Hanging Chad Mayes

Six weeks after California Republican minority leader Chad Mayes and six other Republicans sold-out their principles and voted for an extension to Arnold Schwarzenegger ’s AB-32 Cap-and-Trade bill, Mayes is finally out as minority leader.

Six weeks after helping Democrats revamp California’s landmark climate change policy and facing a torrent of anger from conservative critics, the Republican leader of the state Assembly agreed Thursday to step down…

Rancor over Mayes’ leadership began last month, when the Yucca Valley assemblyman aligned with Democratic state lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown to extend the cap-and-trade program…

Mayes’ ouster was the first political consequence since the vote July 17 to extend the cap-and-trade program. Republicans are worried that others in their caucus who voted for the extension may face backlash at the polls in the next election.

Link: In first political consequence of cap-and-trade vote, C

Chad Mayes—another failed Republican Leader

had Mayes is replaced by Brian Dahle as Assembly Republican leader

Despite the objections of those in the State Party (CAGOP) loyal to Charles Munger Jr., the State Board voted to call for the ouster of Mayes last week-end.
Link: California Republicans tell Assembly GOP leader Chad Mayes to step down
The Sith Lord postulated that in addition to being stupid, Mayes vote in favor of AB-32 was hurting Republican fundraising efforts and that’s no surprise.

Mayes did survive an attempt to replace him as minority leader earlier this week and was able to defer the meeting until next week. At the time, it appeared that Mayes would likely survive the vote—especially since no clear leader was on deck to replace him; however, today he has stepped down to be replaced by Brian Dahle. Dahle reportedly called Mayes on Wednesday night and informed him that he had the thirteen votes necessary to win a vote to replace Mayes.

Meanwhile Mayes’ website still describes him as a “governing conservative”, “Republican leader”, and “…passionate about…reducing poverty through education, job creation, and economic expansion.”

Link: Assemblyman Chad Mayes

All the above claims are contradicted by his vote to extend this revenue scheme based on junk science. Taxing the poor to eliminate poverty is tyranny not compassion.

Chad Mayes is clearly cut from the same cloth as Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. He may have had good intentions when he went to Sacramento but he was seduced by the Dark Side because he either lacked principle or never really believed what he said to get elected. Either way he is a fool and stooge.

Oh, lastly, why are the other six traitors getting a pass on their votes?