Johnnie Does Firehouse Subs

February 17, 2019

Recently, I found myself at a chain restaurant called Firehouse Subs. I have visited this location twice, both unannounced. Here is my full report and experience. The Firehouse Subs location that I visited was on Truxel Road in north Sacramento County. Upon walking in, a crew leader or watchperson calls out “12, 10…3..2..1”…..and every employee […]

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My Dream for MLK Day

January 21, 2019

My dream for Martin Luther King Day is simple; namely, that people that follow Dr. King would believe him. Nobody praises him as a Christian and man of the Word. Nobody that claims his legacy talks about the fact that he was staunch Republican. Nobody that claims his legacy believes in his Dream. Yeh, I […]

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Saint Nicholas

December 24, 2018

Since tomorrow is Christmas, I thought readers might enjoy a glimpse into the life of Old Saint Nick. Oh, and yes Virginia there really was a Saint Nick. He loved the poor and had no tolerance for corrupt politicians or heretics. The history of Nicholas is blurry, but there are many legends associated with the […]

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Paradise Fire

November 16, 2018

Camp Fire map November 16, 2018 It’s a week since Paradise was Lost. I wanted to recap on what we think we know thus far and what’s next. In a nutshell this is it: At about 6:15 AM last Thursday (November 8th), Pacific Gas and Electric electrical sensors reported a fault in a line near […]

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Review: Ancestry DNA

August 23, 2018

I was inspired by the Sith Lord several years ago to consider doing Ancestry DNA and 23 and Me. (FYI it’s called 23 because you have 46 chromosomes with 23 from each parent.) The Sith Lord said that each website does it differently and provides different information. I’m still working on getting both done. At […]

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Johnnie Does a Frozen Dinner

August 16, 2018

By Johnnie Does… Greetings, if you don’t know me I’m actually a very good cook, as proclaimed by a former professional chef I know. Things took a rare turn this week and I felt the need to blog about it. As a Safeway club card member I received a free offer, or as the Blog […]

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I See Dead People

August 6, 2018

“I see dead people walking around like regular people” Haley Joel Osmen The Sixth Sense At work, occasionally I see dead people too. The State Agency for which I work is carrying debts owed by former state employees that have gone to their eternal reward; often, their demise can create an accounting legacy that lasts […]

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Kids saved from Cave

July 10, 2018

Reports are in this morning that the Thailand soccer team is saved from the cave they were trapped in for several weeks. The twelve boys and coach are all safe. Some rescue workers remain inside and must still find their way out. The fact that only one rescue worker lost his life and the whole […]

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Finally: A Ted I Can Believe In

July 4, 2018

Ted Hickman, a city councilman in Dixon, CA, has really irritated the Left and made them forget all about their hatred of Donald Trump…at least for a while. You see, on his blog, Ted declared July as SPAM… Straight Pride American Month! Ted is even on the ballot this November so as you read this, […]

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Painting Adventures with Zinsser Cover Stain

June 21, 2018

The house that I live in was constructed in1989. It was decorated by the builder’s wife. The predominant color of the interior is pink. Light pink walls and matching trim, pink tile, pink carpet, and pink is a dominant color on the wallpaper too. The house was originally purchased by my wife’s grandparents. My wife […]

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