NFL Bleeds Greenbacks

October 17, 2017

Not surprisingly, the NFL is bleeding cash as a result of dissing the national anthem. Remember the axiom, he who defines the issue, wins the debate. Kneeling was originally ill defined as a full throated support of killing police because a few of them may have done “the wrong thing” while on duty. Much of […]

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Battlestar Galactica was Right

August 22, 2017

While I didn’t like many parts of the Battlestar Galactica remake that was on television a few years ago, the pilot for the program got one detail right; namely the computers. The premise of the show was that Galactica was “old school” and since its computer systems were not integrated but isolated from each other, […]

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My Review of Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

August 17, 2017

IMDB Patterns of Evidence: Exodus (2014) I watched this movie on Netflix the other night. Its narrative style reminded me of Jesse Winton’s Targeted although this movie was made prior. It begins with a question, some people are talked to and then more questions are asked followed by more interviews. A small portion of the […]

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Comments on Beauty and the Beast

April 12, 2017

My protestations notwithstanding, the wife demanded to see Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. (Anything that passes as a musical will usually get her to purchase a ticket. Thankfully, she went with someone else to see La La Land.) Anyway, I admit that I made treks to the little boy’s room and snack bar during the […]

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Diversity in Media

April 3, 2017

“Any character that was diverse, any character that was new, our female characters, anything that was not a core Marvel character, people were turning their nose up.”  Link: David Gabriel, VP of sales for Marvel So what has Marvel been up to lately? Over recent years, Marvel has made efforts to include more diverse and […]

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Television Is Bleeding Viewers—Part II: Beware Family Programs

December 2, 2016

There once was a time when television that was on before 9 PM was “family programming”. Those days are long past. If you have DirecTV or Dish you can catch the later programming three hours earlier in many instances—at least if you reside on the Left Coast. But if that was the extent of my […]

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Movie Review: Targeted

September 30, 2016

My wife thought my previous version of this review was too harsh so I’ve rewritten this blog to reflect her critique. Last night there was a nationwide screening of the documentary Targeted: Exposing the Gun Control Agenda. Link: Targeted The Movie The film was made by Jesse Winton and his father Randy . This is […]

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A Story Concerning 13 Hours

January 27, 2016

A friend of mine is retired from the Air Force. Recently, he invited some Facebook friends to join him for a viewing of Michael Bay’s 13 Hours at a local theater. This was the second week after the movie’s release. He stated that we should all arrive early to be sure we got tickets. I […]

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Cartoon Network: Leaven in Your Living Room

January 8, 2016

It is the belief of some fringe protestant group—possible the Amish—that claim that “Satan travels true wires” so if you don’t have electricity, he can’t target you. I’m starting to think they might have a point. Earlier this week I was reading articles on Blastr.com. I often visit this website to see what movies are […]

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Cutting the Cable in 2016

January 6, 2016

2016 began with my efforts to stop more fiscal bleeding so I can add more fuel to the Dave Ramsey “snowball”. On New Year’s Day, we cancelled our subscription to DirecTV. I had been a customer of DirecTV for about ten years. Back in 2006, I traded in our miserable service from Comcast. Comcast’s Internet […]

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