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The CRA Decides to Leave CA

June 17, 2018

It was a rough week for the CRA. The Blogfather and myself have beaten them up so badly regarding their worthless endorsement process.  With Theodore Cruz announcing he won’t challenge Trump in the 2020 primary there is nothing left for this group to do.  As a sidebar is now a worthless domain name that […]

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Let’s Check in on ESPN

June 16, 2018

It’s been a while since I lit up the “worldwide leader” so I figured I’ll update you all on the goings on.  First of all the President of the company, no CRA folks it’s not Donald Trump, but Johnny Skipper, abruptly resigned and admitted he had a cocaine addiction.  Actually he said he only bought […]

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California Republicans Continue to Fail

June 12, 2018

The Republican Party in California is dying a very slowly painful death by 10,000 cuts and they have no one to blame but themselves.  The CRA is the main culprit in this…..remember they are the conscious of the party!  Think about it, the CRA didn’t even offer token opposition years ago when the State Party […]

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When CALPERS Owns Your City

June 1, 2018

First some history. CALPERS (California Public Employees Retirement System) is for civil service (Union) employees at state, county and local levels; excluding teachers as they have a separate pension provider.  California also has one of the most generous pension formulas in the entire country, even with the recent changes enacted by Supreme Ayatollah Jerry Brown. […]

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CRA Week at UC Berkeley and the #METOO Thing

May 16, 2018

Editor Note: This dispatch from X was sent yesterday but my family activities resulted in a delay. Greetings on a rare Tuesday blog from your humble correspondent! I just wanted to check-in with some thoughts regarding recent goings on in Soviet California.  First, I want to thank the CRA Board and current President Thomas Hudson […]

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4/25/2018 A National Day of Mourning for the CRA

April 25, 2018

Today was a horrible day for the CRA  (whatever the heck is left of it, I should add).  In a move not foreseen by anyone in either this organization or the Tea Party; Senator Theodore Cruz R-Tejas has endorsed President Donald J. Trump for re-election in 2020.  There you have it ladies and gentlemen….shut it […]

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What Really Killed Toys R Us

April 5, 2018

Unless you are a CRA member, living under a rock, voted for Hillary, or have any Park Family Genes in your DNA, you have likely heard Toys R Us is liquidating their business here in the United States and all over the globe.  What caused a giant big box that controlled 20% of the toy […]

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Who Led the Walkout on March 14th, the Students or the Teachers?

March 22, 2018

Faithful followers, your humble correspondent intercepted a communique from the Elk Grove Teachers Association by facsimile at the beginning of this month regarding a student led walkout protest in regard to the recent shooting in Florida.  As a note to the CRA readers and the occasional Park offspring that read this blog, we do not […]

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Braying Jackalope Mark Cuban Had A Rough Week

March 14, 2018

Let me begin by saying Mark Cuban is a very recognizable figure lately; he is the owner of the NBS franchise in Dallas, the Mavericks, he is a guest on Shark Tank on CNBC, and is also known as a Donald Trump hater.  As a NBA owner he was very vocal about officiating gaffes, and […]

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J.M. Smucker Co Recalls Pet Food? HUH?

February 26, 2018

A headline caught my eyes this week and I knew I had to do more in depth research, “JM Smucker Company announces global pet food recall.”  Ummm, why is a jam and peanut butter company recalling pet food I wondered aloud?  I’ll get into this a little more later.  As I continued reading the article […]

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