Month: February 2017

More Proof Political Divide is Spiritual

February 28, 2017

Lest you needed more proof that the political divide is primarily spiritual, check out this from Todd Starnes yesterday. Link: Town hall agitators explode at the name of Jesus Below are a portions of the story. A group of enraged protesters exploded in anger after a chaplain prayed in the name of Jesus at a […]

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February 24, 2017

Adam was just entering his teen years when I last saw him. His family moved out of state shortly after I was married. His dad was in my wedding party and a great guy. His dad had a great sense of humor. Except for his irrational love of Monty Python, I usually found that we […]

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Does the WNBA Have a Heterosexual Problem?

February 22, 2017

While perusing my twitter account I came across a story on the Woman’s National Basketball Association which I had a feeling was “fake news” however I clicked on it nonetheless.  I was completely stunned by the fact it was most definitely not fake news, it was very disturbing.  No, not that the WNBA is still […]

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Trump rally in Florida shows what really divides America

February 19, 2017

Link:  Melania Trump attacked for reciting ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ at campaign rally As I wrote to Mr. Winton earlier this week, the political divide in our country is spiritual; Christianity versus Secular Humanism. Man likes to put himself in the place of God. This is the spiritual divide: Do not love the world or anything […]

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Oroville Dam: Government Failure

February 16, 2017

OK, so you may be wondering why I write about this issue after the mandatory evacuation order has been lifted. In short, the danger has not passed; we will be living with this issue for several years. I know when I find myself on the same side as the Sierra Club that the guys in […]

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Jesse Winton: Another Casualty

February 13, 2017

G.K. Chesterton’s philosophical opponent, George Bernard Shaw is quoted as saying, “Youth is wasted on the Young.”  This is one of many ideas that came to mind while reading the latest missive from Jess Winton. Another is a quote that some have attributed to Charles Darwin; “I was a young man with unformed ideas.” Winton […]

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Liberal Playbook to Stop Trump 101

February 9, 2017

The ink on President Donald J Trump’s executive order regarding a travel ban from certain countries was not even dry yet when liberal Senator Chuck Schumer went straight to his old bag of tricks to stop it.  He went directly to a judge located in the 9th circus court of appeals; err wait circuit court […]

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Where’s my Refund?

February 8, 2017

We files our taxes last week, so just for fun I checked on my refund status tonight. The IRS is promising to give me my refund 8 days after I filed. However, the State of California is a different story. They promised me a refund within 2 months if I filed electronically and four months […]

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Review: Super Bowl LI

February 6, 2017

Yesterday’s Super Bowl was a great game on the field but the rest of the show (i.e. the commercials) were lame unless the soundtrack featured Johnny Cash. More on that in a minute. At my house we skip the half time show and always have. As soon as the teams head to the locker room […]

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A Texas Sized Pension Crisis in Dallas

February 2, 2017

After awaking from my New Year’s celebration I decided to do a little catchup reading. One article that caught my eye was about a pension crisis in Dallas, Texas.  The first thing that came to mind was this must be the county workers retirement pension system, I was wrong; this is the police and firefighters […]

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