CRA Summary and Data Breach Day Five Update

There are a lot of new readers wondering what is all the controversy happening in CRA and asking the Rodney King question, “Why can’t we all just get along?”

Here is a summary to date.

The factions break up into two camps with some folks in the middle wondering, what’s going on?

In the first camp are George and Aaron Park. George is the silent tiger of the group and Aaron is the more vocal kitten. They are literally brothers in arms. The problem with the Parks is that you are either friend or foe. They can’t be with you on one issue and against you on another. The thought of building coalitions is not part of their vocabulary. George, as Membership Secretary of CRA, has tremendous power within the organization; especially, now.

The other faction is comprised mostly of refugees of the now vacant Charter Review Committee. The main players talked about on Aaron’s blog are Tim Thiesen and Alice Khosravy. Charter Review is charged with working with local clubs to build CRA. Clubs that need help are supposed to get it thru this Committee.

Members of the Charter Review Committee have been targeted by the Parks. The Parks are angry about three units for very different reasons.

First they are angry about the existence of Nevada RA. They want it wiped from the CRA map. Tim Thiesen failed to make a good enough case to punish them at the January CRA Board meeting. Since the Board did not achieve the 2/3 vote needed to punish Nevada RA, the unit was granted an opportunity to comply with the demands of Charter Review and given until the March convention to do so. By the time of the convention, they had done everything required of them. They were overseen by Carl Brickey who will vouch for this. Instead of welcoming them back into the fold as members in good standing, the Parks continue to cry foul but dared not act against the unit at the convention.

Second is the Santa Clarita RA. The Parks gladly helped to dismantle the other Santa Clarita unit calling it the puppet of a local congressman and his political allies. They were proud of their apparent victory. Success has many fathers but failure, that’s Alice’s fault. Her greatest sin was to inquire about the composition of the Placer County RA. She had heard that they had some paper members and tried to see if there was some factual basis for this allegation. George responded by locking up all membership records about a month before the Convention. Ever to this day, he is still holding the records hostage. Blocking access to membership records prevented Charter Review from doing a proper job of clearing delegates for the Convention. They were forced to take the position that all delegates assigned to the convention were OK to seat because Park left them no way to disqualify anyone.

Ventura RA is the third leg of this story
. The Parks took the chapter away from Steve Frank and ran a recruiting drive that netted over 40 members to the club. It was their greatest revival of a club in the state and they were very proud of the achievement especially since it was in Celeste Greig’s backyard.
Things went south during the last election cycle when some endorsements didn’t go Aaron’s way and now he is gunning for the unit.

Remember, everything with the Parks is personal.

All this was in play when the Convention was held in March. John Briscoe did not want to deal with the hostility coming from the Park camp. He ignored other Board members asking him for relief. He adopted a delay and defer tactic. This resulted in the defacto abolishment of the Charter Review Committee and a huge transfer of power to George Park. The only Board Officers that currently have any duties are the President, Treasurer and Membership Secretary.

The chain of command created in the CRA Bylaws is President to Vice-presidents (assigned to various regions of the state) to Senate District Directors to local units. However, Briscoe failed to make assignments to the ten Vice-Presidents so the Senate District Directors have no one assigned to help and support them. In effect we have a head and feet and no limbs to coordinate movement.

Against this backdrop, the CRP overwhelmingly welcomes the Log Cabin Republicans into the fold—which by the way Aaron Park reportedly knew about before the Convention but told no one. The Log Cabin recognition by the CRP does not bode well for the future of the state platform as we know it.

Did you know that elections are winding up right now for representatives to be elected to the CRP Platform Committee? Yet CRA has no way to execute a coordinated campaign to get folks on our side elected because we have no VPs assigned local clubs. Furthermore, it is widely reported that President Briscoe took a pass on offers to coordinate such a campaign with the Tea Party.

Against this backdrop, Briscoe called a conference call earlier in the month with at least seven of the Vice-Presidents and proposed a meeting for May 30th in Santa Barbara. As I have reported, he backed down from this idea. The VPs and others, tired of both the Parks and the lack of leadership by the President decided to call for the meeting anyway.

After the meeting call was publicized, the Parks got Briscoe to propose a second meeting for July 25th. They tried to bluff people with the idea that the July meeting was a substitute instead of having a May meeting. They knew this was contrary to the CRA Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order but they tried to get away with it just the same.

On April 17, during the online voting time for the July meeting, Aaron attempted to sway people by blitzing members with five tracts. He then posted them to his blog. In doing this, Aaron posted personal information on members of the Ventura RA. Part of this post included copies of checks from five members. The information includes routing numbers, names, addresses, phone numbers, and bank account numbers which are still legible. In short, all the goodies anyone would need for identity theft. This document is still available on the Internet five days after it was posted.

• John Briscoe has so far refused to notify these folks that personal information was posted by officers of CRA. I know that other have reached out to these individuals to tell them.
• Briscoe has also not secured the records of these and other CRA members. They are still in the possession of George Park.
• Briscoe has refused to offer these individuals a one year subscription to LifeLock or other identity protection company as required by law.
• He has also refused to notify law enforcement of the security breach.
• Briscoe’s failure to follow the law has put all current Board members at risk to civil and criminal prosecution for which they can be held personally liability.

Oh, and our resident attorney, former Parliamentarian and Executive Vice-President, Tom Hudson says this is nothing to worry about.

The facts are in dispute and John Briscoe is in the process of appointing a committee to investigate the facts and report back to the CRA Board.

John Briscoe has not refused to comply with California law—and at this point, we do not have the facts to support the assertion that any laws have been broken.

Tom I have purposely not publicized how to find the documents because that makes me an accomplice after the fact; however, I have given the way to find them to two individuals that have promised to contact law enforcement. I have tested it and can access the offending information via any smart phone or PC with an Internet connection in less than a minute. Even if this was only posted for one hour, it is still as much of a violation.

So that’s where we find ourselves today. Watch this space for more details…

Short Rebuttal to Right On Daily Part 6

I typically don’t try to dismantle someone else’s blog posts but this one deserves such a response. Below is the blog posted by Aaron Park yesterday, April 20th.

The setting is this, Aaron is adding his comments to the announcement for the May 30th CRA Board meeting called by 22 Board members.

Original meeting announcement in black.

Aaron’s commentary in blue as it appears on his blog

My comments in green.

Isn’t HTML great?

The CRA Coup Attempt Part 6 – The Agenda from the Lynch Mob

Please note that I will be adding comments for emhpasis. The perpetrators of this conspiracy decided that they were going to usurp John Briscoe after the 2015 CRA Convention because they knew he could not have been beaten for re-election.

Briscoe’s re-election slogan was “expect even more” but did he deliver? No. At the Board meeting after the Convention, Briscoe aborted the whole thing and never did even the rudimentary business required for the operation of the organization. When he gaveled the meeting over, none of the ten vice-presidents were assigned any territory or units to oversee and virtually all Committees defined in the Bylaws were empty. He left the organization rudderless and without direction.

The only winner of this failed Board meeting was George Park. Park, not only prevented the Charter Review Committee from doing its job prior to the Convention, but went home after the Convention with no Charter Review Committee. As a result, all aspects of chapter oversight and development for the entire state of California were his alone. Park now has sole custody of all membership data of the statewide organization. His bad behavior was rewarded by Briscoe’s failure to lead.

Briscoe – President of the CRA decided not to appoint several committees in light of recent in-fighting within CRA in an attempt to let things die down. The perpetrators of the coup could not allow that – so they used a little-known section of the by-laws to call a board meeting and set an agenda over the top of the CRA President. I am going to add notes in the agenda items so the readers of the blog can get a clear picture of what is being done.

Aaron and George Park were the ones doing the “in-fighting” and were rewarded for their belligerence.

Briscoe, as I’ve repeatedly stated, was the one that got seven of the ten statewide vice-presidents to agree to the May 30th meeting on a conference call that the Parks were not invited to join. About a week after the meeting was tentatively scheduled; Briscoe got cold feet (my words not the VPs) and let it drop. However, he did not stop preparations that he had initiated to reserve a room and schedule a meeting in Santa Barbara. When it became clear that he would not set any meeting date in the foreseeable future, the VPs acted and made the meeting call.

The agenda in the announcement (below) that Aaron is bellyaching about is rather typical and includes the items left unresolved after the last meeting. The one that really frosts him is that his brother is not listed under Report of Officers.

As of this point – George and I are facing unknown charges brought by CRA Vice President Mark Gardner, who fancies himself as an intelligent arbitor of by-laws and rules. In truth, Mr. Gardner is a small-minded bully whose ego is so large (and thin) that he gets easily led around by the nose. CRA Vice President Tim Thiesen and Alice Khosravy are leading the coup from behind the scenes – that is until Khosravy’s membership fraud was exposed. The individual they used to send out this call is a board member named Carl Brickey who is sometimes employed as a campaign operative.

Aaron, the charges you are facing will be given to you in writing prior to the meeting. Ethical people are showing you more grace than you often show others. Your characterization of the members listed above is laughable. You’ve had it in for Alice for many months.

Board Member,

A Board of Directors meeting of the California Republican Assembly is hereby called for Saturday, May 30, 2015, at 9:00 am in the Cabrillo Room of the Courtyard Santa Barbara Goleta located at 401 Storke Road, Goleta, CA 93117.  This Board meeting is called pursuant to Article VIII (Board of Directors), Section 8.04 (Meetings) which states:

Section 8.04.  Meetings.  The Board of Directors shall meet at such times and places as may be determined by the Board or by call of the President.  If no meeting has been held or noticed to occur within thirty days, then one quarter of the Board may call a Board meeting.  There shall be at least two meetings each year; one immediately after the close of the Annual Convention.  Fourteen days’ written notice of the time and place of all in-person Board meetings, except the meeting at the close of the Annual Convention, shall be provided to all Board members by the Corresponding Secretary or by whoever called the meeting.

This extraordinary measure has been undertaken by 22 Board members to ensure that a Board meeting agreed to by the President and the Vice Presidents for May 30, 2015 in Santa Barbara on an April 7, 2015 conference call is scheduled.  Unfortunately, rumors have circulated that the President has decided not to call a Board meeting for this date and will not call a meeting until late summer.  Therefore, this notice is intended to guarantee that the Board meeting is called as agreed.

The following is the proposed agenda:

I.    Call to Order (9:00 am)

II.  Invocation

III.  Pledge of Allegiance

IV.  Welcoming Remarks

V.  Roll Call

a. Excused Absences

VI.  Adoption of the Agenda

VII.  Minutes of the Previous Meeting(s)

VIII. Filling of Vacancies

(This is where they intend to load the board with more drones who will vote to expel George and I, regardless of the evidence or legitimacy of the charges)

Vacancies are filled by people willing to do the job, not on some imaginary Park haters litmus test. Quit projecting your beliefs and motivations onto others.

IX.  Reports of Officers

a. Voter Registration Secretary’s Report

b. Treasurer’s Report

c. Communications Report – VP Alice Khosravy

(Note that this report did not include a report of the membership secretary in anticipation of George Park getting lynched)


The Board has been locked out of the membership records for several months—much of that time under the claim that ya’ll didn’t want membership information to be released to the public and to protect the privacy of members. Ironically, only people named Park have been posting it willy-nilly on the Internet for any and all to see. Thou hypocrites.

X.  Reports of Committees

a. Convention Sites – VP Mark Gardner

(This is a jam-down of a Fresno Convention in 2017, and to attempt to force the issue with minimal debate)

Who cares if there’s a convention in Fresno? Just because you and your brother won’t be in charge? Sounds like whining to me. Just a few days ago you and President Briscoe were singing the praises of a meeting at Harris Ranch. That’s about the same general area of the state.

XI.  Unfinished Business

(This is where they intend to make committee appointments over the top of John Briscoe, including the By-Laws Committee and the Charter Review Committee with the 2/3 majority they get from loading the board)

Assigning Committees only needs 50 percent plus one vote. Why Aaron thinks anyone needs to stack to deck is ridiculous. All they need to do is bring your deeds into the light and the two thirds will happen. I guess you really think everything is about you. If so, learn to be disappointed.

XII.  New Business

a.  Complaints against Aaron Park and George Park

(This is the lynching)

On man’s lynching is another man’s justice.

b.  Vice President Territories

(This is called dividing the empire amongst the conspirators)

This is called doing the non-controversial job that the President abdicated at the last Board meeting. This is the foundation of a battle plan for the 2016 elections. Winning elections, now that’s controversial.

c.  Consideration of Amendments to Unit Bylaws

(This is where they will “fix” the by-laws of all the fake units like Nevada, Pasadena and Ventura in order to prevent the state board from being able to re-organize them for not meeting for long periods of time. They will also take territory away from the Glendale Burbank RA in order to cover Alice’s error in chartering part of the fraudulent Pasadena RA)

Paranoia. What is it with the Parks and Nevada RA? Nevada promised at the January Board meeting to comply by the Convention and they did and you can’t stomach it. Why? Because you don’t control the unit?

d.  2015-2016 Board Meeting Schedule

(This is where they will override John Briscoe and call board meetings until the next convention over the top of him)

If John wants to continue to lead from behind then maybe Aaron got this one right. At least the Board will have meetings and a purpose.

e. Compensation for victims of fraudulent actions by Membership Secretary & his Bro

One Year of LifeLock paid by CRA for people who have their financial data posted on the Internet

XIII.  Announcements

XIV.  Adjournment

The Board meeting will be hosted by the Santa Barbara Republican Assembly.  The registration fee is $40.00 per person through May 25, 2015 and includes lunch.  Payment is online through PayPal using the link After this date, the registration fee increases to $50.00, payable in cash only at the door.

The roster of the CRA Board of Directors currently lists 60 members.  Therefore, 15 members is the minimum required to call a meeting pursuant to Section 8.04 of the CRA Bylaws.  The following 22 members have agreed to this call to meeting.

Parks Lose First Round: May 30 Showdown Set

Round one of the CRA dust-up results just came in.
CRA Board 1
Park Brothers 0

Vote totals
Yes 28
No 31
Abstain 1

The proposal for a July 25th Board meeting was defeated. Clearly it was outside the margin of cheating or some votes might have been tossed to change the outcome. Aaron Park said as much on his blog and his sister-in-law (Mrs. George) is the one counting the votes. Why people in this group can’t just follow the rules and live with the result is amazing and quite sad.

Again the May 30th meeting was properly called and will happen whether George and Aaron like it or not. Having a second meeting in July was a dumb idea. The Parks simply wanted it to try to trick people into the notion that it was an alternative to the May 30th meeting called per the Bylaws. Why President Briscoe went along with this “alternative” and called for an online vote is unfathomable.

The irony is that Briscoe originally agreed to the May 30th meeting on a conference call that George and Aaron were not invited to participate in. After the room was reserved by Santa Barbara RA, Briscoe got cold feet and the Board took it upon themselves to stick to the original plan.

Aaron and George can try to intimidate Board members all they want but the storm about to hit them is so beyond their comprehension that I actually feel sorry for them. If they knew what was coming they would gladly resign today.

I have been hearing that John Briscoe has made tepid requests over the last few weeks for the Parks to resign but he has finally put the request in writing in an email to the Board. I have obtained a copy of the email. In it Briscoe states that he has asked the Parks to resign; however, he then concedes that he hasn’t the power to remove them and the matter would have to wait to the next Board meeting.

One woe is past. Behold, still two more woes are coming… Rev 9:12

Park Fallout

In the wake of the Parks employing the nuclear option on Friday, a backlash of events—now wholly out of their control—is at work. They have created a target rich environment. The majority on the CRA Board now have a number of measures available to them thanks to the Park’s overreaching and being arrogant enough to violate both state and Federal privacy laws and probably a few on the behavior of corporations as well. Their exposure of private records of CRA as well as banking information of rank and file members of the organization is a huge deal. This can result in criminal and civil complaints and if pursued to the fullest could endanger the Park’s ability to operate their insurance business.

Thanks to them not keeping this matter within the Board and going public with it, various other things are at play. News outlets are aware of the issue and may broadcast this struggle far and wide. Members of the California Republican Party have gotten involved in the issue as well as several elected officials. (Trust me that I know more than I’m disclosing here.)

As a result, John Briscoe is toast as well. By his action (or inaction) Briscoe has proven to be either too spineless to stand up to the Parks or approves wholeheartedly of their conduct. Either way, he is on the losing side of this fight. He is now CRA President in Name Only. Briscoe controls only a tiny fraction of the Board. A clear majority is in open rebellion.

As corporate President of CRA, Briscoe has a fiduciary responsibility to the Board and members of the organization. Briscoe has violated this trust by not ensuring that the rules are being followed. When ethical violations occur, he cannot look the other way or enable the wrong conduct.

You would also think that Briscoe, as a CPA, would be keenly aware of financial issues that affect the group. Apparently this is not the case. A number of irregularities have come to light but again Briscoe has failed to act or bring these issues before the Board.

Look for the Parks to do their best imitation of Sherman’s March and burn everything between now and the May 30th meeting.

Allah akPark—An Army of Two

Aaron Park has done something that I have not seen in the California Republican Assembly in many decades; the organization is united against a common threat. Unfortunately for Aaron, the threat to CRA is him and his brother.

Aaron has gone off the rails trying to flame on anyone and everyone in the organization in an effort to get the Board to vote in favor of a July 25th meeting called by President John Briscoe. Aaron, who along with his brother, claims to be the final arbiter of the rules of CRA—apparently due to his run as CRA Master-at-Arms—has no clue how Robert’s Rules of Order work or what the CRA Bylaws say on this issue. The May 30th meeting has been called; end of discussion. The July 25th meeting is viewed by him as an alternative. It is not. The question currently before the Board is do you want a second meeting in addition to the May 30th gathering? I’m hearing that the NO vote is expected to win by about two thirds.

Aaron’s vitriol has gone nuclear. Thus far he is up to five posts on this issue today. Here are the links.

The documents linked to these posts include names, addresses, bank account numbers, personal email addresses, business information, voter registration data and other things that were never intended to be released to the public on the Internet. Yes, no passwords are required to get this information. Just click on Aaron’s handy links in each article. Plus these are private records of a private corporation. Both Parks sit on the Board of Directors which is about sixty members strong. They never sought or received permission from the Board to release this information to the public. In fact, the only public disclosure of this whole episode has been from them.

Furthermore, many of the accusations made in these posts concerning alleged membership irregularities would have been dealt with by the Charter Review Committee prior to the last convention if George Park had not denied the Committee access to the records which they needed to do their job. In short, Park created the crisis and then has the gall to say that only he can resolve the issue—which he now calls corruption. This is suspiciously like saying the solution to bad government is more government.

Oh, the membership data was denied to the Charter Review Committee because George said he was concerned about protecting the privacy of CRA members. Now he and his brother furnish all the ingredients for Identity Theft on a silver platter to every Internet user in the world. This action also exposes the CRA to liability and all Board members to any legal costs associated with this data breach. George—as an insurance broker—probably has an umbrella policy to cover this sort of malfeasance but I doubt that the CRA or its Board members are cover by such a policy.

And the results of Aarons nuclear option on the Board?
Just today, Aaron has moved at least five Board members from either supporting him or wishing to remain neutral to voting NO on the July meeting. That’s leadership.
Also, the mood on the other side has been changed.  Instead of just removing George and Aaron from the Board and letting them have Placer County RA as was the original intent, the mood now is to remove them from CRA. The only way to stop this from happening now is for George and Aaron to resign and go quietly into that good night.

Update 04-20-2015
John Briscoe has doubled-down on keeping and defending the Park brothers at all costs. However, after the damage has been done, Aaron Park has removed the scans of member checks from the link in his blog. In place of the link, it now reads “link temporarily broken”.

Update 04-21-2015
Park has now linked an edited version of the previous document to his blog; however, the full version with banking info can still be found by those able to run their favorite web search.

Aaron Park’s Opposition to Prop 32 and Charles Munger

“Money is the root of all evil” goes the old saying. When it comes to politics in California, the biggest player and advocate of evil on the Republican side of the aisle is Charles Munger. Munger has decided to spend much of his vast fortune in an attempt to remake the California Republican Party as the Democrat Light Party. Munger clearly hates Conservatives—especially social ones—and wants the state GOP to be a secular group that embraces the power of government. He is for California what George Soros has been for Democrats on the national stage. If you look at Munger’s spending, it is clear that his main enemy is Conservative Republicans. Given the choice of defeating Democrats or Conservatives in his own party, he will fund the moderate Republican over the Conservative every time. He frequently avoids opportunities to defeat Democrats in seats that could be won by Republicans.

Munger’s win/loss record has not been that great in Assembly and Senate races but he has done better at the ballot initiatives. He is largely responsible for the top two primary in California. He is also one of the backers behind Prop 32. Given the mischief that can be traced to Munger, Aaron Park is rightly suspicious of Prop 32.  Park wrote recently on his blog, “Passing Prop 32 would effectively eliminate the free speech of labor unions and corporations – thereby enabling powerful individuals with deep pockets to buy elections with no counterweight.”

I respectfully disagree with Mr. Park. While I am no fan of Munger, I must say that the public employee unions in California are a greater threat to liberty than Munger. I will attempt to explain some of my reasons for holding this position.
In the book of Samuel, after David killed Goliath the people shouted “Saul has killed his thousands and David his tens of thousands”.  As I see it, Munger has spent his millions and the public employee unions their hundreds of millions. Recently the Sacramento Bee ran an article that unions representing state employees collects 10.5 million dollars a month in dues. The largest public employee union is the California Teachers Association and they collect more. It is likely that public employee unions in California are collecting over $25 million per month in taxpayer funds. Supposedly only a fraction of this amount is spent on political activity. Advocacy to members and lobbying in Sacramento do not count as political activity in the union world. Much of this political advocacy is instead called member communications. When they tell members or legislators how to vote, in my world that is political activity.

Doing the math for union influence in California goes like this. Public employee unions in our state are collecting more than $25 million dollars a month in dues. Elections are on a two year cycle; so 24 months times $25 million per month is $600 million per election cycle. Is it any wonder that these unions own everything in the state?

If Prop 32 passes, Unions would be crippled but not shutdown. Unions claim that only one to two percent of the dues collected go to political purposes. We all know this is a lie. By parsing the words, unions do not count most of their political activity as political activity. Instead they call it member communications. Lobbying legislation is also not counted as political activity. If this initiative passes unions would be forced to open their books to show members and taxpayers where all the public money goes that they have collected. This transparency is the last thing that they want but it will be the logical result of passage. Also folks like me that have money forcibly take out of our checks even though we don’t belong to the union will finally have the choice not to fund people and causes that they find morally objectionable.
California’s Prop 32 is Wisconsin light. While 85 percent of Wisconsin folks opted out of compulsory union dues for political purposes, I think the number in California that choose to remain in the system will be much higher. The funding of PACs and 527s will not be affected by this initiative.

A second line of argument against Park’s claim and in favor of 32 is that in the wake of the top two primary, party identification of candidates is not as important. This is especially true with the Republicans. The state party is broke and has been for many years. Their endorsement is almost meaningless. They have no money to help candidates or spend on their behalf. They are just a pass thru organization to funnel money to candidates by exploiting loopholes in existing campaign contribution laws. Nothing on our side of the aisle will change much.

If Munger wants to be king of the hill in our party so what? I can’t imagine a more inefficient use of money in California politics. Republicans are on the verge of going below the status of even being called the loyal opposition. We are functionally irrelevant to the political process. Elected officials in the party will only help Munger as long as the money flows. We have a name for folks like that … and you thought that was only legal in Nevada? At this stage in the decline of the Republican Party, donors will get more bang for their buck in supporting ballot measures than candidates. In the initiative arena, Munger has lots of company; he is not a lone actor as Park makes it sound.

Proverbs 13:22 promises that “the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous”. How this works is a mystery but I know that God is in charge of this world and is bringing his will to pass. He is using folks like Soros and Munger for his purposes. Mostly this purpose appears to be judgment for not obeying Him. If you look at Munger’s spending it is clear to me that his problem is not with Conservatives it is ultimately with God. I have comfort in the fact that he will fail at anything he does that is not for the glory of God.

Being a Conservative Republican in California is much like wandering in the wilderness for forty years without Moses to guide us. All we are left with is griping, complaining and fighting amongst ourselves. I don’t think much will change for the better until the current generation (i.e. baby-boomers) have gone to their eternal reward. As long as a majority of people look to government to provide their needs, our future will be filled with more tyranny and less liberty. If passage of Prop 32 can slow the trip down the road to serfdom then I count that a small victory and worth my vote.