CRA Finds its 2020 Ticket

Just when everyone thought the CRA was dead, they come back with a vengeance like never before. They have no more use for Ted Cruz since he has signaled that he wants to work with Trump. Other saviors like Ben Sasse and Mitt Romney (yeah you endorsed him too) were taking a pass on challenging Trump in the primary. Despite these setbacks, you got good news last week. Justin Amash a little-known Republican from Michigan called for Trump’s impeachment.

Justin Amash

Mr. Amash is endorsed by the Tea Party, and the CRA loves him because, like Tom McClintock, he claims to vote “NO” on everything. Amash claims he read the Mueller Report and there is substantial evidence to begin impeachment proceedings, (heavy emphasis on claims to have read by the way). Amash doesn’t know it, but he found a friend in every dues paying CRA member. Amash is–so far–the only Republican member of the House to call for impeachment. I’m sure the CRA couldn’t be more proud. I think Amash will be the newly endorsed candidate for a 2020 primary challenge, I hear the ballots are already being made up.

As for a VP slot, word is that this is already locked-up by retired “judge” Andrew Napolitano (R-Fox News). The T.V. judge earned this honor for his take that the Mueller Report when added to Trump’s subsequent bizarre interview can only mean that things don’t look good for Trump. He concluded that “impeachment is on the table.” He is likely a household name with the CRA, and a Fox News contributor to boot.

Napolitano, by the way, was suspended as a contributor for essentially making things up about said Mueller Report while working at Fox. Sounds like a great CRA member and a candidate to boot! Napolitano, when he appears on Fox, just blows a bunch of hot air, which as long as it doesn’t travel through a Smart Meter makes him a winner for the CRA.

I’m glad the group is turning things around. With the departure of Ted Cruz from the reservation, I feared for the safety of their members…. suicide is painless but it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem!

Editor’s Note: Suicide is Painless would be a great campaign theme song for Amash and da Judge since it hasn’t been heard since MASH was cancelled in 1983. It also describes the political result of Republicans opposing Trump. Maybe the campaign song’s lyrics should include the line, “NeverTrumpers are brainless, political suicide isn’t painless.”

However, as a word of caution, to install this ticket you will need to impeach both Trump and Pence. There are many ways to do this, but I recommend changing the Senate rules because you need the GOP majority to remove the President…but I digress.

I must admit I’m disappointed the CRA couldn’t come around on Trump. I know he never banned Smart Meters, and hasn’t gone far enough on abortion yet, but this new ticket Is the answer to all your issues. Amash/Napolitano “Change you will get.”

The best part is that due to the ineffectiveness of the CRA and California Republican Party, all Amash and da Judge have to do is release their tax returns and they will be the only Republican Presidential candidates on the California ballot.

In a revival of legislation that former governor Jerry Brown vetoed in 2017, the California Senate has passed a bill that would deny access to the state’s 2020 presidential primary to any candidate who hasn’t disclosed five years of personal income tax returns.

California Threatens to Ban Trump From 2020 Primary Ballot Unless He Releases Tax Returns

Bloggers note: We here at are sorry you never got behind Trump as witnessed by your sheep voting in mass to endorse Cruz when he had NO MATHEMATICAL WAY OF WINNING THE DELEGATES REQUIRED! We also get it that you hate the man. Think about how things would have gone should Hillary have won…. Liberal leaning Supreme Court, Obamacare with no chance of repeal, and all-around chaos involving her. Move on, Trump is here to stay.


Author: Mr. X

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