Minnesota Democrat Becomes a Fire Breathing Conservative

Blogger’s note:  Troll is the satirical blogger for the site, he like all on the editorial board wish this person (we do not assume gender in CA) a speedy recovery.

Now that that’s out of the way…. here’s the story.

A Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party official who once vowed to “dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department is now calling for tougher crime laws after she was beaten and bloodied in a carjacking outside her home this week.

Shivanthi Sathanandan, the second vice chairwoman for the DFL, shared news of her attack in a Wednesday Facebook post, where she fumed that the four young suspects need to be brought to justice.

“I have a broken leg, deep lacerations on my head, bruising, and cuts all over my body. And I have rage,” wrote Sathanandan, who said the beating occurred in front of her 4-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son around 7:45 p.m. Tuesday.

“These men knew what they were doing. I have NO DOUBT they have done this before. Yet they are still on OUR STREETS. Killing mothers. Giving babies psychological trauma that a lifetime of therapy cannot ease. With no hesitation and no remorse,” Sathanandan continued.

Anti-cop Minnesota Democratic Party official left bloodied in violent carjacking — now calls for tougher crime laws

Alright Troll…. atttttaaaaaccccckkkkk

First of all, WTF is a Shivanthi?  Sounds like something that used to add time to your sentence if you were an inmate in person.   Like an object used to attack someone with intent to kill.

I had to re-read this story. I was wondering where the white perpetrators yelled “this is MAGA country” like they did when Jessie Smollett got smoked.  Oh wait, neither happened.

So, you’ve got a broken leg, cuts, bruises, and have RAGE! Kinda like when George Floyd got killed and you demanded all the black folks get reparations and reduced sentences?

Karma also has a sense of humor it seems.  Sorry toots, you got what you deserved.

I really love the line about the young people needing to be brought to justice… take young people out of the sentence and replace it with cops or police and you get her statements from 2 years ago.  Chances are you and your stupid sheep likely reduced the sentencing guidelines and threshold for these offenses to the point where they are out on bail (if there’s even bail in the land of 10,000 mistakes).

As far as the perpetrators being repeat offenders who had likely done that before?  Yeah, I’d say you’re correct.  And since you were advocating letting them out early! They learned their lesson so well they did it again!  No hesitation or remorse?  How about you show a little of both toots?  Maybe a mea culpa (aka saying sorry) to the police.

Here is more from our flip-flopping democrat re-moron.

“I’m now part of the statistics. I wasn’t silent when I fought these men to save my life and my babies, and I won’t be silent now. We need to get illegal guns off of our streets, catch these young people who are running wild creating chaos across our city, and HOLD THEM IN CUSTODY AND PROSECUTE THEM,” she said.

“Look at my face. REMEMBER ME when you are thinking about supporting letting juveniles and young people out of custody to roam our streets instead of HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS.”

Your target audience doesn’t know what statistics are since they were likely replaced in school by gender affirmation or African American studies curriculum.  Interesting you use the term fought; I think even the mention of that word gets you a minimum 10 years in California.

I still don’t know why this person didn’t say she was the victim of an insurrection.  Think about it. They would immediately have surveillance tape of the suspects, have them arrested, and they could have indicted Trump and charged him with another crime… just because.  The only difference is at this insurrection there actually was violence.

Ahh yes, we need to get illegal guns off the street and catch the people causing chaos… where were those words during the BLM rioting and looting?

Hold them accountable?  If I was a suspect and got caught, I would make certain I’m photo graphed in a BLM bandana, and a George Floyd shirt.

Here is a photo of Shivanthi.

Ahhh, I love my woke, social justice warrior, trans friendly, whackos battered not fried, how about you?

Here’s Shivanthi after the attack.

Sathanandan thanked the “incredible” Minneapolis PD for assisting in the terrifying experience — a far cry from her attitude toward law enforcement three years ago, when she posted online that she and other activists were “going to dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department.”

Here she is before it….

“MPD has systematically failed the Black Community, they have failed ALL OF US. It’s time to build a new infrastructure that works for ALL communities. If you are still disagreeing with that BASIC FACT, I’m not sure what to say to you,” she said in the June 5, 2020, post — less than two weeks after George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police.

So ummmm why didn’t you call a social worker to handle this issue?  Maybe they didn’t get enough participation trophies as a kid?

Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin told KSTP in a statement Thursday that he was “heartbroken at the news of Shivanthi’s attack.”  

“It is my sincere hope that the people who assaulted Shivanthi are quickly brought to justice and face punishment commensurate with the severity of their crimes,” Martin said. “My heart goes out to Shivanthi and her family and I hope their recovery from such a horrifying experience is as swift as possible.”

Yup, if I were on the police force, I wouldn’t work too hard to hunt them down.  If I were on a jury, I would vote not to convict.  Sorry, not sorry when you defund, demoralize, and cut police departments, don’t be surprised when crime takes off.  The only crime these kids are guilty of in my mind isn’t going further.  Again, sorry, not sorry.

I guess you can say a leftist is just a conservative that hasn’t had the crap beaten out of them yet?


Commentary from Chief:

Here is the lesson embedded in the story.  This lady wanted to be on the front lines during George Floyd and BLM.  She called for defunding and dismantling the police.  It was her turn to shine and try to cut an ad for when she inevitably runs for office.  All was well for her, let black and brown people out of jail, reduce thresholds for crime, and get rid of the “killers” with a badge.  Crime went up, but it didn’t bother her. She likely lives in a high end gated part of town, immune from these issues.  Her people and voters like it that way.  Then she got her ass beat.  Now it’s time to “re-fund” the police.  Now it’s time for justice.  Her hold them accountable and lock them up comments are rich… coming from someone who said the opposite earlier.  Good luck is what I will say to you.  You are nothing more than a classic tribalist, as long as it’s good for you, you are fine with it.  Too bad it took you getting your face kicked in to realize police are needed.  Sadly, I hope it happens to more of your brethren so they will come around as well.  This is why Johnnie Does carries a Glock. These perps get near him and realize they are on the business end of his gun, they get to steppin’ awfully quickly.  Anyone want to take bets this lady’s Google.com search is filled with “how do I buy a gun” “how do I legally carry a gun” etc. searches?  She just found out the hard way that these folks she calls oppressed and affected by racism are actually just bad people.  They have no respect or care for humanity, just like their Lord and Savior George Floyd.

Reap what you sew democrats.

PS Oh I heard CA is going to shut down more prisons and Donald Trump is being indicted for this as well.  Sadly, only one of those things is true… I’m not sure which one.

PPS  Here are some pics of hope Hicks, because…well she is hot and Troll has a thing for her.

The New Garbage System in Elk Grove

Folks this year in January a new law went into effect, under the old law we had 3 “Toter garbage cans” one for garbage (brown) one for recycling (Green) and one for green waste (light green).  The garbage can was serviced every week, with the other cans rotating every other week.  The Toter cans were pretty sturdy, made in Mexico and held up pretty well under the test of time.  Here in the central valley of California, it is also north of 100 degrees for months on end.

The new law sees the replacement of the Toter’s with what I call cheap Chinese crap plastic cans.  Seriously I doubt these things will hold up very well and I may be replacing them annually with new ones.  I have a feeling someone in Sacramento (lawmaker) has a family member who owns the company that makes these and used the new law as a vehicle to get $$$.  My other issue with these new cans is the color scheme completely changed.  The trash cart is now black, which I guess makes sense.  The recycle cart is now blue, and the organics (replaces yard waste) is green.

The system works basically the same, but I do have a question, this was billed as a green, better for the environment system, but is it?  The new organics cart now is for yard waste and table scraps; think bones, salad etc.  So basically, anything you previously put in the garbage disposal.  This cart will also be serviced weekly, so now every other week 3 trucks will have to be on the road.  Keep in mind these garbage trucks are a massive apparatus and do not run-on electricity.  I do not see how having a truck on the road every 2 weeks is somehow saving the environment. 

An additional observation of mine, according to the nosy neighbor app, folks have gotten vermin, and maggots in their organics can because of intermixing the food scraps and yard waste, who would have thunk it right?  The cans also do not look like they will hold up to our 100-degree summers. 

Perhaps my biggest beef was in a mailer sent out to the entire populous. It specifically said your trash and organics cart will be inspected periodically to make sure you are in compliance.  Yep, we will now have city personnel inspecting your garbage and issuing a citation if you are not in compliance!  Just like in Berkeley. This law effects both the residential and commercial businesses.  As such the businesses near me got small organic carts that never have anything in them.  My point being people like myself are not able to compost or recycle as much as a business is.  The food scrap recycling?  If that even works, and I have my doubts, wouldn’t it be better to have restaurants all be required to get on board?  I would say the Brickhouse Restaurant near me likely would fill up a dumpster sized cart of just organic waste likely every other day.  Call me a skeptic of this.

Also, you may remember my blog stating the most recycling just goes into the dump anyway, this article I’m linking once again proves we were Really Right.

By the way, that’s a CBS article not some far right website on the internet.  Seems like a lot of energy is being put into recycling when it doesn’t seem to work.

The Troll

Troll goes after 3rd arrested Sacramento Shooter

Editor’s Note: Due to a vacation, this post fell thru the cracks in my In Basket. Troll was on time, but I muffed the handoff and failed to get it posted when he submitted it.

Well, well, well.  It was an unspeakable tragedy but one of those arrested is getting smoked by the Troll.  Look at this idiot!

Sacramento police announced a third arrest Tuesday stemming from Sunday’s mass shooting downtown, saying they had taken into custody a man seen carrying a firearm after the incident. Daviyonne Dawson, 31, was arrested late Monday and a gun was recovered, police said, adding that Dawson will be charged as possessing a firearm despite being prohibited from having one. “At this time, Dawson is not charged with crimes directly related to the shootings,” police said. “Based on the type of firearm recovered, detectives do not believe that this gun was used in the shooting. Detectives are continuing to investigate this crime and identify additional suspects.”

From Sacbee.com

Bah Gawd that’s the Troll’s music…. get after him!!!!

First off that’s a crazy way of spelling Davion, like wow.  I will say this, that name in the game Scrabble is worth several triple point bonuses!  Hat tip to your parents though, your name has more characters than your IQ has points.

Also, boy must that suck, here you are on a Sunday morning hiking around downtown with your AK draped around your neck, and some jacka** is taking photos of you.  The NERVE!  Here is Daviojetjngmshr or however the hell you spell his name just going for a stroll on the Sabbath, and it ends in his arrest!  On the Sabbath no less! 

My sources tell me Dawson was out with his gun just keeping watch, he was going to call the police, and do the right thing.  He has been quoted saying variations of that during his sentencing hearings of which there have been many.  Or maybe did he want to return to jail because he craves the oatmeal?  Or wanted to find true love in the bathhouse wing of the jail?

BTW how rude of those gang members to unload all those bullets with you in the area!  It’s like when the red-light camera catches you, when someone else was guilty!  Dawson was caught on camera with the gun walking near the area.  Since when is America a police state?  I thought this was America?  Where is Ron Paul and Ted Cruz on this issue!

Sacramento Superior Court filings show Dawson has felony cases from 2012, 2014 and 2015, and documents say he was charged in 2014 with the Halloween assault on a man as a member of the Starz street gang.

Dawson subsequently was released from the jail Tuesday after posting $500,000 bail, a law enforcement source said.

I thought we were supposed to be giving young innocent black people money…. not taking it away!  This is just another obvious move by the white privileged folks to take money away from a black man!

Hmm normally one would say the third time is a charm…apparently for you, it wasn’t, as your luck hasn’t changed.  Also, great name of the gang you joined, Starz street gang…. sounds like a makeup group for trans people.  Maybe when you are committed to jail you can join the sparkle cupcakes shower gang?

Regarding the Halloween assault, gotta give my man Dawson some credit dressing up as a gang member, makes you incognito.

He also was charged with being a street gang member who “engaged in a pattern of criminal gang activity and did willfully promote, further and assist in felony criminal conduct by said gang members,” court documents say.

When reached for comment Dawson said he “dindu nuffin” in regard to these alleged crimes … are we inclined to take his word for it?  In addition, all that shooting, and Dawson couldn’t even get a shot off?  He is destined to be a Sacramento King!

Dawson, I will say this, I am not a very religious person.  However, I do feel the need to set aside some time in my life for prayer to thank god that I’m not you.  Most folks go to jail to tell a tale about how they got in.  Your story basically sucks.  Yeah man, was walking by a crime scene, had my gun over my shoulder.  Dindu shoot nobody.  Then deez dumb azz cops be poundin on my door.  They dun arrested me for nuthin man.  I din du it!  Little advice Davioduensgf or however the heck you spell it, keep the back door closed at all times.  Keep your head on a swivel, and if you drop the soap, let it go brother.  Stay strong.


PS anyone whose parents spell their kids name like that belong on a government list.

Troll on the News: November Edition

First time, long time folks, but I had to get off Hope Hicks for a moment….so here we go.

Former NFL Running back Zac Stacey charged with domestic violence after being caught at airport: Word to the wise, going to an airport to try to evade capture isn’t too bright; literally it’s the one place you must show ID.  I would have hid at a polling place, never need to show ID there.  Also just want to point out, the part of his head where the brain goes is also the smallest part of his head…. coincidence?  We caught up with his mother and asked her to comment on the arrest:  “Muh Baybay din du nuffin.”  Obviously Stacy’s mom doesn’t exactly have it goin on, as that song states.  Well that settles it, I would have gone with the defense of: CTE, or he grew up in an abusive environment so he thought it was ok, or she called him the “n” word.  Stacey played a violent sport called the NFL; however, he will soon find out that fails to compare to the violence he will encounter in the general population at State Penn.  Stacy threw his girlfriend and a television among other things.

We reached out to a friend of the blog who works as a defense attorney at the prestigious Law Firm: Lowe, Ballem, and Lynch. She offered this defense for Mr. Stacy:  If the TV ain’t 4K, you can’t put him away!  Way to channel your inner Johnnie Cochran sweetie.  Lastly we reached out to MSNBC for comment and they stated “she flashed a gun at him and tried to hit him with a skateboard.”  Ok so there is that.  Then we reached out to ESPN and the only thing they wondered was if Stacy was vaccinated.  What a world.

Rittenhouse not guilty on all charges:  Hat tip to the Blog Father on this one, as Kyle Rittenhouse was able to grab his AR-15 and two more full magazines upon leaving the courthouse.  Declaring loudly, the judge asked me to defend the courthouse tonight from all the rioting.  Rittenhouse also exclaimed he was going to visit the Whitehouse since he felt as though he had won a championship!  We reached out to Target Corporation for comment and they stated “Black Friday is coming early this year.”    Another corporation commented that the “semi-annual everything is free sale” will go on as planned this evening in your local inner city!  I guess this is like reparations.  We tried to reach out to any Republican but we found out they all actually have lives and jobs so no one was available for comment.  We reached out to the Democrat National Party Chair Tom Perez who was shocked at the outcome, claiming they sent over 85,000 ballots marked guilty to that courtroom, loudly proclaiming they wanted a recount!  However he was happy to learn the now deceased Joseph Rosenbaum, and Anthony Huber had their voting rights restored and will vote in every election going forward, as many times as it takes.  “It’s the small victories” remarked Perez.  Perez did express remorse that Gaige Grosskreutz was only injured, saying “we really need every vote these days, and look forward to the day we can count him multiple times to vote where needed.” 

Colin Kaepernick says Rittennhouse verdict validates the need to abolish our justice system:  Yo Jackwagon, who has taken a knee more in their lives, you or the Vice President?  I’ll take my answer off the air.

Joe Biden says he is angry and concerned about Rittenhouse verdict:  On second look, he was angry it wasn’t chocolate ice cream day, and concerned his diaper was filling up.  Nothing to see here.

Lauren Boebert stuns in red dress:  Whoa, momma mia!  That’s a movement I could get behind…. Hope Hicks may be jealous.

KCRA 3 Reports:  Truck spills bags of money in Southern California.  Fake news, in CA we only give bags of money to illegals and those who do not work.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Troll asked that these photos of Hope Hicks be added to his post because he thought it was important that you know what he wants most for Christmas.

Former Raider Players to Star in The Longest Yard Part III

I knew something was up when the Raiders were 3-2, no way that could last.  They had no troublemakers on their team, everyone knows choir boys don’t win in the league.  I had figured Saint Jon Gruden the Martyr had died for our sins, kind of like Good Friday Part 2 Electric Boogaloo.  But just like our Savior, the Raiders rose again on the 7th day, winning their next two games. 

Hope springs eternal if you are a Raider fan.  We have documented in this space before that every Raider fan is either; on their second wife, defaulting on their second mortgage, or “between jobs.”  However, they can all find solace in one thing, losing at life.

Check out the rough couple days the fan base had.  First you have Henry Ruggs III who decided after being a .16 that driving a Corvette 156 miles per hour, with a loaded gun in the seat was a smart idea and a female passenger (who Ruggs calls “His Baby Momma” in the front seat.  That wasn’t the stupidest thing Ruggs did that night, he rear-ended a stopped vehicle, killing that car’s occupant.  It gets better if you are a fan of this upstanding team, Ruggs swore at the police, and when at the hospital attempted to pull the IV out of his arm.  Rumor has it, water was not a strong enough “proof” for him.  To prove the University of Alabama education system is top notch, his defense about the women dying at the scene is “The fire department didn’t get their quick enough.” 

“Firemen did not attempt to extinguish the fire at Ms. Tintor’s vehicle for approximately 20 minutes at which time the entire vehicle was engulfed in flames,” defense attorneys David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld said in a Wednesday court filing that does not identify their witness.

Good luck with that Mr. Ruggs, I bet the judge and the jury will be impressed.  I am sure you remember that night like it was yesterday since you were the only one thinking clearly that evening.  A word about the high speed he was traveling, anyone think the “baby momma” traveled at least that fast to a divorce lawyer the next morning?  The speed should not be a surprise to Raider fans as most players tend to run that fast to try to get away from your team.

Already facing felony DUI resulting in death and reckless driving charges, Ruggs was also hit on Wednesday with additional felony DUI and reckless driving charges and a misdemeanor charge for possession of a firearm while intoxicated. The additional charges would mean additional prison time for Ruggs if convicted.

Oh yeah, I know who the Clark County State Pen team is picking first for the annual cons vs guards game!

Ruggs III set the bar pretty high even by Raider standards, but he was somehow outdone by fellow Raider player and first round pick Damon Arnette.  He gives Ruggs a run for his money in the “who has an IQ closer to double digits” competition.

The Las Vegas Raiders have waived second-year cornerback Damon Arnette, a first-round pick in 2020, after video surfaced this weekend of Arnette making death threats while brandishing firearms.

Arnette, 25, had been on injured reserve since Oct. 9. He is also facing lawsuits stemming from a Las Vegas car accident last October.

Smart, no one has ever turned over video footage of a deranged human making death threats over to the police before.  What a trash bag human being Arnette is.

“There have been a series of bad decisions over the last year or so, but we can’t stand, we cannot stand for the video of Damon with a gun, threatening to take a life. The content was unacceptable, contrary to our values and our owner Mark Davis has been very clear and very consistent that this is not how we will conduct ourselves in this community. The bottom line — the Raiders will not tolerate this type of behavior.”

Pretty bad when even the Raiders a team known for trash bag fans and trash bag players won’t tolerate your BS anymore.  Even worse when you find out the owner is known for using the statement “Just win Baby.”

Mayock added that he had talked with Arnette, his father and others in his life and “from my perspective, he’s a very talented young man with a good heart. He cleans up his life, I know he can make a living in the NFL. But not now, with the Raiders.”

“If he cleans up his life” big IF there buddy.

Mayock acknowledged there was “significant concern” over Arnette’s character coming out of college, but the Raiders felt they could help him on and off the field and knew the Ohio State coaching staff well enough to trust its advice and take on Arnette.

“At the time, we thought it was an acceptable risk … after doing more homework on Arnette than anybody we’ve done in the years I’ve been here. And obviously, we missed, and that is 100% on me.”

“Character concerns” that is how you sum up most draft picks this franchise makes.  The GM did more research than anybody, and they missed.  Yeah big shocker there.  Mayock whom the Raiders hired, on NFL network has a claim to fame as a draft guru…. seems like he is really bad at his job.  Arnette was a highly rated as a player in high School and recruited to Ohio State by known scumbag and friend of the blog Urban Meyer.  Yeah, there is that name again.

So, there you have it, the Raiders got rid of these two players and it sounds as if Ruggs will be spending time in jail, and Arnette may be “just visiting” but I heard Burt Reynolds and Adam Sandler want to shoot a new version of the Longest Yard.


PS dumb Raider fans, everyone knows a team with zero choirboys ends up losing sport games.  But oh well, add these two to the Raiders Hall of Fame.

New York Flattens the Perv

Well, it took about 18 months, but New York finally flattened something. Nope, not Covid, but their governor Andrew Cuomo.  Cuomo—once believed to be a top 2024 presidential frontrunner—resigned in disgrace after the floodgates were finally opened about his repeated sexual assaults and harassment. Please don’t confuse the “Luv Gov” with his weightlifter, health nut, Trump hating brother, Chris who doubles at Andrew’s PR guy on CNN.  Andrew may wish to take advice from his brother Chris, since it appears the two are father son, more than brothers…. just saying, but now on to the story.

Chris Cuomo

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo was accused back in December of last year of sexual harassment by multiple women.  The New York State Assembly started impeachment proceedings in March…. once they found out they weren’t impeaching Trump or seeking his tax returns, they basically folded up and quit the investigation.  At the end of February New York AG (Attorney General) Letitia James announced her own investigation into Cuomo.  The results and report finally came out on August 10th.  Trump would have been impeached about 50 times over in the same amount of time.  Justice Kavanaugh ironically was crucified, in less time, with a fraction of the charges, and no evidence at all we remind you.

PDF above is complete New York A.G. Report on Cuomo.

In the meantime, prior to the report from AG James coming out, the entire congressional delegation of New York (it’s pretty big) called on him to resign, both senators, and NYC Mayor and fellow scum bag Bill DeBlasio.  It was a rare showing of bipartisanship.  Cuomo ignored it, and so did his brother on CNN Chris.  Funny because Chris fawned all over his brother during his mishandling of Covid in nursing homes, more on this later.

Andrew “Luv Gov” Cuomo

I was not going to publish the names of the victims, but BLM always says “say their names” so here goes, names and actions of Cuomo:

Charlotte Bennett

In late February 2021, Charlotte Bennett, an executive assistant and health policy advisor to Cuomo, accused him of sexual harassment, which included questions about her sex life. In a March 5 video interview with CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell, Bennett said that during a one-on-one meeting in the governor’s office on June 5, 2020, Cuomo implied “that I was old enough for him and he was lonely.” Bennett went on to claim that Cuomo’s office director took the state’s mandatory sexual harassment training for him, “I was there. I heard [the office director] say, ‘I can’t believe I’m doing this for you’ and making a joke about the fact that she was completing the training for him. And then I heard her at the end ask him to sign the certificate.”

Anna Ruch

In early March 2021, a third person, Anna Ruch, a member of the Obama administration (who later served on Joe Biden’s presidential campaign), said that when they were speaking at a wedding reception Cuomo put a hand on her back, that she removed it, and that he then placed his hands on her face cheeks and asked if he could kiss her. A friend photographed Cuomo touching her face.

Ana Liss

On March 6, 2021, Ana Liss, a policy and operations aide to Cuomo from 2013 to 2015, became the third former aide to accuse Cuomo of sexual harassment. Liss said Cuomo called her “sweetheart,” touched her on her lower back while they were at a reception, and also once kissed her hand after she stood up from her desk.

Karen Hinton

Also on March 6, Karen Hinton, a former press aide for Cuomo when he served as the US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said that in 2000, Cuomo had, while meeting with her in a California hotel room, hugged her in an “inappropriate” and “unethical” embrace. Hinton has more recently worked for Cuomo rival New York Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Brittany Commisso

On March 9, 2021, the Times Union of Albany reported an anonymous member of the governor’s Executive Chamber staff had accused Cuomo of inappropriate touching. On March 11, the same newspaper reported she said Cuomo called her to his mansion, reached under her blouse, and fondled her. Cuomo denied the allegation.

On April 7, 2021, an unnamed executive assistant to Cuomo alleged that she had been summoned to the governor’s mansion in November 2020 to help Cuomo with a problem with his iPhone. After reaching him, Cuomo allegedly rose from his desk and began groping her. After the aide told him his behavior would get him in trouble, Cuomo then shut the door and said “I don’t care.” He returned and groped one of her breasts under her bra by reaching under her blouse. She then left following the groping. A month later she claimed that Cuomo told her to cover-up what had occurred. Her identity was revealed on August 8, 2021 as Brittany Commisso.

Kaitlin (last name not reported as Jenner)

On March 12, Kaitlin (last name unreported), who formerly worked for the governor’s office, alleged that Cuomo had made her feel uncomfortable in various situations, with his comments, questions, requests, and invasions of her personal space. She did not allege inappropriate touching or explicit sexual propositions.

Jessica Bakeman

Jessica Bakeman, a former member of the Capitol press corps who worked for Politico New York, wrote about the atmosphere for women in Albany, New York. On March 12, for the New York magazine website, she wrote that Cuomo had touched her on her arms, shoulders, the small of her back, and waist in 2012, and put his arm around her back and his hand on her waist posing for a picture at a holiday party in 2014 (she wrote that “For years, I would relive that moment at the holiday party”), and made multiple “humiliating” comments during her time covering him. She wrote of the incident in 2014: “Keeping his grip on me as I practically squirmed to get away from him, the governor turned my body to face a different direction for yet another picture. He never let go of my hand.”

Valerie Bauman

On March 18, Valerie Bauman, a reporter for Bloomberg, said in a tweet that during Cuomo’s tenure as New York Attorney General from 2007 to 2010, there was a period of “rampant sexism and sexual harassment.” Cuomo allegedly also made her uncomfortable with unwanted flirting and eye contact. She also claimed that in 2007, upon meeting her, “He took my hand, entered my personal space and looked into my eyes as he announced, ‘Hello, I’m Andrew Cuomo'”.]

Alyssa McGrath

On March 19, Alyssa McGrath, the first current employee to come forward publicly, spoke to The New York Times claiming Cuomo chronically ogled female aides like herself, commenting about their appearances in a way McGrath found inappropriate. McGrath also said that the aide who alleged Cuomo sexually assaulted her in the Executive Mansion “described the encounter in detail to her after it was made public in a report in the Times Union last week.” McGrath claimed that Cuomo told her not to talk with the anonymous aide about the incident.

Sherry Vill

During a March 29, 2021 Zoom news conference with an attorney, Sherry Vill alleged that Cuomo kissed her cheek in front of family members while inspecting her flood-damaged house during a May 28, 2017 visit to her Rochester-area home following a flood. Vill said the kiss was of a “highly sexual manner.” Cuomo also kissed Vill for a second time on the cheek outside her home in a “very aggressive manner.”

Unnamed state trooper

According to the August 2021 report, Cuomo met the state trooper in November 2017 and lobbied to hire her as part of his security detail despite her not satisfying the requirements for the post; she was indeed hired, and Cuomo later inappropriately touched her stomach and back, and also made inappropriate comments.

First unnamed state entity employee

According to the August 2021 report, Cuomo met this unnamed state entity employee at an event in September 2019, where he tapped and grabbed her buttocks while they were posing for photographs.

Second unnamed state entity employee

According to the August 2021 report, Cuomo in March 2020 made inappropriate comments to this unnamed state entity employee, a doctor, who had administered a nasal swab test on Cuomo at a press conference.

Virginia Limmiatis

According to the August 2021 report, Cuomo met energy company employee Virginia Limmiatis at an event in May 2017, where he touched her chest with his fingers.

Governor Cuomo finally stepped down 8/24, but on his way out, he commuted the sentences of 4 murderers, which tells me he will be running for something again soon, likely DA.  I say this because it seems like a pre-requisite to brandish your anti-law enforcement, pro crime policies to make yourself desirable to the Democrat base. (It worked in Los Angeles so why not?) Whilst doing so, he basically said he was innocent, and this was all one big witch hunt.  Isn’t call this a “witch hunt” a sexist way of saying it was the women’s fault not his?

My commentary on this is simple but may come off as male chauvinist.  First off Cuomo is wealthy, son of a former governor (Mario) and has been in politics quite literally his whole life.  He should be able to get with almost any women he wants, it shouldn’t be that hard.  (Didn’t we recently write about a mayor that behaved like this? — editor) Why the harassment?  And by the way I read quite a bit of the AG report, he is a gross sicko of a human.  Telling aides and staffers to “sit on his lap” like he is some shopping mall Santa Clause? 

Andrew Cuomo, the new Bad Santa

This guy literally seemed to make lewd comments or gestures with any member of the opposite sex he came in contact with.  It truly is a stunning fall from grace for a man who could have been governor until he didn’t want it anymore.  Especially with all the favorable press he got during Covid.

Speaking of Covid did anyone see how the new governor, Kathy Hochul, on her first day on the job released the “real number” of deaths in nursing homes under Cuomo’s rule?  Yeah, it’s an additional 12,000.  Yup, now it makes sense … all the refrigerated trucks.  What a low life scumbag this guy was.  Not only did he kill your grandparents/parents he then lied and covered it up. 

Not to be outdone, Joe Biden said Cuomo did a great job as governor. This just begs for comparing trapped Americans in Afghanistan with trapped Americans in New York nursing homes.

Kind of ironic, all his harassment and assaults of women….to think he was replaced with New York’s first women governor.  LOL


BTW that headline…. kind of Babylon Bee worthy, isn’t it?

Troll on the News-July 2021

L Brands to split into 2 companies: So L Brands which is the owner of Bath and Body Works as well as Victoria’s Secret has decided to split into 2 companies.  This move will happen in August.  They spent a lot of money on this, and the best those idiot bankers and consultants could come up with is a tax free spin off?  Wall Street Jargo like you read about.  I would have gone with “Lift and Separate” I mean isn’t that what Victoria’s Secret is famous for? 

KC Chiefs Defensive End Frank Clark facing a felony gun charge in CA:  Give this guy an all-time award for stupidity, $105 million dollar contract, Super Bowl winner rolls around in a 1993 Toyota Tercel with an Uzi in his back seat.  So this Clark fella feels he needs to live in the hood, drive a ghetto car, and pack a semi-automatic machine gun on his person?  Secondly how did he get charged with a Felony gun charge in LA County?  Seriously in that County Capital Murder is punishable by a 2 minute timeout and no ice cream for dessert.  Clark my suggestion, go with the “I was headed to the ANTIFA/BLM riot down the road”, if nothing else AOC will bail you out of jail.

Atlanta Falcons linebacker Barkevious Mingo arrested on felony indecency sexual conduct with a child on July 8th:  First of all, I thought this Barkevious was a type of tree in California, second, I thought maybe this was like a tree disease in California, nope it’s just a skid mark on society’s underpants.  He is 30 so he has had a 7 year career in the league so basically he has enough money to “buy sex” yet he picks out a child. Clearly the rich and powerful miss Jeffery Epstein.

I will say this on these two: THE NFL IS BACK BABY!!!!!!

Deranged woman attacks McDonald’s workers in Ohio suburb after not mixing all 3 slushy flavors together for her.  Cherysse Cleveland attacked the manager and another employee after they refused to “mix all three slushy flavors into one cup.”  She actually ended up getting her ass beat by an employee and arrested and charged as well.  Dang, Cherrysse it’s a stupid $1.50 per slushie, what a rookie move to not just order all 3.  Also why not go to, I don’t know, a place famous for making your own slushy like 7/11?  We cannot post the video or I would provide additional commentary on what I saw.

  1.  The lady with the headset throwing the haymakers:  Total pro move, knowing you needed to keep working the drive thru headset whilst beating her a**.  Gotta be peak efficiency.
  2. Cherysse here folks shows us the female silverback in her natural habitat.
  3. CNN I heard was starting a GoFundMe for her legal fees.
  4. Have to admire the form on Cherrysse prior to getting handcuffed, she knew what to do, this wasn’t her first rodeo.
  5. Is it sad I was waiting for the zookeeper to be called in to tranquilize this animal?  Who beats up minimum wage workers over a stupid slushy?
  6. Wanna bet that Cherrysse isn’t working because she makes more on unemployment by staying home

Governor Newsom denies 21 oil drilling permits in Tulare County:  I want to congratulate our benevolent King on his latest decree, I love paying big $$$ for gas.  Makes me feel like a big shot…its ok I can afford it!  Seriously talk about Common Core Math at work, less supply must equal lower gas prices, right?  State Oil and Gas director Uduak-Joe Ntuk sent the letter and claimed it was in the “public health and safeties best interests to deny them.”  I thought the Russians were folks who loved Trump and the oil industry, guess this person didn’t get the memo.  We do not assume gender here at reallyright.com.  Secondly have either of you been to Tulare County?  It reeks of cow dung, public health from a couple more wells won’t matter much.

Bill Cosby released from jail:  Just in time for his Jell-O pudding pop with depends boy Biden!  BLM finally gets on of their own outta jail, may I suggest Bill Clinton replaces him?  Oh wait he was the first black president sorry Barack.

Steve Ballmer in rare form at a Clipper game:  The former Microsoft CEO and current Clippers owner did a wild celebration mid-way through the game.  Pictured is the move.  I’ll call it the double dick grab…wild move outta Ballmer.  Ballmer though is certifiably crazy, like a total lunatic.  Also has anyone every seen Ballmer and the Penguin from Batman Returns in the same room?  I think they are the same person.  #HeToo on this celebration.  By the way, I wonder what Clipper’s super fans Pat Sajak and Billy Crystal have to say about this! 

In closing, that double grab thing, I want to experiment by doing it to Jen Anniston and Carli Lloyd, you two down?  I’ll call it the double D grab.

Steve Ballmer grabbing for a lifeline or something. Why ESPN calls this celebrating is disturbing .


Johnnie Does, you medium rare pink B***h first of all Carli is super-hot, secondly my mother provides me 3 square, nutritious meals a day, and I do not live in her basement, I call it “my place.”  Secondly I saw Jake the Snake the other week, and during his sermon he used props of a branch, an apple and said he forgot his last prop, so a live snake is out and about at your place.  Sleep with both eyes open hardo.

This Week in Trolling

What a couple weeks it has been.  CA has now safely re-opened so that weak link of this blog, Johnnie Does, can finally start reviewing food again.  Seriously that guy pulled off a bigger heist than the criminals did to EDD.

Well, here we go. Let’s start with a story:

I left a copy of the Babylon Bee’s recent article about Gavin Newsom giving 5 lucky winners in the vaccine lottery a free U-Haul to move out of state.  The Babylon Bee is a satirical publication; call it a rightwing version of The Onion.  Well, a certain colleague walked by and felt he needed to read it. He bought it hook, line, and sinker.  He asked why the Governor would be paying for people to leave the state?  I responded saying well only 5 people are so lucky.  He became lost in thought wondering why we would shrink our tax base by choice, and with prizes funded by taxpayers like him to boot.  I told him think of it this way, getting the shot could get you a one-way, all expenses paid trip to move out.  The only other “trip” in CA I am aware of involves the hippy grass and that is never free. 

But this story gets even better. I also had a copy of the “Here Are The Vaccine Incentives Being Offered In Each Of The 50 States” article by the same publisher.  He grabbed that article off my desk as well and said this is unreal.

Look at the freebies we are giving out!  I mean Arkansas was giving out a 12 pack of Busch Light and a scratcher for Christ sakes!  He bought it again folks, even saying Alabama offering free photos of you and your sibling’s wedding!  Oklahoma is offering free horseback lessons with Liz Warren!  The list was so funny as well as preposterous!   Michigan offering a free abandoned house?  Minnesota free admission to the police academy?  But he bought it. Even Connecticut giving away “a crappier version of what New York is giving away.”  Not to be outdone as I was trying to convince him this was satire, I showed the article saying “Putin, puts sign on Joe Biden’s back saying “if found return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”  He still bought it.  For a while, I thought I was being trolled but nope, he believed every outrageous syllable. I guess I will go ahead and say, Babylon Bee 2, New York Times 0, naïve folks 0. This was a brutal week for low information cable viewers.

I did follow-up with him, and he said he still believes that to be true.  To which I replied, well you got the vaccine, so you’re in the lottery, best of luck to you.  I still feel I was trolled!

US Women’s Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe becomes new Victoria’s Secret model/ambassador:  Rapinoe best known for saying “f**k Donald Trump” every chance she can, as well as speaking loudly about equal pay, BLM, and other anti-American rhetoric signed on after bad mouthing Victoria’s Secret for a couple years.  I guess if the check clears the bank… right? 

Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Photo courtesy of AMC’s TWD

Rapinoe will be joining Priyanka Chopra Jonas (a trans model) and someone named “Sampaio” as the new models.  They ditched the term “Angel” and these women are claiming they won’t be modeling skimpy underwear.  First of all, you couldn’t have picked either of Rapinoe’s more attractive teammates?  Like any of them?  Maybe favorites of the Troll such as Carli Lloyd or Alex Morgan?  Why an America hating troll?  Are they trolling me?  Look on a serious note, I get the whole inclusive thing and rape/sex culture thing, but if you are the best like top 5% of what you do, shouldn’t you be allowed to hit the red carpet?  I know Rapinoe likes a different kind of carpet, and that’s ok.  But like Top Serial Killers for example?  We can have Ted Bundy and co strut their stuff?  Just saying.  Last thing on Rapinoe, we will be exposing you’re really sad 180 you have done on all issues since Biden got elected, but hey if the check clears right!

The man who reported on Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch infamous tarmac meeting found dead:  Let me guess another suicide?  Married, 3 kids, seems like the suicide type, right?  Wanna bet it’s two bullet holes in the back of his skull? Since we are using the Babylon Bee as a trusted news source now, they are reporting if you know the Clintons you have an 843% higher chance of committing suicide.  Frankly if you know the Clintons or report on them what is their average lifespan?  I guess as soon as a thug takes them out! 

And….OMG NOOOOOO Kamala Harris just tweeted out Joe Biden has dirt on the Clinton’s…well congrats on becoming President Kamala!  We have not confirmed whether the tweet was sent out with her on her knees or not, we hope you stay tuned for those reports.

And finally for this week.  A US Senator Trolled far better than I ever could.  Seriously, Rand Paul tweeted this at Dr. Anthony Falsie after it was reported the publisher would not publish his book.  Just a classic burn by Senator Paul, maybe I have lost my fastball as a troll? 

Til next time, admire the lovely yet out of work Hope Hicks, Carli Lloyd, Alex Morgan, and Jen Anniston.

Editor’s Note: we have previously published photos of Hope Hicks and Jen Anniston for Troll so due to space considerations please views his previous posts for classic photos of these women. However, since he has added two more to the mix, I had to look them up and this is what I found for Carli Lloyd and Alex Morgan.

Alex Morgan too hot for the woke version of Victoria’s Secret
Carli Lloyd too hot for the woke version of Victoria’s Secret

Troll on Covid-19

By Troll

Gotta hand it to Gavin Newsom, or Comrade Newsom as he is known here. But he has a total read on this virus, so much so I would say he should add the acronym MD after his name! I mean look at what he has instilled to keep us unwashed masses safe from the ‘rona.

Banned indoor dining, apparently the virus only goes inside restaurants, it doesn’t affect those in tents outside.

Kept Indian Casinos open…. well I mean I guess the witch doctor knows it won’t enter a casino.

Closed gyms for indoor use, I guess once again this virus is attracted to indoors only, not the outdoor workout areas.

Can’t swim at the OUTDOOR pool at the gym, but you can use the city owned Wackford Water Park!

Can’t congregate at the local speakeasy, yet you can take your booze to go from a restaurant! MADD must just be trilled.

You can’t get a haircut inside, yet outside is ok …. what about all those chemicals used to dye, color, polish etc. girls nails and stuff? I guess we can overlook that.

Banks have strict social distancing requirements leading to very long lines outside the building, I guess Newsom wants us to go full Venezuela circa 2000. BTW what is this about a coin shortage?

Closed wineries unless you buy food…. Huh? remember again bars are closed with no food option allowed. By the way Plump Jack Winery in Napa, is still open, it happens to be owned by Comrade Newsom. He obviously thinks his own rules are silly.

Workers social distancing at Plump Jack Winery

Speaking of Plump Jacks anyone seen Hope Hicks lately?

Customers at Plump Jack Winery beat the ‘rona by dining outdoors

You cannot play basketball or use the jungle gym at the local park where your property tax is spent, but you can play soccer or have a picnic. This virus seems very selective with whom it impacts!

County lines are also a red line in the sand for this virus, while it is active in Sacramento, Yuba, Sutter, Placer and San Joaquin county, it does not enter El Dorado County. I cannot quite figure that out. it’s not like Comrade Newsom is buying a house there….oh wait he is! Equipped with a fence, and guards. I mean can we get that at the border!!!!!!!!

Schools are closed for indoor learning, but fear not, your children can use Zoom to meet with their teachers and study, with breaks given to raid the cookie jar or liquor cabinet pending the age of said child.

Fear not the beaches are open, because apparently the ‘rona avoids hot women in bikinis like the plague, no chance it spreads there.

If you want to shake hands, please don’t, but if you want a Tinder hook up Dr. Falsie says its ok. Notice he left out Grindr the hook up app for gays…is Falsie a bigot? Tune in at 11 for more on this report!

Oh, and since this blog will likely be posted on the Sabbath, thank god churches are closed for indoor services, wouldn’t want the ‘rona affecting folks who socially distanced and wore masks. However, the Comrade is allowing outdoor services (except weddings or funerals), and our priest said we can attend and bring water and a blanket to sit on. So, I guess this is like the Civil War redux? Am I allowed to fire up the BBQ and put some brats on for after the 11 am service on Sunday?

This is so sad and wrong. Literally folks in 30 years will be laughing at us, and this will be the legacy of quite a few generations. Hence you think this is a far-rightwing blog written by a fringe knucklehead? The Blog Father and I are a decade or two apart and we seem to see eye to eye more often than not.

Oh, by the way, I have come up with new nicknames for the leadership of this state and county regarding this virus.

Heimrich HimmlerGavin Newsom as we must praise him at every turn, cross or disobey him and you will be shut down and never seen again!

Josef GoebbelsDr. Peter Beilenson, Goebbels was Hitler’s propaganda minister, we at the blog knew this but want to make sure its archived since we seem to be erasing history at a faster pace than the polar ice caps are melting.

Until next time, keep your eyes on the plump jacks of Hope Hicks….

The Troll

Troll on the News April Edition

I am back…. I self-quarantined with photos of Hope Hicks and microwaveable frozen foods during these troubling times. Thankfully, I was able to avoid catching Covid-19 at my local place of worship. Oh, and by the way “Pope Francis” why were you so scared of this virus transmitting that you cancelled church? Did it occur to you during your ritual of Communion (I would call it a rite, but you took the rights of Catholics away to receive communion) you refer to the wine as “The blood of Christ” as in we drink his blood? Anyways here we go…….

Two inmates released early from jail re-arrested: Color me shocked! Shocked! You mean to say violent folks deemed a threat to society when released early may commit another crime? Maybe we need Harvard or Yale to commence a study on this. I am sure this is a setup, look at how nice these folks look!

Rocky Lee Music, 32, walked out of Santa Rita Jail in Dublin at around 8pm on Sunday. Before 9pm, he had allegedly carjacked a motorist and was hauled off back to jail.

Oh, and what exactly is a Rocky Lee Music, I find that hard to believe that was a given name.

Fake Meat now on the Menu at many Chinese Restaurants:

On Wednesday, Beyond Meat started selling its plant-based food in China through thousands of Starbucks cafes.

Fast-food chain KFC said it will also start trialing fake chicken nuggets from next week.

Well I know at one point they needed 5,000 urns in Wuhan Province alone for the dead, I guess the wet markets had left over “human byproducts to process.” This is the key to a good fake meat because honestly who knows what that stuff is supposed to taste like. We all know Soylent Green is people, but now we know from where.

Lysol Parent Company urges folks not to inject their products: As much as I want to say this was satire, it actually happened via a press release, but in a world where young people eat Tide Pods, and huff spray paint or glue, and aquarium chemicals, I guess you better get out in front of it. The release tries to blame Trump; however, I can’t see many of Trump’s supporters being so stupid, the Bernie folks however……

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer creates a COVID-19 Task Force: Its sole purpose is to look into why so many minorities are dying of Corona. Yeah, I’m just glad this reasonable person is worried about her constituent’s well-being. The most salient issue of this virus is why it kills black and brown people yet ignoring that those 2 demographics are people who tend to smoke/drink to excess. But I’m sure this mission critical committee will tie this to Trump. I can see the headline now “Trump diet of Filet O’Fish and Big Macs, caused him to fart out COVID-19, and it mutated to kill minorities since Trump hates them so much.

An Australian physician recently addressed the concern that farts could theoretically spread COVID-19 by propelling minute particles of coronavirus-infected feces ? like the way a cough can spread droplets containing the virus.

Dr. Norman Swan recommended during a podcast for the Australian Broadcasting Corp. that citizens shouldn’t fart “close to other people” or “with your bottom bare.”

Stephen Colbert Has A Gas With Doctor’s Warning On Farts Spreading Coronavirus

Heiress to “Hot Pockets” wants to serve jail sentence at home: She is supposed to serve 5 months in jail, likely to be let out in 3, apparently other folks in jail have tested positive and she, living a life of privilege, feels she doesn’t have to play by the rules. Sorry Toots, every time I bought “Hot Pockets” half off as a young lad, I always paid full price in the morning. As far as I am concerned, Corona is a fair punishment for the price your customers paid. Janav’s paid Rick Singer (college admissions scandal) a hefty fee to make her daughter seem like a beach volleyball recruit….so apparently her daughter’s resume was as fake as the meat in said Hot Pockets!!!!

AOC only Democrat to vote against COVID-19 relief package: How does that song go…”and the waitress is practicing politics, and the bartender slowly gets stoned???” I think either can describe AOC and sometimes she may even do both at the same time and hallucinate herself. That is one dumb broad.

Colin Kaepernick pledges 100,000 to aid Black and Brown Communities during Coronavirus: Maybe he would be a good fit on Governor Whitmer’s committee? Why do I have a feeling if a white person donated 100k to help the white community it wouldn’t go over as well?

Land O’Lakes removes Indian Girl from Packaging: Let me guess, the White people kept the land!!!!! This is unreal! An outrage! Fear not fellow readers I’ve spoken to “The Chief Blogger” and his people plan to build an Indian Casino on that land!

Since Lent is over, more Hope Hicks for you all to see!!!!!