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Dedicated Christian that has experienced many facets of Christendom thru the years. Father of three and husband of but one wife. Education: Nuclear Reactor Operator while serving in US Navy, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor's Degree in Government, Microsoft Certified System's Engineer, CompTIA Network Plus and A Plus certifications, and various accounting classes.

Apple Woes Continue

December 10, 2018

Apple iPhone Sales Blocked in China Here are three recent stories documenting the further troubles of Apple.  Qualcomm today announced that Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court in China has granted its request for two preliminary injunctions against Apple. As part of the injunction, court has ordered Apple to immediately stop infringing upon two Qualcomm patents. The […]

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5G is Coming for You Barbara

December 7, 2018

Ok, that’s no quite the dialogue from George Romero’s movie but it makes my point. From the people that brought you the war against “smart meters” comes the sequel, the war against 5G wireless or as the X Files called it, Fight the Future. However, before my take on the fight to kill 5G, I […]

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Tesla Autopilot Breaks Law, Passenger Cited

December 1, 2018

PALO ALTO (CBS SF) – Authorities are trying to determine if a Tesla driver who was arrested for alleged DUI in Palo Alto early Friday morning had used the vehicle’s “Autopilot” feature to help him get to his destination. The California Highway Patrol attempted a traffic stop on southbound Highway 101, south of Highway 92 […]

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Now Tesla is Spying on You

November 29, 2018

Tesla Charging Station in China   The Tech Industry is very cozy with the Chinese government and not just because iPhones are cheaper to make there. Tech companies willingly participate in Chinese government censorship and suppression of their citizens. Tech companies know that most laptops, cell phones, televisions, and other electronic devices that they sell […]

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Mueller Investigation Dead

November 28, 2018

As many of us know, Hollywood is much like a roach motel, good ideas check in but rarely check out. Studios buy the rights to all kinds of books and other stories but few get to the big screen. They get stuck in “development hell”. Trying to line up the director, script, studio, funding, marketing, […]

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Obama Motors Kills Electric Car

November 27, 2018

General Motors announced that it is terminating 15 percent of its workforce. That is just over 14,000 jobs. The cuts will eliminate more than 14,000 jobs in all, roughly 8,100 white collar positions and more than 6,000 factory jobs, according to the company. GM to halt production at several plants, cut more than 14,000 jobs […]

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When They Come for Your Children

November 26, 2018

Keith Green wrote a song many years ago (1978) Asleep in the Light. The song is an indictment of the Church, particularly in America: The world is sleeping in the dark, That the church just can’t fight, ’cause it’s asleep in the light! How can you be so dead?! When you’ve been so well fed […]

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When is it Voter Fraud?

November 21, 2018

We all know that whenever necessary, Democrats will cheat at the ballot box. This is nothing new. You can go back to the 1960 Presidential race between Nixon and Kennedy. Nixon was winning until the dead vote in Chicago came in and stole Illinois from Nixon. As the years have gone by, the election results […]

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Jimmy Carter Effect

November 20, 2018

In 1980, the presidential contest between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan was called by the “Big Three” networks at 5 PM Pacific Time, three hours before the polls closed on the Left Coast. This resulted in many unexpected Republican victories in the western United States because Democrats had no reason to go to the polls […]

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Dems Might Unfriend Facebook

November 20, 2018

The media doesn’t think they are biased. They are Democrats in their thinking regardless of their voter registration. When something benefits or advances the Democrat agenda that is not remarkable to them, it is “normal”. Anything that goes contrary is concerning and perhaps newsworthy.  Yesterday, The Wall Street Journal published a shocking news article that […]

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