Trump’s Opportunity in Chicago

Chicago has been in the news quite a bit lately, for all the wrong reasons.  There has never been a better chance for the Republicans to make a difference and their voice and message heard in the inner cities of this country.  By making a difference I don’t mean blow fire breathing right wing rhetoric at them, I want us to lay out how the Democrats have literally enslaved them once again.

First a little background, Chicago has been the homicide capital of the United States for about 5 years running, more disturbing is the lack of arrests for said homicides.  This goes hand in hand with the culture of “not snitching” so as a result, murderers and gangs are free to continue roaming the streets.  Some neighborhoods on the south and west sides of the city could actually be declared war zones since killings and drug abuse so rampant.  Keep in mind on the rare chance authorities catch the perp that an illegal weapon is usually found on them such as: a tommy gun, sawed off shotgun, grenade, brass knuckles etc.  Keep in mind again, Illinois has some of the toughest gun laws, maybe we should enforce the current laws on the book rather than passing more restrictive ones on its citizens?  Frankly if I was in Chicago I would open carry a weapon just to serve as a deterrent.

The heart of the issue:
Many who live in the inner cities of this country feel hopeless, stuck in bad neighborhoods.  Most grew up in societies with no father figure in their life.  As a direct result they found their father figures by joining a local gang.  Schools in the inner city are horrible, this is due to school funding rules; however, there is a lack of a charter school as an option as well, again due to teacher unions.  Dropout rates are staggering which shouldn’t be a surprise when you are subjected to teachers “transferred from other schools in the district” with their own issues.  This creates a horrible cycle of poverty (due to not being qualified to land a job) anger at police (due to being arrested) and anger toward “the system” (for your current situation).  In most cases they are right; they are forgotten and left behind by society, they are stuck with decrepit housing, zero police protection (who wants to go there now, especially with the BLM protests) horrible schools, and no businesses meaning no job opportunities.  Their local “elected officials” I say this because they don’t really get a choice, tell them life isn’t bad, and have engrained in their minds government is the solution.  Out of work?  Get on unemployment.  Have a child out of wedlock?  Get on WIC or EBT.  More kids = more $$$.  The reason for you being in your current state is due to GOP policies!  Keep voting straight ticket Democrat and your situation will improve.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

The solution:
A few very intriguing things happened over the past month.  Chicagoans from the inner city shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway (a huge commuter route) calling for the resignation of Mayor Rahm (Rambo, Dead Fish) Emanuel, and police chief Eddie Johnson.  Emanuel is Hispanic, Johnson is black by the way.  I disagree on Johnson, I think he is more than qualified to turn around the city, Emanuel can pound sand, he is literally the Mariam Webster definition of incompetence!  Interestingly enough many protestors interviewed want Donald Trump to come there and step in!  Yes, you read that right, they want the federal government to take over.  Some even went as far as saying bring in the National Guard, as the situation has spiraled so far out of control.  No media group will report the percentage of the black or Hispanic vote Trump won during his election, but I bet it far exceeded any other GOP nominee.  Trump gets things done, the folks are noticing this.  Chicagoans like many other inner-city dwellers are tired of the gangs, shootings and bad schools, this presents a great opportunity.  Rather than the usual GOP hot takes like; MLK was a Republican, or Lincoln freed the slaves, speak directly to them, they are a receptive audience.  Harken back to California’s Prop 8 vote in 2008 while Barack Obama won in a landslide Prop 8 passed, mostly due to heavy “yes” voting by both blacks and Hispanics.  I would lead with over saturation of police patrols, drive the crime out of the area, and as a direct result people will feel safer, and more hopeful.  Address the school choice issue; bring in more charter schools, or allow a voucher program, the real bully in the school choice issue is the teachers union.  They protect the incompetent at the expense of the good teachers.  While fixing the broken home issue is not easy, neighborhoods being safer and turning around local school choice could play a role.

The people have spoken they want “The Donald” to come to inner city Chicago.  Don’t misread this, they don’t want GOP fire breather Donald Trump they want negotiator Donald Trump.  Bring in the National Guard, change up the school funding, and get rid of the bad teachers (which is likely all of them) and watch the re-vitalization.

Trump the Negotiator

They pull a knife, you pull a gun. He sends one of yours to the hospital, you send one of his to the morgue. That’s the Chicago way!

The Untouchables (1987)

PS do not be scared, downtown Chicago is beautiful and immaculate as well as free from homeless. The bad areas are on the south side and west side which there is literally no reason to go unless you are flying out of Midway Airport, or wish to be carjacked, or want to see a liquor store held up.  Get rid of Emanuel, he is a clueless idiot.

Btw so Great White God Ted Cruz called on Donald Trump to “rescue his re-election” the end of the world is near….or at least maybe the CRA.

Author: Mr. X

The man with no name.