Author: Johnnie Does

Johnnie Does: L&L Hawaiian

August 12, 2019

Johnnie is not a big Hawaiian food guy, but he stumbled upon this little joint, L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, right near my office and I figured why not. I’ve actually been there several times over the past 2 months, so this is an all-encompassing review. Ambiance: This place is cozy and very small, call it 8-10 […]

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Chevy’s is Broken

July 3, 2019

Johnnie Does had a coupon for a free appetizer if he bought an adult entrée so he decided to visit a Chevy’s location near his office for some good ole American Tex-Mex cuisine. Chevy’s is a chain that has been in and out of bankruptcy for what seems like the last decade. They have a […]

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Johnnie Does: A Meal Kit

June 26, 2019

Meal kits are becoming very popular, with all kinds of players entering this space: Sun Basket, Home Chef, Blue Apron to name few. Recently Albertson’s parent of Safeway bought Plated, and I was offered a free kit with my club card. Johnnie Does loves free stuff, so I had to check this out. The selection […]

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Johnnie Does: Jimboy’s Tacos

June 24, 2019

By Johnnie Does While perusing an old Sacramento Magazine from 2017 (Johnnie Does is a big history guy) I came across an article about 30 things every Sacramentan must eat before they die. Being a simple man, I was overcome with emotion about my own mortality, I knew I had to try something from this […]

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Johnnie Does San Francisco

June 22, 2019

By Johnnie Does San Francisco, it’s been referred to as cutting edge, a dump, liberal bastion, Bagdad by the Bay, home of Michael Savage, and pretty much everything that you can name, so the Blog Father deployed intern “Johnnie Does” to report back on a myriad of topics. The following is his report. While making […]

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Johnnie Does Applebee’s

June 17, 2019

I know what you’re thinking, chain restaurant? Has Johnnie gone soft on us? He literally put a store out of business…. rest in peace Side Burn BBQ. However, we saw a commercial for loaded queso fajitas and were intrigued. We found a $5 off coupon in a local newspaper, which conveniently doubles as flooring for […]

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Johnnie Does: Ariana

June 8, 2019

Before you ask, get your mind out of the gutter. Ariana’s is the name of a family owned Mediterranean food joint, located on Center Parkway near United Artist theatres. It’s very similar to Sal’s which we tried about 3 weeks ago. Seems Johnnie is on a Mediterranean kick. Everyone loves a little competition, and Johnnie […]

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Conversations with the Naïve “Charter School Edition”

June 4, 2019

In this week’s edition, we spoke to a charter school leader regarding the future of charter schools in California. If you’re not aware, charter schools are kind of a hybrid, they get all their funding from the state just not as much per student as traditional public schools. The teachers are not union, but get […]

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Johnnie Does Bonchon

May 18, 2019

As promised, we visited Bonchon located in Elk Grove for this week’s food review. Hope you enjoy. Bonchon is a new concept to both the area and to the United States, as they are Korean owned and known for their fried chicken, and Asian fusion cuisine menu. The stores are franchised so you could see […]

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Johnnie Does: Sal’s Kabob and Gyro House

May 9, 2019

Greetings, I decided to keep it local and hit up a Kabob and Gyro place just down the road from my office this week. Here is my review! Sal’s is a local small family owned business who recently opened a second store in Roseville, which is a strange trend I’m seeing in the family owned […]

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