Human Beer Keg Aaron Park Wrong Again

Everyone knows I can’t stand the CRA, the CAGOP, the Tea Party, and Aaron Park; but these past two weeks Park has outdone himself.  I have been watching from afar as the CAGOP has once again commenced the circular firing squad.  As you may know Chadwick Mayes (I know his name is Chad, but I call him Chadwick) stepped down as Assembly Minority Leader yesterday.

By the way is anyone offended by the word “minority”?  Because the way our country is going that word is going to get stripped from the job title soon.
Back on track now…

Ever since Chadwick and his six minions sold out on cap and trade, or crap and spade as I like to call it, some of the Assembly Caucus wanted to oust him as leader.  Being that I don’t live in the state anymore, I have taken to reading my daily emails from Jon “Squishy GOP’er” Fleishmann and reading Aaron Park’s right-on-occasion blogsite.  Fleishmann is funny because he talks all big and bold, but I’ll never forget his term as GOP chair, he was about as liberal as the Democrats under the dome in Sacramento.  Fleishmann is also a Nevertrumper, so I’m just going to ignore him on this post.

But, human beer keg Aaron Park, (I call him that because of his drinking past and the size of his stomach when I last saw him), couldn’t have been more wrong at every turn.

First Park declared Jay Obernolte would be our new leader. Park is friends with Obernolte, which is a good reason to be glad that he isn’t our next minority leader.  Actually as ironic as this sounds, Obernolte never even put his name into consideration; this after Park declared he was told his pal had the votes necessary to win it.

Then Park said there would be six people running for minority leader: Obernolte, Melendez, Fong, Mayes, Dahle, and Bigelow.  While this is somewhat true, Melendez, Obernolte, and Bigelow never put their names into consideration.  Fong never wanted the job (I know this from inside sources). He was being pushed by the anti-Munger crowd.  Chadwick Mayes didn’t run for leader again, he knew his time was up. Mayes was making calls on behalf of Dahle.  Dahle, pronounced Dolly, as in when the CRA loses elections they like to play with their dolly, is the new leader.  Dahle is from a town called Bieber. Yeah, I cannot take him seriously, he is about as big of a joke as the new CRA or a certain pop music icon.

Assembly Republicans replace Hanging Chad with the Dolly from Bieber and report deck chairs are now in order, sir.

So Park had it wrong on who was running to replace Mayes, but his erroneous prognostication didn’t end there. He was also very wrong on who was the real conservative in the race.  Park wrote up and down on his blog, calling Vince Fong a real conservative, when in fact Charles Munger poured hundreds of thousands into his election campaigns.  Munger is no friend of the conservative movement but he was on speaking terms with Park last time I checked.  In recent years Park has had little use for conservatives except to renounce them—at least until they write him a check. Park also claimed that Dahle was close to Mayes and would vote for his re-election as leader.  So by this logic, Dahle voted for Chadwick Mayes, and a majority of the Caucus voted for him?  Great logic there Aaron!  Interestingly enough a few days after calling Fong “the conservative”, someone influential must have passed Park a bag of cash or Doritos because suddenly Fong was the core of all evil and Dahle became the last man on earth to save conservatism.

Here is the problem, Dahle was in favor of the cap and trade bill, he voted for it.  He doesn’t sound like a conservative to me.  The more I read about this Dahle character, the more I don’t feel comfortable with him. He seems to have close associations to squishy members of the Assembly.  All of the cap and trade voters: Chad Mayes, Devin Mathis, Catherine Baker, Heath Flora, Jordan Cunningham, Rocky Chavez and Mark Steinnorth all voted for Dahle.  Kevin Kiley—who Aaron Park seems to be hot and cold toward—also voted for Dahle (Park was ready to early endorse him for re-election last month).  The conservatives: Obernolte, Melendez and a few others voted for Fong.  Dahle also has a very disturbing pattern; he seems to be from the John Kerry School of Political Reasoning, voting for something and then voting against it to try to prove his conservative credentials or be on the right side of any issue half the time.

Anyways, while I sit back and watch from afar, Republicans in California you have a new leader; Brian Dahle.  So now the CRA can go back to debating the good ole days of Ronald Reagan and figuring out how to make Ted Cruz president in 2020, (sadly they remained silent during this entire episode and couldn’t even find the time to issue a timely press release or resolution against the biggest Republican sell-out in California since Arnold signed the cap and trade bill.) Likewise, the Tea Partyif it even still exists—can revert to saying “NO” to everything again, and Aaron can go back to binge eating or drinking.  Seriously for someone who claims insider status and is often paid handsomely for his prose, he is really wrong much of the time.  Leading me to conclude Aaron Park knows a lot more about snacks then he does politics. But then again, ESPN Radio may have an opening soon for someone with his accuracy rating.


Author: Mr. X

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