Just Us Brothers-George & Aaron Park

Just Us Brothers Mailers Hit Roseville Mailboxes

November 7, 2016

Saturday, the dual political mailers paid for by George and Aaron Park a.k.a. the Just Us Brothers hit mail boxes across Placer County. The funds from Measure M—the Placer Transportation Tax hike—have made their way to the Roseville School Board and Roseville City Council races. For those that need a brief map and want to […]

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Just Us Brothers—Money for Nothing

November 5, 2016

The Just Us Brothers are still at it in Placer County. Their efforts to take their franchise of pay-to-play graft and corruption statewide have failed but the hubris of these guys has no limits or shame. While Impact Republicans of California has failed to catch on as a player in statewide Republican circles and is […]

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State of the CRA

August 27, 2016

• Remember when the Park Brothers were expelled from CRA for life? • Remember the financial shenanigans they masterminded in both the Placer County Republican Assembly and at the CRA annual conventions? • Remember the Brothers Park posting people’s home addresses and bank account numbers online? • Remember when the new board of directors took […]

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Kirk Uhler and The Just Us Brothers

May 5, 2016

In Star Wars lore, when speaking of the Sith, “always there are two”. Similarly, the Just Us Brothers always seem to need a third member of the team to get into higher levels of mischief. In Placer County politics, their go to guy is County Supervisor Kirk Uhler. Uhler you might recall, famously helped to […]

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CIR: DOA for CRP Fall Convention

September 9, 2015

With just over a week to go until the next meeting of the California Republican Party, the lack of noise coming from the Just Us Brothers is noticeable. What looked to be a carefully orchestrated beginning to their California Impact Republicans (CIR) has gone dark. After announcing three chapters—none of which was from Placer County—not […]

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Career Opportunity for The Just Us Brothers?

August 25, 2015

In the wake of the Ashley Madison data breech, a new career opportunity has presented itself for The Just Us Brothers. The Just Us Brothers know all about data breeches. They have done it themselves so they know what information is harmful to have released on the Internet. In addition, they also have successfully purged […]

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Dr. Jonathan Crane Reviews RightOnDaily

August 24, 2015

Note: Since the Just Us Brothers are so good at tearing down strawmen, I thought it only fair that a superior strawman—the Scarecrow—should take a whack at them. Those not familiar with the exploits of the Just Us Brothers and the lore surrounding the Dark Knight will undoubtedly not fully appreciate the following. Reporter: We are […]

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More Sutter-Yuba RA Minutes

August 22, 2015

This an analysis of the body of the Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly minutes for June 8, 2015. Priory to looking at these minutes a brief summary of the timeline for the period will be helpful for readers. January 24, 2015 • CRA Board meeting where Aaron Park remarks than Placer has more money that Statewide CRA. […]

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Just Us Brothers Claim Brulte to Donate 10K to CIR

August 13, 2015

Today in my email, I received a copy of the Sutter-Yuba Republican Assembly minutes for their June 8th meeting. Not much of a surprise, The Just Us Brothers —George and Aaron Park—were the guest speakers at that evening’s festivities. Prior to their May 30th ouster, the Just Us Brothers had already purged all references to […]

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Casting Park’s Pearls

July 31, 2015

Yesterday, Aaron Park fired off another missive about the CRA online vote to create a Special Litigation Committee. In his post, Park asked a few questions to which he probably doesn’t expect an answer; however, since I find myself as the voice of the “loyal opposition” I thought I would briefly chime in. Is this […]

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