Author: The Troll

Troll on Covid-19

August 8, 2020

By Troll Gotta hand it to Gavin Newsom, or Comrade Newsom as he is known here. But he has a total read on this virus, so much so I would say he should add the acronym MD after his name! I mean look at what he has instilled to keep us unwashed masses safe from […]

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Troll on the News April Edition

April 25, 2020

I am back…. I self-quarantined with photos of Hope Hicks and microwaveable frozen foods during these troubling times. Thankfully, I was able to avoid catching Covid-19 at my local place of worship. Oh, and by the way “Pope Francis” why were you so scared of this virus transmitting that you cancelled church? Did it occur […]

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Andrew Gillum had one Hell of a Thursday Night

March 15, 2020

We take a break from the coronavirus meltdown to bring you one heck of a story out of Florida involving former Tallahassee Mayor and Governor nominee Andrew Gillum. Police swept the room and found 3 bags of crystal meth. Gillum was allowed to leave and return to his residence…I guess he pulled the “I’m a […]

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Mayor Pete is a Sociopath: It’s Obvious

March 2, 2020

By Troll Mayor Pete Buttigieg, which is apparently pronounced Boot Edge Edge…I prefer Booty Judge due to obvious reasons but I digress. Ignoring his obvious homosexual tendencies (as in Seinfeld not that there’s anything wrong with that) he is a confirmed sociopath and not electable. Allow me to make my case. Exhibit A: How he […]

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The Supreme Pontiff Calls out “The Troll”

February 27, 2020

By Troll The Blog Father sent an urgent communication to Jake the Snake which he received while at work yesterday. It was an article that said the Pope during his sermon (or homily) earlier this week said folks should refrain from trolling during Lent.* On Wednesday, Pope Francis added a modern twist to the list […]

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Trump Pardons the Original Troll

February 20, 2020

Greetings again. I take a break today from professing my love for Hope Hicks to highlight a man who laid the groundwork for me to troll on the internet today! I am talking about the Original Troll, Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich! “Blago” as everyone in Illinois called him, was elected in 2002. When the one […]

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Trolling the News for Feb 2020

February 19, 2020

Florida police arrest Major League Baseball player at Dollar Tree for a solo “home run.” Here are the details: Toronto Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire has been charged with indecent exposure after exposing himself in a Florida parking lot Friday, authorities say. The 24-year-old athlete was arrested in Dunedin, Florida — where the Blue Jays […]

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Romney Sells-out Trump

February 6, 2020

As all the news networks will point out, Donald Trump was acquitted today by a vote in the United States Senate. However, it was not a party line vote. Not one single Democrat joined the Republicans in acquitting him. Was it Lisa Murkowski from Alaska? Susan Collins from Colorado? Cory Gardner from Colorado? The last […]

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Troll Interviews Qasem Soleimani

January 22, 2020

By order of the Blog Father, I was sent on a special assignment. I literally went to hell and back (not with Gordon Ramsey) to bring you the following interview with recently deceased Iranian General, Qasem Soleimani, henceforth referred to as “Q”.  Trolls are known to live under bridges but with the right medicine man, […]

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Troll Reports After a Weekend Watching Aljazeera

January 13, 2020

I got two dispatches from the Troll over the weekend. Apparently, he’s been watching a pirate feed of Aljazeera on his parent’s satellite or visiting the “Dark Web” but he had some interesting news that you may not have heard. Muslim Brotherhood Communication Intercepted Urgent… Live from the command desk at we have been […]

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