Month: February 2016

Thoughts on Super Tuesday 2016

February 29, 2016

Eight years ago the major political parties put up their worst candidates—John McCain and Barack Obama—for the Presidency. Their worst beat our worst and every day Obama continues to prove it. Now in 2016, our loudest is going against their loudest. Hillary Clinton—whose accomplishments are limited to sleeping with the President and killing people in […]

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81st Annual California Republican Assembly Convention

February 24, 2016

I went to the Convention this past week-end. It was held at the Knott’s Berry Farm Hotel. I arrived about 2 p.m. and tried to check in to the hotel. This process took an hour, two calls to my bank and three trips thru the check-in line. As it turns out, the people at the […]

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SCOTUS Prediction

February 16, 2016

If Obama is allowed to appoint a replacement for Antonin Scalia, then Ginsburg and several other Liberals will also go and be replaced by worse judges. This will be the lasting legacy of his presidency. Please follow and like us:

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Glen Beck Attacks Trump

February 12, 2016

Two very different articles today have appeared about discrimination and Christianity. First, Glen Beck has launched a full-on attack of Donald Trump as a fraud who has never opened a Bible and is a fake Christian. “too many people are looking at Trump and believing that man has ever opened a Bible…that’s the biggest crock […]

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Don’t You Wish?

February 11, 2016

If Beyoncé did a Doritos ad for the Super Bowl would the controversy be “Unborn Black Lives Matter?” Please follow and like us:

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NARAL: Fetal Parody Tantrum

February 9, 2016

The National Abortion Rights Action League took issue with a Doritos advertisement that aired during Super Bowl 50 and made total asses out of themselves in the process. I thought the ad was slightly offensive for making fun of a baby inside the mother but I never expected that the pro-abortion crowd would actually take […]

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Myth of Solar Energy

February 5, 2016

Dishonest scales are an abomination to the Lord, But a just weight is His delight. Proverbs 11:1 I have a few older stories that I’ve been saving to comment on later; The State of Nevada and Solar Power is one. As is often the case, you must go outside the United States to see what’s […]

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Hawkeyes Results

February 2, 2016

Iowa Results in percent Cruz   28 Trump 24 Rubio   23 Carson   9 Paul   5 That’s 89 percent of the vote! Where’s Bush? Huckabee is out. Look for Carson to decline further. I expect his support to shift to Cruz. Paul, like his dad, will stay in as long as he can. […]

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Bloomberg Running? Now that’s March Madness

February 1, 2016

Michael Bloomberg, is threatening to run as an independent for President if he doesn’t like where the race is heading. Supposedly, he will make-up his mind come March. link for article “President Michael Bloomberg” This is nothing but wishful hoping by a bunch of Democrats that are fearful that Hillary won’t be their nominee. By […]

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