Author: Johnnie Does

Johnnie Does: California Real ID

November 20, 2019

Recently I received my CA driver’s license renewal notice in the mail, and to put it bluntly, it was one of the most confusing forms I have ever laid my eyes on. Since mine expires in December, I am classified as a “wobbler” in that any state issued ID card/driver’s license will allow me to […]

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Conversations with the Naïve: Denial of Debt

November 15, 2019

We speak about the perils of debt quite often on this blog and when I try to share my concerns with people it falls on deaf ears. Or in other cases I’m told “don’t worry about the national, state or county level debt everything will be fine” and “the creditors aren’t coming to take back […]

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What’s up with the Panera Mac n Cheese Incident?

October 18, 2019

I wanted to take a break from reviewing food joints for a bit to get my salt content back to a reasonable levels. Instead, I wanted to discuss a current event that occurred at a Panera Bread outlet and subsequently went viral. A young women “cook,” videoed herself taking a frozen packet of mac and […]

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Cable Watchers Awaken

October 11, 2019

PG&E was able to accomplish something in the last 24 hours that has not happened since the Loma Prieto Earthquake. They shook all of NorCal to the core. PG&E announced they were going to shut off power to 600-800k homes in Northern California, in 34 different counties. This has been going on, albeit on a […]

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Johnnie Does: Dickey’s BBQ

October 6, 2019

Dickey’s BBQ is a franchised BBQ concept headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They spend a ton of money advertising on cable calling themselves “real, Texas, BBQ.” They had a store in my town….it shut down, re-opened as a Side Burn BBQ, which I aided and abetted in their shut down (RIP). Now they have found a […]

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Johnnie Does Pizza Hut “Stuffed Cheez It Pizza”

September 22, 2019

So, I saw a wild window advertisement at a Pizza Hut around the corner from my office…new Cheez It pizza. Yeah, my neck almost broke it snapped so quick. I entered the store and inquired, because well…like who wouldn’t? The counter guy said it’s actually a stuffed Cheez It pizza…like that makes it better???? He […]

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Johnnie Does: Ariana’s Revisited

September 16, 2019

Ok, so I have gotten a reputation as being both very complementary and also very ruthless. You cannot and will not pull a fast one on Johnnie Does. In my short time as a food critic, I have shut down a restaurant (Side Burn BBQ) as well as provided people with key lunch advice like […]

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Johnnie Does Old Spaghetti Factory

September 12, 2019

By Johnnie Does Spaghetti is a very heavy food and not usually a lunch option, but since the Old Spaghetti Factory is right by my office I decided to take the plunge, as usual we tried it twice. (OSF) is a small family owned business that has grown to 45 stores from its humble beginnings […]

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Conversations with the Naïve: 90 Day Guy

September 6, 2019

By Johnnie Does Greetings folks, I’m taking a break from food reviews as my sodium content has put me almost into “Johnnie Does the ER” levels. So we wanted to report on a conversation with the naïve we had over the past couple weeks with our old friend 90-Day Calendar Guy. Here are the conversations […]

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Burger King VS Jack in the Box TACO SMACKDOWN!

September 3, 2019

By Johnnie Does A passerby on the street approached me saying, “You review food for that website…. I need to know who has better tacos, Burger King or Jack in the Box.” I have never been to either establishment, nor could I believe tacos would possibly be on the menu, so I declined. This person […]

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