Impeachment Show Cancelled by Networks

After two weeks of dismal simultaneous performances on 34 different broadcast and cable networks, the comedy clown show, Flip the White House, written by movie icon Pennywise and starring stand-up comedian Adam “Waterboy” Shiff and some angry guys nobody ever heard of before, is being cancelled.

President Trump is heartbroken at the news. Since the show’s premier, his polling numbers have gone up 20 percent with Republicans, 32 1/5 percent with Independents, and 18 percent with Democrats.

Adam “Waterboy” Shiff teases episode finale

Thousands of cable viewers were lulled asleep by the pleasing sound of Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler’s voices. Avid viewers of the show are reaching out for therapy and comfort. Views have not been this traumatized since the finale of Lost many years ago.

The show’s abrupt ending leaves many lingering questions unanswered.

  • Who is John Roberts and why does he wear a robe to work?
  • Why can’t Senators ask their own questions?
  • Where is the happy ending that viewers were promised?
  • How can Orange man be unscathed after such verbal and prosecutorial abuse?
  • What does Joe Biden have to do with anything?
  • Will Bernie find his way back to Iowa?
  • Does Pocahontas find her tribe?
  • Why can they present the clown show commercial free but now cable viewers are seeing adds for hemorrhoids and tort lawyers every eight minutes?
Jerry Nadler–What? Me worry?

The ensuing chaos that cancellation has caused resulted in several network anchors reaching out to other network anchors for comfort and assurance. Some networks have assured viewers and other anchors that there really is no whistleblower. It was all a ruse to gin-up interest in the Super Bowl. Others assert that it was just a dumb smoke monster that viewers saw only in their imagination.

J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams has offered to reboot the impeachment franchise just like he did with Star Trek. Script writer, Eric Ciaramella, has again offered his services to pitch another idea to House Democrats. Word is, if he hurries, they might cobble together a direct to disc movie by October.

I sense a sequel in the future. Stay tuned….

If at First you Don’t Succeed….Stop Bernie at the Convention

By Chief

Just take a look at this. First they tried to tie Bernie up in DC for impeachment proceedings, then they went full “Hidin’ Biden”….now the powers that be have appointed Barney “Balls in his mouth” Frank and John “The Hit Man” Podesta on the DNC rules and platform committee. In case you live under a rock, Frank was a huge Clinton surrogate (no comment on if he is pregnant with Bill’s second child*) and Podesta served as Clinton’s past campaign manager. Podesta is famous due to a leaked email where he claimed he “wanted to stick a knife in Sander’s Campaign.” This has Sanders supporters even more riled up.

Some Democratic National Committee (DNC) members and supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) are venting frustration at DNC Chairman Tom Perez over his initial appointments to the committees that will oversee the rules and party platform at the nominating convention in Milwaukee later this year.

Sanders’s allies are incensed by two names in particular: former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who will co-chair the rules committee, and Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman John Podesta, who will have a seat on that committee.

The Sanders campaign unsuccessfully sought to have Frank removed from the rules committee in 2016, describing him as an “aggressive attack surrogate for the Clinton campaign.”

And Podesta, a longtime Washington political consultant and Clinton confidant, is viewed with contempt by some on the left. One of Podesta’s hacked emails from 2016 showed him asking a Democratic strategist where to “stick the knife in” Sanders, who lost the nomination to Clinton that year after a divisive primary contest.

Sanders allies in new uproar over DNC convention appointments

The article does go on to say there is going to be representation from all candidates who win delegates proportionately, but this doesn’t pass the smell test. Bernie and his followers know they were screwed last go round and this just further pushes a narrative that the establishment hates their candidate. The DNC goes even further trying to assuage their concerns…saying…”we have only appointed a small number of appointments to each committee.” This is very tone deaf folks. It would be akin to the RNC nominating Ted Cruz, John Bolton, and John Kasich (or Mitt Romney) to the same body…all noted anti-Trump folks. While it may only be a token few appointments, Frank and Podesta have very large pulpits and can sway numerous people…like maybe folks who were Hillary supporters in the past?

In addition, check out this new way Iowa will be tabulating their Caucus results next week. Technically there will be 3 “winners.” Yeah check this out. Yeah, they will announce who won “The first vote, the final vote, and who won the most delegates.” In 2016, Bernie often got the votes and Hillary got the delegates. What a confidence builder for faith in the results.

So I guess we will crown a top 3. No word if everyone gets a participation trophy or recognition of who won the most votes from deceased members. This is literally unbelievable, and will create chaos on election night. In addition, they have set up satellite caucuses in different countries to be able to vote as well that night…including one in…wait for it…Georgia, as in the country just outside Russia. The one CNN’s Don Lemon said is across the little lake from Ukraine!!

“Georgia across the little lake from Ukraine”–Don Lemon

You know the Clintons are involved because there are 69 (no coincidence) of these remote locations around the state that get added to congressional district results, plus an additional 25 outside of Iowa in 13 different states (I guess the cemeteries now are precincts). These votes get added to the total votes statewide, as well as 3 international sites, including the aforementioned location right near Russia.

Satellite locations include 69 in-state, 25 outside Iowa and spread across 13 states, and three international sites (Paris, Glasgow, Scotland, and Tblisi, Georgia). In-state satellite locations will be included in the congressional district results, while international locations will be reported into the statewide results.

Iowa is changing its caucus rules. Here’s what’s different in 2020

Folks Iowans that are out of the state get to vote too? Who thought this one up? Some consultant watching reruns of Brewster’s Millions (1985)? Although, perhaps this would explain how California has 1.5 million more voters registered than eligible adults living in the state.

My head hurts from trying to decipher that, but honestly it doesn’t matter. The fix is in, Bernie must be beaten. The reason for the top 3 categories is Bernie may win one or two but if someone like… I don’t know, Joe Biden… wins one category, we can call it a split decision. It also plays right into the Democrat power broker’s charges of Sanders overall un-electability. The only reason for this is to try anything possible to blunt his momentum. If you can blow a hole in his victory; hopefully, 8 days later in New Hampshire, voters will pick a different candidate and so on and so forth.

In closing I will say this, the Democrats have handled Bernie Sanders as horribly as possible. They paint him as a wildly out of touch, crazy person, in the same vein that the GOP tried to do with Trump. Trump, like Bernie, both have crazed, very loyal followers and who, in my estimation, will be sitting this election out in November if they view any sense of unfairness in the process. Sanders hates billionaires and corporations, in the same way Trump hates career politicians. The DNC never learned their lesson from the last election and continues to play delegate games, lest we here remind you of the West Virginia primary? In some cases nominating a wild candidate is not always a horrible idea.

Look at Trump. The establishment GOP is literally in shambles. The media is proving what Levin, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly said all along. The apple cart was rocked, the stock market is way up, job numbers are way up, investment in our country is up; a Trump Presidency seems to be working well to me.

However look at what needed to happen for the GOP to get Trump in the White House; a failed President W. Bush, a horrific military moderate John McCain, and then a bigger flop, Mitt “Wall Street Man/moderate” Romney. Sadly the Democrats seem to want to push the Sanders people away without giving them a chance.

Just follow me for a minute here. Democrats nominate Sanders, he goes on to lose bad to Trump, handing the house back to the GOP, the Senate may or may not get redder, and the suburbs would crush the Democrat Party. Then the party can effectively say socialism does not work in our party, basically eliminating the Warren/Sanders/AOC wing. Also it gives rise to who I think your best chance of winning in 2024 is….Gavin Newsome.

Think about it for a minute before you get too upset. The GOP has a very thin bench and Mike Pence is not going to be welcomed as part of the Trump coalition. Heck, he barely moves the needle for a Trump backer like myself. Cruz/Rubio/Paul… or another Bush? Who knows? Democrats, look deeply at your candidates this cycle. The Democrat field is comparable to the GOP circa 2012. Warren/Sanders are wild crazy socialist types. Biden is imploding right in your face, Booty Judge is a small town mayor who has no shot. Bloomberg and Steyer are a couple billionaires in a Party that hates them. Take my advice, nominate Bernie. Take your lumps and move on to 2024 and Gavin. Go against my advice at your own peril. Sanders looks ready to “Bern” it down, and may well nuke the entire Party and start a Third Reich, oops, I mean Party. Take your chances with Bernie or prepare for an insurrection in your ranks.


Bill Clinton/Danny Williams

*Editor’s Note: Bill Clinton reportedly has fathered other children; specifically, a son named Danny Williams. Clinton has refused a DNA test for paternity. Given Clinton’s reckless behavior with females, not his wife, the idea that he fathered an African-American child in Arkansas is within the realm of possibility. There is no confirmation whether this is why LeBron James declared Bill Clinton “The first black president.”

Hidin’ Biden

Yesterday I introduced the term “Biden Hidin’” or “Hidin’ Biden” to the political lexicon used on this blog. This is the idea that Joe Biden is so unpredictable that his handlers can’t let him out in public unless they can control the environment and thus the narrative.

Today, I’ve collected some recent examples of failures to keep the former Vice President on message. Joe Biden only does two things consistently, say the dumbest things and he can’t keep his hands off women while in public. Oh, and he has nothing but contempt for average people.

Lastly, before I get to these stories, remember that Bernie and Pocahontas are stuck in Washington D.C. for the impeachment show and can’t campaign during this last week before the Iowa Caucus. Thus, Joe Biden has unfettered access to voters and is the only frontrunner hopscotching around Iowa. As a result, Joe is getting the maximum media exposure and royally screwing it up as I will show.

Biden raised in the black church

DES MOINES, Iowa — Joe Biden spoke of his connection to black voters at an NAACP event Sunday afternoon and claimed his “political identity” was molded by minorities in his home state of Delaware.

“I have a lot of black support because that’s where I come from. I was raised in the black church, politically, not a joke,” the former vice president said in Des Moines. “When I got into politics, I was the only white guy working on the east side, in the projects, because these were the guys I grew up with. These were the guys I worked with.”

Biden: “I was raised in the black church”
Men in Black 2020

Biden says “Go vote for someone else”

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden snapped at a voter in Iowa in Tuesday as the 77-year-old candidate put his hands on the man and told him to go vote for someone else.

“I’m going to support you if you win the nomination because we got to get rid of Trump but what are we going to do about climate change?” the man asked Biden. “Now, you say you are against pipelines, but then you want to replace these gas lines, that’s not going to work.” . . .

Biden put his hand on the man’s chest and gently pushed him away, telling the man, “go vote for someone else.”

Joe Biden Gets Physical With Voter; Later Claims He Wants Michelle Obama to be his VP

Here is another version of the same story

“No no no… go vote for someone else,” Biden said while patting him on the chest. “You’re not going to vote for me in the primary.”

“What was even more shocking was how Biden pushed and poked me, and then took hold of my jacket with both hands as he lectured me,” he wrote.

Biden takes heat after sparring with Iowa voter who challenged him on climate change

Biden on Obamas: Michelle for VP, Barack for Supreme Court

Thought bubble–“oh crap, what did Joe say now?”

At a campaign stop in Muscatine, Iowa, Biden was asked if he would consider appointing Obama to the Supreme Court.

“Yeah, I would, but I don’t think he’d do it,” Biden responded. “He’d be a great Supreme Court justice.”

But the voter retorted back, “Second question is – which Obama?”

“Well I sure would like Michelle to be the vice president,” Biden said.

Biden: ‘I sure would like Michelle to be the vice president’

Here’s the video Biden Extols the Virtues the Obamas, Wishes Michelle Obama Would be his VP

Biden-Obama dream team

Obamas don’t like Joe

Please remember that Barack Obama has consistently refused to endorse Joe Biden or be associated with him. This sounds like a move that is both desperate and begging for recognition.

The rift between the Obamas and Biden is deep.

It was Saturday evening at The Essence Festival and CBS News anchor Gayle King was gently prodding former first lady Michelle Obama about the 2020 presidential race and how she felt about current frontrunner Joe Biden. “Has anybody caught your eye?” The first lady just reiterated: “Barack and I are going to support whoever wins the primary.” Well, what about the “dust-up” between Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and former Vice President Biden — have any thoughts? “No, I do not.” King followed up with a general question: “What are the qualities that you think make a good president?” Among those the first lady mentioned: “Someone who is careful with their words.”

Those are not exactly words you would use to describe Biden. If the Obamas’ silence on Biden was loud from the beginning, it now approaches a deafening roar.

As Biden’s polls slide and he loses whatever aura of inevitability he may have had because of his comments on segregation and busing — issues brought to the fore by a pair of young, black candidates — he has been left to twist in the wind. It is stunning that as Biden struggles to recover from his self-inflicted wounds regarding race, the first African American president, whom Biden loyally served for eight years, has not offered a word of comfort.

The Obamas’ silence on Joe Biden is deafening


I think the more you know about Joe, the more voters will say “No.” Too bad for the Democrat establishment that Joe is their standard bearer. Whatever voters think they will get with Joe in the White House, it certainly won’t be anything like the Obama Administration and the Obamas will be the first to tell you that. Joe makes Democrats nostalgic for Al Gore. Lastly, if Joe underperforms in early primaries, he might find himself testifying at the impeachment show…if Republican Senators are dumb enough to prolong the travesty with witnesses.

Democrats Feel the Bern and They Are Frightened

Pelosi and Company have tried to pin Bernie Sanders in D.C. for the impeachment show but it looks like slow Joe Biden is in trouble. Biden hasn’t sealed the deal. Worse, it appears they have resorted to more Biden Hidin’ (thanks to The Chief for the phrase). Biden Hidin’ is when Joe is kept out of public view and away from cameras because his advisors have no idea what he will say or which random woman on the stage that Joe will fondle. They are hoping that recent, controlled campaign events are enough to get Joe over the line.

Team Biden is an army of one

However, former Vice President Joe Biden has no endorsement from his former running mate, President Obama. In fact, Barry has been silent and on the sidelines. Word is that he doesn’t like Sanders either.

The Clintons are silent also. All we keep hearing is that Hillary wants to be drafted by the Party and she will gladly jump in the race. Perhaps she is banking on a brokered convention.

Bernie is a team effort

Meanwhile, AOC and a cadre of surrogates are blanketing Iowa and other early primary states campaigning for Bernie.

Dems are just starting to realize that Bernie is the probable nominee

Today, we find a story that the Democrat establishment is on the verge of panic at the idea that Bernie might really win. Gee, sounds eerily similar to establishment Republicans in 2016.

Here’s the headline

‘Oh my God, Sanders can win’: Democrats grapple with Bernie surge in Iowa

The independent senator from Vermont has been running for president for the better part of five years, but some Democrats are only just now…beginning to come to grips with the fact that he could actually win the nomination.

“Suddenly, we have the Democratic establishment very nervous about this campaign. We got Wall Street nervous,” Sanders told a crowd of roughly 1,100 Sunday night in Sioux City. “They’re starting to think, could this really happen?”

“We are their worst nightmare,” he added.

A Sanders win would turn the Democratic Party upside down, much as Donald Trump’s victory did for the GOP in 2016. But how could virtually no one see Sanders coming when he nearly overturned the party establishment four years ago when he came within a whisker of winning Iowa?

“None of his opponents have attacked him,” said Ian Sams, a Democratic operative who has now gone two rounds against Sanders — as a campaign aide to Clinton in the last election, and to Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., in this one. “There had been a supposition all last year from media and the political class that there’s no way Bernie way could win, which was a pretty faulty assumption.”

Now, some moderate Democrats feel the need to sound the alarm and try to wake supporters up to the fact that Sanders is not a mere protest candidate, but a real threat to win the nomination and, they argue, potentially cost Democrats the election against Trump.

“Bernie Sanders could be the nominee of our party,” Pete Buttigieg’s campaign alerted supporters in an email. “Bernie’s campaign is out-raising and out-spending us. If this continues, there’s a good chance he wins the Iowa caucuses.”

“It’s past time for other Democrats to come off the sidelines and for the media to start doing its job to vet a serious contender for the nomination,” he added. “We simply can’t stand by while there’s a threat that Democrats could nominate a guy who would hand such nuclear-level ammunition to the Trump campaign.”

Voters at events for moderate candidates this weekend expressed concern about Sanders’ potential nomination, though all said they would vote for him in the general election.

So far, a “Stop Sanders” effort has not emerged, but one still could — and Sanders allies say they now have a target on their backs.

“Things are going to get crazy,” said Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who has endorsed Sanders and become one of his top surrogates, told volunteers at a field office opening in Ankeny, Iowa.

Michael Moore, the documentary filmmaker, who joined Sanders as a warm-up act on his most recent Iowa swing, told supporters in Ames that “the rich” are going to start panicking.

“The knives are out,” Moore said.

Bernie is leading handily in California too. Don’t forget that we will be voting here in five short weeks.

Sanders has support from 26% of voters likely to cast ballots in the state’s March 3 Democratic primary, drawing support from liberals largely at the expense of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren is now backed by 20% of likely voters….

The rest of California’s likely primary voters remain divided among several candidates, which has left the party’s front-runner nationally, Vice President Joe Biden, with only 15% in the most populous state.

Bernie Sanders Surges to Lead in California, Propelled by Liberals

Like I’ve been saying, the 2020 election will be California values versus American values. We here at ReallyRight are solidly rooting for the Stars n’ Stripes.

So, it looks like we get two old white guys slugging it out in November. So much for the Party of diversity. Trump v Anti-Trump, with America in the balance. Sounds like another comic book movie to kick off the holiday season. Will Orange man survive to deliver the country from its enemies? Stay tuned.

Johnnie Does Fried Chicken Sandwich Smackdown

The moment you have all been waiting for is finally here….no Trump was not impeached; it is the best chicken sandwich award. With Popeye’s introducing their own delicacy and claiming to be better than Chick-fil-A, only one man could decide for all Americans, and as a result the Blog Father sent Johnnie Does out and about for this mission critical challenge. (Sadly, the Blog Father did not provide the funding to Johnnie Does to perform this vital public service, so this resulted in a delay in finishing my survey. OK, that and I must watch my sodium intake.)

The challengers: Chick-fil-A, Popeye’s, Jack in the Box, McDonalds, Carl’s Jr, Burger King, and Wendy’s.

Results are as follows:

Jack in the Box is vile trash, likely only viewed as a delicacy by the homeless.

Jack in the Box Chicken Sandwich

McDonalds was just slightly better; however, they are releasing a new sandwich this year so who knows? Meanwhile, I would avoid both of those spots.

McDonald’s Chicken Sandwich

Burger King was not exactly great, but the chicken with the mayo, lettuce, and tomato was a decent call.

Burger King Chicken Sandwich

Wendy’s was pretty good, especially the spicy chicken sandwich… and I would most definitely recommend it.

Wendy’s Chicken Sandwich

Carl’s Jr was the best of this lot, and I feel it’s because it was prepared after being ordered…the others gave off a hint of being pre-prepared.

Carl’s Jr. Chicken Sandwich

But let’s not kid ourselves this challenge was between Chick-fil-A the “greatest of all time” and the new kid on the block Popeye’s. Some said WWI was the war to end all wars…I think this was an allegation by Popeye’s to divide families. Alas a champion was crowned.

For starters; both are served in an envelope to keep the sandwich nice and warm…as opposed to the competition just wrapping them in “paper.” Both sandwiches are served as a boneless, skinless chicken breast fillet, with pickles on a steamed bun. This is where the similarities end, Popeye’s comes with either regular or spicy mayo, and thick cut deli pickles. Chick-fil-A has thin cut pickles and does not come with mayo; however, in true southern fashion, they butter the roll. Popeye’s chicken is fried more traditionally and has a “popcorn like” breading whereas Chick-fil-A has no breading at all.

Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich

The winner: Chick-fil-A… mostly for one reason, Popeye’s puts an alarmingly high amount of mayo on the sandwich, even if you request light mayo, its wild. I enjoyed the Popeye’s sandwich, but the amount of mayo was very off-putting.

Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich

So, there you have it, the greatest of all time retains the title belt!

Johnnie Does

Kirk Uhler Nepotism, Conflict of Interest, and the FPPC

Before I get into what a mess this really is, let me start by saying that it has taken me several days to verify what was sent to me and research further to present what follows. If needed, I have only reluctantly relied on anyone’s thoughts, opinions, or remarks on the issue before us.

It’s been a while since we’ve looked in on Kirk Uhler and the Placer County Mafia. Uhler is up for reelection yet again. Reportedly he’s still up to his old tricks, although the law may finally be catching up to him. It’s a good thing that Republicans only believe in term limits for other people or he might have to find another way to personally enrich himself.


When we last left this ethically challenged politician in 2016, we had chronicled the following:

  • 2009 Uhler got his wife a job on the county’s dime. The position was created just for Tami Uhler. It was never advertised. Oh, last we checked it was paying a salary of $92K. (More on that shortly)
  • 2014 Uhler doubled his salary as a supervisor
  • Uhler combines his Supervisor gig with his “day job.” This enables him to offer turn-key solutions to access all that Placer County has to offer in exchange for throwing a little business his way. Think pay-to-play, quid pro quo, or even Aaron Park’s “If you advertise here – it means an endorsement.”.
  • Uhler also has his hand in an online gambling operation where he is listed as a vice-president of the corporation.
  • 2015 Uhler along with the Just Us Brothers looted the Placer CRA treasury in a move only Adam Schiff or Bernie Madoff could truly appreciate.

Kirk Uhler’s Troubling Record

Kirk Uhler and The Just Us Brothers

Nepotism Defined

Recently, Supervisor Uhler was the subject of several emails that were sent to me from the bowels of his district. Attached were several hundred pages of information concerning the nepotism of Uhler’s wife living off the taxpayers while her husband engineers further pay increases for her and that fact that the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has been repeated asked to get involved in the situation. (See Appendix 1 below for links to the eleven letters on file with the FPPC.)

Oh, for folks in Rio Linda, nepotism is “the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.”

Nepotism is against the law and has been for decades. This was one of the issues that Jerry Brown used as a reason to dismantle the Board of Equalization (BOE). BOE had about one in five employees being directly related and others hired as political favors.

Nepotism scandal embroils recently gutted state tax board

Tami & Kirk Uhler

Summary of Initial Concerns

Per the emails that I received, in 2019 Uhler lead the charge to give his wife a thirty percent raise in one year. This caused a flurry of activity and correspondence with the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). The FPPC is the State body charged with insuring that politicians and political campaigns follow state law. The correspondence which I shall go thru in detail is from the Office of the Placer County Counsel (the county’s lawyer) and the FPPC.

The issues of fact and law under dispute are related to Uhler’s wife, Tamara (a.k.a. Tami), and her employment by Placer County.

Tami’s Job

Let’s look at some nuggets in the document dump that I was sent and try to reconstruct what happened and when. The questions needing to be asked include whether Placer County can employ Uhler’s wife, is her $30K raise justified, and did Uhler engineer its approval behind the scenes. On the face of it, what happened doesn’t pass the proverbial “smell test.”

Tamara Uhler, the Placer County Assistant Director of Child Support Services (“Assistant Director”), is married to Kirk Uhler, a member of the Placer County Board of Supervisors. Assistant Director Uhler’s service began in July of 2009, after Supervisor Uhler was elected to the Board of Supervisors. The Assistant Director reports to the Director of the Department of Child Support Services (“Director”). The Assistant Director position is an at-will, unclassified management classification, with no written employment contract. An appointment to the Assistant Director classification was completed by the Department Head pursuant to County Code, and no confirmation or affirmative action from the Board of Supervisors was required.

FPPC letter 10-21-2019 File No. A-19-193 Page 2 (Appendix 3 below)

Let’s unpack the above quote.

The FPPC states above that Kirk Uhler was already a Supervisor. I was curious how long he had been a Supervisor, so I looked up.

Kirk returned to the Board of Supervisors on Dec. 19, 2006 to fill the vacancy created after 4th District Supervisor Ted Gaines was elected to the State Assembly in November. At the Dec. 19 meeting, the four remaining board members selected Kirk from a field of five candidates who applied to serve the final two years of Gaines’ term. Kirk was sworn into office immediately after the vote.

Kirk represented the 4th District on the Board of Supervisors from 1993-96. He was only 25 years old when elected to the post, becoming the second youngest Supervisor in California history.

2009 Tamara Uhler was given the job of Assistant Director of Child Support Services.
This Assistant Director “position is an at-will, unclassified management classification.” This means Tami is not part of a labor union and can be hired or fired just like anyone in the private sector. To get this job, Tami required “no confirmation or affirmative action from the Board of Supervisors.”

Please note that no record has been produced that the job opening was advertised or that Tami ever had to compete for the position. Furthermore, as far as we know, no one other than her was ever interviewed for the job.

Allegations of a conflict of interest, a violation of public trust, unfairness in the Placer County hiring process and even nepotism surround the recent appointment of a county supervisor’s wife to a management position.

While wrongdoing has not been identified by an official investigative body, the move has raised concerns from citizens and county union leaders who are calling for action. The relatively high-paying position was not advertised, and the position had been vacant for two years.

Tami Uhler, wife of Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler, was appointed to the assistant director of the Placer County Department of Child Support Services July 7 with a starting salary of $92,000 plus benefits, according to county officials.

Uhler appointment raising concerns

Per an FPPC letter on the subject of conflict of interest, Tami’s hire was wrong. The letter is written in legalese but when you remove the double negative in the section and the excess verbiage, it boils down to this:

Accordingly, new Regulation 18702.5(b)(1) would expressly reinsert this exception, and would provide as follows:
a personal financial effect is … material if the decision would:
(1) Affect only the salary, …(of) the public official or a member of his or her immediate family receives from a … local government agency … the decision is to … promote … a member of his or her immediate family… when the member of the public official’s immediate family member is the only person in the job classification or position.

Repeal and Adoption of Regulation 18702.5 pages 2 & 3

So, if Tami was just one of many people working in the same classification, then this rule would not apply but since she is the only one, it’s a big problem.

Meanwhile Tami Gets Huge Raise

If you recall, when Tami was hired in 2009, she was making about $92K. Today, she is getting double that amount thanks to the Placer County Supervisors.

Folks, Placer County—like most government websites—doesn’t list and compile historic data on the pay of government employees, but there is a place you can go to find the information; namely, the Transparent California website.

Their data on Placer County only goes back to 2011 but here is what you will find on Kirk and Tami Uhler.

Note: The wages and benefits are estimates based on many factors since on the one hand pay scales are public information but an individual’s W-2 is confidential. For this reason, the numbers from Transparent California will not exactly match some numbers used from the Placer Country website.

Before going further, we need to clarify something for people that have never worked for a government agency. Most employees are paid a salary not an hourly wage. Pay increases are of three types and may occur on different anniversary dates. First, government normally gives employees cost of living increases each year. Usually, these increases are done at the beginning of a new fiscal year. In addition, you get step increases. You start at the bottom wage for your job classification and each year you get pay increases until after several years, you get to the top step. Step adjustment are often on the anniversary of the date you first started in that classification. Once at the top step, your wage will only go up via cost of living adjustments. Lastly, pay may be increased by negotiation with an employer. For many government workers, this is done via labor unions and not on the basis of individual merit.

Placer County Supervisors gave county employees a pay raise which took effect on August 3, 2019. Tami was the beneficiary of a huge raise that only applied to her. Based on comparisons with the county wage information and Transparent California, it is my opinion that Tami was at the top pay step in her job classification prior to the 2019 pay raise. I also think this is a reasonable assumption based on the fact that she has been in that position for over ten years.

Note: Pay numbers used in the remainder of this section can be found in Appendix 5 at the end on this blog post

In 2018, Tami Uhler was paid $132.433.60

She is classified as Position #19869 and her payrate is Management # 452

This is based on 2,080 hours at a salary of $63.67

So, after her raise in 2019 it should look like this:

She is classified as Position #19869 and her payrate is Management # 452

This is based on 2,080 hours at a salary of $63.67

Thus, her pay should be 2,080 hours at a salary of $64.94 or $135,075.20

This would be a two percent pay raise; however, this is not what really happened.

Instead Tami was raised from MNGT 452 to 477

She is classified as Position #19869 and her payrate is Management # 477

Thus, her pay actual pay is 2,080 hours at a salary of $83.30 or $173,264.00

Comparing this year and last year’s salary, Tami received a 23.57 percent pay raise–not including benefits or retirement.

But it gets even better, notice the little footnote on her classification?

Here’s the footnote.

When Tami leaves this position, the pay will drop down to MNGT 452. Thus, this pay raise is only for Tami and only for as long as she wishes to work for Placer County.

Yep, no favoritism or conflict of interest here, just business as usual in Placer County.

More Than Money

Uhler presided over the Board of Supervisor’s Meetings on July 9 & 23 when the pay raise for his wife was approved. He never stated that he had a conflict of interest and or recused himself. The pay raise was a consent calendar item at both meetings. On July 9, during the vote on item 14, Uhler reportedly left the room.

The account that I was given is:

At the July 9, 2019 meeting, after Board agenda item 12.A.l concluded, Board Chair Uhler stood, handed the gavel to Vice Chair Bonnie Gore, and left the room without stating a word about his departure. Although he left the room and remained out of the room for item # 14.A. l, he did not state his conflict of interest or recuse himself from the vote on the next agenda item # 14.A. l “Equity Adjustments for Classified and Unclassified Management Employees”. Kirk Uhler deliberately evaded the conflict of interest requirements by leaving the room and “making himself absent” just prior to item related to his wife, Tamara Uhler’s salary increase.

See Appendix 4 below

At the July 23 meeting, when the vote on item 19 occurred, Uhler abstained.

On July 23, 2019, as part of consent agenda 19.A. l “Equity Adjustments for Classified and Unclassified Management Employees” the Board of Supervisors took action to “adapt the ordinance” approving the salary increases for various management positions, including the salary increase for the position of Assistant Director of Child Support Services held by Tamara Uhler. Chairman of the Board, Supervisor Uhler personally called for the vote to approve the consent agenda, which included his wife’s salary increase. He called for ayes, noes and then stated he was “abstaining”, not recusing himself. He did not leave the room, and he did not give any reason for his abstention.

See Appendix 4 below

The item which was voted on stated that several people were getting an eight percent raise but not a word about the position held by Mrs. Uhler was in the narrative. Unless one took a calculary to it, chances are it would not be noticed.

As a result of this review and analysis of the costs associated with salary increases, the HRD is recommending salary adjustments for 13 management classifications to place them approximately eight percent (8%)…

Salary and benefit costs to maintain a minimum of eight percent (8%) between management
classifications and their highest paid direct report are estimated at $365,000.

Equity Adjustments for Classified and Unclassified Management Employees

The letter that I was sent also challenges the premise of giving Tami any raise on the basis of an 8 percent differential.

Prior to the July 23, 2019 salary increase, the salary differential between the Assistant Director of Child Support Services ($135,075 top step) and its highest paid direct report (Senior Administrative Services Officer top step $ I 05,348) was already at a 28% differential ($29,727). This 28% differential was greater than, and therefore not consistent with the rational for the 8% differential which was stated in the board memo.

See Appendix 4 below

Uhler as Pontius Pilot

On this issue, Kirk Uhler claims that he is innocent of any wrongdoing and any enrichment of his family is purely coincidental. However, those that know him best tell a different tale.

Some people I know are upset that Kirk Uhler endorsed Jim Holmes – who also endorsed Kirk. The record of Uhler is unassailable. So, let’s tell a Kirk and Jim Story.
Did you know that when the final, fateful vote was to occur on Pioneer Energy’s proposed massive rate hike came down the pipe – Jim Holmes called Kirk Uhler to ask him how he was supposed to vote on the issue. With Holmes opposing the 27% rate hike, that ended the debate forever. It is because of Uhler’s relationship with his colleague that this happened.

Aaron F. Park—Uhler Campaign Manager

Oh, Uhler is on the board of Pioneer Energy

“Pioneer Community Energy is about local control,” said Kirk Uhler, a Placer County supervisor and member of Pioneer’s governing board, in a news release.

With PG&E electric rate increase, Pioneer Community Energy gets cheaper

Two thoughts. First, why is Uhler involved in a county supervisor vote on rate hike for a utility that he works for? Second, why is he telling other supervisors how to vote?

Given this, how are we to believe that he had nothing to do with the massive pay hike for his wife?

This is the appearance of impropriety if not the substance.

Tami Wants a Promotion

But wait, there’s more. Tami wants to be Director of Child Support Services.

The Director position is currently vacant. Assistant Director Uhler has informed the Placer County Counsel and the Director of Human Resources that she intends to apply for the position. The Director, a County Department Head classification, is an at-will appointment and there is no employment contract. The Director reports to the County Executive Officer (“CEO”).

The California Family Code requires the Board of Supervisors to select the Director. Appointment of the prior Director was made by the Board on June 12,2007. Pursuant to the Placer County Charter, the CEO is responsible for the appointment, suspension or removal of all appointive department heads except County Counsel, “subject to confirmation by the Board of Supervisors.” Similarly, the Placer County Code identifies the CEO as appointing authority for all department heads other than elective officials “[e]xcept as specifically provided elsewhere …. “
The Board has routinely been involved in the appointment of department heads in the past, albeit not consistently through the years. As noted above, and as evidenced by the Board agenda summary of June 12, 2007, the prior Director was considered by the Board in closed session and his appointment was reported.

FPPC letter 10-21-2019 File No. A-19-193 Page 2 (Appendix 3 below)

To be promoted to Director, Tami must be approved by the Board of Supervisors. So even if her hire in 2009 was not nepotism or a conflict of interest—which I think it clearly was—promoting her to the corner office appears to be a line that can’t be crossed.

In fact, our friends at the FPPC said just that.

Remember that letter that I was quoting from the FPPC?

Here is the question that Placer County Counsel, Karin Schwab, asked the FPPC.

Under Section 1090, may the Placer County Board of Supervisors appoint a Supervisor’s spouse to the position of Director of Child Support Services, given that the spouse currently serves as the Assistant Director of Child Support Services?

See Appendix 3 below

The FPPC responded not just “no” but “hell no.”

No. The Board of Supervisors may not appoint the Supervisor’s spouse as Director, because a Supervisor has a financial interest in his or her spouse’s income under Section 1090, and no exception to Section 1090 is applicable given the circumstances.

See Appendix 3 below


On paper, Kirk and Tamara Uhler have finally been smacked down by the FPPC for violating the law; however, nothing has really changed. Like our Democrat controlled Legislature, when one political party runs a state (or county) with an iron fist, the interests of the political class inevitably come first. They enrich themselves and their families at the public trough, doing good for their friends (or contributors) and God willing, just neglecting the rest of us. They view the law as being for others and not themselves. They view themselves as too vital to be bound by the constraints of us mere mortals.

Not showing self-restraint, the attitude of corrupt officials is “if you don’t like it then sue us.” Those of us in the real world can only fund so many fights with city hall before throwing in the towel.

Mr. Uhler may have had good intentions when he first ran for office, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions and Mr. Uhler lost his way many years ago.

I have barely touched on the laws concerning public officials and conflict of interest, nepotism, and the like. (See Appendix 4 if you want to read someone’s attempt to get into the conflict of interest issue in depth.) Uhler’s wife is a lawyer. Instead of following the law she once swore to uphold, she uses her training to skirt just so far over the line knowing that nobody is going to go to the trouble of jerking her chain, especially in Placer County. Kirk Uhler is the king of Placer County. Hail to the King baby.


As I was getting ready to post the above, a few things continue to bother me. After some thought, I have decided what will happen in the real world with this issue. Let me explain and I think you will be forced to agreed with me and simultaneous not like it.

The great political observer, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame wrote a whole book with the premise that “there is a right way, a wrong way, and the weasel way. ” Kirk Uhler has a track record of following the weasel way.

Given that the Assistant Director of Child Support Services position was empty for two years before being filled by Tami Uhler, and given that Tami wants a promotion, and given that the FPPC said no and given that the Director of Child Support Services position is currently empty and given that its duties are currently being performed by Tami Uhler, a reasonable person must therefore conclude that Tami will remain the de facto Director and the Board will not take any action to fill the Director position until such time as Tami chooses to voluntarily retire from Placer County with a full pension and benefits for the rest of her natural life.

Lastly, Tami already has some time in working for the District Attorney’s Office so I expect her exit will be in just a few years. You might want to add pension spiking to the list of grievances committed by the Uhlers against the taxpayers of Placer County.

Appendix 1 Citizen Complaints

Here are the eleven complaints on file with the FPPC concerning Uhler’s wife getting a raise via a vote of the supervisors.

Appendix 2 Placer Legal Counsel Letter to FPPC

Appendix 3 FPPC Response

FPPC related documents Advice Letter Report and Commission Review and Response to Karin Schwab letter

Appendix 4 Unsigned Letter

This letter is part of a 106 page document that I was sent. This is only the first few pages. The remainder of the letter was the author’s attempt to defend and document his concerns. I generally agree with what he said but as you can see I don’t just accept his word as authoritative on all points. Since it doesn’t seem to be publicly available and I quoted from it, I wanted to make the source available to my readers.

Appendix 5 Sources for Tami Pay and Step

Trump Says Law Applies to California Too

Donald Trump spoke at the March for Life today. This is something that no other president has ever done; not even the Great Ronald Reagan. Trump is on track to be regarded as the greatest Conservative President in the history of the Republic. He does what he says and scares the hell out of the other guys. Not only does he say the words but he does the deeds too.

Case in point is this article on federal funding and abortion.

The Trump administration on Friday threatened California with a potential loss of federal health care funds over the state’s requirement that insurance plans cover abortions.

The announcement, timed to coincide with the anti-abortion March for Life in the nation’s capital, came hours before President Donald Trump was scheduled to address the marchers in person, becoming the first president to do so. Religious conservatives are a core element of Trump’s political coalition, and his administration has gone out of its way to deliver on their demands.

The federal Health and Human Services Department said it is issuing a “notice of violation,” giving California 30 days to comply with a federal law known as the Weldon amendment. That law bars federal health care funding from being provided to states or entities that practice “discrimination” against a health care organization on the basis that it “does not provide, pay for, provide coverage of, or refer for abortions.”

California Threatened With Funds Loss Over Abortion Coverage

“If states receive federal funds … they cannot discriminate against a health plan that declines to cover abortions,” said Severino.

Severino did not specify which of many streams of federal health care funds amounting to tens of billions of dollars might be in jeopardy for California. That could include money for community health centers, Medicaid health insurance for low-income people, and basic public health activities like educating parents about vaccines.

“Our goal is to seek compliance, and we are going to give them 30 days, so we do not have to cross that bridge,” said Severino. Other states could also face federal actions.

Federal law has long barred the use of taxpayer money to pay for abortions, except in cases of rape, incest, or to save the life of the woman.

God bless you Mr. Trump, I can’t wait to vote for you in November.

Democrats have a Bernie Problem Again

As Yogi Berra would say “Its Déjà vu all over again!” The liberals have found themselves in the same conundrum as 4 short years ago. Their solution, rigging the primary process against one of their own. As you may recall last presidential cycle, the unelected or voted on, so-called “super delegates”, were aligned solidly behind Himmler Hillary Clinton before a single primary vote was cast. The “super delegates” represent 1/3 of all convention delegates. So even in states where Bernie Sanders won more votes, Clinton continued to get more delegates to the Democrat convention. No result was more clearly rigged than West Virginia. Sanders won the primary with 51.41 percent to Clinton’s 35.84 percent, but Clinton ended up with more delegates than Sanders.

Bernie decried this process as rigged and the power brokers made some “behind the scenes changes” to make things appear on the up and up; however, this same disconnect between the popular vote and the delegate count continued in state after state. This time, Democrats are playing their same games, just using a different playbook page this time around.

You see Bernie is a problem that will not go away for the Democrats. He has a fiercely loyal following and they show no signs of playing nice with the establishment’s nominee. Think Woodstock, but far, far worse. Bernie is similar to Trump in some ways; he calls a spade a spade, and the insiders don’t like it very much. He is a powerful force within the Party that most refuse to admit… as stated here before, his supporters either sat out 2016 or voted for Trump as a protest vote. Truth be told, Bernie never really endorsed Clinton, and as you saw last night, there is no love lost between them. Hillary lobbed some verbal grenades at the socialist from Vermont.

“Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician,” she said. “It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.” Asked by The Reporter recently if that assessment still held, she replied, “Yes, it does.”

‘Nobody Likes Him’: Hillary Clinton Risks a Party Split Over Bernie Sanders

You see establishment Democrats have always viewed the presidency as a throne and thought of themselves as a political family (think mafia). In essence, certain political families look at the White House as their entitlement; hence, it’s my turn now*…everyone else step aside. Don’t believe me…look at the actions of the 2016 primary. The Clinton’s called in every favor possible, from super delegates, party power brokers, insiders, and any and all media to get her across the finish line. Oddly enough, the only place Bernie claimed he was treated fairly was on Fox…oh the irony.

Fast forward 4 years and the same set of issues plagues the Democrats. Bernie remains a force, but the “next in line” is Joe Biden, a horrendous failure of a candidate. So, once again the Democrats needed a plan of action, enter “fauxahontas” Liz Warren. Liz was needed because she and Bernie line up on most issues and the Democrats figure they can fight over the same 33% of the electorate in each state, thus leaving 67% for; Biden, Booty Judge, and Klobuchar to fight over. Then to their dismay enter billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, money is no object to either of them. Again, they will be fighting over the same 67% as Biden. The plan failed, after Warren saw a surge in the polls, she was scalped by Bernie and is now in the mid/low teens in Iowa.

That split over what direction the party should take is now a major issue in the current primary, with Mr. Sanders arguing for the full-throated leftist agenda and others counseling moderation. At the same time, he is engaged in a standoff with his liberal ally in the 2020 race, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts…

So, a new plan was needed to help Biden cross the finish line, so Comrade Nancy Pelosi held the impeachment papers for over a month in the House to ensure Biden’s victory. This plan will work because impeachment puts Amy Klobuchar, Liz Warren, and Bernie Sanders in a spot where they must report back to DC as William astutely pointed out. This allows Joe to barnstorm Iowa and likely emerge as the victor. Keep in mind, the goal is not just for Joe to win Iowa, it’s for him to win it somewhat convincingly, so everyone can get behind the “presumptive nominee.”

The Democrats are already floating the narrative only Joe can beat Trump. Their surrogates have latched on to this narrative and are hammering away at Bernie supporters daily. Problem is that Bernie is 78 and is basically your senile grandparent at the family reunion who is still mad about schools being de-segregated. He knows this is his last stand and doesn’t intend to go quietly. Bernie knows he should be winning Iowa, and now he is forced to sit in meaningless impeachment hearings where every minute of his observations and any questions he asks, or comments he makes will be closely scrutinized. He is in a no-win situation. Quietly I think Democrats hope this carries on for a few weeks so he loses in New Hampshire and Nevada as well so he can be persuaded to throw in the towel. However, he won’t, remember he is 78 and knows this is the last hurrah.

Hillary Clinton on Sanders, “She worries he will not drop out of the race even if it becomes clear he cannot win the nomination, a situation that could exacerbate divisions in the party.

On Twitter, the hashtag #ILikeBernie became a top trending topic. Many supporters pounced on Mrs. Clinton’s remarks, arguing that she remained out of touch with the working-class Americans who back Mr. Sanders.

No apologies, no backing down, the scorn and hatred that all of official Washington D.C. and the Democratic Party has for him and his supporters is his closing case,” Will Menaker, a host of the progressive podcast Chapo Trap House, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “They are corrupt and evil, they hate him and they hate you because you are not.

Trust me folks it will be fun to watch the next several weeks, because Bernie is going to come unhinged…not just with his policies but towards the establishment in his Party. Bernie is going to burn the whole thing to the ground, even if that means Trump gets a second term. He knows Joe Biden stands for nothing more than status quo, and if Biden wins, his policies of socialism will be ignored. His supporters know this, hence why they either sat it out or voted for Trump last time. Too bad this all could have been avoided…all Hillary had to do 4 years ago was look at Bernie before the first debate started and ask the moderator “Why is he allowed to be up here when he is a registered socialist?” “I must be in the wrong room, I thought this was the Democrat Party debate?” Bernie would have never recovered, instead the Democrats created this monster…one they have no idea how to contain or silence.

Bernie is not settling for VP or a cabinet position folks, it’s going to be a fun few weeks.


* Editor’s Note: Both parties have candidates that lay claim to “its my turn now.” These folks are the consummate politic insiders. Republicans experienced this phenomenon in candidates like Bob Dole and John McCain. They also had the Bush family (George HW, George W, Jeb). Democrats had the Kennedys (John, Bobby, Ted) and in recent years have the Clintons (Bill & Hillary). Joe Biden is making that claim in the current cycle. Often dynasty is used in the media to identify such a claim by a member of a well connected political family.

Troll Interviews Qasem Soleimani

By order of the Blog Father, I was sent on a special assignment. I literally went to hell and back (not with Gordon Ramsey) to bring you the following interview with recently deceased Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani, henceforth referred to as “Q”. 

Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani

Trolls are known to live under bridges but with the right medicine man, we can even bridge between worlds. Anyway, with a little assist from The Chief, I descended into hell, and sat down for a hard-hitting interview that only the Troll can accomplish.  We touched on many topics, and I can say I may have a future as a journalist!  Here is the interview.

Troll: General, how are you?
Q: Good mourning western maggot.
Troll: How is life down here in Hell?
Q: It is so-so, I met some great people; Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussain, and more. However, tell those idiot Democrats that I killed hundreds of thousands!  It’s hard to make friends down here when they call me an innocent martyr!

Troll:  How are the 72 virgins?
Q:  They are all young boys!  The only one happy down here is that Jeffrey Epstein!  I never knew he was a Muslim!  Lots of suicide bombers mad at me, telling me this isn’t what they signed up for!
Troll:  You speak to Epstein often?
Q: Yes, he didn’t kill himself, he told me it was Hillary Clinton.

Troll: What was the last thing that went through your mind the day of your death?
Q:  Well…a missile!  Dumb infidel, but before that…I wondered why that idiot Abu Mohandis set his snapchat to public!  That’s the reason I’m here!

Abu Mohandis

Troll:  Any topics off limits?
Q: None…I’m already in hell, can’t get much worse.
Troll:  What was behind that 4.9 Earthquake near your nuclear power plant?
Q: Michael Moore was going to parachute in and assist us against Trump… apparently his chute didn’t open. The poor infidel. He bounced all the way to Pakistan.
Troll: We recently arrested “Jabba the Jihadi” what can you tell us about him?

Q:  You caught him?  Damn he was the nuclear weapon we had been working on for years to violate the UN deal!  His gravitational pull and size could have wiped out San Francisco… would have ensured Trump’s re-election!
Troll: So, we caught a mastermind?
Q: Yes, and you got lucky it would have taken 15-20 missiles to destroy him.
Troll: What about the Iranian students refusing to stomp on the US and Israeli flags?
Q: Its ok, college students in California will do that instead.
Troll: What’s Saddam like?
Q:  I was bored and suggested we play hangman, he was not happy.

  Q: In addition, Gaddafi has cat fished me on Tindr twice… what kind of man pretends to be a goat! Man he pulled the wool over my eyes again.

Tindr when Romans 1:26 & 27 describes you

Troll: I thought you would learn your lesson after matching with a missile on Tindr?
Q: Funny, watch your back little man…I can order a strike on your wife Hope Hicks at any time.
Troll: But you have no fingers?
Q: Point taken.
Troll: Who are the oddest folks in hell?
Q:  Jim Jones keeps trying to buy me drinks… sorry buddy, I know too much about you.  Also Ted Kennedy wtf, always offering me to ride with him in his Oldsmobile. Dude is always talking about sandwiches and offshore drilling.
Troll:  Anything else you wish to pass on to the outside world?
Q: I have told Khameni I think the infidels are preparing a strike, if they drop that fat bastard Chris Christie on Tehran all will be lost.  Oh, and Ted Bundy… he killed way more than the 30 he confessed to, he was inducted into the Hall of Flame here last week!  That’s our highest recognition for people who never served in government. There’s a special place in Hell for us. Oh, and we have reduced the number of targets in the USA, we have discovered there is no intelligent life in Hollywood, Portland, or Seattle. And besides they like us there.
Troll: Anything else on the way out?
Q: I tried pork… my it is good, and bacon is amazing, pass along to the Muslims to try it!  Also, they are building a skyscraper here for all the Clintons… they will live in infamy here!  Also tell that Brock Turner kid, we are all waiting to kick his A** here in hell for what he did.  Also pass on, we plan to kill the Democrats last!  Also, does Bernie Sanders rub a balloon on his head before he appears in public… wow his hair is wild. Reminds me of the flames down here.  Also, you say it’s the greatest invention since electricity all the time… why is this? 

Crazy Bernie Sander

That Nancy Pelosi could not be more ugly! Sadly, paper bags don’t hold-up well down here so I think she will be in for an eternity of lonely Saturday nights.
Troll: Thanks for the info, any additional interviews planned?
Q: Yes, I am becoming a MSNBC contributor next week. Since the dead overwhelmingly vote Democrat, it only seems right.…. I plan to ask that Rachael Maddow if you hate white men so much why are you trying so hard to look like one?
Troll: Thanks again
Q:  May Allah bless you with eternal life, also I wish you well in your three some with Hope Hicks and Jennifer Aniston! That white dress was really something.


Biden Leads in Iowa, Sanders and Pocahontas stuck in DC

Told ya! Pelosi’s deny on impeachment was to clear the field for Biden to win Iowa. Here’s the polling data to prove it.

With two weeks to go until the Iowa caucuses, a new poll indicates that former Vice President Joe Biden has a slight edge over his 2020 rivals for the Democratic nomination in the state that kicks off the presidential primary and caucus calendar.

Biden stands at 24 percent support among likely Democratic caucusgoers in Iowa in the survey released Monday by Focus on Rural America…

Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts registers at 18 percent, with former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 16 percent, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont at 14 percent, and Sen. Amy Klobuchar of neighboring Minnesota at 11 percent.

While Biden’s numbers were basically unchanged from the Focus on Rural America’s previous poll – released in September – Warren dropped 5 percentage points, Sanders soared 5 points, Buttigieg jumped 4 points and Klobuchar rose 3 points.

New poll: Biden with slight edge in Iowa with caucuses 2 weeks out

As I understand the impeachment rules, Senators are to be seen but not heard during the presentation of the case against Trump. Also, due to conflict of interest, Sanders, and the other two may be asked to recuse themselves from voting. So, what was that about the Democrats being unified? Lastly, if Sanders and Pocahontas aren’t on the record for an impeachment vote, will that hurt them with their base?