Just Us Brothers Fined for Tampering in 2016 Election

Word is the Just Us Brothers are so close to hell that they can see Sparks. Oh, and they’re feeling the heat too as the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has weighed in on their behavior in the 2016 election. Bottom line is they are as devious as Crooked Hillary.

We all know the Placer County Mafia has been up to no good for a long time. Many of their shenanigans have been documented here on this blog. Thankfully, some of their behavior in the 2016 elections has finally caught-up with them.

In case you need to refresh yourself on the background of today’s subject, here are my two articles about them leading up to the 2016 general election. As I documented at the time, Park’s behavior was improper and the FPPC has agreed.

Just Us Brothers—Money for Nothing

Just Us Brothers Mailers Hit Roseville Mailboxes

The FPPC has found them guilty of violating four parts of California election law and George Park was fined $8,000 for his conduct as treasurer of Placer County Impact Republicans PAC.

Folks the money guy paying for this illegal activity was and is Placer County Supervisor Kirk Uhler. We will have more to report on Uhler in a few minutes.

Below you will find the text of the document from the FPPC.


Please note a few nuggets contained in it. A portion of page 7 will be of great interest for those current and former CRA members.

Failure to Timely Amend Statement of Organization
The Committee reported receiving $32,145 in contributions between its date of establishment and November 1, 2016. During that time, the Committee’s largest contributor was League.

As of November 1, 2016, League had contributed $27,000 to the Committee which amounts to approximately 84% of the total contributions received by the Committee ($27,000 / $32,145 = 0.8399).
Thus, under the Act, as of November 1, 2016, the Committee was sponsored by League and was required to report the sponsorship within 24 hours by filing an amended statement of organization.

In addition to filing an amended statement of organization to report League’s sponsorship of the Committee, the Committee was required to change its name to include the name of its sponsor, Placer County Impact Republicans PAC sponsored by League of Placer County Taxpayers PAC. The Committee and Park did not file an amended statement of organization to report League’s sponsorship or to change the Committee’s name to include the name of its sponsor, League.

Thus, Placer County Impact Republicans PAC because a subsidiary of the League of Placer County Taxpayers PACan organization which didn’t really exist.

In 2016, my sources told me that Uhler likely helped get some of the FPPC reporting documents backdated to try to help Park get around campaign finance reporting laws. At the time, I decided not to go with the accusation, but looking back now it makes me wonder…

Oh, CRA here’s the bonus quote that should frost your Wheaties.

The violations committed here were isolated as the Committee and Park have not had prior enforcement history. –page 10

Isolated my foot!!!!!!!!! If George Park has a clean record with the FPPC or anybody else, you can thank Tom Hudson and Craig Alexander for failing to go after them for their conduct in CRA. If you thought only Crooked Hillary was purging files and deleting servers then you need to take a deeper dive into the antics of the Brothers Park.

Oh, so do you believe George Park actually wrote a check to the FPPC out of his pocket? Not a chance. Enter once lame duck Placer County Supervisor, Kirk Uhler. Kirk help start Impact Republicans and at their end he ponied up the money to bail them out one last time.

Yep, look carefully at the Form 460 below. This is the end of Placer County Impact Republicans PAC. Termination Statement filed June 5, 2020.


On page 3, you can see that Kirk Uhler gave a substantial amount of campaign money to George Park to pay his FPPC fine. ($7,589.27)

On page 4, you can see the disbursements to the FPPC.

Typically, when a candidate is done in political life, they donate the remaining campaign money to charity but not Uhler.


George Park moved to Nevada several years ago, and I’ve been told his brother Aaron finally followed him there.

George and Aaron Park with Jeb Bush on 05-13-2015

As for Uhler, his Rensa Group website is defunct, and Rensa’s Facebook page entries are ancient. Look for Uhler to exit California once his replacement is sworn into office.

Another Aaron Park Client Shows his True Colors

Chad Bianco… it’s all over Park’s blog (unless he’s recently deleted the posts) defeated “corrupt, drunk womanizer” Stanley Sniff as Sheriff of Riverside County. We needed Bianco because he could do Republican things like give out concealed carry permits by the thousands! Well Aaron, you got us a good one in Bianco, look at what this newly minted Doctor of Medicine had to say about Corona Virus in his County.

Sheriff Bianco has mandated everyone wear masks to cover their faces in public or risk a $1,000 fine or jail time.

The mandate went into effect on Sunday after Riverside University Health System indicated 946 confirmed coronavirus cases in the county.

“This is a valid order and enforceable by fine, imprisonment or both,” Bianco said on Monday in a video statement.

He added: “Not everybody’s getting the message.”

“It started with staying at home, social distance and covering your face. But now we change from saying that you should to saying that you must.”

“Right now, you could be a carrier of this virus, spreading it to your family and friends.”

California sheriff warns he can arrest and fine people $1,000 for not wearing masks in public

There you have it boys and girls; Dr. Chad Bianco put down his scalpel and stethoscope and has donned a Sheriff’s badge in hopes to save the world! No one knows more about this disease then Dr. Bianco…. he is not the hero we asked for, but the hero we needed during these trying times! Fixated on cable news, he has all the information to make an informed decision on the heath crisis facing his county! A total of 25 folks have died in his county, out of 2.7 million, but let us not allow a good crisis to go to waste.

Riverside County

Keep in mind, he also announced there will be no checkpoints or traffic stops to pull over folks not in compliance…. I guess he didn’t go full Adolf Hitler on us. He also said you will not be stopped while walking or hiking. After reading those statements aren’t you left asking “What’s the point of this order?”

Additionally, in the People’s Republic of California, we have been releasing “non-violent criminals” from both our prisons and jails to prevent the spread of this disease. Yet this MORON wants to arrest and jail you for not wearing a mask in public? And what about this fine? Good grief! Please help me understand the logic behind this, you can steal from a store and not even get cited, yet walk around in Bianco’s County sans a mask and you will be fined $1,000?

Well that Aaron Park sure knows how to pick ‘em!

The Chief

BTW We here at Reallyright.com encourage Aaron to wear a mask at all times, not just due to his looks but due to the toxic emissions coming from his mouth. Frankly I’m surprised the EPA hasn’t shut him down yet.

Aaron Park is a Lonely, Pathetic Human Being

By Chief

I woke up this morning to a sound of a baby crying, which is odd since I have no offspring that I’m aware of. Turns out it was a story sent to me by a friend of mine, from the blog of a man who no longer has many friends, Aaron F Park. I wish I could get back the five minutes of my life I spent reading that absolute abomination of a wannabe hit piece, but I would rather not bleach my eyeballs. In the piece, Aaron tried to lay out the case as to why his client, Supervisor Kirk Uhler lost re-election. He used classic Aaron Park lines from every campaign he had run…. “You took down my clients signs.” “She was funded by far left people” “Tried to use undue influence over the public.” Aaron these were all total and complete bunk, and you know it!

Photos of Aaron F Park per Microsoft Bing search engine

Editor’s Note: I tried searching for a recent photo of Aaron F Park on Bing for use in this post and the second image was a dumpster fire; ok, actually it was a row of porta-potties totally involved in flames but isn’t that actually worse?

I have spoken to about 8 folks in Placer, specifically about your political operations. All were less than impressed. All 8 live in Supervisor District four, home of your doomed client Mr. Uhler. None of them to a man could bring themselves to vote for Mr. Uhler. They described Uhler as being one of the most arrogant, condescending human beings they have ever met. Furthermore Mr. Park, no one had a good thing to say about you. Most questioned you even wanting to be in politics due to your extremely thin skin. When I brought up as your name as an insurance professional, they all became flat out irate. Seems like you are a failure at both lines of work…congrats!

Aaron let’s take a close look at some of the clients you helped usher into office…..for the low, low cost of just a couple hundred bucks a month blogging fee you charged!

Bill Brough

William “Bill” Brough, you piled on Anna Bryson, (congrats you successfully wiped those posts from your blog) and defended a womanizing, alcoholic, sexual assailant. You now claim you never knew, and blogged about his exploits in the Capitol, I consider you an accomplice.

Ted Gaines, this was classic Aaron. He was all in against Roger Niello, and according to Aaron, Gaines was the best thing since sliced bread. Almost right after the ink dried on the Gaines election, he became public enemy number 1. Don’t believe me? Check his blog, post after post about the Gaines family.

Ted Gaines

Beth Gaines, Aaron was all riled up that she ran and won her husband’s old seat. Aaron screamed she was unqualified, nepotism, etc. In most ways Aaron was right, but let’s take a look behind door #3 here….

Megan Dahle

Megan Dahle, wife of now State Senator Brian Dahle, check the blog again, Aaron had no issues with her being elected to follow her hubby under the same circumstances. Looks like she doesn’t exactly hold major qualifications either?????? Aaron…I’m hearing crickets from you?

In the 2015 special election you supported Don Wagner over John Moorloch, and I understand why, as I supported Wagner as well. However you referred to him as “Moloch” a pagan god of human sacrifice. This coming from a man who “claims he is a Christian first, and conservative second.” May I ask if you have ever actually read the Bible? That alone is horrific and the fact you wrote it over and over is astonishing.

pagan god Moloch

Have you ever read your own posts? Not to proof read but for the actual personal attacks? They all settle on womanizing, drinking, or not being ideologically pure enough. Newsflash you moron, people can have a drink and not be an alcoholic, I swear you AA graduates are the worst of the lot. As far as your womanizing attacks go, funny how you left Duane Dichara unscathed on that one, with you even going as far as calling him ethical! LOL As far as your ideological attacks, most of the time you are so far off base its laughable. These are literally his only attacks folks, he either lacks the mental capacity to think of other ones, or runs his life like he runs a campaign, same old box of tricks each year.

You complain and whine constantly about the lack of paid campaign jobs you have received lately….maybe because no one likes you. I heard you did great work re-electing Harmeet Dhillon as National Committeewomen to the CRP….oh wait, that’s right you were not allowed near it, probably because she wanted to win! I actually have it on record that you are a laughingstock inside the CAGOP headquarters, they have screen shots of your blog trashing Jessica Patterson, then going on an apology tour after she got elected chair. Your chances of a campaign consulting gig went from zero to piss off.

Harmeet Dhillon

Aaron you exhibit patterns of behavior that any medical professional would say are signs of a psychopath. You peaked when online blogging was invented as you can now make anonymous posts about any and every one with whom you have an axe to grind. However you lack the material or the state of mind to do so and make any impact. Also think about the high number of folks you have run out of your life on a rail over very small squabbles! Tom Hudson, and Charlie Schaupp are just two of them. Best friends you were, you even helped Charlie run for office, yet you attack them on personal matters so far out of bounds; you can’t even tell you’re turning other folks off to you. Also you seem to get the police/FBI called on you far more often than anyone I know…maybe find a new schtick? Or get a life outside of politics? Or find an actual hobby?

Charlie Schaupp

Aaron get some help and take a long hard look in the mirror. You are a dumpster fire in the worst possible way. Your attacks on Victor Behket were despicable. You trashed that man, who by the way was running for a local office not even a partisan one! You trashed Celeste Greig, and Karen England…all for what, simple political disagreements? You blame every campaign you’ve been against at stealing your candidate’s signs; however, I have first-hand knowledge that you have removed far more of your opponent’s signs over the years! Come on Aaron, it’s over.

Kirk had only one friend left, and he hired you to do his dirty work, congrats on failing spectacularly. Oh hat tip to you on the robo call from the Democrat operative in the area, while others say that reeked of desperation, you’re dumb enough to have thought it would work!

It’s not too late to remove all those old posts Aaron.

The Chief

PS who can ever forget you and your loser brother George sitting front row at a Jeb Bush event in Reno way back during the presidential primary…ouch, bad look for you two “conservative brothers!” Before you try to spin the tale, the only folks allowed to sit in the front row are large money donors.

George and Aaron Park with Jeb Bush on 05-13-2015

Kirk Uhler on the Ropes

Suzanne Jones: Photo from Lincoln Club of the Sierras

Folks, it looks like my $25 advertising investment on Facebook is paying big dividends. Placer County Supervisor, Kirk Uhler, is now trailing his challenger, fellow Republican, Suzanne Jones, in the race for Placer County Supervisor, 4th District. When I last looked in on the race, Uhler was up by about 107 votes but after yesterday’s update was posted, he now trails by 180 votes, a swing of about 287 votes.

Here’s the details.

Results March 6, 2020 update Uhler +107

Meanwhile, a few days and 3,643 votes later…

Results March 10, 2020 Jones +180

Just for reference, in Uhler’s 2016 race versus Victor Bekhet, a total of 19,784 votes were cast. Thus I would conclude that Uhler has no hope of beating Jones although the race is within the margin of a recount.

Congratulations to Supervisor Jones.

When you hitch your fate to the Just Us Brothers, such an outcome is no surprise. My only question is will Aaron Park scrub his blog of all the personal attacks on Suzanne Jones (and Tom Hudson) or let them stand?

Lastly, hey Kirk, Aaron always has this outcome when he is given the title of “campaign manager.” Like you, he thrives in the shadows not in the light. For a guy that thinks they’re friends, you don’t pay much attention to Aaron’s track record of mayhem and destruction. An ethical person wouldn’t associate themselves with him. At least now your wife can apply for the director position she’s been coveting without it being a violation of campaign laws on conflict of interest.

Republican Kirk Uhler Courts Democrats by Dissing Republicans

Yep, I’ll get to the audio tape in a minute but wow. Folks Kirk is a lifelong Republican. Lest you doubt me, I call as my key witness Aaron F. Park—Uhler’s 2020 campaign manager.

On December 17, 2019, Park wrote:

Some people on the Placer GOP Cent Com were trying to defeat Kirk Uhler, even though Kirk was the endorsed candidate of the Placer Cent Com. I think several of them did not know Kirk and may well have been following Tom Hudson and Suzanne Jones’ lead. Deborah Jackson and Ken Campbell, both former officers in the Placer GOP, actually showed up as a donor to Viktor Bekhet against the Republican Kirk Uhler, writing checks to Bekhet while sitting members of the Placer GOP.

Another Political History Series: Kirk Uhler, Suzanne Jones and 2 Decades in Placer GOP Politics (Part 8) The Jones and Bekhet Show

Ok, lots to unpack here but Park is a Placer County Republican operative that runs a pay-to-play blog that is part of his personal campaign operation. He has a checkered track record. Park will routinely trash someone leading up to an election and if his guy should loose, once the winner writes Park a large enough check, Aaron dutifully purges his website of offending material and will then go all in on his new patron. My advice to Park watchers is go to Archive dot org (also known as Way Back Time Machine) and archive the crap out of his writings so he can’t cover his tracks so easily. Do it now, before election day.

Aaron and Kirk’s relationship goes way back as we have chronicled on this blog. When Park calls Uhler a Republican in the above quote, please trust that this is the case. However, not all is happy and harmonious in the last Republican area of California. Park and his allies are arrayed not just against Democrats but fellow Republicans.

Aaron and George Park we once business partners and political allies with Tom Hudson (also mentioned in the above quote) long before Uhler came along but in recent years, Aaron often takes shots that are harsh on Hudson and in my opinion beyond what civilized people who call themselves “Christian” should say on their blog. Tom and Aaron were fellow travelers for many years, but Tom has the good sense not to excavate all their past deeds. Aaron likes to weaponize things in Hudson’s personal life and then beat him mercilessly with them to score cheap points against his onetime friend.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have occasionally been on Aaron’s good side in the past but over time his methods were such that I could no longer associate myself with him.

There are two kinds of folks in Aaron’s world, his friends and everyone else. I think many people that he goes after on his blog were once his fellow travelers or potential allies but for a variety of reasons, they disagreed with him on some issue and then became targets of his ire. I think that is true of all the people that he attacked in the above quote except Victor BekhetSuzanne Jones, Deborah Jackson, and Ken Campbell are all Republicans active in Placer County.

Anyway, Republican Kirk Uhler is currently robocalling registered Democrats in Placer County, asking for their vote while attacking his opponent as a divisive Republican. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s the transcript and the audio link.

This is Rob Haswell, lifelong Placer County resident and former regional director of the California Democratic Party. With an important message for fellow Democrats.

I am asking you to vote to re-elect Kirk Uhler for Placer County Supervisor on March third. In assisting local Democratic elected officials over the years, I have worked with Kirk on a number of issues that matter to most of us. Kirk has addressed traffic problems impacting our quality of life, he has focused on the real threat of catastrophic wildfires and has lead Placer County’s effort to adopt groundbreaking conservation plan.

His opponent is vice-chairman of the Placer County Republican Party, one of the most divisive and partisan organizations in the county. She is trying to hide that fact, don’t be fooled.

Please join me in supporting Kirk Uhler for Placer County Supervisor.

Paid for by Kirk Uhler for Supervisor.

Audio Kirk Uhler Robocall by Rob Haswell

So as is usual, the pot is calling the kettle black. Based on this transcript, it is Kirk Uhler that is trying to hide the fact that he is a Republican by pretending to be a Democrat. Folks this is classic Aaron Park in action. Since Aaron claims to be Uhler’s campaign manager, I’m happy to give him credit for this charade.

Folks, Republicans in California have very little reason to go to the polls on March third. There are no Republicans on the ballot in most parts of the State and Trump is the nominee, but Democrats do have more of a reason to vote.

From a strategic point, it makes sense to get Democrat votes when running for a nonpartisan office but to do so by calling your own Party’s Central Committee WHICH HAS ENDORSED YOU “one of the most divisive and partisan organizations in the county” is over the top.

Placer GOP endorsed Kirk Uhler

Again, you can’t make this stuff up.

If Republicans are dissing their own Party to get support for a nonpartisan office in the last remaining Republican stronghold in California, then I would conclude that Kirk Uhler and Aaron Park have made a dumpster fire in their own backyard.

Just Us Brothers Mailers Hit Roseville Mailboxes

Saturday, the dual political mailers paid for by George and Aaron Park a.k.a. the Just Us Brothers hit mail boxes across Placer County. The funds from Measure M—the Placer Transportation Tax hike—have made their way to the Roseville School Board and Roseville City Council races.

For those that need a brief map and want to follow the money, here is the cash flow:
Supporters of Measure M gave money to the League of Placer County Taxpayers. $27,000 of this money then went to the Placer County chapter of California Impact Republicans. PCCIR then used some of that money to buy two political mailers for the Roseville City Council and School Board races.

Here are the flyers:




The interesting thing is the commonalities that are shared by this whole thing.

Guess who the Treasurer is for League of Placer County Taxpayers, Placer County chapter of California Impact Republicans, and candidate Andrew Tagg?


League of Placer County Taxpayers PAC


Placer County Impact Republicans PAC


Friends of Andrew Tagg School Trustee 2016


Treasurer: George E Park Jr

The second commonality is County Supervisor Kirk Uhler. Placer Impact Republicans, League of Placer County Taxpayers, and Kirk Uhler all reportedly work out of Uhler’s Rensa Group offices.

Just Us Brothers—Money for Nothing

The Just Us Brothers are still at it in Placer County. Their efforts to take their franchise of pay-to-play graft and corruption statewide have failed but the hubris of these guys has no limits or shame. While Impact Republicans of California has failed to catch on as a player in statewide Republican circles and is not even registered as a paper tiger with the California Republican Party, they are still playing in their own backyard. They are mercenaries for hire and still do the bidding and dirty work of folks like the Placer County Mafia. Work for which they are well compensated.

They are like a hydra but not in the traditional sense. This hydra has a hive mind but many tentacles. Every two year election cycle they grow another appendage while doing the same dirty tricks and off the book operations but under a different name. Like a deep cover agent that assumes a new identity each time their cover is blown, these guys just keep at it by reinventing new names for themselves.

Their latest incarnation is operating as Placer County Impact Republicans Political Action Committee. Their self-described purpose is “Contributions or expenditures to support or oppose candidates or measures in Placer County”.

What we learned from the second Star Wars trilogy is that always there are two. With George and Aaron Park, always there are three.  In this case the token “red shirt” along for the ride is Kirk Uhler. Uhler is the public face of this cabal of corruption in Placer County. From what I have seen, he certainly could not be called the brains of the operation. The Just Us Brothers—well they are the muscle.

For undocumented services rendered, the Placer County Impact Republicans PAC have been awarded $26,000 by the League of Placer County Taxpayers PAC. My sources in Placer County say that the money is from Pro Measure M contributions.


So I asked myself, who is the League of Placer County Taxpayers? Well they are not the Placer County Taxpayers Association; however, I think their name is intended to mislead people into confusing them with the Placer Taxpayer Association.

I did a web search on these groups. Wow, was I in for a surprise. Most of what I’m about to report can be found at this link.
Campaign Reporting Portal for Placer County
Search for
1390564 Placer County Impact Republicans PAC
1352462 League of Placer County Taxpayers

As I began to research the League, I found a trail that lead to two records with the California Secretary of State’s Office. Both listings for the League of Placer County Taxpayers are inactive.


The first incarnation of the League was put down in 1977


The second League was put down by the Franchise Tax Board in 2012

After seeing that the second and more recent group had a status of FTB Suspended, I looked that up on the Secretary of State website.

Please note that the League had its license suspended due to not filing proper tax documents.

Thus no active California Corporation called the League of Placer County Taxpayers is recognized by the Secretary of State.

Mike Musolino’s name however did continue to appear in filings with the Secretary of State for campaign expenditures for the League of Placer County Taxpayers thru 2015.

The only active Internet search result is a Facebook page for the group. It has five posts since it was created. The first is a shared post that Tom McClintock wrote in 2013. Miraculously, the Facebook page appeared beginning a week ago.
Link: Facebook—League of Placer County Taxpayers

Then my search got more interesting.

Guess who the Treasurer is for the League of Placer County Taxpayers PAC. Yes, George Park.

So Park wrote himself a check for $26,000 from the League of Placer County Taxpayers PAC to Placer County Impact Republicans PAC. 
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!!!!!!


January 2016 filing showing George Park as Treasurer of the League of Placer County Taxpayers. 

October 27 2016 report showing George Park as Treasurer of Placer County Impact Republicans PAC

Yes, in case you were wondering, Park is still the Treasurer of both groups. Look at the October 2016 Form 460 filings for both groups.

Since my sources contacted me, The Just Us Brothers got another grand.


The only other contribution on file to Placer County Impact Republicans PAC is this one from Committee for Home Ownership of the North State BIA.



Please note that as of the filing with the Secretary of State on 10-22-2016, Placer County Impact Republicans PAC is reporting zero expenses. Due to the closeness of the election most expenditures are required by election law to be reported within 24 hours.


With less than three days to go before the election, Impact Republicans takes in $26K in last minute contributions and has spent none of it? Again is it payment for off the books services rendered? A reasonable person might come to this conclusion.

Literally, as I was doing a final edit for this blog, a new document was posted for the Impact PAC. However, it begs more questions than it answers. Above is the October 22, 2016 filing showing that Impact Republicans of Placer County PAC has $5,145 for their cash balance.

Late filing report posted online after 11 AM Saturday November 5th.

Then on October 26, 2016 they report mailing expenses for $9,561.90

Printing and postage?

Last minute hatchet job?

The $26,000 income they got is then reported as being November 1, 2016.

So they purposely wrote two hot checks a week before they received enough money to cover the expense?

Seeing this timeline, thoughts of “pay-to-play” and “coordination of campaigns” leap into my fertile imagination.

Is it my accounting background or does this look fishy to you?

The Parks have a long history of purposely not keeping any sort of detailed paper trail of their forays into the political arena. It will be interesting to see where the rest of the funds reportedly end up. Are the Just Us Brothers the conduit or the destination? Somehow I think that answer will stay hidden until after November 8th.

State of the CRA

• Remember when the Park Brothers were expelled from CRA for life?
• Remember the financial shenanigans they masterminded in both the Placer County Republican Assembly and at the CRA annual conventions?
• Remember the Brothers Park posting people’s home addresses and bank account numbers online?
• Remember when the new board of directors took them to court?
• Remember the multipage expose’ in the Sacramento Bee laying out the case used by the prosecution to win conviction?
• Remember the complaints that were filed with FPPC, FBI, DOI, various local District Attorneys and CA Attorney General?
• Remember the Emmy Award winning special on the Fox News Channel about the “Placer County Mafia”?
• Remember when the Brothers (Aaron and George) went to jail after being convicted by each and every single one of these entities?

Let me guess; you don’t remember any of these things happening do you?  Because everything except the first three points are false and never happened.

X has been involved in the CRA for a little over a decade now and knows both Aaron and George very well; well enough to say both are so crooked you may be able to open a wine bottle with either one.  Back in the day, Aaron once had a big problem abusing the sauce, but now he (and George) spend their leisure time abusing the truth.  For them truth is not an absolute, it’s a matter of compensation and personal enhancement that determines their “truth”. But enough of those two Jeb Bush supporting, wannabe conservatives—for now.

George and Aaron Park with Jeb Bush on 05-13-2015


What Aaron really thinks about Jeb Bush on 05-18-2015

The California Republican Assembly (CRA) claims to be the oldest Republican organization in California. A quick look at their membership at the last convention would convince you that the claim is probably true. Sadly, the once proud CRA has devolved into an old white people’s club, except rather than play Bingo and shuffleboard, they reminisce about the old times when California frequently went Republican during statewide elections and occasionally for President.  This group still fondly remembers when “The Gipper” called them “the conscience of the Republican Party.” However, like “The Gipper”, CRA has developed Alzheimer’s disease.  They have forever lost their way.

If you need evidence of how out of touch the CRA is, you need look no further than their Presidential Endorsing Convention last February. On the first ballot, Donald Trump barely got 10 votes while Ted Cruz was overwhelmingly endorsed. When California actually cast ballots on June 7th, Trump got 74.8% of the vote while Cruz came in third with just 9.5%.

Likewise, the CRA Convention’s choice for US Senate, Tom Del Baccaro, was overwhelmingly endorsed on their first ballot. When Californians voted in June, Del Baccaro got 4.3% of the vote. Not only did he finish a distant fifth place in the field, but no Republican received enough votes to go on to the November 8th election.

Every two years, CRA chapters hold local endorsement conventions all across the state. These pyric events often break out into meandering trips down memory lane for these old geezers.  You see, the CRA endorsement comes with no money for candidates or sweat equity to further their campaigns. It’s just symbolism with no substance. However, for those that believe, it’s a sacred duty that they take very seriously.

CRA claims to be an organization based on principles. However, I’ve personally watched a candidate get endorsed by CRA by promising to hold the line against higher taxes, only to break their promise and then the following election cycle be endorsed again (Mike Villines and Mimi Walters).

Sadly, CRA stands for nothing; they are just another GOP group with a different name and annual dues.

In my local unit, I’ve witnessed firsthand a three hour debate by two candidates running for the right to get annihilated by Doris Matsui.  CRA will leave no windmill unscathed.

X left the CRA due to these types of people/actions, permanently.

You see the new CRA Board has stood idly by while the organization went the same way as the CA Republican Party; right down the commode.  Yup, while our blind leadership was busy trying to set up a new unit in Compton and make sure all the incumbents in Orange County got re-elected in landslides, the world changed. Look at what CRA has been reduced to.  The Park Brothers should be history from any type of political circle, and a DA in Placer County likely could have helped spearhead the effort but no, we would rather play nice. CRA failed to act either in self-defense or on principle. Between the CRA and rank-and-file Republicans, the disconnect has never been more pronounced. CRA is stuck so far in the past that they still think California has primaries. They still haven’t come to grips with a top two system. Despite much bluster and bravado, they are just as averse to conflict as the national party when squabbles break out.

The long extinct Woolly Mammoth—aka “long in the tooth Republican”

Like the Republican Party in California, CRA has run its course. Both are dimming memories in the consciousness of the political historian that is likely young enough not to know firsthand what a vibrant two party system looked like. It has been millennia since the proud elephant has roamed supreme in the western states of North America and almost as long since a living Republican has been spotted making a difference in the once Golden State.

Kirk Uhler and The Just Us Brothers

In Star Wars lore, when speaking of the Sith, “always there are two”. Similarly, the Just Us Brothers always seem to need a third member of the team to get into higher levels of mischief. In Placer County politics, their go to guy is County Supervisor Kirk Uhler.

Uhler you might recall, famously helped to loot the treasury of the Placer County Republican Assembly (PCRA) last May. Why any elected official would willingly interject himself in such a toxic situation and act so foolishly should be a concern to his constituents.

The short version was that George Park was Treasurer of PCRA and statewide Membership Secretary of the California Republican Assembly (CRA). He and his brother decided to leave CRA and metaphorically torched the place on the way out. In addition to purposely deleting all electronic records of the statewide organization, George Park liquidated the funds in the PCRA bank account on May 25th. Instead of checks, he converted the funds into money orders and disbursed the money as he saw fit. Then on May 30, Uhler—who was PCRA President at the time—presided over a sham meeting of the Board and voted to dissolve the Placer County chapter and disburse the funds of the group. (He knew the bank account had been closed five days earlier.)

CRA is a corporation and Uhler’s actions violated the CRA Bylaws and his fiduciary responsibility as President of PCRA. Had he any sense, Uhler should have kept his distance from Park’s actions. Instead he defended them in an email blast to the CRA Board and signed his name at the bottom. He also sent the email using his business account. (I don’t know about you, but I think emailing a jpg of my signature to 100 strangers is not the brightest idea.)

Uhler and his fellow travelers were threatened with both civil and criminal complaints for their behavior. Uhler’s behavior was described as “embezzlement”.

Embezzlement: Please be aware that the CRA Bylaws require all funds from units that are “seeking to leave” CRA to be forwarded to the CRA Treasurer.  The specific language of Section 5.07 says, “Any chartered Republican Assembly that has ceased to be part of the CRA for any reason, or that is seeking to leave CRA, shall relinquish the name Republican Assembly, surrender its charter certificate to the Membership Secretary, and transfer all of its funds to the CRA Treasurer.”  The Placer County Republican Assembly has ratified and agreed to be bound by the CRA Bylaws.  Failure to forward the unit funds to the CRA Treasurer as required may constitute embezzlement and the persons involved may be subject to very serious civil and criminal sanctions.
Document provided by Aaron Park

CRA decided the cost was greater than their ability to collect damages so they reluctantly dropped the matter.

Aaron Park also has a history with Uhler. Aaron is a gun for hire and worked for Uhler’s Supervisorial campaigns in 2012 and 2016. Aaron’s brand of politics involves hit-pieces and constructing strawmen that he can then knockdown while besmirching the opponents of those who retain his services.

Occasionally, Aaron forgets to pull the pin before tossing his explosives. Somehow he survives to fight in the next cycle but some of his clients aren’t so fortunate. Just Google Aaron Park and Clint Parish. Aaron helped his client, Parish, lose his job and face the wrath of the California Bar. Why? Because Aaron sent a bogus hit piece out on Parish’s opponent.

This year, Aaron has set his sights on Victor Bekhet. Bekhet—like many people in Placer County—is tired of the antics of Supervisor Uhler. Victor Bekhet however committed the unforgivable sin; he had the nerve to pull papers to run against Uhler. Kirk Uhler then decided to retain Park’s services of character assassination and dirty tricks to steamroll Mr. Bekhet.

Aaron created a fake website and assembled a bunch of nonsense to smear the character of Bekhet. Aaron’s antics got a feature story at KCRA TV. KCRA has two slightly different instances of the story.


Article and Video

In the news story, Park claims “the website was created of his own accord.” The proof that this was a lie is two-fold.

First Uhler knows the contents of the fake website and approves.

Uhler responded to Bekhet’s claims in a statement to KCRA that reads in part:

“I wish my opponent the best of luck managing through what is obviously a disconcerting issue for him. Perhaps if there are items publicly available about my opponent that he doesn’t want publicly discussed, he should have considered that before running for public office.”

Any politician with an ounce of common sense would denounce Park’s tactics and distance himself from these kind of tactics. Uhler is OK with the fake website (VictorBekhet.com) and what Park said on it. Look at his quote above. He is blaming Bekhet for the content not Park.

Second, Park is on Uhler’s payroll for the current campaign. Per Uhler’s 430 filing for January 1 to April 23, 2016, Aaron scored $1,000 for Campaign Paraphenalia/Misc.

That Uhler and the Parks are thick as thieves has been well documented on Aaron’s blog and other places. All three (George, Aaron, and Kirk) claim to be good church going folks so why do they treat Bekhet like crap?

Aaron is a bully. He’s no Dirty Harry but I can picture him saying this to Bekhet

Listen, punk. To me you’re nothin’ but dogshit, you understand? And a lot of things can happen to dogshit. It can be scraped up with a shovel off the ground. It can dry up and blow away in the wind. Or it can be stepped on and squashed. So take my advice and be careful where the dog shits ya!
Clint Eastwood in Sudden Impact

A Christlike attitude would be more in line with Glen Kaiser’s quote, “The way you treat the person you love the least is the way you love God the most.”

My complaint with these guys is similar to my gripes about Ted Cruz; power politics is their goal. Their faith has no effect on their public conduct.

Park claims in a May first blog post that Bekhet has only raised $2,500. I don’t know if this is true but let’s assume that it is. Why does Uhler need to spend over $22,000 during the same period to beat this newcomer? Look at how much he paid Park to attack Bekhet. Would anyone call this a measured response?

Sadly, I think Uhler will be un-phased by my post. I picture him and Park discussing new ways to beat Bekhet like a piñata while humming the Tina Turner song, What’s Love Got To Do With It?

In a nutshell, this is why the America Church is so ineffective.

CIR: DOA for CRP Fall Convention

With just over a week to go until the next meeting of the California Republican Party, the lack of noise coming from the Just Us Brothers is noticeable. What looked to be a carefully orchestrated beginning to their California Impact Republicans (CIR) has gone dark. After announcing three chapters—none of which was from Placer County—not a peep has been heard.

What many thought would be a systematic roll-out of the requisite ten chapters and 200 statewide members prior to the grand announcement of the CIR submission of an application for recognition with the California Republican Party has instead become a non-starter.

The Just Us Brothers seem to find themselves in a moral dilemma. Should they keep going down this path? It seems fruitless when they can’t get Placer, Sutter-Yuba, and Yolo CIR chapters off the ground. These folks are literally in their backyard and were in their back-pocket on May 30th, but four months after they did their “final exit” from CRA, they still have nothing to show. Aaron’s prediction of a mass exodus from CRA has proved to be a figment of his fertile imagination. Contrary to his earlier statements, CRA has added units and members since the Just Us Brother left.

The other choice the Brothers can consider now is one they railed against when Karen England tried her hostile takeover of CRA in 2011. However, it does go with Aaron’s theme of “an advertisement with us carries an automatic endorsement.” They could let candidates buy an endorsement with the sponsorship of any CIR chapter in their district.

This option might be a win/win/win for the Brothers. They could get some badly needed loot from candidates, look legit to the casual observer in the CRP volunteer organizations committee, and because the CIR chapters would exist only on paper, they could maintain indefinite control of the group. This pay-to-play formula might be their logical move for 2016.

Since the CIR website still won’t offer even basic information on joining, it’s clear this group is a private club not a Republican organization open to interested voters.

CIR is an epic failure. As a straight-up group it is dead. The question now is will it be resurrected next year as a zombie puppet to financially benefit the Brothers?