Author: The Troll

News Reactions for June 2019: By Troll

June 26, 2019

Sen-Elizabeth Warren supports reparations for Native Americans saying they should be “part of the conversation.” Love this move by Warren, great to see her taking care of her own people first! She is the definition of salt of the earth, a very hard working common person! I just hope a mosquito doesn’t suck the 0.000000000000135% […]

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News Reactions for May 2019 By Troll

May 27, 2019

“What’s up ya bastads. It’s me, the troll. My folks are gone for the three-day weekend, so I’m back for my take on the news that needs abuse.” Rep. Jarrold Nadler faints while at a news conference with Bill De Blasio. I guess he was reacting live after reading the non-redacted Mueller Report!? Must stink […]

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News Reactions: By Troll

March 23, 2019

Bloggers note: Troll loves to crawl out from under his bridge and no one is immune from his satirical attacks! He will react to the news and give his award-winning commentary. First up: The College Bribery scandal Troll says: The real winner here is University of Southern California (USC) this is the first time they […]

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