Trump Impeached….CRA Rejoices!

BY Mr. X

Yes, folks you read that correct. After Ted Cruz led the charge to allow witnesses to testify at the impeachment trial, Donald Trump was impeached and removed from office. Cruz was instrumental in getting John Bolton to reveal all kinds of dark secrets about “the Donald” such as the role of former KGB leader Vladimir Putin interfering in the 2016 election, the truth about the Steel Dossier, and the withholding of foreign aid to Ukraine.

Putin will be tried in the International Court for war crimes/election fraud alongside Trump, with Ted Cruz doing the prosecuting. Bolton has been re-instated as National Security Advisor and we are preparing a military operation called “Bomb Iran.” Lt. Col. Vindman will now head up Central Command of all US forces, with James Comey reinstated as FBI Director. For their role in the proceedings, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler have been inserted into the Supreme Court, with Kavanaugh and Gorsuch being removed since the election was overturned.

Alexander Vindman

Whilst you gathered in a local Burger King ball pit to celebrate and donned your BK crown hat, the stock market has collapsed. Corporations are now outsourcing jobs by the tens of thousands. We now teach Mandarin in our public schools since we work for the Chinese now. Unemployment is rising, and Trump’s signature tax hikes have been ruled unconstitutional. Fracking is illegal, and healthcare is being rationed. All is well in your world, you can go back to fighting smart meters, fight for Second Amendment rights, and despising the Clinton’s while watching the latest installment of Hannity. We may not have prosperity or economic freedom but that’s ok because Trump is gone, and all can be right with the world again.

CRA Celebrates Trump’s removal at Burger King ball pit

Only one problem, Trump was acquitted. The only true turncoat in the Senate was Mitt Romney who your organization overwhelmingly supported for President in 2012.

Mitt RINO Romney

Your anointed Christ and Savior, Ted Cruz, actually fought tooth and nail for Trump…ouch that has to bite! Rand Paul, another favorite, tried to get the whistleblower named, he also helped Trump.

Your coalition is gone, your group hasn’t been relevant in decades. You buy pizza covered in meat for your meetings, ignoring any member who, due to religious beliefs, cannot eat it. You support under qualified drifter candidates for local office, ignoring races where your support could be useful. You no longer have activists just a bunch of unemployed/retired folks only interested in gun issues, smart meters, opposing 5G networks and Common Core, or other “tin foil” issues. Ask yourselves, does your admission criteria say the following: Have you never supported a winning campaign? Have you committed multiple FPPC violations? Have you been out of work for 20+ years? Do you watch way too much cable news? Is Ted Cruz your true Lord and Savior? If you answered Yes; then welcome to the CRA. Just pay your dues and be sure to support our preferred candidates.

Too bad for you that Trump was acquitted. Your sole-purpose in life is over and you know it. You despised the orange man and actively supported and hoped for his removal. Worse yet, you would have preferred another Clinton in the White House? Even the Obama’s didn’t want that! Worse yet, now I hear you drifters are claiming to support Trump…what a joke.

TRUMP 2020 you losers!


CRA Loses again as John Bolton gets Fired!

I want to retire and live in peace, I really do. I left California and just want to enjoy my golden years…but I saw CRA champion, John Bolton, called Rudy Giuliani a hand grenade! I decided to pull the pin and throw it back.

Blogger note: Bolton was recently fired as National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump. Technically I guess you can say he resigned, but those in the know are aware he was told to leave.

Exit Bolton and now we have the Ukraine whistleblower BS. Anyone want to take bets Bolton is square in the middle of it? Now that he was removed, his sour grapes are showing. Oh, and the CRA’s have been showing since Trump got elected the nomination. By the way, does anyone even attend your local meetings? I have been told you are resorting to bribes of free lunch or dinner to get delegates to conventions now….SAD!

You could stand to learn a lesson or two from this; Trump is here to stay, and if I were him, I wouldn’t want your pointless, worthless endorsement. Trump got elected despite your best efforts; however, due to the influence that you out of touch whackos have on the Republican Party, he had to put several of your people into the White House cabinet just to keep you at bay.

Trump is not a politician. This is a key factoid you miss every day. He is beholden to no one and he actually wants to make America back into a country that is a world leader and being treated fairly. He views himself as the chairman and his cabinet as working directly for him, and he will show them no blind loyalty.

CRA motivational flyer as seen at Stop Trump call center

Bolton, in so many ways, sums up your pathetic existence. You both have values and beliefs rooted circa 1970. Why is every military engagement since Vietnam a perverse reenactment of the same failed policies? Bolton, like so many of you, are Neo-Cons who feel a need to engage in every war, topple every foreign government, and purchase every large, budget-busting military contraption out there–even if the military doesn’t want it. Seems like Bolton and Neo-cons can’t pass-up any shiny new toy no matter how impractical. Bolton finally got whacked from the only work he has ever know, working in “police the world” positions in every GOP Whitehouse for the last 30 years.

Look at some of your out of touch positions that have led to 28 plus years of horrible foreign policy issues. The CIA and the State Department have misread foreign governments for years, forcing us to keep our troops there, and costing us untold lives. Why don’t other countries pay their UN dues? How about NATO? Where are the foreign countries’ troops and monetary aid helping us occupy other countries? Iran Nuke deal? Paris Climate Accord? Kyoto Protocol? Those just empowered Russia, China, India, and Pakistan. What about pulling out of the Middle East? Who likes us and who hates us over there? I have lost track. Why are we patrolling unfriendly skies and sea lanes for our so-called allies when they are unwilling to do anything for themselves?

I will tell you one thing I know for a fact, Bolton would have never left Syria and I bet not a single one of you CRA folks would disagree. The Neo-Con moves of yesteryear are over. Trump has seen enough. He is on to the double dealing going on. Now you CRA folks are acting like Bolton is some statesman? Give me a break!

Look on the bright side, with William Weld running against Trump, there may be a chance after all (Currently, Vegas odds are 1/0). To win, the CRA needs to get their heavy hitter “Dream Team” involved, the gruesome twosome from South Sacramento. You know, the leader who has never won any campaign and the treasurer who has thus far notched two FPCC violations. Oh and while you’re at it, consider tossing in that social media guy that works for a fifth. Such a combination of talent sounds like the beginning of a winning plan to me.

Mr. X

CRA Finds its 2020 Ticket

Just when everyone thought the CRA was dead, they come back with a vengeance like never before. They have no more use for Ted Cruz since he has signaled that he wants to work with Trump. Other saviors like Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney (yeah you endorsed him too) were taking a pass on challenging Trump in the primary. Despite these setbacks, you got good news last week. Justin Amash a little-known Republican from Michigan called for Trump’s impeachment.

Justin Amash

Mr. Amash is endorsed by the Tea Party, and the CRA loves him because, like Tom McClintock, he claims to vote “NO” on everything. Amash claims he read the Mueller Report and there is substantial evidence to begin impeachment proceedings, (heavy emphasis on claims to have read by the way). Amash doesn’t know it, but he found a friend in every dues paying CRA member. Amash is–so far–the only Republican member of the House to call for impeachment. I’m sure the CRA couldn’t be more proud. I think Amash will be the newly endorsed candidate for a 2020 primary challenge, I hear the ballots are already being made up.

As for a VP slot, word is that this is already locked-up by retired “judge” Andrew Napolitano (R-Fox News). The T.V. judge earned this honor for his take that the Mueller Report when added to Trump’s subsequent bizarre interview can only mean that things don’t look good for Trump. He concluded that “impeachment is on the table.” He is likely a household name with the CRA, and a Fox News contributor to boot.

Napolitano, by the way, was suspended as a contributor for essentially making things up about said Mueller Report while working at Fox. Sounds like a great CRA member and a candidate to boot! Napolitano, when he appears on Fox, just blows a bunch of hot air, which as long as it doesn’t travel through a Smart Meter makes him a winner for the CRA.

I’m glad the group is turning things around. With the departure of Ted Cruz from the reservation, I feared for the safety of their members…. suicide is painless but it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

Editor’s Note: Suicide is Painless would be a great campaign theme song for Amash and da Judge since it hasn’t been heard since MASH was cancelled in 1983. It also describes the political result of Republicans opposing Trump. Maybe the campaign song’s lyrics should include the line, “NeverTrumpers are brainless, political suicide isn’t painless.”

However, as a word of caution, to install this ticket you will need to impeach both Trump and Pence. There are many ways to do this, but I recommend changing the Senate rules because you need the GOP majority to remove the President…but I digress.

I must admit I’m disappointed the CRA couldn’t come around on Trump. I know he never banned Smart Meters, and hasn’t gone far enough on abortion yet, but this new ticket Is the answer to all your issues. Amash/Napolitano “Change you will get.”

The best part is that due to the ineffectiveness of the CRA and California Republican Party, all Amash and da Judge have to do is release their tax returns and they will be the only Republican Presidential candidates on the California ballot.

In a revival of legislation that former governor Jerry Brown vetoed in 2017, the California Senate has passed a bill that would deny access to the state’s 2020 presidential primary to any candidate who hasn’t disclosed five years of personal income tax returns.

California Threatens to Ban Trump From 2020 Primary Ballot Unless He Releases Tax Returns

Bloggers note: We here at are sorry you never got behind Trump as witnessed by your sheep voting in mass to endorse Cruz when he had NO MATHEMATICAL WAY OF WINNING THE DELEGATES REQUIRED! We also get it that you hate the man. Think about how things would have gone should Hillary have won…. Liberal leaning Supreme Court, Obamacare with no chance of repeal, and all-around chaos involving her. Move on, Trump is here to stay.


Short Bus Shortage Scandal Last Weekend

My apologies for the long hiatus, but over the weekend I heard there was a shortage of short school buses in California, so I needed to investigate.

Turns out the short yellow buses were needed for transportation to the CRA convention, conveniently located in the nation’s capital Sacramento.

For the CRA–Sacramento is our Nations Capital

Before either of the South Sacramento members complain about this being untrue….. I still get emails from you despite not being a dues paying member for several years! Oh by the way, Corresponding Secretary Jorge Riley AKA the “Drunken Jedi” sent out that very email….. not a member of the Exec board caught it. The convention took place at a local Discovery Zone in Sacramento which is funny because neither the CRA nor Discovery Zone has been relevant in about 30 years.

The CRA had the back room rented out so if you wanted a sausage pizza, it was free but cheese would cost some money…again ironic as the CRA slogan should be “where’s the beef?”

Delegates and bus drivers were told to stop at a local Burger King to be sure to pick up their crown…because in the CRA anyone who pays can be king for a weekend!

CRA Delegate being certified

Unfortunately, the CRA didn’t qualify for the group rate since you need to have more than 50 members actually in attendance. Truth be told, I doubt they even have 50 dues paying members anymore. For all I know, they likely rented the ballroom by the hour similar to how one may rent a Motel 6 these days. The speak series actually wasn’t that bad; Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, and Tomi Lahren….oh wait, they were at the conventions that are actually relevant. CRA was stuck with the usual group of back benchers and no names that make the convention ticket so worthwhile. But hey…you got a rubber chicken for lunch…so?

I haven’t been able to find out much about the program, and I actually am curious….. are smart meters still being outlawed? Is a resolution to impeach Donald Trump still being bandied about? Has Ted Cruz begun hiring staffers for a 2020 run? Or since the meeting was held in the “Nations Capital” are we planning a “CalExit?”

How come the “Ronald Reagan Freedom Fighter Award” was given to Thomas Hudson?

Tom Hudson–CRA’s 2019 Freedom Fighter Award winner

What exactly has CRA Predident Hudson done to deserve this? The facial hair does look nice on him but I must have missed him prosecuting the Park Brothers for their malfeasance, or helping us win back seats lost previously to Democrats, or hold the electeds accountable, or maybe hold the statewide party accountable? Sadly, none of the above. This award first bestowed upon the great Lt. Col. Oliver North who went to jail for defending American interests has been rendered as a useless as a participation trophy.

Oliver North CRA’s first Freedom Fighter Award recipient

Good news for Mr. Hudson, I heard second prize was an all-expenses paid trip on a longer school bus to Fresno…so I’d say he did alright.

Short Yellow bus to Fresno

As far as officer elections go, there was a slate of officers running on the “Make the CRA Great Again” mantra…how cute, since you never endorsed Donald Trump and actually cannot stand the guy! I am not aware of any board elections worth a darn that were contested so I guess the elections went well as the deck chairs were re-arranged and all is back in order.

CRA’s deck chairs are now ready for two more years

The worst part of the convention, per the Facebook posts on the event, were the election of minor offices–presumable Senate District Directors. Ironic that the folks that demand voter integrity for the rest of us had to hold multiple elections for minor offices to get a valid ballot count. Cynics might even say this happened so they could get the results that they wanted. However, I thinks its more charitable to think that the organizers didn’t know what they were doing. No word if Patrick J Buchanan was on the ballot.

CRA recount of botched election

Best part of the convention? The Drunken Jedi was stumbling around and giving away free samples of his latest vintage. But if anyone was curious, it was safely stowed away in his backpack. While some may call this drunk in public…I just call it a CRA convention, just a bunch of enablers helping a dying man along the way to meet his maker. I do wonder if he believes his maker is really Makers Mark but oh well.

Bill Cardoza was able to attain a symbolic position, which is unfortunate, because I think he should have been elected leader, what better object to symbolize the CRA than a spineless do nothing?


Fear not, the short buses were loaded up with the sheep and they returned safe and sound to their destination and will re-focus on helping derail the Trump agenda one day at a time.

The CRA: Beyond Election Night and Shambling Towards 2020

I think I speak for the entire rest of the country in extending a hearty thank you to the CRA. Their piss poor performance on election night has only bolstered the ranks of other state’s Republican Party rolls. Sadly, the CRA “leadership” —I guess that is still a thing—likely feels they are doing a mighty fine job. The Republican Party was decimated at every level and the CRA was more than happy to be the ship’s captain. Not a single statewide candidate got over the 40% threshold; keep in mind one of the most liberal politicians ever was on the top of the ballot. Down ballot we did even worse as a party. However, I don’t want to focus on the CAGOP for this blog—we all know they lack any competence—I want to focus on the group that calls itself the “conscious” of the Republican Party.

I used to be a CRA board member, so I am keenly aware of the ins and outs of the CRA. I can tell you as much as they may blame “vote harvesting” or “same day registration” or pick any other excuse, the fault lies with them. Since I know many of them read this blog, I will offer up undebatable concrete examples of their incompetence.

First their opposition to all things Jeff Denham. I will stipulate that Denham is not perfect, but the CRA wanted no part of him and never endorsed him. As a result, he finally lost his seat. Sadly, it’s a seat we will likely never get back. Many in the CRA saw this as a chance to be rid of a congressman whose first vote as a member would be for a Republican speaker! Appears that wasn’t good enough for the CRA!

Look at some of the Orange County based seats…. Several years ago, these seats were all easy victories for the good guys; that was until the CRA started meddling. As a result of their interference, additional seats were lost, again most of these seats were lost for good. Rohrabacher’s seat we can likely win back, but not the others. Hopefully the CRA stays far away from that race since it could be winnable without their meddling. As far as the legislative races, we lost a seat we should have had no issue keeping and lost a few more again due to CRA meddling. All in all, it was a disaster on election night, however I think the CRA spent the night celebrating! I’ll get in to that below.

The biggest issue with the CRA has been their evolution (or should I call it intelligent design?) The CRA used to be the premier volunteer organization in the entire state. We sent forth an army of volunteers and we tipped many races in our favor! We held our elected officials accountable and vowed to hold the other side in contempt! Then something changed, we became a club. We were no different from the CAGOP which we used to view as the moderate machine! We even branded ourselves as a sane version of the Tea Party after they were corrupted and taken over by Republican political consultants—can you say Sal Russo?

What is a top political operator, who owns a multimillion-dollar lobbying firm and has had a hand in many of California’s crucial election campaigns since Ronald Reagan was governor, doing at the head of an anti-establishment grassroots phenomenon like the Tea Party movement?
Sal Russo is the brains behind one of the largest and most politically effective groups, the Tea Party Express. The movement exists to end what its followers call “business as usual” – the cosy club of politicians and vested interests in Washington.
Yet Russo himself could be said to come from precisely that same cosy club.

Sal Russo: From establishment politics to the Tea Party Express

Now CRA is just the old guard club. It is the political equivalent to the VFW; just a bunch of old, used-up soldiers sitting around tell war stories of the glory days of their youth. From that time to now, everything is different; I mean everything. I’m glad I left when I did.

Nowadays, CRA meetings consist of the club President speaking for hours at a time about mindless drivel like: lower government, less spending, tax cuts, and how over forty years ago Ronald Reagan called us the conscious of the Party. Heck, most voting age people in California weren’t even born when “The Gipper” uttered those words. Undeterred, CRA folks—like a cult using its mantra to focus power— say that conscious thing at every meeting. These days, they are never able to get a decent speaker and they have run off most of their membership. Heck you could put everyone attending my old CRA chapter’s month meeting in a corner booth at Denny’s and still have room for visitors.

You see, when you join the CRA you must be either completely nuts or very weak kneed; I’ll discuss the latter in a minute. On the topic of being completely nuts I mean that you are a one issue person who could care less about any other issue. I witnessed firsthand this group ignore a tax hike measure in Sacramento county and instead put all their effort behind an unwinnable school board race…by the way the tax failed by about one hundred votes, no thanks to the “conscious” of the Party which sat it out.

Now I will discuss the values and beliefs of this group. I call it “beliefs you can change in” because on paper, they have a plethora of issues; however, they never take a stand on them in some cycles and in others they act as if they picked that very issue to die on. For a group that claims to be based on principles, they are an inconsistent lot. Abortion tends to be a mainstay issue with these guys, even though there is little chance that Roe v Wade gets overturned outright—even if it did, nothing in California would change because Democrats covered that base decades ago… just in case. Taxes seem to be an issue that comes and goes, depending on what races they want to get involved with.

The CRA has a litmus test for both candidates and members that is enforced on a “when we feel like it” basis; however, if you support Donald Trump…you’re out. Support Jeff Denham…. you’re a moderate, support Ling Ling Chang…’re a gun grabber, the list goes on and on. They love to keep their members in check, however when it comes to holding candidates and elected officials accountable? Don’t count on the CRA.

The board members are the worst, they’ve been rotating deck chairs on the Titanic for a while now. It seems like a tradition to permanently expel officers by forcing them to walk the plank every few years and tell everyone that with a smaller crew, things will get better. CRA then celebrates their victory of principle, the opportunity for improvement, and the promise of better days ahead…but, it never arrives.

How about this for ways to treat your membership: conning delegates into traveling 2+ hours by car to an endorsement convention that features only 1 person running for said office! Talk about a waste of time and resources. Or conning a member to call the question about a candidate’s past or a rule change, only to have the floor pulled from under them by the same person who prompted them to call said question. Bylaws may keep the same wording from meeting-to-meeting but be interpreted differently by the same guys depending on what outcome leadership requires in a particular situation.

Johnny “Captain” Morgan, CRA savior?

Hopefully Johnnie “Captain” Morgan can turn this around, and by that, I mean fire the entire incompetent board immediately. I still would like to know how “The Wookie” and “Drunken Jedi” remaining on the board due to their myriad of issues.

Lastly, where is any sense of activism within your club? You have members in your group that claim to be “insiders” or “in the know” regarding local events. 9 times out of 10 you have no idea about the goings on. Two concrete examples, Governor Gavin Newsom in his inaugural address mentioned 2 tax increases he was going to propose with help from the super majority legislature, elected in no small part due to CRA incompetence. Has the CRA put out anything regarding these tax hikes? Do they even know about them? I would say “No” on both counts! The tax hikes for those of you wondering are a new tax on phones to fund a 911 system overhaul, and a tax on drinking water to help underprivileged communities. Only commentary out of the CRA is hopefully Ted Cruz is running in 2020. These are things the CRA should be out on front of…instead apathy, or maybe boycott Dick’s Sporting Goods since they want to ID people who buy guns?

Again ask yourself why would anyone join the CRA?

Let’s Check in with “The World-Wide Leader” ESPN

I am aware this is a political blog, but ever since ESPN waded into politics its only right to rain on their parade, and dance on their grave when they are down. We have chronicled in this space the past doings of John “The nasal dust sniffer” Skipper, so I wanted to check back in an see if things were going better under a new President. Newsflash, they are not, and this network will likely be doing another round of “cost cutting” soon. Jim Pitaro the new president, is basically going full George Costanza, and reversing every move Skipper made…..likely while he was on a cocaine bender, during his last year as president. Here is a snippet of what has happened in the past 3 weeks: Jemele Hill, decided to leave early, and had ESPN buy out the remainder of her contract. Hill is most known for calling the President a racist, and basically spewing her filth all over Twitter about how every white male is racist, and players in the NFL and NBA are so oppressed in today’s society.

The fact she was allowed to stick around for more than a year after her dust up with President Trump shows you how out of touch they are at ESPN, she was literally murdering the brand every possible chance she could. I still cannot get my head around this, players protesting how “oppressed” they are making more money in one game check then I will ever earn! Anyway, good riddance Jemele!

Now we will check in on the new show “Get Up” which was rolled out earlier this year. It is a 3-hour show for which they built a special studio in New York City. The show was going to talk sports but also have a Good Morning America type feel to it, so I figured they would mix in some news. The show has been a complete and utter disaster, only registering 300k viewers a couple dozen times, keep in mind “Rusty Rivets” on Nickelodeon earns more than 950 viewers in the same time slot.

Does it bother readers that Mr. X knows about Rusty Rivets?

Now think about this, in addition to paying many millions to build out the new studio, look at the salaries of the 3 hosts: Mike Greenberg who was a huge hit on Mike & Mike in the morning with ESPN (their most successful show by the way) makes 6.5 million a year. Michelle (if you give me a ride home I’ll give you a ride as well) Beadle makes 5 million a year. Jalen Rose a former NBA star and member of Michigan University’s Fab Five makes 3 million a year, I like Rose, he adds a lot to the broadcast, so he is not going to be the target of my fire. Greenberg used to be the quirky IT type guy on Mike & Mike to Mike Golic’s I’m a former football player, I know sports, what made them different made them great. He decided he wanted a move and now we have this disaster. Greenberg is also leading the let’s integrate politics into the news coverage at this network. Beadle, made big news a couple weeks ago, she announced she was not going to watch the NBA or NFL anymore….Bold move….hope it works out for you. Well it did not, she has been reassigned, very alpha move saying you were not going to watch sports, so you could give analysis and commentary based on those 2 sports. Just as a final side note, a show with this high salary and overhead needs at least 500k viewers to break even, keep in mind they can only get to 300k on a really good day.

Well a couple Fridays ago, ESPN announced Get Up would go from 3 hours to 2; again, keep in mind Friday is a slow news day and is a preferred day to announce bad news. In addition, ESPN executives gave a stern warning to the show hoping they can increase their ratings during football season; I do not see this occurring. The bottom line is this, ESPN got political, and similar to what happened at Dick’s Sporting Goods and now with Nike, alienate a fan base and your brand suffers irreparable harm. Times are different now from the past, we have a President who will remind his base daily that ESPN shows and defends players kneeling or sitting during our National Anthem. Those viewers have tuned out, preferring Fox Sports 1 which is on a very obscure channel, they will not be back. They think having Monday Night Football will bring viewers back into the fold, incorrect.

The most interesting part of the report looks into the next round of rights negotiations, with the report suggesting that ESPN should drop its “MNF” package in order to pursue “SNF” instead. The report calls Disney’s current “MNF” package a “rotten deal with … a cost/rating point ratio that is 260% to 400% more expensive than any other package.” The report goes on to say, “One of the more interesting theories that we still think has a higher probability of playing out is if Disney instead targets the more valuable, but lower-priced Sunday Night Football package, currently at NBC. We believe Disney should reclaim the Sunday primetime package by paying a significant premium to the existing costs. Even if they pay $900 million more per year, it is a better economic outcome than keeping MNF” (John Ourand, Staff Writer).

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM RATINGS: In N.Y., Richard Morgan wrote NFL ratings are “facing yet another brutal blitz this fall,” and analysts note this season’s ratings “could fall even faster as the league continues to grapple with a slew of ugly controversies that have turned off viewers.” BTIG media analyst Rich Greenfield said, “The downward trend in ratings is unavoidable—even though NFL ratings are outperforming the broader TV market” (N.Y. POST, 9/4).

Another NFL Ratings Drop Could Impact Nets’ Standing On Wall Street

Mark my words this show will be cancelled by the middle of next year, cracks have occurred in the foundation, and now the show has structural issues that are not repairable.

I think John Skipper just snorted a line of coke, have another ol’ Johnny you earned it!

Democrats Imploding Right In Front Of Our Eyes

The hearings began on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh today and this atmosphere resembled a Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal continually asking for the hearing to be adjourned…well because. Kamala Harris kept trying to delay the hearing on the basis the Democrats haven’t had enough time to read all the documents from his prior rulings. Elizabeth Warren ran for every open camera for chances to stop Kavanaugh and try to boost her attempted future Presidential run. Dick “Turban” Durban was at his very best as well, trying to delay the nomination hearings until next year, when Democrats may have a Senate majority. Here is the main problem with those 4 Senators, competence aside, they reside from; Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Connecticut. While quite a few people live and vote in those states, I don’t think the Americans who live and vote in the heartland of this country appreciate this one bit. Need some proof? Claire McCaskill of Missouri has been largely silent, Joe Manchin of West Virginia…silent, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota…nothing, Joe Donnelly of Indiana, also quiet. Make no mistake; these Senators know their constituents want the judge confirmed and the games to stop.

Interestingly enough Kavanaugh has released more documents from his past then all of the previous five judges nominated combined. The excuses about transparency need to stop. Kind of funny when two of the least qualified judges in the history of the Supreme Court were nominated, nary a Democrat had an issue with the lack of information. The bottom line is Kavanaugh has a nice family and they are being dragged through the mud by Democrat electeds and their paid for protestors. Why are these hearings open to the public? It has become a safety issue, make it press only, show it live on every news channel, but this is a disaster. Code Pink people interrupting, the Coyote Ugly chick being arrested, people screaming and causing outbursts, Kavanaugh didn’t ask for any of this. Worst yet, his family was present while going through this grilling.

The Democrats have only themselves to blame for this blow back. They changed the rules to shepherd the nomination and confirmation of both Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, now it’s coming back to bite them. They have politicized our judiciary, it started at the Supreme Court level but has now reached deep into the appellate judiciary as well. Judges should not be political at all, but this is what it is now. It’s a very horrible development. Useless, clueless Senators, and I’m talking both sides now by the way, get to pick apart humans who just so happen to be nominated for a federal judgeship for life. These are not elected positions, and these are not politicians. Things in a judge’s past not related to legal precedent or any past encounters with the law should be off limits! Somewhat ironic, these Democrats are going full tilt when they didn’t have a care in the world when Sotomayor or Kagan were nominated….no sir, they are thinkers and far smarter than any smelly Wal-Mart shopper who dared vote for Bush, McCain (well not anymore since he passed) Romney, or Trump. Bottom line, ask questions regarding his/hers opinion on set legal precedent all you want, but these interruptions and demonstrations showing no respect for decorum are over the line.

Take a look back at previous judges nominated by past Presidents and confirmed by the Senate; look closely at the vote totals. One party seems to not like to confirm the other party’s nominated judges….looking at the Democrats here. Heck Ruth Bader Ginsberg was confirmed like 96-0, and I don’t think anyone would call her a conservative! But Clarence Thomas…..Democrats decided there was no way a black conservative could be nominated anconfirmed so they went on a “high tech lynching” Thomas’ words not mine, and he went on to be confirmed 52-48. With Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy leading the charge. Neil Gorsuch replaced Antonin Scalia, so really no change on the court ideologically (more on this later) 55-45 even though he was rated more than qualified by nonpartisan groups. Don’t take my word for it look back at history, the Democrats seem to prefer to stonewall anyone from the other side.

Now on to the ideology of the Court, I love it when folks say its 5-4 conservatives with Kennedy as the swing vote. Not true, not many rulings are 5-4 believe it or not, most tend to be 7-2 especially since Kagan and Sotomayor joined. This is due to judges looking at past rulings and cases to dictate their rulings. The term constitutionalist or originalist applies here, when a case has been adjudicated such as Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court doesn’t just “vote on it” again. The case has to first be ruled on in a court, then a federal appeals court (think the 9th Circuit) then the ruling of that 3 judge panel can be appealed to the Supreme Court. Here is where a big hurdle comes into play. Before anything is even scheduled on the docket, the court needs to agree to hear the challenge, think death penalty cases, and the baker who refused service to the same sex couple. The Court often rejects cases; appeals regarding cruel and unusual punishment regarding the death penalty seem to be the most common. The reason for this is because most aspects of the death penalty have been well documented and finding a challenge these days will prove very difficult. If you need proof “democrat/liberal” justices also decline to halt the execution. This is why our judiciary works so well at the highest levels. These justices do not contact the RNC or DNC to find out how to vote, too bad not a single Democrat adult sees it that way. My point here being, a challenge to set law likely takes around 20 years to finally make it to the Supreme Court, and even then may not get a hearing, heck how many conservatives thought for certain the Unaffordable Care Act would be overturned? It was a “republican” who voted with the four liberal judges, also see gay marriage. This is because the judges decided set law was already in place and there was not precedent to overturn it.

Back to my central point, the Supreme Court is the final non-political arm of the government that we as Americans have to keep a check on those coconuts in DC. The Democrats are making this confirmation process a political theater and it is very sad. Having a Code Pink protestor interrupt thinking this judge will overturn Roe V Wade is just strange, the judges don’t vote….but then again liberalism is a disease so… I don’t know what they think. In all seriousness I recommend watching/listening to oral arguments involving the Supreme Court, the justices usually interrupt the Solicitor General (works for the White House) or the opposing council, stating case law already having been ruled on…it’s very interesting, Ruth Bader Ginsburg usually just sleeps, but when you’re like 500 years old I guess you earn that right. Oh by the way, the justices don’t “vote” they form their own legal opinion based on prior rulings and look for a consensus for a majority. When they form a consensus, the Chief Justice John Roberts (no relation to “The Chief Blogger”) who I believe is a satirical idiot writes the opinion for the Court, sometimes he can delegate this to an associate justice. If there is a dissenting opinion from the justices, they choose a justice to write the opposition, sometimes there can be multiple differing dissentions, in some cases justices arguing it went too far, and didn’t go far enough.

Don’t try to explain this to a liberal, they just assume Kavanaugh is a fire breathing, Roe V Wade opposing, gay marriage taking awaying, don’t need to cake baking, conservative who is retarded. He is so dumb he will be calling any Republican current or past president to find out how he should “vote” because he obviously cannot think for himself. Gorsuch will be doing the same by the way. Anyway it’s fun to watch this circus, literally unfold. My prediction….55-45 Kavanaugh is confirmed, maybe more so that now we have a real conservative….listen up Ted Cruz supporting sheep from CRA, John Kyle is back as a Senator from Arizona, so 52-48 at least, if that happens look for some GOP gains in November.

Government Regulations Gone Wild

Regulations come in many shapes and sizes and from every state in the Union, red states included; however, today I want to take a closer look at the devastating effects these regulations have on businesses.

Let’s take New York City’s famous, 32 oz. soda ban for example. With the stroke of a pen, if you owned a convenience store, you had to immediately remove any cups over 32 oz. from your store effective immediately. In addition to being a small business owner or franchisee, you are now an officer of the City Council. As such, it is your job (via your employees) to see to it no customer purchases a soda over 32 oz. Failure to adhere to this law will result in severe monetary penalties, potential jail time, and probably could lead to you losing your franchise. Government entities know no bounds these days. Never mind the fact you could still buy multiple quantities of 28 oz. drinks and still be in compliance. So much for banning large quantities of soda for human consumption. Also why just ban soda? Have you seen the ingredients list of a bottle of Sunny Delight? Or even some Iced Tea varieties? Those can have as much or more sugar then soda…..yet because orange juice and ice tea seem to be “healthy” they are spared the hammer from Big Government. This type of lunacy encourages folks to work for the government rather than in the private sector. Image having to run a business with all the heartache that causes, but now you must police your clientele and see to it they aren’t drinking too much soda.

The next example takes us to Soviet California where legislators (notice I didn’t just say Democrats, the GOP is complicit as well) devised a ban on single use plastic bags, like the ones you can get at a grocery store. Never minding the fact the company that produced those bags is located in California, they went ahead and banned anyway. So I guess they want to literally ban entire companies from doing business even in the state they call home. The ban passed at the ballot box with just token opposition. Now as a result we have ugly multiple use bags and paper bags that cost $.10 apiece. No one the Blog Father is aware of (I left California a while ago) actually remembers to bring these bags to the store with them which yields additional “revenue” for the stores.

Editor’s note: Grocery stores agreed to join environmentalists to support the ban as long as they got to keep the ten cents per bag and not give it to the State.

Despite efforts by the plastic bag companies, retailers will keep revenue from sales of alternative bags to cover the costs of complying with the ban, as outlined in Proposition 67.

Californians say farewell to the plastic bag

This ban was deemed necessary due to the quantities of these bags that ended up in your “lakes, rivers, streams, and alongside roadways” I call BS on this as I believe this was done simply to make life more difficult on smaller grocery chains and due to the fact the old bags were not biodegradable. I claim it affects the smaller stores the most due to the fact that they now have to renegotiate a contract with a supplier or terminate the agreement and find a new supplier, this is not easy. While a large chain like Wal-Mart, Safeway etc. would not find this very cumbersome. They are systematically killing business in California and this is just another nail in that coffin. Don’t be misled, this is a direct attack on private workers, the goal of the dictator Gavin Newsom is to eliminate all private sector jobs and replace them with government jobs. (Or at the very least government wants to control the means of production including picking winners and losers in the economy.) Get mad at me and don’t believe me if you will but while you are mad, they are taking away your rights and retirement plans! Yes, they are coming for your 401K’s very soon. The State wants to control every aspect of your life from conception to cremation.

Now let’s take a look at all the states that continuously want to raise the minimum wage for workers. This has led to automation. It’s no small error that in Arizona many McDonald’s fast food restaurants are fully automated now, with only 1 or 2 workers in the store. This has led to a full on automation craze that is killing entry level jobs and summer temporary jobs. The hallmark of a fast food or quick service business is to offer food and beverages as cheaply and quickly as possible. Paying every worker $15 an hour (plus government required benefits) no longer plays to the “cheap” aspect of the business so innovators decided they would create a machine to automatically cook in the kitchen and a kiosk to take your order. Again if you do not believe me that’s ok, but remember the TV commercials advertising a dollar menu? The same commercials I see now feature 5 dollar boxes. This is no coincidence. Can you blame the business owner?

The future of fast food

Strangely I feel this is the end game politicians want. They want people working for the government, and they want you comfortable in poverty, as well as be able to control every facet of your life. For example why must a child ride in a car seat until the age of 8? Do we not trust a parent’s ability to simply fasten a seat belt across said child’s lap? Why can’t a child order a soda if they want? We live in the most innovative country on the planet so why is it that a single use bag could not be replaced with a compostable one? Ditto on the new crazy—not being able to ask for a straw law recently enacted.

In summary the nanny state has failed us in several ways, first by banning certain things from our lives; incandescent light bulbs, plastic bags, straws, and soda being just the latest. In some cases these laws actually contradict each other, for example why not just buy two 20 oz. sodas? They banned the Big Gulp but not the smaller gulp. Didn’t California go through a rough drought a couple years ago, I thought they banned water from restaurants unless it was specifically asked for? Now they only want to offer water and milk to a child when they can just go back home and drink all the soda they want? So it’s okay for a child to order an entrée containing 2,000 calories but a soda is not okay? Don’t really get the logic there. By the way I am a supporter of calorie counts existing on a menu as it gives you the chance to re-think your options, not take it away. Regarding those plastic bags, I have heard it from multiple people that take-out places, Home Depot as well as a few other big box retailers still use the single use bags. I guess the rule applies only to evil grocery stores, not everyone else.

Riddle me this: one California law says no water at restaurants while another says only water can be offered

Finally I want to discuss some aspects of our lives that could use regulation, but never will be. I want to give two very concrete examples; tanning beds and smoking. Let’s start with tanning beds, they offer little benefit in the health benefit category, actually zero, and can result in skin cancer issues later in life. Perhaps there is not enough public ire to make politicians act but for health reasons alone tanning beds should be banned. Cigarettes also have zero health benefit, worse yet it is well known they cause cancer and will kill you eventually. Not to mention the fact they litter our streets far more than single use plastic bags and expose people around you to harmful second hand smoke. The reason for this is obvious…tax revenue. Almost 70% of the cost to purchasing cigarettes goes towards taxes, state, local etc. These are two very easy things that could be regulated, but the power of the almighty dollar wins out. Isn’t the real reason pot is legal is to get more tax revenue?

How about this doppelganger of political schizophrenia; the same state that brought you the plastic bag ban and the outlawing of straws, was considering a bill that would keep bars open and serving alcohol until 4 am, thankfully this bill didn’t pass. It is ironic, they want to keep the streets and lakes free of bags and prohibit children from ordering sodas, because, soda causes diabetes, but simultaneously, they want to allow you to hit the bars until 4. So I guess they are okay with you drenching your sorrows and then risking killing yourself or someone else driving home under the influence; but then again, I get it, once again, it’s about government revenue.

PS If no girl’s ugly after 2 AM, what purpose does 4 AM serve?

Trump’s Opportunity in Chicago

Chicago has been in the news quite a bit lately, for all the wrong reasons.  There has never been a better chance for the Republicans to make a difference and their voice and message heard in the inner cities of this country.  By making a difference I don’t mean blow fire breathing right wing rhetoric at them, I want us to lay out how the Democrats have literally enslaved them once again.

First a little background, Chicago has been the homicide capital of the United States for about 5 years running, more disturbing is the lack of arrests for said homicides.  This goes hand in hand with the culture of “not snitching” so as a result, murderers and gangs are free to continue roaming the streets.  Some neighborhoods on the south and west sides of the city could actually be declared war zones since killings and drug abuse so rampant.  Keep in mind on the rare chance authorities catch the perp that an illegal weapon is usually found on them such as: a tommy gun, sawed off shotgun, grenade, brass knuckles etc.  Keep in mind again, Illinois has some of the toughest gun laws, maybe we should enforce the current laws on the book rather than passing more restrictive ones on its citizens?  Frankly if I was in Chicago I would open carry a weapon just to serve as a deterrent.

The heart of the issue:
Many who live in the inner cities of this country feel hopeless, stuck in bad neighborhoods.  Most grew up in societies with no father figure in their life.  As a direct result they found their father figures by joining a local gang.  Schools in the inner city are horrible, this is due to school funding rules; however, there is a lack of a charter school as an option as well, again due to teacher unions.  Dropout rates are staggering which shouldn’t be a surprise when you are subjected to teachers “transferred from other schools in the district” with their own issues.  This creates a horrible cycle of poverty (due to not being qualified to land a job) anger at police (due to being arrested) and anger toward “the system” (for your current situation).  In most cases they are right; they are forgotten and left behind by society, they are stuck with decrepit housing, zero police protection (who wants to go there now, especially with the BLM protests) horrible schools, and no businesses meaning no job opportunities.  Their local “elected officials” I say this because they don’t really get a choice, tell them life isn’t bad, and have engrained in their minds government is the solution.  Out of work?  Get on unemployment.  Have a child out of wedlock?  Get on WIC or EBT.  More kids = more $$$.  The reason for you being in your current state is due to GOP policies!  Keep voting straight ticket Democrat and your situation will improve.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The solution:
A few very intriguing things happened over the past month.  Chicagoans from the inner city shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway (a huge commuter route) calling for the resignation of Mayor Rahm (Rambo, Dead Fish) Emanuel, and police chief Eddie Johnson.  Emanuel is Hispanic, Johnson is black by the way.  I disagree on Johnson, I think he is more than qualified to turn around the city, Emanuel can pound sand, he is literally the Mariam Webster definition of incompetence!  Interestingly enough many protestors interviewed want Donald Trump to come there and step in!  Yes, you read that right, they want the federal government to take over.  Some even went as far as saying bring in the National Guard, as the situation has spiraled so far out of control.  No media group will report the percentage of the black or Hispanic vote Trump won during his election, but I bet it far exceeded any other GOP nominee.  Trump gets things done, the folks are noticing this.  Chicagoans like many other inner-city dwellers are tired of the gangs, shootings and bad schools, this presents a great opportunity.  Rather than the usual GOP hot takes like; MLK was a Republican, or Lincoln freed the slaves, speak directly to them, they are a receptive audience.  Harken back to California’s Prop 8 vote in 2008 while Barack Obama won in a landslide Prop 8 passed, mostly due to heavy “yes” voting by both blacks and Hispanics.  I would lead with over saturation of police patrols, drive the crime out of the area, and as a direct result people will feel safer, and more hopeful.  Address the school choice issue; bring in more charter schools, or allow a voucher program, the real bully in the school choice issue is the teachers union.  They protect the incompetent at the expense of the good teachers.  While fixing the broken home issue is not easy, neighborhoods being safer and turning around local school choice could play a role.

The people have spoken they want “The Donald” to come to inner city Chicago.  Don’t misread this, they don’t want GOP fire breather Donald Trump they want negotiator Donald Trump.  Bring in the National Guard, change up the school funding, and get rid of the bad teachers (which is likely all of them) and watch the re-vitalization.

Trump the Negotiator

They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way!

The Untouchables (1987)

PS do not be scared, downtown Chicago is beautiful and immaculate as well as free from homeless. The bad areas are on the south side and west side which there is literally no reason to go unless you are flying out of Midway Airport, or wish to be carjacked, or want to see a liquor store held up.  Get rid of Emanuel, he is a clueless idiot.

Btw so Great White God Ted Cruz called on Donald Trump to “rescue his re-election” the end of the world is near….or at least maybe the CRA.

CRA in Dire Straits

Dropping membership, declining relevance, uninspiring candidates running for President, what could possibly be worse?

No, its not the Democrats, it’s the CRA.

Well, here’s the scoop…..

Anointed CRA leader and Texas resident Ted Cruz is in serious peril for his re-election.  The latest poll shows him leading something called a Beto O’Rourke by just 2 points.  President Thomas N Hudson has called for all CRA members to “pull a DNC, and leave the state of California, and re-register in Texas” for the sake of the country.

So, CRA members do what you must do. If Ted were to lose his Senate seat, there is no way he can beat totalitarian (your group’s words not ours) leader Donald J Trump in the 2020 primary.

Say you live with someone—like your parents or whatever—but hear the plea to help Ted. You must answer for the sake of the country. Thankfully Texas has early voting, so you could cast you ballot in the Lone Star State 30 days before the election and be back in time to vote for Gavin Newsom come November. If you happen to be on the fence or think this could be construed as voter fraud, remember, God wills it!  Besides the membership list used by CRA is from last year or the year before so you’ll never be missed. Above all else, God wills it!  Do not let Ted die in vain, answer the call!