Obama v Trump

Nope. This is not what you think. I wish to compare life under both Presidents with a metric that few would consider; namely, holiday shopping. When Obama was President, virtually everybody (customers and employees) in the store at Christmastime would greet you with “Happy Holidays.” When Trump was elected, this changed. Did you notice that since he’s been President, you are more likely to hear “Merry Christmas” than “Happy Holidays”? This is true even in our crazy state of California.

Under Obama people were afraid, under Trump, people feel more free to say the word “Christmas”.

Yes, this is a silly metric but its true none the less. Trump offers freedom while the Dems want your beliefs out of the public square.

Look how they treat people of faith. They instinctively know that government is their “god” and power is the objective. They also know that belief in the living God is a hindrance to what they want. They hate God and his image bearers, thus their positions on abortion and euthanasia. They are openly hostile to what Obama called “bitter clingers” because our worldview and theirs are in opposition. While this is on display every time a Supreme Court Justice is nominated, please remember that this hostility extends to you too. When Christmas shopping begins in earnest, please remember this blog post. Depending on who wins on November third, you will notice a difference in how often people in the store wish you a “Merry Christmas”.