CRA Loses again as John Bolton gets Fired!

I want to retire and live in peace, I really do. I left California and just want to enjoy my golden years…but I saw CRA champion, John Bolton, called Rudy Giuliani a hand grenade! I decided to pull the pin and throw it back.

Blogger note: Bolton was recently fired as National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump. Technically I guess you can say he resigned, but those in the know are aware he was told to leave.

Exit Bolton and now we have the Ukraine whistleblower BS. Anyone want to take bets Bolton is square in the middle of it? Now that he was removed, his sour grapes are showing. Oh, and the CRA’s have been showing since Trump got elected the nomination. By the way, does anyone even attend your local meetings? I have been told you are resorting to bribes of free lunch or dinner to get delegates to conventions now….SAD!

You could stand to learn a lesson or two from this; Trump is here to stay, and if I were him, I wouldn’t want your pointless, worthless endorsement. Trump got elected despite your best efforts; however, due to the influence that you out of touch whackos have on the Republican Party, he had to put several of your people into the White House cabinet just to keep you at bay.

Trump is not a politician. This is a key factoid you miss every day. He is beholden to no one and he actually wants to make America back into a country that is a world leader and being treated fairly. He views himself as the chairman and his cabinet as working directly for him, and he will show them no blind loyalty.

CRA motivational flyer as seen at Stop Trump call center

Bolton, in so many ways, sums up your pathetic existence. You both have values and beliefs rooted circa 1970. Why is every military engagement since Vietnam a perverse reenactment of the same failed policies? Bolton, like so many of you, are Neo-Cons who feel a need to engage in every war, topple every foreign government, and purchase every large, budget-busting military contraption out there–even if the military doesn’t want it. Seems like Bolton and Neo-cons can’t pass-up any shiny new toy no matter how impractical. Bolton finally got whacked from the only work he has ever know, working in “police the world” positions in every GOP Whitehouse for the last 30 years.

Look at some of your out of touch positions that have led to 28 plus years of horrible foreign policy issues. The CIA and the State Department have misread foreign governments for years, forcing us to keep our troops there, and costing us untold lives. Why don’t other countries pay their UN dues? How about NATO? Where are the foreign countries’ troops and monetary aid helping us occupy other countries? Iran Nuke deal? Paris Climate Accord? Kyoto Protocol? Those just empowered Russia, China, India, and Pakistan. What about pulling out of the Middle East? Who likes us and who hates us over there? I have lost track. Why are we patrolling unfriendly skies and sea lanes for our so-called allies when they are unwilling to do anything for themselves?

I will tell you one thing I know for a fact, Bolton would have never left Syria and I bet not a single one of you CRA folks would disagree. The Neo-Con moves of yesteryear are over. Trump has seen enough. He is on to the double dealing going on. Now you CRA folks are acting like Bolton is some statesman? Give me a break!

Look on the bright side, with William Weld running against Trump, there may be a chance after all (Currently, Vegas odds are 1/0). To win, the CRA needs to get their heavy hitter “Dream Team” involved, the gruesome twosome from South Sacramento. You know, the leader who has never won any campaign and the treasurer who has thus far notched two FPCC violations. Oh and while you’re at it, consider tossing in that social media guy that works for a fifth. Such a combination of talent sounds like the beginning of a winning plan to me.

Mr. X

Author: Mr. X

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