein.  Yup go look it up.  Sorry, but the person who ran EDD has been promoted and is a part of Biden’s team, so look for more undeserving folks to land checks.  I’ll take Hunter Biden in the office pool.

Rest assured I doubt this will be the only check sent out. Sadly, my conservative friends see this as stimulus, not Universal Basic Income.  (Republicans think the rules are for checkers not chess.) Like usual, the Democrats lure the GOP in and while we think we’re doing the Lord’s work, they immediately run the end around, fooling us and taking all the credit.  Think Charlie Brown kicking the football. Try to stop these payments once they start.

Eviction and foreclosure moratoriums are currently through March.  This is just kicking the can slightly. We will end up kicking it further, I predict September.  Look for a utility payment moratorium as well.  These folks are all hopelessly behind, but Biden knows if he cranks up the eviction/foreclosure machine the economy wrecks big time, all on his watch.  Housing is in a major bubble and the only ones who can’t see it are the ones who benefit from it.  I look to scoop up a McMansion in future for about half of what folks are paying now.  In my hometown a McMansion about a decade ago was 500k, now modest homes are selling for around 700, with upward movement likely.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t all doom and gloom. The 90-Dday types will continue to talk about record high stock prices, and in some ways they are correct.  They pointed to job reports of “growing payrolls” however a cursory look around town shows me nothing but government and retail jobs.  The latter will be decimated by Covid, mark my words.  They will turn on a cable channel and be greeted with folks saying all-time highs, this is because as I mentioned earlier your savings account pays you nothing, so you must invest it.  The smart folks got in a long time ago and are more than happy to watch you scoop up more expensive shares.  They smile about stimulus knowing you won’t be paying debts, just buying more stuff you don’t need. Only China benefits but that’s ok because Democrats get a cut off all the 5G iPhones you’ll be buying. This economy is fake, you don’t have to believe me, but you cannot print money, send out free money, and have a prosperous society.  Someday the lender will want the money to be paid back, and there won’t be another check.

The Chief

Those who won’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.

You are now free to move about the COUNTY

Nope, Southwest Airlines isn’t flying a new daily non-stop between Sac International and Sac Executive airport.  Out of literally nowhere, our Dictator in Chief, Gavin Newsom, has decided Greater Sacramento can exit the stay-at-home order.  This means that as early as tomorrow evening outdoor and certain indoor activities can resume; likely with limited capacity.

First of all, call me skeptical.  A close friend of mine works for the Governor, as in, in his office, and he told me this was not even being discussed as of yesterday (1/11).  The latest update of available ICU beds (the new criteria, after general hospitalizations, death, sickness, and other scare tactics failed to work) was 6.9% as of Friday.  Now they are saying it’s over 19%??? What happened? A purge?  Someone let Dr. Kevorkian loose with his death machine?  Did physician assisted suicide come back to haunt us?  Did California’s dead voters get purged from the hospital rolls?

Per Dept of Health Services, as of Jan 11, the number of positive ICU patients was the highest on record.

You may not remember, but we were expected to come out of the lockdown many weeks if not months from now (its peak flu season) but miraculously the numbers went from 6.5% IUC beds to 19.4% in the space of about 36 hours. (This is supposed to be a rolling 4 week average.)

Per Dept of Health Services, as of Jan 11, Sacramento County ICU beds available thru Jan 11 was the same as Christmas day–83.

Does any of this make sense to anyone?  I guess it’s kind of like how many licks to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop, the world may never know.

Second; what about Sac County taking Covid patients from other neighboring counties?  False.  A few nurses I went to college with who work in the area told me that was a lie.  They never once took/saw a patient from San Joaquin, Yuba-Sutter or Solano.  False!  I was actually told that we always had room at the Inn, problem was, it didn’t fit the narrative.  We had to scare folks, and what better way than saying there are no beds left to scare the bejesus out of people.  Literally a week ago Adventist and Ryde Hospital in Yuba-Sutter was at max capacity and were going to be bussing patients to Sac County…never happened.

Per Dept of Health Services, as of Jan 11, number of Covid positive patients in Sacramento County is at an all time high.

Now the entire region can go back to purple tier restrictions; so, in essence outdoor: church, restaurants, bars, movies, wine tasting, gyms, cardrooms and indoor: haircuts, nail salons, and retail. 

So, what happened?  Well, a couple things, first off Trump is out of office, and who knows, by the publication of this blog post, he may be forcible removed.  Newsom is facing a recall that just broached the 1 million signature mark and counting.  In addition, a couple big donors just threw in some major financial support.  However, I feel the big game changer was tax revenue is way down.   Nothing else explains the madness behind this constant opening and closing.  The dirty little secret is most counties rely on sales tax to float their budgets and payrolls, the property tax is nice, but it only comes twice a year, and look for that to be way down as I fear many have stopped paying mortgages, and with tech companies moving out of state this could get ugly.

This is what happens when a cruel dictator takes over, state run media silences all dissent, the cable folks paint a grim picture, and the 90-day folks get scared.  In the meantime, wear your mask it protects me from you.  Enjoy this while you can, just wait for the next “criteria” to be developed.  I still predict Armageddon like you’ve never seen at some point soon.

The Chief

PS The “other” Cuomo (The NY Governor guv) also backtracked publicly on shutdowns today, adding further credence to our belief that this was all about booting the Orange Man from Office.  SAD!

BTW I know his name is Andrew Cuomo, but I get him and his meathead idiot brother on CNN mixed up all the time.  Two peas same pod, neither could find their way out of a paper bag if they were given directions anyway.

Editor’s Note: Another reason for Gavin’s sudden change of heart is to help Hidin’ Joe Biden start with better economic circumstances than Trump ended with. For your consideration let me remind you that the United States Department of Labor Statistics “reference period is the pay period that includes the 12th day of the monththus any payroll after today (Jan 12th) is owned by Joe Biden. Today is the last reporting day of the Trump Administration. “The employment and wage data provided on the Quarterly Contribution Report and Multiple Worksite Report impact directly or indirectly a large number of important economic statistics, including the Gross Domestic Product and other measures of the labor market and overall economy. The accuracy of these and other economic indicators relies on the accuracy of the pay figures reported by employers.

Where Have the Conservatives Gone?

By The Chief

No not like the Paul Shanklin parody played when John McCain was trying to say he was a Reagan conservative when running against Barack Obama in 2008.  I’m talking about 2021 in the People’s Republic of California

First some background. The state GOP loves to talk tough with rhetoric such as “the other side are a bunch of weenies”, “government shouldn’t pick winners and losers”, and “Obama Care is nothing but death panels”.  These phrases we all uttered during the Obama’s years in the White House.  Fast forward to 2020.  Governor Newsom orders massive shutdowns; included are churches, indoor dining, theatres, barber shops, and others.  Nary a word from the same folks who told me government shouldn’t pick winners and losers.  Rest assured Newsom kept the liquor stores, weed dispensaries, and big box stores open, under a weird guise of being essential. 

But wait there is more; now that we have a vaccine, a real-life death panel has been formed of current and former medial types (think Fauci, and his ilk) who are deciding who gets the shots and in what order.  A real-life death panel, I say again, and again nary a word from the same folks who screamed about Obama killing grandma.  Glad to see most all political types were given a shot prior to, I don’t know, the folks working in ICU/ER or old folks’ homes!  Teachers will be in the next rotation; however, they have mostly been distance learning.  Students will be following shortly afterward, again the distance learning thing.  No comment on when folks who are old/infirm or those who have COPD/Asthma or other pre-existing conditions that make them high risk will get the shot. 

Just to go a step further, in LA county, ambulances have been advised not to bring patients to the ER if they think they have zero chance at survival.  Again, nothing from the same so-called conservatives who warned about death panels and rationing of care.  I thought that was the major conservative talking point during the Obama years.

The reason for this short form rant is this: those folks never actually believed their own talking points. Remember “Repeal and Replace” and then finding out Republicans never had a plan to replace anything—it was just campaign talking points to stir-up voters. In truth Rahm Emanuel said it best, “never let a good crisis go to waste.”  These same folks, when it was politically expedient, railed against it, now when they find themselves in a predicament, they are strangely silent.  The truth is most of those same folks are scared of this virus and work for government, are retired, or other essential jobs meaning they can live as usual.  However, they wish to see others suffer under the guise of a “deadly pandemic.”  See the 90-Day Guy, its ok to go to an Indian Casino, but the bars better remain closed or else.  Same applies to the vaccine distribution, make sure I am at the front of the line and I will keep quiet, who cares about other people, it’s all about me.

Sadly, the CA GOP wonders why it continues to drift into irrelevance.  The truth is, they lack any sort of leadership and would rather be a voice of loyal opposition.  Conservativism has been dead for a decade plus now, George W. Bush may have declared the era of big government to be over, but in reality, he helped hasten the move toward socialism.  Nice going so called conservatives, funny how when shutting down businesses to slow the spread and letting a death panel play God is only a bad thing when the outcome may not benefit you.



By frequent contributor The Chief

Well Congress went and acted, passed a large bill, without reading it, sending millions in aid to other countries, kept transit running, bailed out some businesses that don’t deserve to be bailed out, and sent you $600.  Yep, some scraps from the table courtesy of Congress.  You should see some of the aid money sent to other countries; countries in the Middle East are featured quite a bit, yep those same countries where we send our young people to die in pointless wars, then pay to “rebuild” and “remodel” their governments after ours….winning proposition huh?  Trivia question, name a country the US has left after a successful military operation there?  I’ll hold the line.

Yet almost every member of Congress–to a man–is nominating themselves for sainthood after approving a package to keep the government running and send out a cool $600 to certain people.  The criteria has yet to be fully released but I would think it’s the same lucky winners from the last go round, regardless or employment status, or if Covid has even had an effect on you.  This is because we have no reliable system, as witnessed by California’s EDD (unemployment benefit distributor) sending out fraudulent checks to inmates etc. and ignoring legitimate claims.  Trust me on this one, Sen Diane Feinstein, yeah the sitting Senator, “applied for and got a weekly check” yeah…… wild.  Not a soul at EDD could catch that one, or Scott Peterson (the one on death row) didn’t get caught either, but for those who actually are eligible, yup many are on their fifth month or more of waiting for the claim to be processed.  SAD!

Back to the $600. What makes me most upset is that’s a very small amount. For me, a single guy, that covers my utilities for about 2 months.  Think about folks 9 months behind on rent, utilities, mortgages, car payments, credit cards, student loans….so on so forth.  Doesn’t inspire much confidence does it?  In truth the $600 will please the 90 Day Guys, since the stocks hit a new record high as of this writing.  And for most, that buys Christmas gifts, especially when you add on the extra $600 per child.  However I see no one making an effort to pay off past due debt, because well, what’s the point?  The government has no answer, and we have always rewarded bad behavior.

In closing, look for the bleeding hearts to come out and demand larger checks, think $2-4,000.  (This has already started) Then look for cries that these checks should be monthly, until we hit a pre-Covid unemployment or economic growth numbers.  These numbers are not likely to be matched for years, so in essence we will have Universal Basic Income.  Ironically its Republicans such as Josh Hawley of Missouri pushing for this.  Stupidly the GOP will fall for this gamut, and we will be the co-authors of UBI.  Good luck taking these payments away once they start.  If you are on the receiving end of these checks….well it’s your money so do as you please, congrats.

BTW $600 when you have shut businesses down for 9 months and counting is pathetic, very Marie Antoinette-like I may add.

The Chief

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: $40 billion in uncollected Utility Bills

By frequent correspondent The Chief

While the theatres are still closed, there is a storm a brewing and it will likely premier around January of next year.  I came across an article on Seeking Alpha, (the hard news part not the commentary part) about $40 billion in uncollected utility payments so far during the pandemic.  If that doesn’t shock you, I do not know what will.

Link: Who will pay $40B in COVID-19 debt owed to utility companies?

I am not going to long form blog this like I usually do, but I just want to point out that is a debt that is not repayable.  During the beginning of this two week shutdown to flatten the curve back in March, most governors, if not all, declared utilities cannot disconnect. Thus, folks with past due accounts, because Covid, got free utilities.  Unlike the government, they cannot print money and will have to account for this loss some way or another.

What is the answer?  Sadly, I lost my crystal ball, but my thoughts are the following: the moratorium on this will continue as the optics of turning off heating in the winter for grandma doesn’t look great.  Ditto for low-income families, or renters.  I feel the answer will be blended; to those who faithfully paid their bills (most Republicans and responsible folks), will be told thanks and get nothing and like it.  For those who didn’t pay, it will depend on your local PUC (Public Utility Corp) to decide.  Maybe you make small “catchup” payments, or they wipe out your balance and you get to start over (just like PG&E).  I’m thinking its option 2.  I can see Biden bailing out the “green” utilities, or incentivizing those who phase out coal etc.  This will be the way of pushing the Green New Deal.  I also think the PUC will grant a “Covid recovery fee” to be added to all bills to make those folks current.  Once again, in this country, those who are responsible will get nothing and those who refused to pay (you must remember, the moratorium applied to anyone, not people Covid positive) get bailed out.  This will be the Biden/AOC way to force the Green New Deal on us.

Sadly, I see this same issue playing out in other sectors of the economy as well; how many folks haven’t paid rent due to this?  In addition, how about unpaid mortgages?  That number will dwarf the 80 billion easily.  Credit cards?  Ditto, especially after this year’s Christmas Season.  Buckle up, I do not see a very pretty 2021, you won’t be able to kick this can very far.

The Chief

Dr. Beilensen Quits on Sac County

By frequent contributor, The Chief

Imagine being a top health official in a county during a pandemic.  Imagine it being your time to shine.  Imagine that despite being wrong constantly and changing your story almost daily, your employer stuck with you.  Imagine using a racial slur during a Board of Supervisors meeting.  Imagine going on a local newscast that night and using the same term over and over again, whilst trying to convince people you aren’t a racist.  Imagine the pandemic getting far worse, with a potential complete shutdown imminent due to lack of ICU beds in your county.  Imagine the people that you serve needing your guidance and your response is quitting your job and moving across the country.

That is precisely what this idiot did.  The virus has made a bleak situation even more dire here and this jerk decides to quit his job and move back to Baltimore.  Mind you he isn’t moving to open a practice or see patients, or even to apply for a lateral job, he is going to teach at a university.  This is typical of an idiot like Beilensen. Cushy government jobs like his are great and the perks are even better. Typically, he just has to put out a press release about getting a flu shot, or maybe a warning about West Nile Virus each year.  But Beilenson is unable to do that now since there is a major virus outbreak happening under his watch, so he is up and leaving after a whole 2.5 years on the job.  He is the worst kind of person, a true and complete shell of a person.  He shutdown our county and followed our idiot governor’s orders, not speaking up or out on anything, and for good reason; he is a research doctor, not an actual doctor. 

Beilenson’s public troubles began a few weeks ago and culminated with him using a racial slur against “yellow” people during a meeting.  Beilenson then, as a co-worker alleged, drank copious amounts of alcohol and then went on an interview with local newscaster Edie Lambert. In addition to looking disheveled, he also appeared to be slurring his speech and constantly interrupting during the interview.  Beilenson then doubled down on dumb by saying he spoke to a couple Asian groups and they forgave him.  So, I guess if I drop the “N word” a few times, but a couple black folks forgive me all is well?  Doesn’t seem like this is the brightest bulb on the Holiday Tree. 

This week, Beilensen’s idea to fine businesses that violate his Covid rules up to $10,000 a day got shotdown by county supervisors after making national news. Oh, his backup proposal was similarly tabled. Having lost his attempt to go after businesses, he wanted the county to impose similar fines on people getting married or gathering for the holidays.

So, he will be leaving Sacramento an utter embarrassment for a lucrative job to be a professor?  Yikes that is a steep fall from grace.  Reality is, after contacting three additional folks I know in his department, they say he is a Class-A jerk.  He is routinely using racial slurs, much like the soon to be fired Navdeep Gill, again proving this workplace is toxic.  While we have no proof of sexual misconduct, it was interesting in the letter to fire Navdeep, Dr. Beilenson didn’t sign on or speak up.  As I see it, proving he is in on it as well. When the kitchen got a little hot, he ran.  He claims it’s a health emergency in his family, I doubt that to be true.  On that point, all four of my sources agree.  I guess it is better to resign before getting “axed the question.”

Baltimore, beware of this drunken, racist idiot, you have been warned.

The Chief

Sheila Kuehl of LA Supervisor Fame joins the #IDIOT list

By frequent contributor The Chief

You can’t make this up, actually that phrase has gotten old with all the Democrat electeds breaking their own Covid rules, but here is yet another embarrassing situation. Sheila Kuehl is a democrat supervisor from LA County. As you might recall, she voted to shutdown all dining operations in LA on Tuesday of last week. The vote carried 3-2, and as such all outdoor dining had to cease. I guess this would be ok if there was science or you know, facts to back this up…but there are none, as noted in this space about a week ago. Let’s see what Sheila did the DAY AFTER SHE VOTED TO SHUT DOWN DINING.

“She did dine al fresco at Il Forno on the very last day it was permissible. She loves Il Forno, has been saddened to see it, like so many restaurants, suffer from a decline in revenue. She ate there, taking appropriate precautions, and sadly will not dine there again until our Public Health Orders permit.”

LA County Supervisor dines at restaurant hours after voting to ban outdoor dining

See that folks, ole Sheila couldn’t help herself and dined out the very following day. Check out some statements she made during the remarks portion prior to her vote, these are some doozy’s….

During Tuesday’s L.A. County Board of Supervisors meeting, Kuehl referred to outside dining as “a most dangerous situation” over what she described as a risk of tables of unmasked patrons potentially exposing their servers to the coronavirus.

This is a serious health emergency and we must take it seriously,” Kuehl said.

The servers are not protected from us, and they’re not protected from their other tables that they’re serving at that particular time, plus all the hours in which they’re working.”

Wow, imagine being that lacking of self-awareness. She literally dined out the day after, at her favorite place. Re-read her thoughts again, and notice she seemed very concerned with the servers not being protected. Looks like multiple restaurant owners in LA are less than impressed…

Michael Voltaggio is a local restaurant owner who is stunned by Kuehl’s decision.

“That sends a message that we’re getting direction from people that aren’t really believing in messages they’re making,” he said.

Voltaggio tells FOX 11, “For me it’s just proof of the continuous hypocrisy and just the lack of leadership and education as to what’s happening right now in this sort of shoot from the hip mentality that’s not doing anybody any good.”

Josiah Citrin also owns multiple restaurants across L.A. County.

Citrin said, “I’m like wait a minute, restaurants are so dangerous, but you’re gonna go eat in a restaurant? I mean it just blows me away.”

We tried to warn you here that these shutdowns have nothing to do with Covid or death, and everything to do with government putting their hands on the scale. This is so sad to see. Kuehl and other electeds have access to better healthcare than us, an army of lobbyists with whom they can milk for cash, and connections we can only dream of having. Both her and Newsom put out laws and decided that they were exempt. Not only is this a disastrous look, it makes folks lose faith in their leaders. Want to know why Covid is spreading? Look to these two idiots first. Reality is neither will likely lose an election, supervisor is a glorified city council membership, and Governor of a state like CA comes down to how bad they will wallop the GOP candidate, so no cause for concern.

Just shows it pays to be in government. Also Kuehl is a very ugly human being; making her even easier to spot while out. Hope you enjoyed your meal supervisor; I heard your next course is a plate of crow.

The Chief

Editor’s note:
Sheila Kuehl has been like this all her life. She is one of the worst enemies of the unborn ever to serve in the state legislature. If she’s willing to use your tax dollars to kill a few million unborn Californians, why are we surprised when she throws almost a million more under the economic bus to be ground-up under her tyrannical heal?

Liberal Democrats from LA Agree with us?

By Chief

Hell hath frozen over. The apocalypse may actually be happening. I woke up and read an article about Covid closures this AM and blood almost shot out of my eyes. That or I thought perhaps my bottled water was really a bottle of the sacrament provided by the “Drunken Jedi.”

Folks the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors met last night about enforcing a “zero dining” rule for all restaurants due to the Covid pandemic. Local Health director Barbara Ferrer another worthless government hack who hasn’t seen a patient in decades was defending shutting down all dining, outdoor included to stem the positive tests for Covid. She backed it up with a CDC study listed below….

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health admitted during a Board of Supervisor’s meeting Tuesday that there is no hard scientific evidence linking the recent COVID-19 surge to back up their move to shut down outdoor dining.

In laying out the department’s case to proceed with the recently proposed restrictions set to take effect on Wednesday, Dr. Muntu Davis said that restaurant-specific contact tracing data around the coronavirus was scarce, “as a public health department we have to look at the highest risks, and where we can reduce those risks,” adding that restaurants fit the high-risk category.

Instead of specific data, the health official cited a CDC study that targeted 11 different outpatient healthcare facilities in 10 states as the “best information we have.” The study found that those patients with COVID-19 were twice as likely to have dined out at a restaurant.

Los Angeles Dept of Public Health admits no science link between outdoor dining, COVID-19 spike

Yes, you read that correctly, the LA department of public health admitted the study is bunk. Imagine using a study where people weren’t asked if they dined in or outdoors, just if they dined? Remember Janice Hanh? She is a former congresswoman and a very liberal one at that, she weighed in……

Supervisor Janice Hahn noted she had never seen the type of community pushback that the board has been hearing and noted that the public is “really losing faith and trust in the decisions that we’re making.” She questioned why the Department of Public Health wouldn’t just target restaurants not following the rules rather than prohibiting all outdoor dining.

That’s right folks, Hahn says the people are losing faith in their government officials, she is starting to sound like William and I.

Gavin Newsom at the French Laundry restaurant with lobbyists 11/06/2020

Check out Supervisor Chair Kathryn Barger’s take…….

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors chair Kathryn Barger argued during the meeting that without firm data showing that restaurants are specifically a leading cause in the spike in COVID-19 cases, she “cannot in good conscience” support the proposed modification to shut down outdoor dining on Wednesday.

“I feel that what is happening today is truly going to devastate not only the workers but their families,” Barger added, saying that she felt the closures were “arbitrary and punitive.”

Barger also said she believes public health panicked when the county’s case numbers began to rise, and that the order is simply a “knee-jerk reaction to something that has no scientific backing to show that we are going to slow the spread.”

“If anything, we have basically put a final nail in many of these restaurants coffins,” she added.

While she is disappointed in the outcome, Barger said that she knows she did the right thing to push back against the order and fight for an industry that “is being targeted unfairly and and is being subjected to really unfair practice.”

In actuality I think Barger is a republican but Hahn is very liberal, and she added even more….

Hahn, who was also disappointed by the outcome, stressed the need for federal financial intervention.

“It’s killing me to think that at this point, a few weeks before the holidays, we are considering an order to force restaurants to maybe shut down permanently. We know they will lay off employees if they are restricted to takeout and curbside only,” she said. “I really don’t think that’s something I want to do… We are careening down another economically tragic road.”

The Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation has predicted that approximately 700,000 jobs in the food industry would be lost during the county’s shutdown, and 75% of all projected job losses would affect people earning $50,000 or less.

While William and I oppose a federal government bailout, sadly with the “election” of Joe Biden, we will see many a blue state, county, city, and municipality approach him hat in hand for a bailout. We do not know the outcome, but I do not think there will be much of a stomach for congress to do this. Folks this underscores what William and I have believed since day 1, this has nothing to do with science, it has to do with politics. The government has strangled local businesses, big and small, look at Disney’s parks in Southern California? Wouldn’t a better take be to allow indoor, with masks and distancing, outdoor, and take out? Rather than a shutdown of all operations other than takeout? Have health service staff check on local businesses to make sure distancing, masks, cleaning etc. are being followed? I guess add a punitive option for violations. We are at a loss for words here at the blog, all we can say is stop watching so much cable people. This shutdown is based on nothing but irrational thoughts from folks who haven’t a clue about how economics work. I thought we had a team of contact tracers. How come they can’t do their work and find out where the spread is occurring from? The restaurants are being unfairly targeted. Wait until after 12/31 folks when the real Armageddon starts. Businesses will no longer want to “try to keep afloat” stores will close, and the eviction moratorium will need to be lifted. Were sorry but another round of treasury department loans and $1,200 checks ain’t gonna cut it. Look for massive economic decay soon, perhaps the best thing to come out of this is some people’s true colors; Madame Pelosi, Comrade Newsome and the Duchess of Lansing, Whitmer as well as the 90-Day Guy took a big hit. Pelosi getting a hair blowout, Newsom dining at the French Laundry, Whitmer wanting to take her boat out, and 90-Day Guy for exposing himself as a pro government shutdown liberal.

Buckle up,

The Chief