Month: April 2018

Universal Trouble in American Churches

April 30, 2018

Folks we have a problem of biblical proportions in our midst and most people haven’t noticed. Let me give you a few examples. All are true because I know the people personally. My complaint is that these examples are not the exception but the rule (or breaking thereof). #1 At about age 12, a young […]

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4/25/2018 A National Day of Mourning for the CRA

April 25, 2018

Today was a horrible day for the CRA  (whatever the heck is left of it, I should add).  In a move not foreseen by anyone in either this organization or the Tea Party; Senator Theodore Cruz R-Tejas has endorsed President Donald J. Trump for re-election in 2020.  There you have it ladies and gentlemen….shut it […]

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Camden Croc

April 19, 2018

Last Friday after returning home from work, I called Mr. X to chat. (Do long distance rates still drop after 5 pm.?) Anyway, as is my practice, I usually walk around the neighborhood while talking on the phone. I noticed a scantily clad Asian woman that was with some guy that was operating a commercial […]

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When Your City Has No Leadership and No Plan

April 15, 2018

By John Slamkowski I want to take a moment to reflect on what has happened to my hometown of Elk Grove, CA.  Several contributors to this blog live in Elk Grove. First some background. Our City was founded on July 1st, 2000, splitting off from being an unincorporated area in Sacramento County.  The vote passed […]

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Natural Gas from Sewers?

April 11, 2018

I was minding my own business yesterday and as is my usual practice, I went out to the communal mailbox to fetch my daily installment of junk mail and hoping to see a new Netflix DVD. I received a form letter that was from one of our many local utilities. This particular envelope was from […]

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Amazon Axing Music Service

April 10, 2018

Back when digital music downloads were in their infancy, many consumer choices were available. In 2001, Apple began their iTunes music while big music companies like Sony had their own services. Amazon decided to wade into this market as well. One reason was that Amazon got into the market is because Apple—in their typical snob […]

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Microsoft & Apple leaving Intel

April 6, 2018

Lest you thought Toys R Us was the only business with bad news featured on our blog this week, things are not going well for another company whose name you know; namely, Intel. In the PC space, Intel has only one competitor, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD). However, in recent years they have faced pressure from […]

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What Really Killed Toys R Us

April 5, 2018

Unless you are a CRA member, living under a rock, voted for Hillary, or have any Park Family Genes in your DNA, you have likely heard Toys R Us is liquidating their business here in the United States and all over the globe.  What caused a giant big box that controlled 20% of the toy […]

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Ready Player One: Review of the Review

April 4, 2018

On my recent trip to Ogden, Utah, I treated the family to a trip to the movies to see Ready Player One. We enjoyed the movie but I was curious about how much it deviated from the book because experience has taught me that movie makers take extreme liberties with their depictions of books and […]

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April 3, 2018

Last week, I took a roadtrip to Ogden Utah to see the middle child. Along the way I had a few ideas that might end up being blog topics but I thought I’d jot down some thoughts that I had. First, Elon Musk is a fraud.  As soon as you depart the once Golden State […]

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