A Drunk and his Enablers

As I am sure you have read by now, Jorge “the drunken Jedi” Riley is in custody for his part storming of the capital in DC.  While we can debate whether he was right, wrong, or indifferent we can all agree on one thing, it was flat stupid to do what he did.  Even dumber was to post video and other photos on his Facebook page.  Far dumber was to make comments about killing people or taking back the People’s House.  While we can agree he probably didn’t mean those comments, they are very dumb to say in an era of big tech hating conservatives, and when “screenshotting” is taboo. 

Jorge Aaron Riley

The point of this blog is not to dance on the grave of one’s misfortunes, as Mr. Riley in the words of a federal judge “is looking at a lengthy sentence, due to the nature of his crime and evidence against him.”  The point of my writing is to bring to light his enablers, who will all be called out by name, and I feel are accomplices to the behavior leading to the crime.

They are listed in no particular order.

Sue Blake (Former Sac County GOP Chair):  Sue or madam chair, as you can call her, had a front row seat to Riley’s sobriety issues.  Riley was known to attend the meetings with his “backpack” carrying the elixir by which he would consume, before, during, and after each meeting.  Blake would call on Riley to give a report, we would hear a plethora of racial or homophobic slurs, and she would smile and say thanks for that report.

Tom Hudson (Former CRA President) same as above but worse.  Hudson is a smooth-talking lawyer who for some reason really liked Jorge.  He too had no issue with the drinking, and every time there was a CRA board election, Jorge would find himself safe from any challengers.  Last I heard, he owns the server and membership lists for the statewide group. Hudson is still known to be protecting Riley even though he no longer wields much power.

The Park Brothers (George and Aaron):  While both may be removed from CRA, both allowed Riley to consume copious amounts of booze and stir up trouble at conventions.  Aaron may have written a blog or two disparaging him, but too little, too late. Aaron, you are just as culpable.  Notice his blog has been quiet about this, when news of Riley’s arrest spread like a PG&E induced wildfire.  Aaron and George know they are neck deep in this. Does the fact that Riley’s middle name is Aaron immunize him from their criticism?

Bill “The Wookie” Cardoza: By far the biggest enabler.  Bill, like any liquid, takes the shape of whatever vessel he is poured into.  Bill is a very close friend of Riley’s.  Bill has never done anything to advise Jorge of his behaviors. Bill on numerous occasions has even allowed Jorge to drive under the influence…Some friend!  On occasion Bill was a sober passenger.  Let that soak in!  Bill has worked for several elected’s in his day and he should know better.  Jorge was protected by Bill, so he is equally at fault for his behavior.  Rumor has it, Cardoza bought Riley’s ticket to DC.    Worse yet, Cardoza is a ranking member of the Sacramento CRA unit, and he has allowed Riley to destroy that once proud unit!

Jared Kopp (Former Sac County Republican Executive Director) Kopp was a drinking buddy of Riley, he also allowed Jorge’s drinking to shape who he is now.  Jared used to think this behavior was amusing and funny.  Jared, Sue and Terry Mast (RIP) defended this behavior and marginalized those who tried to stop it.

Folks if you know any of the above, please do not buy their BS.  They are all equally culpable.  Jared, Sue, and the other central committee members knew this man was a liability, yet they kept protecting and promoting him.  Cardoza?  He keeps protecting him, rumor has it he is actively searching for counsel to help defend Riley of the federal crimes he is charged with.  Aaron and George? I doubt Jorge paid you so how did you have such blind loyalty to him?  Tom Hudson, ditto.  Folks that is a collection of supposedly smart folks who sold out their futures to help a deranged human.

In short, the folks named above fought to enable and cover for a man (Jorge) who has unpaid child support from 4 different women, and allegedly has a criminal past.  Riley drinks alcohol from his backpack, before, during, and after meetings.  He has threatened folks with physical violence and once bragged about committing a double shooting. (Said crime is still listed as unsolved by local police.–Editor) I guess he must be a great volunteer or do quite a bit for the Party, right?  To justify defense of these actions?  Nope, he has not done squat since being a member of local politics.

Johnnie Does

Drunken Jedi on Ice After Botched Raid on Imperial Senate

The Drunken Jedi (aka Jorge Riley) has finally screwed-up beyond the ability of his enablers to cover for him. He was arrested by the FBI and is currently being held without bail awaiting a hearing in Federal Court in early March. I’ll have more on this in just a moment.

First why is this individual called the Drunken Jedi on our blog? The short answer is that Sith Lord and Apprentice were taken. This individual is the polar opposite of the Sith Lord, thus in order stay with the Star Wars motif, he was a Jedi. Second, this individual has substance problems which his peers have enabled for decades, thus to point out the obvious is to mock them for enabling and even rewarding bad behavior. (Another blog contributor is going after these enablers via his own post so I will deal only with other aspects to this story.)

I learned of this story via a friend that happened to be dining with the Sith Lord when stuff hit the fan. Folks, this one incident did more to unite the California Republican Party than anything else the CRA (California Republican Assembly) has done in decades. This was the day prior to this story hitting both local television stations KOVR and KCRA. It seems after the raid on the Capitol building January 6th that the Drunken Jedi did an interview video telling how he was in the front of the pack entering the Capitol building and Speaker Pelosi’s office. He talked of getting maced on three occasions as he went about pillaging the People’s House.

Below is the video interview of the Drunken Jedi.

The day of the Sith Lord’s fateful meal, knowledge of the video was circulating thru the Republican electeds at the California Capitol. They were reaching out to anybody they could find in CRA and the Sith Lord got his share of calls demanding that CRA repudiate this guy and his actions.

The following day, the story hit the local TV news stations. Understandably they got a few key details wrong and were unaware of other information which I will attempt to correct in the following paragraphs. But first, the news accounts.

A Sacramento man who admitted his involvement in the U.S. Capitol riot in a video has resigned from his position as a local Republican leader.

The California Republican Assembly is condemning the actions of board member Jorge Riley, who they identify as the man in the video, and any plans for further violence.

Sacramento Man Resigns From Position In California Republican Assembly After Involvement In Capitol Riot

A Sacramento Republican leader was forced to resign on Thursday after backlash following his involvement in the pro-Trump mob that stormed the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6.

Jorge Riley, corresponding secretary of the California Republican Assembly and president of the Sacramento Republican Assembly, resigned from both positions Thursday afternoon. Photos and posts on his personal Facebook page document his participation in the siege.

The California Republican Assembly issued a press release condemning Riley’s actions, and said the CRA was not involved in the incident.

Sacramento Republican leader Jorge Riley forced to resign after involvement in US Capitol siege

KCRA’s story continued:

The statement also said the CRA president demanded Riley resign his membership immediately or be removed.

“CRA President Johnnie Morgan has demanded that the member, Jorge Riley of Sacramento, resign his membership in CRA immediately as it is important to have leaders who’s actions exemplify positive engagement in the civil governance process. If he does not resign, we will seek his expulsion from the organization.”
Members with the CRA told KCRA 3 Riley resigned from both positions at 4 p.m. Thursday.

KCRA 3 reviewed photos, videos and comments posted to Riley’s Facebook page during and after the riot, including a since-deleted Jan. 8 post that read “You will all die.” That post was removed Thursday evening.

In a series of photos and videos, he is seen participating in the rally with President Trump, before moving with the group to the Capitol. As the photos continue, Riley is seen with the group storming the Capitol building. He also shared photos of broken windows inside the Capitol hallways and outside Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.
Photos of Riley inside the Capitol were removed Friday afternoon.

Folks, sorry but Mr. Riley didn’t cut his ties with CRA as stated in the press accounts. I have been unable to get any confirmation that Riley has submitted anything in writing resigning as statewide Correspondence Secretary, President of the Sacramento Chapter of CRA, or resigning from CRA itself.

Whether Riley leaves the Board voluntarily or is removed, such an action cannot be taken without a duly called Board meeting. As of this writing, two weeks after the media accounts above, such a meeting has not been called. CRA is incorporated in California and all Board members, including Riley, are officers of the corporation. Removal is not official until certified by the Board at a properly called and noticed Board meeting.

Riley has not been replaced as President by Sac CRA.

Riley has not been removed as a CRA member.

In fact, some CRA members are fighting behind the scenes to keep him in the organization.

Oh, there’s more. Riley is the keeper of CRA’s membership rolls. Yep, he has the master copy of who is in the organization and who has paid their dues. This information is needed for Board meetings and conventions.

Riley also owns the web servers hosting the CRA website. Thus, he owns the CRA’s website! Without his cooperation, he can hold the CRA hostage and prevent them from updating content. This is more proof that the CRA leadership learned nothing from their dust-up with the Just Us Brothers.

The FBI has also arrested a Sacramento man, Jorge Riley. Though no court documents have been filed against him, he can be seen on videos posted to Reddit storming the United States Capitol.

FBI Arrests 2 Sacramento-Area Suspects Who Posted Videos From US Capitol Riot

Meanwhile, here’s a nice narrative from the FBI on Mr. Riley.



About the time that the FBI narrative came to my attention, I was given information that Riley was being held with no bail and a preliminary hearing date of March 5. It appears that Mr. Riley is slated to be the poster boy for what happens to you when you raise hell in the Swamp and then brag about it on social media.

Folks I have lots of questions about this whole incident not the least of which is why travel from Sacramento to Washington DC in the first place? Several folks arrested at the protest were from the Left Coast. I have yet to hear of any of these people who were arrested making political contributions to President Trump’s campaign. I’m sure if the Dems could tie them to Trump via donations that they would do it. Given the above, how did they afford to travel to DC if they wouldn’t even write a check to Trump’s campaign? (It only takes a $100 contribution for your name to appear on campaign contribution records filed with the FEC.)

I was just at the Capitol Building a year and a half ago and I thought there was an enormous amount of security so how did these guys get in the building en masse? What about reports that the raid on the Capitol started 20 minutes before Trump spoke to the crowd? Did some protesters get in the building thru security before this started? Or stated another way, was this truly spontaneous or planned?

Media reports raised the possibility that Riley and others would be tried in Virginia or elsewhere in the DC area. Is it necessary to extradite them to the other side of the country or can the preliminary court appearances be done locally?

Apparently, we didn’t have to wait very long for the answer to my last question. Hours after I penned the above, a staff member forwarded the answer to my question with this update.

Jorge Riley, the Sacramento man accused of participating in the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riots, was in a heated hearing Wednesday where a federal judge ordered he remain in custody and be transported to Washington, D.C. courts, calling him “a man of impulse and poor judgment.”
Judge Carolyn Delaney held firm that there was plenty of evidence against Riley, saying that his incarceration will be a lengthy one if he is convicted. Timothy Zindell, Riley’s attorney, vehemently argued against the judge, saying that the former Sacramento Republican leader was neither a flight risk nor a risk to public.
Zindell also argued that Riley is a disabled veteran with no money and that he had to use his $600 stimulus check intended for coronavirus relief to buy a plane ticket to Washington.

Former Sacramento Republican leader Jorge Riley back in D.C. after arrest in Capitol riot

These paragraphs contain a lot of info related to the theme of this post.

  • First, Riley will be sent to DC for trial.
  • Being in a “heated hearing” with a federal judge is never a good thing.
  • The judge, as we suspected, thinks Riley will be on ice for a long time.
  • It’s interesting that Riley—who allegedly resigned from his positions in CRA—is still described as a “Republican leader.” As we all know, were he a Democrat, his Party affiliation would never be mentioned in the story. This type of media bias has been the case for the last forty-plus years.

If Riley is transported out of California-which I understand happened yesterday-then maybe CRA will have grounds to remove him since he no longer resides in California, although we learned during the most recent election that living in another state is not necessarily a barrier to voting in the once golden state. The only sure way to ensure Riley’s removal from the CRA and Republican voter rolls is if he is convicted of a crime that results in his loss of the right to vote. Again, many within CRA don’t want Riley removed from office or the organization.

Lastly, if Riley had done the exact same things that he is accused of now and been a member of Some Black Lives Matter, Antifa, or another liberal group of malcontents, he would be out on bail and not be facing any charges as they would be dismissed by prosecutors.

Riley’s day of reckoning has been a long time coming. Had some in CRA said “NO” to him years ago, maybe he wouldn’t be drowning in this pool of excrement today.

Just Us Brothers Fined for Tampering in 2016 Election

Word is the Just Us Brothers are so close to hell that they can see Sparks. Oh, and they’re feeling the heat too as the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has weighed in on their behavior in the 2016 election. Bottom line is they are as devious as Crooked Hillary.

We all know the Placer County Mafia has been up to no good for a long time. Many of their shenanigans have been documented here on this blog. Thankfully, some of their behavior in the 2016 elections has finally caught-up with them.

In case you need to refresh yourself on the background of today’s subject, here are my two articles about them leading up to the 2016 general election. As I documented at the time, Park’s behavior was improper and the FPPC has agreed.

Just Us Brothers—Money for Nothing

Just Us Brothers Mailers Hit Roseville Mailboxes

The FPPC has found them guilty of violating four parts of California election law and George Park was fined $8,000 for his conduct as treasurer of Placer County Impact Republicans PAC.

Folks the money guy paying for this illegal activity was and is Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler. We will have more to report on Uhler in a few minutes.

Below you will find the text of the document from the FPPC.


Please note a few nuggets contained in it. A portion of page 7 will be of great interest for those current and former CRA members.

Failure to Timely Amend Statement of Organization
The Committee reported receiving $32,145 in contributions between its date of establishment and November 1, 2016. During that time, the Committee’s largest contributor was League.

As of November 1, 2016, League had contributed $27,000 to the Committee which amounts to approximately 84% of the total contributions received by the Committee ($27,000 / $32,145 = 0.8399).
Thus, under the Act, as of November 1, 2016, the Committee was sponsored by League and was required to report the sponsorship within 24 hours by filing an amended statement of organization.

In addition to filing an amended statement of organization to report League’s sponsorship of the Committee, the Committee was required to change its name to include the name of its sponsor, Placer County Impact Republicans PAC sponsored by League of Placer County Taxpayers PAC. The Committee and Park did not file an amended statement of organization to report League’s sponsorship or to change the Committee’s name to include the name of its sponsor, League.

Thus, Placer County Impact Republicans PAC because a subsidiary of the League of Placer County Taxpayers PACan organization which didn’t really exist.

In 2016, my sources told me that Uhler likely helped get some of the FPPC reporting documents backdated to try to help Park get around campaign finance reporting laws. At the time, I decided not to go with the accusation, but looking back now it makes me wonder…

Oh, CRA here’s the bonus quote that should frost your Wheaties.

The violations committed here were isolated as the Committee and Park have not had prior enforcement history. –page 10

Isolated my foot!!!!!!!!! If George Park has a clean record with the FPPC or anybody else, you can thank Tom Hudson and Craig Alexander for failing to go after them for their conduct in CRA. If you thought only Crooked Hillary was purging files and deleting servers then you need to take a deeper dive into the antics of the Brothers Park.

Oh, so do you believe George Park actually wrote a check to the FPPC out of his pocket? Not a chance. Enter once lame duck Placer County Supervisor, Kirk Uhler. Kirk help start Impact Republicans and at their end he ponied up the money to bail them out one last time.

Yep, look carefully at the Form 460 below. This is the end of Placer County Impact Republicans PAC. Termination Statement filed June 5, 2020.


On page 3, you can see that Kirk Uhler gave a substantial amount of campaign money to George Park to pay his FPPC fine. ($7,589.27)

On page 4, you can see the disbursements to the FPPC.

Typically, when a candidate is done in political life, they donate the remaining campaign money to charity but not Uhler.


George Park moved to Nevada several years ago, and I’ve been told his brother Aaron finally followed him there.

George and Aaron Park with Jeb Bush on 05-13-2015

As for Uhler, his Rensa Group website is defunct, and Rensa’s Facebook page entries are ancient. Look for Uhler to exit California once his replacement is sworn into office.

Trump Impeached….CRA Rejoices!

BY Mr. X

Yes, folks you read that correct. After Ted Cruz led the charge to allow witnesses to testify at the impeachment trial, Donald Trump was impeached and removed from office. Cruz was instrumental in getting John Bolton to reveal all kinds of dark secrets about “the Donald” such as the role of former KGB leader Vladimir Putin interfering in the 2016 election, the truth about the Steel Dossier, and the withholding of foreign aid to Ukraine.

Putin will be tried in the International Court for war crimes/election fraud alongside Trump, with Ted Cruz doing the prosecuting. Bolton has been re-instated as National Security Advisor and we are preparing a military operation called “Bomb Iran.” Lt. Col. Vindman will now head up Central Command of all US forces, with James Comey reinstated as FBI Director. For their role in the proceedings, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler have been inserted into the Supreme Court, with Kavanaugh and Gorsuch being removed since the election was overturned.

Alexander Vindman

Whilst you gathered in a local Burger King ball pit to celebrate and donned your BK crown hat, the stock market has collapsed. Corporations are now outsourcing jobs by the tens of thousands. We now teach Mandarin in our public schools since we work for the Chinese now. Unemployment is rising, and Trump’s signature tax hikes have been ruled unconstitutional. Fracking is illegal, and healthcare is being rationed. All is well in your world, you can go back to fighting smart meters, fight for Second Amendment rights, and despising the Clinton’s while watching the latest installment of Hannity. We may not have prosperity or economic freedom but that’s ok because Trump is gone, and all can be right with the world again.

CRA Celebrates Trump’s removal at Burger King ball pit

Only one problem, Trump was acquitted. The only true turncoat in the Senate was Mitt Romney who your organization overwhelmingly supported for President in 2012.

Mitt RINO Romney

Your anointed Christ and Savior, Ted Cruz, actually fought tooth and nail for Trump…ouch that has to bite! Rand Paul, another favorite, tried to get the whistleblower named, he also helped Trump.

Your coalition is gone, your group hasn’t been relevant in decades. You buy pizza covered in meat for your meetings, ignoring any member who, due to religious beliefs, cannot eat it. You support under qualified drifter candidates for local office, ignoring races where your support could be useful. You no longer have activists just a bunch of unemployed/retired folks only interested in gun issues, smart meters, opposing 5G networks and Common Core, or other “tin foil” issues. Ask yourselves, does your admission criteria say the following: Have you never supported a winning campaign? Have you committed multiple FPPC violations? Have you been out of work for 20+ years? Do you watch way too much cable news? Is Ted Cruz your true Lord and Savior? If you answered Yes; then welcome to the CRA. Just pay your dues and be sure to support our preferred candidates.

Too bad for you that Trump was acquitted. Your sole-purpose in life is over and you know it. You despised the orange man and actively supported and hoped for his removal. Worse yet, you would have preferred another Clinton in the White House? Even the Obama’s didn’t want that! Worse yet, now I hear you drifters are claiming to support Trump…what a joke.

TRUMP 2020 you losers!


CAGOP Utilizes Karen England’s Playbook

The number three political party in California, the embattled California Republican Party (CAGOP), has taken a page from Karen England’s playbook and decided to raise money off the efforts of someone else’s ballot initiative. In this case, the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom. The only problem is that California’s Republicans have no interest in supporting either recall effort (there are two measures currently gathering signatures). Just like Capital Resource Institute did during Proposition 8 and other efforts during that era, the GOP is raising money off of the ballot initiative and diverting the money to keep their doors.

Here is CRA expat Steve Frank’s summary of the story. (Emphasis in original)

Meanwhile: The California Republican Party has sent a fund-raising pitch seemingly embracing an effort to recall Newsom.

GOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said money raised would go to the party, not the recall backers, the Sacramento Bee reported.

A long shot: Qualifying a recall for the ballot could cost $10 million. In its most recent filing, the California Republican Party had $1.6 million in the bank, and many legislative seats to defend.”

You read that right—“GOP Chairwoman Jessica Millan Patterson said money raised would go to the party, not the recall backers, the Sacramento Bee reported.”

Will California Republican Party Help “Recall of Newsom” Effort? How?

Folks, I left the Republican Party a few years ago but I’m sure they never voted to support the recall of our Governor so how can they pretend differently; even if they are just feigning it. Surely, Chad Mays and those other gutless wonders at the “Bill Mill” would never stand for such a display of speaking truth to power; especially, when they covet the power more than their political or eternal souls.

Folks this recall effort is doomed before it gets started but the fact that the CAGOP is anywhere near it shows how out of touch their leadership really is. Perhaps if Republicans in California advocated answers instead of cheap gimmicks their registration numbers would stabilized. Sadly, they have yet to hit bottom. Charles Munger did a number on these guys and they couldn’t see it at the time or even now.

CRA Loses again as John Bolton gets Fired!

I want to retire and live in peace, I really do. I left California and just want to enjoy my golden years…but I saw CRA champion, John Bolton, called Rudy Giuliani a hand grenade! I decided to pull the pin and throw it back.

Blogger note: Bolton was recently fired as National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump. Technically I guess you can say he resigned, but those in the know are aware he was told to leave.

Exit Bolton and now we have the Ukraine whistleblower BS. Anyone want to take bets Bolton is square in the middle of it? Now that he was removed, his sour grapes are showing. Oh, and the CRA’s have been showing since Trump got elected the nomination. By the way, does anyone even attend your local meetings? I have been told you are resorting to bribes of free lunch or dinner to get delegates to conventions now….SAD!

You could stand to learn a lesson or two from this; Trump is here to stay, and if I were him, I wouldn’t want your pointless, worthless endorsement. Trump got elected despite your best efforts; however, due to the influence that you out of touch whackos have on the Republican Party, he had to put several of your people into the White House cabinet just to keep you at bay.

Trump is not a politician. This is a key factoid you miss every day. He is beholden to no one and he actually wants to make America back into a country that is a world leader and being treated fairly. He views himself as the chairman and his cabinet as working directly for him, and he will show them no blind loyalty.

CRA motivational flyer as seen at Stop Trump call center

Bolton, in so many ways, sums up your pathetic existence. You both have values and beliefs rooted circa 1970. Why is every military engagement since Vietnam a perverse reenactment of the same failed policies? Bolton, like so many of you, are Neo-Cons who feel a need to engage in every war, topple every foreign government, and purchase every large, budget-busting military contraption out there–even if the military doesn’t want it. Seems like Bolton and Neo-cons can’t pass-up any shiny new toy no matter how impractical. Bolton finally got whacked from the only work he has ever know, working in “police the world” positions in every GOP Whitehouse for the last 30 years.

Look at some of your out of touch positions that have led to 28 plus years of horrible foreign policy issues. The CIA and the State Department have misread foreign governments for years, forcing us to keep our troops there, and costing us untold lives. Why don’t other countries pay their UN dues? How about NATO? Where are the foreign countries’ troops and monetary aid helping us occupy other countries? Iran Nuke deal? Paris Climate Accord? Kyoto Protocol? Those just empowered Russia, China, India, and Pakistan. What about pulling out of the Middle East? Who likes us and who hates us over there? I have lost track. Why are we patrolling unfriendly skies and sea lanes for our so-called allies when they are unwilling to do anything for themselves?

I will tell you one thing I know for a fact, Bolton would have never left Syria and I bet not a single one of you CRA folks would disagree. The Neo-Con moves of yesteryear are over. Trump has seen enough. He is on to the double dealing going on. Now you CRA folks are acting like Bolton is some statesman? Give me a break!

Look on the bright side, with William Weld running against Trump, there may be a chance after all (Currently, Vegas odds are 1/0). To win, the CRA needs to get their heavy hitter “Dream Team” involved, the gruesome twosome from South Sacramento. You know, the leader who has never won any campaign and the treasurer who has thus far notched two FPCC violations. Oh and while you’re at it, consider tossing in that social media guy that works for a fifth. Such a combination of talent sounds like the beginning of a winning plan to me.

Mr. X

CRA Finds its 2020 Ticket

Just when everyone thought the CRA was dead, they come back with a vengeance like never before. They have no more use for Ted Cruz since he has signaled that he wants to work with Trump. Other saviors like Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney (yeah you endorsed him too) were taking a pass on challenging Trump in the primary. Despite these setbacks, you got good news last week. Justin Amash a little-known Republican from Michigan called for Trump’s impeachment.

Justin Amash

Mr. Amash is endorsed by the Tea Party, and the CRA loves him because, like Tom McClintock, he claims to vote “NO” on everything. Amash claims he read the Mueller Report and there is substantial evidence to begin impeachment proceedings, (heavy emphasis on claims to have read by the way). Amash doesn’t know it, but he found a friend in every dues paying CRA member. Amash is–so far–the only Republican member of the House to call for impeachment. I’m sure the CRA couldn’t be more proud. I think Amash will be the newly endorsed candidate for a 2020 primary challenge, I hear the ballots are already being made up.

As for a VP slot, word is that this is already locked-up by retired “judge” Andrew Napolitano (R-Fox News). The T.V. judge earned this honor for his take that the Mueller Report when added to Trump’s subsequent bizarre interview can only mean that things don’t look good for Trump. He concluded that “impeachment is on the table.” He is likely a household name with the CRA, and a Fox News contributor to boot.

Napolitano, by the way, was suspended as a contributor for essentially making things up about said Mueller Report while working at Fox. Sounds like a great CRA member and a candidate to boot! Napolitano, when he appears on Fox, just blows a bunch of hot air, which as long as it doesn’t travel through a Smart Meter makes him a winner for the CRA.

I’m glad the group is turning things around. With the departure of Ted Cruz from the reservation, I feared for the safety of their members…. suicide is painless but it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

Editor’s Note: Suicide is Painless would be a great campaign theme song for Amash and da Judge since it hasn’t been heard since MASH was cancelled in 1983. It also describes the political result of Republicans opposing Trump. Maybe the campaign song’s lyrics should include the line, “NeverTrumpers are brainless, political suicide isn’t painless.”

However, as a word of caution, to install this ticket you will need to impeach both Trump and Pence. There are many ways to do this, but I recommend changing the Senate rules because you need the GOP majority to remove the President…but I digress.

I must admit I’m disappointed the CRA couldn’t come around on Trump. I know he never banned Smart Meters, and hasn’t gone far enough on abortion yet, but this new ticket Is the answer to all your issues. Amash/Napolitano “Change you will get.”

The best part is that due to the ineffectiveness of the CRA and California Republican Party, all Amash and da Judge have to do is release their tax returns and they will be the only Republican Presidential candidates on the California ballot.

In a revival of legislation that former governor Jerry Brown vetoed in 2017, the California Senate has passed a bill that would deny access to the state’s 2020 presidential primary to any candidate who hasn’t disclosed five years of personal income tax returns.

California Threatens to Ban Trump From 2020 Primary Ballot Unless He Releases Tax Returns

Bloggers note: We here at reallyright.com are sorry you never got behind Trump as witnessed by your sheep voting in mass to endorse Cruz when he had NO MATHEMATICAL WAY OF WINNING THE DELEGATES REQUIRED! We also get it that you hate the man. Think about how things would have gone should Hillary have won…. Liberal leaning Supreme Court, Obamacare with no chance of repeal, and all-around chaos involving her. Move on, Trump is here to stay.


2020 Trump Attack from Right Begins

Having survived the Mueller Report, President Trump is facing round two from within his own Party. Besides the unsolicited attacks from Mitt Romney, the CRA and its offspring, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) appears to be piling on as well.

Below are portions of solicitations for the NFRA Convention that I have received in the last 48 hours.

Yesterday we are informed that Donald Trump is not our only choice for President. Former Governor Bill Weld is offering himself to take-out the Orange President.

Today we are told about the speaker list which includes Ted Cruz. No surprise there.

Trump has done more for the faith community since any President since Ronald Reaganand arguably more–but its not good enough for the NeverTrumper wing of the Republican Party. They seem to want Hillary Clinton in the White House until such time as God Himself rides in on a white horse to settle all accounts. (FYI This won’t happen in your lifetime so get over it.)

Its really pathetic that Trump is the most effective weapon in the Republican arsenal and many of them can’t wait to plunge a knife in his back the first chance that they get.

Update April 22nd

Pay to play option unveiled. Everyone going is automatically a delegate.

Short Bus Shortage Scandal Last Weekend

My apologies for the long hiatus, but over the weekend I heard there was a shortage of short school buses in California, so I needed to investigate.

Turns out the short yellow buses were needed for transportation to the CRA convention, conveniently located in the nation’s capital Sacramento.

For the CRA–Sacramento is our Nations Capital

Before either of the South Sacramento members complain about this being untrue….. I still get emails from you despite not being a dues paying member for several years! Oh by the way, Corresponding Secretary Jorge Riley AKA the “Drunken Jedi” sent out that very email….. not a member of the Exec board caught it. The convention took place at a local Discovery Zone in Sacramento which is funny because neither the CRA nor Discovery Zone has been relevant in about 30 years.

The CRA had the back room rented out so if you wanted a sausage pizza, it was free but cheese would cost some money…again ironic as the CRA slogan should be “where’s the beef?”

Delegates and bus drivers were told to stop at a local Burger King to be sure to pick up their crown…because in the CRA anyone who pays can be king for a weekend!

CRA Delegate being certified

Unfortunately, the CRA didn’t qualify for the group rate since you need to have more than 50 members actually in attendance. Truth be told, I doubt they even have 50 dues paying members anymore. For all I know, they likely rented the ballroom by the hour similar to how one may rent a Motel 6 these days. The speak series actually wasn’t that bad; Dinesh D’Souza, Ben Shapiro, and Tomi Lahren….oh wait, they were at the conventions that are actually relevant. CRA was stuck with the usual group of back benchers and no names that make the convention ticket so worthwhile. But hey…you got a rubber chicken for lunch…so?

I haven’t been able to find out much about the program, and I actually am curious….. are smart meters still being outlawed? Is a resolution to impeach Donald Trump still being bandied about? Has Ted Cruz begun hiring staffers for a 2020 run? Or since the meeting was held in the “Nations Capital” are we planning a “CalExit?”

How come the “Ronald Reagan Freedom Fighter Award” was given to Thomas Hudson?

Tom Hudson–CRA’s 2019 Freedom Fighter Award winner

What exactly has CRA Predident Hudson done to deserve this? The facial hair does look nice on him but I must have missed him prosecuting the Park Brothers for their malfeasance, or helping us win back seats lost previously to Democrats, or hold the electeds accountable, or maybe hold the statewide party accountable? Sadly, none of the above. This award first bestowed upon the great Lt. Col. Oliver North who went to jail for defending American interests has been rendered as a useless as a participation trophy.

Oliver North CRA’s first Freedom Fighter Award recipient

Good news for Mr. Hudson, I heard second prize was an all-expenses paid trip on a longer school bus to Fresno…so I’d say he did alright.

Short Yellow bus to Fresno

As far as officer elections go, there was a slate of officers running on the “Make the CRA Great Again” mantra…how cute, since you never endorsed Donald Trump and actually cannot stand the guy! I am not aware of any board elections worth a darn that were contested so I guess the elections went well as the deck chairs were re-arranged and all is back in order.

CRA’s deck chairs are now ready for two more years

The worst part of the convention, per the Facebook posts on the event, were the election of minor offices–presumable Senate District Directors. Ironic that the folks that demand voter integrity for the rest of us had to hold multiple elections for minor offices to get a valid ballot count. Cynics might even say this happened so they could get the results that they wanted. However, I thinks its more charitable to think that the organizers didn’t know what they were doing. No word if Patrick J Buchanan was on the ballot.

CRA recount of botched election

Best part of the convention? The Drunken Jedi was stumbling around and giving away free samples of his latest vintage. But if anyone was curious, it was safely stowed away in his backpack. While some may call this drunk in public…I just call it a CRA convention, just a bunch of enablers helping a dying man along the way to meet his maker. I do wonder if he believes his maker is really Makers Mark but oh well.

Bill Cardoza was able to attain a symbolic position, which is unfortunate, because I think he should have been elected leader, what better object to symbolize the CRA than a spineless do nothing?


Fear not, the short buses were loaded up with the sheep and they returned safe and sound to their destination and will re-focus on helping derail the Trump agenda one day at a time.

CRA Resurgence

Just when you thought you had hear the last of CRA champion, Ted Cruz, comes a headline that just has to smack you in the ole kisser. Yes, Lyin’ Ted” Cruz and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren are on the same side of an issue that we just blogged about, Facebook.

In the article, Elizabeth Warren Finds An Unlikely Ally In Ted Cruz, we learn that Ted is retweeting Warren.

Recently, Warren’s presidential campaign had ads on Facebook talking about her stance on breaking up big tech monopolies, and in particular, Facebook (yes, it is ironic). The social media giant responded by pulling the ads. Eventually, the ads were restored but the whole debacle proves Warren’s point.
And while Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) doesn’t agree with Warren on much, he did back her up, saying big tech has too much power to stifle free speech.

Folks, besides just the fact that both Senators agree on Facebook censorship—even though Pocahontas was OK with it until it happened to her—Ted has found a way to interject himself into the dialogue of the 2020 Presidential race and that has to give CRA hope that Ted is still in the hunt.

Breaking up “Big Tech” is turning into a bipartisan issue that could be a path back to relevance for Republicans. Perhaps their salvation lies not in Ronald Reagan but in the modern Teddy Roosevelt in his role as “Trust Buster”.

For CRA, this couldn’t come at a better time. Ted is back.

What an inspiration for the faithful and just in time for their upcoming state convention which will be held in Sacramento just a few days from now. CRA, like Ted, believes that as long as they draw breath that there is hope for the Republican Party. Ted will lead them to victory in a post Trump Republican Party.

Teddy Roosevelt use his charge up San Juan Hill to propel him to the White House and now likewise, they believe that Teddy Cruz can channel that same spirit to facedown the enemy of “Big Tech” and ride his victory to the White House too.

CRA is newly energized by the prospect that Ted is back and just in time for 2020.