Elk Grove Councilman Steve Detrick Wades Halfcocked into Charlottesville

I have been trying to avoid commenting on the series of protests in Charlottesville, San Francisco, Berkeley and other places but after seeing the Facebook post (below) by Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick  I finally decided to jump into this issue. Why? Was I afraid to touch the third-rail of race in post Obama America? No.

In my view, the correct political view of this is that it is an internal struggle amongst Democrats.  White supremacy, the KKK, eugenics, and the Confederate statues are all classic institutions of the Democrat Party. These forefathers of the modern Democrat Party are the guys that laid the foundation that gave us “the New Deal” but they have fallen out of favor with the younger generation. Why? Because the youth of America think all these shameful sins of our nation were caused by Republicans. That’s not history, its history revisionism on display. Republicans freed the slaves and were instrumental in passing the 1964 voting rights act but Democrats took the credit. Oh, don’t forget Internment, we got that from Democrats too. I won’t say there weren’t some Republicans involved in these “national sins” but the core leaders were devout believers in the Democrat way. See Dinesh D’Souza’s Hillary’s America

Enter Steve Detrick. I know Steve was trying to say what he thinks people want to hear but frankly its nonsense. First here is the statement in its entirety.

Vice Mayor Steven M Detrick’s personal statement in the days since the ugly and tragic events in Charlottesville.

In the days since the ugly and tragic events in Charlottesville, leaders from around the country and across the political spectrum have come together in denouncing the hate and violence of the Nazi, KKK, Confederate and white supremacist movements. We must do more than just mourn the death of Heather Heyer. Here in Elk Grove, we make it clear that those that espouse violence and genocide against African Americans, Muslims, Sikhs, Latinos, Asians, the Jewish community, LGBTQ or any other community are not welcome in our city nor anywhere in our nation.

President Trump spoke about Charlottesville, saying that some of the bigoted marchers were ‘fine people’ along with other equivocal comments. His words have been used by racist terror groups to show that they have support across the country. I say without hesitation that President Trump was wrong in giving safe harbor to bigots. He should have said clearly that marching on the side of the Nazi, KKK, Confederates and white supremacists is a despicable act intended to terrorize communities. Never let it be said that the people of Elk Grove remained silent against hate.

Steven M. Detrick
Vice Mayor
City of Elk Grove, CA

First off, Detrick denounces only one side of this protest. Sorry, but this isn’t my first experience with protests and activism. I would be willing to bet him the standard Tom Sullivan wager—a meal at a local fast food drive-thru of his choice—that the white supremacist folks were outnumbered at least twenty to one. Their opposition included Black Lives Matter and other likeminded folks. These guys are every bit as racist and full of hate as the KKK and in my mind bigger hypocrites because they don’t have a problem with the genocide of black children perpetuated by Planned Parenthood and their fellow travelers in the modern eugenics movement. So really, only some black lives matter (theirs), not all lives.

This brings me to Detrick’s criticism of President Trump. “President Trump spoke about Charlottesville, saying that some of the bigoted marchers were ‘fine people’ along with other equivocal comments.”

Steve, there are racists in both groups of protesters. 

Also, in the mix, likely on the side of the BLM folks were regular people—probably from local colleges and the like that also were protesting against the KKK. These were Trump’s “fine people”. They were dupes or mislead as to the purpose of the rally. Rank-and–file Democrats—if you wish. Trump got plenty of Democrat votes and regardless of their registration, he views them as “fine people”.

On the right, the police’s “wait-and-see” approach was perceived as a conspiracy: Cops allowed violence to break out so they would have an excuse to shut down the rally. That claim was bolstered by Virginia’s ACLU chapter, which tweeted that the police stood “passively by, seemingly waiting for violence to take place, so that they’d have grounds to declare ‘unlawful assembly.’”

White supremacists are casting themselves as police victims in the wake of Charlottesville

The organizer of the so-called white supremacists was a democrat activist that up until the November election was an Obama supporter and advocate for nationalized healthcare.
Report: Charlottesville Racist Leader Was Former Occupy Activist, Obama Supporter

This whole thing was a setup and everyone did their part as scripted. Including some dumb hick being provoked into harming others.

This is the same playbook as Occupy Wall Street and every other protest. Quit following the narrative that the media focuses upon and follow the money. This is the Liberal Establishment’s campaign to cause disruption to sway public opinion against their enemies—which happen to include the President and the weak-kneed Republicans in Congress. Liberals have lost momentum and hope in moving their agenda legislatively so they are literally taking it to the streets. This is their temper tantrum for losing in November.  It’s the same rent-a-mob with new lipstick. This has been part of their stock playbook for decades.

Detrick has been fooled by the media narrative and is accepting it as true. Given that, he is lost.

He also states: “Here in Elk Grove, we make it clear that those that espouse violence and genocide against African Americans, Muslims, Sikhs, Latinos, Asians, the Jewish community, LGBTQ or any other community are not welcome in our city nor anywhere in our nation.”

Steve where are you when the US Government, the State of California, the Muslims, and LGBTQ folks are attacking me and my family? You’re pretty damn silent about that. I know in a state where Hillary won by a landslide that there’s no upside for you defending Trump but you once claimed to be a Republican. A stand on principle instead of pragmatism would make me happier that you are representing me.

Like most people, Detrick’s analysis of this issue is like explaining why he just lost playing Three Card Monte. He’s looking at the wrong thing and thinks he’s seeing the big picture. Thankfully, others see human behavior with more clarity. John MacArthur nails the real issue here. He simultaneously explains Gen X, Gen Y, and the Snowflake crowd. His explanation has the precision of a military sniper and the Truth of what he says is so devastating that nothing can stand up to it. Plus it applies the same standard to both sides, something sorely lacking in the current discussion.

This is spiritual problem not a political one.

That’s not what’s going on there in Charlottesville or any of these other demonstrations. This is the wretched fallen human heart feeling like it can rise to any level that is not completely controlled. And let me tell you what gets you there.

Number one, the human heart is evil, war is in the heart, men will kill—that’s how they function. But God has built three restraints into society. Restraint number one is in the individual and it’s the conscience. But the conscience reacts to moral law. So if you have a whole generation of young people that have been taught a twisted perverted inverted upside down and backwards moral law, then their conscience can’t function. The conscience is simply a recognition mechanism that says that’s wrong, that’s right—that excuses and accuses. But it can only function where there’s a sound moral law written in the heart. So you have a whole generation of these people, of this generation, who have had a totally perverted sense of what morality is. And the dominant part of this new morality is, “I’m the most important person in the world, it’s all about me.” It’s the selfie culture. So conscience is now crippled.

Secondly, God put fathers and mothers in a family to bring a rod to discipline people in order to subdue their evil. If the family is destroyed and the family breaks down then you have no control over those people.

So conscience can’t function because the moral law has been literally destroyed. Families don’t function, so there is no discipline learned, there’s no sense of what is right, what is acceptable behavior. And the only institution left that God ordained was the police. Police were given a sword to subdue those who do evil. When you assault the police long enough that you diminish their authority and the sense of fear and the sense of reverence that a society has to have for those who police them, then all hell will break loose.

Conscience isn’t functioning, family is not functioning, and the police have been stripped of their powers in the social consciousness. You literally have unleashed the human heart at its worst level.

This is not about race, and this is not about what happened in America in the past. No one can tolerate white supremacists; no one can tolerate the Ku Klux Klan. …That is just one manifestation of the evil of the human heart. And we have only begun to see it once it’s unleashed. And it’s going to start coming in all kinds of forms because of the breakdown of moral law, the breakdown of the conscience, the breakdown of the family, and because of the incessant assaults on governing authorities. So get ready. I don’t think it’s going away.

Facebook Video John MacArthur on Charlottesville, Racism, and God’s Word

Transcript typed by Really Right from captions provided by GTY.

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