Disney Fires Guardians’ Gunn: Conservatives Blamed

Ok, class here is an example of pretzel like logic that only Liberals can understand.

First the players:
Walt Disney corp. owns most Marvel Comic properties including Guardians of the Galaxy. James Gunn directed the first two movies and has been working diligently one the third. Per the article that I will get to in a minute, the first two movies took in a box office of 1.6 billion dollars. Disney is buying the 20th Century Fox movie studios for 71 billion dollars.

Rupert Murdock—the seller of 20th Century Fox—also owns Fox News which is not part of the sale to Disney.

With this background, let me try to walk you thru the Bloomberg story Disney Faces a Backlash From Its Stars for Firing ‘Guardians’ Director

Friends and fans of “Guardians of the Galaxy” director James Gunn are urging Walt Disney Co. to rehire the filmmaker, a rare moment in an era when bad behavior has gotten some of the biggest names in Hollywood summarily fired.

Actors including Zoe Saldana, Chris Pratt and Selma Blair have tweeted in support of Gunn, who wrote and directed both “Guardians” pictures and was working on a third. Some 228,000 people have signed a Change.org petition asking Disney to bring him back amid concerns that he was targeted by conservatives.

Disney terminated Gunn on July 20 after the right-leaning website Daily Caller published 8-year-old Twitter comments by the director…

There could also be a political element at work. Gunn, like many people in Hollywood, was an outspoken critic of Donald Trump, while the Daily Caller is supportive of the president.

Disney is poised to complete the $71 billion acquisition of entertainment assets from 21st Century Fox Inc., whose Chairman Rupert Murdoch has forged close ties with Trump since the 2016 presidential election.

The above quotes appear in the same order as the story. Folks let’s look at their alleged logic.

The authors—yes, it took two people to write this story—state as fact that James Gunn was targeted by conservatives. Why?

Proposition 1 Daily Caller leans right
Proposition 2 Rupert Murdock owns Fox News Network which leans right
Proposition 3 Murdock is friends with Donald Trump
Proposition 4 Disney is buying a movie studio—20th Century Fox from Murdock
Proposition 5 James Gunn is a movie producer, not employed by Murdock
Based on the above, Liberals have concluded

Therefore Donald Trump ordered Rupert Murdock to order Disney to fire James Gunn

Makes total sense to me.

What about the claim that “… a Change.org petition asking Disney to bring him back amid concerns that he was targeted by conservatives.”

Folks here is the petition in its entirety. The petition says nothing about conservatives, politics, Fox, Murdock, Trump, or anybody else.


I’m smart enough to know this most likely won’t change anything but hopefully, this could get Disney to realize the mistake they made and not do it again in the future.

I agree on the point that if people say a bunch of stupid shit while working for a studio, the studio has full right to fire him over the possible controversy. This situation is very different though as he made these jokes years before he was working for Disney and also the fact that they were jokes. I agree with most, including Gunn himself that the jokes were shitty and un-funny but they were still jokes, it wasn’t an opinion or a statement, it was just a bad attempt at being funny.

The other thing is if you do this to Gunn you have to do it for all the other directors who have said some crappy joke sometime in their life, which is all of them, cause I doubt there’s one human on this planet who hasn’t made a shitty joke once or twice in there life.

If Marvel would come to their senses and re-hire Gunn that would be great but if all we can do is have proof by your signatures that Disney made a mistake i would still count that as a win.


Chandler Edwards

The gist, as you can see above, is that Gunn said some stupid things but it was years ago, Disney you overreacted, please hire him back. Implied in this petition is the logic is that in this situation, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Oh, please note that the originator of the petition is not from the United States. Chandler Edwards is from the United Kingdom.

Ok, let’s circle back to more stupid stuff in the story. Earlier, I only partially quoted one line above because it deserves separate treatment. Now I’d like to analyze this quote further. Here is the entire paragraph.

Disney terminated Gunn on July 20 after the right-leaning website Daily Caller published 8-year-old Twitter comments by the director that included jokes about the Holocaust, pedophilia, overweight people and violence against women. In tweets last week, Gunn said he had apologized many times for a sense of humor that hurt people.

Please remember that the authors said that conservatives are responsible for firing Gunn. In the article they state that Gunn was fired for “jokes about the Holocaust, pedophilia, overweight people and violence against women.”

Let’s use logic again. Note to self, logic is a devastating weapon when used against stupidity.
Given the above paragraph, conservatives oppose jokes on killing Jews (Holocaust), pedophilia, overweight people, and violence against women (rape). Therefore Gunn had to be fired.

Consequently, Liberals must support said things or why else would politics matter. Applying the logic of the authors we learn that Liberals must support killing Jews (after all they were National Socialists), pedophilia (no dispute they support sexual deviance), overweight people (hosts of The View and Oprah), and violence against women (Harvey Weinstein and most rap music).

Here are a few of the Tweets that Liberals don’t find offensive but apparently conservatives do.

From Daily Caller

After Attacking Conservatives, Disney Filmmaker’s Tweets Reveal Racism, Homophobia And Assault Against Children

The article from Bloomberg stated that the Tweets were 8 years old but by my math 2008 was ten years ago. I guess that neither author of the Disney story ever looked-up the story on Daily Caller they just went on a rant. Lastly, Gunn doesn’t deny that he posted these things just that it should have consequences. After all, Disney hired him after he posted these things not before. Funny that nobody mentions that inconsistency