A Drunk and his Enablers

As I am sure you have read by now, Jorge “the drunken Jedi” Riley is in custody for his part storming of the capital in DC.  While we can debate whether he was right, wrong, or indifferent we can all agree on one thing, it was flat stupid to do what he did.  Even dumber was to post video and other photos on his Facebook page.  Far dumber was to make comments about killing people or taking back the People’s House.  While we can agree he probably didn’t mean those comments, they are very dumb to say in an era of big tech hating conservatives, and when “screenshotting” is taboo. 

Jorge Aaron Riley

The point of this blog is not to dance on the grave of one’s misfortunes, as Mr. Riley in the words of a federal judge “is looking at a lengthy sentence, due to the nature of his crime and evidence against him.”  The point of my writing is to bring to light his enablers, who will all be called out by name, and I feel are accomplices to the behavior leading to the crime.

They are listed in no particular order.

Sue Blake (Former Sac County GOP Chair):  Sue or madam chair, as you can call her, had a front row seat to Riley’s sobriety issues.  Riley was known to attend the meetings with his “backpack” carrying the elixir by which he would consume, before, during, and after each meeting.  Blake would call on Riley to give a report, we would hear a plethora of racial or homophobic slurs, and she would smile and say thanks for that report.

Tom Hudson (Former CRA President) same as above but worse.  Hudson is a smooth-talking lawyer who for some reason really liked Jorge.  He too had no issue with the drinking, and every time there was a CRA board election, Jorge would find himself safe from any challengers.  Last I heard, he owns the server and membership lists for the statewide group. Hudson is still known to be protecting Riley even though he no longer wields much power.

The Park Brothers (George and Aaron):  While both may be removed from CRA, both allowed Riley to consume copious amounts of booze and stir up trouble at conventions.  Aaron may have written a blog or two disparaging him, but too little, too late. Aaron, you are just as culpable.  Notice his blog has been quiet about this, when news of Riley’s arrest spread like a PG&E induced wildfire.  Aaron and George know they are neck deep in this. Does the fact that Riley’s middle name is Aaron immunize him from their criticism?

Bill “The Wookie” Cardoza: By far the biggest enabler.  Bill, like any liquid, takes the shape of whatever vessel he is poured into.  Bill is a very close friend of Riley’s.  Bill has never done anything to advise Jorge of his behaviors. Bill on numerous occasions has even allowed Jorge to drive under the influence…Some friend!  On occasion Bill was a sober passenger.  Let that soak in!  Bill has worked for several elected’s in his day and he should know better.  Jorge was protected by Bill, so he is equally at fault for his behavior.  Rumor has it, Cardoza bought Riley’s ticket to DC.    Worse yet, Cardoza is a ranking member of the Sacramento CRA unit, and he has allowed Riley to destroy that once proud unit!

Jared Kopp (Former Sac County Republican Executive Director) Kopp was a drinking buddy of Riley, he also allowed Jorge’s drinking to shape who he is now.  Jared used to think this behavior was amusing and funny.  Jared, Sue and Terry Mast (RIP) defended this behavior and marginalized those who tried to stop it.

Folks if you know any of the above, please do not buy their BS.  They are all equally culpable.  Jared, Sue, and the other central committee members knew this man was a liability, yet they kept protecting and promoting him.  Cardoza?  He keeps protecting him, rumor has it he is actively searching for counsel to help defend Riley of the federal crimes he is charged with.  Aaron and George? I doubt Jorge paid you so how did you have such blind loyalty to him?  Tom Hudson, ditto.  Folks that is a collection of supposedly smart folks who sold out their futures to help a deranged human.

In short, the folks named above fought to enable and cover for a man (Jorge) who has unpaid child support from 4 different women, and allegedly has a criminal past.  Riley drinks alcohol from his backpack, before, during, and after meetings.  He has threatened folks with physical violence and once bragged about committing a double shooting. (Said crime is still listed as unsolved by local police.–Editor) I guess he must be a great volunteer or do quite a bit for the Party, right?  To justify defense of these actions?  Nope, he has not done squat since being a member of local politics.

Johnnie Does

Johnny Does Here is what Cable does to your Brain

The pandemic started 3/19 in my estimation, going by the original lockdown ordered by the governor.  I will be detailing the thoughts and “changing beliefs” of the 90-Day Guy of whom I work with.  This story is 100% real and will show how cable and too much TV can manipulate and poison your brain.  Take it all in, by the way, in no way am I saying cancel your cable, I’m just pointing out how some folks lose all ability by which to think for themselves. 

Here is the irrationality.

90-Day Guy after watching over nine months of wall-to-wall COVID-19 coverage
  • 3/19/20 I am staying at home, I am in a high risk category
  • 3/30/20 Our government has lied to us, many millions will die of this virus, it’s here and taking over.
  • 4/15/20 he made an appointment with his estate/trust lawyer to update his affairs because “he didn’t want to die in a long line waiting to get into an emergency room. (that’s a wild statement, at the time there were no lines or talk of any lines at any ER in California)
  • 5/01/20 90-Day Guy was contemplating flying to Texas, when asked if he felt safe on an airplane, he responded Covid can’t be spread on a plane, they have good ventilation. (The part about ventilation has been shared by no one ever.)
  • 5/20/20 The lockdowns are working but we must all do our share, again he refuses to come to an office due to concerns about Covid 19.
  • 5/31/20 He was called about a question regarding a client where he admitted he was at an Indian casino. Yup, do as I say, not as I do. By the way this was the first day the casinos were allowed to open.
  • June: CA was allowed to do a phased re-opening, where he railed against bars, restaurants and gyms being allowed to open, they are dirty, have dirty people and its Covid central. (Again, most of those statements are unfounded, the others are slightly true at best.)
  • July: Again, refusal to come into the office, yet he golfs on the regular and visits the casinos but has included the Tahoe and Reno areas. Keep in mind Nevada ordered no visitors from out of town. When questioned about his habits, his retort was “a Dr. on Hannity last night said you can’t get it at a golf course or an Indian Casino. (seriously a Dr. on a cable show? Dr. Oz wasn’t available?)
  • August: We have bent the curve, it’s time to re-open. He wasn’t going to come into the office, but it needed to happen. Keep in mind, this correlates to Trump falling behind in the polls to a worrisome point to Joe Biden.
  • September: The virus is a hoax, no one is dying, re-open. But not bars, or gyms. Again, Trump is very behind in polling.
  • October: This is very disturbing, not only is he refusing to come in, he changes the office voicemail to essentially a message saying “he doesn’t want to get Covid, and is working remote and he hopes this all passes soon.” What for? He still rarely came in. As an aside; he calls me one night asking questions about voter history of US citizens, as far as if someone can find out who he voted for. When I told him I had no idea, he said he was going to vote for Biden, so the BLM folks don’t burn his house down. He lives in rural Sacramento County, and he is worried about this? Flat out disturbing.
  • November: The trips to golf and casinos continue, all the while he is telling folks he is holding out for a vaccine, and we are so close to stopping this thing. He tells me he is clinically depressed due to Biden winning (look at support for Biden earlier) and the virus continuing to spread. When I got him calmed down on the phone, he continued to quote Dr. Fauci (the one man who has been constantly wrong) and spewing gibberish about he is concerned for his family’s safety. I tell him I would put the remote down and socially distance from the TV for a while, he says he doesn’t watch TV.
  • December: He comes in, grinning ear to ear saying the vaccine is so close and he wants to get it as fast as possible. Hannity had a couple doctors on his show and Tucker Carlson had a few one too, they all say it’s safe. When I asked if he read any peer reviewed research, he said he hadn’t. No real shock. When he was told by his two colleagues neither of us were getting the shot, he accused us of being stupid. (typical of the tolerant left mind you). When I told him several doctors in my family including my own personal doctor advised against the shot due to a variety of things, he shot back saying its safe. Saying a doctor on Tucker said it was.
  • December cont: suddenly a sea change. He said he never claimed he was going to get the shot, now claiming a doctor on Hannity said it is not safe, and he has many questions about it. He claims VP elect Kamal Harris refused to get the shot. (literally he said this a day after it was given to her.) Then he started rambling about how Biden won’t be that bad of a president and we will be able to overcome all this.
  • 1/04/21 I do not know if I want to take the vaccine, I have been seeing some bad things about it. Literally 2 minutes later he was caught in the break room on the phone with his medical provider trying to cut in line to get the shot himself. This was moments after I mentioned Dr. Fauci bringing up having a “vaccine passport” similar to Israel where if you haven’t been vaccinated you can’t go to entertainment, large gatherings etc. While my statement is slightly far-fetched, it shows how much he believes his own BS.
  • 1/11/21 I am going to stay at home for the next two weeks we must get ICU beds above the threshold, when asked what the threshold is he couldn’t answer saying only in LA they are rationing care. (the latter statement has yet to be proven true.)

Again, this is not to point out how Fox or any anchor or guest on Fox may have misspoke, it’s about watching a human mind be turned into mush.  Just look at how all over the place the guy has been.  I am no doctor but if this is normal he has some sort of derangement syndrome.  Go back and read this all again, it’s pathetic and sickening.  Watch how he sifts, resifts, and basically changes his opinion like most should change their drawers…daily.

Have fun watching cable and paying $175 a month to watch just 1 channel at a time.  He may not cop to watching Fox or any other channel, but man does he seem to parrot opinions like crazy.  Sadly, there is no hope for this man. Like many, this type of person spends their day watching copious amounts of TV, to be followed by searching all over the internet for an answer they like, about a problem they have.  As witnessed above, his views changed and shifted all over.  The part about anxiety attacks is disturbing, but to be expected, when you seek out a “trusted medium” this occurs when you don’t see what they tell you is happening.

In short, please reconsider how much TV you watch, it’s like poison or drugs.  The more you watch the more you are hooked.  Sit back from a far and check it out, it’s on a continuous loop, restarting every hour.  You will not get answers to your questions, just affirmation of your perceived answers.  Also dive into who the guests actually are, what is there past?  I can guarantee the guy coming up after the break is not a real practicing doctor, just a research doctor.  When you chain yourself to a chair or a couch for an extended period of time, the above will occur to you.  Just to give you an idea, the 90-Day Guy watches more TV in a day then I watch in a month.  This explains his constant changing of beliefs.  Look at just how petty he is, how he changes beliefs, jumps around, then in essence tailors his message to anyone in the room he is in.  It’s pathetic and lonely.  Lest you think I’m off kilter, re-read his points about elections and Biden.  Yikes.

Johnnie Does

Johnnie Does: Dine-in Illegally

Blogger Note: no business names will be used at all during this review as to keep Comrade Newsom, Fake Dr. Beilensen and their ilk guessing.

While we respect all laws here at Reallyright.com, we love small local businesses!  We do.  Be it the salsa bar, or the new salsa bar.  All the places I review are local, some may be chains, but it’s a local flair.  We recently went under a lockdown where restaurants cannot do indoor or outdoor dining, only take out.  Even after fake, racist, alcoholic Dr. Beilensen admitted only 7% of folks were identified as catching the rona at a eating establishment.  Good luck staying in business doing take out only, unless you’re a Chinese restaurant. 

So anyway, Johnnie Does on a Friday mind you, went to a local shop to order take out.  This place has been around for a while, and it’s rare to see a place on this side of town (sparsely populated) in business hopefully they survive the rona.  The owner asked if I would prefer dine-in, and I said only if it’s ok.  He responded saying if Newsom can dine at The French Laundry you can dine in here, and I did.  I ordered my typical takeout meal here, but it seemed to taste better, maybe it was rona infected as here in CA the rona gets you between 10pm and 5am, also if you dine out or in, and seems to avoid you at Wal-Mart, Home Depot, and the like.

I was not the only one dining in, the place was packed, roughly 50% capacity and all were vigilant.  There was joy and a lot of don’t give an f*** going on, I loved it, why should we become slaves to a group of folks (I include both R & D here btw) saying what we can and cannot do, based on wild science that makes no sense.

The food was great, I tipped well, and I will be back.  I may even bring the Chief, Troll, and William here too at some point. 

Sadly, what I wish to point out is this.  These places spent $$$ to buy plexi-glass partitions to go between booths, made staff wear masks, adapted to take out only, and then spent a ton of $$$ on outdoor heaters, custom over hangs, etc.  Now they must go to take-out only.  Money wasted or money well spent?  I say the former.  The rules change here in California literally every 10 minutes, and these folks have adapted, but now the push back is real.  Why are these folks being punished?  This will be the final nail in the coffin of most of these places, before you say; Chilis, Applebee’s, and Olive Garden are going to be ok, those are chains, the parent likely took PPP money, or gave the operators a break on fees.  The small business folks will perish, and it will not be pretty.  Retail will follow them down the drain, likely after the Christmas season.  For context, the end of year blog party was charged $1.50 for using more than 2 bowls of salsa, folks that means this is real!

It’s sad, and I have no way of putting this lightly, the Blog Father, his better half, child, and dog all know my beliefs on this, but it’s going to get very ugly.  Support your small business nearby, and tip for takeout, it may not be tradition, but these folks need it.  Sadly the 90-Day Guy and others think closing businesses and ending livelihoods is the best way to beat this infectious disease.  Think of someone else not yourself for a couple minutes.

RIP Local eateries.

Johnnie Does

BTW Gavin Newsom, 90-Day Guy and others, you’re jerks!  Closing stores and altering lives solely for your own gain?  Think of others, some of us don’t work in government.

Editor’s Note: Just to prove that Johnnie Does is right, California’s chief health official admits that closing restaurants is not related to science. Here’s the meat of the article.

… California’s health and human services secretary, Dr. Mark Ghaly, addressed the matter to the press. According to this expert, science has nothing to do with it.

“The decision to include, among other sectors, outdoor dining, and limiting that, turning to restaurants to deliver and provide takeout options instead, really has to do with the goal of trying to keep people at home, not a comment on the relative safety of outdoor dining.

“We advise against anything that you can do in another way, in a lower risk way, that avoids you leaving your home…”

So, there’s no science saying that outdoor dining is unsafe. It’s just unsafe for you to leave your house in the first place. According to experts. The same experts who told us fifteen days to flatten the curve. Nine months ago. The outdoor dining ban isn’t about science. This “expert” confirmed that. It’s all about control. California doesn’t want you to leave your house. So they’ll take away reasons to leave your house. You know, for your own good. But only some places.

California Health Secretary Admits Real Reason for Outdoor Dining Ban. HINT: It’s Not Science …

Johnnie Doesn’t do Cicada Cantina

Cicada Cantina is a new joint that moved into the old Logan’s Road House near the Best (expensive) Buy in Elk Grove.  They are what appears to be a family owned joint with the legacy store being in Redding, CA.  Cicada serves Mexican food with a traditional style as opposed to American style.  They had a tent set up outside to be Covid compliant, a garage area, and an outdoor dining area. 

Here is the review.  (Blogger’s note: we go easy on places due to it being Covid and all)

Ambiance:  we will leave this blank since outdoor was all that was available.

Food:  Cicada Cantina offers traditional Mexican food such as tacos and burritos, but in addition, they have some cool things on the menu, such as seafood plates.  It’s what you would expect from a chain restaurant based in California. However, …

This place charges for chips and salsa. Yeah, they claim if you buy a food item, they will reverse the charge but that is petty.  By the way the chips and salsa is listed as costing $7.99.  Covid or not, you are a Mexican food joint, that is standard and to be expected.  How about a Chinese place without fortune cookies, or an Italian place without bread.  SAD! 

A friend of mine ordered the Cabo Salad, it consisted of a typical cobb salad, just very little outside of wilted lettuce greens.  The price for this?  $14, not only did my friend say it wasn’t worth it, but it took 40 minutes to come out during lunch.

Here is an experience shared by someone near and dear to me: 

“We dined there in mid-November and since its local we figured we would give it a chance. Since it opened about the time Covid shutdowns began, we didn’t know much about the place. Boy was it a disappointment.  Not having been there before, we looked the menu over and asked our server questions before ordering.  An item that caught my wife’s eye was a spinach enchilada that was listed on the menu as coming in a corn tortilla. My wife asked if she could change to a flour tortilla but was told by our server that it only came in corn. Disappointed, she ordered the chile relleno (think large stuffed jalapeno pepper) for a cool $17.29.  The portion was large, and the pepper appeared to be deep-fried but after a bite or two, it was still icy in the middle and required to be sent back.   I don’t like saying this, but icy food, and unable to change meaningless parts of a dish such as choosing corn or flour tortillas, means only 1 thing, their food is frozen.  Its very expensive freezer food warmed in microwaves and toaster ovens. My chicken fajita looked to be more of the same, processed, frozen, and precooked. There is no excuse for food to come out cold. It’s even more disgusting at the prices that this place has. We are charged for fresh food and get frozen. I expect better.”

Oh, in addition to being microwave meals, my friend’s the total ticket, sans alcohol came to $50 after tip.  Whoa!

I have spoken to a couple other dissatisfied customers that said they were less than impressed and based on the experiences  described above, “unimpressed” is the understatement of the year!

I am going to attach photos of a couple shots of the menu and while some food looks good, look at the prices.

I am sorry it ain’t just Covid, this place is actively ripping off everyone it serves.  This place is basically a very expensive TGI Fridays, where the entire menu can be found at the freezer section at your local grocer.  I see no reason to visit this place.

0/0 seriously, don’t go.

Johnnie Does

Johnnie Does: CA Covid Disaster Continues

With the election in the rear-view mirror we can hopefully begin to look forward to a return to normalcy right? Not so fast! New restrictions have been levied by Governors and Mayors all over the country in regard to “spiking” COVID-19 rates. I use air quotes because this is an infectious disease and is transmittable in ways that we cannot pin-point yet. I can back that statement up by saying we have no idea how this thing is passed from one person to another, we are relying on doctors who have seen no patients to speculate.

Take this example, Sacramento County has now shuttered indoor gyms, dining and church services, saying the virus is being spread at those venues. But where is the proof? These so-called contact tracers? How can they be sure as to where the spread occurred? I have witnessed a Starbucks close for a deep cleaning, but I wouldn’t call that indoor dining! I have yet to see a gym close down for cleaning due to COVID. In all fairness, a church in Dixon was responsible for a breakout of the virus but why must the entire flock be punished for the mistakes of a couple sheep? If one restaurant had a cockroach infestation, do we shut down Restaurants County wide? Nope.

How come it’s a blanket policy when it has to do with a virus? How come folks were allowed to protest Trump or celebrate a Biden victory in large groups, yet the folks who actually love this country could not? Folks can still congregate by the river in this county and have house parties, yet we shut down people’s livelihood? Is this really America? Are we just going to open and close down as we seem fit? Are we actually going to come up with real rules? As in a bar can’t serve chips and salsa to skirt the re-opening laws? The problem is the rules are not uniform and were put together willy-nilly leading to businesses finding ways to get around it.

Things are getting bad and will keep getting worse, there is no two ways around this. Further lockdowns and stimulus are coming, likely another round of bailouts as well. We have a moratorium on evictions in place and that will likely be extended as well. I know several folks who are not paying rent, and quite a few who received forbearance on their mortgage. This may be all well and good from a consumer point of view but what about businesses? Entire industries are teetering on the brink of destruction. Don’t believe me? The retail apocalypse will be here just after Christmas shopping season, if covid doesn’t kill it first. Visit a mall, its eerie. Restaurants shutting down mean more wait staff out of jobs, they won’t be needed in large numbers. Most family run businesses will shut down for good. Here is a sobering thought; in CA, even the least restrictive tier allows only 50% capacity. Yeah, and according to the Restaurant Association they need to be at 80% to roughly breakeven. Disney has laid off 28,000 from its operations, and they are still excluded from opening at all. Professional sports teams are losing millions, layoffs are occurring their as well, ditto for university athletic departments. Movie theatres are gasping for oxygen, retail appears dead. Wait until the music stops, I would be saving money not spending right now.

Who is to blame for this? The cable media/watchers, government workers and retirees. The first group grew this narrative of everyone dying due to the virus, the toothpaste came out of the tube, and as a result we had a narrative out of control. Government workers; Fauci, Beilenson, Sisson et al. decided we had a pandemic on our hands and that all sectors must be shut to stop the virus…. all while still collecting their salaries. The last group…. well they collect social security or other handouts when it rains, snows, or is sunny….so we all need to stay home! In the meantime, others are ruined financially and emotionally, the toll may never be known.

The good news is that during a public health crisis (the government’s words not mine) we shut down the gyms, and most dining at places to eat, yet the golf courses and Indian casinos can stay open? At least the 90-Day Guy can be happy.

God help us all!

Johnnie Does

Johnnie Does Sabor A Mexico

Sabor a Mexico is a family owned restaurant that changed ownership from one family to another a few years ago. They offer classic Mexican food such as tacos, burritos, salads, fajitas etc. It’s a small location in a not so easy to access shopping center, here is my review.

Ambiance: This place is not very big. It has a nice old school authentic almost hole in the wall feel. (Considering the original tenant was a New York themed specialty sandwich shop, the remodel to a Mexican themed place was pretty good–Editor) This business has adapted nicely to Covid by having ample outdoor seating which is pet friendly. There is nice artwork on the walls and windows to make you feel in an authentic Mexican food joint. Since reopening under Covid rules, the manger has furnished authentic music for outside diners. You get full service at your table, like a typical sit down place, in addition to a small bar area, and they have a brisk take out business. Small, comfortable, and homey. 4.3/5

Food: Again, typical Mexican fare on full display, tacos, burritos, salads, fajitas, etc. They had ample meat selection including ground beef, shredded beef, chicken, pork, etc. I went with a 2 item lunch special and ordered 2 shredded beef burritos which came with beans and rice on the side. $10. The food was great, not greasy at all, and I felt this was a great bang for the buck. Only gripe is the chips were over salted, but that’s ok, and the salsa was lacking in the heat department, but again that’s ok since I tend to prefer hotter things than most. 4.7/5

Overall: The food was great, the service even better. It is family owned and it appears family does it all at this place. It was refreshing to hear the words “my pleasure, or absolutely” after speaking to the wait staff. It felt like Chic-Fil-A in many ways, like we were welcomed not a bother. The owner was very engaging, and you could tell he is worried about the Covid lockdowns and the toll it will have in the future. Uncertainty is not your friend in the food business right now. 4.9/5 I definitely recommend this place.

Johnnie Does

Blogger note: The order included a $2 upcharge for the burritos I hadn’t encountered before, that being said $14.55 after tip didn’t seem like a bad price, certainly better than $18 plus for a salad and soda at a certain other place.

Covid Sheep Continue to Amuse Us

As the pandemic continues, the editorial board met at a new salsa bar, one that made sure we would not be exposed to the ‘rona whilst eating inside. However, we were exposed to the dirty air from the fires burning all over the state but alas I digress. So here are some stories to share about the sheep following the orders of all the different folks they see on TV or whichever article comes up on Google.

The Assistant Dean at a charter school: This one is gold. This person refuses to go into the office due to corona concerns. Keep in mind the schools are 100% distance learning and the staff on campus is very minimal. So, she has been granted a special exemption to work from home. One weekend, back in the old days when the sun was visible, I decided to get out of the house and drive the ole vehicle. After wandering to various places, I found myself at Discovery Park near the river in Sacramento. A cursory search of the parking lot drew my attention to a vehicle decked out in Biden/Sanders stickers, a perfect match as I recognized the car. It turns out that chicken to go to work lady was at the beach, hardly the crime of the century but I figured I’d go have a look. Low and behold, there she was at a large party (over 200) folks down at the beach area of the river, nary a mask in sight, and social distancing of maybe 1 foot. My point being these people are the worst and are the primary reason we are all wearing masks in public. An outbreak likely occurred and as a direct result numbers spike keeping businesses closed.

90-Day Guy weighs in: This was even more rare gold! He comes into the office wearing one of those fancy Darth Vader looking masks with a valve, thinking he is beating the ‘rona. It’s funny because even Fauci and Beilensen have come out and said that mask is literally useless; it protects neither you nor the others around you. 90-Day Guy said it was to protect him from the smoky air…. wow. Then he came in a couple days later with an oddly placed N95 mask that didn’t cover his nose…. again, what’s the point? After I explained most do not wear the mask properly, he said he found the mask on the ground….yes he said that. He showed up with a different mask today and proclaimed he thinks he got the virus from the bad air….yes even though science doesn’t back that claim or basically anyone in the medical field, he thinks he got it from the air. Talk about blowing smoke…

More frustrating is my folks reaction to the teacher at the river. They immediately backed the worker at my mom’s school saying she has the right to be scared of coming into work…yet partying with others isn’t a problem? This makes no sense if we need to “slow the spread.” 90-Day Guy then accused me of being worried about the virus. He claims he watches no television but has panic/anxiety attacks almost daily. Folks if you are wondering, I do not wear a mask at work, never have. I work in a public building that likely see’s 150 people a day at least come through. I work with 1 co-worker he is 72. We are around each other all the time and are both very active in extracurricular activities. My point is neither of us have had any symptoms, nor are either of us worried. We live our lives daily, we comply with Comrade Newsom’s mandate when in a store, and we seem to have no issues with panic or anxiety. These are the types of people, and we all know someone who are irrationally scared of this virus, please wake up, listen to doctors not cable!

In closing here is a conversation I had with an aunt of mine who is a specialist doctor in Chicago. (for context, she is very liberal…thinks Sanders is a moderate). She said the masking idea is pointless for most as it creates a false sense of security; especially those wearing the Darth Vader or N95 mask incorrectly. She astutely points out 95% of those not in the medical field don’t know how to wear them, reason being medical folks need to take a class on how to properly wear them! She says most are treating them like underwear figuring, well I guess it goes this way? That said, she figures we will be masking until June because too many folks are scared of misinformation! We have come a long way in treating this, no longer will you be taken to a nursing home, or immediately put on a ventilator. We have converted most hospitals so they have a “Covid wing” as opposed to just grabbing any available bed, you will be served by a staff also isolated from non-Covid patients. It is not the death sentence it once was even for high risk people. In addition, in regard to vaccines, do not take unless it is absolutely mandated for your livelihood! Most don’t know but vaccines need to pass 3 phases, which equates to roughly 3 years, even with a fast track. While it is a good thing that we have about 7 companies competing and she is happy Trump is trying to push a vaccine quicker; however, this could be a recipe for a complete disaster. Not to scare anyone but typically the first one to the open market gets all the market share…. buyer beware.

Johnnie Does

A “Republican” Shows his True Colors

By Johnnie Does

One thing we can all learn from a crisis like Covid-19 is that people’s true colors will come out and often the end result is ugly. Today we will look at how big of a cow paddy the 90-Day Guy stepped in with regards to this crisis.

First some background. In 2016 he refused to say Donald Trump had a chance to win. It was always “the coasts pick the president”, “voter fraud will win the day for the Dems”, and my favorite, “We have never had a Hollywood Politician before.” So, I guess Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Fredrick Grandy (Love Boat), Jesse Ventura, Al Franken, and Sonny Bono don’t count?

Fred Grandy — US Congressman (Iowa)

As the votes were tabulated that night and the pendulum swung toward Trump, he quickly morphed into a “Trump Truther” saying he was behind him all along, and it was me who doubted him. As his presidency raged on, he backed the orange man through and through. Then Covid-19 hit….

Once again, his true colors came out. He immediately said I was required to go to the office daily…not a problem, me and all sane folks knew this was just a virus and things would calm down. He fired off a series of texts to me over the next few weeks saying he needed to provide for this family and that since I didn’t have one, I needed to go to the office. Again, just for the record I did not complain or raise any issues. I guess since I am a single guy, I’m just a throwaway in today’s society? Not sure why the Blog Father joins me for lunch, maybe I would be better utilized under “Operation Human Shield” in the Army? I told 90-Day Guy that he was overreacting and not to watch so much cable, clearly it was getting to him.

One day, when Governor Newsom said we would be re-opening, he had a massive anxiety attack, perfectly timed before one of our worst customers was set to come to the office. He went and played golf the following day, and while it isn’t my business, I find it odd sharing a golf cart isn’t something that would cause anxiety. He claims over and over he doesn’t watch TV or cable, yet he always seems up to date about how the virus spreads and where it is causing a hot spot. The re-opening continued and one night I was at the gym watching Fox (I do not have cable, so I watch at the gym) and I noticed Tucker, Hannity, and Laura Ingraham were 100% anti-Covid for their respective hour long shows. This continued for about 3 weeks until Newsom shut the gyms back down. In the meantime, 90-Day Guy morphed into a Truther again, saying Covid was never a big deal (keep in mind deaths are going up) completely contradicting his earlier stance. The following day I called his cell and heard clanging in the background, he sheepishly told me he was at an Indian Casino! Hmmm office bad! Golf and casino good! He also started using “we” instead of other pronouns, giving himself cover if challenged.

But wait the story turns again. Newsom ordered bars and indoor dining shut. Now most folks; especially Republicans, would take umbrage at this idea. 90-Day Guy embraced it saying those places are dirty and filled with unsavory folks. Doesn’t that sound like Hillary’s deplorables remark? Or Obama’s clinging to their guns and religion remark? Too me it does! The bottom line is he is your typical country club liberal who believes if they don’t do it, it must remain shut. He is way too cultured to leave California. While it may be a foreign concept to most, many folks gather at a local bar after work for happy hour to discuss the rigors of the day. Actually, a local started his own craft brewery called the Hungry Pecker and sunk a lot of his own money into the venture but he has yet to open since he isn’t allowed to.

Rahm Emanuel put it best, never let a good crisis go to waste. We now have major unemployment and there is no V-shaped recovery happening. Folks, we needed restaurants to re-open at 100% for a rapid recover to happen. Ditto for bars and other businesses. Sadly, it’s now too later for many small businesses. To 90-Day Guy, the issue isn’t one of personal rights and actions (liberty), but its “I don’t want to get Covid” and therefore we must close permanently any establishments I don’t like. Special treatment for me, but not for thee anyone?

As far as his claim about not having cable anymore, I’m looking right at a Comcast Xfinity bill on his desk. $351.85 a month. That is one very expensive landline and wireless internet bill!

Johnnie Does

PS: Oh, here is a cute tidbit. He came into the office saying he was planning on voting for Biden. Reason being Trump won’t win out here in California, and he doesn’t want his house destroyed by protestors. Why do I have a feeling this guy has been a Democrat all along and is just now using this as an excuse to show his true colors? Oh well, I guess if you always straddle the fence one can never be wrong!

The Salsa Bar is a Dumpster Fire!!!!!

By Johnnie Does

One thing that should be known, if you mess with Johnnie Does or any friend of his (Blog Father/wife/child) included; Johnnie is a relentless human being. He has claimed two scalps and after last week, he may be after another. The salsa bar, aka Dos Coyotes (if you’re a gringo that means two coyotes) is owned by a man called Bobby Coyote. It was a great place for a bite, a little expensive but it was quality, a favorite by the staff here at Reallyright.com. Even catered the Christmas Party for law firm Dewey, Screw’em, and Howe!

As has been our practice during the Corona craziness, William and I agreed to meet at the salsa bar last week. Our most recent visit was just after the mask requirement was implemented for customers when ordering. In the case of Johnnie Does, he looks better when fully masked and as such I was geared-up. The manager saw us and told William, called him by name btw, to wear a mask. We weren’t even near the inside of said establishment!

William muzzled-up and ready

After ordering, we encountered a young lady in the outside patio area mad that she was not allowed in, we will henceforth call her Mrs. Howard Jarvis because she was mad as hell and not going to take it anymore!

It was surreal, William approached the counter first, he has a preferred benefit card, and ordered a salad and soda, $18. He was flummoxed. The price was raised, it was crazy, you could be feeding 2 for that, but my God. The jamoke behind the counter said he would bring it up to his manager….F**k outta here, your manager is a clown who thinks folks outside need to wear a mask!

This is very sad. The salsa bar was once a great establishment, maybe it’s a foreshadowing of Trump losing, I am not sure. But my god, make the salsa bar great again. Britney is gone, the other cute girl is gone, the 2 jamokes that run that place stink, like seriously they both have a big fat dump in their pants.

Johnnie didn’t feel great afterwards, and William was light in the wallet, so Lowe, Ball’em, and Lynch was called to handle this.

Johnnie Does

Editor’s Note: I was rudely booted out of the salsa bar location in south Davis several weeks ago when I was meeting my mother there for lunch. At the time, Yolo county was requiring masks, but Sac county was not. Salsa bar did not offer customers a covering so they could enjoy the food, just treat people like lepers. This was true even when customers claimed that they had medical conditions that prevented the use of masks. Oh, and said location is near Interstate 80, great way to treat the tourists.

Johnnie Does Rubio’s Concluding “it’s a Waste”

Bloggers note: Johnnie Does is apparently channeling his inner James Carville as he was so hot, he almost spontaneously combusted because of his lunch visit. Below is his account.

I visited Rubio’s on Bruceville Road on Friday 6/7 for lunch. Rubio’s is a chain, known for their fish tacos. The menu is a little pricy but that’s ok as they are known for quality. They operate as a fast-casual place, meaning you order at the counter, take a place at a table, and the food is brought to you.

I ordered a bacon and shrimp burrito. It comes with rice, beans, the aforementioned (great word by the way) shrimp and bacon as well as guacamole, which I declined. As the Blog Father can attest, I never order sour cream or guacamole as I am severely allergic. Yes, as in it could kill me; apparently, I had a health episode as a kid and have never touched it since. I even say no guacamole or sour cream even when the entrée doesn’t come with it just to make a point of my major food allergy. To continue, I placed my order and found an empty table. It was filthy, not with food remnants, but dirt and grime. Wasn’t this place closed for 11 weeks?

Continuing onward; I waited for about 20 minutes. I don’t mind waiting because I would rather that my food be fresh and made to order as opposed to a fast food, quick serve place where they have it precooked. As the lady brought the burrito out, I had a feeling something was wrong; especially when a side of guacamole in a small cup was accompanying it. She set the burrito down in front of me, to which I inquired… “is that guacamole?” pointing to the top of the burrito at a green, ¼ inch thick coating. She responded affirmative. I told her I am deathly allergic and asked for it to be left off. She said they would remake it, but only after checking my order ticket. I knew there was a problem here…. customer is allegedly always right, why the checking of the ticket?

So, the young lady promised to have it re-made After a 10-minute wait (again not a big deal), she came right back to the table… with the exact same burrito just face down. The same guacamole conveniently located now on the downside. When I pointed that out, the young lady apologized saying they would make it a third time…. funny she said third because it was never re-made.

Look, I know kitchens are reluctant to remake or scrape off, margins are thin as it is, but when a food allergy is involved… it was their error.

I declined a third attempt as I have a schedule to keep at work, one must earn a living you know. She told me it would take her 1 minute. Again, I declined. It was 1:22 and my lunch is over at 1:30. She insisted. I kept saying I have to get to work, let’s just refund the transaction, I never blamed her. She said she didn’t want me to leave without food, it’s a nice gesture but it was too late. I told her I had to go. She said, let me write your name down and come back later to a free entrée…. keep in mind I already paid for one that was never made correctly. I told her I would not likely be back for dinner, to which she offered just come to the counter your name will be written down whenever you want, like some sort of will call. When I declined, (let’s face it, Johnnie used to be a common name) I don’t want some other jamoke to grab a free entrée because they are a namesake.

This is when it got odd, they would not refund me my money. I used a valid credit card; it should have been easy. She kept insisting on this will call thing, which I was not interested in. I was told no refunds, but I could charge back my credit purchase. Funny, this is likely due to places of business being “protected” when charges are under $25. This means the business does not lose the revenue, yet I am made full.

Rubio’s, I will never visit your weak-kneed establishment again. Twitter followers pin this and retweet as I am in disbelief. They may have messed up on my order, but to re-serve it face down knowing someone could potentially get very sick and/or die from a food allergy is a wild move. To add, seems like your location has several cockroaches there, and I am not talking about just your kitchen, I’m talking about in your bathrooms.



Johnnie Does