Author: Jake the Snake

The Knights and the Catholic Church Are Ruined

April 17, 2020

By Jake the Snake I celebrated Easter this past weekend like most religious folks try to do. I woke up, poured a cup of coffee, sat on my couch, and logged into a “live stream” Easter service. To be very frank, this was the most forced, pathetic let down I have witnessed in my years […]

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Lee Ann Harper is an Incompetent Jackhole

December 2, 2019

By: Jake the Snake Lee Ann Harper serves as the manager of the “Office of Youth Protection” for the Knights of Columbus in New Haven, Connecticut. Sounds like a really important job and I guess in some respects it is. This office was created in response to the Catholic PRIEST sex abuse scandals, because… well, […]

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Knights of Columbus Insurance Program Stumbles Again

October 4, 2019

By: Jake the Snake I have written in this space recently about the Knights Insurance Program being a fraudulent racketeering scheme, we have linked the article here if you choose to revisit it. However just when you thought this scheme was coming to a halt, they find a new low. Get this, the insurance program […]

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Insurance Fraud/Racketeering: Knights of Columbus Style

July 15, 2019

By: Jake the Snake–an occasional contributor Back in August 2018, the Knights of Columbus (a Catholic Church volunteer group) was served a lawsuit by a vendor alleging insurance fraud and manipulation, essentially running a Ponzi scheme. U.S. District Court in Denver against the Knights of Columbus, claiming the Catholic-charity behemoth is using “phantom” numbers to […]

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