The Salsa Bar is a Dumpster Fire!!!!!

By Johnnie Does

One thing that should be known, if you mess with Johnnie Does or any friend of his (Blog Father/wife/child) included; Johnnie is a relentless human being. He has claimed two scalps and after last week, he may be after another. The salsa bar, aka Dos Coyotes (if you’re a gringo that means two coyotes) is owned by a man called Bobby Coyote. It was a great place for a bite, a little expensive but it was quality, a favorite by the staff here at Even catered the Christmas Party for law firm Dewey, Screw’em, and Howe!

As has been our practice during the Corona craziness, William and I agreed to meet at the salsa bar last week. Our most recent visit was just after the mask requirement was implemented for customers when ordering. In the case of Johnnie Does, he looks better when fully masked and as such I was geared-up. The manager saw us and told William, called him by name btw, to wear a mask. We weren’t even near the inside of said establishment!

William muzzled-up and ready

After ordering, we encountered a young lady in the outside patio area mad that she was not allowed in, we will henceforth call her Mrs. Howard Jarvis because she was mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

It was surreal, William approached the counter first, he has a preferred benefit card, and ordered a salad and soda, $18. He was flummoxed. The price was raised, it was crazy, you could be feeding 2 for that, but my God. The jamoke behind the counter said he would bring it up to his manager….F**k outta here, your manager is a clown who thinks folks outside need to wear a mask!

This is very sad. The salsa bar was once a great establishment, maybe it’s a foreshadowing of Trump losing, I am not sure. But my god, make the salsa bar great again. Britney is gone, the other cute girl is gone, the 2 jamokes that run that place stink, like seriously they both have a big fat dump in their pants.

Johnnie didn’t feel great afterwards, and William was light in the wallet, so Lowe, Ball’em, and Lynch was called to handle this.

Johnnie Does

Editor’s Note: I was rudely booted out of the salsa bar location in south Davis several weeks ago when I was meeting my mother there for lunch. At the time, Yolo county was requiring masks, but Sac county was not. Salsa bar did not offer customers a covering so they could enjoy the food, just treat people like lepers. This was true even when customers claimed that they had medical conditions that prevented the use of masks. Oh, and said location is near Interstate 80, great way to treat the tourists.

On Vacation and Second Amendment

I rarely, if ever write or talk about the Second Amendment on this blog. Its not that I don’t care about it, but that in my experience all people do is brag about how many cannons they have in their closet and whether they have a CCW permit. I have made it a habit of not talking like the rest because I don’t want to be on record anywhere about whether I own something or not because it’s not anybody’s business, especially the government. My feeling is that any record of bragging or self-disclosure is just giving the government a shopping list of what they need to pick-up when the decide to confiscate our guns. Having seen the 1984 version of Red Dawn, I know better. Gun registration is the path to gun confiscation.

On my recent trip thru Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, I got to experience just how other states honor this Constitutional right and how little of it remains in California. California laws for firearms do not stop at the state line. In practical terms, I found that I had no more right to purchase a firearm in another state than your typical career criminal with an extensive felony record. Virtually nobody was willing to sell anything to someone with a California I.D.

Most people that I spent any amount of time with were armed. In Idaho, you can both open carry and conceal carry with no permit. Purchasing firearms is a matter of passing a Federal background check. I overheard one clerk tell an interested customer that the background search is $44. Montana and Wyoming had rules very similar to Idaho.

In Wyoming, we were told about an incident when Some Black Lives Matter sympathizers decided to hold a rally. They were permitted to have the protest because unlike liberal states, the First Amendment is still honored even when the position advocated is a minority view. The difference was that armed citizens were also allowed to show-up at the park and surround the park to protect property. Thus, the citizens protected the surrounding neighborhood, the protestors got to hold a peaceful protest, and then everybody got to go home to their families. No businesses were burned, no statues desecrated, and no rocks, bottles, etc. were deployed. Oh, and the police were there too. Reportedly, they spent most of their time visiting with the armed citizens and watching the protestors at a distance.

Cody Firearms Experience

In Wyoming, we found a place across from our hotel–Cody Firearms Experience–where you could pick from a huge assortment of firearms, pay a fee, and fire them in an indoor range. Yep, it was not just a large assortment of handguns and long guns (rifles) but also some more exotic weapons. If you were over 18, you could go full auto. You could fire the legendary Thompson submachine gun, an M-16, and FN P90. Anybody could also fire a Gatling gun. It was the poor man’s way of doing an episode of Top Shot.

Cody, Wyoming

Having been to Gettysburg last year, my choice was an 1861 Springfield black powder rifle. It was the very same gun that the Yankees used to fight the forces of General Lee and the Southern Confederacy.

William home on the range

Really Right Jr. opted for a Glock 9mm.

Folks I highly recommend if you ever get in the neighborhood of Yellowstone Park to get over to Cody and check this place out. I bet half the guns you can fire here are banned in California, just sayin’.

This vacation illustrated for me just how oppressed our Second Amendment rights really are in California.

Gavin Newsom’s Mark of the Beast

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark…
Revelation 13:16-17

Tried buying food or getting your “retail therapy” out of the way lately? Tried it without a mask?

We were warned

Its ironic that the very same churches (the Dispensational ones) that were warning us about the end of the Age, Jesus was coming back any minute so be ready, and beware the “Mark of the Beast;” the very same ones that claimed they were warning us about a time when unless you were willing to accept the Mark—which also meant you were automatically going to Hell, not passing Go, and not collecting $200; thanks Hal Lindsey—are amongst the churches that shutdown when told to do so. Like all the others, they obeyed blindly and threw-in with all the rest.

A time of persecution which they were warning us about for decades is upon us, and they all ignored their own warnings and threw in with the government. They complied without so much as a whimper when told to shutdown because they were nonessential. According to their interpretation of the above passage, other groups that didn’t heed Dispensationalism and rejected Lindsey’s warnings were expected to be duped but these guys kept saying they knew better. Per Dispensationalism, martyrdom was better than receiving the Mark; at least until their 501 (c)(3) status was on the line. On this dry run for the Apocalypse, these guys folded like a bunch of cheap suits. Talk about epic failure. Apparently, 501 (c)(3) trumps Scripture every time.

If your church closed who’d notice?

There is a cause and effect relationship to closing churches and the rioting, burning neighborhoods, toppling statues, and despair of citizens on both coasts.

Since the 1980’s I have defined revival—which all evangelical churches claim they want—as: “when the church is culturally relevant.” The opposite is “if they put a padlock on your church’s door, would anybody notice?

Well I guess we have our answer now.

Hey church, the government declared you irrelevant and nonessential, locked the doors, and nobody noticed. What does that say about your ministry? Oh, and you were ok with it too. Shame, Shame, Shame.

In my recent travels, I did meet one pastor in Idaho that refused to close his doors, the only one in his State by the way, and he was willing to go to jail to defend the right of his folks to worship. He said the police showed-up, he stated his case and the police not only left that day but left him alone, period. Too bad he’s the exception and not the rule. The fact that he lives in an open carry state—a behavior which he participates in every day—probably helped too.

Universal compliance without enforcement

Now in California and other places where Democrats reign unchallenged, you cannot buy or sell unless you bear the mark of the State. While the directive says there are exceptions for medical and a few other reasons, the practical effect is that no business establishment is willing to acknowledge that any exceptions or personal liberty exists. They are too afraid of prosecution by the State. Besides the lady at the salsa bar yesterday that was denied entry, there is a media account of the police being called to a Wal-Mart because a guy couldn’t get his four-year-old to wear said mask.

The children were reportedly not wearing masks and the three refused to leave. That’s when police were called to escort them out of the store.

VIDEO: Family Kicked Out Of Turlock Walmart For Not Wearing Masks

Thankfully, some localities and their police forces have said they will not ticket or arrest anyone for violating the mask order but this seems to be the exception as only areas with Republican officeholders are taking such positions; albeit generously wrapped in lots of weasel words.

Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones released a statement Friday encouraging the public to wear masks but will have his deputies focus on education instead of enforcement.

No mask, no problem? Here’s why police across the region are not enforcing the mask mandate

Local officials across California balk at Newsom face mask order, say they won’t enforce it.

State sells oppression as only way to happiness

Meanwhile, the government is trying a “full court press” media campaign to pursue doubters to comply.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and three other former California governors joined Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday in a video campaign promoting the use of face coverings to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Wilson, Davis, Schwarzenegger And Brown Join Gov. Newsom To Urge Use Of Masks

Meanwhile in America…

Folks I’ve been on vacation for the last three weeks, two of which were spent in the United States. (For purposes of this post: Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.) This last week back in California has been a train wreck.

In the United States, I didn’t encounter anyone wearing a mask except occasionally as part of their working with the public. I saw no people voluntarily wearing a mask until a week into our trip when we got to Missoula, Montana. There we saw a few hippy-type folks muzzled-up. Missoula is only one of four counties in Montana that went for Hillary in 2016. My conclusion is that only Liberals–who are frightened to death or of death—wore masks just because. These guys are genuinely scared but everyone else was behaving like regular people. Oh, Missoula is known as Berkeley at 3,000 feet.

Gavin is Coming for you Barbara

In contrast, the despair and oppression hanging over California is palpable. People here think the current situation is “normal” or all that there. Such a pessimistic view is B.S.

Folks there is no metric, measure, trigger, or whatever you want to call it that will cause the mask requirement in California to be rescinded. It is here to stay until the Governor decides that we don’t need it. Newsom has just over two years remaining in his first term so don’t expect things to change anytime soon.

In case you didn’t hear, Emperor Newsom now has the total authority to decide which counties are not in compliance with his unilateral edicts. Thanks to our one party rule in this state, he can withhold state money from them whenever he feels the urge. Yep, its in the freshly signed budget.

Under Budget Deal, Gov. Newsom Has Power To Pull Funding From Counties That Disregard COVID-19 Rules.

But Newsom warned that counties that don’t comply with their virus containment plans will pay the price.

“I just did a budget deal with the California legislature,” Newsom said. “Two and a half billion dollars is conditioned on counties meeting their criteria under the emergency declaration related to COVID-19.”

Newsom added, “If they decide even though the numbers are going up ‘we’ve got this, we’re going to dismiss these new rules and regulations,’ We’re going to attach some considerations and consequences to that. There’s simply two and a half billion dollars in that budget that simply will not flow to those counties that do that.”

Newsom to counties: Contain the virus or lose funding

Other thoughts unmasked

Oh, thanks to the mask mandate, the wife and I have retained the services of a realtor and are actively looking to get out of California. We’ve had enough of the nonsense. Thankfully, California’s litigious Attorney General keeps a list of recommended states conservatives should consider moving to because California officials are not allowed to travel there.

I think it should be up to individuals whether they wish to participate in wearing a mask. Liberty used to be the American way.

Oh, and as reported here while I was on vacation, protestors involved in Some Black Lives Matter are immune from Covid-19. Here’s the scientific proof that we’re Really Right.

No evidence that Black Lives Matter protests have led to a spike in coronavirus cases, research says.

Gorditos: No Mas

Did I do it again or did I do it again????? I reviewed this overpriced restaurant giving it a 1.7 out of 5. Everything was all kinds of bad here, from the tables and chairs still stacked up, to the absence of a menu, to food quality. The phony looking hanging sign inside displaying their name didn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Well I went by the joint a week ago, and it was dark inside, at 12:30 mind you, heart of lunch time. Actually, there was a man working inside, he identified himself as the alarm installer. But no workers to be found, not really a surprise. I walked by the place again today, and they are permanently closed, I guess when there is a pandemic and folks aren’t allowed to leave their homes, overpriced, poor quality food is not the answer. Who knew?

Oh, check out their Yelp reviews, looks like they were universally bad.

So yes, they are permanently closed. Johnnie Does claims another scalp, (no offense to The Chief is intended by this remark). I have done more damage to poor/bad businesses in a few short months than The Chief has ever done. And frankly he needs to change his name, it’s very offensive, maybe indigenous blogger would be a better fit?

Just remember restaurants, Johnnie Does is always lurking about. You can try to hide, but if he gains entry, he can elevate you to the next level, or he can shut you down. Side Burn BBQ and Gordito’s have been shut down by Johnnie Does.

Keep your head on a swivel.

Johnnie Does

Johnnie Does Rubio’s Concluding “it’s a Waste”

Bloggers note: Johnnie Does is apparently channeling his inner James Carville as he was so hot, he almost spontaneously combusted because of his lunch visit. Below is his account.

I visited Rubio’s on Bruceville Road on Friday 6/7 for lunch. Rubio’s is a chain, known for their fish tacos. The menu is a little pricy but that’s ok as they are known for quality. They operate as a fast-casual place, meaning you order at the counter, take a place at a table, and the food is brought to you.

I ordered a bacon and shrimp burrito. It comes with rice, beans, the aforementioned (great word by the way) shrimp and bacon as well as guacamole, which I declined. As the Blog Father can attest, I never order sour cream or guacamole as I am severely allergic. Yes, as in it could kill me; apparently, I had a health episode as a kid and have never touched it since. I even say no guacamole or sour cream even when the entrée doesn’t come with it just to make a point of my major food allergy. To continue, I placed my order and found an empty table. It was filthy, not with food remnants, but dirt and grime. Wasn’t this place closed for 11 weeks?

Continuing onward; I waited for about 20 minutes. I don’t mind waiting because I would rather that my food be fresh and made to order as opposed to a fast food, quick serve place where they have it precooked. As the lady brought the burrito out, I had a feeling something was wrong; especially when a side of guacamole in a small cup was accompanying it. She set the burrito down in front of me, to which I inquired… “is that guacamole?” pointing to the top of the burrito at a green, ¼ inch thick coating. She responded affirmative. I told her I am deathly allergic and asked for it to be left off. She said they would remake it, but only after checking my order ticket. I knew there was a problem here…. customer is allegedly always right, why the checking of the ticket?

So, the young lady promised to have it re-made After a 10-minute wait (again not a big deal), she came right back to the table… with the exact same burrito just face down. The same guacamole conveniently located now on the downside. When I pointed that out, the young lady apologized saying they would make it a third time…. funny she said third because it was never re-made.

Look, I know kitchens are reluctant to remake or scrape off, margins are thin as it is, but when a food allergy is involved… it was their error.

I declined a third attempt as I have a schedule to keep at work, one must earn a living you know. She told me it would take her 1 minute. Again, I declined. It was 1:22 and my lunch is over at 1:30. She insisted. I kept saying I have to get to work, let’s just refund the transaction, I never blamed her. She said she didn’t want me to leave without food, it’s a nice gesture but it was too late. I told her I had to go. She said, let me write your name down and come back later to a free entrée…. keep in mind I already paid for one that was never made correctly. I told her I would not likely be back for dinner, to which she offered just come to the counter your name will be written down whenever you want, like some sort of will call. When I declined, (let’s face it, Johnnie used to be a common name) I don’t want some other jamoke to grab a free entrée because they are a namesake.

This is when it got odd, they would not refund me my money. I used a valid credit card; it should have been easy. She kept insisting on this will call thing, which I was not interested in. I was told no refunds, but I could charge back my credit purchase. Funny, this is likely due to places of business being “protected” when charges are under $25. This means the business does not lose the revenue, yet I am made full.

Rubio’s, I will never visit your weak-kneed establishment again. Twitter followers pin this and retweet as I am in disbelief. They may have messed up on my order, but to re-serve it face down knowing someone could potentially get very sick and/or die from a food allergy is a wild move. To add, seems like your location has several cockroaches there, and I am not talking about just your kitchen, I’m talking about in your bathrooms.



Johnnie Does

Riots Aint Quiet

Thankfully, Covid-19 has decided to stand with Black Lives Matterexcept unborn blacks or black Republicans—and agreed to allow congregating in Democrat led political districts without worry of spreading the Corona virus. This truce has allowed protestors to pillage and burn black and minority owned businesses.

It seems that black folks are angry about having to social distance, shelter in place, and watch too much cable news or maybe they were looking for an excuse to let off some steam against the oppression of Democrats where they live and help themselves to a new television or pair of Nike sneakers in the process. Anyway, if Dems rule a particular city or state, the police have been told to stand-down and watch as their local elected officials stand (or kneel) with law breakers that are protesting the actions of a few rouge officers in another state run by Democrats.

This whole thing is a farce. It is a George Soros type operation that is paid for and coordinated by a few troublemakers bent on stirring up the masses just before the November election. This is an independent expenditure on behalf of Joe Biden intended to get the blacks back on the Democrat reservation just in time to mobilize their votes. Sorry folks but I have zero sympathy for these protestors.

I’m sorry that the arrest of Mr. George Floyd resulted in his death but last I checked, the police that were involved were being dealt with by local authorities and President Trump ordered the Feds to investigate as well.

Any way you want to calculate it, most blacks are victimized by other blacks. Whether abortion, robberies, homicides, assaults, etc. most blacks are doing it to their own community. Some white cops get filmed on a bystander’s cell phone restraining Mr. Floyd and suddenly we have nationwide protests. This is not a proportional response.

As stated many times before on this blog, if black lives really mattered, these protestors would be at Planned Parenthood every day protesting until the abortion facilities built to eliminate them—minorities and poor people—were all closed. The truth is that BLM is about creating social and societal unrest. It is just a Marxist tool to control people and further a political agenda.

Folks, when you close churches nationwide, don’t feign surprise when evil breaks out. Actions have consequences. I find it funny that the ones supporting the closure of churches for the last three months are now pretending surprise when evil is freely practiced on the streets. People in these communities are sheltering in place now for safety. They have traded fear of one disease (a virus) for fear of another (sin).

If you break the law, you should fear the consequences whether you wear a badge or not. If you smash windows and steal stuff, or beat up strangers, you have become the very thing that you claimed you were protesting. The Liberal response is to remove the consequences and not enforce the law. The solution is the opposite; namely, enforce that law regardless of race, occupation, or social status.

Folks, I’m all for review and reform of our laws—especially in the areas of immigration and criminal justice—but relaxing the consequences for either the cops or the protestors is not the proper framework to begin such an examination.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and likewise, fear of the Lord is the beginning of justice too.