Republican Kirk Uhler Courts Democrats by Dissing Republicans

Yep, I’ll get to the audio tape in a minute but wow. Folks Kirk is a lifelong Republican. Lest you doubt me, I call as my key witness Aaron F. Park—Uhler’s 2020 campaign manager.

On December 17, 2019, Park wrote:

Some people on the Placer GOP Cent Com were trying to defeat Kirk Uhler, even though Kirk was the endorsed candidate of the Placer Cent Com. I think several of them did not know Kirk and may well have been following Tom Hudson and Suzanne Jones’ lead. Deborah Jackson and Ken Campbell, both former officers in the Placer GOP, actually showed up as a donor to Viktor Bekhet against the Republican Kirk Uhler, writing checks to Bekhet while sitting members of the Placer GOP.

Another Political History Series: Kirk Uhler, Suzanne Jones and 2 Decades in Placer GOP Politics (Part 8) The Jones and Bekhet Show

Ok, lots to unpack here but Park is a Placer County Republican operative that runs a pay-to-play blog that is part of his personal campaign operation. He has a checkered track record. Park will routinely trash someone leading up to an election and if his guy should loose, once the winner writes Park a large enough check, Aaron dutifully purges his website of offending material and will then go all in on his new patron. My advice to Park watchers is go to Archive dot org (also known as Way Back Time Machine) and archive the crap out of his writings so he can’t cover his tracks so easily. Do it now, before election day.

Aaron and Kirk’s relationship goes way back as we have chronicled on this blog. When Park calls Uhler a Republican in the above quote, please trust that this is the case. However, not all is happy and harmonious in the last Republican area of California. Park and his allies are arrayed not just against Democrats but fellow Republicans.

Aaron and George Park we once business partners and political allies with Tom Hudson (also mentioned in the above quote) long before Uhler came along but in recent years, Aaron often takes shots that are harsh on Hudson and in my opinion beyond what civilized people who call themselves “Christian” should say on their blog. Tom and Aaron were fellow travelers for many years, but Tom has the good sense not to excavate all their past deeds. Aaron likes to weaponize things in Hudson’s personal life and then beat him mercilessly with them to score cheap points against his onetime friend.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have occasionally been on Aaron’s good side in the past but over time his methods were such that I could no longer associate myself with him.

There are two kinds of folks in Aaron’s world, his friends and everyone else. I think many people that he goes after on his blog were once his fellow travelers or potential allies but for a variety of reasons, they disagreed with him on some issue and then became targets of his ire. I think that is true of all the people that he attacked in the above quote except Victor BekhetSuzanne Jones, Deborah Jackson, and Ken Campbell are all Republicans active in Placer County.

Anyway, Republican Kirk Uhler is currently robocalling registered Democrats in Placer County, asking for their vote while attacking his opponent as a divisive Republican. Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

Here’s the transcript and the audio link.

This is Rob Haswell, lifelong Placer County resident and former regional director of the California Democratic Party. With an important message for fellow Democrats.

I am asking you to vote to re-elect Kirk Uhler for Placer County Supervisor on March third. In assisting local Democratic elected officials over the years, I have worked with Kirk on a number of issues that matter to most of us. Kirk has addressed traffic problems impacting our quality of life, he has focused on the real threat of catastrophic wildfires and has lead Placer County’s effort to adopt groundbreaking conservation plan.

His opponent is vice-chairman of the Placer County Republican Party, one of the most divisive and partisan organizations in the county. She is trying to hide that fact, don’t be fooled.

Please join me in supporting Kirk Uhler for Placer County Supervisor.

Paid for by Kirk Uhler for Supervisor.

Audio Kirk Uhler Robocall by Rob Haswell

So as is usual, the pot is calling the kettle black. Based on this transcript, it is Kirk Uhler that is trying to hide the fact that he is a Republican by pretending to be a Democrat. Folks this is classic Aaron Park in action. Since Aaron claims to be Uhler’s campaign manager, I’m happy to give him credit for this charade.

Folks, Republicans in California have very little reason to go to the polls on March third. There are no Republicans on the ballot in most parts of the State and Trump is the nominee, but Democrats do have more of a reason to vote.

From a strategic point, it makes sense to get Democrat votes when running for a nonpartisan office but to do so by calling your own Party’s Central Committee WHICH HAS ENDORSED YOU “one of the most divisive and partisan organizations in the county” is over the top.

Placer GOP endorsed Kirk Uhler

Again, you can’t make this stuff up.

If Republicans are dissing their own Party to get support for a nonpartisan office in the last remaining Republican stronghold in California, then I would conclude that Kirk Uhler and Aaron Park have made a dumpster fire in their own backyard.