Trump Impeached….CRA Rejoices!

BY Mr. X

Yes, folks you read that correct. After Ted Cruz led the charge to allow witnesses to testify at the impeachment trial, Donald Trump was impeached and removed from office. Cruz was instrumental in getting John Bolton to reveal all kinds of dark secrets about “the Donald” such as the role of former KGB leader Vladimir Putin interfering in the 2016 election, the truth about the Steel Dossier, and the withholding of foreign aid to Ukraine.

Putin will be tried in the International Court for war crimes/election fraud alongside Trump, with Ted Cruz doing the prosecuting. Bolton has been re-instated as National Security Advisor and we are preparing a military operation called “Bomb Iran.” Lt. Col. Vindman will now head up Central Command of all US forces, with James Comey reinstated as FBI Director. For their role in the proceedings, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler have been inserted into the Supreme Court, with Kavanaugh and Gorsuch being removed since the election was overturned.

Alexander Vindman

Whilst you gathered in a local Burger King ball pit to celebrate and donned your BK crown hat, the stock market has collapsed. Corporations are now outsourcing jobs by the tens of thousands. We now teach Mandarin in our public schools since we work for the Chinese now. Unemployment is rising, and Trump’s signature tax hikes have been ruled unconstitutional. Fracking is illegal, and healthcare is being rationed. All is well in your world, you can go back to fighting smart meters, fight for Second Amendment rights, and despising the Clinton’s while watching the latest installment of Hannity. We may not have prosperity or economic freedom but that’s ok because Trump is gone, and all can be right with the world again.

CRA Celebrates Trump’s removal at Burger King ball pit

Only one problem, Trump was acquitted. The only true turncoat in the Senate was Mitt Romney who your organization overwhelmingly supported for President in 2012.

Mitt RINO Romney

Your anointed Christ and Savior, Ted Cruz, actually fought tooth and nail for Trump…ouch that has to bite! Rand Paul, another favorite, tried to get the whistleblower named, he also helped Trump.

Your coalition is gone, your group hasn’t been relevant in decades. You buy pizza covered in meat for your meetings, ignoring any member who, due to religious beliefs, cannot eat it. You support under qualified drifter candidates for local office, ignoring races where your support could be useful. You no longer have activists just a bunch of unemployed/retired folks only interested in gun issues, smart meters, opposing 5G networks and Common Core, or other “tin foil” issues. Ask yourselves, does your admission criteria say the following: Have you never supported a winning campaign? Have you committed multiple FPPC violations? Have you been out of work for 20+ years? Do you watch way too much cable news? Is Ted Cruz your true Lord and Savior? If you answered Yes; then welcome to the CRA. Just pay your dues and be sure to support our preferred candidates.

Too bad for you that Trump was acquitted. Your sole-purpose in life is over and you know it. You despised the orange man and actively supported and hoped for his removal. Worse yet, you would have preferred another Clinton in the White House? Even the Obama’s didn’t want that! Worse yet, now I hear you drifters are claiming to support Trump…what a joke.

TRUMP 2020 you losers!


Author: Mr. X

The man with no name.