Democrats have a Bernie Problem Again

As Yogi Berra would say “Its Déjà vu all over again!” The liberals have found themselves in the same conundrum as 4 short years ago. Their solution, rigging the primary process against one of their own. As you may recall last presidential cycle, the unelected or voted on, so-called “super delegates”, were aligned solidly behind Himmler Hillary Clinton before a single primary vote was cast. The “super delegates” represent 1/3 of all convention delegates. So even in states where Bernie Sanders won more votes, Clinton continued to get more delegates to the Democrat convention. No result was more clearly rigged than West Virginia. Sanders won the primary with 51.41 percent to Clinton’s 35.84 percent, but Clinton ended up with more delegates than Sanders.

Bernie decried this process as rigged and the power brokers made some “behind the scenes changes” to make things appear on the up and up; however, this same disconnect between the popular vote and the delegate count continued in state after state. This time, Democrats are playing their same games, just using a different playbook page this time around.

You see Bernie is a problem that will not go away for the Democrats. He has a fiercely loyal following and they show no signs of playing nice with the establishment’s nominee. Think Woodstock, but far, far worse. Bernie is similar to Trump in some ways; he calls a spade a spade, and the insiders don’t like it very much. He is a powerful force within the Party that most refuse to admit… as stated here before, his supporters either sat out 2016 or voted for Trump as a protest vote. Truth be told, Bernie never really endorsed Clinton, and as you saw last night, there is no love lost between them. Hillary lobbed some verbal grenades at the socialist from Vermont.

“Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician,” she said. “It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it.” Asked by The Reporter recently if that assessment still held, she replied, “Yes, it does.”

‘Nobody Likes Him’: Hillary Clinton Risks a Party Split Over Bernie Sanders

You see establishment Democrats have always viewed the presidency as a throne and thought of themselves as a political family (think mafia). In essence, certain political families look at the White House as their entitlement; hence, it’s my turn now*…everyone else step aside. Don’t believe me…look at the actions of the 2016 primary. The Clinton’s called in every favor possible, from super delegates, party power brokers, insiders, and any and all media to get her across the finish line. Oddly enough, the only place Bernie claimed he was treated fairly was on Fox…oh the irony.

Fast forward 4 years and the same set of issues plagues the Democrats. Bernie remains a force, but the “next in line” is Joe Biden, a horrendous failure of a candidate. So, once again the Democrats needed a plan of action, enter “fauxahontas” Liz Warren. Liz was needed because she and Bernie line up on most issues and the Democrats figure they can fight over the same 33% of the electorate in each state, thus leaving 67% for; Biden, Booty Judge, and Klobuchar to fight over. Then to their dismay enter billionaires Tom Steyer and Michael Bloomberg, money is no object to either of them. Again, they will be fighting over the same 67% as Biden. The plan failed, after Warren saw a surge in the polls, she was scalped by Bernie and is now in the mid/low teens in Iowa.

That split over what direction the party should take is now a major issue in the current primary, with Mr. Sanders arguing for the full-throated leftist agenda and others counseling moderation. At the same time, he is engaged in a standoff with his liberal ally in the 2020 race, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts…

So, a new plan was needed to help Biden cross the finish line, so Comrade Nancy Pelosi held the impeachment papers for over a month in the House to ensure Biden’s victory. This plan will work because impeachment puts Amy Klobuchar, Liz Warren, and Bernie Sanders in a spot where they must report back to DC as William astutely pointed out. This allows Joe to barnstorm Iowa and likely emerge as the victor. Keep in mind, the goal is not just for Joe to win Iowa, it’s for him to win it somewhat convincingly, so everyone can get behind the “presumptive nominee.”

The Democrats are already floating the narrative only Joe can beat Trump. Their surrogates have latched on to this narrative and are hammering away at Bernie supporters daily. Problem is that Bernie is 78 and is basically your senile grandparent at the family reunion who is still mad about schools being de-segregated. He knows this is his last stand and doesn’t intend to go quietly. Bernie knows he should be winning Iowa, and now he is forced to sit in meaningless impeachment hearings where every minute of his observations and any questions he asks, or comments he makes will be closely scrutinized. He is in a no-win situation. Quietly I think Democrats hope this carries on for a few weeks so he loses in New Hampshire and Nevada as well so he can be persuaded to throw in the towel. However, he won’t, remember he is 78 and knows this is the last hurrah.

Hillary Clinton on Sanders, “She worries he will not drop out of the race even if it becomes clear he cannot win the nomination, a situation that could exacerbate divisions in the party.

On Twitter, the hashtag #ILikeBernie became a top trending topic. Many supporters pounced on Mrs. Clinton’s remarks, arguing that she remained out of touch with the working-class Americans who back Mr. Sanders.

No apologies, no backing down, the scorn and hatred that all of official Washington D.C. and the Democratic Party has for him and his supporters is his closing case,” Will Menaker, a host of the progressive podcast Chapo Trap House, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “They are corrupt and evil, they hate him and they hate you because you are not.

Trust me folks it will be fun to watch the next several weeks, because Bernie is going to come unhinged…not just with his policies but towards the establishment in his Party. Bernie is going to burn the whole thing to the ground, even if that means Trump gets a second term. He knows Joe Biden stands for nothing more than status quo, and if Biden wins, his policies of socialism will be ignored. His supporters know this, hence why they either sat it out or voted for Trump last time. Too bad this all could have been avoided…all Hillary had to do 4 years ago was look at Bernie before the first debate started and ask the moderator “Why is he allowed to be up here when he is a registered socialist?” “I must be in the wrong room, I thought this was the Democrat Party debate?” Bernie would have never recovered, instead the Democrats created this monster…one they have no idea how to contain or silence.

Bernie is not settling for VP or a cabinet position folks, it’s going to be a fun few weeks.


* Editor’s Note: Both parties have candidates that lay claim to “its my turn now.” These folks are the consummate politic insiders. Republicans experienced this phenomenon in candidates like Bob Dole and John McCain. They also had the Bush family (George HW, George W, Jeb). Democrats had the Kennedys (John, Bobby, Ted) and in recent years have the Clintons (Bill & Hillary). Joe Biden is making that claim in the current cycle. Often dynasty is used in the media to identify such a claim by a member of a well connected political family.