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Troll Reports After a Weekend Watching Aljazeera

January 13, 2020

I got two dispatches from the Troll over the weekend. Apparently, he’s been watching a pirate feed of Aljazeera on his parent’s satellite or visiting the “Dark Web” but he had some interesting news that you may not have heard. Muslim Brotherhood Communication Intercepted Urgent… Live from the command desk at we have been […]

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Earl Blumenauer (D-OREGON) Is a Real Moron

November 21, 2019

The Democrat’s moral elevator appears not to have a bottom floor. As you may be aware, a coup to replace Donald Trump is taking place as we speak; a coup so terribly thought-out it makes third world opposition parties (and the CRA) jealous. While congressperson (don’t want to assume gender here) Adam Schiff has done […]

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Trump brings a Championship to DC!

November 1, 2019

By Troll Folks he promised a lot of winning so much winning you would get tired of all this winning. Well……guess what? The Washington Nationals baseball club won the World Series, defeating the Houston Astros to bring the championship home to ole DC!!!! Trump made good on his pledge, frankly he brought a championship in […]

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Ultimate Fantasy Football Team

September 7, 2019

Everyone seems to be playing fantasy football this year so I figured it better try my hand. Every team seems to have a theme like favorite players or something, so the troll had his own ideas. This team is likely to never ever get beat, we will explain later. First we like to build our […]

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Official Statement on Website “Suspension”

August 10, 2019

I tried to log on to the site Wednesday morning this past week and to my dismay I was greeted with a screen reading “account suspended.” I was absolutely befuddled. Did Elon Musk file a cease and desist on the BlogFather? Did useless skid mark on societies underpants Jarrold Nadler order this? Did the […]

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The Troll from behind the arc!

July 28, 2019

Very seldom does the Troll put in work on a weekend, but we are short some bloggers. I came across this story and couldn’t let it go without mention because you can’t miss with this one. I say behind the arc, because every so often you have to step beyond the 3-point line and fire […]

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Hope Hicks is Being Framed

July 26, 2019

Editor’s Note: the following article by Troll discusses, in passing, Bill Clinton’s conduct while in the White House and therefore may be offensive to Liberals and is definitely inappropriate for small children. House Judiciary Committee Chair and resident idiot, Jarrold Nadler–who honestly has nothing better to do with his pathetic existence on this earth–has decided […]

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Rob Manfred MLB Commissioner: Confirmed Day Drinker

June 27, 2019

by Troll Rob Manfred is Commissioner of Major League Baseball; a declining sport with plenty of pressing issues. This week he decided to play politician regarding the Tampa Bay Rays. Tampa Bay was founded as an expansion team in 1995, and after years of being as hapless as possible, they finally got good. Problem is […]

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News Reactions for June 2019: By Troll

June 26, 2019

Sen-Elizabeth Warren supports reparations for Native Americans saying they should be “part of the conversation.” Love this move by Warren, great to see her taking care of her own people first! She is the definition of salt of the earth, a very hard working common person! I just hope a mosquito doesn’t suck the 0.000000000000135% […]

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News Reactions for May 2019 By Troll

May 27, 2019

“What’s up ya bastads. It’s me, the troll. My folks are gone for the three-day weekend, so I’m back for my take on the news that needs abuse.” Rep. Jarrold Nadler faints while at a news conference with Bill De Blasio. I guess he was reacting live after reading the non-redacted Mueller Report!? Must stink […]

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