A Drunk and his Enablers

As I am sure you have read by now, Jorge “the drunken Jedi” Riley is in custody for his part storming of the capital in DC.  While we can debate whether he was right, wrong, or indifferent we can all agree on one thing, it was flat stupid to do what he did.  Even dumber was to post video and other photos on his Facebook page.  Far dumber was to make comments about killing people or taking back the People’s House.  While we can agree he probably didn’t mean those comments, they are very dumb to say in an era of big tech hating conservatives, and when “screenshotting” is taboo. 

Jorge Aaron Riley

The point of this blog is not to dance on the grave of one’s misfortunes, as Mr. Riley in the words of a federal judge “is looking at a lengthy sentence, due to the nature of his crime and evidence against him.”  The point of my writing is to bring to light his enablers, who will all be called out by name, and I feel are accomplices to the behavior leading to the crime.

They are listed in no particular order.

Sue Blake (Former Sac County GOP Chair):  Sue or madam chair, as you can call her, had a front row seat to Riley’s sobriety issues.  Riley was known to attend the meetings with his “backpack” carrying the elixir by which he would consume, before, during, and after each meeting.  Blake would call on Riley to give a report, we would hear a plethora of racial or homophobic slurs, and she would smile and say thanks for that report.

Tom Hudson (Former CRA President) same as above but worse.  Hudson is a smooth-talking lawyer who for some reason really liked Jorge.  He too had no issue with the drinking, and every time there was a CRA board election, Jorge would find himself safe from any challengers.  Last I heard, he owns the server and membership lists for the statewide group. Hudson is still known to be protecting Riley even though he no longer wields much power.

The Park Brothers (George and Aaron):  While both may be removed from CRA, both allowed Riley to consume copious amounts of booze and stir up trouble at conventions.  Aaron may have written a blog or two disparaging him, but too little, too late. Aaron, you are just as culpable.  Notice his blog has been quiet about this, when news of Riley’s arrest spread like a PG&E induced wildfire.  Aaron and George know they are neck deep in this. Does the fact that Riley’s middle name is Aaron immunize him from their criticism?

Bill “The Wookie” Cardoza: By far the biggest enabler.  Bill, like any liquid, takes the shape of whatever vessel he is poured into.  Bill is a very close friend of Riley’s.  Bill has never done anything to advise Jorge of his behaviors. Bill on numerous occasions has even allowed Jorge to drive under the influence…Some friend!  On occasion Bill was a sober passenger.  Let that soak in!  Bill has worked for several elected’s in his day and he should know better.  Jorge was protected by Bill, so he is equally at fault for his behavior.  Rumor has it, Cardoza bought Riley’s ticket to DC.    Worse yet, Cardoza is a ranking member of the Sacramento CRA unit, and he has allowed Riley to destroy that once proud unit!

Jared Kopp (Former Sac County Republican Executive Director) Kopp was a drinking buddy of Riley, he also allowed Jorge’s drinking to shape who he is now.  Jared used to think this behavior was amusing and funny.  Jared, Sue and Terry Mast (RIP) defended this behavior and marginalized those who tried to stop it.

Folks if you know any of the above, please do not buy their BS.  They are all equally culpable.  Jared, Sue, and the other central committee members knew this man was a liability, yet they kept protecting and promoting him.  Cardoza?  He keeps protecting him, rumor has it he is actively searching for counsel to help defend Riley of the federal crimes he is charged with.  Aaron and George? I doubt Jorge paid you so how did you have such blind loyalty to him?  Tom Hudson, ditto.  Folks that is a collection of supposedly smart folks who sold out their futures to help a deranged human.

In short, the folks named above fought to enable and cover for a man (Jorge) who has unpaid child support from 4 different women, and allegedly has a criminal past.  Riley drinks alcohol from his backpack, before, during, and after meetings.  He has threatened folks with physical violence and once bragged about committing a double shooting. (Said crime is still listed as unsolved by local police.–Editor) I guess he must be a great volunteer or do quite a bit for the Party, right?  To justify defense of these actions?  Nope, he has not done squat since being a member of local politics.

Johnnie Does

“Seattle’s Best” Decides to Retire

By The Chief

In case you have missed the rioting, looting, and outright lawlessness in big cities throughout the country, Seattle voted Monday to slash the police department budget by 3 million. While that seems like a small number, the result will be a reduction of 100 police on the streets. Top staffers are taking forced pay cuts, and that is just the beginning of yet another “pass it to find out what’s in it, bill.” Seattle considered the bill, a favorite of BLM folks because they all think if they appease the mob, the mob will either stop, or target them last.

When the agenda item came up, both Mayor Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best opposed this action saying it will affect minority (AKA non-white) officers the most and will encourage yet more lawlessness and crime. The motion carried 7-1, with one abstention. The “no” vote was Kshada Sawant a socialist who stated her no vote was because this measure did not go far enough. Keep in mind that Seattle had a foreign country (Chop/Chaz) inside of it for 6 weeks or so. A country that erected its own borders, tracked the I.D.s of all who entered or left, and had a group of rogue security guards armed with guns far more illegal than the ones you or I are permitted to own to enforce its laws!

Chief Best announced the following day she was retiring. She had been with the department for 28 years. She was a lifer in a field where so many spend their career hunting for the next higher paying job to spike their retirement. Just as a comparison, William’s and my hometown is on its 4th chief in 16 years! Best, who is black by the way, actually did a great job over the years and as a lifer knew the department well. She made it more diverse while enforcing the law fairly. Isn’t diversity a calling card of the BLM/far left/Soros types? Best saw her life’s work wiped out with the stroke of a pen via a unanimous vote! It was unanimous because the dissent was only because it didn’t go far enough.

Here are some highlights from the presser:

But more than anything during her press conference, she was frank as she explained she couldn’t bring herself to carry out the layoffs. She read a letter written to her by a new black officer.

“He is one of the people that will probably not keep a job here. And that for me, I’m done. Can’t do it,” Best explained.

Best is the first black woman to lead the SPD. She rose through the ranks from a patrol officer in the East Precinct to sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and deputy chief. Mayor Jenny Durkan appointed her to Chief two years ago after a controversial snub that led to a large public outcry.  

But on Tuesday, the past was behind them as Durkan reiterated her unwavering support for Best and even appeared emotional.

“My heart is obviously heavy to lose her and I will freely admit, I wish she were staying,” said Durkan.

Best said she wrestled with the decision and made it before the Council’s Monday vote.

Durkan said she believes Best is the right person to “reimagine” policing in the city.

Best voiced her resistance to the City Council’s plan to slash the department’s budget by 50%, and the decision for officers to leave the East Precinct in June, when the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” or CHOP, took over several blocks surrounding the building for weeks. Protesters even targeted Best’s home.

Durkan and Best both took shots at the City Council who they say sought to defund the SPD without a real plan.

“This is not about the money. And it’s not about the demonstrators. Be real. I have a lot thicker skin than that. It really is about the overarching lack of respect for the officers – the men and women who work so hard, day in and day out,” Best said.

“This was a difficult decision for me, but when it’s time, it’s time,” Best wrote in an email to her 1,400 officers Monday night, hours after.

Notice, Mayor Durkan mentioned in the quote above? This lady is very conflicted. First, she knew, supported, knelt with, etc. supporters of BLM/CHOP/CHAZ—at least until they decided to protest at her house. Next time we hear about her is when she is supporting her chief and taking shots at her fellow council members for cutting the police department. Durkan is the worst type of politician. Such political types support a fringe movement when it has no cost, but then when it comes time to put pen to paper, they decide to take a different tact. Also notice crime is way up, the violent, lawless type especially, and the answer from city leaders is to reduce the number of police…. doesn’t seem too smart.

Best served as the chief law enforcement officer in the city of Seattle but she was overruled by the Mayor during the protests. Following the mayor’s orders, the police were forbidden to enforce the law or keep order during the upheaval. Furthermore, agreeing with the protestors, the entire council voted to cut her department’s budget without any concern for public safety. Best knew the department is in trouble for the foreseeable future and did what any self-respecting human being would do, step down.

It may soon dawn on Mayor Durkan that not only has she lost control of her city council; she has also lost control of her city. Durkan has been on every possible side of this issue telling her audience whatever she thinks will be to her advantage. Clearly, she has lost whatever credibility and goodwill she may have had. Meanwhile, a recall petition was just green lit by the City Court. Now Durkan must survive a recall while grappling with finding a new chief of police willing to work in her city and deal with fellow councilmembers who will want to gut the police budget further.

This same scenario will be playing out all over the country in the next few months….

The Chief

Editor’s Note: This article proves Joe Biden’s V.P. pick was not the Best.

Riots Aint Quiet

Thankfully, Covid-19 has decided to stand with Black Lives Matterexcept unborn blacks or black Republicans—and agreed to allow congregating in Democrat led political districts without worry of spreading the Corona virus. This truce has allowed protestors to pillage and burn black and minority owned businesses.

It seems that black folks are angry about having to social distance, shelter in place, and watch too much cable news or maybe they were looking for an excuse to let off some steam against the oppression of Democrats where they live and help themselves to a new television or pair of Nike sneakers in the process. Anyway, if Dems rule a particular city or state, the police have been told to stand-down and watch as their local elected officials stand (or kneel) with law breakers that are protesting the actions of a few rouge officers in another state run by Democrats.

This whole thing is a farce. It is a George Soros type operation that is paid for and coordinated by a few troublemakers bent on stirring up the masses just before the November election. This is an independent expenditure on behalf of Joe Biden intended to get the blacks back on the Democrat reservation just in time to mobilize their votes. Sorry folks but I have zero sympathy for these protestors.

I’m sorry that the arrest of Mr. George Floyd resulted in his death but last I checked, the police that were involved were being dealt with by local authorities and President Trump ordered the Feds to investigate as well.

Any way you want to calculate it, most blacks are victimized by other blacks. Whether abortion, robberies, homicides, assaults, etc. most blacks are doing it to their own community. Some white cops get filmed on a bystander’s cell phone restraining Mr. Floyd and suddenly we have nationwide protests. This is not a proportional response.

As stated many times before on this blog, if black lives really mattered, these protestors would be at Planned Parenthood every day protesting until the abortion facilities built to eliminate them—minorities and poor people—were all closed. The truth is that BLM is about creating social and societal unrest. It is just a Marxist tool to control people and further a political agenda.

Folks, when you close churches nationwide, don’t feign surprise when evil breaks out. Actions have consequences. I find it funny that the ones supporting the closure of churches for the last three months are now pretending surprise when evil is freely practiced on the streets. People in these communities are sheltering in place now for safety. They have traded fear of one disease (a virus) for fear of another (sin).

If you break the law, you should fear the consequences whether you wear a badge or not. If you smash windows and steal stuff, or beat up strangers, you have become the very thing that you claimed you were protesting. The Liberal response is to remove the consequences and not enforce the law. The solution is the opposite; namely, enforce that law regardless of race, occupation, or social status.

Folks, I’m all for review and reform of our laws—especially in the areas of immigration and criminal justice—but relaxing the consequences for either the cops or the protestors is not the proper framework to begin such an examination.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and likewise, fear of the Lord is the beginning of justice too.

Andrew Gillum had one Hell of a Thursday Night

We take a break from the coronavirus meltdown to bring you one heck of a story out of Florida involving former Tallahassee Mayor and Governor nominee Andrew Gillum.

Andrew Gillum

Police swept the room and found 3 bags of crystal meth. Gillum was allowed to leave and return to his residence…I guess he pulled the “I’m a former governor candidate card” many of us can never use. Any other citizen gets bracelets put around their hands and escorted to the “blue roof inn”. But wait there is more….the man who was coked out of his mind on methamphetamines? He is a 30 year old gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) male escort. He had a profile on Rentmen.com his name is Travis Dyson.

Andrew Gillum and male escort Travis Dyson

Here is where it gets far worse for Gillum. He released this statement Friday morning ““I was in Miami last night for a wedding celebration when first responders were called to assist one of my friends. While I had too much to drink, I want to be clear that I have never used methamphetamines,” he said. “I apologize to the people of Florida for the distraction this has caused our movement.”

However, this statement from his male escort friend says otherwise “Gillum was too drunk to speak to the police when they arrived at the scene,” documents say. Speaking to the Miami New Times, Dyson said that Gillum did not mention attending a wedding. In his statement, Gillum referred to Dyson as a “friend.” Dyson said that he and Gillum had been friends since last spring. Dyson told the website, “I personally was not celebrating a wedding. I don’t know if [Gillum] was in town for a wedding. He did not mention that.” I think most would kindly admit they were there for a wedding to the friends they “rented by the hour.”

Ok…so the troll has been wound up…. GET HIM!!!!!!!!

One thing I know about this guy, he did it for the entire world to see. He confirmed it. It’s a fact. It’s not subjective. He cannot argue it…Andrew Gillum BLOWS! When you ran for Governor, you lectured us in our ear….while you were taking it in the rear!!!! Is it bad that the first thing I thought of when I saw this story was I hoped it included Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon (his 2 CNN co-workers) in hope this was like some perverse love Oreo? Democrat politicians have a checkered and long record with threesomes, just Google Chris Dodd and Ted Kennedy; their favorite “sandwich” was them plus a random waitress in between them, usually after closing time.

US Senators Teddy Kennedy and Christopher Dodd

Somewhere former DC Mayor Marion Berry is smiling in heaven.

Convicted criminal and Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry

God, what a liar you are Gillum, saying the meth wasn’t yours. 3 men, 3 bags…. oh wait, that’s not Common Core math, never mind. How come you didn’t use the excuse it was sugar? And you needed to add it to your Cuban Roast Coffee? Don’t worry young Andrew, a similar situation happened to failed candidate Stacy Abrams in Georgia…. oh wait, that was Crisco and Pixie Sticks!

Stacy Abrams proves Undeniable Truth of Life #24:
Feminism was established so as to allow unattractive women access to the mainstream of society.

We interrupt this transmission to bring you a coronavirus update…. WAIT WHAT? Get the **** outta here with your update! I’ve got a case of Corona too, it’s in my fridge!!!!!!!

Andrew Gillum welcome to the big leagues; however, in today’s media you must prove your innocence, just like Trump colluded with Russia, you colluded with a homosexual male escort. Sorry one of those things is true. Ok, Ok I will cut him some slack, people have gone to jail for drugs when it was actually just donut glaze or bird droppings, I say we give it a day or two. Can you just see it? Three gay men in an orgy eating donut glaze…. oh God I’m going to puke. Asking for a friend though, could this be a new Two and a Half Men show rebirth?????

UPDATE: Marion Berry just put down his crack pipe in heaven, even he is in awe.

How ironic would it have been for Florida to have a meth head governor, along with a first lady, and first “side piece?” Even better, Meth…. hotel…. Florida…. multiple dudes, the new Democrat Party has a few soldiers on the front lines. Even better wait….Is this guy the Black Ed Buck? (Two African-American men have been discovered dead in Buck’s West Hollywood home since 2017 due to drug overdoses. Several reports indicated that Buck had a history of bringing African-American men to his house, where he would reportedly inject them with crystal methamphetamine for sexual gratification. In January 2019, a coalition of 50 civil rights organizations called for law enforcement to investigate the matter. On September 17, 2019, Buck was arrested and charged with three counts of battery causing serious injury, administering methamphetamine, and maintaining a drug house. Buck is a white major Democrat donor in California, where the above arrests are barely considered illegal by the way.

Ed Buck on the way to lock up

I do actually feel bad; if only Andrew was elected governor he could afford the pure stuff not the knock off crystal meth. Frankly a politician should have at least splurged for some cocaine. Here is a photo of Gillum with Obama, Obama is famous for doing blow and bragging about it….fear not Mayor Gillum you are also famous for doing a different kind of blow! It’s funny, I looked up a photo of your “friend” and wow talk about toxic masculinity…. how will you ever recover from this one? I can only imagine what Radical Madcow and Fidel O’Donnell on MSNBC will think of you now. Gillum if I was you, I would get out in front of this news ASAP, because I don’t think you want it to stay behind you too long…or am I wrong?????

Andrew Gillum with Barack Obama– blow brothers

Actually Andrew, on second thought, I think Joe Biden should name you Secretary of the Drug Enforcement Agency, looking at your record you seem to be an obvious choice! Folks let’s not worry about his wife too much, rumor has it she was in a room 2 doors down with a bottle of champagne, some cocaine, and her own male escort! Guess the family that stays together, plays together, or at least enjoys the same recreational activities.

Folks in a bit of seriousness, Gillum is your typical hypocrite, telling you what to do and what is right whilst living a second life. Gillum is married, and has 3 children. Gillum likely can say goodbye to any political career for a while.

A couple other trolls got in on the fun as well. Tweets are below. Definitely no Hope for this guy…. but maybe there is still HOPE for me????

You may now resume panicking as you continue watching the 24/7 coverage of the Toilet Paper Apocalypse

California Corrections Publishes Changes for 2020

For those who remember when Folsom Prison Blues was a popular song or thought Alcatraz was what all prisons should be, you may not recognize the penal system in California any more. Not only can you get your gender reassigned or released early to reduce overcrowding, but now taxpayers are adding even more fringe benefits to your life of crime. I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the popularity of recent movies like Suicide Squad or Joker but the California Department of Corrections has added more goodies to their mission statement. Starting in 2020, the stated purpose of the department now includes “restorative justice.”

The new vision and mission statements result from legislation in 2016 that added restorative justice to the purpose of imprisonment…

The department’s new Mission statement now reads thusly

To facilitate the successful reintegration of the individuals in our care back to their communities equipped with the tools to be drug-free, healthy, and employable members of society by providing education, treatment, rehabilitative, and restorative justice programs, all in a safe and humane environment.

Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals

So what is restorative justice?

Restorative justice is an approach to justice in which one of the responses to a crime is to organize a meeting between the victim and the offender, sometimes with representatives of the wider community. The goal is for them to share their experience of what happened, to discuss who was harmed by the crime and how, and to create a consensus for what the offender can do to repair the harm from the offense. This may include a payment of money given from the offender to the victim, apologies and other amends, and other actions to compensate those affected and to prevent the offender from causing future harm.

Restorative justice

Folks, the Department of Corrections was claiming last year that their recidivism rate was down to 46 percent and with this added coddling and care of criminals, this rate is expected to go even lower.

Wow. Imagine all those thousands of years of human history wasted on war, crime & punishment when all this time all we really had to do is explain to the guy wielding the sword or brandishing the gun that it hurts the other person when you stab or shoot them! If only we could talk it out and come to a mutually agreeable solution then crime would cease. Instead, society keeps going all Old Testament on people and perpetuating the cycle of violence.

Thankfully now we have enlightened people running the great State of California who are willing to finally admit that the State bears the sword in vein and society should lay aside its obligation to protect citizens. Instead government should be welcoming and inclusive of all—criminals, homeless, illegal aliens, etc. (except unborn children, Christians, charter schools, or any other alternative to the Party in power).

Please understand that I do have problems with our current system but this solution seems to me to be a perversion of the biblical idea of restitution. Folks familiar with Chuck Colson’s Prison Fellowship know that he advocated a two-tier system where those committing property crimes be separated and treated in a different system than violent criminals. California is not moving in this direction.

Instead, California is decriminalizing many behaviors and also forcing much of the state prison population down to the county level for incarceration—thus cooking their recidivism statistics.

The other thing lacking in all this is employment for those being released back into society. The mission statement says they want to make prisoners employable but given the State’s hostility to jobs, how does that work? AB-5, ridiculous minimum wages, anti-entrepreneur environment, sky-high taxes, etc. What hope do released criminals have of “going straight” in such a hostile environment?

Folks, if solving crime was really as simple as restorative circles, watching Mr. Roger’s reruns, and reading All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, then I think the issue would have been solved long ago. Sadly, the one thing government can’t fix is the human heart. Government can’t fix sin, only Christ can. The idea that government can is simply nuts.

Sacramento Bee Nukes Itself

By Chief

I flame broiled the Sacramento Bee parent group McClatchy so bad the other week that Burger King got jealous and sent William a cease and desist letter for using their patented flame broil technology. Fear not friend of the blog, our law firm, Dewey, Screwem and Howe, was there to fend off this challenge. We had a comment by “Anchovy” who fired a tomahawk missile at McClatchy (we love comments here) and I felt slightly bad for this merry band of idiots. Following my last post about them, the Bee literally decided to yell “Allahu Akbar” and kill itself off.

The Bee, in what is likely to be their parting shot to the citizens of Sacramento, has taken on one last jab at what once was their subscriber base. Sadly, what you are about to read is no joke. The Bee has decided to get in the S.A.C. with Black Lives (sometimes) Matter. S.A.C. is not an abbreviation for Sacramento but for Stephon A. Clark. McClatchy is paying for a weekend of tribute to Clark by hosting a documentary about Saint Stephon called S.A.C.

Yep, the criminal that ran from the police after several 911 calls about him breaking into cars/etc., who tried to break into his grandparent’s house, and subsequently assumed room temperature afterwards at the hands of Sacramento’s finest has been honored with a documentary praising his impact on the community. Below is a sample of the legacy of Saint Stephon.

Clark, on probation from two domestic violence convictions and one conviction of assault with a deadly weapon, evaded police in the days leading up to the shooting, while trying to get ahold of his girlfriend. Clark’s phone records showed that he had called her 76 times leading up to the shooting, causing Manni to block his phone number. Clark also attempted to get ahold of his probation officer in the 48 hours after he was reported for domestic violence, but was unable to do so.

The two did exchange several text messages leading up to the shooting, with Manni telling Clark that he would be sent back to prison for the domestic incident and that he would not see his children for a long time. Clark also texted other ex-girlfriends seeking drugs, as well as texting Manni that he was going to commit suicide.

Shooting of Stephon Clark

A toxicology report found that Clark had substances including codeine, marijuana and cocaine in his system when he died. But Reiber noted that those results “are not considered directly germane to the cause of death.”

Official Autopsy Of Stephon Clark, Killed By Police, Contradicts Family Autopsy

(The above quote on the autopsy is technically true only because Stephon died of acute lead poisoning. The cocktail of chemicals in his body would have taken longer—Editor.)

The video being shown at Sophia Tsakopoulos (hell if I know how to spell that correctly but I’m sure the editor will fix it for me) Center of the Arts in downtown had 150 people attend this blessed event. Hell, the CRA can turn out that many people once in a blue moon.

Over 150 people gathered Thursday night at the Sofia Tsakopoulos Center for the Arts to view the premiere of “S.A.C.,” a documentary on the 2018 police shooting of Stephon Clark and its impact on the Clark family and Sacramento community.

Stephon Clark documentary debuts; Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn faces heated Q&A

Attendees were treated to the martyr Stephon’s brother Stevante and chief of police Daniel Hahn doing a Q&A afterwards. Stevante is most known for telling pantywaist Darrell Steinberg (mayor) to “F**k off” during a council meeting, the pantywaist did as he was told. Steinberg also made sure the Clark family won the lottery settling for quite a few million. Hanh was interrogated by the viewers of said documentary and we here feel he is a good man who deserved better. My sources at Sac PD tell me Hanh was questioned about how he “let his race down” (he is black) by not firing Mercadel and Robinette the 2 police officers that responded.

He added if he fired them, they would have been reinstated since the DA and Atty General found no wrongdoing.

“Am I justified? Technically, legally, yeah,” Hahn answered. “There’s really no other choice that I had, because if I had fired them, they would have gotten their jobs back.”

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn

Let us remind you the Atty General here is Xavier (pronounced Javier) Beccera literally hates both police and Donald Trump mind you. Our local DA is an independent, but she has changed parties about as often as Bruce Jenner has changed sexes in last couple years.

Point being, the Bee sponsored and is literally promoting an event that no one either cares about or will result in more cancelled subscriptions. I just don’t get why you would promote this. As far as about 90% of the public is concerned, that little punk got what he deserved, and as far as Steinberg goes, I have a feeling he is a pink Victoria’s Secret Thong guy because he always seems to be pulling out a wedgie.

Back to the Bee. I cannot see how this grows your subscriber base, nor your advertisement base, keep in mind Michael Jordan (yes that one) when it came to selling shoes, is famous for the quote “Republicans buy shoes too.” The folks at McClatchy could stand to learn a lot from such a concept. Attacking the Sac PD, and the Sac Sheriff is a wild move, because what if an “active shooter” happens at your location? Like it matters? I feel you could fire a cannon in each direction on the reporter floor at the Bee and not hit anyone.

If for some reason you feel compelled to read this trash, find a local CVS as they will let you take their copies of the Bee and not even charge you. They are just glad to be rid of them. I suggest this because the “free Bee” with the Sunday paper in Elk Grove is gone too. I can only imagine what that will do for their circulation numbers? Sadly, the jig is up, and they know it. Given their current financial state, I am not sure why they would bet their future on Stephon Clark.

From my observation watching the trailer online, I highly doubt any of the attendees will be buying a paper.

The Bee will be just as extinct as Stephon very soon. They are blaming AB 5, but interestingly they ignore which party overwhelmingly controls the entire state legislative process! Or that they have activity promoted this Party for longer that I’ve been alive. They will hammer President Trump for any and everything, yet ignore the party who passed AB 5 essentially killing their business model? They made a fatal mistake. They are not the auto workers or service employees’ international workers, and as outlined earlier, the paper is a dying business. The Clark documentary will be met with more cancellations, and advertisement rates are based off circulation numbers. Killing the Saturday edition and the “free Sunday Bee” won’t do them any favors either.

The Bee only has a few groups of readers remaining: folks on a liquid diet, folks with 4 inch thick glasses, folks who don’t know which pronoun to refer to themselves with, and heavy Kool Aid drinkers like Aaron Park. See pictorial proof below.

Aaron Park swallows Kool-Aid

The Chief

Bad Guys Humiliate Tesla Cops

The motto of the television show Survivor is Outwit, Outplay Outlast. Apparently, this idea has practical application for criminals as well.

Fremont, a city in the San Francisco Bay Area not far from famed Silicon Valley, is testing a fleet of Tesla cars in their police department. A few nights ago, police engaged in a high speed pursuit that didn’t go very well. Sadly, the Tesla’s battery died in the midst of the eight mile pursuit and the cops didn’t even have enough juice left in the battery to limp back to the station.

Bing Map showing Freemont and surrounding area

During the pursuit of a “felony vehicle” that started in Fremont and reached peak speeds of about 120 miles per hour on the highway, the officer driving the Tesla radioed in to dispatch that he might not be able to continue the chase he was leading.

“I am down to six miles of battery on the Tesla so I may lose it here in a sec,” Officer Jesse Hartman said.

“If someone else is able, can they maneuver into the number one spot?,” he asked fellow officers nearby, as the chase approached the Jacklin Road exit on Interstate 680 south in Milpitas.

However, shortly after Hartman called out the low juice warning, the person driving the car police were chasing began driving on the shoulder of the highway as traffic was thickening, prompting police to call off the roughly eight-minute chase at that moment for safety, according to police dispatch recordings on Broadcastify and a department spokeswoman.

So the Fremont cops pulled off the highway in San Jose and headed back to their city — but not before the officer in the Tesla made a pit stop.

“I’ve got to try to find a charging station for the Tesla so I can make it back to the city,” Hartman said over the radio.

He eventually found a charger in San Jose to juice up his car, said Geneva Bosques, a Fremont police department spokeswoman.

Fremont police Tesla runs low on juice during high-speed chase

Law enforcement agencies using vehicles powered by internal combustion engines later located the suspect’s vehicle crashed on the side of the road and abandoned.

Final score, Bad Guys 1, Tesla Cops 0

The Reason Two Police Officers Died

By The Chief

Natalie Corona and Tara O’Sullivan did not deserve to die, and while Adel Ramos was arrested for the murder of one of these officers, he isn’t solely responsible for their deaths.

Cop killer Adel Ramos

Sadly the accomplices will never be arrested. Those who aided and abetted Ramos are as follows: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Marcos Breton, and any Black Lives Matter (BLM) sympathizer. Sharpton and Jackson are nothing more than race baiters, they are the worst type of humans.

Just Us Brothers Jesse & Al seeking whom they may devour… next.

They made Treyvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Stephon Clarke out to be martyrs when quite frankly each of them got what they deserved. Like William blogged before, if a badge tells you to do something you comply; if the badge was out of order, there are lawyers for that. Sharpton and Jackson like to stir up the hornet’s nest with false narratives, and voila now we have major animosity toward the police by any black or Hispanic person. Sharpton and Jackson have had blood on their hands for years, they create a false narrative, and their followers eat it up. This false narrative becomes truth and you have dire consequences.

Tara O’Sullivan

The BLM sympathizers are the absolute worst and as a result make all of us less safe. There was disturbing evidence in the body camera video O’Sullivan’s partner was wearing. Repeatedly you can hear neighbors telling the police “they have guns too” they created an environment where it took police 45 minutes just to get to O’Sullivan, requiring an armored SWAT vehicle just to maneuver the situation. In addition, in most majority minority areas residents don’t cooperate with police, or even hinder the process…hint, the police are there to put the bad guys in line. The news media in general are pretty horrible, they also fan the flames of the false a narrative adding their own spin… this serves as a brainwashing.

Murdered Officer Natalie Corona

Commenting on the photo above, the UC Davis student government called it “racist.”

In a Facebook post on Friday, The Associated Students, University of California, Davis, (ASUCD) Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission declared that the true meaning behind the photo was “racist,” and that the mere sight of law enforcement officers can be “triggering to many Black and Brown people.”

Story Behind The Photo Of Officer Natalie Corona Which Students Deemed Racist
Dash camera showing last moment of Officer Corona’s life

Marcos Breton is just an uptight gentile. He writes for the Sacramento Bee, a joke of a paper that hasn’t been worth a darn in years. Breton whose other job was servicing Mayor Kevin Johnson puts his hate for police in black and white for anyone to read, thus building on the false narrative. He is no journalist. He is a sh*t stirrer who is no better than Jackson or Sharpton. He is a committed leftist who is anti-police, pro immigrant, and very anti our justice system. Breton is given a very broad platform, and if challenged he can hide behind his views being “commentary, opinion, argument.” Armed with an excuse, or an out, Breton is able to spew his vile filth daily and never face repercussions.

Cop killer Kevin Limbaugh–blames the voices in his head

Finally on this list are the local Mayor Darrel Steinberg and Governor Gavin Newsome. Steinberg, like any politician, is adept and skilled at proving he is firmly on both sides, and capable of straddling the line between both sides of the narrative as well. He tried to be pro cop, then he pushed for a review of use of force and other tactics, and then essentially threw his arms up and retreated. Newsom is very involved with a police use of force bill that would stiffen penalties for use of deadly force essentially causing a bureaucratic process to kill a bad guy. The net effect of this bill will be for cops to hesitate to defend themselves thus resulting in more loss of police lives. He also placed a permanent moratorium on the death penalty, even for those who kill law enforcement.

In summary we had two very unfortunate situations, both absolutely avoidable. Our problem is too many people view cable news/papers/radio/internet/political figures as Gospel as opposed to getting to the truth of the matter. We lack the ability to think for ourselves so we allow others to do it for us, we don’t like the opposing view (or in some cases like these, we could care less about it). Sharpton and Jackson claim it’s the police who are killing innocent minorities everyday. BLM takes this and runs with it. Terence Mercadel, Jared Robinet, Darren Wilson, to name a few are no longer viewed as police they are viewed as vigilantes, applying justice as they see fit. This narrative has transferred to everyone who wears a badge, especially those working in rough parts of town like O’Sullivan. The situation was made worse because the residents were of no help to the officers either. Remember, it took 45 minutes to get to O’Sullivan after she was shot.

Armored vehicle at site of O’Sullivan shooting

Natalie Corona was gunned down in similar fashion. Most disgusting was Luis Bracamontes, who killed two Placer County Sherriff deputies. He made a mockery of the court, laughing and taunting the families of the deceased…he was sentenced to death, but that will never be carried out. He is viewed as a martyr to his community just like Ramos, who will likely get the death penalty too. Sadly, due to the actions of Steinberg and Newsom, these killings will never be carried out. Ironically, the very police who he was hunting down are now assigned to keep him safe in jail for the remainder of his life….think about that for a minute! While Newsom, Steinberg, Jackson, Sharpton, and Breton did not directly kill any police, they for certain aided and abetted…they are the worst type of human beings, using their platform of public trust to propagate a false narrative.

The Chief

CHP’s Rainbow Rules

At your next traffic stop in California, prepare to meet the new rainbow police.

Yes, from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to your local cop, the state legislature that can’t shoot straight has decreed that when the public interacts with law enforcement that men are no longer men and women are no longer women. Under the law, if a cop calls a man “sir” or a lady “ma’am”, they can be subject to discipline for violating the state’s laws on gender discrimination. The officer is required to ask what gender identity and pronouns are appropriate for them to address you before writing you the citation for speeding or jaywalking.

Once the traffic stop is completed, the officer is required to include the gender identity information in their report. This is an expansion of the laws already on the books to document and prevent racial profiling. These statistics are required to be given to the perpetual litigant of President Trump, Javier Becerra.

The below is from the California Attorney General’s website

Stop Data Collection Requirements and Final Regulations

In addition to requiring the collection and reporting of data regarding citizen complaints that allege racial or identity profiling, AB 953 requires all city and county local law enforcement agencies in California, as well as the California Highway Patrol and peace officers of California state and university educational institutions, to collect perceived demographic and other detailed data regarding pedestrian and traffic stops. Probation officers and officers in a custodial setting are excluded from this collection requirement.

The data to be collected includes, among other things, the perceived race or ethnicity, gender, and approximate age of the person stopped, as well as other data such as the reason for the stop, whether a search was conducted, and the results of any such search. Law enforcement agencies subject to this reporting requirement must report this data to the California Attorney General’s Office every year, with specific reporting deadlines set forth in the statute.

Link: AB 953: The Racial and Identity Profiling Act of 2015

Screen Capture from Attorney General’s website

So there you have it. California cops must check your gender identity so as not to offend you when writing you a ticket but they sure as hell better not check your residency or immigration status.

Man with Sword Shoots Police

Yes, that was my first thought too when I saw this headline to the website for local TV station KCRA.

Ok, based on the headline, this is how I picture this going down:

The man with the sword was clearly a real life Jedi. The police confront him and he refused to drop the sword. He moves toward them and fearing for their lives, the police open fire. The guy with the sword, in a move reminiscent of a Bruce Lee movie or a Star Wars battle, uses the sword to deflect the bullet and it hits the offices instead. One officer is struck in the hand and the other is hit in the arm. At this point, the Jedi turns to flee and is struck from behind with a bullet in the head which ends his life.

Remember that the winners write the history so here is the account from the police per Associated Press:

Two officers were wounded and a suspect was killed during a shootout after police responded Wednesday to reports of a man with a sword entering the Church of Scientology in Inglewood, California, authorities said.
The suspect was shot in the head and died at a hospital, Inglewood police Lt. Oscar Mejia told reporters at the scene. He was not immediately identified.
Gunfire erupted around 3:30 p.m. inside the front entrance of the church after police approached the man, who was wearing a hooded sweat shirt and wielding the sword, officials said.
One officer was struck in a hand, and the other was hit in an arm, officials said. They were hospitalized in good condition with non-life-threatening injuries, police Chief Mark Fronterotta said. Both officers are in their late 20s, the chief said.
Officials didn’t say who fired first or whether a gun was recovered from the suspect.

Link: 2 California officers shot after confronting man with sword

Please note that nothing in the story indicates that the man was armed with anything other than a sword. So he either got the cops to shoot themselves or it happened like I said. I’ll let you decide.