Ruth B. Murderer’s “Dying Wish” Blarney

September 24, 2020

By Chief Before you judge me based on “speaking ill of the dead,” Ruth Bader Ginsberg was no trailblazer as far as the unborn are concerned. She is indirectly through her beliefs on abortion, indirectly responsible for the murder of untold masses of the unborn babies/fetuses at the hands of (un)Planned Parenthood. The lion’s share […]

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Former Placer Health Chief Takes Gig in Yolo County

September 24, 2020

By Chief On a quiet summer day, on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Year of Our Lord 2020, Placer County Chief Health Officer (AKA the Beilensen of Placer County) Dr. Aimee Sisson, stepped down from her perch. She took aim at the Placer Supervisors on the way out after they took […]

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Thoughts on QAnon

September 23, 2020

Folks I keep hearing and reading about ideas attributed to this ethereal group which many on the Left regard as a far-right cult of political/religious conspiracy theorists. The group even has its own Wikipedia entry.  QAnon (/kju???n?n/) is a far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles running a global child sex-trafficking ring […]

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Ginsburg Exits Supreme Court

September 19, 2020

In news that was expected, Justice Ginsburg is finally off the US Supreme Court. As predicted at many an editorial meeting of this blog, this exit was feet first in a body bag. For Democrats, this is supposed to be some sort of a shock? Folks, this lady has been kept on the Court with […]

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Just Us Brothers Fined for Tampering in 2016 Election

September 16, 2020

Word is the Just Us Brothers are so close to hell that they can see Sparks. Oh, and they’re feeling the heat too as the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has weighed in on their behavior in the 2016 election. Bottom line is they are as devious as Crooked Hillary. We all know the Placer […]

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California Burning is a Result of Sin Not Donald Trump

September 15, 2020

With north of two million acres up in flames this year and several deaths, President Trump decided to expand his visit to Nevada by making a stop in northern California. Right on cue, our Democrat Governor and the media decided to use this visit as an opportunity to promote their leftist agenda. SACRAMENTO (AP) – […]

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Covid Sheep Continue to Amuse Us

September 13, 2020

As the pandemic continues, the editorial board met at a new salsa bar, one that made sure we would not be exposed to the ‘rona whilst eating inside. However, we were exposed to the dirty air from the fires burning all over the state but alas I digress. So here are some stories to share […]

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Bill Gates Funds Polio Outbreak

September 8, 2020

Yep, not a typo, Mr. Microsoft is reintroducing polio into many Asian and African countries. In the name of prevention, the Gates funded Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) has been giving people a live version of the polio virus that is infecting mostly children and killing and maiming many of them. This latest pharma-induced pandemic […]

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Society’s Problems in One Photo

September 4, 2020

While browsing television options in an Idaho hotel last week, I ran across this juxtaposition of programming. Yep, the Crave channel is offering More Sex, Less Stress followed by Boy Scouts: The Sex Abuse Coverup. Gee, what’s next Bill Clinton: the Monica Years followed by Jeffrey Epstein’s Weekend Getaway? No wonder people in our society […]

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Exiting California–Here’s My Real Estate Recommendation

September 2, 2020

For those of you planning to flee California, here’s some advice that will save you time, money, and frustration. I can tell you from firsthand experience that getting recommendations for a realtor via a friend or word of mouth is a waste of time. Both realtors that my wife and I have found in Idaho […]

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