Author: Johnnie Does

Covid Sheep Continue to Amuse Us

September 13, 2020

As the pandemic continues, the editorial board met at a new salsa bar, one that made sure we would not be exposed to the ‘rona whilst eating inside. However, we were exposed to the dirty air from the fires burning all over the state but alas I digress. So here are some stories to share […]

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A “Republican” Shows his True Colors

July 29, 2020

By Johnnie Does One thing we can all learn from a crisis like Covid-19 is that people’s true colors will come out and often the end result is ugly. Today we will look at how big of a cow paddy the 90-Day Guy stepped in with regards to this crisis. First some background. In 2016 […]

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The Salsa Bar is a Dumpster Fire!!!!!

June 30, 2020

By Johnnie Does One thing that should be known, if you mess with Johnnie Does or any friend of his (Blog Father/wife/child) included; Johnnie is a relentless human being. He has claimed two scalps and after last week, he may be after another. The salsa bar, aka Dos Coyotes (if you’re a gringo that means […]

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Johnnie Does Rubio’s Concluding “it’s a Waste”

June 17, 2020

Bloggers note: Johnnie Does is apparently channeling his inner James Carville as he was so hot, he almost spontaneously combusted because of his lunch visit. Below is his account. I visited Rubio’s on Bruceville Road on Friday 6/7 for lunch. Rubio’s is a chain, known for their fish tacos. The menu is a little pricy […]

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When we have a cure……

May 15, 2020

By Johnnie Does When this virus thing went down, it started as “we must flatten the curve” and for the most part, we all tried to do our part. We put up with essentially house arrest, social distancing at stores, and admired most folks who were viewed as essential. Now the narrative has changed, we […]

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Covid-19 Hysteria CA Style

May 5, 2020

By Johnnie Does Last Friday will go down as one of the more bizarre days in the history of news cycles out here in California. After Modoc County (northeast corner of the state) decided they were going to re-open for business regardless of what Comrade Newsom said, our fearless leader announced at his noon presser […]

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Imagine being this Naïve

April 28, 2020

By Johnnie Does These are all conversations that occurred in real life over the past few days, keep in mind if your scoring at home, these folks all claim to be pro-Trump Republicans with the exception of one. First up, is a friend of mine, and a close on at that. Him: I cannot believe […]

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Why Do We Dislike Cable?

April 23, 2020

By Johnnie Does I have had a few friends of mine, who read the blog, ask me why the editorial staff seems to have a strong dislike toward cable? The answer really comes down to affirmation or information. Let’s face it, most of us do not embrace debate; we live in our own echo chambers. […]

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Conversations with the Naïve COVID-19 Edition

April 15, 2020

By regular contributor Johnnie Does. Editor’s Note: This article was submitted to me last week but life got in the way and I’m just now able to get this posted. Well, we are back with another segment. I really wish I could stop writing these but the naïve are everywhere and continue to spout off […]

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The Real Cost of COVID-19

April 1, 2020

People frequently ask me what the real cost of this virus will be when it’s all said and done. Sadly, as Natasha Bedingfield said in her famous song “the rest is still unwritten.” As vague and sad as that statement was for me to say, we won’t know the answer for years, and that is […]

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